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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Proskauer, Paul, 1921-
Title: Paul Proskauer Collection
Dates:bulk 1943-1980
Abstract: This collection holds the correspondence and papers of the professor Paul Proskauer, his brother Henry (Hans) Proskauer, and to a lesser extent, his parents. Although personal correspondence comprises the bulk of the collection, an additional focus is his and his brother's professional reviews and articles. Further materials include official documents, photo and postcard albums, programs, a diary and newspaper and magazine clippings.
Languages: The collection is primarily in German and English, with a small amount of Italian.
Quantity: 3.75 linear feet + 1 oversized folder.
Identification: AR 25641
Repository: Leo Baeck Institute
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Biographical Note

Paul Proskauer was born in 1921 in Breslau (today Wrocław, Poland), the younger son of the well-known dentist Curt Proskauer and his wife Erna (née Cohn). His brother Hans (after immigration Henry) had been born in 1915. Among Curt Proskauer's patients was the expressionist painter Otto Mueller. In Breslau Paul attended the Johannes-Gymnasium, but had to leave school in November 1938, half a year before he would have completed his secondary education.

Hans Proskauer, who had been studying architecture in Zürich at the Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule since 1935, was able to leave Breslau for the United States in April 1940. Following Kristallnacht Curt Proskauer was incarcerated in Buchenwald. After his release in July 1939, he, Erna, and Paul fled to Italy. There Curt Proskauer, who had received permission to research the history of dentistry at the Vatican Library due to his acquaintance with the Pope's dentist and his former work in this field, received aid from the Vatican Library in procuring passage for himself and his family to the United States in May 1940. The family settled in an apartment in the Washington Heights neighborhood of New York City, where Paul and Henry continued to reside for the rest of their lives.

After completing high school, Paul studied business at the College of the City of New York, graduating in 1945. From 1943 through 1959 he worked during the summers at the Ausable Club, a resort in the Adirondack Mountains. In 1955 and 1958 he and his brother traveled to Europe. He later continued graduate studies in German Literature at Hunter College, receiving his doctorate in 1966 from Columbia University. Afterward, he taught in the German Department at Lehman College until he retired as Professor Emeritus. He often traveled to Europe, both alone and with his brother.

Henry (Hans) Proskauer died in December 2006. Paul Proskauer died on August 9, 2014.

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Scope and Content Note

The Paul Proskauer Collection contains the correspondence and some family papers of Paul Proskauer and his family members, especially his immediate family. In addition, some of his professional writing, as well as some of his brother Henry (Hans) Proskauer's, is also present, along with research materials. The collection includes correspondence, official documents, articles and their unpublished drafts, newspaper clippings, photo albums, and some programs.

Correspondence between Paul Proskauer and his immediate family, his parents Curt and Erna Proskauer and his brother Henry (Hans) Proskauer, comprises most of Series I and a portion of the first subseries of Series II. This extensive correspondence provides information on the family's private life and daily activities as well as their opinions on numerous topics. A significant portion of the correspondence derives from Paul and Henry (Hans) Proskauer's trips to Europe, and provides their comments and their activities and experiences, especially of their trips to Switzerland and Italy. Series II additionally holds a diary of Henry (Hans) Proskauer's, documenting the year 1935-1936, when he lived in Zürich, Switzerland. Paul and Henry's trips are also documented through the photo and postcard albums of Series V, one of which includes identified photographs of family members and friends.

Another well-represented topic of this collection is the writings of Paul and Henry Proskauer, who both wrote reviews and articles on literature, art, theater, and other subjects for newspapers, especially the German-language newspaper Aufbau. Their writings and associated research material will be found in Series IV. The final subseries of the collection, Series VI, contains other research files that may have been used for these or other writings. Other material related to Henry (Hans) Proskauer's professional work as an architect may be found in the second subseries of Series II.

