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Descriptive Summary

Title: George L. Mosse Collection
Abstract: This collection documents the life and career of the historian George L. Mosse. It contains material focusing on his work, including papers relating to his writings and lectures, as well as material dealing with his family. In addition, there is extensive correspondence between Mosse and his family, colleagues and friends, publishing companies, universities and other educational institutions, former students, and lawyers concerning restitution of Mosse family property lost after the family fled Nazi persecution. The collection also contains books, videocassettes and film reels, objects, newspaper clippings, and photographs.
Languages: The collection is in German, English, Italian, French, Hebrew, Spanish, Dutch, and Latin.
Quantity: 65.8 linear feet
Accession number: AR 25137
Repository: Leo Baeck Institute
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Biographical Note

George L. Mosse was born Gerhard Lachmann-Mosse in Berlin on September 20, 1918 to a well-to-do Jewish family. His grandfather Rudolf Mosse founded the Mosse Publishing House, and published the major liberal newspaper in Germany the Berliner Tageblatt, as well as the Berliner Morgenzeitung, Volkszeitung, and the 8-Uhr Abendblatt. Rudolf Mosse was a pioneer in the business of modern international advertising, and owned several advertisement companies in Europe. George L. Mosse's father, Hans Lachmann, married Felicia Mosse, the only daughter of Rudolf Mosse. They had three children, Rudolf, Hilde and Gerhard (George), who was the youngest. After the death of Rudolf Mosse in 1922 Hans Lachmann-Mosse took over the firm. The Mosse family owned several estates, one of which was Schenkendorf, the family country residence that had a particular significance for George L. Mosse, who often recalled happy childhood memories of time spent at Schenkendorf. The Mosse publishing enterprise was one of the earliest targets of Nazi political harassment both before and after the Nazis came to power in 1933. The family left Germany the day after Hitler was appointed Chancellor, although George L. Mosse, away at school in southern Germany, did not leave until March 31, 1933. The family advertising enterprises located outside Germany-particularly in Switzerland-provided some financial means in their exile.

The educational career of George L. Mosse started at the boarding school Schule Schloß Salem near the Bodensee (Lake Constance), continued in 1934 at the Quaker Bootham school in York, England and in the years 1937-1939 at Cambridge. After George L. Mosse immigrated to the United States in 1939, he attended Haverford College, a Quaker college in Pennsylvania, and received his B.A. degree from the hands of the former president Herbert Hoover at Haverford in 1941. He then pursued his interest in English Protestant history at Harvard, where he studied with the medievalist Charles Howard McIlwain and received the PhD degree in 1946. His dissertation dealt with the struggle for sovereignty between king and Parliament in the early seventeenth century and was published under the title The struggle for sovereignty in England, from the reign of Queen Elizabeth to the Petition of Right in 1950.

In 1944 George L. Mosse joined the Army Specialized Training Program at the State University of Iowa where he lectured for soldiers who were scheduled to take part in the post-war U.S. occupation of Europe. A year later he became a member of the History Department faculty and was assigned to a newly established core course on the history of Western civilization, established just in time for the return of large numbers of veterans from WWII. He became a keen proponent and public advocate of this program and several times publicly defended its importance in the press. He was instrumental in developing its curriculum and helped its implementation at other institutions of higher education. His lectures were well attended and George L. Mosse became a popular teacher and in demand speaker in Iowa and the Midwest.

In 1955 George L. Mosse left the State University of Iowa to take a position as associate professor of European history at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he was recruited to build up the European history program. He served on the faculty until his retirement in 1988, first as the first Bascom Professor of European History, and later as the Bascom Weinstein Professor of History and Jewish Studies. In addition, George L. Mosse taught at The Hebrew University in Jerusalem from 1969 to 1985, and held the Koebner Chair between the years 1978 and 1985. Among many other appointments and honors he received in his retirement years was appointment to the A.D. White Professorship-at-Large at Cornell University.

Lecturing and contact with students were very important to George L. Mosse and he traveled and lectured extensively within the United States and abroad from Poland to Australia to South Africa and often in Germany where he embraced the new liberal democratic regime. He enjoyed particular popularity in Italy, where he gave many lectures, interviews to popular magazines, and attended many conferences. George L. Mosse held several visiting professorships, including: Stanford University (1963-1964); Hebrew University (1969-1985); Kaplan Center for Jewish Research, Capetown University (1980); University of Amsterdam (1980); Ecole des Hautes Études, Paris (1986); Cambridge University (1990-1994). In 1994 he was the first Shapiro Senior Scholar in Residence at the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C.

While George L. Mosse's early scholarship focused on the study of English constitutional history, Puritanism, and the Reformation, after his arrival at the University of Wisconsin his interest shifted towards modern German history and the history of Anti-Semitism. In 1964 George L. Mosse's seminal volume The Crisis of German Ideology: Intellectual Origins of the Third Reich was published. This work gave a new perspective on the study of the genesis of Nazism and right-wing movements in general. This book was followed by several others that challenged the conventional approaches to the origins of Nazism and fascism: Nazi Culture (1966), The Nationalization of the Masses (1975), and Toward the Final Solution (1977). His Fallen Soldiers investigated the cult of the war dead in Western Europe during and after the First World War. He was also interested in the history of German-Jewish relations and cultural co-habitation. Anson Rabinbach in his obituary in Aufbau (February 19, 1999) characterized George L. Mosse's German Jews beyond Judaism as his most personal book.

George L. Mosse always paid close attention to popular culture, behaviors and mentalities within a broader European cultural landscape. This became even more apparent when his focus shifted once again. In the 1980s George L. Mosse analyzed the concepts and perceptions of beauty, sexuality, and policies of public and social hygiene, in particular the political implications of perceived deviations from the norms of nineteenth century middle class society. His research resulted in two books, Nationalism and Sexuality (1985) and The Image of Man(1996).

George L. Mosse authored more than twenty-five books, including his autobiography Confronting History (2000). He published a great number of articles in academic journals and contributed to many volumes of essays. He was also a founding editor of the influential Journal of Contemporary History together with Walter Lacquer.

The academic achievements of George L. Mosse were recognized by five honorary doctorates: Doctor of Literature (Litt.D.) from Carthage College (1973); Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion (1987); Doctor of Philosophy honoris causa from Università degli Studi di Camerino (1995); Universität-Gesamthochschule-Siegen (1998); and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (1999). He was also awarded the Award for Scholarly Distinction of the American Historical Association, the Leo Baeck Medal, the Premio Aqui Storia, the Premio Prezzolini, and the Goethe Institute's Goethe-Medaille.

After the war the Mosse family attempted to recover their German property, and in the 1950's, they were successful in obtaining restitution of Mosse family properties located in the western sector. However, since most of the real estate was located in the Soviet occupied zone - later the German Democratic Republic - their efforts were only partially successful. When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 and conditions for the restitution of family properties became more favorable, George L. Mosse was the only living direct heir of the family, although he shared equally restitution with the heirs of his brother Rudolf and the foundation set up to honor his sister Hilde. The family was restituted the Schenkendorf estate (which had served after the war as a military base) as well as other properties, and George Mosse attended the dedication of the Mosse media center in the building that formerly housed the offices of the Mosse Publishing House.

George L. Mosse died on January 22, 1999 in Madison. In his will he generously endowed a program at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, and stipulated that this money be used for furthering academic exchange and collaboration between the departments of history at the University of Wisconsin and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He also left funds in support of gay and lesbian studies, and scholarships in Jewish and modern European history. Among other beneficiaries were The Leo Baeck Institute in New York, the Jewish Museum in Berlin, the Gay and Lesbian Studies department at the University of Amsterdam, and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The authors of the finding aid would like to thank John Tortorice, partner of George L. Mosse, for his comments on the Biographical Note.

