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Creator:Morgenthau, Hans (1904-1980)
Title:Hans Morgenthau Collection
Abstract:The first part of the collection (Series 1 = Personal documents) contains personal and official documents such as certificates, student and fraternity papers, visas and affidavits. Among the latter is the file “The United States vs. Matthew Morgenthau”. Hans Morgenthaus son was accused of starting a quarrel with a lieutenant as well as saying “the army is no better than Hitler’s”. The file contains other personal correspondence including a psychological profile of Matthews’s childhood written by his father. Furthermore, the collection includes the Spanish-American correspondence concerning the attempt to retrieve the Morgenthaus belongings from Spain. (The Morgenthaus lived in Spain from 1935 to 1937 and they left Spain at the beginning of the civil war.) The second part of the collection (Series 2 = Correspondence) consists of personal and official correspondence, including letters by family, friends and colleagues to Hans or Irma Morgenthau, as well as letters by the Morgenthaus themselves.
Languages:This collection is in English, German, French, Spanish.
Quantity:3.5 linear feet
Identification:AR 4198 / MF 985 reels 1-4
Repository: Leo Baeck Institute Archives
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Biographical Note

German-born American political scientist, historian, and a leading analyst of the role of power in international politics. Born February 17, 1904, in Coburg (Germany), died July 19, 1980, New York, NY (USA)

Educated at the universities of Berlin, Frankfurt, and Munich, Morgenthau trained as a passed to bar and practiced in Munich from 1927 to 1930, when he became a teaching assistant at the University of Frankfurt. From 1931 to 1933 he served as acting president of the Frankfurt labor court. In 1932, he went also to Geneva to teach public law for a year, but because of Adolf Hitler's rise to power in Germany in 1933, he stayed on until 1935. In 1935/36, he taught in Madrid, where he was professor of international law at the Madrid Institute of International and Economic Studies. Morgenthau immigrated to the United States in 1937 (naturalized 1943).

He served on the faculties of Brooklyn College (1937-39), the University of Kansas City (1939-43), and from 1943 to 1971 taught international politics at the University of Chicago. In 1950 he became the director of the Center for Study of American Foreign and Military Policy. From 1968 to 1974 he was professor of political science at the City College of New York. Furthermore Morgenthau taught at the New School for Social Research from 1974 to 1980 and also served as consultant to the U.S. Department of State and Defense, as well as commentator on U.S. current affairs.

Morgenthau was a predominant figure in the post-World War II effort to refocus the study of international relations on the observed regularities of human conduct, rather than the idealistic pursuit of abstract norms. This political realism gained wide influence with the publication of his Scientific Man vs. Power Politics (1947) and especially Politics among Nations (1949), a highly regarded study that presented a modern realist approach to international politics, which became the leading text in field. Central to Morgenthau's theory was the concept of power as the dominant goal in international politics and the definition of national interest in terms of power. He called for recognition of the nature and limits of power and for the use of traditional methods of diplomacy, including compromise.

A contributor to numerous scholarly periodicals and journals of opinion, Morgenthau was also the author of In Defense of the National Interest (1951), Dilemmas of Politics (1958), The Purpose of American Politics (1960), Politics in the Twentieth Century, 3 vol. (1962), and Truth and Power (1970). Many of Morgenthau’s writings were translated into foreign languages.

Hans Morgenthau was married to Irma Morgenthau (neé Thormann). Their son Matthew was born in 1942, when Hans Morgenthau was 38 years old. In 1944, a daughter Susanna was born.

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Scope and Content Note

The first part of the collection (Series 1 = Personal documents) contains personal and official documents such as certificates, student and fraternity papers, visas and affidavits. Among the latter is the file “The United States vs. Matthew Morgenthau”. Hans Morgenthaus son was accused of starting a quarrel with a lieutenant as well as saying “the army is no better than Hitler’s”. The file contains other personal correspondence including a psychological profile of Matthews’s childhood written by his father. Furthermore, the collection includes the Spanish-American correspondence concerning the attempt to retrieve the Morgenthaus belongings from Spain. (The Morgenthaus lived in Spain from 1935 to 1937 and they left Spain at the beginning of the civil war.) The second part of the collection (Series 2 = Correspondence) consists of personal and official correspondence, including letters by family, friends and colleagues to Hans or Irma Morgenthau, as well as letters by the Morgenthaus themselves.

