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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Schiff, John, 1907-1976
Creator: Schiff, Trude, 1907-
Title: John (Hans) and Trude Schiff Collection
Dates:bulk 1920s-1960s
Abstract: This collection documents the professional and personal lives of John (Hans) and Trude Schiff, with emphasis on John Schiff's career as a professional photographer. Although the greater part of the collection focuses on his photography, the collection additionally holds papers pertaining to the Schiffs' immigration, legal and financial papers pertaining to restitution from Germany, documentation of Trude Schiff's early medical career, and personal correspondence and photographs. Aside from the preponderance of photographs, the collection holds letters, address books, exhibit catalogs, and official documents, and a few clippings.
Languages: The collection is primarily in English and German.
Quantity: 9 linear feet + 3 OS boxes
Identification: AR 25082
Repository: Leo Baeck Institute
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Biographical Note

Hans Schiff was born on November 7, 1907 in Cologne. After finishing high school and an apprenticeship he started working for his father's company, Schiff und Comp., which produced printed advertisements. In September 1938 he married Trude Löwenstein, a physician. He worked for his father as a traveling salesman until November 1938, when he was no longer allowed to work in this profession due to Germany's racial laws. In 1933 he started learning about photography with occupational retraining in mind and took photos for several Jewish organizations. In July 1939 he and his wife left Germany for England, where they had to wait for their immigration visas to the United States. They came to the U.S. in March 1940. After working in a photofinishing plant for a few months he started working as a freelance commercial photographer and worked on location for art dealers and artists. He specialized in the reproduction of art work. He died in September 1976 in New York.

Trude Joan Schiff née Löwenstein, was born on May 28, 1907. She was the daughter of Adolf and Johanna Löwenstein. Trude studied medicine from 1926-1931 in Bonn, Innsbruck, Vienna and Cologne, where she obtained her medical degree in 1931. From July 1, 1931 until February 1, 1932 she was a Medicinal Praktikant (intern) at the Medical University Clinic Cologne-Lindenburg. Immediately afterwards she entered the Medical University Policlinic in Frankfurt am Main where she worked as a resident and later became assistant doctor. In April 1933, she had to leave the position due to being Jewish. In June 1933 she began working in the surgical department of the Jewish Hospital in Cologne ("Israelitisches Asyl") until she and her husband immigrated to England in the beginning of July 1939. In April 1940 Trude Schiff passed the English examination given by the State University of New York at Albany, and in December of the same year she passed the licensing examination from the same institution so she could continue practicing her profession. She worked at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, among other institutions.

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Scope and Content Note

The John and Trude Schiff Collection contains the papers of the photographer John Schiff and his wife, the physician Trude Schiff. The bulk of the collection focuses on the photography of John Schiff. Other subjects included are the Schiffs' emigration experience, the education of Trude Schiff, and the couple's restitution from Germany. The collection is comprised of numerous photographs and negatives, as well as photo albums. Other materials include correspondence, address books and client lists, published material featuring John Schiff's photography, immigration and some personal papers, and legal and financial correspondence pertaining to restitution.

Series I is comprised of the papers of John Schiff. The vast bulk of these are his photographs, which form Subseries 3. The photographs are further divided into two primary areas: subjects and individuals. Subjects appear to be earlier photographs, and show various locations and scenes in Germany and Europe prior to World War II. People are included among the subjects, and include views of performers of the Jüdische Kulturbund and children at the Israelitisches Kinderheim in Cologne. Photographs of individuals seem to primarily derive from Schiff's work as a professional photographer in the United States. These photos include many shots of artists along with their work, as well as some other individuals. Photographs of friends or family members will also be found in Subseries 3, although most are unidentified. Other personal photographs from a trip will be found in the photo albums of this subseries, and there is also a small amount of prints for furniture advertisements taken by John Schiff.

In addition to photographs, other material in the collection also relates to friends and family members of the Schiffs. Many folders in Subseries 1 of Series I include correspondence from friends or relatives of the Schiffs. Much of this material describes postwar Germany. Among the papers of Trude Schiff in Series II is also a small amount of correspondence relating to family members and a genealogical document that depicts the members of the various branches of the Löwenstein family.

Papers pertaining to the emigration of John and Trude Schiff from Germany will likewise be found in several areas of this collection. The initial subseries of Series I includes two folders pertaining to the Schiffs' immigration to the United States as well as to their short stay in England while awaiting visas. Series II includes correspondence that portrays the difficulty of arranging visas for the immigration of Trude Schiff's relatives as well as a large amount of letters of recommendation and translations of professional certificates used by her in order to enter the medical profession after immigrating. The bulk of documentation on the Schiff's emigration, however, is located in Series III. In the folder of emigration papers are lists of the various possessions of the Schiffs'; another folder includes papers compiled during their stay in London. Papers used in the Schiffs' indemnification claim include many official papers that document their lives prior to leaving Germany.