Curriculum Vitae

September 20, 1918 Born in Berlin, Germany
1937-1939 Attended University of Cambridge
1941 Received B.S., Haverford College
1946 Received Ph.D., Harvard University
1944-1955 Instructor to Associate Professor, State University of Iowa
1955-1965Associate Professor to Professor, University of Wisconsin
1963-1964Visiting Professor, Stanford University
1965-1982John C. Bascom Professor, University of Wisconsin
1969-1978Visiting Professor, Hebrew University
1972, 1979Visiting Fellow, History of Ideas Unit, Australian National University
1973Doctor of Literature (honorary) Carthage College
1977Visiting Professor, Jewish Theological Seminary of America
1978-1985Koebner Professor of History, Hebrew University
1980 Kaplan Center for Jewish Research, Capetown University
1982-1983Visiting Professor, University of Munich
1982-1988Weinstein-Bascom Professor in Jewish Studies, University of Wisconsin
1986Visiting Professor, Ecole des Hautes Études, Paris
1987 Visiting Fellow, Institute of Advanced Studies, Hebrew University
1987 D. Litt. (honorary) Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion
1988Professor Emeritus, University of Wisconsin
1988 Visiting Professor, University of Amsterdam
1989, 1992 Visiting Professor, Cornell University
1989 Visiting Professor, Tel Aviv University
1990, 1991, 1994Visiting Professor, Pembroke College, Cambridge University
1993 A.D. White Professor at Large, Cornell University
1994-1995 Shapiro Visiting Fellow, United States Holocaust Museum, Washington, D.C.
1995 Dr. L.C. (honorary) Università Degli Studi di Camerino, Camerino, Italy
1998 Dr. L.C. (honorary) Universität-Gesamthochschule, Siegen
January 22, 1999Death of George L. Mosse

Selected Bibliography

1950Struggle for Sovereignty in England, from the Reign of Queen Elizabeth to the Petition of Right. New York: Octagon Books, 1950.
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1957Europe in Review. Readings and Sources since 1500. Edited with introductions by George L. Mosse and others. Chicago: Rand McNally, 1957.
1961Culture of Western Europe: the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries. Chicago: Rand McNally, 1961.
1964The Crisis of German Ideology: Intellectual Origins of the Third Reich. New York: Grosset & Dunlap, 1964.
1966Nazi Culture: Intellectual, Cultural, and Social Life in the Third Reich, Edited by George L. Mosse. New York: Schocken Books, 1966.
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1990 Fallen Soldiers: Reshaping the Memory of the World Wars. New York: Oxford University Press, 1990.
1993Confronting the Nation: Jewish and Western Nationalism. Hanover: Published [for] Brandeis University Press by University Press of New England, 1993.
1996 Image of Man: the Creation of Modern Masculinity. New York: Oxford University Press, 1996.
1999 Fascist Revolution: Toward a General Theory of Fascism. New York: H. Fertig, 1999.
2000 Confronting History: A Memoir. Madison, University of Wisconsin, 2000.
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Scope and Content Note

The papers of George L. Mosse provide a significant amount of information on the work and life of a historian of the origins of fascism and Nazism, Jewish history and German-Jewish cultural coexistence, George L. Mosse (1918-1999). The most valuable part of the collection is the correspondence of George L. Mosse. It contains both letters he received and copies of those he sent. The correspondence (Series III) with publishers documents various stages of creation of his books, while his personal correspondence with friends and colleagues reveals his thoughts on many historiographical issues, as well as insights into the academic life of a distinguished scholar and devoted educator.

Another significant resource documenting George L. Mosse's academic pursuits are drafts and manuscripts of his books, articles, and lectures. These are preserved together with research notes and index cards George L. Mosse used for his research (Series II). This kind of material can help in understanding George L. Mosse research methods and techniques. George L. Mosse together with Walter Lacquer edited the Journal for Contemporary History and this collection contains its editorial correspondence and drafts of articles both accepted and rejected spanning almost forty years of its existence from 1961 to 1998 (Series III). This part of the collection captures important trends and developments in scholarship on the history of the twentieth century, and particularly on the origins of fascism and Nazism. The historiographical shifts are also reflected in the vast collection of off-prints that George L. Mosse accumulated throughout his long career.

The collection includes some material on the Mosse family, however, personal correspondence with family members and artifacts that would have strong ties to individual family members are rather rare. Some information on George L. Mosse's family can be found in correspondence he had with various scholars interested in the history of this family.

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Divided into 9 series.

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Access and Use

Access Restrictions

Open to researchers.

Access to the following parts of the collection is restricted to those who receive written permission from the trustees of the George L. Mosse Estate: Series III: Correspondence, 1919-2001: Subseries 1-3 (box/folders 30/1-40/41) and subseries 6 (box/folders 51/1-51/259).

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Leo Baeck Institute Center for Jewish History 15 West 16th Street New York, NY 10011

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Collection is digitized. Follow the links in the Container List to access the digitized materials.

Use restrictions

There may be some restrictions on the use of the collection. For more information, contact:
Leo Baeck Institute Center for Jewish History 15 West 16th Street New York, NY 10011

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Related Material

The Mosse Family Collection (AR 99) is available at the LBI. Information on George L. Mosse, including audio files of his lectures on WHA Radio, is available on the University of Wisconsin's website at:

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Separated Material

Some photos have been separated and placed in the LBI photo collection. Several books found in this collection have been removed to the LBI Library. Three objects (a lapel pin, a medal, and an impression/death mask of Ernst Toller) have been placed in the LBI art collection.

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Container List

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.

Follow the links to access the digitized materials.


Series I: Personal, 1897-2001

This series is in English, German, Italian, Hebrew, French, Dutch, and Norwegian.
4 linear feet

Divided into three subseries.

Scope and Content:

Series I is made up of three subseries: George L. Mosse, Family, and Calendars, which document the life and family of George L.Mosse.

The first subseries mainly contains personal documents such as school or health documents, as well as items relating to celebrations of Mosse's sixtieth, seventieth, and eightieth birthdays. This subseries contains a large amount of awards and certifiicates given to Mosse. There are also articles written about him documenting his academic acheivements as well as his political views.

Subseries 2 focuses on the Lachmann-Mosse family, and contains not only material on the family in general, but also on George L. Mosse's sister, mother, father, and grandfather. Information on his grandfather also contains documents pertaining to the Mosse publishing company. Subseries 3 consists of daily planners used by Mosse.

Subseries 1: George L. Mosse, 1927-2001

This subseries is in English, German, Italian, French, Dutch, and Norwegian.
3 linear feet


Scope and Content:

This subseries contains material that documents the personal life of George L. Mosse, in addition to school reports, personal documents, awards, and other social and academic honors.

Folders in the part of this subseries labelled General contain non-scholarly documents pertaining to Mosse's life. Several folders hold birthday greetings for his sixtieth, seventieth, and eightieth birthdays. Other items include material from educational institutions Mosse attended including the Bootham School, Haverford College, and Downing College (University of Cambridge). Item relating to his personal possessions may also be found here, including an appraisal of a violin and information on a porcelain collection. The Personal Documents folder contains Mosse's driver's licenses, library cards and a Strassenbahn ticket from 1933.

The subseries also contains many awards, acknowledgements, certificates, and degrees given to Mosse in recognition of his work, in addition to his academic degrees. Many of the degrees are honorary.

The last part of this subseries, listed under the heading Articles, Essays, and Laudatia, contains published articles from journals as well as magazine and newspaper clippings concerning Mosse and his work. The articles document Mosse's academic and extra-academic activities. The clippings from the 1950s-1960s especially document rich political involvement in many contemporary political issues both on and off of the University of Wisconsin campus. Articles from the later period usually reflect George Mosse's opinions on the grave social and historical issues such as the rise of the neo-nazism, the roots of fascism, the convoluted German history in the 19th and 20th century, and later the questions of sexuality, masculinity, and homosexuality. The clippings contain interviews with George Mosse and various interpretations of his works in popular journals or magazines, essays on his scholarship, and commemmorations about his life.

After the death of Hilde L. Mosse in 1982 a foundation in her name was established in 1983. Since George Mosse was the President of the Foundation, materials related to the Hilde L. Mosse Center is located in this subseries.

A) General

1160th Birthday Invitation1978
OSL 41170th Birthday Celebration - Poster1988
1280th Birthday - Greetings and Wishes1988
1380th Birthday - Reminiscences1981
14American Historical Association Seventieth Anniversary Meeting1955
15Auction of Hans-Lachmann-Mosse Library1927-1982
16Auction of Jewelry1982-1984
17Bootham School1934-1940
19Citations Index - Arts and Humanities1994
110Citations Index - Social Science1980-1993
111Commission of Enquiry into the Activities of Nazism in Argentina1998
112Curriculum Vitaeundated
113Donald Gray - Headmaster, Bootham School, York1940-1945
114Downing College (University of Cambridge)1939
601Emigration - Exil - Exhibition Catalogue2000
115German Student Publications1952
116Grätz Family Historyundated
117Hadassah Hospital, Jerusalem - Hilde L. Mosse Center1998
118Haverford College - Reunions1961, 1971
119Haverford College - School Reports1939-1941
120Hebrew Union College - Commencement Exercises1987
121Life Insurance1983-1987
122 Medical Records1987-1998
123Obituary of Leonardo Olschki1961, 1972
124Permit to Enter Vatican Basilica for Easter Mass1962
125Personal Documents1933, 1939, 1958-1978, 1992-1995
126Petition for Writ of Mandate1950
127Phonogram Cardsundated
128Porcelain Collection1966, 1980-1983
129Projekt für Interdisziplinäre Faschismusforschung1993
130Research at Huntington Library - List of Readers and Their Projects1948
131Society Memberships1951, 1973
132Staadecker Familienstammbuch1905-1913
133Storia e Critica1992
134Swiss Banks and the Holocaustundated
135Università degli Studi di Camerino - Cena in Onore di George L. Mosse1995
136University of Glasgow - List of Delegates and Honorary Graduands1951
137Violin Appraisal1983-1991
138Wisconsin Magazine of History1965
139Zwolf Merkwürdige Ausrufer von Berlin mit ihrem Geschreyundated