The following individuals and organizations are mentioned in this collection: Ackermann, Fritz ; Alvarez, J. ; American Express ; Anders, Rudolf ; Angerer, Martin ; Arens, Fritz ; Aris, Leonard ; Asch, Ernst ; Asch, Walter ; Bach, Julian ; Bachmann, Sofie ; Bachwitz, Willi ; Baertig, Nellie ; Banco de Vizcaya (Madrid) ; Banco Hispano Americano (Madrid) ; Banque Parisienne pour les Transactions Financieres ; Barlow, Mr. ; Barnet, S.J. ; Barrett, Mary ; Baruch, Herbert ; Bauer, Alfred ; Bauer, Theodor ; Baum, Eugen ; Bausch, Helmut ; Benno Thormann ; Bentley, Campbell, Du Canto & Silvestri (Chicago) ; Ber, Arthur ; Ber, Hermann ; Berger, Else ; Berkenau, Paul ; Berlepsch, Klaus von ; Bernhard, Paul ; Bernheimer, Fritz ; Bernheimer, Louis ; Bernheimer, Max ; Bernheimer, Sigo ; Bieringer, Heinz ; Bieringer, Heinz ; Blanck, Leonhard C. ; Blum, Berthold ; Blumenfeld, Felix ; Blumenfeld, Gerd ; Blumenthal, Curt ; Bohnheim, Paul ; Bremerl ; Brooklyn Bureau of Charities ; Bruehl, Georg ; Brunelle, Paul ; Bucher, Anne ; Burnes, Richard ; Cahn, Carl ; Calhoun, Lillian ; Catoni, Mr. ; Ciocci, Ruth ; Cohen, Herbert Dr. ; Cohen, Ralph ; Cohn, Alice ; Cohn, Erich ; Cohn, Willy Dr. ; Comite International de la Croix-Rouge ; Commerce Trust Company ; Corash, B.G. ; Crailsheimer, Fritz ; Craisheimer, Fritz ; Dach, Felix ; Dachauer, Simon ; Dachauer, Simon ; Daltrop, Josef ; Dammann, Fritz ; Daniel, Max ; Darby, Mrs. ; Davidsohn, Egon Dr. ; Dember, Heinz ; Doctor, Alfred ; Doob, Hugo ; Drey, Fr. ; DuCanto, Joseph N. ;

Eckstein, George ; Eckstein, Guenther ; Eckstein, Lotte ; Eckstein, Max ; Eckstein, Wilhelm ; Ehrenbacher, Edgar ; Ehrlich, Otto ; Ehrmann, Friedrich ; Elsbach, Curt ; Elsbach, Walter ; Endlich, Harold ; Erich Thormann ; Erlanger, Herbert ; Erlanger, Horst ; Erlanger, Walter ; Eskridge, Mrs. ; Eulau, Arthur ; Eulau, Curt ; Eulau, Erich ; Eulau, Hugo ; Eylenburg, Ernst ; Eylenburg, Richard ; Eylenburg, Walter ; Fackemheim, Julius ; Falk, Alfred ; Feibelmann, Moritz; Feldheim, Otto ; Feldheim, W. ; Fillipof ; Fleischer, Herbert ; Fleischer, Willis ; Foster Parents Plan For Spanish Children (New York) ; Frank, Benno ; Frank, Leo ; Frank, Ludwig ; Franken, Hans ; Franken, Hans L. ; Frasher, Gary D. ; Frauenfeld, Rud. ; Freund, Thea ; Freundlich, Erich ; Fried, Richard ; Friedmann, Emil ; Friedmann, Ernst ; Fuchs, Franz Eugen ; G. Levor & Co. ; Gassmann, Karl ; Gassmann, Walter ; Gebrueder Wetsch ; Gellhorn, Alfred ; Germany. Auswaertiges Amt ; Gerngross, Friedrich ; Gerstle, Eugen ; Gibson, Charles R. ; Gluecksmann, Kurt ; Goldberg, Julius ; Goldberg, Max ; Goldschmidt, Clemens ; Goldschmidt, Kurt ; Gottlieb, Frederike ; Greifenhagen, Joh. ; Griesbach, Reinhart ; Gruenfeld, Otto ; Gumbel, Karl ; Gumbert, Arthur ; Gutmann, Carl ; Gutmann, Theodor ; Guttfeld, Martin ;