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The collection is arranged in three series in the following manner:

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Access and Use

Access Restrictions

Open to researchers.

Access Information

Readers may access the collection by visiting the Lillian Goldman Reading Room at the Center for Jewish History. We recommend reserving the collection in advance; please visit the LBI Online Catalog and click on the Reserve button.

Use Restrictions

There may be some restrictions on the use of the collection. For more information, contact:
Leo Baeck Institute, Center for Jewish History, 15 West 16th Street, New York, NY 10011

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Related Material

The LBI Library holds a book on John (Hans) Schiff's photography: Hans Schiff Photographs, 1925-1965; a Catalogue of an Exhibition [TR 140 S3 F3].

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Separated Material

Books with dedications to John Schiff but no notations were removed from the archival collection, with copies of the dedications and copyright information of the books retained in the collection. In addition, a few books containing photographs of John Schiff but lacking notations have also been removed, with copyright information on the books retained in the collection. These will be found in Subseries 4: Published Material of Series I, in the folders "Books with Dedications" and "Books," respectively.

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The collection is on eight reels of microfilm (MF 1083):

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Preferred Citation

Published citations should take the following form:

Identification of item, date (if known); John (Hans) and Trude Schiff Collection; AR 25082; box number; folder number; Leo Baeck Institute.

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Processing Information

The collection was initially processed by Louisa Graham in September-October 2009. Further processing was done by Dianne Ritchey in June-July 2010 following the earlier arrangement with some minor adjustments. The previous subseries "Personal" was renamed "Subjects," and the prior subseries "Professional" was renamed "Individuals." At this time, some unidentified photographs were placed in the subseries where their content indicated they belonged. Most series and subseries descriptions were written by Louisa Graham, with additions and editing by Dianne Ritchey.

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Container List


Series I: John Schiff, 1925-1999

This series is in English and German.
8.05 linear feet + 3 OS boxes.

Series I is divided into four subseries:

Scope and Content:

This series holds the papers of John Schiff. Although primarily composed of photographic materials, the series also includes correspondence, address books and lists of clients, and published material, including published versions of John Schiff's work.

Photographic materials will be found in Subseries 3. This subseries holds prints, negatives, and photo albums and contains pictures relating to numerous themes. Photographs mainly center on pictures of various subjects or on individuals. While the subjects are numerous and varied, the individuals primarily feature people John Schiff photographed as a professional photographer in the United States. Although most of these photographs are of artists and their artwork, others are also included, such as writers and a few well-known individuals.

Subseries 1: Correspondence, 1925-1990

This series is in English and German.
0.5 linear foot + 1 OS folder.


Scope and Content:

Subseries 1 contains the correspondence of John Schiff. Before and after World War II, John Schiff and his wife Trude went through a great amount of effort to remain in contact with their friends. Consequently, there is a large amount of correspondence between the Schiffs and their friends. Letters from friends are often written to both John (Hans) and Trude. Most letters concern inquiries as to the well-being of the Schiffs and updates on their friends' lives.

This subseries is primarily comprised of correspondence after the Schiffs had moved to the United States and while John Schiff was doing business in the U.S. There is also a significant amount of correspondence concerning the Schiffs' emigration to the United States between 1938 and 1940. This subseries includes a folder with correspondence in London to the medical department and the national service department (1939), which were used by the Schiffs in applying for employment. One folder holds correspondence pertaining to the beginning of John Schiff's career in photography, which mentions payments and prices for his work.

Many of the letters from friends are from non-Jewish individuals who remained in Germany. Their letters, which frequently mention care packages sent by the Schiffs to them, often discuss life in postwar Germany, including the destruction of cities and the difficulty of obtaining food and other necessities.

13Wilhelm Beier – Affidavit1946
14Emil Bommert1947-1948
15Eberhard Brünnen1947
17Emigration – London – Employment1939-1940
18Werner Goldschmidt1991
19Greeting Cardsundated, 1975
OS 1361Greeting Cards – Christmasundated, 1983
110Ludwig Jacobsen1947
111Carl Jannock1947-1951
112Reiner and Else Keimes1946-1952
113Charlotte Lubinskiundated, 1948
114Morgan Russell Painting – Loans1953-1990
115Hubert Pauli1946-1953
116Professional – Early U.S. Career1940-1941, 1961
117Martha Ravensberg1940
118Jetty Silberberg1945
119Esther Sills1946
120Unidentified1925, 1943-1954
121Unidentified Surnamesundated, 1947-1951
122Sam? van Thijn1945?, 1947
123Annelies [Wolf?]1947

Subseries 2: Address Books and Client Lists, 1943-1980

1 linear foot.

