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Descriptive Summary

Creator:Georg Hermann
Title: Georg Hermann Collection
Abstract: This collection depicts the life and work of the author Georg Hermann. The main focus of this collection is his literary estate, and the collection contains extensive manuscripts of both his fiction and non-fiction writings, including novels, shorter fiction, essays, and articles. In addition, it also holds correspondence, clippings, photos, official documents and papers, writings by others about Georg Hermann and his work, and a few photos.
Languages:The collection is in German, Dutch, English, French, and Turkish.
Quantity: 9 linear feet (9 boxes, 1 oversized folder)
Accession number: AR 7074
Repository: Leo Baeck Institute
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Biographical Note

Georg Hermann was born in Berlin-Friedenau on October 7, 1871, and died on November 19, 1943 in the Auschwitz concentration camp, and was an internationally renowned author of numerous novels, essays, and articles.

Born as Georg Borchardt, he was the youngest of six children in a well-established Jewish family in Berlin. Later in life he used his father’s first name Hermann as his surname when writing. Georg Borchardt grew up in western Berlin, his family later moving closer to the Tiergarten. Some time thereafter his family began having financial difficulties when his father’s business failed, an influential event in Hermann's life.

He attended the Askanische and Friedrich-Werdersche Gymnasium (secondary school) in Berlin. Contrary to the expectations for a young man from a reputable family, Hermann did not pursue the Abitur exam, and instead received a one-year certificate in 1890, leaving school to become an apprentice salesman at a tie company. From 1896 until 1899 he worked in the Statistical Office of Berlin, at the same time attending literature and art history lectures at the University of Berlin. Afterwards he worked as a freelance writer and art critic, but met with financial difficulty. His first book, Spielkinder, was published in 1896, but he did not become well-known until 1906, with the publication of Jettchen Gebert, followed by its sequel, Henriette Jacoby. Jettchen Gebert was also rewritten as a play in 1913. These novels told the story of the life of a young woman living in Jewish Berlin during the Biedermeier period of the 1820s and 1830s. Another popular work of Hermann's was Kubinke, published in 1910, depicting life in Berlin at the beginning of the 20th Century. Politically active, Georg Hermann was also a member of the Central-Verein deutscher Staatsbürger jüdischen Glaubens.

Having become known for his pacifist tendencies through his writing, and because of his Jewish heritage, Georg Hermann and his family fled to Holland shortly after the burning of the Reichstag in 1933. Although the rest of his family was saved from the Nazis after their occupation of Holland in 1943, Georg Hermann, by then already 72 years old, was sent to the Dutch concentration camp of Westerbork. On November 16, 1943 he was transported to Auschwitz and either died during transport or shortly after his arrival.

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Scope and Content Note

The Georg Hermann collection documents the life and work of the author. Prominent features of this collection include numerous manuscripts of his writings, including both fiction and non-fiction. In addition to these items, the collection includes clippings, correspondence, a few notebooks and address books, and some personal papers.

Hermann’s fiction manuscripts make up the largest portion of the collection. Included among the manuscripts are drafts and notes for fiction pieces, including both novels and shorter pieces. Manuscripts of longer works such as Der Etruskische Spiegel, Rosenemil, and Ruths Schwere Stunde, can be found in Series III: Novels. Shorter pieces of fiction are located in Series IV: Fiction. Items in Series IV include a version of Jettchen Gebert as a play. Researchers should note that there are no manuscripts of Hermann’s works Henriette Jacoby or Kubinke in the collection.

Series V: Essays and Non-Fiction Articles contains short essays, many of which have a political or sociological theme. Series VI holds essays relating to literature and art, and includes articles on film, poetry, literature, and authors such as Goethe and Remarque. Series VII, VIII, IX, and X are relatively small; Series VII holds Hermann’s essays which deal with Judaism, Series VIII focuses on nature, Series IX concerns Berlin, and the essays in Series X discuss travel to other countries. Much of the material in Series VII deals with German Jews.

Correspondence is located in Series XII as well as in Series I. The correspondence in Series I includes correspondence with individuals such as Sigmund Freud, Max Liebermann, Thomas Mann and Stefan Zweig. Series II holds autographs.

Series XIII and XIV contain miscellaneous documents. Included among these documents are fragments of manuscripts, notes, and poetry, as well as personal papers. The small amount of personal papers located here include material pertaining to Hermann’s 50th and 60th birthdays, false identification papers and ration cards which he used while living in Holland, and notebooks and address books kept by Hermann. There are also several articles and theses concerning Georg Hermann from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s.

The vast majority of papers are in German, with only a very small amount being in Dutch, English, French, and Turkish.

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The collection is arranged into fourteen series:

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Access and Use

Access Restrictions

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Use Restrictions

There may be some restrictions on the use of the collection. For more information, contact:
Leo Baeck Institute, Center for Jewish History, 15 West 16th Street, New York, NY 10011

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The following microfilm inventory contains reels 1-28 with boxes and folders appearing in consecutive order by reel (MF 518).

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Preferred Citation

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An article by Arnold Paucker: "Bemerkungen zu Georg Hermanns Nachlass," in: Georg Hermann, deutsch- jüdischer Schriftsteller und Journalist, 1871–1943, Godela Weiss-Sussex (ed.).Tübingen2004 contains information about the provenance of the Georg Hermann Collection.

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Container List

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.


Series I: Correspondence A-Z,  1902-1941, 1963, 1965, 1983

This series is in German.


