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Creator:Darmstaedter, Karl D.
Title:Karl D. Darmstaedter Collection
Dates:18th century-1972
Abstract:Correspondence and autographs, including letters from former residents of Mannheim, as well as Rabbi Joseph Carlebach, Rabbi Jacob Hoffman, Richard Beer-Hofmann, Jacob Rosenheim, Felix Theilhaber, Fritz von Unruh, and Karl Wolfskehl.
Languages:This collection is in German, English and Hebrew.
Quantity:0.75 linear feet
Identification:AR 15 / MF 581
Repository: Leo Baeck Institute Archives
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Biographical Note

Born in Birkenau on September 25, 1892, Karl D.Darmstaedter emigrated to the United States via the Netherlands in 1939-1940. He settled in Washington, D.C., and was active as an author, poet, and professor of German. He died in 1984.

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Scope and Content Note

Correspondence and autographs, including letters from former residents of Mannheim, as well as Rabbi Joseph Carlebach, Rabbi Jacob Hoffman, Richard Beer-Hofmann, Jacob Rosenheim, Felix Theilhaber, Fritz von Unruh, and Karl Wolfskehl.

Clippings, notes, photos of synagogues and cemeteries, organizational records, and official and private documents about Jews in southwestern Germany, especially in Baden and the Palatinate including material from Alsberg an der Bergstrasse, Birkenau, Ettenheim, Grosbliederstroff, Karlsruhe, Königswart, Ladenburg, Memmingen, Mannheim, Neckarbischofsheim, Sugenheim, Weinheim, Worms, and Zwingenberg, as well as Amsterdam and Prague, from the eighteenth through the twentieth century.

Material on the Ephraim Deinard collection at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.

Lists of refugees deported from Gurs and Rivesaltes internment camps; correspondence with former residents of Mannheim interned in Gurs and Récébédon, including Eugen Neter.

The following places are mentioned in this collection:

Alsberg/Bergstrasse; Amsterdam; Baden; Berlin; Berlin-Spandau; Birkenau (Concentration or internment camps); Boettigheim; Czechoslovakia; Dachau (Concentration or internment camps); Ettenheim; Fuerth; Grosbliederstroff; Gurs (Concentration or internment camps); Karlsruhe; Koenigswart; Ladenburg; Mannheim; Memmingen; Muehlhausen; Neckarbischofsheim; Palatinate; Poland; Prague; Recebedou (concentration or internment camps); Rivesaltes (internment camp); Sugenheim; Switzerland; Weinheim; Worms; Zwingenberg

The following individuals are mentioned in this collection:

Baer, Max; Beer-Hofmann, Richard; Bialik, Chaim Nachman; Bin Gorion, Micha (Berdyczewski, Micha); Carlebach, Joseph; Cremieux, Adolphe; Deinard, Ephraim; Deutschlaender, Leo; Eisenstadt, Judah David; Eisenstein, Judah David; Finkelstein, Louis; Frank, Ludwig; Ginsburger, W.; Goslar, Hans; Greilsheimer, J.; Heilbronn, Siegfried; Herzl, Theodor; Hoffman, Jacob; Hoffman, Jacob; Kassewitz, Sigmund; Kussewitz, S.; Lamm, Louis; Liptzin, Sol; Loeb, Ferdinand; Loewe, Heinrich; Mosbacher, Leopold; Neter, Eugen; Neter, Mia; Neter, Richard; Pinkuss, Dr.; Posner, Alfred; Rosenheim, Jacob; Rothschild, Lehrer; Sabbatai Zvi; Schachnowitz, S.; Schnitzler, Arthur; Scholem, Gershom; Schwarzschild, Ignaz; Simon, Leopold; Sobernheim, Moritz; Theilhaber, Felix; Unna, Isak; Unruh, Fritz von; Wise, Stephen; Wolfskehl, Karl; Wuerzburger, Hedwig

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Series I: Communities A-Z Series II: Jewish celebrities A-Z Series III: Misc. Series IV: Documents Series V: Correspondence Subseries 1: Letters to Karl Darmstaedter by Jewish celebrities; 1927-1954 Subseries 2: Letters from Jewis in Mannheim to Darmstaedter; 1939/1940 Subseries 3: Letters from others; 1928-1945 Series VI: Personal items Series VII: Ephraim Deinard Collection, Washington Series VIII: Addenda

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Access and Use

Access Information

Collection is digitized. Follow the links in the Container List to access the digitized materials.

Readers may access the collection by visiting the Lillian Goldman Reading Room at the Center for Jewish History. We recommend reserving the collection in advance; please visit the LBI Online Catalog and click on the "Request" button.

Access Restrictions

Collection is microfilmed, use MF 581

Use Restrictions

There may be some restrictions on the use of the collection. For more information, contact:
Leo Baeck Institute, Center for Jewish History, 15 West 16th Street, New York, NY 10011

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Access Points

This collection is indexed under the following headings in the online catalog. Researchers desiring materials about related topics, persons, or places should search the catalog using these headings.

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Separated Material

Photographs have been removed to the LBI Photograph Collection.

Carlebach, Rabbiner Joseph. "Ritualmord?" Sonderbeilage zum Israelitische Familienblatt, 6/14/34. Moved from collection to library. (BM 717 A2 C37)

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Collection is available on 1 reel of microfilm (MF 581). Last folder, of Plate Glass Negatives, is not on microfilm.