Alphabetical and chronological.

Scope and Content:

Subseries 2 is comprised of lists of numerous individuals, presumably customers of John Schiff.

124Address Books – Largeundated
125Address Books – Small1943-1948
126Address Books – Small1949-1956
 Part 1
 Part 2
127Address Books – Small1957-1962
128Address Books – Small1963-1967
129Address Books – Small1969-1973
130Address Books – Small1974-1980
21Client List A-Lundated
22Client List M-Zundated
23Rolodex Cardsundated

Subseries 3: Photographs, undated, 1928-1999

6.25 linear feet + 1 OS box (OS 136) + 3 OS folders.

Subseries 3 is arranged in the following manner:

Scope and Content:

Subseries 3 holds the bulk of the collection, containing photographic materials in the form of copious photographs, negatives, and photo albums. The materials have been arranged by subject and further divided by format (photographs or negatives).

The first portion of this subseries are the personal photographs of John Schiff's family members and friends. Most of these photographs are unidentified, but appear to hold pictures of friends taken during various trips. Similar in content to these photographs are the photo albums (located in box 12). The majority of albums consist of a number of smaller albums featuring mountain views. Although the photos in these albums are unidentified, it seems likely that these mountains are the Alps, and may possibly depict a trip to Switzerland.

Photographs of various subjects, while almost entirely undated, seem to primarily be photography taken prior to John Schiff's emigration from Germany, although there are some later photos, such as those of New York City. The majority of these are black-and-white photographs, and cover a multitude of subjects, such as people, locations, structures such as buildings and bridges, country scenes, and artwork. A number of photographs features scenes in and around the city of Cologne. However, folders originally entitled "Köln" may also refer to the years spent by the Schiffs in Köln, since some photographs in these folders feature locations outside of this city. Folders originally entitled "Weimar" may refer to the time period of the Weimar Republic instead of the city of Weimar, since the photographs in these folders depict various locations.

The third section of this subseries holds photographs of specific individuals, primarily artists, although other well-known individuals are also featured here, such as Albert Einstein or Rainer Maria Rilke. Although most of these photographs are undated, it seems likely that most were taken after John Schiff moved to New York City. Many of these photographs are portrait photographs, although others depict artists with their artworks. Included among the notables here are Andy Warhol and Pablo Picasso. Artists with an extensive amount of photographs of themselves or their work include Adolf Dehn, Marcel Duchamp, Lester Johnson, and Richard Lippold, as well as the collection of artwork of Katherine Dreier. A large number of negatives of art installations and exhibitions also comprise a portion of these photographs. Among the photographic material related to specific artists are a significant amount of unidentified photographs and negatives.

Finally, this series also holds some prints by John Schiff used in furniture advertisements. Found together with these prints were a few examples of the published versions of the prints.

A) Family and Friends

31Artworks Collected by John and Trude Schiffundated
32Norman Bernsteinundated, 1973
33Schiff Exhibition at Fairleigh Dickinson University – Trude Schiff and Others1983?
34Schiff Family Membersundated
35John Schiff – Friendsundated
36John Schiff – Portraits – Contact Printsundated
37John Schiff – Portraits – Negatives (not microfilmed)undated
38John Schiff – Portraits and Paintingsundated, 1945-1972
39John Schiff – Unidentified Womanundated, 1928
310John Schiff – with unidentified Woman [Trude Schiff?]undated, 1938
311Thomas Schiff – Portraits1968?
312Trude Schiffundated, 1938
313Unidentified Lady Friends and Other Womenundated

