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Creator:National Council of Jewish Women.
Title:National Council of Jewish Women Collection
Abstract:Case files (containing correspondence, handwritten notes, application forms, documents, and affidavits) in addition to general correspondence, speeches, brochures, and newspaper clippings from the Immigration and Naturalization Office of the National Council of Jewish Women, Worcester Section, regarding assistance provided to Jewish immigrants and permanent residents seeking citizenship from the 1930s to the 1970s. Case files include office correspondence with individuals, Jewish social service agencies, lawyers in the United States and Germany, and the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service. Some case files also contain correspondence and personal statements in support of reparations claims filed with the West German government.
Languages:This collection is in English, German, Hebrew, Russian, and Polish.
Quantity:6.5 linear feet (13 boxes).
Identification:AR 6301 / MF 778
Repository: Leo Baeck Institute Archives
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Biographical Note

The National Council of Jewish Women was founded in 1893 by Hannah Greenebaum Solomon, making it the oldest Jewish women’s volunteer organization in America. The NCJW’s founding document declared its dedication to religious, philanthropic, and educational causes. The organization grew rapidly during the early twentieth century, with sections in cities across the United States and representatives in Europe. The NCJW’s broad interests, active membership and cooperation with Jewish and non-Jewish organizations contributed to its position as a leader among women’s social reform agencies.

From the 1890s, the NCJW took a particular interest in assisting immigrant Jews. The Immigration and Naturalization Office of the Worcester Section, founded in 1904, was one of many local NCJW offices that provided guidance to individuals and families during the application process for permanent residency and citizenship.

From the 1930s through the 1960s the office primarily assisted Jewish refugees and displaced persons from Germany, Russia, and Poland. However, the office also provided assistance to many Jewish residents who had arrived from Eastern Europe in the earlier decades of the century, as well as Jews who left the Soviet Union in the 1970s.The following women served as head of the Worcester Section Immigration and Naturalization Office: Dorice Grace (through 1947); Lillian (Mrs. Eugene) Kretzmer (1947-1977); Lois A. (Mrs. Myles) Lopatin (1977- ?).

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Scope and Content Note

Case files (containing correspondence, handwritten notes, application forms, documents, and affidavits) in addition to general correspondence, speeches, brochures, and newspaper clippings from the Immigration and Naturalization Office of the National Council of Jewish Women, Worcester Section, regarding assistance provided to Jewish immigrants and permanent residents seeking citizenship from the 1930s to the 1970s. Case files include office correspondence with individuals, Jewish social service agencies, lawyers in the United States and Germany, and the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service. Some case files also contain correspondence and personal statements in support of reparations claims filed with the West German government.

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Access and Use

Access Restrictions

Open to researchers.

Access Information

Collection is digitized. Follow the links in the Container List to access the digitized materials.

Collection is microfilmed. Use MF 778

Readers may access the collection by visiting the Lillian Goldman Reading Room at the Center for Jewish History. We recommend reserving the collection in advance; please visit the LBI Online Catalog and click on the "Request" button.

Use Restrictions

The following files contain medical information and are not available for research: Herman, Frieda (Weissman); Hershfield, Vered; Kempler, Zacharias; Rosenfield, Esther; Stern, Philip

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Collection is available on 13 reels of microfilm (MF 778).

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Preferred Citation

Published citations should take the following form:

Identification of item, date (if known); National Council of Jewish Women Collection; AR 6301; box number; folder number; Leo Baeck Institute.

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Container List

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.

Follow the links to access the digitized materials.


Series 1: Correspondence and Office Files, 1947-1982

Scope and Content:

Contains general correspondence, most from Lillian Kretzmer and Lois Lopatin, with various individuals and organizations regarding specific immigration questions, processing procedures, interpretation of immigration legislation, etc. Also includes drafts of speeches, name lists, information brochures, newspaper clippings, and circulars. Arranged by date and subject.

11Miscellaneous correspondence and other materials, includes some State Department information circulars and one INS application (illegible)1947-1975
14General Correspondence1978-1979
15Correspondence: Jewish Family Service1974-1979
16Correspondence with INS1981-1982
17Women's Federation (3/78) handwritten letter to Lois Lopatin from Lillian Kretzmer regarding organizational history, drafts of speeches on the purpose and history of the Worcester Section Immigration and Naturalization Officeundated, Mar. 1978
1811/78 speech to Temple Emanuel background information on Lois Lopatin, text of speech on work of the Worcester office, news clippingundated, Nov. 1978
19List of people eligible for citizenship, lists dated 1975-1981, 1981 memo from INS regarding processing procedures
110Early arrivals, 1970-1979: Name lists, news clippingsundated, 1970-1979
111Judit Heilig: Correspondence regarding Heilig, a college student who received the Cohen-Kretzmer Scholarship from the NCJW in 1972undated
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Series 2: Case Files, 1936-1976

Scope and Content:

580 files on individuals, couples or families applying for permanent residency and/or citizenship, compiled by Dorice Grace and Lillian Kretzmer. Arranged alphabetically. The files vary considerably in size from one or two pages to several folders.