Haas, Fritz ; Hahn, Willi ; Hamburger, Hans ; Hammelbacher, Hans ; Harburger, B. ; Hegewald, Erich ; Heimann, Kay ; Heineberg, Martin ; Heineberg, Oskar ; Heinemann, Rud. ; Hepner, Heinrich ; Hertz, Wilhelm ; Herz, Erich ; Herzogliches Gymnasium Casimirianum ; Hessberg, Paul ; Hicks, William ; Hilfsausschuss fuer Spanienfluechtlinge (Berlin) ; Hirsch Moritz ; Hirsch, Fritz ; Hirsch, Greta ; Hirsch, Hans ; Hirschfeld, Georg ; Hirschfelder, Mrs. ; Hirschler, Max ; Hirschmann, Hans ; Holland, Harry ; Iffmann, Leonard ; Ilgner, Renate ; Israel, Max ; J.S. Barnet & Sons (Lynn, Mass.) ; Jablonsky, Henny ; Jacoby, Max ; Jaeggli, Rudolf ; Jobs for Teens ; Jocob, Paul ; Kach, Ignatz ; Kahn, Ernst ; Kahn, Max Josef ; Kaiser, Sigmund ; Kann, Steffen ; Katezenstein, Leo ; Katz, Leopold ; Katzenstein, Fritz ; Katzenstein, Fritz ; Kaufmann, Hans ; Kaufmann, Julius ; Kaufmann, Max ; Kaufmann, Rudolf ; Kaufmann, Walter S. ; Kaysing, F.H. ; Keins, J. Pablo ; Kellermann, Heinz ; Kemp, Morris ; Kersten, Ursula ; Kiermaier, Kirl ; Kiermaier, Rudolf ; King, Louise ; Koburger, Josef ; Koburger-Reiss, Karl ; Kohn, Georg ; Kohn, Rudolf ; Koppe, Ernst ; Kraemer, Emil ; Kramer, Paul;Krieger, Hermann ; Krieger, Leonard ; Krould , Harry J. ; Kuehn, Hans ; Kurzmann, Siegfried ;

Laemers, Peter J. ; Landauer, Carl ; Landé, Walter ; Langer, Elisabeth ; Leeser, Eugen ; Lemle, Mrs. ; Lesser, Martin ; Lewandowski, Georg ; Leyton, Alicia ; Lichtenstein, Jul. ; Lichtenstein, Walter ; Lingg, Gustav ; Livermore, Charles P. ; Loeb, Erich ; Loewenherz, Eva R. ; Loewenherz, Walter ; Loewenherz, Walther ; Loewenstein, Max ; Loewenstein, Stanet L. ; Lorch, Ludwig ; Ludoff, Marie ; Luna de, Antonio ; Maennlein, Friedl ; Magnus, Désireé ; Mai, Alfred ; Maier, Herbert ; Mandowsky, Kurt ; Mandowsky, Max ; Marienthal, Julius ; Markus, Otto ; Marschall, Fritz ; Marx, Otto ; May, Emil ; May, Jacob ; May, Martin ; May, Sigmund ; Meissner, Serio ; Mendel, Heinz ; Messow, Kurt ; Meyer, Fritz ; Meyer, Hugo ; Mirauer, Walter ; Mitten, Douglas P. ; Mohr, Alfred ; Moos, Ernst ; Mueller, Josef ; Muenzesheimer, Max ; Muggeridge, Eric G. ; Nasshauer, Hans ; National Council of Jewish Women ; Neter, Erwin ; Neu, Josef ; Neuhaus, Hans ; Neustaetter, Arnold ; Nord, Walter ; Nordheimer, Hans ; Oettinger, Franz ; O'Hara, Barrat ; O'Neill, Hugh ; Oppenheimer, Ernst ; Oppenheimer, Fritz ; Oppenheimer, Karl ; Organizacion Transportes Internacionales y Grupajes Weltifurrer (Madrid) ; Ortweiler, Alfred ; Ostolaza y Vabala, Jose Manuel ; Pashley, James C. ; Perkins, George ; Perlmutter, Alfred ; Perlmutter, Bernhard ; Perlmutter, Nick ; Pfifferling, Siegfried ; Philisterverband Burschenbund Thuringia ; Planelles, Juan de ; Pless, Herbert ; Prasse, Herbert ; Prinz, Leopold ;