B) Acknowledgements, Awards, Degrees

140American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Boston - Fellow Certificate1985
OSL41 2American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Boston - Fellow Certificate1985
141American Historical Association - Award for Scholarly Distinction1997
142Carthage College - Doctor of Literature Degree1973
602Cornell University - Andrew D. White Professor-at-Large Certificate 1993
603GLB Alumni Council - Life Achievement Award 1996
143Goethe-Institut - Goethe-Medaille Certificate1988
144Hadassah Acknowledgement of Gift - Certificateundated
OSL41 3Harvard University - Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy Degrees1942, 1947
OSL41 4Haverford College - Bachelor of Science1941
145Haverford College - Loyalty Recognition Certificateundated
OSL415Hebrew Union College - Doctor of Humane Letters Degree1987
OSL416Hebrew University - Doctor Honoris Causa Degree1999
146Melton Center for Jewish Studies, Ohio State University - Award1996
147Premio Prezzolini Award1985
148Universität-Gesamthochschule-Siegen - Doktor der Philosophie Honoris Causa1998
149University of Wisconsin Foundation Certificateundated
150Wisconsin Library Association - Notable Wisconsin Author Award1995

C) Articles, Essays and Laudatia

211Articles - Dutch1985-1996
212Articles - French1987, 1995-1996
213Articles - German1956-1958, 1978-1998
214Articles - Hebrew1962-1999
215Articles - Italian1969-1980
216Articles - Italian1981-1985
217Articles - Italian1986-1994
218Articles - Italian1995-1999
219Articles - Norwegian1994
31Between Rationality and Irrationalism: George L. Mosse, the Holocaust and European Cultural Historyundated
32Cultural History and Symbols by John Ward - Review of Political Symbolism in Modern Europe: Essays in Honor of George L. Mosse1986
33Cultural History, Nationalism, and the Dignity of the Individual: the Work of George L. Mosse2000
34Curriculum Baedeker: From Art to Zoo1949
35Deutsche Juden jenseits des Judentums: Der Fall Gerhard George L. Mosseundated
36Deutsche-jüdische Emigrationshistoriker in den USA und der Nationalsozialismus1988
37Deutschlandbilder 1945-1965. Angloamerikanische Historiker und moderne deutsche Geschichte1989
38" Du Baroque au nazisme: une histoire religieuse de la politique"1994
39"G.L.Mosse e il Problema delle Origini Culturali del Fascismo: Significato di una Svolta"1976
310German Politics and Society - Special Issues: George L. Mosse Symposium2000
312Laudatia - Steve Ascheim: George Mosse at 80: A Critical Laudatio1999, 2001
313Laurea Honoris Causa a George L. Mosse1995
314Memorial Service - Speeches1999
315Nazisti ed ebrei nella Germania di George Mosseundated
317Note agli Studi di George Mosse sul Nazismo 1978
319Partecipazione politica e integrazione comunitaria nella Germania nazista: un'analisi politologica di G.L.Mosse1987
320Razzismo e Omosessualità (Intervista a George L. Mosse)1984
321Religione e politica nell'et… della secolarizzazione: riflessioni su di un recente volume di Emilio Gentile 1995

D) Hilde L. Mosse Foundation

323Contributions - Jewish Philanthropies1982, 1991, 1994-1998
324Contributions - Madison Jewish Community Council1994-1998
325Contributions - Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture1982-1983
328Financial Statements1990-1991
329Northside Center for Child Development1987-1998
330Northside Center for Child Development - Computers - Photo Albumundated
331Northside Center for Child Development - 50 Year Anniversary - Photo Album1996
332Northside Center for Child Development - Golden Anniversary Gala1996
OSL417Northside Center for Child Development - Hilde Mosse Center - Poster1997
333Northside Center for Child Development - Hilde Mosse Program - Photo Album 1996
604Northside Center for Child Development - Hilde Mosse Tutorial Center1992
334Northside Center for Child Development - Hilde Mosse Tutorial Center - Letters1996-1997
335Northside Center for Child Development - Hilde Mosse Tutorial Center - Photo Albumundated
336Northside Center for Child Development - Homework Center - Photo Album1996
337Northside Center for Child Development - Saturday1997
338Northside Center for Child Development - Saturday Program - Celebration1997
339Northside Center for Child Development - Saturday Program - Literacy Group 1997
340Portfolio Appraisal Reports1996-1998

Subseries 2: Family, 1897-1997

This subseries is in English and German.
0.5 linear foot


Scope and Content:

The documents concerning George L. Mosse's family are comprised of general items relating to the Mosse and Lachmann families, as well as items pertaining to his mother Felicia, his sister Hilde, his grandfather Rudolf, and his father Hans. Personal documents comprise most of the material on Felicia, Hilde, and Hans. In addition, among the documents relating to Hilde Mosse are also articles, obituaries, and a memorial speech given by her brother. Material pertaining to Rudolf Mosse is in the form of articles and obituaries; there are no personal documents of his here. Articles concerning his publishing house and foundation as well as the Rudolf Mosse Educational Institute for Boys and Girls (Rudolf Mosse'sche Erziehungs-Anstalt für Knaben und Mädchen) will be found here.

A) Mosse Family

41Articles on Mosse Familyundated, 1909?, 1918, 1925, 1944, 1986-1987
42Lachmann Family Genealogyundated
43Mosse Family Historyundated, 1909, 1991-1997

B) Felicia Lachmann-Mosse


C) Hilde Lachmann-Mosse

45Articles by Hilde L. Mosse 1959-1974
46Ein Berliner Salon - A House Playundated
47Birth Certificate1950
49Estate - Correspondence1982-1985, 1996
410Memorial Service Speech by George L. Mosse1982?
413Portrait of Paul Ehrlich1943

D) Rudolf Mosse

415Rudolf Mosse - Articlesundated, 1954, 1959, 1988
416Rudolf Mosse - Obituaries1920
417Rudolf Mosse Educational Institute - Annual Reports1897-1909
418Rudolf Mosse Foundation1966-1985
419Rudolf Mosse Publishing House - Printundated
OSL418Mosse Zentrum - Veröffentlichungen zur Eröffnung1995

E) Hans Lachmann-Mosse

420Massenstraße - Photosundated
604Music Sheet Autographed by Franz Lehár1925
421Testament and Death Certificate1944, 1954

Subseries 3: Calendars, 1957-1998

This subseries is mainly in English.
0.5 linear foot


Scope and Content:

This subseries is comprised of daily planners which provide a view of George L. Mosse's daily life over a period of forty-one years. The calendars list appointments, meetings, and speaking engagements. Occasionally they also list tasks which need to be done.

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Series II: Writings and Research, 1750-2001

Series is in English, German, Italian, and Hebrew.
25.3 linear feet

Divided into 5 subseries.

Scope and Content:

Series II: Writings and Research holds the bulk of the scholarly material produced by George L. Mosse in this collection. The majority of documents found here are manuscripts and drafts of his writings, this series also contains research notes, index cards, and material he used in lectures and university courses.

Having been a prolific writer, there is a large amount of material concerning Mosse's books which will be found here, including several different versions of his works. Research notes used for specific books will be found in Subseries 4 as well as in Subseries 5: Index Cards. Manuscripts and drafts of his books are located in Subseries 1. Reviews and reactions of his books by colleagues will be found in Subseries 2.

In addition to books, George L. Mosse also wrote and published many articles and reviews covering various historical topics, often related to themes found in his published books. Articles written by him will be found in Subseries 1; reviews by others of these articles are located in Subseries 2.

As a popular professor and well-known scholar, Mosse also spent a great deal of his time giving lectures. Lectures and other public talks given by him to groups or at professional conferences will be found in Subseries 3: Lectures, Conference Papers, and Courses. This subseries also includes material used by Mosse in some of his classes, especially those given at the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

Subseries 1: Writings,  undated, 1945-2000

This subseries is in German, English, Italian, French, Hebrew, Dutch
8.25 linear feet

by format and further alphabetically by title of the work

Scope and Content:

This subseries contains manuscripts of George L. Mosse's writings, including his books, articles, reviews, research notes, and other projects in which Mosse participated.

Manuscripts of his books contain drafts of his works. In addition, there are also notes on items George L. Mosse planned on inserting into his manuscripts, page proofs, and questions and queries from editors or readers concerning his manuscripts. The largest book represented in this section is Confronting History; materials concerning the autobiography include several drafts of the work, including three computer disks containing drafts. Material concerning The Image of Man includes not only drafts and inserts, but also reader's reports.

The unpublished manuscripts and published versions of articles Mosse wrote for various journals, newspapers, and other publications can also be found in this subseries. Most articles focus on scholarly topics found throughout the collection, including fascism, nationalism, Jewish history, masculinity and sexuality, national socialism, and World War I. Articles published earlier in his career include those which focus on Puritanism, the Reformation, English history, and the teaching of history. In addition, correspondence concerning the articles may also be found here. Many of Mosse's works were translated into other languages; when possible these translations are listed under their English titles. Puritanism and Politics is a collection of previously written articles on Puritanism.