2Abrahams, Herbert
2Abramovitz, Mary
2Acher family see Asher family
2Ackerman, Esther
2Adler, Selma
2Aeschbacher, Josi
2Aisenstadt, Dvora
2Ajzykiewicz, Josef and Ronna
2Alcee, Angeliki and Michel Aldon
2Aleksandrowicz, George
2Alexander, Julius
2Alony, Aliza
2Althaus, Dr.
2Altmann, Pinkus
2Ancona family
2Anolik, Boris and Minna
2Arbitman, Ruben
2Argoff, Gertrude
2Arkus, Etta
2Aronof family
2Arons, Leon
2Asher family
2Atkins, Ethel
2Auslander, Oscar
2Avers, Lena
2Babigian, Charles
2Bach, Mordcha and Rachela
2Bader, A.
2Baer, Bertha
2Bahar family
2Baker, Lolita
2Bartfield, Mrs. Isaac
2Bartke, Andrew
2Basarsky, Mary see Israel, Mary
2Baum, Mrs. Marvin
2Bengtson, John
2Ben Isvy, David
2Bentov, Itzhak
2Berg, L.
2Berg, Peter
2Berglund, Margit
2Bergman, Shirley
2Berolsky, Isadore
2Birnhart, Jakob
2Bischitz, Willy and Edda see Bishop,William and Edda
2Bishop, William and Edda
3Bloom, Fanny
3Bode, Erna
3Bornstein, Jakob
3Borukhowicz, Szama
3Boutschak, Lesa
3Branzburg, Leonid
3Brecher, Julian
3Breidler, Elisabeth
3Breitborde, Harry
3Briggs, Knut
3Brown, Inid
3Brown, Stephanie
3Brown, Sarah
3Budish, Bertha
3Bulikowski, Witold
3Burack family
3Burton family
3Burwick, Hyman
3Capsaz, Rodion
3Carbin, Maurice
3Carter, Minnie Katzeff
3Casler, Harold (Mrs.)
3Caspi, Eliahu and Sara
3Chafitz, Gussie
3Chapiro, Elisabeth
3Chashavia, Jacob and Lea
3Chitoff, Rose
3Chrzanowski see Shanofsky, Karl
3Clam, Benny
3Coblentz (various)
3Cohen, Dora
3Cohen, Jenny Fagan
3Cohen, Lena
3Cohen, Mary
3Cohen, Max
3Cohen, Nathan
3Cohen, Theresa
3Cohen, Wolf
3Cohen Paksher
3Comen, Rose
3Coppersmith (various)
3Cortes, Julio
3Cotzin (various)
3Coulter, David and Ethel
3Cramer, Israel (Mrs.)
4Dannenbaum, Franz and Germana
4Davidson, Theodore
4Davis, Anna
4Davoodi, Hesmat
4Denabursky, Israel
4Deutsch, Ignatz
4Deych, Leonid and Larisa
4Diamond, Eva
4Diamond, Sam
4Dolinsky, Sarah (Sally)
4Dondes, Peretz and Eugenia
4Doniger, Lillian
4Dukas, Max and Johanna
4Dworkin, Lotte
4Ecker, Samuel
4Egoodkin, Lena
4Ehrlich, Meilich and Franciszka
4Eichorn, Edgar
4Eisenberg, Oskar, Helene and Adi
4Ekes, David and Isabella
4Ekis, Indris
4Elchin, Julio
4Elchis, Boris
4Elgort, Bella
4Elliott, Joseph and Fannie
4Ellowitz, Lena
4Engel, Jacob and Tamara
4Engel, Jerzy and Felicia
4Ephraim, Riva
4Epstein, Alice
4Epstein, Bernard
4Epstein, Hyman and Yetta
4Epstein, Isaac
4Epstein, Jennie
4Epstein, Louis
4Ezras, Lea see Bartfield, Mrs. Isaac
5Fagan, Joseph
5Fallman, Tilde
5Farber, Daniel
5Feigin, Morris
5Feldman, Edith
5Feldman, Esther
5Feldman, Ida
5Feldman, Morris
5Fierer, Albert and Frances
5Fine, Morris
5Fischel, Hendel
5Fischer, Dora
5Fisher, Leo
5Fishman, Harry
5Fishman, Harry
5Fishman, Harry
5Fiszel, Wolf
5Fleischer, Imre and Edith
5Freed, Mrs.
5Freelander, Aviva
5Freelander, Bertha
5Freeman, Harry and Rosanne
5Friedlander, Rosalie
5Friedman, Alfred and Katalin