B) Subjects

a) Prints

315Artistic Photographyundated
316Boatsundated, 1938
318Buildings – Cities – Identifiedundated
319Buildings – Cities and Townsundated
320Buildings – Countryundated
321Buildings – Palaces and Castlesundated
322Buildings – Ruinsundated
324Churches and Cathedrals – Interiorsundated
326Contact Printsundated
327Disney Sculpture – Color Transperency (not microfilmed)undated
328Gallery Installation Presentationundated
329Gerer Rebbe Avraham Mordechai Alterundated
332Homes and Interiorsundated
333Identified Placesundated
334Identified Schiff Friendsundated, 1940
335Industrialundated, before 1938
336Japanese Dancers and Actors/ Actressesundated
337J.P. Morgan's Officeundated
339Kids/ Youth Groupsundated
340Köln – Cathedral (Dom)undated
OS 1362Köln – Cathedral (Dom) – Large1930s?
341Köln – Church of Gross St. Martinundated
342Köln – Church of St. Gereonundated
343Köln – Church of St. Maria in the Capitol1968?
344Köln – Churchesundated
OS 1363Köln – City Scenes1920s?
345Köln – Contact Sheetsundated
346Köln – Israelitisches Kinderheimundated, before 1938
347Köln – Israelitisches Kinderheim – Photocopies – Calendar Vintage Prints1978
348Köln – Jewish Hospital1937-1938?
349Köln – Jüdischer Kulturbund – Actorsundated, 1930s
350Köln – Jüdischer Kulturbund – Actressesundated, before 1938
351Köln – Jüdischer Kulturbund – Contact Sheetsundated
352Köln – Jüdischer Kulturbund – Dancers and Musiciansundated
353Köln – Jüdischer Kulturbund – Groupsundated
354Köln – Jüdisches Theater und Konzerthalle1932
355Köln – Madonnaundated
356Köln – Personalitiesundated
357Köln – Personalities – Childrenundated
358Köln – Reichsbund jüdischer Frontsoldaten eV (not microfilmed)undated
359Köln – Switzerland (Europe Mountains) – Contact Printsundated
360Köln – Unsortedundated
41Large Sculpturesundated
42Matted Prints - Unidentifiedundated
43Men – Identified Studio Portraitsundated, 1937
44Men Playing Alpenhornundated
45Men Workingundated
48Musicians – Negatives (not microfilmed)undated
49New York Cityundated
411Oriental Rug Showroomundated
412Paula Cooper Galleryundated
414Postcards (Schiff Photographs)undated
415Religious Art – Sculptureundated
416Schoelkopf – Bazelon Floorundated
417Synagogue – Interiorundated
419Unidentified Color Printsundated
420Unidentified Groupsundated
421Unidentified Menundated
422Unidentified Men – Weimarundated
423Unidentified Negative (not microfilmed)undated
424Unidentified Peopleundated, 1936
425Unidentified Sculptureundated
426Unidentified Womenundated
OS 1364Unsorted Artworkundated
OS 1365Unsorted Artwork – Furnitureundated
OS 1366Unsorted Artwork – Religiousundated
OS 1367Unsorted Locationsundated
OS 1368Unsorted Sculpturesundated
427Weimar – Castles1920s?
428Weimar – Cities1920s?
429Weimar – Contact Sheets1920s?
430Weimar – People1920s?
431Weimar – Rural Life1920s?
432Weimar – Workers1920s?

b) Negatives

433Animals (not microfilmed)undated
434Boats (not microfilmed)undated
435Cities and City Scenes (not microfilmed)1966?
436Communist Hideout – Köln (not microfilmed)1934-1935
437Farming (not microfilmed)undated
438Jewish Fraternities – Silhouettes1930s?
439Köln – Actors – Glass Slides (not microfilmed)undated
440Köln – Airplanes (not microfilmed)undated
441Köln – Buildings (not microfilmed)undated
442Köln – Cathedral (not microfilmed)undated, 1967?
443Köln – Children (not microfilmed)undated
444Köln – Children – Proof Sheets (not microfilmed)undated
445Köln – Churches (not microfilmed)undated
446Köln – City and Bridges (not microfilmed)undated
447Köln – City Landscapes (not microfilmed)undated
448Köln – Girlfriends (not microfilmed)undated
449Köln – Industrial Scenes (not microfilmed)undated
450Köln – Jewish Hospital – Proof Sheets (not microfilmed)undated
451Köln – Jewish Theater – Glass Negatives (not microfilmed)undated
452Köln – Jüdische Kulturbund (not microfilmed)undated
453Köln – Jüdische Kulturbund – Proof Sheetsundated
454Köln – Landscapes (not microfilmed)undated
455Köln – Personalities (not microfilmed)undated
456Köln – Personalities – Couples and Groups (not microfilmed)undated
457Köln – Personalities – Eilbott (not microfilmed)undated
458Köln – Personalities – Liesel Auerbach (not microfilmed)undated
459Köln – Political (not microfilmed)undated
460Köln – Portraits – Unidentified (not microfilmed)undated
461Köln – Printing (not microfilmed)undated
462Köln – Ships (not microfilmed)undated
463Köln – Swiss Landscapes (not microfilmed)undated
464Köln – Unidentified (not microfilmed)undated
465Köln – Villages and Churches (not microfilmed)undated
466Köln – Weimar Years (not microfilmed)1920s?
467Lippold Negatives (not microfilmed)1983
468Machinery and Landscapes (not microfilmed)undated
469Paintings (not microfilmed)undated
470Peasants (not microfilmed)undated, 1968?
471People – Action (not microfilmed)undated
472People – Crowdsundated
473People and Landscapes (not microfilmed)undated
51People and Portraits (not microfilmed)undated
52People and Theater (not microfilmed)undated
53Portraits (not microfilmed)undated
54Religious Sculpture (not microfilmed)undated
55Schiff Printed Photos – Weimar Zeit1920s?
56Trude Schiff (not microfilmed)undated
57Unidentified (not microfilmed)undated
58Unsorted (not microfilmed)undated
510Unsortedundated, 1934
511Unsorted with Descriptionsundated
512Weimar – City Scenes (not microfilmed)1920s?
513Weimar – Friends (not microfilmed)1920s?
514Weimar – Industrial Sites (not microfilmed)1920s
515Weimar – Jewish Hospital (not microfilmed)1920s
516Weimar – Summer on the Lake (not microfilmed)1966?
517Weimar – Unidentified (not microfilmed)undated
518Weimar – Unsorted (not microfilmed)1920s?
519Women (not microfilmed)1966?
520Women Artists – Unidentified (not microfilmed)undated