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Preferred Citation

Published citations should take the following form:

Identification of item, date (if known); Karl D. Darmstaedter Collection; AR 15; box number; folder number; Leo Baeck Institute.

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Other Finding Aid

12-page inventory.

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Container List

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.

Follow the links to access the digitized materials.


Box 1

12Communities A-Z (AR 15): Amsterdam; Baden; Grosbliederstroff; Koenigswart; Ladenburg; Mannheim; Mommingen; Muehlhausen; Neckarbischofsheim; Sugenheim; Worms; later added: Birkenau, Odenwald; Ettenheim, Baden; Karlsruhe, Baden; Mannheim; Spandau; Alsberg; Weinheim; Zwingenberg: Photos, essays, community records. Some published works within Series I removed to the library.
13Jewish celebrities A-Z (AR 2562): Photos of Asch, Scholem; Auerbach, Berthold; Bin Gorion; Baeck, Leo; Cohen, Hermann; Frank, Ludwig; Heilbronn, S.; Herzl, Theodor; Hirsch, Samson Raphael; Klatzkin, Jacob; Neter, Richard; Peretz, Isaac Leib; Rathenau, Walther; Rosenheim, Jacob; Schnitzler, Arthur; Simon, Leopold; Unna, Isak; Weizmann, Chaim; essay on Sabbatai Zwi; later added: Bialik, Chajim Nachman. All photos and many of the postcards have been removed to the photo collection.
14Misc.: Essays by Ernest Gugenheim; Arthur Levy (Juedische Grabmalkunst in Osteuropa); Simon Messing (Journey to the Falashas/from Commentary); Paul Rieger. 2: Deportation lists: "Refugees deported from Camp de Gurs to places unknown" (23p). "Refugees deported from Camp de Rivesaltes to unknown destinations" (Hias), 14p. 3: Hebraica: 6 items include prayer book. 4: Calender (Jewish calender 1801-2000. 5: Manuscript by Darmstaedter: "Kodifiziertes Recht - Gewohnheitsrecht der Voelker" (11p). 6: Three essays on Ritual murder (1937). 7: Three school certificates (OS 84). 8: Program of the "Freie Juedische Volkshochschule Berlin (1925). 9: Chevra Ahavas Chesed Inc., Baltimore, Statutes. 10-24: Newspaper clippings; essays; poems.
15Documents: 12 items include mortage documents (1832); contracts; chaliza -letters; memorbuch (18th. cent).
  Subseries 1 (20 items): Carlebach, Joseph; Eisenstadt, Judah David; Finkelstein, Louis; Ginsburger, W.; Goslar, Hans; Greilsheimer, J.; Hoffman, Jacob; Kussewitz, S.; Liptzin, Sol; Loewe, Heinrich; Pinkuss, Dr.; Scholem, Gershom; Schwarzschild, Ignaz; Sobernheim, Moritz; Theilhaber, Felix; Posner, Alfred; Wise, Stephen.
  Subseries 2 (27 items): letters from Gurs (7 items/1941); letters from Récébedon (3 items/1941/1942); 2 letters from Holland (1941); 9 letters from Israel (1934-1944); 2 letters from New York (1941).1934-1944
  Subseries 3 (18 items): Baer, Max; Beer-Hofmann, Richard; Deutschlaender, Leo; Kassewitz, Sigmund; Lamm, Louis; Loeb, Ferdinand; Mosbacher, Leopold; Rothschild, Lehrer; Schachnowitz, S.; Unruh, Fritz; Wolfskehl, Karl; Wuerzburger, Hedwig.
17Personal items: 7 items include post cards inc; postcard from Dachau; "Ehrenkreuz," etc.
18Ephraim Deinard Collection, Washington: 8 items include: List of Contents of Deinard Collection in Smithsonian Institute; photocopy of Letter by Adolphe Crémieux (1878); notes by Darmstaedter concerning Deinard collection.
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Box 2

21Miscellaneous; Poetry, Correspondence, Report (AR 4297)1930-1979

Addendum of Jewish community photos: Birkenau, Ladenburg, Mannheim, Neckarbischofsheim, Prague, Worms. Addendum to Misc.: 4 items include letter by D. Scheuermann; essay by Erich Rosenblueth; photo of Western Wall in Jerusalem.

  1 Gemeinde Baden. Manuscript: "Zur juedischen Familienforschung in Baden. Kleine Notizen". Undated; German, 2 p; handwritten. Sources and methods for genealogical research on Jewish families in Baden.
  2 Manuscript: "Hochverehrter Festversammlung". Undated; German and Hebrew, 3 p.; handwritten. Speech.
  3 Varia. Manuscript: "Minhag. Kodifiziertes Recht - Gewohnheitsrecht der Voelker". Undated; German, 11 p.; handwritten. Essay or tract on the relationship of written and codified law in Judaism to oral and traditional law.
  4 Deinard. Manuscript "Ein unbekannter Herzlbrief - in Washington, D.C.". Undated; German, 2 p.; typed. Report for the Aufbau on the Deinard collection at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington. Also, a similar 2 p. English essay, somewhat different focus but same subject, entitled "An object form the Holy Temple in the Smithsonian?".
23Photos of tombstones in Mannheim, undated
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