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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Jewish Education Service of North America
Title: Records of the Jewish Education Service of North America
Dates:bulk 1940-1987
Abstract: The Jewish Education Service of North America (JESNA), formerly known as the American Association for Jewish Education, was founded in 1939. The Association promotes and supports Jewish education in communities throughout the United States and Canada by supplying studies of Jewish education, developing supplementary educational materials, and collaborating with Jewish organizations. This collection primarily contains the results of surveys and consequent reports, in addition to some correspondence, meeting minutes, and newsletters of the administration. Somewhat unrelated, the Jewish Media Services's files on films and filmmakers make up the last series of this collection, as JESNA took over some of the responsibilities of this organization in the early 1990s.
Languages: The collection is in English and Hebrew.
Quantity: 33 linear feet
Identification: I-75
Repository: American Jewish Historical Society
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Historical Note

The Jewish Education Service of North America (JESNA) was founded in New York City, where it still resides today, on May 7, 1939 as the American Association for Jewish Education (AAJE). Its establishing mission was “to advance the cause of Jewish Education in the United States through cooperative efforts.” The collection of data on Jewish education began in 1945 with the establishment of the Department of Research. Under the tutelage of the new department, school censuses were carried out almost annually. The studies’ findings were published at least in part in the American Jewish Yearbook from 1945 to 1980. In 1959 AAJE released the results of its first major national study of Jewish education. Numerous community studies were continuously conducted, but the next national study was released not until 1964, this time focusing on adult Jewish education. This second study was prompted by the rise in adult Jewish education following World War II, and led AAJE to establish the first national conference on adult Jewish education in February of 1965.

Furthermore, the after-effects of WWII affected not only the focus of AAJE’s research but also its overall mission. In its initial years of existence AAJE’s membership was comprised of individuals and professionals. However, following the war the number of Jewish educational organizations grew considerably, and by the 1960s AAJE recognized a need to restructure its purpose and function. In 1965, AAJE became an umbrella organization for educational and congregational bodies, as well as denominational commissions. Prior to the reorganization, the American Jewish Yearbook described the function of AAJE in 1960 as: “...serves local communities with studies in educational trends, stimulation of student enrollment, recruitment and placement of teachers, and pedagogic materials.” By 1970, the American Jewish Yearbook described AAJE's activities as: “Coordinates, promotes, and services Jewish education nationally through 17 constituent national organizations and 44 affiliated Bureaus of Jewish Education; conducts and administers exchange program for Israeli teachers; sponsors and supports the National Curriculum Research Institute, the National Board of License, the National Testing Bureau, the National Council on Adult Jewish Education, the National Council on Jewish Audio-Visual Materials, the Commission on Teaching about Israel; engages in statistical and other educational resources." By 1970, AAJE was sponsoring numerous organizations and serving cities throughout the United States and Canada, and on July 1, 1981 AAJE became the Jewish Education Service of North America (JESNA).

The final series of the collection contains records from the Jewish Media Service though this organization was never part of JESNA. Originally founded in 1973 by the Institute for Jewish Life, the Jewish Media Service was created under a mandate from the Council of Jewish Federations. The Jewish Welfare Board, the Council of Jewish Federations, and the National United Jewish Appeal became primary sponsors of the Media Service in 1978. During its existence into the late 1980s, the Media Service distributed film equipment and videos, evaluated and offered consultation on media materials, and assisted communities in establishing media centers. They also organized workshops on the use of media in addition to developing supplementary materials such as discussion guides. Much of the records in this series represent the Jewish Media Service’s further objective to consult filmmakers and video producers for their publication "Medium," a Jewish media review. For much of its existence the Media Service resided within the New York offices of the Jewish Welfare Board. However, at some point in the late 1980s the Jewish Media Service disbanded, and in the early 1990s the Jewish Education Service of North America took over its role to some extent.


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The Jewish Media Service/JWB: Five Years of Service, 1983, I-337, NJWB, American Jewish Historical Society

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Scope and Content Note

The Records of the Jewish Education Service of North America (JESNA) document the early central and regional administrations, the activities of the National Study Commission, JESNA Publications, and records from the Jewish Media Service. The bulk of the collection is comprised of reports on Jewish education found in Series II: The National Study Commission. Documentation of the organization's other activities is limited to its earlier years (1940s-1960s). The majority of the JESNA records date from 1940-1969, but the Jewish Media Service records date later, from 1974-1987.

Prior to 1981 the Jewish Education Service of North America was named the American Association for Jewish Education (AAJE) and the administrative records of this collection mainly document that earlier organization. Series I, administrative records, includes correspondence of executive leaders, meeting minutes, constitution and mission statements, budget reports and various committee reports. The series also includes correspondence between JESNA and related organizations, as well as literature, notes, and correspondence from conferences JESNA attended or participated in.

Series II, the National Study Commission, describes that body's activities as part of the Department of Research. The department changed names throughout its existence, ie., the Department of Research and Information, but the National Study Commission remained the primary body responsible for the National Study. The records document the establishment of the Commission and its identification of purpose, goals, and guidelines. Included are administrative records of the Department of Research, made up of the correspondence of executives, meeting minutes, memoranda, budget reports, and press releases. The remaining documents of the series include the materials used for or produced by the numerous studies of Jewish education. These include early, minor studies, the Cleveland Pilot Study, and the many city-wide and state studies that comprise the National Study. The majority of the records from the National Study are surveys and data compiled into reports on specific locations. Topics that are covered vary greatly but include: attitudes of students and parents, school budgets, teacher salaries, surveys of curriculum etc.

The JESNA records do contain some publications, though not many. The series (Series III) on publications includes newsletters and monthly bulletins, annual reports, conference reports, addresses, and departmental publications. JESNA is the primary creator of these publications but some are written in collaboration with associated organizations and very few were written outside of JESNA.

Series IV of the collection contains documents collected by the Jewish Media Service and primarily contains information on films by Jewish filmmakers and about Jewish topics. The Media Service worked in collaboration with JESNA on Jewish educational tools as can be discovered in the correspondence between JMS and JESNA. Included are literature and notes from conferences and film festivals to which the Jewish Media Service contributed or participated in and literature, notes, and photographs on films and filmmakers. The series also contains the Jewish Media Service publication, "Medium," as well as correspondence between the Jewish Media Service and associated organizations. JESNA took over some of the responsibilities for "Medium" in the early 1990s after the Media Service disbanded in the late 1980s.

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Organized in four series and subseries as follows:

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The collection is open to all researchers by permission of the Director of Collections and Engagement of the American Jewish Historical Society, except items that are restricted due to their fragility.