Information on the Proskauer family's emigration experiences, as well as more general information on the family, may be found in Series III. Emigration papers include correspondence from American consulates, official documents, and several versions of the family's affidavits of support used in acquiring an American visa. This series also holds some documentation of their residence in Italy prior to leaving for the United States. Notable is also the information on the deaths of Willy Cohn and his family, with material relating to the published excerpts of his diary and to the fate of Breslau Jews. Later documents of the family include letters to Curt and Erna Proskauer from friends in Germany and Italy that tell of the postwar situation there.

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The collection is arranged in six series in the following manner:

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Access and Use

Access Restrictions

Open to researchers.

Access Information

Part of the collection is digitized. To access the full collection, make an appointment with the Leo Baeck Archivist. Follow the links in the Container List to access the digitized materials.

Use Restrictions

There may be some restrictions on the use of the collection. For more information, contact:
Leo Baeck Institute, Center for Jewish History, 15 West 16th Street, New York, NY 10011

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Related Material

The LBI Archives include the Curt Proskauer Clippings Collection, AR 4004 C.

The LBI Library includes an offprint about Curt Proskauer, Dental scholar; the life and work of Dr. Curt Proskauer (q RK 43 P7).

The Kantonsbibliothek of Kanton Schwyz in Switzerland holds a large collection of books and artwork given by Paul and Henry Proskauer, the Sammlung Henry & Prof. Paul Proskauer, Breslau/ New York.

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Separated Material

Publications, including issues of periodicals and catalogs, were removed from the archival collection to the LBI Library. Photocopies of their title pages and publishing information were retained in the collection.

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Digitization Note

The collection was digitized, but due to issues of copyright and medical privacy, some material is not available online.

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Preferred Citation

Published citations should take the following form:

Identification of item, date (if known); Paul Proskauer Collection; AR 25641; box number; folder number; Leo Baeck Institute.

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Processing Information

During the initial overview of the collection, little original order was observed, although the existence of alphabetical files of writings and chronological files of correspondence was noted and retained in the establishment of series and subseries during the processing of the archival collection. Duplicate photocopies of articles were removed from the collection. Books or entire issues of journals were also removed to the LBI Library, with photocopies of the works' titles kept in the collection.

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Container List


Series I: Paul Proskauer Correspondence, 1931-2009

This series is in German, English and Italian.
1.1 linear feet.

Divided into two subseries: Family Correspondence and Other Correspondents.

Scope and Content:

Series I consists of the correspondence of Paul Proskauer, including letters exchanged with his immediate family members, in Subseries 1, and those with others, in Subseries 2.

Subseries 1 holds the bulk of the correspondence of the series, with correspondence both to and from Paul Proskauer, his parents, and his brother. Letters are usually from times when he was away from home, both as a young man working upstate during the summers, and while on trips outside of the country. Several folders of correspondence of Subseries 2 are from close friends or more distant family, while others concern other matters, such as donations he made or his health.

Subseries 1: Family Correspondence, 1938-1990

This subseries is in German and English.
1.01 linear feet.

Divided in the following manner:

Within each section, correspondence is arranged chronologically.

Scope and Content:

This subseries holds the correspondence of Paul Proskauer with his family. The letters were sent daily, or nearly so, and covers numerous topics, mostly related to the family members' activities and experiences. The family's letters are always highly affectionate, both from Curt and Erna Proskauer to their sons and from Paul and Hans Proskauer to each other when they were separated, reflecting their closeness. Even though Hans Proskauer changed his name to Henry following his naturalization, in the family letters and letters of friends he is always called Hans, never Henry.

Letters from Paul to his parents, Curt and Erna Proskauer, and with his brother Hans are difficult to read and are rarely fully dated (they often contain the day of the week and the time they were written, and some also include the month, but very few include a year). Therefore, many dates were estimated during processing of the archival collection. Paul wrote very often, possibly every day. Many of his letters to his family were written while he worked during the summers as a young man at the Ausable Club, a resort in the Adirondack region of upstate New York. Others were sent to his parents while he and his brother were on vacation in Europe. His letters generally discuss daily activities, including mention of his work at the Ausable Club and people he met there as well as his vacation activities.