Raff, Hermann ; Rappolt, Lilly A. ; Regensteiner, Martha ; Reinach, Hans ; Reinach, Walter ; Richter, Ernst ; Richter, Ernst ; Richter, Otto ; Rosenbaum, Max ; Rosenbaum, Otto ; Rosenbaum, Wilhelm ; Rosenthal, Adolf ; Rosenthal, Albert ; Rosenthal, Erich ; Rosenthal, Ernst ; Rosenthal, Paul ; Rosin, Arthur ; Rothschild, Hugo ; Rothschild, Samuel ; Rothschild, Walter ; Ruppel, Ernst ; Sachs, Leonie ;Saenger, Alfr. ; Saenger, Leon ; Salomon, Gerhard ; Sander, Alex ; Schaalmann, Markus ; Schauer, Georg ; Schiff, Fritz ; Schindler, Hans ; Schlesinger, Edgar ; Schlesinger, Eugen ; Schlesinger, Hans ; Scholle, Sigurd ; Schuetz, WillY ; Schulmann, Fritz ; Schwartz, Heinz ; Schwartz, Herbert ; Schweizer, Paul ; Secretario de la Legacion Espanola (Den Haag) ; Selberg, Hans ; Selbiger, Winfried ; Seligmann, Reinh. ; Senay, Edward C. ; Shoup, Vernon Jr. ; Sichel, Fritz ; Sieburth, Hans ; Sieburth, Robert ; Sieburth, Robert Dr. ; Siegel, Fritz ; Simpson, Howard ; Sommer, Josef ; Sonennberg, Walter ; Sonn, Julius ; Sonneborn, Edgar ; Sonneborn, Fred ; Sonneborn, Ludwig ; Spain. Consulate (U. S., St. Louis, MO) ; Spier, Erich ; Springer, Edmund ; Stein, Hans ; Stein, Reinhart ; Steinhard, Fritz ; Stern, Max ; Stichel, Fritz ; Stone, Mrs. ; Strauss, Edgar ; Strauss, Ernst ; Strauss, Hans ; Strauss, Kurt ; Strub, Irvin ; Stubblefield, Robert ; Stutzmann, Farnz ; Switzerland. Embassy (U.S.) ; Tasse, Heinz ; Tasse, Hugo ; Tasse, Julius ; Tentler, Paul ; Thormann, Eric B. ; Thormann, Ruth ; Tillman, Ray ; Tscharner, J.A. von ; Tuteur, Franz ; Uhlfelder, Bert ; Uhlfelder, Heinz ; Ullmann, Hermann ; Ullmann, Paul ; Ullmann,Julius ; Ulmer, Max ; Union de Banques Suisses (Geneve) ; United States Lines ; University of California ; University of Chicago ; University of Kansas City (Missouri) ; University of Texas. Southwest Medical School ;