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Information concerning the literary rights may be obtained from the Director of Library and Archives of the American Jewish Historical Society. Users must apply in writing for permission to quote, reproduce or otherwise publish manuscript materials found in this collection. For more information contact: American Jewish Historical Society, Center for Jewish History, 15 West 16th Street, New York, N.Y., 10011 email:

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Acquisition Information

The JESNA records were received over a series of donations from the American Association for Jewish Education, later JESNA, beginning in 1971. The organization provided additional records in 1990, 1994, 1995, 1998, and the most recent donation in 2001.

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Series I: Administrative Records, 1940-1986

5 linear feet

Folders are arranged hierarchically in imitation of the administration's organization and chronologically where possible, such as with the Programs. The series is arranged in the following four subseries: 1) Central Administration, 2) Regional Administration, 3) Associated Organizations, 4) Conferences.

Scope and Content:

The following series documents the creation, purpose, and organizational functions of the Jewish Education Service of North America and include records such as mission statements, budget reports, committee meeting minutes, circulars, executive correspondence, and communication with regional Jewish communities. The bulk of the papers in this series date from the 1950s.

Subseries 1: Central Administration, 1940-1986

3 linear feet.

The records are arranged hierarchically, mimicking the structure of the organization. Papers are arranged chronologically within folders.These records were received at different times. The earlier records documenting JESNA's creation are followed by its reorganization ten to fifteen years later.

Scope and Content:

The following subseries details the founding and early history of JESNA, as well as the activities and functions of JESNA’s central administration. This section is primarily comprised of the correspondence, speeches, essays, and reports of the executive leadership of JESNA during the 1950s. The leadership includes the President, Vice President, Executive Director, Treasurer, Regional Directors, Editorial Board, and the Board of Governors. Also included are administrative records such as mission statements, meeting minutes, budget reports, staff reports, various committee papers, programming records and correspondence, scrapbooks comprised of newspaper clippings about JESNA,and circulars such as the “Call to Jewish Education.”

11AAJE/JESNA Constitution and By-Laws1940, 1959-1968request_box

includes photographs

12AAJE Mission Statementsundated, 1957request_box
13AAJE/JESNA History and Development1959-1966, 1981request_box
14AAJE Statement on Future Policy and Program1966-1978request_box
15AAJE Presidents and Executives1970, 1980-1981request_box
16Records of the Honorary President Herbert Lehman1952-1957request_box
17Records of the President Philip W. Lown: Correspondence1954-1957request_box
18Records of the Presidetn Philip W. Lown: Addresses1955-1957request_box
19Records of the Executive Director Judah Pilch: Correspondence1954-1957request_box
110Records of the Executive Director Judah Pilch: Addresses1955-1957request_box
111Records of the Vice-President: Milton Konvitz1954-1957request_box
112Records of the Treasurer: Benjamin S. Kalnick1955request_box
113Records of the Regional Director: Seymour Fromer1952-1955request_box
21Executive Staff Meeting Minutes1948-1952request_box
22Executive Staff Meeting Minutes1953-1955request_box
23Executive Staff Meeting Minutes1956request_box
24Executive Staff Meeting Minutes1957-1958, 1962request_box
25Board Meeting Addressesundated, 1954request_box
26Records of the Board of Governors: Members A-K1954-1957request_box
27Records of the Board of Governors: Members L-R1955-1957request_box
28Records of the Board of Governors: Members S-Z1954-1957request_box
29Governing Council: Reports and Minutes1964-1975request_box
210Records of the Chairman of the Governing Council: Mandell Berman1967, 1970-1976request_box
211Records of Editorial Board Member Horace Kallen: Correspondence1955-1958request_box
212Records of Editorial Board Member Horace Kallen: Essays1954-1957request_box
31Records of Editorial Board Member Horace Kallen: Trip to Israel1956request_box
32Records of Editorial Board Member Horace Kallen: 75th BirthdayDec 1957request_box
33Memoranda and Staff Reports1955-1957request_box
34Budget Reports1953-1955request_box
35Budget Reports1956-1970request_box
36Budget Reports1968-1970request_box
37Funding and Membership1948-1957request_box
38Membership Lists1986, undatedrequest_box
39Robert Arnow: Long-Time Financial Contributor1967-1981request_box
310Plan and Scope Committee1949-1955request_box
311Tercentary Committeeundated, 1953-1955request_box
312Department of Community Service and Studies1955, 1960, 1975request_box
313Standing Committees1955, 1964, undatedrequest_box
314Program Committee1963, 1970request_box
315Federation Committee on Jewish Education1966-1971request_box
41Ben Rosen Fellowship1952-1955request_box
42Summer Seminars in Israel1954-1957request_box
43"Look Up and Live" (AAJE Television Program1955-1956request_box
44Keren Ami1955-1957request_box
45Jewish Education MonthSep 1956-Oct 1956request_box
46Exchange Teachers1957request_box
47Israel Independence Day1957request_box
48Consultanship Program1961-1962, 1970-1971request_box
49Anniversary Dinners1951-1956request_box
41040th Anniversary Dinner of the AAJE establishing the Isacc Toubin Jewish Education Endowment1971request_box
411Research on Jewish Education Resolution and Outlines1948-1949request_box
412Teachers' Study: Questionnairec. 1947request_box
413Teachers' Study: Results1947-1948request_box
51Survey of Hebrew Teachers Colleges in the U.S.1949request_box
52Brochures and Mailersundatedrequest_box
53Circulars: General1951-1955request_box
54Circulars: General1956-1957request_box
55Circulars: "Call to Jewish Education"1955-1957request_box
56Circulars: Network for In-Sercvice Education Newsletter1985-1986request_box
57Newspaper Clippings1956request_box
67Scrapbook1939-1940, 1956request_box
58AAJE Reorganization1961-1973request_box
59AAJE Reorganization1975-1977request_box
61AAJE Collaboration with the Jewish Agency1961-1975request_box
62American Jewish Committee -- Committee on Jewish Communal Affairs1968-1979request_box
63National Curriculum Research Institute1974, 1980request_box
64Council of Jewish Federations1981request_box
65AAJE/JESNA Affiliation to the Bureau of Jewish Education1965-1971, 1981-1983request_box
66Administrator's Training Program1972-1977request_box
67Reorganization of the Bureaus of Jewish EducationFall 1974request_box
68AAJE Merger and Creation of the National Planning Committee for Jewish Education1974-1975request_box
69AAJE Proposal for the Creation of a New National Agency in the Area of Jewish Education and CultureMar-Apr 1975request_box
610AAJE National Retirement/Pension Plan1976-1980request_box
611Hebrew Language Documentsundatedrequest_box

Subseries 2: Regional Administration, 1949-1983

0.75 linear foot.

The records in the following subseries are arranged hierarchically. The administrative records of JESNA's regional offices are followed by communications with outside regional institutions and communities.

Scope and Content:

Records of the Regional Administration contain correspondence between the central administration of JESNA and the Western States Region, as well as correspondence between regional headquarters, the Bureaus of Jewish Education, and their constituent communities. Also included are events, seminars, and communal agencies of the Bureaus.