Scope and Content:

Series I contains 142 letters and cards written between 1901 and 1939 written to Georg Hermann. They are from 77 senders, among them Julius Bab, Bertha Badt-Strauss, Vicky Baum, Georg Bernhard, Max Brod, Martin Buber, Lyonel Feininger, Lion Feuchtwanger, Irene Forbes-Mosse, Sigmund Freud, Ludwig Fulda, Herbert Jonas, Kaethe Kollwitz, Allert de Lange, Max Liebermann, Emil Ludwig, Thomas Mann, Walther Rathenau, Arthur Schnitzler, Gustav Stresemann, Hermann Struck, Kurt Tucholsky, Heinrich Zille, Alfred Wiener, and Stefan Zweig.

11 (1.I.)Altman-Godwin (#1-28)1927-1939
12 (2.I.)Harden-Perl (#29-54)1902-1936
13 (3.I.)Perl-Pineas1931-1941, 1963
14 (4.I.)Rathenau-Zweig (#55-76)1903-1937, 1965, 1983
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Series II: Autographs,  1837-1912, 1927

This series is in German.
Scope and Content:

Series II holds autographs collected by Hermann from Peter Altenberg, Bettina Arnim, Richard Dehmel, Theodor Fontane, Detlev Liliencron, Paul Heyse, Adolf Menzel, and Theodor Mommsen.

15 (5.II.)Altenburg-Mommsen (#1-8)1837-1912
16 (6.II)Borchardt1909, 1927
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Series III: Novels, undated, 1930-1935

This series is in German.


Scope and Content:

Series III is comprised of individual manuscripts and typescripts of novels by Georg Hermann. In some cases, clippings pertaining to specific novels have also been included. Not all of the novels appear to have been published, although most were. Some of the most well-represented works included here are B.M., Rosenemil, Ruths Schwere Stunde, Der Unbekreuzigte, November 18, and Der Etruskische Spiegel, which was his last published novel.

17 (7.I.)B.M. - Complete Copy - Typed; 119p.undated
18 (8.I.)B.M. - Complete Copy #2 - Typed; 119p.undated
19 (9.I.)B.M. - Complete Copy #3, with Fragments - Typedundated
110 (10.I.)B.M. - p. 1-52, with Fragments - Typedundated
111 (11.I.)B.M. - Complete Copy - Typed; 117p.1934
112 (12.I.)B.M. - Complete Copy - Typed; 119p.; with Fragments and Corrections1934
113 (13.I.)B.M. - Fragmentsundated
114 (14.I.)B.M. - p. 12-52, 109undated
115 (15.I.)B.M. - Serialized, in Dutch; Clippingsundated
116 (16.I.)B.M. - Printed Book, Fragments; p. 113-1601935
117 (17.I.)Eine Zeit Stirbt - Typed; p. 2-243undated
118 (18.I.)Eine Zeit Stirbt - Typed; p. 236-471undated
119 (19.I.)Eine Zeit Stirbt - Printed Book, Unbound; p. 97-379undated
120 (20.I.)Eine Zeit Stirbt - Typed; p. 78-235undated
121 (21.I.)Eine Zeit Stirbt - Typed; p. 19, 74-80undated
122 (22.I.)Eine Zeit Stirbt - Typed; p. 3-6, 6a-d, 7-45, 45a, 46-48undated
123 (23.I.)Eine Zeit Stirbt - p. 1-18, 1-5undated
124 (24.I.)Der Etruskische Spiegel - Complete Copy - Typed; with Corrections1934
125 (25.I.)Der Etruskische Spiegel - Complete Copy - Typed; 287p.circa 1934
126 (26.I.)Der Etruskische Spiegel - Complete Copy - Typed; 287p.; Also p. 116, 209-221undated
21 (1.I.)Der Etruskische Spiegel - Complete Copy - Typed; with Greek Poemundated, circa 1934
22 (2.I.)Der Etruskische Spiegel - Typed; p. 69-79undated
23 (3.I.)Der Etruskische Spiegel - Typed; 254p., with Correctionsundated
24 (4.I.)Der Etruskische Spiegel - Typed; Fragments, with Correctionsundated
25 (5.I.)Grenadier Wordelmann - Notebook, Handwrittenundated
26 (6.I.)Grenadier Wordelmann - Miscellaneous Pagesundated
27 (7.I.)Grenadier Wordelmann - Miscellaneous Pagesundated
28 (8.I.)Grenadier Wordelmann - Fragments, p.3-5, 94undated
29 (9.I.)Grenadier Wordelmann - Published in Installments, Clippingsundated, circa 1930s
210 (10.I.)Grenadier Wordelmann - Typed; Fragments with Correctionsundated
211 (11.I.)Rosenemil - Typed; p. 4-227; with Correctionsundated, circa 1930s
212 (12.I.)Rosenemil - Complete Copy - Typed; 396p.; with Corrections1933
213 (13.I.)Rosenemil - Segments - Typed; p. 1-260undated
214 (14.I.)Rosenemil - Segments - Typed; p. 101-189, 235undated
215 (15.I.)Rosenemil - Segments - Typed; p. 1, 3-94, 137-396undated
216 (16.I.)Rosenemil - Fragments - Typed; with Correctionsundated
217 (17.I.)Rosenemil - Segments - Typed; p. 81-86, 93, 126-140, 395-396; with Correctionsundated
218 (18.I.)Rosenemil - Segments - Typed; p. 28-80; with Correctionsundated
219 (19.I.)Rosenemil - Segments - Typed; p. 95-100, 253-396; with Correctionsundated
220 (20.I.)Rosenemil - Fragments - Typedundated
221 (21.I.)Rosenemil - Segments - Typed; p. 236-240, 284, 4, 123-124, 187, 234undated
222 (22.I.)Rosenemils Heimkehr - Notes and Fragmentsundated
223 (23.I.)Rosenemils Heimkehr - Fragment; 2 p.undated
31 (1.I.)Ruths Schwere Stunde - Fragments - Typed and Handwritten; circa 250 p.undated, circa 1931
32 (2.I.)Ruths Schwere Stunde - Typed; p. 74-235undated
33 (3.I.)Ruths Schwere Stunde - Typed; p. 236-312, 314-334undated
34 (4.I.)Ruths Schwere Stunde - Typed; p. 303-344undated
35 (5.I.)Ruths Schwere Stunde - Typed; p. 1-84, 409-415, Fragmentsundated
36 (6.I.)Ruths Schwere Stunde - Typed; p. 335-344undated
37 (7.I.)Ruths Schwere Stunde - Typed; p. 273-286, 335-345 (end)undated
38 (8.I.)Ruths Schwere Stunde - Typed; Miscellaneous Words and Phrasesundated
39 (9.I.)Ruths Schwere Stunde; "Die Stelle Treppe;" Vorrede (Introduction); 2 p.undated
310 (10.I.)Der Ungekreuzigte - Complete Copy - Typed; p. 1-103undated
311 (11.I.)Der Ungekreuzigte - Complete Copy - Typed; Different Version; 105 p.undated
312 (12.I.)Der Ungekreuzigte - p. 2-90; p. 28-112undated
313 (13.I.)Der Ungekreuzigte - Typed; p. 1-76circa 1936
314 (14.I.)Der Ungekreuzigte - Typed; p. 1-76, with Handwritten Correctionsundated
315 (15.I.)Der Ungekreuzigte - Typed; Fragmentsundated
316 (16.I.)November 18 - Manuscript, Handwrittenundated
317 (17.I.)November 18 - Typed; Vorwort, p. 1-202undated
318 (18.I.)November 18 - Typed; Fragmentsundated
319 (19.I.)November 18 - Typed; Complete Copy; p. 1-1881930
320 (20.I.)November 18 - Typed; Complete Copy; p. 189-3771930
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Series IV: Fiction, undated, 1909-1971