Paul Proskauer's correspondence also includes letters to Paul from his parents and brother, mostly chatty letters about their daily activities or giving him parental advice. These letters were often sent frequently, several times a week; usually Curt, Erna, and Hans all wrote on the same letter, with Hans and Erna's correspondence handwritten, while Curt often typed. Those sent to Paul while working at the Ausable Club mention some of the family's activities at home in Washington Heights, New York City. Others discuss Paul's romantic entanglements and friendships. Some letters from 1944 mention the progress of World War II, and those from 1948 mention Erna's health. Letters from 1955, sent to both Paul and Hans, who were vacationing in Europe together, include Curt Proskauer's advice on their activities there, his recommendations regarding the purchase of artwork, and frequently mention publisher's catalogs. 1959 letters from Hans while Paul was on a trip to Austria often mention Hans Proskauer's leisure activities and especially news of his daily life. Letters from 1961 include several that focus on Curt and Erna Proskauer's health. Letters from Hans in 1988 reference his interest in selling his Otto Mueller paintings, as well as including news of friends and activities.

Letters to and from Paul Proskauer and his family largely consist of correspondence from the 1970s and 1980s. Letters from Paul to Hans mention some of Paul's issues with his colleagues at Hunter College, showing some of the institution's internal politics; his letters from 1972 also pertain to this subject. Letters from Hans in 1971 include discussion of his plans to sell his architectural journals to the Museum of Modern Art as well as briefly touching upon the Vietnam War. Letters to Hans from Paul in 1972 tell of the rise in crime in Washington Heights, including news of a shooting, robbery, and an attack in a bank. 1983 letters from Hans mention his thoughts on selling his Otto Mueller paintings and a Thomas Mann book. In a 1989 letter to his brother, Hans informs Paul of the break-in of their own apartment.

A) from Paul Proskauer

11Paul to Hans Proskauerundated, 1938
12Paul to Curt and Erna Proskauer – Ausable Clubundated, 1940s?
13Paul to Curt and Erna Proskauer – Ausable Clubundated, 1943?-1948?
14Paul to Curt and Erna Proskauer – Ausable Club1944-1947
15Paul to Curt and Erna Proskauer – Waterville Inn1949
16Paul and Henry (Hans) Proskauer to Curt and Erna Proskauer – Europe Trip – Italy and France1955 May-July
17Paul and Henry (Hans) Proskauer to Curt and Erna Proskauer – Europe Trip – Switzerland1955 June-August
18Paul and Henry (Hans) Proskauer to Curt and Erna Proskauer – Europe Trip – From Rome, Italy1958 March 24-1958 April 17
19Paul and Henry (Hans) Proskauer to Curt and Erna Proskauer – Europe Trip – From Naples and Sicily, Italy1958 March 25-1958 March 27
110Paul and Henry (Hans) Proskauer to Curt and Erna Proskauer – Europe Trip – From Nice, France1958 April 18-1958 May 1
111Paul and Henry (Hans) Proskauer to Curt and Erna Proskauer – Europe Trip – From Barcelona and Madrid, Spain and Estoril, Portugal1958 May 2-1958 May 19
112Paul to Curt and Erna Proskauer – Ausable Clubundated, 1959?-1960s?
113Paul to Curt and Erna Proskauer – Switzerland and Italy1961-1962
114Paul to Henry (Hans) Proskauer – Swiss Trip1988