612Western States Region: Correspondence1955request_box
613Western States Region: Correspondence1956request_box
71Western States Region: Public Events1955-1956request_box
72Communal Agencies1952-1958, 1982-1983request_box
73Bureaus of Jewish Education: Cities A-C1949-1959request_box
74Bureaus of Jewish Education: Cities D-L1955-1959request_box
75Bureaus of Jewish Education: Cities M-O1955-1957request_box
76Bureaus of Jewish Education: Cities P-R1954-1957request_box
77Bureaus of Jewish Education: Cities S-T1954-1957request_box
78Correspondence of U.S. Jewish Communities: Staets A-K1954-1957request_box
79Correspondence of U.S. Jewish Communities: States L-M1955-1957request_box
710Correspondence of U.S. Jewish Communities: New Jersey1956-1957request_box
81Correspondence with U.S. Jewish Communities: New York1955-1957request_box
82Correspondence with the Jewish Communities: States O-W1955-1957request_box
83Correspondence with the International Jewish Communities1955-1957request_box

Subseries 3: Associated Organizations, 1952-1968

0.25 linear feet.

The associated organizations are arranged alphabetically within folders, followed by individual folders of organizations whose correspondence with JESNA was more abundant.

Scope and Content:

This subseries consists of the correspondence between JESNA and associated organizations documenting their collaboration on Jewish-oriented projects.

84Associated Organizations: A-M1956-1957request_box
85Associated Organizations: N1952-1957request_box
86Associated Organizations: O-Z1955-1957request_box
87Affiliation with the Jewish Theological Seminary1955-1958request_box
88National Constituent Organizations1966-1968request_box

Subseries 4: Conferences, 1946-1982

1 linear foot.

The conferences in the following section are arranged chronologically.

Scope and Content:

The following subseries details the conferences in which JESNA participated nationally and internationally. The conferences focus on the theme of Jewish education ranging from childhood to adult education.

89Conference on Jewish Education and Center Work1946request_box
91National Conference on Jewish Education1950-1959request_box
92National Advisory Council of Jewish Education1951request_box
93Conference on Jewish Education Personnel1954-1955request_box
94International Conference on Jewish Education1954, 1960request_box
95Ellenville Seminar1955request_box
96Regional Conferences1956request_box
97Regional Conferences on Jewish Education1957, 1975request_box
98National Committee on Teacher Education and Welfare1957-1959request_box
99National Council on Jewish Audio-Visual Materials1961-1976request_box
910National Curriculum Research Institute1961-1980request_box
911National Conference on Adult Jewish Education1963-1973request_box
912AAJE National Conference1965, 1970request_box
101World Council on Jewish Education1966request_box
102Committee on Federation Planning for Jewish Education1968request_box
103National Conference on Jewish Camping1968-1969request_box
104Commission on Teaching About Israel in America1969-1973request_box
105Administrator's SeminarJul 1970request_box
106Commission on Jewish StudiesNov 1972request_box
107National Conference on Jewish Camping1972-1973request_box
108Commission on Jewish Studies in Public Schools1972-1974request_box
1097th National AAJE Conference on Jewish EducationSep 1976-Mar 1977request_box
10107th National AAJE Conference on Jewish EducationApr 1977-Aug 1977request_box
1011AAJE National Conference on Jewish Education1977-1979request_box
1012Conference on Goals for the Teaching of Hebrew in Jewish Supplementary SchoolsJun 1982request_box
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Series II: The National Study Commission, 1922-1962

17 linear feet

Folders are arranged hierarchically as within the commission's administration. The series is arranged into the following four subseries: 1) The Department of Research Administration, 2) Early Studies and Cleveland Pilot Study, 3) Nation-Wide Study Preparatory Materials, 4) Nation-Wide Study: Surveys and Questionnaires.

Scope and Content:

This series describes the activities of the Commission as it assumed the responsibility of surveying and studying the Jewish communities in the United States and Canada. The series is divided into 4 subseries which identify the stages of the Commission’s progress, beginning with smaller community studies and leading into a large nation-wide study. The documents of this series do include some administrative materials such as meeting minutes, budget reports, press releases, and correspondence. However the majority of the series consists of both blank and completed questionnaires as well as reports on the results of these various studies collected by topic and geographical location.

Subseries 1: The Department of Research Administration, 1941-1986

0.75 linear foot.

The folders in this subseries are arranged hierarchically from executive members to general staff.

Scope and Content:

The following files contain the correspondence of the department's leaders, including Uriah Engelman, Oscar I. Janowsky, and Editorial Board Members. The correspondence primarily contains letters to Jewish communities, collaborative institutions, and colleagues. Also included are meeting minutes of committees and general staff, as well as records related to the general activities of the department, such as budget reports and press releases.

111Director Uriah Engelman: Correspondence1941-1956request_box
112Director Uriah Engelman: Correspondence1957-1963request_box
113Director Uriah Engelman: Correspondence with the Council of Jewish Federations and Welfare Funds1958-1962request_box
114Director Uriah Engelman: Correspondence with Dropsie College1954-1959request_box
115Director Uriah Engelman: General Inquiries1949-1963request_box
116Director Uriah Engelman: Jewish Education Magazine1954-1956request_box
117Correspondence of Chairman: Oscar I. Janowsky1948-1962request_box
118Editorial Board Members: A-J1957-1962request_box
119Editorial Board Members: K-Z1953-1962request_box
121Meeting Minutes of the Executive CommitteeFeb 1986request_box
122Meeting Minutes of the Committee on National Study1952-1957request_box
123Members of the Commission for the Study of Jewish Educationundatedrequest_box
124Staff Meeting Minutes1959-1960request_box
125Meeting Minutes of the Liason Committee1955request_box
126Inter-Office Communicationsundated, 1953-1962request_box
127Commission Form Letters1952-1953request_box
128Department of Research Budget1961-1962request_box
129Department of Research Press Releasesc. 1954request_box
1210Press Clippings1945-1959request_box

Subseries 2: Early Studies and Cleveland Pilot Study, 1924-1961

1.25 linear feet.

This subseries is arranged in the order of earliest studies, followed by records relating to the Cleveland Pilot Study. The records of the Cleveland Pilot Study are arranged so that the administrative records are followed by data collected and organized by AAJE by topic or school.

Scope and Content:

This subseries contains the records of the National Study Commission's first regional studies of Jewish Education as an active department of AAJE. The primary contents of this subseries are part of the Cleveland Pilot Study, the first major city-wide study conducted by AAJE. These records include correspondence of leaders of the study, Cleveland Bureau of Jewish Education meeting minutes, questionnaires and reports by topic and by school.