This series is in German.

The series has been divided into two sections: Alphabetical and General.

Scope and Content:

Series IV holds works of shorter fiction written by Georg Hermann. Although the majority of manuscripts here are typed, a few are handwritten. Many of the manuscripts do not appear to have been published, and a large amount of them remain undated. Some of the manuscripts contained here which are counted among Hermann's published works include Jettchen Gebert and Dr. Herzfeld.

The General section contains several fragments and unidentified pieces of writing.

A) Alphabetical

321 (21.II.)"Adagio Cantabile" undated
322 (22.II.)"Arbeit Für Alle"undated
323 (23.II.)"Auf Der Dachterasse"1935
324 (24.II.)"Die Ausrangierte Grossmutter"undated
325 (25.II.)"Bist Du Es Oder Bist Du's Nicht" - Typed; with Handwritten Corrections; also Fragment, p.35-40 undated
326 (26.II.)"Der Brennende Baum" - Typedundated
327 (27.II.)"Brief An Einen Fuenfzigjährigen" - Typed; with Handwritten Correctionsundated
328 (28.II.)"Das Chrysanthemem Fest" - Typed; with Handwritten Correctionsundated
329 (29.II.)"Die Daheim Blieben;" "Max Und Dolly;" "Georg Der Doktor" - Typed; with Corrections and Notescirca 1938, 1971
330 (30.II.)"Djulia" - Typed; with Handwritten Correctionsundated
41 (1.II.)"Echte Schlangenhaut" - Typedundated
42 (2.II.)"Ehems Ende" - Typed, with Handwritten Corrections undated
43 (3.II.)"Die Feigling" - Typedundated
44 (4.II.)"Die Frucht Des Lebens" - Typed, with Cover Letterundated
45 (5.II.)"Für Blumen" - Typed; p. 2-3undated
46 (6.II.)"Der Gang Zum Briefkasten" - Typed, with Handwritten Correctionsundated
47 (7.II.)"Die Goldwage" - Typed, with Clippingundated
48 (8.II.)"Gott Hab Ich Gelacht" - Typed, with Corrections1935
49 (9.II.)"Das Grosse Haus und Der Neue Laden" - Typedundated
410 (10.II.)"Die Grosse Schriftstellerin" - Typedundated
411 (11.II.)"Gustav der Optimist" - Typed; with Correctionsundated
412 (12.II.)"Halvenfahrt 1912;" Sections VI and VII - Typedundated
413 (13.II.)"Hatte Professor Johnstone Falsch Desiert"undated
414 (14.II.)Novella "About Dr. Herzfeld" - Typed; p. 192-266undated
415 (15.II.)"Ich Gehe Aufs Alpinum" - Typed, with Handwritten Correctionsundated
416 (16.II.)"Die Intensität Des Gefühls" - Typedundated
417 (17.II.)Jettchen Gebert ; Manuscripts; Handwritten and Typed, with Film Synopsis1935
418 (18.II.)"Ein Kilo Mimosen" - Typedundated
419 (19.II.)"Kleinstadtschicksale" - Typed, with Handwritten Correctionsundated
420 (20.II.)"Kleine Weinachtgeschichte" - Typed1937
421 (21.II.)"Knigge Für Kriegsgewinner" - Typedundated
422 (22.II.)"Königen Von Persien" - Handwrittenundated
423 (23.II.)"Das Kriegsbruch" - Typed, with Handwritten Correctionsundated
424 (24.II.)"Lukian's Dreiundzwanzigsigstes Totengespraech-Bericht Über Einen Neuen Fund" - Typed, with Handwritten Corrections1935
425 (25.II.)"Marley Ist Tot" - Typed, with 2 extra p.1'sundated
426 (26.II.)"MeineEltern" - Typedundated
427 (27.II.)"Mein Erstes Kind" - Typed, with Handwritten Correctionsundated
428 (28.II.)"Meine Geschwister, Ein Vorbild Jüdischen Familiensinns;" Incomplete - Typed, with Handwritten Correctionsundated
429 (29.II.)"Meine Liebesgeschichten" - Typed, with Handwritten Correctionscirca 1939
430 (30.II.)"Mitten Im Leben" - Typed, with Handwritten Correctionsundated
431 (31.II.)"Die Moeven Der Bucht" - Typed, with Handwritten Corrections; 1 copy and 1 Incomplete Draftundated
432 (32.II.)"Neue Heimat" - Typed, with Handwritten Correctionsundated
433 (33.II.)"Der Neue Kragenschoner" - Typed, with Handwritten Corrections1933
434 (34.II.)"Die Neue Menschheit Schwank in 3 Aufzügen" by Gregor Bardolph (Georg Hermann pseudonym) and Wilhelm Crimer - Typed, with Handwritten Correctionscirca 1909-1913
435 (35.II.)"Nur Begegnungen" - Typedundated
436 (36.II.)"Der Optimist" - Typedundated
437 (37.II.)"Park Im Frühjahr" - Typed, with Handwritten Correctionsundated
438 (38.II.)"Passanten" - Typed undated
439 (39.II.)"Schattenspiele Des Lebens" - Typed,with Handwritten Correctionsundated
440 (40.II.)"Schnee;" 3 Versions - Typed1918
441 (41.II.)"Spielende Hunde" - Typedundated
442 (42.II.)"Das Schönste Mädchen Der Welt" - Typedundated
443 (43.II.)"Städte (Spanien);" Draft - Typedundated
444 (44.II.)"Soll Man Alte Häuser Umbauen" - Typedundated
445 (45.II.)"Tantiemen;" 3 Versions - Typed1929
446 (46.II.)"Das Tischgespräch" - Typedundated
447 (47.II.)"Die Unbekannte" - Typedundated
448 (48.II.)"Von Der Liebe" - Typedundated, circa 1922
449 (49.II.)"Was Von Büchern Übrigbleibt?" - Typedundated
450 (50.II.)"Der Wechselrahman Des Lebens" - Typedundated
451 (51.II.)"Weltabscheid" - Typed, with Two Letterscirca 1939-1971
452 (52.II.)"Wettgeld" - Typed undated
453 (53.II.)"Wie Ich Auf Heidelberg Kam" - Typedundated
454 (54.II.)"Die Zeitlupe" - Typedcirca 1926
455 (55.II.)"Zum 365. Mal Erste Liebe" - Typed, with Handwritten Correctionsundated
456 (56.II.)"Zu Zwei Kinderbildern" - Typed, with Handwritten Correctionsundated
457 (57.II.)"Zwei Die Zu Spät Kommen" - Typed, and Galley Proof, Incompleteundated
458 (58.II.)"Zwererlei Liebespaare" - Typed, with Handwritten Correctionsundated