B) to Paul Proskauer

115Henry (Hans) and Curt Proskauer to Paul – Notesundated
116Curt, Erna and Henry (Hans) Proskauer to Paul1943
117Curt, Erna, and Hans Proskauer to Paul – Ausable Club1944
118Curt and Erna Proskauer to Paul – Ausable Club1947
119Curt and Erna Proskauer to Paul and Henry (Hans) Proskauer1948-1950, 1956
120Curt and Erna Proskauer to Paul and Henry (Hans) Proskauer – Europe TripMay-July 1955
121Curt and Erna Proskauer to Paul and Henry (Hans) Proskauer – Europe Trip1958
122Curt, Erna and Hans Proskauer to Paul – Ausable Club1959
123Curt and Erna Proskauer to Paul and Henry (Hans)1961
124Curt, Erna, and Hans Proskauer to Paul1962
125Curt, Erna, and Hans Proskauer to Paul1966
126Henry (Hans) to Paul Proskauer – Swiss Trip1988

C) to and from Paul Proskauer

127Paul to and from Curt and Erna Proskauerundated, 1948-1954
128Paul to and from Henry (Hans) Proskauer – Swiss Trip1970
129Paul to and from Henry (Hans) Proskauer – Swiss Trip1971
130Paul to and from Henry (Hans) Proskauer – Austria Trip1972
131Paul to and from Henry (Hans) Proskauer – Swiss Trip1972
132Paul to and from Henry (Hans) Proskauer – Swiss Trip1983
133Paul to and from Henry (Hans) Proskauer – Swiss Trip1985 May-July
21Paul to and from Henry (Hans) Proskauer – Swiss Trip1989
22Paul to and from Henry (Hans) Proskauer – Swiss Trip1990

Subseries 2: Other Correspondents, 1940-2009

This series is in German, English and Italian.
0.1 linear feet.


Scope and Content:

Subseries 2 holds a small amount of correspondence between Paul Proskauer and others, mostly non-family members, is also present in this subseries. One folder holds letters to and from Irene Bejach, a girlfriend of Paul's; these letters give some information on his opinions on various topics as a young man, as well as the interrelations between young people at the time. The folder of general correspondence includes smaller amounts of letters of various people. Among them are letters of Giuseppe Necchi, who wrote in Italian, and the author Robert Bednorz, who sent him a book. Correspondence with the state archives of Kanton Schwyz concerns the large donation of books and artwork given them by Paul Proskauer as well as the funding for the care of the materials. One folder holds letters of Luigina Orlandi of the Vatican Library; Paul Proskauer provided the library in 2001 with a monetary donation as gratitude for their assistance in his family's emigration in the 1930s. The folder does not include any documents that specify the assistance to his family by the Vatican Library. In addition to the letters of Luigina Orlandi it includes some articles on Cardinal Tisserant.

23Bejach, Irene1947
24General correspondence1940-1973
25Health – Documentation and Correspondence [not digitized due to medical privacy]1931-1933, 1984, 2000-2008
26Kanton Schwyz (Switzerland) State Archives – Donations2009
27Orlandi, Luigina2003-2006
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Series II: Henry Proskauer, 1938-2006

This series is in German and English.
0.15 linear feet.

This series is arranged in two subseries: Correspondence and Other Papers.

Scope and Content:

Series II contains Henry Proskauer's papers, including correspondence and documentation, and focuses on his personal life, professional life, and interests.

Henry Proskauer's personal life is documented through his correspondence with his family. Although the bulk of his family correspondence is located among the correspondence of his brother Paul, some folders of letters between his parents and himself will be found here, with similar contents to those found in Series I. A diary from his years in Zürich is also here, providing information on his interests and opinions as a young man. Other correspondence in Subseries 1 relates to his paintings by Otto Mueller.

The professional life of Henry Proskauer is documented by a few folders with examples of his architectural work, in Subseries 2.

Subseries 1: Correspondence, 1938-2004

This series is in German and English.
0.1 linear feet.


Scope and Content:

This subseries consists of some of the correspondence of Hans Proskauer. Three folders relate to his Otto Mueller paintings while four folders contain family correspondence.