Verlag Robert Noske (Leipzig) ; Wachtel, Ernst ; Wachtel, Fritz ; Wachtel, Hans ; Wachtel, Lothar ; Wachtel, Michael ; Waitzfelder, Jacques ; Walter, Otto ; Wedell, Siegm. ; Weil, Richard ; Weilbauer, Eugen ; Weil-Durlacher, Leopold ; Weinberg, Hans Guenther ; Weinberg, Hans Guenther ; Weltifurrer Internatioanle Transport A.G. (Zuerich) ; Wertheim, Arnold ; Wertheimer, Otto ; Western Union ; Wien, Stefan van ; Wiggins, William A. ; Williamson, Robert ;Wilsdorf, Karl ; Windesheim, Ernst ; Wireman, Peggy ; Wissbrunn, Fritz ; Wittenberg, Alice ; Wolfen, Paul ; Wolff, Ernst ; Wollner, Siegm. ; Wollstein, Heinz ; Wunderlich, Ernst ; Wunderlich, George ; Zaks, Misila S. ; Zweigenhaft, S. ; Zwischenschraubendampfer Koenigstein

The following towns, cities and countries are mentioned in this collection: France ; Germany ; Netherlands ; Spain ; Switzerland ; United States ; Amsterdam ; Antwerpen ; Basel ; Bavaria ; Berlin ; Boston ; Buenos Aires ; Chicago ; Coburg ; Dallas ; Den Haag ; Eltmann ; Geneva ; Kaiserslautern ; Kansas City (Missouri) ; Leipzig ; Lynn ; Madrid ; Munich. ; New York ; Nuremberg ; Paris ; Princeton ; Saarguemines ; Washington ; Zurich

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See also "Morgenthau, Hans: The Tragedy of German-Jewish Liberalism" (MS 432) and published version in LBI Library (call number: DS 135 G3 A263 v.4)

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Container List

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.