B) General

459 (59.II.)"Dank An Die Schwalben" - Typedundated
460 (60. II.)"Papernüsse" - Typedundated
461 (61.II.)"Eltern Sind Immer Alt"undated
462 (62.II.)"Tiergartenstrasse 21a" - Typedundated
463 (63.II.)"Begegnung In Der Friedrichstrasse" - Typedundated
464 (64.II.)"Als Einleitung Eingerückt Und Petit Setzen"undated
465 (65.II.)Fragments - Typedundated
466 (66.II.)Handwritten Pageundated
467 (67.II.)"Feuilleton"; Galleys; Also "Lokales" and Others; Galleysundated
468 (68.II.)Handwritten Noteundated
469 (69.II.)"Ich Ziehe Mich Ins Privat Leben Zurück" - Typedundated
470 (70.II.)"Der Unglücklichste Mensch" - Typedundated
471 (71.II.)"Gedanken Zum Schaffen Ludwig Fuldas" - Typedundated
472 (72.II.)"Zwei Tholtos" - Typedundated
473 (73.II.)"Meine Schönsten Lebenserinnerungen" - Typedundated
474 (74.II.)"Entarte Kunst" - Typedundated
475 (75.II.)"Die Journalmappe" - Typedundated, circa 1937
476 (76.II.)"Es Wäre Auch Auf Dem Kapitalismus Zu Ordnen" - Typedcirca 1937
477 (77.II.)"Ich Übernehme Keine Verantwortung" - Typedcirca 1937
478 (78.II.)"Der Prophetische Emerson" - Typedundated
479 (79.II.)"Abschrift Der Erklärung Von Cichewicz Für Artur Samter, Feb. 1937"1937
480 (80.II.)"Für Querido" - Typed, with Signaturecirca 1937
481 (81.II.)"Erfolg" - Typedundated
482Poetry - Typedcirca 1937
483 (83.II.)Unidentifiedcirca 1935-1939
484 (84.II.)Handwritten Listundated
485 (85.II.)"Der Kalendar Des Grosstadt" - Typedundated
486 (86.II.)"...Gesandt" - Typed undated
487 (87.II.)Handwritten Noteundated
488 (88.II.)"Ich Weiss Nicht Ob Die Naturwissenschaftler..."circa 1937
489 (89.II.)Unidentified - Typedundated
490 (90.II.)"Kunstauktion In Heidelberg" - Typed1922
491 (91.II.)"Die Konstrucktionsfehler Der Demokratie" - Typedundated
492 (92.II.)"Die Kinder Der Geschiedenen" - Typedundated
493 (93.II.)"Die Obere Strafgrenze" - Typedundated
494 (94.II.)"Vorschlag Zur Fürsorge Für Entlassene Gefangene" - Typed undated
495 (95.II.)Unidentified - Typedundated
496 (96.II.)Unidentified - Handwrittenundated
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Series V: Essays and Non-Fiction Articles, undated, 1926-1938

This series is in German.

Series V is divided into two sections: Alphabetical and General.

Scope and Content:

Series V contains works by Hermann on non-fiction subjects. Included are essays and articles written for publications.