Reviews written by George Mosse of other authors' books are also part of this subseries. Reviews are arranged chronologically by decade; those with more significant volume of material are further arranged alphabetically by author name. Reviews which were published in the New York Times Book Review are located separately in box 61.

A) Books

a) Confronting History

i) Contract


ii) Drafts

52Chapter I1996-1998
53Chapter II1996-1997
54Chapter II1998
55Chapter III1996-1998
56Chapter IV1996-1998
57Chapters VI-VII1998
58Chapters VIII-IX1998
59Chapters X-XII1998
510Computer Disks (3.5")1999
513Photo Listundated
514Queries and Corrections1999

iii) Edited Manuscript

515Chapters I-IVundated
516Chapters V-VIIundated
517Chapters VIII-Xundated
518Chapters XI-XIIIundated
519Title, Table of Contents, and Foreword undated
520Editing Correspondence1999-2001
521Editing Notesundated, 1998

iv) Final Version

523Chapter I1998
524Chapter II1998
61Chapter III1998
62Chapter IV1998
63Chapter V1998
64Chapter VI1998
65Chapter VII1998
66Chapter VIII1998
67Chapter IX1998

b) Confronting the Nation

69Drafts - Introductionundated
610Drafts - National Anthems: the Nation Militantundated

c) Crisis of German Ideology

611Preface to the 1997 Edition - Draft1997

d) Fallen Soldiers

612Foreword to Israeli Edition1993
613Picture Listsundated

e) Fascismo Verso Una Teoria Generale


f) Fascist Revolution: Toward a General Theory of Fascism


g) George Mosse: Ich Bleibe Emigrant: Gespräche mit George L. Mosse

616English Translation1991?

h) Image of Man

619Inserts - Not Usedundated, 1995
620Page Proofs1995
621Reader's Reports and Marketing Questionnaires1995

i) Source Readings - Western Civilization in Modern Times

623Criticism and Revision Suggestionsundated

B) Articles

6241915-18: la madre di tutti gli stermini1995
625Alltag im Dritten Reich undated
626American Jewish Historical Quarterly Colloquium Article 1974
627Amerikanische Geschichtsschreibung - Ein Überblick1952
628Anatomy of Fascism undated
629Anti-League: 1844-1846 1947
630Art and Politics in Germany: A Comment 1978
631Articles in Corriere Cultura1990
632Assimilation of Machiavelli in English Thought: The Casuistry of William Perkins and William Ames 1954
633Du Baroque au Nazismo - Une Histoire Religieuse de la Politique1994
634Beauty Without Sensuality1987-1991
635Beauty Without Sensuality - German Version Titled Schönheit ohne Sinnlichkeit1987
636Bildungsbürger Burn Their Own Books1981-1983
637Bookburning and the Betrayal of German Intellectuals1984
638Caesarism, Circuses, and Monuments1971
639Can Nationalism be Saved? About Zionism, Rightful and Unjust Nationalism1997
640Canto Della Patria1990
71Central European Intellectuals in Palestine1995-1996
72Challenge 1956
73Change and Continuity in the Tudor Consitution1947
74Christian Statesman 1955
75Corporate State and the Conservative Revolution in Weimar Germany1965
76Cultural Historian and Popular Culture1967
77Cultural Historian and Popular Literatureundated
78Culture, Civilization and German Anti-Semitism1958, 1962
79Declino Della Morale 1996
710Deputy's Dilemma1964
711Deutsch-Jüdische Bildungsbürgertum1986
712Deutscher Patriotismus und Jüdischer Nationalismus1991-1992
713Deviant Identities: Jews and Othersundated
714Dibattito sul Neo-Nazismo1993
718Ebrei e il Nazionalismo1992
715End is Not Yet: a Personal Memoir of the German-Jewish Legacy of its American Context1988
716Erste Weltkrieg und die Brutalisierung der Politik1987
717European Left and the War Experience: Germany and Franceundated, 1978
719Fascism and the French Revolution 1989
720Fascism and the Intellectuals1968
721Fascism as a Nationalist Movement: The Missing Linkundated
722Fascist Aesthetics and Society: Some Considerations1996
723Fin-de-siècle. Challenge and Response1991
724Free Speech and the University1967
725French Right and the Working Classes: Les Jaunes 1972
726Freshman History: Reality or Metaphysics?1949
727Friendship and Nationhood: About the Promise and Failure of German Nationalism1982
728Friendship and Nationhood: About the Promise and Failure of German Nationalism - Spanish Version Titled Amistad y Conciencia Nacional: Promesa y Fracaso del Nacionalismo Aleman1981-1982
729George Lichtheim: Sketch for an Intellectual Portrait1977
730German Jews and Liberalism in Retrospect1987
731German Kultur of European Spirit 1962
732German Socialists and the Jewish Question in the Weimar Republic1971
733Gershom Scholem as a German Jew 1986-1990
81Guerre et l'identité culturelle du national-socialisme1994
82History, Anthropology and Mass Movements1969
83Hitler Redux 1979
84Homosexuality and French Fascism1988
85Hope for Germany1959
86Idee des "Neuen Mannes" in Modernen Revolutionären Bewegungen1989-1990
87Image of the Jew in German Popular Culture: Felix Dahn and Gustav Freytag1957
88Importance of Jacques Saurin in the History of Casuistry and the Enlightenment1956
89Influence of Jean Bodin's Republique on English Political Thought1948
810Influence of the Völkisch Idea on German Jewry 1967
811Ist der Nationalismus Noch zu Retten? Uber Gerechtfertigen und Ungerechtfertigen Nationalismus1996
812"Italian Futurism and the Political Culture of Europe"1983-1987
813"Jewish Emancipation: Between Bildung and Respectability"1983-1985
814Jews and the German War Experience 1914-1918 1977
815"Jews and Nationalism: Some Reconsiderations"after 1996
816"Juden im Zeitalter des Modernen Nationalismus"1987-1988
817"Knights of the Sky and the War Experience"1993-1994
818"Left and the War Experience in Germany with a Brief French Comparison"undated
819Linke in Ihrer Stellung zum Nationalsozialismus - das Jüdische Problem1971
820Literature and Society in Germany 1972
821Literature and Society in Germany - Draft1972?
822Liturgical Uniformity and Absolutism in the Sixteenth Century 1947
823"Machtergreifung" undated
824Manliness and the Great War1994, 1996
825Masculinity and the Decadence1980, 1990-1994?
826Masculinity and the Decadence - German Versionundated
827Masculinity and the Decadence - Italian Version1993
828Masculinity and the Decadence - Old Versions1990-1994?
829"Massenpolitik und die politische Liturgie des Nationalismus"undated
830Max Nordau and His Degeneration1968
831Max Nordau, Liberalism and the New Jew 1992
832The Meaning of Zionism in 1897 and its Future Today1997
833"Modern Construction of Masculinity"undated
834"Munich and War"1962
835Museen Erziehen, Denkmäler Nicht1998
91Mystical Origins of National Socialism1961-1962
92Mystical Origins of National Socialism - Italian Version Titled Le Origini mistiche del nazionalsocialismo1962
93National Anthems: The Nation Militant1989
94National Cemeteries and National Revival: The Cult of the Fallen Soldiers in Germany 1979
95National Cemeteries and National Revival: The Cult of the Fallen Soldiers in Germany - Italian Version 1979
96"National Self-Representation During the 1930s in Europe and the United States"1986-1989?
97"National Socialism, Monuments and Memories of War"after 1993
98National Socialism, Nudity, and the Male Body1993-1994
99"Nationalism, Fascism, and the Radical Right" - Draftsundated
910Nationalism and Respectability: Normal and Abnormal Sexuality in the Nineteenth Century1982
911Nationalism and Respectability: Normal and Abnormal Sexuality in the Nineteenth Century - Italian Version 1983
912Nationalism and Sexuality in Nineteenth-Century Europe1983
913"Nazism: A Study of Racial Tyranny" - Introductionundated
914"New Kind of German Unity" undated
915Origini Occulte del Nazionalsocialismo1998
916Poet and the Exercise of Political Power: Gabriele D'Annunzio1973
917Police Forces in History1975
918Political Culture of Italian Futurism, a General Perspective1990
919Political Style and Political Theory - Totalitarian Democracy Revisited1983-1984
920Politisches Erwachen, Berlin, das Exil und die Antifaschistische Bewegung1997
921Pragmatism of the Freshman History Course1957
922"Preface to the Liturgy of the Jewish Reform Community"undated
923Pulhan he-hayal ha-met; bate-kavarot le'umiyim u-tehiyal le'umit1981
924Puritan Political Thought and the "Cases of Conscience"1954
925Puritan Radicalism and the Enlightenment1960
926"Puritanism and Absolutism in Old and New England"1950
927Puritanism and Materialism in Seventeenth Century1961
928Puritanism and Politics - Collection1952-1961
101Puritanism and Reason of State in Old and New England1950
102Puritanism Reconsidered1964
103Racism and Nationalism1995
104"Radicalism in Madison" 1987
105Ras en seksualitiet. De bourgeois-maatschappij en de buitenstaander in de negentiende eeuw1976
106"Razzismo" - Enciclopedia del Novocento1971-1979
107Reformation 1982
108"Renaissance, Reformation, and Seventeenth Century in the Library of the University of Wisconsin: A Description of Special Collections"1966
109Renzo de Felice and Historical Revisionism 1998
1010Renzo de Felice and Historical Revisionism - Drafts1998?
1011Renzo de Felice and Historical Revisionism - Research Notes1996-1997
1012Retreat to the Status Quo 1981
1013Romantic and Irrational: Pitfalls of a "Non-Political" Youth Movement1964
1014"Rosenzweig and the War: a Historical Comment"undated
1015Rushing to the Colors: On the History of Volunteers in War1986
1016Schöne und das häßliche Gesicht des Volkes 1997
1017Sécularisation de la Théologie Juive1985
1018Shell-Shock as a Social Disease2000
1019Sir John Fortescue and the Problem of Papal Power 1952
1020Souvenir de la Guerre et Place du Monumentalisme dans L'identité Culturelle du National-Socialisme 1994
1021Thomas Hobbes: Jurisprudence at the Crossroads1946
1022Thoughts on the German-Jewish Dialogueundated, 1982-1984
1023Towards a General Theory of Fascism 1979
1024"Two States of Mind" undated
1025Two World Wars and the Myth of the War Experience1986
1026Über Kriegserinnerungen und Kriegsbegeisterung1991
1027United States: The Dominance of Cultural History 1991
111Universailiyut shel ra'ayon ha Bildung1997-1998
112Unpublished Articles - Puritanismundated
113Urrà alla Bandiera1986
114Wagner, the Ring and History1988
115War and the Appropriation of Nature1981
116Was Die Deutschen Wirklich Lasen1974
117Zu Hause in der Massenstraße1996
118Zum Deutschen Soldatenlied1980

