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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Kallir, William
Title: Kallir Family Collection
Dates:bulk 1874-1938
Abstract: The Kallir Family Collection contains birth certificates, death notices, correspondence, and documents certifying the achievements of those in the Kallir Family.
Languages: The collection is in German and English with some Polish and Hebrew.
Quantity: 0.25 linear feet.
Identification: AR 1520
Repository: Leo Baeck Institute
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Biographical Note

The Kallir family can be traced back to Eleazar ben Eleazar, a prominent rabbi in Prague. He had one son, Alexander Susskind Kallir (1771-1845) who moved to Brody. It was in Brody that his first son of four by Sarah Esther Nathanson, Mayer Edler von Kallir (1792-1875), became a successful banker. In 1864 Mayer Edler von Kallir was given the Knight's Cross of the Order of Franz Joseph for his merits as a philanthropist. He was one of the first Jewish members of the Imperial Austrian Parliament. He married Gitel Maschelkowitz and had three children: Isaac, Nathan, and Amelie. Nathan Ritter von Kallir (1821-1886) followed in his fathers footsteps and became a banker. He was knighted into the Order of Franz Joseph because of his philanthropy. Isaac Kallir (1817-1881) married Jette Rubinstein (1819-1894) and together they had two children: Alexander and Marie. Marie married and had four children: Heinrich, Leon, Julius, and Rosa. Amelie Kallir (1825-1905) married Heinrich Nirenstein. They had six children: Alexander, Max, Jacob, Leo, Cäcilie, and Sara Esther, who married her cousin Alexander Kallir. Alexander (1846-early 1900s) and Sara Esther, or Emma, had two sons: Ludwig and Martin.

Ludwig Kallir (1874-1943) became an electrical engineer and worked for A.E.G. Union Electric and Manufacturing Company. He published numerous books on electrical engineering. He eventually became the chief engineer of A.E.G. and was elected as an honorary consultant to the Austrian Department of the Interior. He fled to England after the annexation of Austria because, in addition to being Jewish, he was very prominent in the politics of his native country. The British Electrical and Allied Industrial Research Association hired him. He was the member of many electrical engineer institutes. He tried to obtain a job for his son-in-law, Robert Muller at the General Electric Company so that he could secure an American visa.

Martin Kallir (1878-mid 1900s) studied to become a banker and worked for the A.E.G General Electric Company as managing director. He was discharged from A.E.G. board of directors in 1937. He and his wife, Gertrude Kallir, had two sons: Harry and Stephan.

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Scope and Content Note

The Kallir Family Collection contains seven folders, six of which contain information regarding a specific member of the family. The seventh folder contains birth certificates, death notices, and credential papers on numerous members of the family that do not have their own individual folder. Folder 7 also contains a family tree (1792-1943).

Folder 1 contains documents regarding Mayer Edler von Kallir. These documents include correspondence with family members, official documents awarding him the Knight's Cross of the Order of Franz Joseph, and a photocopy of the Kallir coat-of-arms. Folder 2 contains Nathan Ritter von Kallir's correspondence, his death notice, and an official document declaring him a Knight in the Order of Franz Joseph. Testaments and death notices regarding Issac and Jette Kallir are located in Folder 3. Folder 4 contains Alexander and Emma Kallir's birth certificates, documents regarding their move from Brody to Vienna, their marriage certificate, and an official document relieving Alexander Kallir from military service. Ludwig Kallir's correspondence with technical schools and electrical technicians, obituary, credentials, curriculum vitae, and correspondence regarding the World Power Conference in 1936 are contained in Folder 5. Folder 6 contains Martin Kallir's curriculum vitae, and articles on his discharge from A.E.G. in Der Morgen and Neues Wiener Tagblatt.

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This collection comprises one series with seven folders.

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Container List

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Series I: Kallir Family, 1835-1943

The collection is in German and English with some Polish and Hebrew.
0.25 linear feet.


11Kallir, Mayer, Edler von1835-1874
OSL 71Kallir, Mayer, Edler von - Oversized1869-14872
12Kallir, Nathan, Ritter von1873-1886
OSL 72Kallir, Nathan, Ritter von - Oversized1873-1881
13Kallir, Issac and Jette1869-1895
14Kallir, Alexander and Emma1864-1920
15Kallir, Ludwig1903-1943
16Kallir, Martinearly 1900s-1937
17Other Family Members1851-1939
OSL 73Other Family Members – Heinrich Nierenstein – Verein Jüdische Volksküche (Oversized Certificate)1881
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