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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Warschauer, Ernst, 1889-1972
Title: Ernst Warschauer Collection
Dates:bulk 1919-1972
Abstract: The collection contains personal papers, vital documents, correspondence, and memoirs of two generations of Warschauer and Casper families.
Languages: The collection is in German, English, Polish, and French.
Quantity: 1 linear foot
Identification: AR 5784
Repository: Leo Baeck Institute
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Biographical Note

Ernst Warschauer was born on May 26, 1889 in Breslau (now Wrocław, Poland). He was the oldest son of Sigismund Warschauer and Emma Warschauer, née Bernstein. In 1912 he received his doctorate in law from the University of Breslau. He married Agathe Karoline Rummler in 1919, whom he later divorced in 1935. Warschauer practiced law in Oels, Silesia until 1933 when laws enacted by the Nazi government prevented him from doing so. He moved to Berlin and married Claire (also known as Klara) Kantorowicz née Casper in 1938. In 1940 the family immigrated to New York, where Warschauer wrote and worked on restitution cases. Warschauer became friends with Julius Bab and kept correspondence with many other writers, including Alfred Polgar and Erich Kästner. Warschauer died on May 8, 1972.

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Scope and Content Note

The Ernst Warschauer Collection contains personal and family papers of the Warschauer and Casper families. The first series contains papers directly related to Warschauer; it is composed of his writings, clippings, recommendations, and obituaries.

Series II contains the family papers of Warschauer’s family and the family of his wife Claire Kantorowicz née Casper. The documentation in this series is mostly made up of vital documents, tax declaration forms, passports, citizenship forms, job recommendation letters, and photographs pertaining to the two families. Most of these papers are related to the Casper family rather than the Warschauer family. Many of these papers are also copies of the originals. This series also contains papers related to the Warschauers and Caspers in their efforts to leave Germany and immigrate to the United States. In addition, there are maps and clippings related to where the Warschauer family lived in Silesia.

Series III comprises papers of individuals. Most of the papers in this series are letters between the individuals and Warschauer and clippings and/or drafts of writings by the individuals or obituaries for the individuals. These writings consist of short stories, articles, and poems. The individuals mentioned in this series are Erich Kästner, Carl Landauer, Jacob Picard, Alfred Polgar, Fred B. Stern, and Fritz Wallenberg.

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This collection is arranged into three series:

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Related Material

For information related to the Warschauer-Casper families and the work of Warschauer, the Ernst Schlochauer Collection (AR 5785) contains many documents. AR 1415 also contains a brief memoir by Warschauer.

Other collections of individuals mentioned in this collection include:

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Container List

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.

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Series I: Ernst Warschauer, 1912-1972

This series is in German and English.
0.25 linear ft.

Arranged topically.

Scope and Content:

This series contains personal papers related to Ernst Warschauer. It is mostly made up of Warschauer's writings and published clippings of his writings. Besides his law school dissertation, most of his writings are about his experiences of being Jewish in both Germany and in the United States. Much of his writing is on anti-Semitism and the experiences of different people during the Second World War. Some essays are about life in Germany just before he emigrated as a Jew, experiences in America after immigration, experiences as a Jewish lawyer in Germany, and an essay on why he chose to become an author in America. Other documents in this series are obituary notices in regards to Warschauer's death, a personal ID issued to him by the German government, recommendations by employers and translations of said recommendations, and a blank restitution form. This series holds two books of clippings containing letters, his own writings, translations, and obituaries he wrote for other individuals. This series also contains maps and clippings of Oels (now Oleśnica in Poland), Breslau (now Wrocław in Poland), and Silesia, where Warschauer lived and studied before relocating to Berlin.

15Identification and recommendations1937-1940
17Photo and map1958
OS 1Dissertation certificate1912
OS 4Album of writings
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Series II: Casper and Warschauer Families, 1868-1988

This series is in German, English, Polish, and French.
0.5 linear ft.

Arranged topically.

Scope and Content:

This series contains the family papers of both the Warschauer and Casper families. The bulk of the papers are vital records of the different family members of both the Casper and Warschauer families, which include mostly copies and some originals (and some English translation) of tax declarations, naturalization certificates, birth certificates, citizenship documents, marriage and divorce certificates, and death certificates. These documents include the places of birth, marriage, death, parents’ names and other vital information. Family IDs, like passports, military identification, and Red Cross IDs are included as well. Recommendations (originals and translations) for Claire Warschauer are contained in the series as well. Correspondence regarding the Warschauer and Casper families' immigration to the United States is also included. Photographs of the two generations of Warschauers and Caspers conclude the series.

19Claire Warschauer1917-1940
110Vital documents1868-1940
111Vital documents1938-1940
112Birth certificates1909-1940
113Marriage and divorce certificates1919-1981
114Death certificates1940-1988
115Warschauer-Casper family papers1914-1938
116Warschauer-Casper family papers1914-1938
117Personal papers-Casper family1918-1957
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Series III: Individuals, 1904-1983

This series is in German, English, Polish, and French.

Arranged alphabetically. Divided into two subseries: Julius Bab and Other Individuals.

Scope and Content:

This series contains correspondence, clippings, writings, obituaries, and other papers pertaining to Julius Bab, Erich Kästner, Carl Landauer, Jacob Picard, Alfred Polgar, Fred B. Stern, and Fritz Wallenberg. Warschauer kept correspondence with many of these men, and translated some of their works for American audiences.

Subseries 1: Julius Bab, 1904-1983

This subseries is in German and English.
0.125 linear ft.

Arranged topically.

Scope and Content:

The bulk of this subseries pertains to Julius Bab, a writer and theater critic. Warschauer kept a correspondence and relationship with both Bab and his wife Elizabeth, as documented in this subseries. Most of the papers are personal correspondence with Bab, but there is also communication in reference to receiving an honorary doctorate from Freie Universität Berlin, and about publishing his work. The series also contains lectures from Bab, photographs, poems by and translated by Bab, and obituary for Richard Leopold by Bab, clippings of Bab’s work, and obituaries for Bab and his wife, some written by Warschauer.

23Correspondence and clippings1949-1983
24Correspondence and writings1954-1972
27Richard Leopold1955

Subseries 2: Other Individuals, 1944-1978

This subseries is in German and English.
0.125 linear ft.

Arranged alphabetically.

Scope and Content:

This subseries contains papers related to Erich Kästner, Carl Landauer, Jacob Picard, Alfred Polgar, Fred B. Stern, and Fritz Wallenberg. The bulk of the papers are related to Erich Kästner, whose writings Warschauer translated and with whom he kept correspondence. Warschauer also collected clippings of Kästner's writings and corresponded with publishers on Kästner's behalf to publish his work. The papers of Alfred Polgar are also prominent in this subseries; it contains a book jacket from Polgar’s books, writing, articles, and correspondence to and about Polgar. The rest of the collection contains an analysis of Hermann Hesse's Glass Bead Game by Fred B. Stern, clippings and a poem and speech given at a testimonial about Fritz Wallenberg, and writing, correspondence, and clippings regarding Jacob Picard.

29Erich Kästner1944-1964
210Carl Landauer1974-1975
211Jacob Picard1947-1969
212Alfred Polgar1963-1971
213Fred B. Sternundated
214Fritz Wallenberg1976-1978
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