Family correspondence primarily provides news of family members and their activities. Letters from Hans Proskauer's parents and brother in 1959-1960 were sent while he was on vacation and contain news from home and advice on his own [activities]. Letters from Hans to them in the 1940s were sent from Livingston Manor and Lake George, both in upstate New York; this folder includes a few letters to Hans and Paul from an unidentified individual. The following folder of later letters to his parents updates them on his summer activities as well as providing news of Paul.

The first folder of this subseries pertains to the Otto Mueller paintings, including letters relating to their value and insurance prior to their use in exhibitions. The final two folder of the subseries concern the paintings display at the Achim Moeller Fine Art Gallery in New York City and the Brücke Museum in Berlin, Germany. The folder on the Achim Moeller Gallery includes an introduction to the painter and his works, while the folder on the Brücke Museum holds documents regarding the paintings, their transport and display. Many newspaper clippings accompany this correspondence, describing exhibitions in which the Mueller paintings were featured or the museum itself. Included are also photographs of the paintings while on display at the museum.

28Artwork – Appraisals and Insurance1989-1999
29Curt, Erna and Paul Proskauer to Hansundated, 1938, 1947
210Curt, Erna and Paul Proskauer to Hans1959-1960
211Hans to Curt and Erna Proskauerundated, 1944-1946
212Hans to Curt, Erna and Paul Proskauer1957?
213Otto Mueller Paintings – Achim Moeller Fine Art1989-2000
214Otto Mueller Paintings – Brücke Museum, Berlin1975-2004

Subseries 2: Other Papers, 1950-2006

This series is in English.
0.05 linear feet.


Scope and Content:

Subseries 2 contains Hans (Henry) Proskauer's papers, with information on his career as an architect, early years in Zürich, and biographical articles.

Notable is Hans Proskauer's diary, written while he studied in Zürich from Christmas 1935 through December 13, 1936, a year which he felt was to be significant in his life. The diary discusses many varied topics. Among them is growing up during a time of war and his reactions to literature, art, theater, performances, and lectures. Politics and the strength of mass political movements are also mentioned. An entry from June 27 describes Zürich.

Three folders relate to Hans Proskauer's architectural work. The first folder of the subseries includes photographs and publications showing his projects and also holds his résumé. Two folders pertain to the Virgin Isle Hotel, located in Saint Thomas (United States Virgin Islands), a project in which he was involved. Material on the hotel includes newspaper and magazine clippings, promotional materials, a diagram of the hotel's layout, and a photograph of a model of the hotel.

Biographical information on Hans Proskauer as well as documentation on his death are held in the fourth folder of the subseries. These include his obituary and a 2004 article about himself and Paul, which tells of the Proskauer family's departure from Europe, including mention of the aid given them by the Vatican library.

215Architectural Workundated, 1954-1956, after 1982
216Architectural Work – Virgin Isle Hotel1950-1951
OS 169Architectural Work – Virgin Isle Hotel - Oversized1950
217Death and Biographical Article2004-2006
218Lists of Booksundated, 1978
219Zürich diary1935-1936
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Series III: Proskauer Family Papers, 1926-2007

This series is primarily in German and English, with some French and Italian.
0.2 linear feet.


Scope and Content:

This series holds the papers of other Proskauer family members, including of Curt Proskauer, but also relating to members of the Cohn family.

The writings and correspondence of Walter Goldstein, Paul and Henry Proskauer's cousin who emigrated to Jerusalem, will be found in several places in Series III. Its first folder contains his correspondence and articles, including an article that discusses the diary of Uncle Willy Cohn, Jews in Breslau, and his reaction to the diary. Included are the oversized newspaper clippings of the published diary extracts. In the folder of letters from relatives (2/23) are more letters from Walter Goldstein that discuss Willy Cohn and his family's deportations and deaths. This folder also holds letters from Louis Cohn and his family, who escaped to France, including letters from later generations. Another folder holds later articles about the Willy Cohn diary.