1211Two-Days-A-Week School SurveyDec 1948request_box
1212All-Day Schools Correspondencec. 1953-1956request_box
1213Report on Jewish Education in the U.S.Oct 1949request_box
1214Community Studies1952-1961request_box
1215Chairman Oscar I. Janowsky: Correspondence1952request_box
1216Pilot Preparations1952-1953request_box
1217Cleveland Bureau of Jewish Education Minutes1924-1953request_box
131Cleveland Bureau of Jewish Education Minutes1954-1955request_box
132Cleveland Bureau of Jewish Education Lecture Announcements1953-1954request_box
133Jewish Community Federation Correspondence1953-1954request_box
134Study of Attitudes of Cleveland Board Membersc. 1953-1955request_box
135Questionnaire on the School Boardc. 1953-1954request_box
136Study of Attitudes of Cleveland Parentsc. 1953-1954request_box
137Questionnaire on the Parent Teachers Associationc. 1953-1954request_box
138Questionnaire on Students' Attitudesc. 1953-1954request_box
139Questionnaire on School Budgetsc. 1953-1954request_box
141Questionnaire on Assembliesc. 1954-1955request_box
142Questionnaire on Enrollments and Drop-Outsc. 1954-1955request_box
143Questionnaire on Junior Congregationsc. 1954-1955request_box
144Questionnaire on School Buildingsc. 1954-1955request_box
145School Reports on Programming and Class Activities1952-1954request_box
146Compiled Datac. 1954-1955request_box
147Report of the Study CommitteeSummer 1954request_box
148Cleveland Hebrew Schoolrequest_box
149Community Temple1953request_box
1410Euclid Ave. Temple1953request_box
1411Gates of Hope1953request_box
1412Hebrew Academy1953request_box
1413Heights Jewish Center1953request_box
1414Kinsman Jewish Center1953request_box
1415Park Synagogue1953request_box
1416Suburban Temple1953request_box
1417Taylor Road Synagogue1953request_box
1418The Temple1953request_box
1419Temple Emanu-El1953request_box
151Temple on the Heights1953request_box
152United Jewish Religious Schools Records1953request_box
153United Religious School1953request_box
154Yeshivath Adath Bnai Yisrael1953request_box

Subseries 3: Nation-Wide Study Preparatory Materials, 1937-1962

0.5 linear foot.

Files are arranged chronologically.

Scope and Content:

The files of this subseries document the early stages of the Nation-Wide Study, as the Department established the needs, goals, and guidelines for the study. Also included are research materials given to field workers.

156Case Studiesundatedrequest_box
157Jewish Education Definitionsundatedrequest_box
158Jewish Population Surveys1937, 1948request_box
159National Study ProspectusDec 1952request_box
1510Blank Day School Surveys1952-1962request_box
1511Nation-Wide All-Day School Surveys with Answers1953-1957request_box
1512National Jewish Day School Survey Form Letters1953-1962request_box
1513Day School Test Samples1954-1956request_box
1514Outline for National Study Report1954-1960request_box
1515Call For Nation-Wide StudyMar 1955request_box
1516Interviewing Guidelines1955, undatedrequest_box
1517Community Backgrounds1955-1956request_box
161National Study Progress Reports1957-1958request_box
162Procedure Guidelines for Field Workersc. 1950srequest_box

Subseries 4: Nation-Wide Study: Surveys and Questionnaires, 1928-1980

14.5 linear feet.

The National Study Commission arranged these studies according to three parameters: topic, city, and state/province. The arrangement here reflects this in the aforementioned order. The studies by city, state, and province often reside in bound volumes with multiple locations. These volumes usually reflect some kind of alphabetical arrangement, and in these cases the volumes are organized within the alphabetical run of cities or states by the alphabetically first location in the volume. All locations however are listed in the folder title. A number of the volumes containing multiple states/provinces do not exhibit any alphabetical connection and are arranged chronologically at the end of this subseries.

Scope and Content:

The contents of the following subseries are the many studies of Jewish education carried out and funded by JESNA. These studies include a variety of topics, including attitudes of students, parents, and teachers, materials used by teachers, budgets, salaries, etc. Geographically this subseries covers cities, states, and provinces in the United States and Canada.