11Hans Morgenthau, Gymnasium, Coburg1917-1922
  Folder 1 
  Folder 1A 
  Program of the ”Weihnachtsfeier” of H.M. Gymnasium (n.d.)
  Booklet with certificates of H.M. 1917 — 1920
  Certificates 1921 and 1922
12Hans Morgenthau, Student years, fraternity
  Folder 2 
  Folder 2A 
  “Reuterschlager” Booklet with jocular sayings, (n.d.)
  “Secret Directory for Foreign Bachelors in Paris”, (n.d.)
  “Anstandsregeln” rules for manners, 1885
  “Beitragszahlschein - Philisterverband Burschenbund Thuringia e.V.”, Munich 1. October 1932
  “Namensverzeichnis - Philisterverband Burschenbund Thuringia e.V., 1937
  Letter: “Burschenbund” to H.M., 09. May 1932
  Letter to H.M. by “Bundesbruder”, Max Muenzesheimer, 25.04.1931
13Spain / Madrid1935-1940
  "Furniture, money & personal belongings left in Spain"
  Movement-lists (from D to E, 1935)
  Essay “Wie unsere Sachen aus Spanien kamen”, 1940 (likely written by Irma Morgenthau) (n.d.)
  Correspondence concerning Morgenthaus belongings in spain
  Private Letters to friends
  Letters written in Spanish, French, German and English)
14Visa and affidavit1937
  Correspondence concerning visa
  “Passagierliste” (waybill), Ship to NY, July 1937
15United States (Army) vs. Matthew Morgenthau1969
  Personal (family) correspondence concerning Matthew
  Correspondence conc. psychological profil development in Matthews childhood
16Article "Ehrung Hans Morgenthau" (tribute to Hans Morgenthau)1975
  Coburg - "Polizeiliches Fuehrungszeugnis" (clearance certificate) of Hans Morgenthau1928
  Coburg: congratulation card (H.M.s Confiramtion)1917
  Delivery notes (food packages to Europe)1946 - 1948
  Newspaper Clippings: Article "Die vier Kuckuckseier" bu Elisabeth Geisfeld1952
  Newspaper Clippings: "Zur guten Stunde - Wochenblatt zur Unterhaltung und Heimatpflege"1952
  "Der Stuermer"undated
  Paleography-clipping: interpretation of H.M.s script probeundated
18ADDENDA: Diary of Hans Morgenthau (handwritten entries)between 1925 and 1929
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21Letters by Hans Morgenthau to Irma Morgenthau1956/1957
22Letters by Irma Morgenthau to Hans Morgenthau1929-1963
23Letters by Hans Morgenthau's Grandmother Sofie Bachmann (from Eltmann, Bavaria) to H.Mapprox. 1927-1938
24Letters by friends to H.M. and I.M.1923 - 1954
  Bill: “Albert Rosenthal — Betten Waesche — Ausstattungen” to Mr. Benno Thormann, Munich 18.August 1923
  Eric B. Thormann to H.M., Munich 24. January 1932
  Ruth to Irma, 19. June 1939
  Eric B. Thormann to I.M., 26. August 1943
  Eric B. Thormann to I.M., 09. September 1943
  Eric B. Thormann to H.M. and on the reverse side by Ruth to Irma , (approx.1944)
  Ruth to I.M., Boston 14. March 1944
  Ruth to I.M., Boston 26. November 1946
  Ruth to I.M., Boston 29. April 1947
  Eric B. Thormann to H.M., 28. August 1947, 2nd Page: Letter to I.M. (probably by Ruth Thormann)
  Ruth Thormann to I.M., 1948
  New year greeting card by Eric B. Thormann, 1. January 1948
  Ruth to H.M and I.M., 31. July 1954
  Ruth and Eric B. Thormann to H.M and I.M, June/July (n.d.)
  Eric B. and Irma Thormann to H.M and I.M., (n.d.)
  Ruth Thormann, (n.d.)
  Eric B. Thormann to H.M and I.M, (n.d.)
  Ruth Thormann to I.M., (n.d.)
  Dr. jur. Wilhelm Eckstein (19. June 1932/15. February 1933/ 14. March 1933/ 22. August 1938)
  Guenther Eckstein (16. November 1931)
  Max Eckstein (20. February 1936)
  "Martha" (n.d., 24. March 1928)
  Lotte Eckstein (29. March 1929)
