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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Tietz, Edith
Title: Cassirer-Tietz Family Collection
Dates:bulk 1966-1983
Abstract: The Cassirer-Tietz Family Collection concentrates on the genealogy of the Cassirer and related families. It also holds some biographical information on family members along with papers of a few individual members. The collection includes both research and personal correspondence, family trees and related research notes, documentation on the family foundation, articles and newspaper clippings, and photographs and negatives.
Languages: The collection is in English and German.
Quantity: 0.5 linear feet.
Identification: AR 7237
Repository: Leo Baeck Institute
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Biographical Note

The Cassirer family originated in Breslau (now Wrocław, Poland) but by the early twentieth century many members had settled in Berlin. On October 28, 1890 eight family members founded the Marcus und Jeanette, Siegfried und Henriette Cassirer'sche Familien-Stiftung.

The family included many individuals who became well-known in their fields. Some of its prominent members included Hugo Cassirer, a chemist who founded the firm Dr. Cassirer & Co. with his father Louis Cassirer in Berlin in 1896; the philosopher Ernst Cassirer, who taught at the universities of Berlin, Hamburg, Oxford, Yale and Columbia, as well as elsewhere; the publisher Bruno Cassirer, who had his own publishing company begun in 1901; the publisher, author and art enthusiast Paul Cassirer; the philosopher Fritz. Cassirer; the neurologist Richard Cassirer; and the astronomer Eva Cassirer.

Most family members emigrated from Germany following the rise of Nazism, eventually leaving the family spread throughout the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Denmark, Switzerland, and South Africa. A few family members returned to Germany.

Edith Grünfeld (great-granddaughter of Marcus and Jeanette Cassirer) married the businessman Georg Tietz, the eldest son of Oscar Tietz, founder of the German department store known today as Hertie. In 1936 they immigrated to the United States with their two children by way of Lichtenstein, Yugoslavia and Cuba, arriving in 1941.

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Scope and Content Note

The Cassirer-Tietz Family Collection concentrates on the genealogy of the Cassirer and related families. It also holds some biographical information on family members along with papers of a few individual members. The collection includes both research and personal correspondence, family trees and related research notes, documentation on the family foundation, articles and newspaper clippings, and photographs and negatives.

Genealogical research is located in Series I. This series contains many letters between researcher Edith Tietz and her extended family, with many letters providing further genealogical information in addition to personal greetings and updates on family members' activities. This series also contains the collection's family trees, which show assorted branches of the family.

Series II contains the papers of individual family members in addition to documentation on the Cassirer family foundation (the Marcus und Jeanette, Siegfried und Henriette Cassirer'sche Familien-Stiftung), including some information on the family history. Other documents include those relating to family marriages or estates as well as articles and newspaper clippings on individual family members.

The following families are mentioned in this collection: Ahmeen family; Appelbaum family; Bach family; Baer family; Bano family; Baron family; Bellin family; Berman family; Bieber family; Blumenthal family; Bondy family; Buber family; Buschke family; Chotzen family; Cohen family; Corkey family; Cruys family; Dimond family; Dispecker family; Domizio di family; Duff-Arnot family; Durieux family; Eiffler family; Falk family; Falkenstein family; Feith family; Fiedler family; Fischer family; Forbes family; Freund family; Friedman family; Fuerstenberg family; Geheeb family; Glaser family; Glauber family; Godefrey family; Gold family; Goldstein family; Gordimer family; Gotthelf family; Granberg family; Gruenfeld family; Gustafsson family; Guthmann family; Guttentag family; Heinrich family; Hell family; Hermann family; Herrmann family; Herzberg family; Heubach family; Hoffmann family; Houdy family; Jacobi family; Jasen family; Karo family; Kaufman family; Kaufmann family; Kellermann family; Koenigsberger family; Kohn family; Kopelanski family; La Parne family; Lasker family; Lederer family; Leske family; Lewinsohn family; Lindemann family; Lloyd-Thomas family; Loewe family; Loewenberg family; Lohnstein family; Markus family; Marx family; Mayer family; Metzenberg family; Michael family; Miles family; Mitchel family; Molenaar family; Neumann family; Nostrand van family; Oberwart family; Olynyk family; Paret family; Perlstein family; Pollak family; Proskauer family; Rehfeld family; Reich family; Remak family; Reyto family; Rifkin family; Rogue-Houdy family; Rosen family; Rosenbaum family; Rundquist family; Sack family; Sauter family; Schachtel family; Schermann family; Schertz family; Schiffer family; Schlesinger family; Schoenbrunn family; Schwass family; Sikrawa family; Silberfeld family; Silberstein family; Simon family; Skaller family; Solmitz family; Sommerguth family; Stein family; Steinitz family; Stenzel family; Tinschmann family; Waller family; Walzer family; Weill family; Westermann family; Woelfler family; Wolff family; Woythaler family; Zabika family; Zerlette family; Zuckermann family.