163Study of the Bureaus of Jewish Educationc. 1955request_box
164Study of Bar and Bas Mitzvahs: Cities A-Kc. 1955request_box
165Study of Bar adn Bas Mitzvahs: Cities L-Wc. 1955request_box
166Study of Children's Attitudes to Hebrew School Datac. 1955request_box
167Study of Children's Attitudes to Hebrew School: Cities A-Bc. 1955request_box
168Study of Children's Attitudes to Hebrew School: Cities C-Wc. 1955, 1964request_box
171General Questionnaire: Atlanta, GAc. 1955request_box
172General Questionnaire: Atlanta, GAc. 1955request_box
173General Questionnaire: Binghamton, NYc. 1955request_box
174General Questionnaire: Buffalo, NYc. 1955request_box
175General Questionnaire: Camden, NJc. 1955request_box
176General Questionnaire: Camden, NJc. 1955request_box
181General Questionnaire: Camden, NJc. 1955request_box
182General Questionnaire: Detroit, MIc. 1955request_box
183General Questionnaire: Detroit, MIc. 1955request_box
184General Questionnaire: Detroit, MIc. 1955request_box
185General Questionnaire: Elmira, NYc. 1955request_box
186General Questionnaire: Larchmont, NYc. 1955request_box
187General Questionnaire: Meridan, NYc. 1955request_box
191General Questionnaire: Metuchen, NJc. 1955request_box
192General Questionnaire: Miami, FLc. 1955request_box
193General Questionnaire: Plainfield, NJc. 1955request_box
194General Questionnaire: Rochester, NYc. 1955request_box
195General Questionnaire: Rochester, NYc. 1955request_box
196General Questionnaire: Rochester, NYc. 1955request_box
201General Questionnaire: Rochester, NYc. 1955request_box
202General Questionnaire: Schenectady, NYc. 1955request_box
203General Questionnaire: Steubenville, OHc. 1955request_box
204General Questionnaire: Tulsa, OKc. 1955request_box
205General Questionnaire: Washington D.C.c. 1955request_box
206Study of Jewish Libraries: Cities A-Ec. 1955request_box
207Study of Jewish Libraries: Cities F-Oc. 1955request_box
208Study of Jewish Libraries: Cities P-Zc. 1955request_box
209Study of Parents Whose Children Dropped Out of Jewish Elementary Schoolc. 1955request_box
2010Study of Adults Who Never Attended a Jewish Schoolc. 1955request_box
211Study of Parents Who Do Not Send Their Children to A Jewish Schoolc. 1955request_box
212Study of Hebrew Test Scoresc. 1955request_box
213Jewish Knowledge Questionnaire: Atlanta, GAc. 1955request_box
214Jewish Knowledge Questionnaire: Atlanta, GAc. 1955request_box
215Jewish Knowledge Qeustionnaire: Omaha, NEc. 1955request_box
216Jewish Knowledge Questionnaire: Omaha, NEc. 1955request_box
221School Budgets/Expenditures1957-1962request_box
222All-Day School Subventions1955request_box
223Fire-Prevention in School Buildingsc. 1957request_box
224Jewish Community Population Distribution Datac. 1955-1957request_box
225School Population Distribution Chartsc. 1955-1957request_box
226Distribution of Schools by School Size and Class Sizec. 1955-1957request_box
227Distribution of Principals by Various Factorsc. 1955-1957request_box
228Distribution of Attendancec. 1955-1957request_box
229Study of Hebrew and Humashc. 1955-1957request_box
2210Small Curricular Studiesc. 1955-1957request_box
2211Interview Responses of High School Studentsc. 1955-1957request_box
2212Analysis of Interviews of High School Studentsc. 1955-1957request_box
231Young Jewish Students' Opinion of Their Schoolc. 1955-1957request_box
232Questionnaire Code for Jewish Leadershipe in Communitiesc. 1955-1957request_box
233Jewish Community Leadership Questionnaire Responsesc. 1955-1957request_box
234Jewish Community Leadership Questionnaire Responsesc. 1955-1957request_box
235Interviews of Jewish Community Leadersc. 1955-1957request_box
236Jewish Community Leadership Religious Education Goalsc. 1955-1957request_box
237Study of School Board Membersc. 1955-1957request_box
238Statistics of Principals and Supervisors in Jewish Schoolsc. 1955-1957request_box
239Analysis of Study of Principals and Supervisors in Jewish Schoolsc. 1955-1957request_box
241Analysis of Study of Principals and Supervisors in Jewish Schoolsc. 1955-1957request_box
242Salary Scales for Jewish Communal and Educational Institutions1954-1959request_box
243Questionnaire Code for Parents' Attitude to Children's Hebrew Educationc. 1955-1957request_box
244Parents' Attitude to Children's Hebrew Education Questionnaire Responsesc. 1955-1957request_box
245Study of Jewish Education Teachersc. 1955-1957request_box
246Study of School Transportation Procedures1950, undatedrequest_box
247Reactions of the Communities to the Local Reportsc. 1955-1957request_box
248Enrollment Distributionc. 1955-1957request_box
249Interviews of Jewish Education Leadersc. 1955-1957request_box
2410Students' Length of Stay in Jewish Schools1955request_box
2411Study of School Curriculumc. 1955-1957request_box
2412Akron, OH1944-1946, 1955request_box
251Akron, OH1962, 1975request_box
252Albany, NY1947request_box
253Altoona, PA1975request_box
254Atlanta, GAc. 1955-1957request_box
255Atlanta, GA1955, 1977request_box
256Atlantic County, NJ1966, 1977request_box
257Baltimore, MD1978request_box
258Baltimore (MD), Bayonne (NJ), Bergen County (NJ), Brookline (NJ), Englewood (NJ)1921-1949, undatedrequest_box
259Beachwood, OH1979request_box
2510Binghamton, NY1954request_box
261Bridgeport, CT1962, 1968, 1977request_box
262Buffalo, NY: Bureau of Jewish Education Reports1951-1955request_box
263Buffalo, NY: Study of School Board Members1955-1957request_box
264Buffalo, NY: Study of Jewish Educatorsc. 1955-1957request_box
265Buffalo, NY1957, 1968request_box
266Camden, NJ: School Allocation Committee of the Camden Bureau of Jewish Education1954-1955request_box
267Camden, NJ: Tuition Fee Data of Camden Jewish Schools1954-1955request_box
268Camden, NJ: Study of Parents' Attitudes Toward Tuition Feesc. 1955-1957request_box
269Camden, NJ: Distribution of Enrollmentc. 1955-1957request_box
2610Camden, NJ: Camden Bureau of Jewish Education1955-1957request_box
271Camden, NJ: Camden Bureau of Jewish Education1955-1957request_box
272Camden, NJ: Study fo Children's Attitudes Toward Hebrew Schoolc. 1955-1957request_box
273Camden, NJ1957, 1971request_box
274Canton, OH1961request_box
275Camden (NJ), Canton (OH), Columbus (OH)1929, 1943-1944request_box
276Canton (OH), Columbus (OH), Dallas (TX), Dayton (OH)1940-1945request_box
277Chattanooga, TN1979request_box
281Chicago, IL1965-1966, 1971request_box
282Cincinnati, OHApr 1968request_box
283Cleveland, OH1936request_box
284Cleveland, OH1936-1951request_box
291Cleveland, OH1953request_box
292Cleveland, OHSpring 1964request_box
293Columbus, OH1960request_box
294Dayton (OH), Duluth (MN)1944-1948, 1962-1966request_box
295Dayton, OH: Report on Jewish Educationc. 1955request_box
296Denver, COOct 1971request_box
297Detroit, MI1943-1945request_box
298Detroit, MI1944-1945request_box
301Detroit, MI: Study of Children's Attitudes Toward Hebrew Schoolc. 1955-1957request_box
302Detroit, MI: Study of Students' Extra-Curricular Activitiesc. 1955-1957request_box
303Detroit, MI1958request_box
304Detroit, MIDec 1967request_box
305Englewood, NJ1976request_box
306Erie, PA1970, 1975request_box
307Essex County, NJ1948request_box
308Flint, MI1974request_box
309Greater Lynn, MAJan 1967request_box
311Greater New York1928request_box
312Hamilton, OntarioJun 1976request_box
313Hammond, IN1977request_box
314Harrisburg, PA1951request_box
315Hartford, CT1969, 1980request_box
316Houston, TX1968, 1980request_box
317Indianapolis, IN1965-1966request_box
318Jacksonville, FLJul 1978request_box
319Kansas City, MO1969, undatedrequest_box
3110Long Beach, CA1972request_box
3111Los Angeles, CA1944-1949request_box
321Los Angeles, CA: Distribution of Bureau-Affiliated Schoolsc. 1955-1957request_box
322Los Angeles, CA: Distribution of teachers, Enrollment, and Withdrawalsc. 1955-1957request_box
323Los Angeles, CA: Survey of School Buildingsc. 1955-1957request_box
324Los Angeles, CA: Report on School Transportationc. 1955-1957request_box
325Los Angeles, CA1958request_box
326Louisville, KYMar 1967request_box
327Manchester, Miami (FL)1944-1951request_box
331Memphis, TN1976request_box
332Miami, FLc. 1944-1945, c. 1955-1957request_box
333Miami, FLc. 1955-1957request_box
334Miami, FL1957request_box
335Middletown, CT1969request_box
336Milwaukee, WI1941, 1950, 1963, 1975request_box
337Minneapolis, MN1957, 1974-1975request_box
341Mobile, ALrequest_box
342Montreal, QC1930, 1972request_box
343New Brunswick (Highland Park), NJ1959, 1967request_box
344New Haven, CTFeb 1978request_box
345New Orleans, LA1969, 1978request_box
346New York, NY1928request_box
347New York, NY1941-1949request_box
348Newburgh (NY), Rochester (NY), Schenectady (NY), Syracuse (NY), Utica (NY)1938-1951, undatedrequest_box
351Omaha, NE1956request_box
352Orlando, FLJun 1976request_box
353Ottawa, ONDec 1963request_box
353Philadelphia, PA1943-1944request_box
354Philadelphia, PA1951, 1953, 1961request_box
355Philadelphia, PA1964-1965request_box
361Philadelphia, PA1965request_box
362Philadelphia, PA1968request_box
363Pittsburgh, PA1938request_box
364Pittsburgh, PA1940, 1946request_box
365Pittsburgh, PA1944-1951request_box
371Pittsburgh, PA1951, 1968, 1979request_box
372Portland, ME1944-1950request_box
373Providence, RI1944, 1951request_box
374Providence, RI1951, 1972request_box
375Roanoke, VAJun 1978request_box
376Rochester, NY1938, 1947request_box
377Rochester, NY: Parents' Backgrounds and Attitudes Towards Children's Educationc. 1955-1957request_box
378Rochester, NY: Study of Children's Attitudes Toward Hebrew Schoolc. 1955-1957request_box
381Rochester, NY1955, 1976request_box
382San Antonio, TX1980request_box
383San Francisco (CA), Marin County and the Peninsula (CA)1938, 1967request_box
384Savannah, GA1954request_box
391Savannah, GA1967, 1979request_box
392Scranton, PA1970request_box
393Seattle (WA), Southern Illinois, Springfield (IL), Syracuse (NY), St. Paul (MN)1943-1949request_box
394St. Louis, MO1939, 1943-1944request_box
395St. Louis, MOJun 1954request_box
396St. Louis, MO1966request_box
401St. Joseph, MOMay 1969request_box
402Teaneck, NJrequest_box
403Toledo, OH1963request_box
404Toronto, ON1943-1947request_box
405Toronto, ON, Winnipeg, MB1944-1951request_box
406Toronto, ON1950-1960, 1961request_box
411Toronto, ON: Statistics of Teachersc. 1955-1957request_box
412Toronto, ON1972, 1980request_box
413Trenton, NJMar 1960request_box
414Utica, NY1948request_box
415Ventnor, NJJun 1969request_box
416Vineland, NJApr 1975request_box
417Washington, D.C.1956request_box
418Washington, D.C.1972-1973request_box
419Waterbury, CT1951, 1975request_box
4110West Hartford, CTApr 1979request_box
421Wilmington, DEApr 1975request_box
422Woodbridge, NJ1953request_box
423Worcester, MA1964, 1975request_box
424Youngstown, OH1970, 1972request_box
425BV Misc. Cities: Omaha (NB), Milwaukee (WI), Portland (OR), Houston (TX)1938-1951request_box
426Colorado, Delaware1929-1946request_box
431Manitoba, Ontario1944-1948request_box
433New Jersey1943-1950request_box
434New Jersey1945-1946request_box
435New York1928, 1947request_box
441New York1938-1947request_box
443Maryland, Georgia, Iowa, Washington D.C.1922-1950request_box
444Delaware, New Jersey, Ontario1929-1945request_box
445Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut1931-1948request_box
451Kentucky, Washington1943, 1949request_box
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Series III: AAJE/JESNA Publications, 1936-1999