  eorge Eckstein (28. January 1943/26. December 1946)
  "Helene" (1954)
  "Liesl" (1954)
  "Mama" (6. May 1929)
  “Franz” (1936)
  Letter: probably by Irma Morgenthau to “Frau Drey” , Munich, 22. March 1930
25Letters by friends to I.M. (and H.M.), sorted by date 1932-1960
26Letters by Rudolf and Kirl Kiermaier to H.M. and I.M1945-1970
  05. December 1945
  02. February 1947
  27. May 1947
  14.October 1947
  27. October 1947
  03. May 1948
  11. December 1948
  05. March 1970
  "Zeugnis zur Entnazifizierung" (denazification certificate) by I.M. for Rudolf and Kirl
  Kiermaier (n.d.)
27Letters by Walther Loewenherz to H.M. (& I.M.)1934 - 1940
  Walther Loewenherz to H.M., 20. April 1934
  Walther Loewenherz to H.M., 03. August 1939
  Walther Loewenherz to H.M., 17. April 1940
  Invitation of H.M. and I.M. by Eva and Walther Loewenherz, (n.d.)
28Letters by friends and colleagues to H.M. (Sorted in alphabetical order, O = others)1927-1940
  Bremerl (?), A. (?), 1. July 1939
  Cohen, Ralph, August 1939
  Cohen, Ralph, 15. August 1939
  Cohn, Erich, March 18. March 1940 (& H.M.’s Response)
  Corash, B.G., 7. August 1939
  Dach, Felix, 30. July 1939
  Feldheim, Max Munich 17. January 1928
  Fischbein, Dr. Ludwig 21. August 1945
  Freund, Thea & “Edith”, (n.d.)
  Freund, Thea, (n.d.)
  Freund, Thea & “Edith”, Augsburg 15. January 1927
  Freund, Thea & “Edith”, Munich 13. October 1928
  Freund, Thea & “Edith”, Munich 16. February 1928
  Freund, Thea & “Edith”, 16. April 1929
  Freund, Thea, 6 July 1929
  Freund, Thea, Munich 5 November 1929
  Freund, Thea & ??, Munich 14. December 1929
  "Edith", 27. December 1929
  Freund, Thea, 6. February 1930
  Harburger, B. Munich 2 July 1930
  Hertz, Wilhelm 29. January 1939
  Hertz, Wilhelm 29. June 1939
  Hertz, Wilhelm 19. June 1939
  Hertz, Wilhelm 2. July 1939
  Hertz, Wilhelm 16. Dec. 1939
  Hertz, Wilhelm, 4. Jan. 1940
  Hertz, Wilhelm 17. Feb. 1940
  Hertz, Wilhelm 14. March 1940
  Hirsch, Greta,15. November 1937
  J., Onkel. (Joh ?), 14. Oct. 1937
  Kellermann, Dr. Heinz, 24. March 1938
  Kellermann, Dr. Heinz J., 27. April 1938
  King, Louise (?), 11. March 1940
  Krieger, Hermann, Wolfratshausen, 5. January 1928
  Krould , Harry J., 1. July 1939
  L.K. (??), Badnweiler 16. Mai 1928
  Landé, Walter, 19. December 1937
  Landé, Walter, 31. December 1937
  Langer, Elisabeth Genf 3. January 1938
  Langer, Elisabeth Genf 29. May 1939
  Langer, Elisabeth Genf 19. August 1939
  Langer, Elizabeth , 3. Jan. 1940
  Liesl (??), (n.d.)
  Liesl, (??) 18. January 1928
  Liesl, (??), Berlin 13 February 1928
  Loewenstein, Stanet L., 27 Sept. 1937
  Loewenstein, Stanet L., 10 Oct. 1937
  Ludoff, Marie Coburg 29. April 1928
  Magnus, Désireé (Cousine of Prof. Heiman), 17. July 1939
  N., Hans, Frankfurt a. M. 16. September 1934
  Neuhaus, Hans, Munich 20. January 1929
  Others: 2. Oct. 1937, Postcard ??
  Others: 3. April 1940 (R.M.?)
  Others: greeting card, (n.d.)
  Others: Letter by ?, 03. April 1940
  Others: Letter by ?, 07. June 1938
  Others: Letter by ?, Badnweiler 16. May 1928
  Others: Letter by Oncle J. (Joh?), 14. October 1937
  Rosin, (?? Elissa ) 6/12/37
  Rosin, Arthur 9. November 1939
  Rosin, Arthur, 23. Jan. 1938
  Rosin, Arthur, 6. III. 1938
  T., Emil.(?), 31. Oct. 1937
  University of Kansas City, 16. June 1939
  Wittenberg, Alice, 1. March 1932
  Wittenberg, Alice, Berlin 28. July 1932
  Wunderlich, Dr. George 14. November 1939
29Letters by Irma Morgenthau to relatives and close friends1929-1948