C) Reviews

a) 1940-1949

119Reviews 1940s1949
1110Wassermann, Louis: Modern Political Philosophies and What They Mean1945

b) 1950-1959

1111Reviews 1950s1951-1959
1112Caspari, Fritz: Humanism and the Social Order in Tudor England1956
1113Hughes, H. Stuart: Consciousness and Society. The Reorientation of European Social Thought, 1890-19301959
1114Ruffini, Francesco: Studi Sui Riformatori Italiani1957
1115Strider, Robert E.L., II: Robert Grevile, Lord Brooke1958
1116Vandenbosch, Amry and Hogan, Willard N.: The United Nations1953

c) 1960-1969

1117Reviews 1960s1960-1969
1118Allen, William Sheridan: The Nazi Seizure of Power: The Experience of a Single German Town 1965
1119Arendt, Hannah: Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil1963
1120Barnes, Thomas G.: Somerset 1625-1640: A County's Government During the 'Personal Rule'1963
1121Bettelheim, Bruno: The Informed Heart: Autonomy in a Mass Age1961
1122Dahrendorf, Ralf: Society and Democracy in Germany1968
611Fischer, Fritz: Germany's Aims in the First World War1967-1970
1123Fleming, Donald and Bernard Bailyn: The Intellectual Migration: Europe and America, 1930-19601969-1970
612Gay, Peter: The Enlightenment: An Interpretation. The Rise of Paganism1966-1967
1124George, Charles H. and Katherine: The Protestant Mind of the English Reformation, 1570-16401961
613Kennan, George F.: From Prague After Munich 1967-1968
1125Kenyon, J.P.: The Stuarts: A Study in English Kingship1960
1126Kohn, Hans: The Mind of Germany 1960
1127Koyrè, Alexandre: Mystiques, Spirituels, Alchemistes du XVI Siècle Allemand1960
614Krausnick, Helmut, Buchheim, Hans, Broszat, Martin and Jacobsen, Hans-Adolf: Anatomy of the SS State 1968-1969
1128Laqueur, Walter: Young Germany 1900-19601960-1962
1129Lewy, Guenter: The Catholic Church and Nazi Germany1964
1130Nolte, Ernst: Three Faces of Fascism1966
1131Peterson, Edward N.: The Limits of Hitler's Power1969
1132Poliakov, Léon and Wulf, Josef: Das Dritte Reich und Seine Denker; Das Dritte Reich und Seine Diener; Das Dritte Reich und die Juden1960
1133Prittie, Terence: Germany Divided: The Legacy of the Nazi Era1963
1134Shirer, William L.: The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich1960-1961
615Tauber, Kurt P.: Beyond Eagle and Swastika: German Nationalism Since 19451967
121Tannenbaum, Edward R.: The Action Francaise, Die-hard Reactionaries in Twentieth-Century France and Weber, Eugen: Action Française, Royalism and Reaction in Twentieth-Century France1963
122Wedgewood, C.V.: Poetry and Politics under the Stuarts1960

d) 1970-1979

123Reviews 1970s1970-1978
124Biddiss, Michael D.: Father of Rascist Ideology1970
616Biddiss, Michael (Ed.): Gobineau: Selected Political Writings, McClelland, J.S. (Ed.): The French Right from de Maistre to Maurras, and Sorel, Georges: The Illusions of Progress1970
125Binion, Rudolph: Hitler's Concept of Lebensraum: the Psychological Basis1973
617Bracher, Karl Dietrich: The Origins, Structure and Effects of National Socialism1971
126Cuddihy, J.: The Ordeal of Civility 1974-1975
127Eichberg, Henning, Dultz, Michael, Gadberry, Glen, Ruhle, Gunther: Massenspiele, NS-Thingspiel, Arbeiterweihspiel und olympisches Zeremoniell1979
128Eksteins, Modris: The Limits of Reason. The German Democratic Press and the Collapse of Weimar Democracy1975
129Elias, Norbert: The Civilizing Process: The History of Manners1978-1980
1210Gay, Peter: Freud, Jews, and Other Germans: Master and Victims in Modernist Culture1977
1211Glaser, Hermann: The Cultural Roots of National Socialism1978
1212Higham, John: Send These to Me: Jews and Other Immigrants in Urban America1975
1213Knight, Max (Trans.): A Confidential Matter: The Letters of Richard Strauss and Stefan Zweig, 1931-19351977
1214Lamberti, Marjorie: Jewish Activism in Imperial Germany. The Struggle for Civil Equality1978
1215Laqueur, Walter: Fascism: A Reader's Guide 1977
1216Leopold, John A.: Alfred Hugenberg: The Radical Nationalist Campaign against the Weimar Republic 1978
1217Lichtheim, George: Europe in the Twentieth Century1972?-1973
1218Michaelis, Herbert and Schraepler, Ernst (eds.): Causes and Consequences of the German Collapse in 1918 and 1945 1973-1978
1219Pois, Robert (ed.): Alfred Rosenberg: Selected Writings1970?
1220Speer, Albert: Spandau: the Secret Diaries1976
618Sperber, Manes: Man and His Deeds1970-1971
131Stierlin, Helm: Hitler as the Bound Delegate of His Mother1976
132Toland, John: Adolf Hitler 1976
133Tweton, D. Jerome: The Marquis de Morès; Dakota Capitalist, French Nationalist1972
134Willett, John: Art and Politics in the Weimar Period: The New Sobriety 1917-19331979
135Zabel, James A.: Nazism and the Pastors 1977
136Zimmermann, Peter: Der Bauernroman, Antifeudalismus-Konservatismus-Faschismus 1977

e) 1980-1989

137Reviews 1980s1980-1989
138Baum, Rainer C.: The Holocaust and the German Elite: Genocide and National Suicide in Germany, 1871-19451981-1982
139Chickering, Robert: We Men Who Feel Most German: A Cultural Study of the Pan-German League 1886-19941984-1985
1310Cocks, Geoffrey: Psychotherapy in the Third Reich1984-1986
619Crankshaw, Edward: Bismarck1982
1311Friedman, George: The Political Philosophy of the Frankfurt School1981-1982
1312Gilman, Sander L.: Difference and Pathology: Stereotypes of Sexuality, Race, and Madness and Jewish Self-Hatred: Anti-Semitism and the Hidden Language of the Jews1987
1313Katz, Jacob: From Prejudice to Destruction: Anti-Semitism 1700-19331980
1314Lifton, Robert Jay: The Nazi Doctors. Medical Killing and the Psychology of Genocide1980-1986
1315Nolte, Ernst: Das Vergehen der Vergangenheit: Antwort an meine Kritiker in sogenannten Historikerstreit 1987-1988
1316Pachter, Henry: Weimar Etudes1983
1317Smith, Mack: Mussolini1982

f) 1990-1999

1318Reviews 1990s1990-1999
1319Adams, Michael C.C.: The Great Adventure: Male Desire and the Coming of World War I1992
1320Benz, W. (ed.): Die Juden in Deutschland 1933-1945. Leben unter nationalistischer Herrschaft1991
1321Fuller, Stephen Nyole: The Nazis' Literary Grandfather: Adolf Bartels and Cultural Extremism 1871-19451998
1322Grau, Günter (ed.): Homosexualität in der NS-Zeit. Dokumente einer Diskriminierung und Verfolgung1993
1323Jellonek, Burkhard: Homosexuelle unter dem Hakenkreuz1991
1324Petropoulos, Jonathon: Art as Politics in the Third Reich1997

D) Other Projects

141Conversation of George L. Mosse and Wolfgang Krug1961
142Coronet Instructional Films - Age of Discovery: French, Dutch and English Explorers1954
143Coronet Instructional Films - Holy Roman Empire1959-1961
144Coronet Instructional Films - Holy Roman Empire - Scripts1960
145Glorious Death1991-1994

Subseries 2: Reviews and Reactions, 1948-2001

Subseries is in English, German, French, Italian, and Danish.
1.5 linear feet

Alphabetically by book title.