3 linear feet

The series is organized into two subseries: 1) Bulletins and Newsletters, and 2) Publications of JESNA and Associated Organizations.

Scope and Content:

The following series contains publications produced by JESNA or by associated organizations both in collaboration with JESNA or separately. The publications include newsletters and monthly bulletins, annual reports, conference reports, addresses, and departmental publications. Apart from newsletters and information bulletins most of the publications were used within the organization and not publically released.

Subseries 1: Bulletins and Newsletters, 1941-1993

0.5 linear foot.

The files are arranged chronologically.

Scope and Content:

The following files contain newsletters created by JESNA, in collaboration with JESNA, or by outside institutions who worked closely with JESNA. They range from organizational news releases and information bulletins to topical newsletters.

452AAJE News Releases1941-1956request_box
453Board of Jewish Education, Inc. Bulletin1948, 1970request_box
454Newsletters of the National Council on Jewish Audio-Visual Materials1954-1983request_box
455AAJE News Releases1957-1993request_box
456Jewish Education Newsletter1941-1981request_box
457"Program in Action" Newsletter1951-1955request_box
458"Pedagogic Reporter"1957, 1979-1981request_box
459"News and Information" Press Releases1962-1973request_box
4510"Our Teachers"1963-1964request_box
4511The National Council on Adult Jewish Education Information Bulletin1966request_box
4512AAJE Information Bulletin1974-1975request_box
4514"Media Meida" Newsletter of Media Information for the Media Resource Network1988-1993request_box

Subseries 2: Publications of JESNA and Associated Organizations, 1936-1999

2.5 linear feet.

The publications are arranged by type in the following order: annuals and directories, addresses, reports, departmental publications arranged alphabetically by department, collaborative publications, and publications of associated organizations.

Scope and Content:

The following publications include JESNA's annuals, addresses, reports, and departmental publications. Following these are publications made in collaboration with JESNA or by organizations associated with JESNA.

461Jewish Education Year 1950request_box
462JESNA Annual Report1985-1986request_box
463Jewish Education Register and Directory1951request_box
464Jewish Education Register and Directory1959, 1965, 1973-1974request_box
465Central Agencies for Jewish Education Directory1997-1999request_box
466Addresses Delivered at AAJE Events1940-1957, undatedrequest_box
467Survey of Hebrew Teachers Colleges in the U.S.1949request_box
471"Jewish Education in the Diaspora"1962request_box
472"The Adult Jewish Education Activities of the American Jewish Community: Highlights and Insights"1965request_box
473Report on Communal Service Bodies for Jewish EducationFeb 1993request_box
474"Basic Jewish Concepts"request_box
475Brief Reports and Statements Prepared by AAJE1953-1977request_box
476AAJE/JESNA Promotional Pamphlets1942, 1974, 1991request_box
477Miscellaneous Articles and Pamphlets1950-1989, undatedrequest_box
478Lists of AAJE/JESNA Publications1958, undatedrequest_box
481The Consortium on the Teaching of Israel1988-1989request_box
482Department of Community Service1965request_box
483Department of Personnel Services1957-1961, undatedrequest_box
484Department of Research and Information1945-1948request_box
485Deparment of Research and Information1959, 1965request_box
486Department of Research and Information1975-1976, undatedrequest_box
487Department of Research and Information: Report on the National Survey of Adult Jewish EducationNov 1964request_box
488Department of Research and Information: Information Bulletins #2-#131946-1948request_box
491Department of Research and Information: Information Bulletins #14-#181936-1950request_box
492Department of Research and Information: Information Bulletins #19-#231951-1956request_box
493Department of Research and Information: Information Bulletins #24-#281959-1967request_box
494Department of Research and Information: Supporting Tables for Bulletin #251960request_box
495Department of Research and Information: Information Bulletins #30-#33, #431969-1970, 1979request_box
496National Council on Adult Jewish EducationApr 1966request_box
497The National Curriculum Research Institute1964, undatedrequest_box
501The National Curriculum Research Instituteundated, 1971-1973request_box
502The National Curriculum Research Institute1973-1974request_box
503National Curriculum Research Institute: "The Jewish Catastrophe in Europe"1967-1968request_box
504Subcommittee on Health and Welfare: "Dilemma: Allocating the Funds of a Jewish Community"1973request_box
505The National Association of Temple Educators: Educational Research Survey No. 31961request_box
506Joint Publications Between JESNA and Affiliated Organizations1950-1961, undatedrequest_box
511Joint Publications Between JESNA and Affiliated Organizationsundated, 1967-1996request_box
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Series IV: Jewish Media Service, 1969-1987