Several folders in this series contain essays which focus on social nature, namely “Barbaren,” “Entäuschungen der Kindheit,” “Die Sociologie der Vereinigten Staaten Nordamerikas und deren Bevolkerung,” and “'Streik oder Streikzustand' Ein Vorschlag zur Sicherung des Nationalvermoegens.” Another prominent topic in this series is politics, and several essays discuss political issues.

A) Alphabetical

51 (1.III.)"Appel an das Demokratishe Gewissen Hollands" - Typed1936
52 (2.III.)"Barbaren" - Typed with Handwritten Corrections1917
53 (3.III.)"Die Bilanz" - Typed; 2 Versions and Fragments1933
54 (4.III.)"Demokratie" - Typed with Handwritten Corrections1937
55 (5.III.)"Devaluation" - Typed with Handwritten Corrections1936
56 (6.III.)"Emigranten" - Typedcirca 1937
57 (7.III.)"Entäuschungen der Kindheit;" in Die Interessante Seite - Typed1927
58 (8.III.)"Der Fall Gumbel" - Typedcirca 1926
59 (9.III.)"Eine neue Deutung des Sehens" - Typed with Handwritten Correctionsundated
510 (10.III.)"Die Niederländer um 1800" - Typedundated
511 (11.III.)"Die Sociologie der Vereinigten Staaten Nordamerikas und deren Bevolkerung"undated
512 (12.III.)"'Streik oder Streikzustand' Ein Vorschlag zur Sicherung des Nationalvermögens" - Typed with Handwritten Correctionsundated
513 (13.III.)"Über Kommunismus" - Typedundated
514 (14.III.)"Vollerei Antwort auf den Artikel des Herrn Professor Granzow" - Typed with Handwritten Correctionsundated

B) General

515 (15.III.)Typed; with Some Signaturescirca 1937
516 (16.III.)Typed; also Reprintscirca 1930-1936
517 (17.III.)Typed; with Some Signatures, Radio Scripts; Some Multiple Copiesundated, circa 1933
518 (18.III.)"Was Wäre loss wenn...?" - Typedundated
519 (19.III.)"Sonderlinge;""Mein Geburtshaus;""Your Hobby;""Privat Ellen Stein" - Handwrittencirca 1926
520 (20.III.)Typed and Handwrittenundated, circa 1933
521"Eine Frau beschwert sich bei Gott" - Typed1937
522 (22.III.)"Antisemitismus! Ach ja Antisemitismus!!" - Typedundated
523 (23.III.)"Warum sind Faden Socialistische Figuren" - Typed1937
524 (24.III.)"Einige simple Tatsachen, naiv dargestellt" - Typed1938
525 (25.III.)"Agathon Mayers Ende" - Typed1930
526 (26.III.)"Evian" - Typed with Correctionsundated
527 (27.III.)Miscellaneous - Typedcirca 1930s
528 (28.III.)Clipping - Windsor and Warfieldundated
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Series VI: Literature and Art, undated, 1901-1937

This series is in German.
Scope and Content:

Series VI contains articles written by Hermann concerning diverse topics in literature and art.

Topics of essays found in this series include poetry, such as "Dichter und Richter," "Dichterjubiläen," as well as general essays concerning literature like "Weltliteratur oder Literature fuer den Hausgebrauch," "Briefe über Deutsche Literatur," and "Das Amerikanische Buch," among many others. Two essays focus on Goethe: "Warum Goethe" and "Der Psychoanalysierte Goethe," and two others discuss film: "Kleine Attacke gegen den Film," and "Zu dem Filmverbot."

Most articles in this series are not dated.

529 (29.IV.)Typed with Handwritten Correctionsundated
530 (30.IV.)"Dichter und Richter;" Radio Script - Typed with Correspondence1932
531 (31.IV.)"Dichterjubiläen" - Typed1937
532 (32.IV.)"Disputation zu einen Vortrag über Biedermeier" - Typedundated
533 (33.IV.)"Kultur und Recht" - Typedundated
534 (34.IV.)"Weltliteratur oder Literatur für den Hausgebrauch"undated
535 (35.IV.)"Zur literarischen Weltwirtschaft;" with Correspondence - Typed1921
536 (36.IV.)"Briefe über Deutsche Literatur" - Typed1925-1926
537 (37.IV.)"Warum Goethe"undated
538 (38.IV.)"Kleine Attacke gegen den Film;" 2 Versions - Typedundated
539 (39.IV.)"Zu dem Filmverbot" - Typedundated
540 (40.IV.)"Der neue Remarque" and "Remarque" - Typedundated
541 (41.IV.)"Franz Koermendi Versuchung in Budapest" - Typed with Fragmentsundated
542 (42.IV.)"Ein Vorschlag für die Bibliotheken" - Typedundated
543 (43.IV.)"Der Psychoanalysierte Goethe" - Typedundated
544 (44.IV.)"Zwischen zwei Revolutionen" by Ernst Heilborn - Typed1929
545 (45.IV.)"John Galsworthy;" 2 Versions - Typedundated
546 (46.IV.)"Wieglers dt. Literaturgeschichte II. Teil"-"Jacob Wassermann" - Typed and Handwrittenundated
547 (47.IV.)Miscellaneous; also "Paul Wiegler" - Printed/Typedundated
548 (48.IV.)Miscellaneous - Typedundated
549 (49.IV.)Clippings; "An Frau Courths-Mahler"undated
550 (50.IV.)"Das Amerikansche Buch" - Typedundated
551 (51.IV.)"Hüben wie drüben wild bluehende Jugend"; "Was soll man lesen" - Typedcirca 1926-1930
552 (52.IV.)"Der moderne Dandy" - Typedundated
553 (53.IV.)"Die Politisierung der Schriftsteller;""Tucholski;""Pro Remarque" - Typedundated
554 (54.IV.)Miscellaneous - Typedundated, circa 1922
555 (55.IV.)Miscellaneous Handwritten and Reprintsundated
556 (56.IV.)"Aufsatz über Protraitkunst und der Dame" - Typed; also Handwritten Articleundated
557 (57.IV.)Miscellaneous - Typedundated
558 (58.IV.)"Der Künstler und sein Werk" and "National Galerie" Files - Typedundated
559 (59.IV.)"Aus Ausstellungen und Kunstsalons"; "Die Erziehung zum Kunsthistoriker"; "Polemik Liebermann (letter)"; and "On Köngl. Bibliothek" - Typedcirca 1911
560 (60.IV.)Miscellaneous Handwritten Materials and Clippings1901-1913
561 (61.IV.)Reprint, Clippings1901-1916
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Series VII: Judaism, undated, 1919-1964