Scope and Content:

Subseries 2 contains published reviews and reactions of others in response to George L. Mosse's works. Reactions are often in the form of letters from Mosse's colleagues. Most of the material here concerns his books, especially The Crisis of German Ideology, The Image of Man, The Nationalization of the Masses, and German Jews Beyond Judaism. Some of the reviews also focus on books to which he contributed, such as Europe in the Sixteenth Century. Although the majority of the documents here concern his books, there are also reviews which deal with his published articles.

A) Books

146Confronting History 1999-2001
147Crisis of German Ideology1964-1970
148Crisis of German Ideology - Reactions 1964-1973
149Culture of Western Europe1962-1963
1410Culture of Western Europe - Reactions and Adoptions1957-1974
1411Entscheidungsjahr 19321965-1968
1412Ebrei in Germania fra Assimilazione e Antisemitismo1991
1413Europe in Review 1957-1963
1414Europe in the Sixteenth Century1968-1972
1415Europe in the Sixteenth Century - Reactions1968-1976
1416Fallen Soldiers1990-1997
1417Fallen Soldiers - Reactions1990-1994
1418Fallen Soldiers - German Version - Gefallenen für das Vaterland1993-1994
1419Fascist Revolution1999-2000
1420Germans and Jews. The Right, the Left and the Search for a "Third Force" in Pre-Nazi Germany1970-1972, 1987-1988
621Germans and Jews, The Right, the Left and the Search for a "Third Force" in Pre-Nazi Germany - New York Times Book Review1970
1421Germans and Jews. The Right, the Left and the Search for a "Third Force" in pre-Nazi Germany - Reactions 1970-1973, 1977
1422German Jews Beyond Judaism1985-1989
1423German Jews Beyond Judaism - Reactions1985-1988
1424German Jews beyond Judaism - German Version - Jüdische Intellektuelle in Deutschland1992
1425German Jews beyond Judaism - German Version - Jüdische Intellektuelle in Deutschland - Reactions1992
1426German Jews beyond Judaism - Italian Version - Dialogo ebraico-tedesco, da Goethe a Hitler1988-1990
1427Holy Pretence 1957-1966
1428Holy Pretence - Photocopies1957-1966
1429Holy Pretence - Reactions1957-1959
1430Image of Man. The Creation of Modern Masculinity1996-1998
1431Image of Man. The Creation of Modern Masculinity - Reactions1996-1997
1432Image of Man. The Creation of Modern Masculinity - French Version - L'Image de l'Homme. L'invention de virilité moderne1997, 2000
1433Image of Man. The Creation of Modern Masculinity - German Version - Das Bild des Mannes. Zur Konstruktion der modernen Männlichkeit1997
1434International Fascism1966-1967, 1979-1980
1435Intervista sul nazismo - Reactions1977
1436Masses and Man. Nationalist and Fascist Perceptions of Reality1980-1988
622Masses and Man - New York Times Book Review1981
151Nationalism and Sexuality: Respectability and Abnormal Sexuality in Modern Europe 1985-1993
152Nationalism and Sexuality: Respectability and Abnormal Sexuality in Modern Europe - Reactions1985-1988
153Nationalism and Sexuality: Respectability and Abnormal Sexuality in Modern Europe - German Version - Nationalismus und Sexualität1985-1988
154Nationalization of the Masses1975-1978
155Nationalization of the Masses - Reactions 1975-1978
156Nationalization of the Masses - German Version - Nationalisierung der Massen1976-1978, 1994, 1996
157Nationalization of the Masses - Italian Version - La Nazionalizzazione delle masse1975-1983
158Nazi-Culture 1966-1969
603Nazi Culture - New York Times Book Review1966
159Nazi-Culture - Reactions1966-1978
1510Nazi-Culture - German Version - Nationalsozialistische Alltag 1978-1980
1511Police Forces in History1975-1978
1512Reformation 1953-1954, 1982
1513Reformation - Reactions1953-1968
1514Struggle for Sovereignty in England1951-1954
1515Struggle for Sovereignty in England - Reactions 1950-1953
1516Towards the Final Solution, A History of European Racism1978-1987
1517Towards the Final Solution, A History of European Racism - German Version - Rassismus. Ein Krankheitssymptom in der europeischen Geschichte des 19. und 20. Jahrhunderts1979
1518Other Works1949-1983

B) Articles

1519"Die amerikanische Geschichtsschreibung. Ein Überblick"1953-1954
1520"The Anti-League: 1844-1846"1948, 1954
1521Articles on Puritanism1949-1952
1522"The Assimilation of Machiavelli in English Thought: The Casuistry of William Perkins and William Ames"1954-1955
1523"Change and Continuity in the Tudor Constitution"1947-1951
1524"Freshman History: Reality or Metaphysics?"1949-1950
1525"The Influence of Jean Bodin's ‘Republic' on English Political Thought"1948
1526Journal of Modern History1966
1527"Liturgical Uniformity and Absolutism in the Sixteenth Century"1947
1528New Republic Article1979
1529"Thomas Hobbes: Jurisprudence at the Cross-Roads"1946-1947
1530Other Articles1948-1979

Subseries 3: Lectures and Conference Papers, undated, 1946-1998

This subseries is in English, German, and French.
6.25 linear feet


Scope and Content:

Subseries 3: Lectures and Conference Papers concerns George L. Mosse's lectures and talks, including those given at the universities where he was employed.

Lectures and Papers contains unpublished manuscripts mostly used by Mosse at talks he gave during various conferences or symposiums or for groups. The most prominent topic covered in the writings here is fascism; other topics include nationalism, Jewish history and culture, homosexuality, and masculinity. Folders labeled Speaking Engagements contain announcements in the form of brochures, flyers, and posters advertising his lectures at various universities and for various groups.

Course material used by George L. Mosse in the courses he taught includes typed and handwritten lectures and notes, copies of examination and paper assignment questions, and syllabi, as well as a few letters from students and one paper by a student of Mosse's Western Civilization course. The majority of materials in this section date from his time teaching at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Notes on his course Tudor and Stuart England, however, are from his time at the University of Iowa. This was one of the first courses he taught. Several of his courses were overview courses of European and Western history. Other courses focus on Jewish history, the history of manliness, and the Fin de Siècle. There is some material on the course Cultural History, however, the dearth of information makes it difficult to ascertain if Mosse himself taught this course.