C) Individuals

a) Prints

521Ernest and Marguerite Adlerundated
522Mrs. Herbert Arnotundated
523Artists – Unsorted – Menundated
524Lise [Liesel?] Auerbachundated
525Ruth Bachrachundated
526Dolores Barryundated
527Richmond Barthéundated
528Jean de Battonundated
529Leland Bellundated
530Ludwig Bemelmanundated
531Mary Bethuneundated
532Bolles Rogers Familyundated
533R. Bouché – Worksundated
534Stefan Bourgeoisundated
535Alice Brandensteinundated
536Selma Burkeundated
OS 1369Selma Burkeundated
537Rafaello Busoniundated
538Margot Careyundated
539Marguerite Cartwrightundated
540Boris Chaliapin – Worksundated, 1959-1960
541Mrs. Kenneth Clarkundated
542Catherine Cush – Eulogies1975-1978
543Lindsay Deckerundated
544Rudolf Degkwickundated
545Adolf Dehnundated
546Adolf Dehn – Contact Sheets and Negativesundated
547Adolf Dehn – Worksundated
548Adolf Dehn and Familyundated
549Katherine Dreierundated
550Katherine Dreier – Homeundated
551Marcel Duchampundated
552Marcel Duchamp – Worksundated
553Albert Einsteinundated
554Peter Fingestenundated
556Fritz Glarnerundated
557[Erich?] Godalundated
558Richard Goetzundated
559Chaim Grossundated
560Chaim Gross – Worksundated
561Pamela Chester Gurockundated
562Edward Heilundated
563Yolanda Heilundated
564Theo Hios?undated
565Hubert Humphrey – Worksundated
566Individuals – Unsortedundated
567Paul Jenkinsundated, 1963
568Paul Jenkins – Colorundated
569Lester Johnsonundated
570Lester Johnson – Worksundated
571Daniel Henry Kahnweilerundated
572Harold Kanowitzundated
573Nikita Khruschevundated
574Dikran G. Kelekianundated
OS 13610Dikran G. Kelekianundated
575Otto Klempererundated
576[Oskar] Kokoschka – Worksundated
61Renate Kratzensteinundated
OS 13611Yayoi Kusamaearly 1960s
62Gaston Lachaise – Worksundated
63Gabriel Ladermanundated
64Karen Leeundated
65S. Letsi?undated
66Sol Lewittundated
67Ariadne Liebanundated
68Richard Lippold – Colorundated
69Richard Lippold – Contact Sheetsundated
610Richard Lippold – Worksundated, 1962
611Richard Lippold – Works – The Sunundated
612Marisol [Escobar]undated
613Marisol [Escobar] – Worksundated
614Alice Trumbull Masonundated
615Louise Matthiasdottirundated
616Walter Mehringundated
617Keiko Minamiundated
618Bruce Mitchellundated
619Louise Nevelsonundated
620Louise Nevelson – Worksundated
621Maria Novosielska Gonzalezundated
622Claes Oldenburgundated
623Bernard Pfriemundated
624Pablo Picassoundated
625Reva [Urban]undated, 1995
626Alice Rewaldundated
627John Rewaldundated
628John Rewaldundated
629George Rickeyundated
630Rainer Maria Rilkeundated
631Mr. Bolles Rogersundated
632Linda Roosundated
633J.N. Rosenbergundated
634Baron von Rothschildundated
635Annette Rutzuiundated
636Mrs. Walter Schatakiundated
637Anne Schiffundated
638James Sheldonundated
639William Shirerundated
640Seymor Siegelundated
641Frank Sinatraundated
642Leon Polk Smithundated
643Stierstadt daughterundated
644Abraham Stoneundated
645Robert Thompson – Worksundated, 1960
646Unidentified Artworkundated
OS 13612Unsorted Individualsundated
647Lionello Venturiundated
648Ilse Voos-Israelundated
650Abraham Walkowitzundated
651Andy Warholundated
652Andy Warhol – Worksundated
653Alex von Wertinauundated
654Eva Wertheimerundated
656William Carlos Williamsundated
657Gloria Willnerundated
658[Michael?] Zadoraundated
659William Zorachundated
660William Zorach1958-1959