One folder contains the letters of Martha Obst (called Obstel); in a photo album of Series V Paul Proskauer describes her as the right hand of Curt Proskauer. She lived in Schkopau (Sachsen-Anhalt), East Germany, and her letters provide details of postwar life there. She felt that while National Socialism had disappeared from where she was, it was still prevalent in West Germany. Her letter of March 10, 1960 gives details of her position as a teacher, with discussion of students, her duties, and other comments on her life.

The folder of correspondence with individuals in Germany centers around those friends to whom the Proskauers sent packages. These letters include information on changes and hardships in Germany and the situation there. One correspondent, Merta Hedda of Fulda, recalls sitting with the Proskauers in Zürich when they had not even a penny. Included with these letters is a typed abstract of a letter of a Jewish dental surgeon who lived in hiding for thirty months in Nazi Germany. The letters of the Prager family, a Jewish family who lived in Rome, mention their internment but also the state of postwar Rome. Paul Proskauer was a friend of Lotte Prager, and wrote her as soon as postal service was reinstated to Italy.

Letters from New York correspondents are generally brief greetings, and include one poem by Eric Mamelok.

Curt Proskauer's correspondence includes a 1941 letter related to emigration, but also includes photocopies and a translation of a response by Thomas Mann to Curt Proskauer's having sent him a work related to medical-historical studies (the letter does not mention the work's title).

Three folders relate to the Proskauer family's emigration. The correspondence largely relates to the securing of the family's affidavit of support for their American visa, but also includes a few earlier letters that pertain to Curt Proskauer's 1926 visit to the United States for professional reasons. Emigration documentation consists of the affidavits of support and related bank statements and correspondence from the American Consulate. Included are also hotel receipts documenting their stay in Italy; From July 1939 through October 1940 they stayed at hotels and pensions in Milan, Pallanza, Rome, and Naples. A few documents relate to the family's later life in the United States, such as a New York State certificate of literacy for Curt Proskauer, and cards for Curt and Erna Proskauer's filing for naturalization.

220Correspondence and Articles – Walter Goldstein1945-1967
OS 169Correspondence and Articles – Walter Goldstein - Oversized1973
221Correspondence – Correspondents in Germany1946-1947
222Correspondence – Correspondents in New Yorkundated, 1945-1946
223Correspondence from Relatives1966-1983
224Correspondence – Obst, Martha (Obstel)1950-1960
225Correspondence – Prager, Werner, Ella and Lotte1945
226Curt Proskauer – Articles and Notes on the History of Medicine – French and Italian1930s?, 1959
227Curt Proskauer - Correspondence1940-1968
228Diary of Willy Cohn – Articles [not digitized due to copyright]2006-2007
229Emigration – Correspondence1926-1931, 1938-1940
230Emigration – Documentation1938-1941
OS 169Emigration – Documentation Oversized1940
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Series IV: Paul and Henry Proskauer's Reviews and Articles, 1972-2002

This series is in German and English.
0.3 linear feet.

This series is divided into two subseries by article author: Paul Proskauer and Henry Proskauer.

Scope and Content:

Series IV holds the writing files of Paul and Henry Proskauer, consisting of their articles and reviews, along with accompanying material.

Subseries 1: Paul Proskauer, 1975-2002

This subseries is in German and English.
0.15 linear feet.


Scope and Content:

Subseries 1 contains Paul Proskauer's reviews and articles on literature, along with the materials he used to produce them. Most of the reviews were written for the newspaper Aufbau. The bulk of the folders in this subseries hold copies of the final, published, reviews, along with early drafts of it, others' reviews of the same work, and publisher's materials on the book. Some folders include correspondence with the publishers or with Aufbau. His articles focus on Otto Mueller and his paintings and a series of articles on Thomas Mann and the Mann family. A lecture he gave in 1986 for the Literarischer Verein of New York City on Thomas Mann's Tonio Kröger is also included.