This series is in German, Dutch, English, and French.
Scope and Content:

Series VII contains essays written by Georg Hermann concerning Jews and Judaism. Most essays concern the status of Jews in Germany, such as "Die Juden in der Deutsche Kultur," and "Der Deutsche Jude und das Grosstadtproblem."

562 (62.IV.)"Joderne i den Tyske Kultur" - Typedundated
563 (63.IV.)"Die Juden in der Deutsche Kultur" - Typedcirca 1932
564 (64.IV.)"Jüdische Frauen arischer beziehungweise christlich Deutsche Künstler" - Typed1935
565 (65.IV.)"Eine Lanze für die Westjuden" - Typed1937
566 (66.IV.)"Was sollen wir Juden tun" - Typedundated
567 (67.IV.)"J'accuse;" German, Dutch, English, and French - Typed and Handwrittenundated, circa 1930s
568 (68.IV.)"Jüdische Notizen" - "Der Deutsche Jude und das Grosstadtproblem" - Typedcirca 1926-1932, 1964
569 (69.IV.)"Der Sinn der Jüdischen Witze;" "Die Krise der Jüdischen Kuenstler" - Typedundated
570 (70.IV.)Miscellaneous - Typed and Handwritten, with 'Hermann' Signaturecirca 1919
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Series VIII: Nature, undated, 1904

This series is in German.


Scope and Content:

Series VIII holds essays which have nature as a theme, and includes one folder of clippings as well as essays. All folders containing essays hold undated material.

571 (71.IV.)"Alpenblumen" - Typedundated
572 (72.IV.)"Aus Schnee" - Handwrittenundated
573 (73.IV.)"Eisgang" - Typed undated
574 (74.IV.)"Nachruf für Teddi" - Typedundated
575 (75.IV.)"Park im Frühjahr" - Typedundated
576 (76.IV.)"Trapaeolum" - Typedundated
577 (77.IV.)"Winterreise" - Typedundated
578 (78.IV.)Miscellaneous - Typedundated
579 (79.IV.)Clippings1904
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Series IX: Berlin, undated, 1903-1931

This series is in German.
Scope and Content:

The non-fiction articles and clippings contained in this series center on the city of Berlin, where Hermann spent most of his life, and which was the focus of several of his novels. Of interest to researchers here is the folder "Alexanderplatz," which not only contains typed fragments of the essay, but also Hermann's signature, and galleys of his article "Berlin vor 50 Jahren."

Many of the folders in this series hold items which are not dated.

61 (1.VII.)"Alexanderplatz;" Parts I - III; 1 Copy and Fragments - Typed; also Signatureundated
62 (2.VII.)"Der Alte Westen" - Typedundated
63 (3.VII.)"Bieberkoloniennotizen" - Typedundated
64 (4.VII.)"Das rosse Haus und der Kleine Laden" - Typedundated
65 (5.VII.)"Es Geht Voran" - Typedundated
66 (6.VII.)"Frühling in den Blumenkorben" - Typedundated
67 (7.VII.)"Kunst" - Typed undated
68 (8.VII.)"Die Liebermanns" - Typedundated
69 (9.VII.)"Pro Berlin;" Reprint #2491931
610 (10.VII.)"Ruinen...die Keine Sind"; Galleys with Proofreading Symbolsundated
611 (11.VII.)"Die Tugend der Not" - Typed with Handwritten Correctionsundated
612 (12.VII.)"Wie ich Berlin wiederfand" - Typedundated
613 (13.VII.)"Zwei kleine Mädchen" - Typedundated
614 (14.VII.)Clippingscirca 1918
615 (15.VII.)"Die altberliner Posse" - Typed, with Signature; "Alt Berlin Neu Berlin;" Clippings, Reprintsundated, 1903-1918
616 (16.VII.)"Berlin vor 50 Jahren"; Galleysundated
617 (17.VII.)Miscellaneous; List of "Berlin und Berlinerisches" - Typedundated
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Series X: Travels, undated, 1910-1934

This series is in German.

Mostly alphabetically by country.

Scope and Content:

Series X: Travels is comprised of manuscripts, typescripts, and clippings about Hermann's trips to foreign countries. Several folders concern Amsterdam or Holland, where Hermann emigrated later in life to escape Nazi Germany. Other regions featured here include Belgium, England, Italy and the Vatican, Copenhagen (Koperhagen) in Denmark, Spain, and Strasbourg (Strassburg) and the Riviera in France.

