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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Hillburn, Charlotte, 1921-
Title: Salomon Heilberg Collection
Dates:bulk 1910-1941
Abstract: The Salomon Heilberg Collection documents the real estate holdings of Salomon Heilberg, their sale, purchase and taxation, as well as providing further information on his financial interactions with others. A very small amount of information on other family members is also present. The collection consists of legal and financial information and forms, land register entries, mortgage cancellation forms, tax papers, loan agreements, an account book, clippings and a birth certificate.
Languages: The collection is primarily in German, with a small amount of English.
Quantity: 0.5 linear feet.
Identification: AR 25480
Repository: Leo Baeck Institute
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Biographical Note

Salomon Heilberg was a religion teacher who was born January 15, 1871 and resided on Oststraße in Euskirchen, Germany, where he established a Jewish boarding school. He married Rosa Ruhr of Kall, Germany. They had six children: Carl, Ernst, Leopold, Alfred, Ernst, Martha and Max. By November 1938 Salomon and Rosa had emigrated to the village of Ginneken near Breda in the Netherlands, and later lived in nearby Tilburg. Salomon Heilberg died there on March 16, 1942. His wife survived by pretending to be a deaf-mute in the household of non-Jewish friends in Brussels.

In July 2012 a Stolperstein (stumbling stone) was placed in front of Salomon Heilberg's former residence on Oststraße in Euskirchen.

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Scope and Content Note

This collection provides material on the property and finances of the religious educator Salomon Heilberg. A few documents of other family members are also present. Included in this collection is a large amount of legal and financial correspondence, extracts of land register (Grundbuch) entries, mortgage cancellation and other financial forms, tax documents, loan agreements, an account book, a few clippings and a copy of a birth certificate.

The sparse family members' papers of Series I relate to Ernst Heilberg and Johanna Wolff. Series II holds the bulk of the collection, with material on Salomon Heilberg's property, mortgages and finances, including papers pertaining to money owed to him. Material on the sale and purchase of his property on Oststraße is the most prominent subject of this series and there is a significant amount of correspondence with lawyers and the Euskirchen Finanzamt (Euskirchen Finance Office) regarding the sale of the property after Heilberg's emigration and the payment of taxes. One folder holds a few letters on restitution.

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The collection is arranged in two series:

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Related Material

Related is the Charlotte Hillburn Collection (AR 11926). Charlotte Hillburn was Salomon Heilberg's daughter-in-law.

Related is also the book Judaica: Juden in der Voreifel by Hans-Dieter Arntz (DS 135 G4 E42 A68), which includes some information on members of the Heilberg family of Euskirchen.

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Processing Information

The collection was processed in February 2013 in preparation of the online finding aid. At this time untitled folders were assigned titles, a few folders were given more specific titles and the folders of Series II were placed in alphabetical order.

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Container List

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.

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Series I: Family Papers, 1885-1969

This series is in German and English.
1 folder.
Scope and Content:

This small series consists of a few papers of family members. Included are obituaries for Ernst Heilberg, one of Salomon Heilberg's sons, and a copy of a birth certificate for Johanna Wolff, a more distant relation.

11Family Papers1885-1969
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Series II: Finances and Real Estate, 1894-1950

This series is in German, with a small amount of English.
0.5 linear feet.


Scope and Content:

Series II comprises the bulk of the collection. It holds papers relating to Salomon Heilberg's property on Oststraße in Euskirchen as well as some material on payments other individuals owed him.

The first two folders of the series relate to payments made or owed to Salomon Heilberg. The account books record payments, calculations and interest, while the letters in the following folder mention payment installments made to Salomon Heilberg or their default.

The remainder of the series appears to primarily pertain to the property on Oststraße. It includes many extracts from the Euskirchen land registry (Grundbuch), various mortgage cancellation forms and loan agreements. Correspondence with the Finanzamt Euskirchen in 1934 and the folder of property tax assessments in 1935-1937 relate to the worth of the property and its taxation. The two folders of legal correspondence concern several subjects, prominent among them a legal case regarding the property between the Urhahn family and the Heilbergs, the production of a power attorney, and the payment of Reichsfluchtsteuer (Reich flight tax). Most of the correspondence is between Salomon Heilberg in Breda or Tilburg to lawyers Franz Reichwein and Ernst Hermann. The final folders holds correspondence regarding restitution along with earlier correspondence and documents, possibly utilized in a restitution claim. In this folder a January 22, 1950 letter gives a brief summary of the fates of some of Salomon Heilberg's children.

12Account Book1894-1937
13Correspondence – Clients1937-1938
14Correspondence – Finanzamt Euskirchen - Taxes1934
15Financial Correspondence and Account Calculations1936-1939
16Land Register Entries (Oststraße)1910-1911
17Land Register Entry (Oststraße) and Loan Agreement1931
18Land Register Entry (Oststraße) and Mortgage Cancellations1911-1936
19Legal Correspondence1938 December-1939 November
110Legal Correspondence1940 February-1941 August
111Loan Agreement and Mortgage Cancellations1909-1922
112Property Tax Assessment1935-1937
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