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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Trier, Carola S.
Title: Carola S. Trier Collection
Abstract: The Carola S. Trier collection consists of the personal documents of Carola S. Trier. The bulk of the collection consists of her memoirs, covering a period from 193 to 1942. The collection also includes Carola S. Trier's personal and official correspondence and personal documents, as well as notes and notebooks by her father, Eduard Strauss. Also included clippings, mostly from The New York Times and Aufbau.
Languages: The collection is in English and German, with some French.
Quantity: 1 linear foot
Identification: AR 25039/MF 771
Repository: Leo Baeck Institute
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Biographical Note

Carola S. Trier was born in 1913. She was the second daughter of Eduard Strauss. She went to school at the Philanthropin in Frankfurt am Main. Very early in her life she decided to become a dancer, studying at the Laban School. She had several engagements mainly in France, where she performed with Marcel Neydorf.

Carola S. Trier's parents left Europe in December 1938, but she stayed in France until 1942. During this period she was briefly imprisoned in Gurs concentration camp, which she fled with the help of Marcel Neydorf. She reached New York in 1942. From 1942 until her death on October 28, 2000, she stayed in New York, working as an exercise adviser.

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Scope and Content Note

The Carola S. Trier Collection contains materials pertaining to the life of Carola S. Trier. Also includes materials related to her father, Eduard Strauss. The collection is divided into five series: memoirs, correspondence, notes, books and clippings and consists of clippings, correspondence, manuscripts, official documents, and photographs.

The bulk of the collection consists of Carola S. Trier’s manuscript ( Series I), which focuses on her family, education, and her time as a dancer in France after 1935.

There is only a small amount of correspondence, dating back to the early 1980s. A remarkable exception is correspondence with friends of Marcel Neydorf, her fiancé in France, asking for money to buy a new gravestone for his grave. Other correspondence includes correspondence with organizations Carola S. Trier belonged to and the German state of Hesse, from which she received subsidies after her husband's death (Edgar Trier).

Little information about the time between 1942 and 1980 can be found in the collection. Her notes (Series II) indicate that she worked as an exercise adviser. Correspondence in Series III provides information about the names of friends in the forms of greeting and thank you cards. Some information about Carola S. Trier can be found in the book notes and dedications she kept ( Series IV). But they are not numerous.

A larger part of the collection consists of clippings, which she collected mainly from The New York Times and Aufbau. They give an impression of Carola S. Trier's short and long-term interests in several topics. Prominent is her long-term interest in Jewish culture, life, and personalities.

Another part of the Carola S. Trier Collection consists of documents from her father, Eduard Strauss. Those are just a few of his notes and correspondence, but she kept a lot of his books ( Series V). Many of the books contain notes by Eduard Strauss or dedications to him. Remarkable are two editions of a book he wrote (Aufsaetze und Anmerkungen 1919-1945). Carola S. Trier copied his notes from one edition into another.

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There are 5 series in this collection:

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Access and Use

Access Information

Readers may access the collection by visiting the Lillian Goldman Reading Room at the Center for Jewish History. We recommend reserving the collection in advance; please visit the LBI Online Catalog and click on the “Request” button`

Access Restrictions

Closed for microfilming.

Use Restrictions

There may be some restrictions on the use of the collection. For more information, contact:
Leo Baeck Institute, Center for Jewish History, 15 West 16th Street, New York, NY 10011

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Related Material

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Separated Material

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Digitization Note

The collection was digitized in its entirety. Access to Series I is restricted due to copyright. Researchers with questions regarding suppressed materials may contact the LBI Archivist at

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Collection is available on three reels of microfilm:

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Container List


Series I: Memoirs, 1982-1986

This series is in English and German.


Scope and Content:

Series I contains Carola S. Trier's memoirs. The memoirs are focused on the time after she was forced to leave Germany in 1935 and 1942, when she came to New York. Memoirs describe Carola S. Trier's time in France, her engagement with a circus, and her imprisonment and escape from Gurs concentration camp The memoirs were written between 1982 and 1986.