231Article about Otto Mueller – Aristokrat im Geiste, Zigeuner im Blut1996
232Articles – Thomas Mann and Family1975-2002
233Lecture – Tonio Kröger by Thomas Mann1986
234Review – Frage und Antwort: Interviews mit Thomas Mann 1909-19551983-1985
235Review – Gisela Klein: Ninon und Hermann Hesse – Leben als Dialog1983
236Review – Hermann Hesse: Bodensee1984
237Review – Hermann Hesse: Briefe 1949-19621986
238Review – Hermann Hesse: Jugend in Kalw1983
239Review – Hugo von Hofmannsthal: Sämtliche Werke. Kritische Ausgabe1985-1986
240Review – Klaus Mann: Das innere Vaterland1986
241Review – Robert Musil: Briefe 1901-19421981-1982
242Review – Stefan Zweig Briefe 1914-19191998
243Review – Stefan Zweig: Gesammelte Werke in Einzelbänden/ The World of Yesterday's Humanist. Proceedings of the 1981 Stefan Zweig Symposium1983-1984
244Review – Thomas Mann: Frankfurter Ausgabe – Die Forderung des Tages. Abhandlungen und kleine Aufsätze über Literatur und Kunst / An die gesittete Welt. Politische Schriften und Reden im Exil1986
245Review – Thomas Mann, Gesammelte Werken in Einzelbänden1981

Subseries 2: Henry Proskauer, 1972-1997

This series is in German and English.
0.15 linear feet.


Scope and Content:

Subseries 2 contains the writings of Henry Proskauer. Like his brother Paul, he frequently reviewed books; in addition, this subseries contains a number of articles. He reviewed books about artists, architects, theater directors, philosophers, and art, as well as reviewed an exhibition on exiled artists. His files include copies of the final, published, drafts as well as related newspaper or magazine articles, correspondence with publishers, and early drafts of his works. The folder "Articles and Reviews" contains an assortment of his published articles on various individuals not found in the other folders of this series, including articles on literature and art, theater, publisher's histories, art in the 1920s, and several articles on Oskar Kokoschka.

246Article about Mies van der Rohe – Weniger ist mehr1986
247Articles and Reviews1979-1997
248Review – Aleksandr Kamensky: Chagall – The Russian Years 1907-19221989
249Review – Eberhard Roters: Berlin 1910-19331982
250Review – Exil: Flucht und Emigration europäischer Künstler 1933-1945 (Exhibition)1997
251Review – Hans Pölzig: Bauten und Entwürfe eines deutschen Baumeisters1985
252Review – Henry Marx: Die Broadway Story. Eine Kulturgeschichte des amerikanischen Theaters1986
253Review – Jane Kallir: Austria's Expressionism1978-1981
254Review – Jean-Paul Bouillon: Klimt: Beethoven. The Frieze for the Ninth Symphony1987
255Review – Robert Waissenberger: Vienna 1890-19201984
256Review – Walter Benjamin: Das Passagen-Werk1982-1983
257Review – Walter Gropius: Architektur. Wege zu einer optischen Kultur1982
258Review – Werner Hofmann: Verfemte Kunst. Malerei der inneren und äusseren Emigration1972-1987
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Series V: Albums, 1937-2006

This series is in German.
0.8 linear feet.


Scope and Content:

Series V holds the photo and postcard albums of Paul and Henry Proskauer.

Two photo albums are included in this subseries. The first of these consists of unidentified photographs that show various landscapes of Italy and Switzerland along with unidentified people, likely family members. The photographs of the second album are identified. Photographs of friends include some information about them or about the photographs. Photographs includes those of Paul as a boy, while working at the Ausable Club in 1943, and also those of Curt and Erna Proskauer.

The remaining albums contain postcards accumulated by Paul and Henry Proskauer during a few of their trips to Europe.

259Photo album – Italy and Switzerland – Landscapes and Family Members1938
31Photo album – Switzerland, England, New York and Friends1938-2006
32Postcard album – England, Switzerland and Canada1937, 1972
33Postcard album – Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and Artwork1958?
34Postcard album – Paul and Henry Proskauer's Europe Trips1955-1958
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Series VI: Collected Research and Articles, 1930-2002

This series is in German and English.
1.2 linear feet.