A) Lectures and Papers

1531Speaking Engagementsundated
1532Speaking Engagements1948-1974
1533Speaking Engagements1975-1979
1534Speaking Engagements1980-1984
1535Speaking Engagements 1985-1989
1536Speaking Engagements1990-1994
161Speaking Engagements1995-1998
162Absolutism and Enlightenment1946
163Anti-Democratic Thought and the Rise of the National Socialismundated
165Anti-Fascist Resistance: Myth or Reality Colloquium1969-1973
166The Appeal of Nazi Culture1970?
167Assimilation of Youth Culture in Germany1997
168Berlin Ausstellung1985-1987
169Berlin 1900undated
1610Das Bild des Mannes. Zur Konstruktion der modernen Männlichkeit - Book Presentation1997
1612Brandeis Lectureundated
1613Cambridge Talks1989-1990
1614Can Nationalism be Saved? About Zionism, Rightful and Unjust Nationalism1996?
1615Can Nationalism be Saved? About Zionism, Rightful and Unjust Nationalism - Background Materialundated
1616Can Nationalism be Saved? About Zionism, Rightful and Unjust Nationalism - The Friends of the Milton Center1996
1617Can Nationalism be Saved? About Zionism, Rightful and Unjust Nationalism - Yad Chaim Weizmann Paper1995-1996
1618Change in European Opinion undated
1619Chapel Talks - State University of Iowa1954
1620Christianity and Politicsundated
1621Christianity and Reason of Stateundated
1622Cold War or Coexistence? - American Historical Association Comment1955
1623Commencement Address1960
1624Concept of Democracy - The Liberal Inheritance and the National Socialist Public Sphereundated
1625Conquest of the Skiesundated
1626Contemporary Trends1958-1959
1627Cornell Lecturesundated
1628The Counter-type1995
1629The Creation of the New Man - Cornell Lectures - Elizabeth Hull's Class1994
1630Cultural History1947-1948
1631Culture and Civilization: The Function of the Historianundated
1632Culture of Western Europe - Maastrichtundated
1633Decadence Seminarundated
1634Deutsch-jüdisches Bildungsbürgertumundated
1635The End of an Epoch? The Leo Baeck Institute after the War - LBI Lecture1995?
1636English Constitutional Historyundated
1637Enlightenment to Romanticismundated
1638Entartete Kunstundated, 1987
1639European Fascism - Cambridge Lectures1976-1990
1640European Fascism - Lectures undated
1641European Fascism - Lectures - Not Usedundated, 1990
171European Political Thoughtundated
172The European Right as a Mass Movement: Some Hypothesesundated
173Exile - Autobiographyundated
174Exile - Liberating Forceundated
175Expressionism and Brutalityundated
176Facing Mass Death, The Trench Generation and the Myth of the War Experience1988-1989
177Fascinating Fascismundated
178Fascism and Consensusundated
179Fascism and Historyundated
1710Fascism and Sexualityundated
1711Fascism as a Cultural Movement undated
1712Fascism as a Nationalist Movement: The Missing Linkundated
1713Fascism Colloquium1969-1971
1714Fascist Aesthetics and Society: Some Considerationsundated
1715Fin de Siècle and the Decline of Moralsundated
1716Fin de Siècle - Challenge and Response1990-1991
1717The First World War and the Flight from Reasonundated
1718Foreign Service Seminar - Jerusalemundated
1719Fraternity Talks1956, 1968
1720Freedom Forum Lectureundated
1721French Revolution and Fascismundated, 1987-1990
1722Future Lectures1976-1977
1723Gerda Lerner Speechundated
1724German Jews - Lectureundated
1725German Jews and Liberalism in Retrospect1986
1726A Ghost Come Alive1960
1727Growing Up Jewish1996
1728Hadassah Lecture1992, 1998
1729Harvard Symposium1983-1985
1731Hillel Talkundated
1734History Conference Lectureundated
1735History of Anti-Semitism - Hebrew University1978
1736The Holocaust and Modern Manners and Moralsundated
1737The Holocaust, Death, and Memories of Warundated
1738Holocaust Lectures1981-1982
1739Homosexuality and French Fascism1986
1740Die Idee des "Neuen Mannes" in modernen revolutionären Bewegungen - Jüdische Volkshochschule Berlin1988-1989
1741The Importance of Gay Literatureundated
1742Intellectuals and Politicsundated
1743International Symposium in Memory of George Lichtheim1974-1976
1744Iowa Public Lectures1946-1952?
1745Iowa Public Lectures - Hillel Talksundated, 1949
1746Iowa Public Lectures - Israel undated
1747Is Fascism Alive? - Australian Broadcasting Corporationundated
1748Jewish Alternatives and Jewish Youth: Socialism andundated
1749The Jews and the Civic Religion of Nationalismundated
1750Jewish Emancipation: Between Bildung and Respectability - Clark College undated
1751Jost Hermand Paperundated
1752Jud Süssundated, 1940
1753The Kaffeehausjude and the Kaftanjude - Two Models of Jewish Insanity: a Discussion of Causes and Curesundated
1754Landscape Architects' Lectureundated
1755The Left and the War Experience in Germany (With a Brief French Comparison) - Cornellundated
181Left-Wing Intellectuals and the Jewish Problems: the 1930s and the 1960sundated
182Liberale[s] Erbe und die national-sozialistische Öffentlichkeit1997
183Luther College Lectureundated
184Malhoh Lectureundated
185Manliness and the Great War - Paper 1993-1994
186Manliness and War - Lecture1994?
187Martin Luther and Politicsundated
188Masculinity and Decadence1993
189Masculinity and Decadence - London Lecture 1993?
1810Mass Politics and the Political Liturgy of Nationalism undated
1811The Masses and Historical Consciousness1972
1812Max Nordau Colloquium1991
1813Max Nordau, Liberalism and the New Jew1992-1993
1814Modern Anti-Semitismundated
1815Modern Anti-Semitism: Failure of the Enlightenmentundated
1816The Modern Construction of Masculinity1995
1817The Myth of the War Experience1986-1987
1818National Self-Representation during the 1930s in Europe and the United Statesundated
1819National Self-Representation during the 1930s in Europe and the United States - Gramsci Paperundated, 1976-1988
1820National Socialism and Germany Todayundated
1821The National Socialists Persecution of Gays1998
1823Nationalism and Patriotism1963
1824Nationalism and Warundated
1825Nationalism - Israelundated
1826Nationalism - Mühlheim Talkundated
1827Nationhood and Diasporaundated
1828New Home Club Lecture1977
1829New Man Lectureundated
1830New Man Lecture - English and Germanundated
1831NSA Lectureundated
1832Old Lecturesundated
1833Old Lectures1950-1956
1834Outsider - Lectureundated
1836The Philosophy of the Right undated
1837Polish Academy Lecture1975
1838Political Awakening: Berlin; Exile; and Anti-Fascist Movement - University of Kentucky1998
1839Politisches Erwachen, Berlin, Das Exil und Antifaschistische Bewegung - Technische Universität Berlin1997-1998
1840Die Politische Anwendung der Geshichte1996-1997
1841Rabbi Manfred Swarensky Memorial1981
1842Race and Sexuality, Bourgeois Society and the Outsider in the Nineteenth Century1982-1983
1843Racism and Nationalism in Europe1993
1844Racism Lecture1994-1995
1845A Re-Examination of the Liberties of Englishmen - Humanities Society Lectureundated
1846Renaissance and Reformationundated
1847Renaissance and Reformationundated
1848Rome - Integrationundated
1849Rome Lectureundated
1850Rushing to the Colors: On the History of Volunteers in Warundated
1851Russia and Homosexuality - Lecture 2 Notesundated
191Samuel Smiles Paperundated
192Scholars, Madmen and Luftmenschen: German Jews Between Bildung and Breakdown - Comments - Princeton University History Symposium1996
193Schule Schloss Salem - Lecture1998
194Shell-Shock as a Social Disease1998
195SNIC Lectureundated
194Tel Aviv Lectureundated
195Them: Dangers of Normalcyundated
197Der Totenkult der Nationundated
198Turin Lecture1990-1991
199Two Fin de Siècles - Minneapolisafter 1996
604Two Fin de Siècles and the Decline of Morals - Announcement1996
1910Unidentified Colloquium1968-1969
1911Unidentified Lecturesundated
1912Unidentified Lectures - To Studentsundated
1913The Universal Meaning of the Concept of Bildung1997-1998
1914University of Wisconsin - WHA Radio Project1998
1916War Book - German Lecture - Book Tourundated
1917Wars and Warriorsundated
1918Wartburg College1965
1919Weimar Cultureundated
1920Weimar Lecture - Jerusalem undated
1921What is New about National Socialism - Cornell Lectureundated
1922What Is Still Valid about Marx?undated
1923Why did Pacifism Fail Between Two World Wars?undated
1924Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Talk1962
1925Zionist Nationalismundated