b) Negatives

i) Specific Individuals

661Sidney Alexanderundated
662Hedwig Appenheimer (not microfilmed)undated
663Leland Bell (not microfilmed)undated
664Feiga Blumberg (not microfilmed)undated
665Stefan Bourgeois (not microfilmed)undated
666Marguerite Cartwright (not microfilmed)undated
667Boris Chaliapin (not microfilmed)undated
668Adolf Dehn (not microfilmed)undated
669Lindsay Decker (not microfilmed)undated
670Katherine Dreier (not microfilmed)undated
671Marcel Duchamp (not microfilmed)undated
672Marcel Duchamp – Works (not microfilmed)undated
673Albert Einstein (not microfilmed)undated
674Fritz Glarner (not microfilmed)undated
675James Goodman (not microfilmed)undated
676Anna Graeff's mother (not microfilmed)undated
677Hugo Hagen (not microfilmed)undated
678Alfred Halberstam (not microfilmed)undated
679Paul Jenkins (not microfilmed)undated
680Paul Jenkins – Works (not microfilmed)undated
681Lester Johnson – Color Negatives (not microfilmed)undated
682Lester Johnson – Paintings – No. 100-133 (not microfilmed)undated
683Lester Johnson – Paintings – No. 139-141; 143-216 (not microfilmed)undated
684Lester Johnson – Paintings – No. 221-259; 261-288 (not microfilmed)undated
685Lester Johnson – Paintings – No. 269-341 (not microfilmed)undated
71Lester Johnson – Paintings – No. 350-420 (not microfilmed)undated
72Lester Johnson – Paintings – No. 426-434 (not microfilmed)undated
73Lester Johnson – Portraits (not microfilmed)undated
74Daniel Henry Kahnweiler (not microfilmed)undated
75Dikram Kalekian (not microfilmed)undated
76Harold Kanowitz (not microfilmed)undated
77Otto Klemperer (not microfilmed)undated
78[Gabriel] Laderman (not microfilmed)undated
79Mr. and Mrs. Lehmann (not microfilmed)undated
710Sol Lewitt (not microfilmed)undated
711Ariadna Lieban (not microfilmed)undated
712Richard Lippold (not microfilmed)1983?
713Richard Lippold – Sculptures (not microfilmed)undated
714Walter Mandel (not microfilmed)undated
715Marisol [Escobar] (not microfilmed)undated
716Keiko Minami (not microfilmed)undated
717Bruce Mitchell (not microfilmed)undated
718Louise Nevelson (not microfilmed)undated
719Bernard Pfriem (not microfilmed)undated
720Reva [Urban] (not microfilmed)undated
721George Rickey (not microfilmed)undated
722Baron von Rothschild (not microfilmed)undated
723William Shirer (not microfilmed)undated
724David Smith (not microfilmed)undated
725Leon Polk Smith (not microfilmed)undated
726Raphael Soyer – Works (not microfilmed)undated
727Paul Thekundated
728Unidentified Artist (not microfilmed)undated
729Various Artistsundated
730Lionello Venturi (not microfilmed)undated
731Abraham Walkowitz (not microfilmed)undated
732Andy Warhol (not microfilmed)undated
733Andy Warhol – Works (not microfilmed)undated
734Weyhe (not microfilmed)undated
735William Carlos Williamsundated
736[Michael?] Zadora (not microfilmed)undated