5Friedman, Ann Jean
5Friedman, Edith
5Friedman, Eric
5Friedman, Frieda
5Friedman, Frieda
5Friedman, Irving
5Friedman, Joseph
5Friedman, Michael and Frieda
5Friedman, Michael and Frieda
5Friedman, Sarah
5Furer, Semyon and Mariam
6Gajwiker, Isaak and Daniela
6Geltman, Edward (Leib)
6Gendel, Benjamin
6Gendel, Benjamin
6Gendelman family
6Gewandter, Adolph
6Gilbert, Suzanne
6Ginsberg, Irene
6Ginsberg, Morris
6Gitberg, Moisei
6Gitin, Vladimir and Valentina
6Glasmann, Josef
6Glattstein, Andor
6Glazer, Eva
6Glazer, Ida
6Glickman, Bessie
6Godin, Bessie
6Godin, Meyer
6Godin, Sarah
6Goff, Dorothy
6Goff, Simon and Dara
6Goichman, Miriam
6Gold, Eli
6Goldberg, Anna
6Goldberg, Manuel
6Goldberg Moszek
6Goldberger, Suzanne see Gilbert, Suzanne
6Golden, Arthur
6Golden, Rose
6Goldenberg, Dorothy
6Goldman, Jennie
6Goldman, Sylvia
6Goldrosen, David
6Goldschmidt, Emma see Klein, Flora
6Goldsmith, Baruch
6Goldsmith, Esther
6Goldsmith, Jean
6Goldstein, Bessie
6Goldstein, David
6Goodine, Roger
6Goodkin, Fannie
6Goodman, Morris and Fannie
6Gordon, Bessie
6Gordon, Ida see Lederman family
6Gordon, Lillian
6Gordon, Minnie
6Gordon, Morris
6Gordon, Rebecca
6Gorman, David
6Gorman, Michael
6Greece, Israel
6Green, Eva and Gertrude
6Greenberg, Helen
6Greenberg, Jacob
6Greenberg, Sophie
6Greenblatt, Wolf and Berta see Grinblat, Wolf and Berta
6Greenfield, Miriam
6Griff, Wellie
6Grinblat, Wolf and Berta
7Grosberg, Dora
7Grosberg, Sophie
7Grosberg, Mac
7Grosman, Michael, Haya and Stero
7Grossack, Betty
7Gruzen, Anna
7Gruzen, Robert and Rebecca
7Gutman, Motel and Inesa
7Guzik, Esther
7Halfen, George
7Hamburger, Hugo and Fanny
7Hamburger, Tanja see Mendel, Margarethe
7Handell, Tillie
7Harouche family
7Hazelwood, Charles
7Hedberg, Irving and Elizabeth
7Heidemann family
7Heller, Mrs. Samuel
7Heller, Ralph
7Henig, Isaiah and Ida see also Markiewicz, Mieczyslaw
7Herman, Frieda (Weissman)
7Hermann, Charles
7Hershfield, Vered
7Hiatt, Mildred
7Hiekel, Gertrud
7Hildebrand, Ruth
7Hinlein, Sigmund
7Hobel, Leon
7Hodes, Abraham
7Hoffman, Andor
7Hoffman, Anna
7Hoffman, Samuel and Sarah
7Hollander family
7Holzmann, Samuel
7Holzwarth, Frau
7Horowitz, Henrietta
7Horsky, William and Ingeborg
7Hot, Lejba
7Hurowitz, Max
7Hurwitz, Ansel, Bessie and Esther
7Hurwitz, Ida
7Hurwitz, Molly
7Hyman, Mary
7Iordachescu, Larisa
7Irany, Mr.
7Isaacson, Annie
7Isaacson, Ethel
7Isenberg, Blema
7Iserlis family
7Israel, Mary
7Izsak, Iszo and Hermine
8Jackson, Lillian
8Jacobson, Jennie
8Jacobson, Pauline
8Jaffe, Jennie
8Jakober, Markus
8Jakowetz, Ivan
8Jamron, Abraham
8Jekel, Genia
8Jirku, Helmut and Christel
8Joseph, Anna and Lena
8Joseph, Ida, Max and Clarence
8Jurman, Fred and Pia Lipet-Jurman
8Jutoriansky, Ezequiel
8Kablotsky, Tobbel
8Kaditz, Sarah
8Kahn, Peter and Sylvia
8Kamenova, Milada see Bornstein, Jakob
8Kaminsky, Bella
8Kamlot, Norbert
8Kann, Alfred and Hilda
8Kapelusnik, Slioma