Folder gives excellent account on circumstances of marriage, emigration etc., not very personal

210Letters by Irma Morgenthau to friends1959/1960
211Letters by Irma Morgenthau to Martha, friends, children (and colleagues), Sorted by date1942 - 1965

1960s Letters contents correspondence concerning:"National Council of Jewish Women" and project "Jobs for Teens"

212Correspondence concerning "Nellie Baertig": sickness and deathMay/June 1957
  List of Nellie Baertig closest friends, 16. June 1957
  Letter by "Arnold" to Nellie Baertig, Kaiserslautern, 7. June 1957
  Letter by "Arnold" to Irma Morgenthau, Kaiserslautern, 7. June 1957
  Letter by Sigi ("S.") and Paula, Saarguemines, 6. June 1957
  Letter by Sigi ("S.") and Paula, Saarguemines, 8. June 1957
  Letter by "Arnold" to Irma Morgenthau, Kaiserslautern, 24. May 1957
  Letter by "Arnold" to Oma and Tante Frieda, Kaiserslautern, 21. May 1957
  Letter by Irma Morgenthau to Paula and Sigi, Chicago (n.d.)
  Letter by Irma Morgenthau to "Arnld", Chicago, 27. May 1957
  Letter by Irma Morgenthau to Sigi and Paula, Chicago, 27. May 1957
  Letter by Irma Morgenthau to Arnold, (n.d.)
  Letter by Irma Morgenthau to Paula and Sigi, Chicago, 20. May 1957
  Conception of a speech, lilely taken by Irma Morgenthau concerning an award for Hans Morgenthau's work in Political Science, (n.d.)
  Letter by Sigi probably to I.M. and H.M., Saarguemines, 24. May 1957
  Letter likely by I.M. to "Arnold", (n.d.)
  Letter by Sigi and Paula probably to I.M. and H.M., Saarguemines, June 1957
  Letter by I.M. to Paula and Sigi, Chicago, (n.d.)
  Letter by "Arnold" to I.M. and H.M., Kaiserlautern, 15. June 1957
  Letter by ? to Ruth Ciocci, 26. July 1957
31Letters from Hans Morgenthau to his wife Irma1929-1931
32Letters from Hans Morgenthau to his wife Irma1931
33Letters from Hans Morgenthau to his wife Irma1931-1932
34Letters from Hans Morgenthau to Irma Thormann1932-1933
35Letters from Hans Morgenthau to Irma Thormann1935
36Letters from Hans Morgenthau to Irma Thormann1933-1935
37Correspondence of Irma Thormann1935
38Letters from Hans Morgenthau to Irma Thormann1943
39Letters from Frieda and Ludwig Morgenthau to Hans and Irma Morgenthau1928-1937
310Family correspondence1953-1954
311Letters by friends of Hans Morgenthau1935
312Letters by friends of Hans Morgenthau1959-1964
313Correspondence re requests for passports for Hans Morgenthau's parents
41Correspondence with Henry Kissinger, 1956-77 (Photocopies)
42Letters from John F. Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, Hannah Arendt, Hellen Keller, Felix Frankfurter, 1945-1963 (Photocopies)
43Letters of protest from schools in GDR against US role in Vietnam war sent to Hans Morgenthau1972
44Postcards sent to Irma Morgenthau1945-1963
45Letters sent to Frieda and Ludwig Morgenthau1937-1938
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46Articles by Hans Morgenthau
47Articles by Hans Morgenthau
48Articles by Hans Morgenthau
49Essays and articles on political theory
410Articles by Hans Morgenthau from Shima Journal1974-1979
411Articles in University of Chicago Magazine1956
412Article about Hans Morgenthau
413Efforts by Hans Morgenthau on behalf of Ilya Goldin1978
414Newspaper articles and essays by various authors
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51Lists of contents of Boxes shipped to the University of Virginia
52List of Hans Morgenthau's publications; 1929-1980
53List of books donated from Hans Morgenthau's library to Haifa University
54Research related to Hans Morgenthau's works1975-1985
55Copies from journal "Czechoslovak life", 1964
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56Title pages of book by Hans Morgenthau "Truth and Power"
57Title pages of book by Hans Morgenthau "A New Foreign Policy for the United States"
61[Removed to the LBI library:] Book by Hans Morgenthau "Politics in the 20th Century", Volumes 1-3
62[Removed to the LBI library:] Book by Hans Morgenthau "Scientific Man Versus Power Politics"
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63Documents related to early early years/schooling
64Early correspondence with his parents
65Correspondence with his parents1955-1969
66Letters and postcards from Hans Morgenthau to Matthew and Ella Morgenthau
67Misc. correspondence
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68Hans Morgenthau's composition books1919-1920
69Hans Morgenthau's composition books1920-1922
610Hans Morgenthau's composition books1920-1923
611Frieda Bachmann's composition books1895-1897
612Handwritten recipes by Irma Morgenthau, birthday poems, concert programs
613Medical diploma for Ludwig Morgenthau1900
614Foreign Policy Association recognition diploma for Hans Morgenthau1980
615Correspondence and brochures re donation of painting to Illinois State Museum
616Drawing by Albert Aichinger
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Box TitleDate
7 [Mainly removed to Photograph Collection:] Photographs
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