ii) Galleries, Installations, and Artwork

737Ernst Adler (not microfilmed)undated
738African Art Collectionundated
739Artists – Unsortedundated
740Artists and Art Pieces – Unidentified (not microfilmed)undated
741Artworks, Artists, Galleries – Unsorted (not microfilmed)undated
742Bauhaus (not microfilmed)undated
743Couple – Unidentified (not microfilmed)undated
744Adolf Dehn – Works (not microfilmed)undated
745Adolf Dehn – Works (not microfilmed)undated, 1999
746Dwan Gallery – Kenneth Snelson (not microfilmed)1960s?
747Dwan Gallery – Kenneth Snelson – Works (not microfilmed)1960s?
748Albert Einstein (not microfilmed)undated
749"Franceska" (not microfilmed)undated
750Gallerie Etienne (not microfilmed)undated
751Gallery – Unidentified – Color Negatives (not microfilmed)undated
752Gallery and Artist at Work – Unidentified (not microfilmed)undated
753Ganso and Anamorphic Art (not microfilmed)undated
754Group Sculpture (not microfilmed)undated
755Home/ Interior Views (not microfilmed)undated
756Installations – Unidentified (not microfilmed)undated
757Installations – Unidentified (not microfilmed)undated
758Installations – Unidentified (not microfilmed)undated
759Installations – Unidentified (not microfilmed)undated
760IGAS (International Graphic Arts Society) Gallery (not microfilmed)undated
761Jüdische Kulturbundundated
762Kleemann Galleries – Maximillian Moppundated
763Leonard Hutton Gallery (not microfilmed)undated
764New York City Street Scenes (not microfilmed)undated
81Nude Paintings and Drawings (not microfilmed)undated
82Other Galleries (not microfilmed)undated
83Paintings – Unidentified (not microfilmed)undated
84[George] Rickey and Othersundated
85Baron Robert de Rothschild (not microfilmed)undated
86Schiff Negatives Used1990-1991
87Stable Gallery (not microfilmed)undated
88Tibor de Nagy Gallery (not microfilmed)undated
89Unidentified (not microfilmed)undated
810Unidentified (not microfilmed)undated
811Unidentified – Artists? (not microfilmed)undated
812Unidentified – Individuals and Locations (not microfilmed)undated
813Unidentified – Matted Negatives (not microfilmed)undated
814Unidentified Gallery (not microfilmed)undated
815Unidentified Glass Negativesundated
816Unidentified Installations – Prints and Negativesundated
91Unidentified New York Installations – Prints and Negativesundated
92Unknown Galleriesundated
93Various Artists – Adolf Dehn and Yayoi Kusama (not microfilmed)undated

D) Albums

121Cities and People – Pages from Album1929
122John Schiff's Friends – Pages from Album1930s?
OS 1371Portfolio – Unboundundated
OS 1381Presentation Portfolio for Promotion of John Schiff's Portrait Photography1940s?
123Roll of Film – Trude Schiff Teaching (not microfilmed)undated
124Small Photo Albums – [Alps?]undated
125Travel and Friendsundated

E) Advertisements

OS 1372Furniture Advertisementsundated
101Furniture Advertisementsundated
102Furniture Advertisements – Publishedundated

Subseries 4: Published Material, 1934-1993

This subseries is in English, German and a small amount of Russian.
0.3 linear foot + 3 OS folders.

Separated into Materials featuring John Schiff's Photography and Collected Material.

Scope and Content:

Subseries 4 is comprised of the published material found among John Schiff's papers. The majority of these are articles, books, and exhibition catalogs from various galleries that featured his photography. An oversized scrapbook of articles from Jewish community newspapers of the 1930s that feature John Schiff's photographs also comprise part of this subseries.

In addition, the collection contained a number of books sent to John Schiff with handwritten dedications by their authors. Many of these books were sent by subjects of John Schiff's photography, such as William Shirer, Paul Jenkins, or Sidney Alexander. Articles collected by John Schiff that do not appear to feature his work are included in the final folder of this subseries.

A) Material featuring John Schiff's Photography

103Advertisements and Promotional Materialundated, 1961
104Anaconda Company Annual Report1962
OS 1373Article – Oversized1983
105Articles1958, 1983-1987
106Bernhardt Crystal Galleries1961-1962, 1993
108Hammer Galleries1960-1962
109Martha Jackson Gallery 1967-1971
1010Martin Gordon Inc. and Sigma Art Fund – Catalogue Listings1979-1984
1011Other Galleries1941-1966
1012Staempfli Gallery1960-1973
1013Zabriskie Gallery1962-1963, 1971

B) Collected Material

1014Books dedicated to John Schiff1940-1974
1015Collected Articles and Offprints1934-1995
OS 1382Scrapbook – Jewish Community Newspapers1934-1938
OS 1383Scrapbook – Jewish Community Newspapers – Advertisementsundated, 1940
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Series II: Trude Schiff, 1913-2001

This series is in German and English.
0.4 linear foot + 1 OS folder.


Scope and Content:

Series II holds the papers of Trude Schiff née Löwenstein. Among the papers found here are educational and university records, personal and professional correspondence, and some other other personal papers.