8Kaplan, Julia
8Kaplansky, Wolf and Basia (Batya)
8Kaplowitz, Bessie
8Katz, Anna Mary
8Katz, Joseph
8Katz, Rose
8Katcher, Esther see Carbin, Maurice
8Kaufman, Louis
8Kaze, Gertrude
8Kelen, Alfred and Marianne
8*Kempler, Zacharias
8Kessler, Rose
8Kierman, Josue and Sara
8Kievman, Irving and Samuel
8Klatzkin, Bertha
8Klein, Flora and Goldschmidt, Emma
8Klein, Gyozo and Eva
8Klein, Josef and Frieda
8Kline, Alice
8Koenig, Zoltan
8Kolatacz, A.
8Kongieser, Eva
8Konigstein, Sewek
8Korenblum, Jennie
8Korenblum, Sam
8Krawatsky, Anna
8Kreida, Esther
8Kreisler, Shoshana
8Kremer, Riva
8Krock, Sally
8Krock, Sara see Lederman family
8Krupicki, Philipp and Chaja
8Kuber, Marie
8Kugle, Lottie
8Kuhn, Justin
8Kuhn, Justin
8Kuhn, Justin
9Kuhn, Philipp and Keri
9Kula, Louis and Elaine
9Kulin, Ida
9Kun, Peter
9Kurianski, Nelly
9LaBel, Mrs. Allan
9Lakin, Tom
9Langer, Jakob
9Lask, Joseph
9Laskowski, Boruch and Clara
9Lazarus, Sarah Glickman
9Leavitt, Harry
9Leavitt, Samuel and Annie
9Lederman family
9Leibman, Mamie Celia
9Leibman, Max
9Leiner, Lena
9Lemovitz, Max and Rebecca
9Lenett, Leona
9Levenson, Israel and Rose
9Levenson, Morris
9Levine, Dorothy
9Levine, Fannie
9Levine, Harry and Gussie
9Levine, Louis and Celia
9Levine, Mollie
9Levine, Rose
9Levine, Samuel
9Levine, Shirley
9Levinsky, Jennie
9Levitski, Bela
9Lewicki, Bella
9Lewin, Zelik
9Libman, Clara
9Linsky, Louis
9Lipschitz, Abraham
9Lipson, Miriam
9Lisobicki, Ignac
9Littman, Dora see Goodman, Morris and Fannie
9Lonstein, Lena Portnoy
9Low, Olga
9Lowenstein, Henry and Pearl
9Lubarsky, Elizabeth
10Madnick, Benjamin
10Maisel, Isak and Rosa
10Malek, Nabil
10Malemann, Harold
10Malowani family
10Mankovitz, Ethel
10Marcus family
10Marcus, Mary
10Margulies family
10Markiewicz, Mieczyslaw
10Markuschewitz, Leo
10Marques, Manuel Maria
10Martin, Simon
10Medlinski, Zelig and Hania
10Mednikoff, Goldie
10Melloul, Maurice and Marie see Babigian, Charles
10Mendel, Margarethe and Hamburger, Tanja
10Mendel, Margarethe and Hamburger, Tanja
10Mess, Sara
10Meyer, Claus
10Meyers, Eva
10Mihalik, Joseph
10Milich, Leo
10Miller, Fanny
10Miller, Sarah
10Minc, Salomon and Szjfra
10Mintz-Cotton, Bessie
10Molnar, Lillyan
10Montanari, Luciano
10Morgenstern, David
10Morgenstern, Mordchai
10Moses, Eric
10Moses, Kurt and Anny
10Moses, Ruth and Irma
10Moskovitz, Ida
10Mutlu family, see Aronof family
11Nachshon, Yoshipha
11Namath, Rita
11Nativ, Moshe
11Nawy, Morris
11Needleman, Sarah
11Noar, Julius
11Nore, Harry
11Novogrodski, Flora see Isenberg, Blema
11Obarzanek, Adela
11Ocken, Sadye
11Okovita, Moryc
11Olesinski, Eva see Schindler, Alexander
11Oser, Rosalie Esther see Israel, Harold (Mrs.)
11Ozer, Max
11Perman, Morris
11Petrofsky, Mary
11Pilson, Rose
11Pilson, Vera
11Plotkin, Dora
11Plotkin, Lillian
11Plotkin, Sara
11Plunkett, Isabel and Jane
11Pollak, Else
11Polonsky, Samuel and Ida
11Prager, Elizabeth