8 linear feet

The following series is arranged into four subseries: 1) Conferences and Film Festivals, 2) Notes on Filmmakers and Films, 3) Publication "Medium," 4) Associated Organizations.

Scope and Content:

The following series contains documents collected by the Jewish Media Service and primarily contains information on films by Jewish filmmakers and about Jewish topics. Included are literature and notes from conferences and film festivals to which the Jewish Media Service contributed or participated in and literature, notes, and photographs on films and filmmakers. The files on films and filmmakers resulted from preparation for the "Films and Their Makers" festival. The series also contains the Jewish Media Service publication, "Medium," as well as correspondence between the Jewish Media Service and associated organizations.

Subseries 1: Conferences and Film Festivals, 1975-1987

2.75 linear feet

The subseries is arranged alphabetically within two groupings: 1) conferences, and 2) film festivals.

Scope and Content:

The following subseries contains fliers, notes, and reports from conferences and festivals that the Jewish Media Service attended or participated in. The conferences primarily focus on Jewish Education and the festivals are all explicitly Film Festivals.

512American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors1983request_box
513Association of Jewish Family and Children's Agencies Conferences1983request_box
514B'nai B'rith Youth Organization: International Staff Conference1984request_box
515"Cable Television in Our Modern Society" Conference1985request_box
516Coalition for Alternatives in Jewish Education Conferencerequest_box
517Coalition for Alternatives in Jewish Education Conference: Program1981request_box
518Coalition for Alternatives in Jewish Education Conference1982request_box
519Coalition for Alternatives in Jewish Education Conference: Programs1982request_box
5110Coalition for Alternatives in Jewish Education Conference1983request_box
5111Coalition for Alternatives in Jewish Education Conference1984request_box
521Coalition for Alternatives in Jewish Education Conference1985request_box
522Coalition for Alternatives in Jewish Education Conference1985-1986request_box
523Coalition for Alternatives in Jewish Education Conference1986-1987request_box
524Coalition for Alternatives in Jewish Education Conference1987request_box
525Council of Jewish Educators Conference1984request_box
526Council of Jewish Federations: General Assembly1981request_box
527Council of Jewish Federations: General Assembly1982request_box
528Council of Jewish Federations: General Assembly1983request_box
529Council of Jewish Federations: General Assembly1984request_box
531Council of Jewish Federations: General Assembly1985request_box
532Council of Jewish Federations: General Assembly1986request_box
533Council of Jewish Federations Quarterly Forums1982-1985request_box
534Institute in Jewish Arts Administration Conference1985-1986request_box
535Jewish Center Youth Conferences1985request_box
536Jewish Communal Service Conference1982request_box
537Jewish Communal Service Conference1983request_box
538Jewish Educators Assembly1985request_box
539Jewish Media Service Biennial1986request_box
5310New York Home-Video Market Convention1986request_box
5311Research Program in Telecommunications and Information Policy: Seminars1985request_box
5312American Film Festival1980request_box
5313American Film Festival1981request_box
5314American Film Festival1982request_box
5315American Film Festival1983request_box
541American Film Festival1984request_box
542American Film Festival1985request_box
543American Film Festival Pre-Screening Evaluationundatedrequest_box
544American Film and Video Festival1986request_box
545"American Jewry: Looking at Ourselves" at 92nd Street YSept 1986request_box
546"Festival of Festivals: Toronto's 5th Annual International Film Festival"Apr 1980-Sep 1980request_box
547Film Festivals at the 92nd Street Y1980-1985, undatedrequest_box
548Film Festivals: Films About or By Women1975-1984request_box
549French Israeli Film Festivals1983-1986, undatedrequest_box
5410"Independent Filmmakers: Looking at Ourselves"1980-1981request_box
551"Independent Filmmaker: Looking at Ourselves" at the 92nd Street Y1981-1982request_box
552"Independent Filmmaker: Looking at Ourselves" at the 92nd Street Y1982-1986request_box
553International Film Festivals1979-1982request_box
554International Film Festivals1983-1986request_box
555The Israel Film Festival1981-1985request_box
556The Israel Film Festival1986request_box
557Israeli and Mideast Film Festivals1977-1987, undatedrequest_box
558The Jewish Film Festival at teh YM and YMHA1981-1986request_box
559Jewish Museum's "Artists of Israel: 1920-1980" Film Festival1980-1983request_box
5510Jerusalem and Beyond: The Jewish Identity on Film1982-1983request_box
561National Film Festivals1979-1987request_box
562Sephardic Film Festivals1984request_box
563"World Jewish Communities: Film and Their Makers"Feb 1983-Oct 1984request_box
564"World Jewish Communities: Film and Their Makers"Nov 1984-Jun 1985request_box
565Yiddish Film Festivals1979-1986request_box

Subseries 2: Notes on Filmmakers and Films, 1962-1988

3.75 linear feet

JESNA organized the files on filmmakers and files on films into two separate alphabetical runs. These have been maintained with the files on filmmakers followed by the files on films. The files on filmmakers are alphabetized according to the lastnames of the directors. Records on films H-Z can be found in I-513 Jewish Media Service.

Scope and Content:

The following files are notes and literature about the films and filmmakers considered for inclusion in the "Films and Their Makers" Festival. Included is correspondence between filmmakers and the Jewish Media Service, brochures about films, posters and fliers, as well as some photos from the films.