A few folders hold correspondence of Trude Schiff. The second folder of this series includes some personal letters, such as birthday congratulations and updates on news from colleagues who may also have been friends; other letters here include a small amount that relate to the use of John Schiff's photography. Another folder of correspondence concerns the creation of an archive of John Schiff's photographic work. Most noteworthy, however, is the folder originally entitled "killed relatives – privat," relabeled "Deceased Relatives" during processing. These letters focus almost entirely on immigration attempts for family members, including Trude Löwenstein's parents. Frequently discussed are the difficulties of obtaining affidavits or financial support.

Many folders in Series II relate to Trude Schiff's school years and later education as a doctor. The folder of school reports includes report cards and documentation of graduation from the Kaiserin-Augusta-Schule in Cologne. The folder of registration booklets show that Trude Schiff took coursework at the Universities of Cologne, Vienna, and Innsbruck. The folder of general documents of the medical schools holds various certificates, including documentation on passing examinations and completing various portions of her medical education. Included among these papers are also an extensive number of certificates attesting to the practical experience undertaken by Trude Schiff during her education, including labwork, internships, or residency work. There are also a number of letters of recommendation commending her work and translations of her medical school documents.

More personal items in this series include a sketchbook and a copy of an addition to a genealogical work with comments and remniscences by Trude Schiff on her family members.

1016Biographical Article1988
1018Correspondence – Deceased Relatives1934-1942
1019Correspondence – John Schiff Archive1995-1999
1020Correspondence – Professional1938-1941
1021Correspondence – Professional – English Notebook1940s?
1022Morgan Russell Painting – Exhibition Loans1966-1987
1024Personal – Family Memorabilia1968-1969
1025Poems for Trude Schiffundated
1026Professional – Boarding System of Frankfurt Hospitals (Kostordnung Frankfurt Krankenanstalten)1932-1933
1027Professional – Letters of Recommendation1932-1939
1028Professional – Medical School1926-1937
OS 1384Professional – Medical School – Doctoral Degree1931
1029Professional – Medical School – Practical Experience Certificates (Praktikantenscheine) (not microfilmed)1927-1930
1030Professional – Medical School – Registration Books1926-1929
1031Professional – Translations of Educational Documents1938
1032Professional – Writing1930-1932
1033School Reports and Certificates1913-1926
1035Supplement to the Mayer Family History ("The Red Book")1998
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Series III: Financial, Emigration, and Indemnification Papers, 1931-1976

This series is in German and English.
0.55 linear foot.


Scope and Content:

When John (Hans) Schiff could no longer continue to work as a salesman for his father's company in Germany, he and his wife decided to move to London, where they applied for a visa to the United States. Series III contains material that relates to the immigration period, as well as to the restitution for their loss of employment due to emigration from Germany.

Financial papers pertaining to the Schiffs' emigration begin with the many assessments of the worth of their property (Vermögensteuerbescheide) and German bills from the year prior to their emigration. The series continues with correspondence about the inquiry for requirements for attaining a visa, found in the initial folder of this series. This folder includes information from travel agencies and material on the collecting of funds and calculations of their finances. In addition there is a large amount of correspondence from shipping companies relating to the insurance of their baggage, sent to the U.S. prior to their arrival in New York City. Once the Schiffs received confirmation that all of their records such as affidavits of support, bank papers, and related paperwork was completed, they continued the process of attaining their visas, arriving in New York in 1940.

Following the end of the war, the Schiffs maintained correspondence with lawyers and various government offices in Germany in their pursuit of indemnification for the loss of their livelihoods in Germany, as well as injuries suffered by John Schiff during the pursuit of his career as a photographer. Trude Schiff's claim for indemnification included not only the loss of her medical career in Germany but the costs incurred in relocating to the United States. Other correspondence concerning Trude Schiff relates to an inheritance she received in later life; these letters are between herself, lawyers, and other family members concerning the inheritance.

1037Flower Drum Restaurant Investment1963-1976
1038German Bills1938-1939
1039Indeminification and Inheritance – Estate of Sophie Schiff1957-1963
1040Indemnification and Inheritance – Löwenstein Family – United Restitution Organization (URO)1952-1965
1041Indemnification Claim – John Schiff1938-1958
1042Indemnification Claim – John Schiff1959-1965
1043Indemnification Claim – Trude Schiff1932-1959
111Indemnification Claim – Trude Schiff1943-1968
112Indemnification Claim – Trude Schiff – Originals1939
113Indemnification Claim – Trude Schiff – Pension1932-1964
115Property Tax Assessment (Vermögensteuerbescheide)1931-1939
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