11Prajzev, Rachela
11Prenovitz, Pinchas and Jennie see Lemowitz, Max and Rebecca
11Price, Joel and Anna
11Pulda, Dina
11Rappoport, Robert and Anna
11Rassen, Jacob and Golda
11Ratuschni, Ienta
11Raubvogel, Isidoro
11Rawner, Max and Elsa
11Rechnitzer, Bruno and Irene
11Reed, Yudes
11Reis, Frederick
11Resnikovitz, Simon and Fannie
11Richman, Abe
11Richter, Gunther
11Rittmeister, Ulla see Birnhart, Jakob
11Ritz, Edward and Gertrude
11Rodgers, Margaret
11Rogoff, Esther
11Rome, Irene
11Rome, Jacob and Rosa
11Rome, Ruth
11Rose, Philip
11Rosen, Sarah
11Rosenberg, Eva
11Rosenbloom, Rose
11Rosenblum, Jakob and Ruchla
11Rosenfeld, Abraham and Esther
11*Rosenfield, Esther
11Rosenschein, Viktor
11Rosenthal, Joseph
11Rosoff, Ida
11Ross, Dorothy
11Roth family
11Roth, Seymour
12Rothschild, David and Lydia
12Rothschild, Herbert and Heinz
12Rothschild, Ilse
12Rothschild, Rosa and David
12Rothstein, Benjamin and Rachel
12Rothstan, Sadie
12Rubenstein, Vilma
12Rubin, Rose
12Rudner, Harry and Ida
12Ruecklowitz family
12Rutman, Lena
12Sachs family
12Sachs, Julius and Helene
12Sack, Bertha
12Sack, Israel
12Sack, Samuel and Rose
12Sacks, Ida
12Sadick, Moses
12Saenger, Irma
12Salomon, Lejb
12Salomon, Susanne
12Saloni, Dr.
12Salzberg, Moses and Luzer
12Salzer, Charlotte
12Salzer, Leopold
12Sandler, Leonard
12Sandrof, Max
12Sandy, Gabor and Elizabeth
12Savat, Tillie see Lederman Family
12Savatsky, Odis
12Savitch, Lillian
12Scheuer, Adelheid
12Schindler, Alexander, and Olesinski, Eva
12Schloss, Albert
12Schluessler, Aloisia
12Schneider, Anna
12Scholder, Sylvia
12Schor, Josef and Genia
12Schor, Josef and Genia
12Schulkind, Henry and Janina
12Schutzengel, Gertrude
12Schwartzenberg, Antoni
12Sclar, Morris and Ida
12Seay, Dorothy
12Seay, Hattie
12Seelig, Helene
12Seidner, Mollie
12Sela, Elisheva
13Shanofsky, Karl
13Shapiro, Emma
13Shapiro, Rhoda
13Shear, Fannie
13Shear, Max Baer
13Shear, Sarah (born 1880)
13Shear, Sarah (born 1887)
13Sher, Abraham and Mollie
13Sher, Anna
13Shreiar, Anne
13Shulman, Rosa
13Shuster, Anna
13Shuster, Riva
13Sigal, Samuel
13Sigalove, Edith
13Sigel, Lillian
13Sigel, Sarah Leah
13Silver, Bessie Ruth
13Silver, Dora
13Silver, Samuel
13Silverman, Barney
13Silverman, Bessie
13Silverman, Gertrude
13Silverstein, Dora
13Simon, Sadie
13Simourian, John
13Smith, Esther
13Smith, Rebecca
13Smith, Rose
13Sniderman, Max
13Sniderman, Sara
13Sobon, Helga
13Sonenklar, Martin
13Sorin, Leib and Bella
13Srebnick, Philip
13Stark, Annette
13Starr, Sadie and Abraham
13Stein, Pearl
13Steinberg, Jacob
13Stekler family
13Stenger, Harry
13*Stern, Philip
13Stone, Eli and Sarah
13Stone, Fannie
13Strebko, Ilja and Martha
13Striar, Sonya
13Strozyk, Christina see Engel, Jerzy and Felicia
13Strozyk, Martha see Engel, Jerzy and Felicia
13Sumberg, Ida
13Swartz, Jennie Dora
13Zederman, Mordka
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