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The collection is arranged in two series:

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Access and Use

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Related Material

The LBI Archives and Library contain a number of archival collections, memoirs and books related to the extensive Cassirer family and its members. Please search the LBI Online Catalog for further materials.

Among the holdings related to the Cassirer family is a book about the family foundation: Marcus und Jeanette, Siegfried und Henriette Cassirer’sche Familien-Stiftung [q CS 629 C38].

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Separated Material

Photographs have been removed to the LBI Photograph Collection.

During processing of the archival collection in February 2014, two books were removed to the LBI Library: Edith Geheeb-Cassirer zum 90. Geburtstag and Die Familie Cassirer, eine bedeutendende Berliner Familie.

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Preferred Citation

Published citations should take the following form:

Identification of item, date (if known); Cassirer-Tietz Family Collection; AR 7237; box number; folder number; Leo Baeck Institute.

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Processing Information

The collection was processed in February 2014. At this time the correspondence was further subdivided based on its organization and some folders were titled. The series was also split into two series and two published books were removed to the LBI Library.

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Container List

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Series I: Genealogical Research and Correspondence, 1880, 1938-1983

This series is in English and German.
0.3 linear feet.


Scope and Content:

Series I contains of the genealogical research of Edith Tietz, including several folders of research correspondence in addition to copies of family trees and a notebook of names.

More than half of this series consists of correspondence between Edith Tietz and numerous members of the Cassirer, Bondy, and related families. These letters include discussion of family connections and reminiscences of family members no longer alive along with friendly greetings and updates on family news. Some letters include brief narratives of family history or sketches of parts of family trees. The second folder of the series, which focuses on research into a branch of the interrelation of the Cassirer, Bondy, and Waller Families, includes a few official documents and obituaries for Robert Waller, Max Waller, and Otto Bondy. Most of the genealogical research is centered in the folders of correspondence organized by family and the loose correspondence; the latter was not previously organized. Greeting cards and the letters of Irmgard Foerg are primarily friendly greetings, with little mention of Edith Tietz's research.

The final three folders of this series hold its family trees and notes on research. The first of these shows the family branches from the late 1800s through the 1970s, while the folder on Moses Cassirer and his descendants displays that branch of the family from the 1700s through the 1800s. The most frequently-occurring surnames in the trees include the Cassirer, Stein, Goldstein, Glaser, Gruenfeld, Tietz, and Bondy families. The final folder contains a notebook of family members, organized alphabetically by surname. Women's names are ordered by their married surname. Each entry includes biographical dates and names of spouses.

11Correspondence – By Family1944, 1966-1979
12Correspondence – Cassirer-Bondy-Waller Family Membersundated, 1880, 1938, 1975-1976
13Correspondence – Foerg, Irmgard1981-1983
14Correspondence – Holiday and Greeting Cards1978-1983
15Correspondence – Leo Baeck Institute1976-1982
16Correspondence – Loose1966-1983
17Family Trees and Genealogical Researchundated, 1958-1978
18Family Trees and Genealogical Research – Moses Cassirer Branchundated, 1930, 1970-1979
19Family Trees and Genealogical Research – Notebook of Alphabetical List of Namesundated
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Series II: Family Members, 1879-1907, 1929-1982

This series is in English and German.
0.3 linear feet.


Scope and Content:

Series II holds papers of and material on individual family members as well as on the Marcus and Jeanette, Siegfried and Henriette Cassirer'sche Family Foundation founded in 1896. Included is one folder of photographs and negatives; all photographs are duplicates of those already in the LBI Photograph Collection.

Documents on the Family Foundation (Familien-Stiftung) include reports that show its founding members in addition to recording its financial standing from 1917-1935. Other documents list family members and associates. The folder of family papers relate to various individuals, with nearly all the documents from 1879. They include Marcus Cassirer's testament and material from the wedding of Julie Cassirer and Otto Bondy, among them songs written by Moritz and Max Cassirer. Undated material includes information on a kind of schnapps created by an unidentified family member.

The remainder of the series consists primarily of published material that pertains to family members. Material on Edith Geheeb-Cassirer includes information on a book produced in honor of her ninetieth birthday, a booklet with her eulogy, and a postcard from 1907. Newspaper clippings include obituaries and biographical articles on Fred, Ernst and Kurt Cassirer. The final folder contains extracts from a history of the Bergmann Kabelwerke AG, with some information on the company, founded in 1896 by Hugo Cassirer as Dr. Cassirer & Co. The extracts include a list of some of the more well-known male family members and briefly mentions the firm's name change and development, in addition to providing some images of the firm's buildings.

110Family Foundation Papersundated, 1890, 1929-1973
111Family Papersundated, 1879
112Edith Geheeb-Cassirer1907, 1975-1982
113Newspaper Clippingsundated, 1972-1979
114Photographs and Negativesundated
115Publication Extracts - Cassirer Family Members and Dr. Cassirer & Co.1971?
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