11Introduction1986 July
13Dedication1982 January 12
14Preface1982 July 19
15Family background1982-1986
16Childhood and school (1913-1932)1982-1986
17Grandparents, Alice and Eduard (1924-1935)1982-1986
18Berlin (1924-1935)1982-1986
19Paris, Nice, Cannes and parents departure (1935-1938)1982-1986
110A choreography, encounter Marcel (1936)1982-1986
111A choreography, encounter Marcel (1936)1982-1986
112Velodrome d'Hiver, camp in Gurs (1936-1938)1982-1986
113Hede, Grethe and Jerome (1938 - 1942)1982-1986
114Paris, Nice, Cannes and parents departure (1935-1938)1982-1986
115Vichy (1939)1982-1986
116Vichy, see Petain and Laval (1939/1940)1982-1986
117Velodrome d'Hiver, camp in Gurs and Antibes (1939 - 1941)1982-1986
118Monte Carlo (1940)1982-1986
119Trip to New York City (1942)1982-1986
120Trip to New York City (1942)1982-1986
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Series II: Notes, 1926-1995

This series is in English and German.


Scope and Content:

Series II consists of various notes by Carola S. Trier and Eduard Strauss. If not marked otherwise, Carola S. Trier is the authore.

121Strauss, Eduardundated, 1926-1959
122Star of David1945 April 12
123Strauss, Eduardundated

Star of David

124Possible candidates for sending the LBI and/or Congregation Habonim Bulletin1956-1963 March 9
125Hebrew studiesundated

Includes photographs

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Series III: Correspondence, 1940-1998

This series is in English, German, and French.


Scope and Content:

Series III consists of Carola S. Trier's correspondence, as well as additional correspondence that was addressed to Edgar Trier and Eduard Strauss.

128Bergel, Kurt1983-1997
129Boettigheimer, Ludwig1981-1997
130Stahl, Rudolph1983-1998
131LBI, Congregation Habonim, Franz Rosenzweig Fellowship, US Holocaust Memorial1959 April 4-1998 August
132State of Hesse, Germany 1963 August 7, 1998
134Naydorf', Marcel, gravestone1957 February 4-18
135Greeting and thanking cards1953-1996
136Strauss, Eduard1940-1946
137Trier, Edgarundated, 1964
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Series IV: Books, 1910-1996

This series is in English and German.


Scope and Content:

Series IV consists of books, copies of book covers and dedications. The dedications are by the author or a third party. Some of the books belonged to Carola S. Trier, others to Eduard Strauss. Notes to or in the books were mostly written by Eduard Strauss.

138Bibliography of books that were in the unprocessed collection, copies of various book covers and dedications1910-1995
139Heiler, Friedrich. Luthers religions- geschichtliche Bedeutung1918

notes by Eduard Strauss

140Strauss, Eduard. Aufsaetze und Anmerkungen 1919-19451946

Two Editions: One from Carola S. Trier, one from Eduard Strauss. Both with the same notes. Additional clippings to the book.

141Rudolph Stahl'1995-1996

memoirs with dedication and clippings


notes by Eduard Strauss

143Schweitzer, Albert. Die Mystik des Apostels Paulus. With notes from Eduard Straus1930

notes by Eduard Strauss

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Series V: Clippings, 1942-2000

This series is in English, German, and French.


Scope and Content:

Series V includes clippings collected by Carola S. Trier. Most of the clippings come from The New York Times and the Aufbau. They include a wide range of topics: from Jewish life and history to articles covering the search and prosecution of Nazi war criminals


Series V is restricted to on-site access only due to copyright. Researchers with questions regarding suppressed materials may contact the LBI Archivist at

144Hasidic community1955-1994
146Jews in the world1946-2000
147Holocaust Memorial sites1983-1998
149Jews in the US history1959-1963
150Religious texts1973-1985
151Traveling in Israel1973-1985
152Herzl, Theodor and Zionism1951-1998
153Jung, Karl G.1961, 1998
154Freud, Sigmund1982-1991
155Buber, Martin1951-2000
156Heschel, Joshua1964-1993
157Schweitzer, Albert1952-1995
158Rosenzweig, Franz1954-1997
159Glatzer, Nahum1983-1990
160Singer, Isaac B.1968-1991
161Wiesel, Elie1968-1986
162Barbie, Klaus1986-1991
163Waldheim, Kurt1989-1996
164Death memoranda1961-1998
165Congregation Habonim1942-1997
166Worker's history1959-1969
168Assisi Shrine1997-2000
169Almanach de Gotha1946-1947
171Photographsafter 1950
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