618 (18.VIII.)Allegemeines; Handwritten notes, Clippingscirca 1906-1910
619 (19.VIII.)"Eine Grosse" - Typedundated
620 (20.VIII.)Amsterdam/Holland; "Wiedersehn mit Holland" - Typed, with Signature1933
621 (21.VIII.)Amsterdam/Holland; "Amsterdam" - Typedcirca 1926
622 (22.VIII.)Amsterdam/Holland; "Vier Jahre Holland" - Typed1937
623 (23.VIII.)Amsterdam/Holland; "Holland" - Typed 1920
624 (24.VIII.)Belgium; "66 Stunden Belgien"; Parts I-III - Typedundated
625 (25.VIII.)England; "England...Stichworte" - Typedundated
626 (26.VIII.)Italy - Typed, Handwritten Notes, Clippingscirca 1910-1914
627 (27.VIII.)Italy and Vatican - Typed and Handwritten Material undated
628 (28.VIII.)Koperhagen; "Koperhagen" - Typed, Handwritten Notes, Clippings1918
629 (29.VIII.)Provence and Riviera - Typedundated
630 (30.VIII.)Spain - Typedundated
631 (31.VIII.)Spain - Typed, Handwritten Notescirca 1921-1931
632 (32.VIII.)Spain - Typed, Handwritten Notes, Clippings1931-1934
633 (33.VIII.)Strassburg; "Stichworte von einer Reise" - Typed; with Fragmentsundated
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Series XI: Clippings, 1894-1956

This series is in German and Turkish.
Scope and Content:

The clippings found in Series XI are of a general nature, and cover a span of sixty years. Included among the clippings are articles from periodicals, pamphlets, a poster, a music reprint, monographs, a radio script, and a small amount of correspondence. Clippings come from such publications as the C.V. Zeitung, the Vossische Zeitung, several art publications, and Die Welt Literatur. Box 7, folder 24 holds clippings on Hermann's work Jettchen Gebert.

634 (34.IX.)Clippings - Sonderdruck; Bildende Kunst; Die Kunstcirca 1899-1910
635 (35.IX.)Clippings1932-1933
636 (36.IX.)Clippingscirca 1925
637 (37.IX.)Clippings1925-1928
638 (38.IX.)Clippings; Periodicals; Memorial Book1926-1933
639 (39.IX.)Clippings - Mounted1931-1936
640 (40.IX.)Clippings - Vossische Zeitung1904, 1926, 1931-1932
641 (41.IX.)Clippings1938
642 (42.IX.)Clippings1903-1904, 1919
643 (43.IX.)Clippings - C.V. Zeitung1933
644 (44.IX.)Clippings1924
645 (45.IX.)Clippings with Duplicates 1926-1932
646 (46.IX.)Clippings with Duplicatescirca 1925-1933
647 (47.IX.)Clippings with Duplicates1924-1935
648 (48.IX.)Clippings with Duplicatescirca 1926-1934
649 (49.IX.)Clippings with Monographs, Periodical, Duplicates1899-1916
650 (50.IX.)Clippings with Periodical, Duplicates1926-1933
71 (1.IX.)Clippings1926, 1928-1933
72 (2.IX.)Clippings with Duplicates1931, 1933, 1935
73 (3.IX.)Clippings1909, 1914-1915, 1930-1931
74 (4.IX.)Clippings1933
75 (5.IX.)Clippings1933
76 (6.IX.)Clippings; Scrapbook Pages1927
77 (7.IX.)Clippings; Periodical1924, 1931, 1934
78 (8.IX.)Clippings with Duplicates1909-1917, 1930-1931
79 (9.IX.)Clippings; Pamphlet, Serial, Periodicalscirca 1928-1939
710 (10.IX.)Clippings; Articles, Typed; Music Reprint [Poster moved to Oversized]circa 1894, 1919, 1936
711 (11.IX.)Clippings; Monographcirca 1933
712 (12.IX.)Clippingscirca 1929-1934
713 (13.IX.)Clippings1928, 1932
714 (14.IX.)Periodicals; Including Turkish1917, 1919, 1933-1935
715 (15.IX.)Clippings; Radio Script1899-1956
716 (16.IX.)Clippings; Periodical; Correspondencecirca 1908-1959
717 (17.IX.)Clippings; Periodical 1897-1936
718 (18.IX.)Clippings1928-1939
719 (19.IX.)Clippings1906-1933
720 (20.IX.)Clippings1921-1936
721 (21.IX.)Clippings; Periodicals with Duplicates - Die Welt Literatur1916-1921
722 (22.IX.)Clippings; "Landschaften"circa 1904
723 (23.IX.)Clippings; Correspondence; Monographs; Periodicalscirca 1900-1911
724 (24.IX.)Clippings; "Jettchen Gebert;" with Periodicalscirca 1918-1956
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Series XII: Correspondence, 1897-1941

This series is in German.

Arranged in two sections: Chronological and General.

Scope and Content:

Series XII holds Georg Hermann's correspondence. Of interest to researchers may be his exchange of letters and postcards with his daughter Hilde from the early 1930s through 1941, and an open letter to Sigmund Freud.


725 (25.X.)Correspondence1897-1910
726 (26.X.)Correspondence1911-1919, 1936
81 (1.X.)Correspondence1921-1928
82 (2.X.)Correspondence1930-1933
83 (3.X.)Correspondence1934
84 (4.X.)Correspondence1935-1949


85 (5.X.)Correspondenceundated, circa 1920-1940
86 (6.X.)Correspondence - Open Letters, Including One To Sigmund Freudcirca 1937
87 (7.X.)Correspondence - Drafts1930-1935
88 (8.X.)Correspondence - with Hilde; Postcards1932-1941
89 (9.X.)Correspondence - with Hilde
810 (10.X.)Correspondence - with Hilde1937-1941
811 (11.X.)Correspondence - with Hilde - Typed Copies1933-1941
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Series XIII: Miscellaneous, undated, 1898-1944

This series is in German.

Series XIII: Miscellaneous contains two sections: General and Typed.