566Files on Filmmakers for "Films and Their Makers": "A"c. 1970-1986request_box
567Files on Filmmakers for "Films and Their Makers": "Ba"c. 1979-1987request_box
568Files on Filmmakers for "Films and Their Makers": "Be"c. 1974-1986request_box
571Files on Filmmakers for "Films and Their Makers": "Bl-Bo"1962, 1979-1986request_box

Includes photographs

572Files on Filmmakers for "Films and Their Makers": "Br"1980-1982request_box

Includes photographs

573Files on Filmmakers for "Films and Their Makers": "C"1979-1986request_box
574Files on Filmmakers for "Films and Their Makers": "D-E"1976-1986request_box
575Files on Filmmakers for "Films and Their Makers": "Fa-Fi"1979-1987request_box
576Files on Filmmakers for "Films and Their Makers": "Fo-Fr"1981-1987request_box

Includes photos

581Files on Filmmakers for "Films and Their Makers": "Ga-Gi"1979-1986request_box

Includes photographs

582Files on Filmmakers for "Films and Their Makers": "Go-Gr"1981-1986request_box

Includes photographs

583Files on Filmmakers for "Films and Their Makers": "H-J"1977-1987request_box

Includes photos

584Files on Filmmakers for "Films and Their Makers": "Ka-Ke"1978-1986request_box

Includes photos

585Files on Filmmakers for "Films and Their Makers": "Kl-L"1980-1987request_box
586Files on Filmmakers for "Films and Their Makers": "Ma-Mi"1978-1986request_box
587Files on Filmmakers for "Films and Their Makers": "Mo-Mu"1979-1986request_box

Includes photos

591Files on Filmmakers for "Films and Their Makers": "N-O"1973-1986request_box
592Files on Filmmakers for "Films and Their Makers": "Ra-Ri"1978-1986request_box

Includes photos

593Files on Filmmakers for "Films and Their Makers": "P"1979-1986request_box
594Files on Filmmakers for "Films and Their Makers": "Ro"1975-1987request_box

Includes photos

595Files on Filmmakers for "Films and Their Makers": "Ru"c. 1979-1987request_box
596Files on Filmmakers for "Films and Their Makers": "Sa-Se"c. 1979-1985request_box
597Files on Filmmakers for "Films and Their Makers": "Sh"c. 1979-1986request_box
601Files on Filmmakers for "Films and Their Makers": "Si-So"c. 1977-1986request_box
602Files on Filmmakers for "Films and Their Makers": "Sp"c. 1979-1987request_box

Includes photos

603Files on Filmmakers for "Films and Their Makers": "St-T"c. 1979-1986request_box
604Files on Filmmakers for "Films and Their Makers": "V-Wa"c. 1973-1986request_box
605Files on Filmmakers for "Films and Their Makers": "We-Wo"c. 1978-1987request_box

Includes photos

606Files on Filmmakers for "Films and Their Makers": "Y-Z"c. 1974-1985request_box
611Filmmakers Considered for "Films and Their Makers"1979-1986request_box
612Notes on Films: "Ab-Al"c. 1979-1986request_box
613Notes on Films: "Am-An"c. 1972-1976request_box

Includes photos

614Notes on Films: "Ap-Av"c. 1976-1984request_box

Includes photos

615Notes on Films: "Ba-Ben"c. 1972-1986request_box

Includes photos

616Notes on Films: "Ber-Bey"c. 1980-1985request_box
621Notes on Films: "Bi-Bo"1969-1986request_box
622Notes on Films: "Br-By"1974-1986request_box

Includes photos

623Notes on Films: "Ca"c. 1978-1986request_box
624Notes on Films: "Cha-Chi"c. 1975-1984request_box
625Notes on Films: "Chr-Cu"c. 1962-1987request_box
626Notes on Films: "Da"c. 1970-1986request_box
627Notes on Films "De"c. 1975-1986request_box

Includes photos

628Notes on Films: "Dh-Dy"1970-1988request_box
631Notes on Films: "Ea-Em"1978-1987request_box

Includes photos

632Notes on Films: "En"1974-1983request_box
633Notes on Films: "Er-Ex"c. 1982-1987request_box
634Notes on Films: "Fa"c. 1979-1985request_box

Includes photos

635Notes on Films: "Fe-Fo"c. 1972-1986request_box

Includes photos

636Notes on Films: "Fr-Fu"c. 1976-1983request_box
637Notes on Films: "Ga-Generation"1984-1986request_box

Includes photos

638Notes on Films: "Genocide"c. 1981-1985request_box
639Notes on Films: "Gh-Gr"c. 1972-1986request_box

Includes photos


Subseries 3: Publication "Medium", 1974-1986

0.75 linear foot

Multiple copies of each issue are arranged chronoligically within folders. A second arrangement of the same issues of the publication also resides in the original volumes in which they were donated. There are three volumes, each containing a run of the issues from 1974-1986.

Scope and Content:

This subseries contains the Jewish Media Service's monthly publication "Medium." "Medium" provides short summaries about films surrounding a specific theme, which changes from month to month. Some issues are missing.

641"Medium," Nos. 2-12 (Missing Nos. 3,5,6)Oct 1974-Jul 1976request_box
642"Medium," Nos. 13-23 (Missing No. 16)Fall 1976-Fall 1981request_box
643"Medium," Nos. 24-35Win 1982-Fall 1986request_box
661"Medium," Nos. 2-35 ( Missing Nos. 3,5,6,16)1974-1986request_box
661"Medium," Nos. 2-35 ( Missing Nos. 3,5,6,16)1974-1986request_box
661"Medium," Nos. 2-35 ( Missing Nos. 3,5,6,16)1974-1986request_box

Subseries 4: Associated Organizations, 1975-1987

0.75 linear foot

The files on each organizations are arranged alphabetically.

Scope and Content:

The following files contain correspondence and notes about organizations with whom the Jewish Media Service collaborated and communicated, including JESNA.

64492nd Street YM and YWMA1983-1986request_box
645Filmmakers' Cooperative1975request_box
646Fund for Jewish Education1979request_box
647The Gesher Foundationc. 1981-1985request_box
648Hollywood Contacts1980request_box
649Holocaust Centers1978-1983request_box
6410Independent Feature Project1985-1986request_box
6411Israel Broadcasting Service1985-1986request_box
6412Israel Video Magazinec. 1983request_box
6413Israeli Film Reduction Project1982request_box
651Jerusalem Communications Inc.1982-1987request_box
652Jewish Education Service of North America1978-1987request_box
653The Jewish Museum1982-1987request_box
654The Jewish National Fund1984-1986request_box
655Joint Distribution Committee1979-1984request_box
656Media Center for Children1983-1986request_box
657Media Information Centerc. 1980request_box
658National Jewish Resource Centerc. 1976-1979request_box
659National Museum of American Jewish History1983request_box
6510National Center for Jewish Film1979-1986request_box
6511National Foundation for Jewish Culture1982-1986request_box
6512National Jewish Community Relations Advisory Council1982request_box
6513National Jewish Resource Cetner/National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership1981-1987request_box
6514National Video Clearinghouse1980-1982request_box
6515North American Jewish Students' Network1979-1980request_box
6516New Jewish Media Project1978-1981request_box
6517President's Commission on the Holocaust1979request_box
6518Television Licensing Centerc. 1985-1987request_box
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