Scope and Content:

Series VI consists of research files, primarily relating to German authors, literature, and publishers, but also to actors, theater, film, and other topics. The files consisted of several large folders that were further subdivided during processing of the archival collection. Some of these large files were previously organized alphabetically by the Proskauers, while others were untitled and assigned titles based on their contents during processing. The research files include many newspaper and magazine clippings, brochures, publisher's materials and advertisements, brochures, and photographs. Material on publishers relates not only to the history of the publishing firms, but also obituaries or biographical profiles of the individual publishers themselves.

35Actors, Directors and Photographersundated, 1946-1987
36Actors, Directors and Photographers – Charlie Chaplin [not digitized due to copyright]1950-1963
37Actors, Directors and Photographers – Max Reinhardt1943-1973
38Actors, Directors and Photographers – Theaterundated, 1949-1959
39Authors P-Sundated, 1969-2002
310Authors P-S – Erich Maria Remarque1946-1998
311Authors P-S – Joseph Roth1944-1995
312Authors P-S – Rainer Maria Rilkeundated, 1990-1996
313Authors – S1950-1999
314Authors – S – Hans Sahl1983--1991
315Authors – S – Arthur Schnitzler1951-1991
316Authors – S – Anna Seghers1969-1983
317Authors – T-W1978-1997
318Authors – T-W – Ernst Toller1990-1995
319Authors – T-W – Kurt Tucholsky1963-2001
320Authors – T-W – Siegfried Unseld2002
321Authors – T-W – Fritz von Unruh [not digitized due to copyright]1930-1985
322Authors – T-W – Robert Walser1962-1990
323Authors – T-W – Jakob Wassermann1935-1988
324Authors – T-W – Frank Wedekindundated, 1929-1957
41Authors – T-W – Ernst Weiss1965-1990
42Authors – T-W – Franz Werfel1945-1995
43Authors – Z – Carl Zuckermayer1948-1996
44Authors – Z – Arnold Zweig1957-1992
45Authors – Z – Stefan Zweig1942-1999
46German Exile Literature – Hans-Albert Walter: Deutsche Exilliteratur 1933-19501971-1990
47German Exile Literature – Newspaper and Magazine Clippings [not digitized due to copyright] undated
48German Exile Literature – Newspaper and Magazine Clippings [not digitized due to copyright] 1934
49German Exile Literature – Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1969-1979
410German Exile Literature – Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1980-1989
411German Exile Literature – Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1990-1996
412German Exile Literature – Publishers' Advertisements1977-1995
413German Exile Literature – Reviews from Scholarly Journals1968-1995
414Programs – Musical Performances1940-1953
415Programs – Theater1941-1972
416Publishers and Books1956-1999
51Publishers and Books – Aufbau Verlag [not digitized due to copyright]undated, 1992
52Publishers and Books – Book Collecting [not digitized due to copyright]undated, 1931-1978
53Publishers and Books – Ernst Rowohlt1960-1988
54Publishers and Books – Fritz H. Landshoff1945-1992
55Publishers and Books – Kurt Wolff Verlag1963-1992
56Publishers and Books – S. Fischer Verlag1956-1995
57Publishers and Books – Siegfried Unseld/ Suhrkamp Verlag1977-1997
58Publishers and Books – Die Toten Dichter (Obituaries)1945-1994
59Theater and Art1937-1979
510Various Subjects (Verschiedenes II) – Art and Artistsundated
511Various Subjects (Verschiedenes II) – German Literature1953-1998
512Various Subjects (Verschiedenes II) – Holocaust and World War II1954-1970
513Various Subjects (Verschiedenes II) – José Ortega y Gassetundated, 1954-1970
514Various Subjects (Verschiedenes II) – Richard Seewald [not digitized due to copyright]undated, 1938-1963
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