Scope and Content:

This series holds various items in different formats, including extensive notes as well as some correspondence, clippings, fragments of writing such as essays and poems, newsletters, a broadside, and other writing. Personal papers may also be found here, including false documents, identity papers, and ration cards from Holland, and folders containing material on Hermann's fiftieth and sixtieth birthdays. In addition, a dissertation on Hermann's writings from 1931 is also located here, entitled "Georg Hermann Berliner Biedermeierromane" by Walter Hermann Perl.

A) General

812 (12.XI.)Itinerary, Notes, Check Stubscirca 1936
813 (13.XI.)Letter, Notecirca 1905
814 (14.IX.)Invoices, Notescirca 1931-1932
815 (15.IX.)Correspondenceundated
816 (16.IX.)Notes, Clippingscirca 1900-1926
817 (17.IX.)Notes undated
818 (18.IX.)Newsletters, Notes, Broadsidecirca 1914-1934
819 (19.IX.)Notesundated
820 (20.IX.)Notescirca 1921-1930
821 (21.IX.)Dissertation; "Georg Hermann Berliner Biedermeierromane" by Walter Hermann Perl1931
822 (22.IX.)Dissertation (Xerox, not available on microfilm)1931
823 (23.IX.)Essays, Clippingscirca 1927
824 (24.IX.)Notesundated
825 (25.IX.)Notescirca 1932
826 (26.IX.)Notes, Clippingcirca 1931-1932
827 (27.IX.)Essays, Notes 1932
828 (28.IX.)Book Jacket, Poem, Notesundated
829 (29.IX.)Document, Correspondence, Notescirca 1923
830 (30.IX.)Writings, Galleys, Correspondence, Notesundated
831 (31.IX.)Material on 50th Birthday Celebration; Including Photographs 1921
832 (32.IX.)Material on 60th Birthday Celebration1931
833 (33.IX.)Documents (fakes); Identity and Ration Books1939-1944

B) Typed

91 (1.XII.)Typed Miscellany - p.199-201undated
92 (2.XII.)Typed Miscellany - Fragmentsundated
93 (3.XII.)Typed Miscellanyundated
94 (4.XII.)Typed Miscellany - Fragmentsundated
95 (5.XII.)Typed Miscellanycirca 1937
96 (6.XII.)Typed Miscellany - Articles, Listundated
97 (7.XII.)Typed Miscellanyundated
98 (8.XII.)Typed Miscellany - "Kleinstadtschicksale" undated
99 (9.XII.)Typed Miscellany - Including Poem, Fragments circa 1900-1931
910 (10.XII.)Typed Miscellany - Essays, Fragments undated
911 (11.XII.)Typed Miscellany - Essay, Poem, and 1 p. Fragmentundated
912 (12.XII.)Typed Miscellany - Fragments and Incomplete Writingsundated
913 (13.XII.)Typed Miscellany - Mostly Clippings; also Poems, Essays 1898-1919
914 (14.XII.)Typed Miscellany - Unidentified Story and Novelcirca 1930s
915 (15.XII.)Typed Miscellany - Notes and Fragments; Includes Several Duplicatesundated
916 (16.XII.)Typed Miscellanyundated
917 (17.XII.)Typed Miscellany - "MS. Seiten Wordelmann u-s-w."undated
918 (18.XII.)Typed Miscellanyundated
919 (19.XII)Typed Miscellanyundated
920 (20.XII.)Typed Miscellany - Manuscript and Notesundated
921 (21.XII.)Typed Miscellany - Manuscript Pages and Fragmentsundated
922 (22.XII.)Typed Miscellany - Manuscript Pages and Fragmentsundated
923 (23.XII.)Typed Miscellanyundated
924 (24.XII.)Typed Miscellany - Manuscript draft and notesundated
925 (25.XII.)Typed Miscellanycirca 1937
926 (26.XII.)Typed Miscellanyundated
927 (27.XII.)Typed Miscellanyundated
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Series XIV: Varia, undated, 1917-1929, 1971, 1981, 1993-1996, 2001

This series is in German.
Scope and Content:

Series XIV: Varia is comprised of notebooks and address books, manuscripts, and addenda that were added to the collection.

There are 18 notebooks and address books, many of which are undated, but some cover the time period from 1917-1930s. The volumes contain poetry, among other writings.

In addition, this series also contains writings about Georg Hermann and his writings. The manuscript by Dora Heger, "Charakteristik des Inhalts und der künstlerischen Arbeit in dem Roman Jettchen Gebert von Georg Hermann" is a biography of the author which emphasizes the origins and analysis of Jettchen Gebert. There is also a dissertation here on social advances as seen in Hermann's writing by Christian Rehse.

928 (28.XIII.)Notebooks and Address Books - 7 Volumesundated, circa 1917-1929
929 (29.XIII.)Notebooks and Address Books - 10 Volumesundated
930 (30.XIII.)Notebooks and Address Books: 7 Volumesundated
931 (31.XIII.)Notebooks and Address Books: Notebooks - 2 Volumesundated
932 (32.XIII.)Notebooks and Address Books - Notebook - 1 Volume1920
933 (33.XIII.)Notebooks and Address Books - Notebook - 1 Volume, with Inserts, Poetrycirca 1930s
934 (34.XIII.)Varia, Article1981
935 (35.XIII.)Manuscript by Dora Heger - "Charakteristik des Inhalts und der künstlerischen Arbeit in dem Roman Jettchen Gebert von Georg Hermann"1971
936 (36.XIII.)Manuscript - Master's Thesis, by Christian Rehse - "Das Problem des sozialen Fortschritts in Georg Hermann Werken" with Cover Letter1993-1996
937 (37.XIII.)Miscellaneous Typed - Program, Flyer, Clipping1996
938 (Addenda 3)Brochure for conference on Georg Hermann in London2001
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Oversized Materials (OSL 1)

Box TitleDate
10 German Republic Poster [Back to Container List]1918
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