B) Courses

1926Cultural History1947-1955, 1958
1927Europe and the Modern Worldundated
1928Europe and the Modern World - Between the Warsundated
1929 Europe and the Modern World - Correspondence 1956-1975
1930Europe and the Modern World - Examinations and Paper Assignments1956-1975
1931Europe and the Modern World - Final Lectureundated, 1969
1932Europe and the Modern World - Revolutions of 1848undated
1933Europe and the Modern World - Soviet Revolutionundated
1934Europe and the Modern World - Syllabi1955-1975
1935European Cultural History (1610-1815) - Correspondenceundated, 1960, 1978
1936European Cultural History (1610-1815) - Examinations and Paper Assignments1956-1986
1937European Cultural History (1610-1815) - Syllabi1963-1979
1938European Culture - Old Lecturesundated
1939European Culture 1600 to 1800 undated
1940European Culture 1600 to 1800 - Absolutismundated
201European Culture 1600 to 1800 - Baroqueundated
202European Culture 1815-1870undated, 1974-1975
203European Culture 1815-1870 - Enlightenment and Pietismundated
204European Culture 1815-1870 - Liberalismundated
205European Culture 1815-1870 - Marxismundated
206European Culture 1815-1870 - New Nationalism and Hegelianismundated
207European Culture 1815-1870 - Romanticismundated
208European Culture 1815-1900 - Syllabi and Examinations1956-1983
209European Culture Since 1870 - Correspondence1957-1984
2010European Culture Since 1870 - Examinations and Paper Assignments1956-1984
2011European Culture Since 1870 - Old Lecturesundated
2012European Culture Since 1870 - Old Lectures - Introductions and Summaries undated
2013European Culture Since 1870 - Old Lectures - Marxism and Communismundated
2014European Culture Since 1870 - Old Lectures - Not Usedundated
2015European Culture Since 1870 - Old Lectures - Romanticismundated
2016European Culture Since 1870 - Syllabi1958-1989
2017European Culture Since 1870 - Weimarundated
2018European Intellectual History Since 18151955-1960
2019European Social and Intellectual History - Syllabi and Examinations 1955-1960
2020Examen Du Texts Graduate Seminar1967
2021Fascism Seminar1974-1975
2022Fin de Siècleundated
2023Fin de Siècle - Challenge and Responseundated
2024Fin de Siècle - Decadenceundated
2025Fin de Siècle - Final Lecture undated
2026Fin de Siècle - Nietzsche undated
2027Fin de Siècle - Not Used1988
2028History 512 - Syllabi1970
2029History of Manliness1988
211History of Manliness - Syllabi1988
212History of Sexual Identity1979-1982, 1987
213Jewish History in the 19th and 20th Centuriesundated
214Jewish History in the 19th and 20th Centuries - Assimilationundated
215Jewish History in the 19th and 20th Centuries - Correspondence1971-1987
216Jewish History in the 19th and 20th Centuries - Emancipation undated
217Jewish History in the 19th and 20th Centuries - Examinations and Paper Assignments1970-1987
218Jewish History in the 19th and 20th Centuries - Fascismundated
219Jewish History in the 19th and 20th Centuries - National Socialism and the Holocaustundated
2110Jewish History in the 19th and 20th Centuries - Rise of Anti-Semitismundated
2111Jewish History in the 19th and 20th Centuries - Syllabi1972-1988
2112Jewish History in the 19th and 20th Centuries - Zionismundated
2113The Making of Modern Europe: 1500-1815undated
2114The Making of Modern Europe: 1500-1815 - Correspondence1966-1967
2115The Making of Modern Europe: 1500-1815 - Enlightenmentundated
2116The Making of Modern Europe: 1500-1815 - Reformationundated
2117The Making of Modern Europe: 1500-1815 - Examinations1930-1973
2118The Making of Modern Europe: 1500-1815 - Grades1958-1959
2119The Making of Modern Europe: 1500-1815 - Student Letter1815
2120The Making of Modern Europe: 1500-1815 - Syllabi1956-1969
2121Modern Englandundated
2122Modern Jewry1987-1988
2123Paris Seminarsundated
2124Problems in the Development of Calvinism1958-1959
2125Pro-Seminar on National Socialismundated
2126Sexuality Course - Jerusalem1984
2127Sexuality Seminar1987-1988
2128Tudor and Stuart England - Examination1949-1953
2129Tudor and Stuart England - Stuartundated
2130Tudor and Stuart England - Tudorundated
2131Western Civilizationundated, 1975-1976
2132Western Civilization - Correspondence1948-1950
2133Western Civilization - Examinations1951-1958
2134Western Civilization - Paper - Gellman, Elliot F.: Sorel on Syndacalism1955

Subseries 4: Research Notes, undated, 1793-1999

This subseries is in English, German, French, Italian, Hebrew, and Dutch.
6.5 linear feet

Alphabetical by book title or topic.

Scope and Content:

Research notes are comprised of handwritten and typed notes made by Mosse and used in the production of his writings. Notes are separated into two parts: books and various. Books are divided by title and various is separated into five categories: First World War and the War Experience; Jewish History; Political Movements; Sexuality; and Other.

Much of the notes, especially in the various section, are composed of photocopies of relevant newspaper clippings, magazine articles, papers, and short excerpts from books. Research notes for books such as Fallen Soldiers and The Image of Man also contain such items as well as original clippings. Other than clippings, most documents in this subseries are photocopied; dates given are those of the photocopied items and not the original documents.

Research notes found under the heading Various cover a multitude of topics. The first category, a) First World War and the War Experience, contains information which relates not only to World War I, but also to the time period, such as England before World War I, Bildung, and the Boer War. World War I-related material focuses on such topics as volunteers, monuments and memorials, and celebrations.

Material focusing on Jewish history mainly concerns German-Jewish history and culture. Some pertain to specific individuals or themes such as the Jewish Question and the Holocaust.

Many of the notes on Political Movements pertain to right-wing movements such as National Socialism and Fascism, as well as to such topics as Racism. The one exception is the folder on the Communist movement in Germany. Notes which deal with the perception of sexuality in these movements are left in this section.

Notes on Sexuality cover a variety of topics which Mosse used in his works. The greatest volume of notes are in the folders labeled "Sexuality." The most prominent topic in this section includes notes on homosexuality.

The last part of this subseries, E) Other, holds topics not covered in earlier topics. Much of the material contained in this section relates to art. Mosse collected many reproductions of art, especially those reproduced in calendars or on postcards. Many of these postcards also have pictures of architecture or statues. Of possible interest to researchers, the folder concerning interment in Les Milles is a typed copy of entries written by Werner Bock.

A) Books

a) Confronting History

221Research Notesundated, 1959, 1996
222Research Notes - Photocopiesundated, 1933-1939, 1960, 1987

b) Confronting the Nation

223Research Notes - World War Iundated, 1978, 1987, 1992-1993

c) Crisis of German Ideology

224Research Notesundated, 1933-1939, 1967

d) Fallen Soldiers

225Australiaundated, 1974
227Cemetery Historyundated, 1793-1985
228Cemeteries of World War Iundated
229Cemeteries of World War I - Clippings undated, 1977-1978, 1986
2210Cemeteries of World War I - Photocopiesundated, 1915-1984
2211Cemeteries of World War I - Photocopiesundated, 1915-1979
2212Chapter IIundated, 1986
2213Chapter II - the Greek Warundated, 1935, 1969-1984
2214Chapter II - Photocopiesundated, 1832, 1963-1984
2215Chapter II - Photocopiesundated, 1937-1984
2216Chapter IVundated, 1917, 1928
2217Chapter Vundated, 1983-1985
2218Chapter V - Photocopies1915-1986
2219Chapter V - Photocopies1915-1986
2220Chapter VIundated, 1993
2221Chapter VI - Photocopiesundated, 1896, 1922-1988
2222Chapter VIIundated
2223Chapter VII - Films and Photos undated, 1922-1936, 1975-1978
2224Chapter VII - Photocopies undated, 1915-1917, 1940-1976
2225Chapter VII - Tourismundated, 1920-1929, 1975-1977
2226Chapter VII - Toysundated, 1916-1979
2227Chapter VIIIundated, 1979
2228Chapter VIII - Photocopiesundated, 1914-1985
2229Chapter IXundated
2230Chapter IX - Pacifismundated, 1962-1988
2231Chapter IX - Photocopies undated, 1930-1986
2232Chapter Xundated
2233Chapter X - Clippings1980-1989
231Chapter X - Photocopies undated, 1965-1983
232Cult of Fallen Soldiersundated, 1921-1938, 1968
234France, Italy, Englandundated, 1963-1985
235France, Italy, England - Photocopiesundated, 1889, 1916-1985
236Greulmärchenundated, 1960, 1972
237Introductionundated, 1977, 1985
238Introduction - Photocopiesundated, 1905, 1928-1987
239Monuments aux Mortsundated
2310New Materialundated, 1975
2311Not Usedundated, 1976-1987
2312Songsundated, 1916-1979
2313Spanish Civil Warundated, 1934-1988
2314War Christmasundated, 1914-1969
2315War Graves Commissionundated, 1917-1978
2316War Memorialsundated, 1961-1983
2317War of Liberationundated, 1982-1987
2318War of Liberation - Photocopiesundated, 1911-1967

e) The Image of Man

2320Chapters I and IIundated, 1931, 1967, 1981
2321Chapter IIIundated, 1912, 1987-1990
2322Chapter IVundated, 1993
2323Chapter Vundated, 1990-1993
2324Chapter V - Photocopiesundated, 1873-1994
2325Chapter VIundated, 1993-1994
2326Chapter VI - Photocopies 1917-1921, 1944, 1984-1988
2327Chapter VI - Photocopies 1923-1925, 1946-1991
2328Chapter VIIundated, 1933, 1978-1987
241Chapter VIIIundated, 1935-1941, 1976-1999
242Chapter IXundated, 1971, 1985-1993
243Chapter IX - Androgynyundated, 1974, 1985
244For German Translation - Not Usedundated, 1937-1939, 1986-1995
245Fugitive Footnotesundated
246Gemeinschaftsunfähigenundated, 1988
247Gentlemenundated, 1981
248Gymnasticsundated, 1893-1949, 1963-1986
249Heroesundated, 1935, 1981-1985
2410Honor and Duelingundated, 1897, 1930, 1969-1994
2411Introductionundated, 1901, 1936, 1976-1991
2412Manliness - Not Usedundated, 1859, 1963, 1980-1994
2413Masculinity Articlesundated, 1889, 1929-1996
2414Possible Additionsundated, 1882
2415Psychologyundated, 1938, 1973, 1990
2416Sittlichkeitsvereineundated, 1904, 1983
2417Socialismundated, 1919, 1958, 1988
2418Otto Weinigerundated, 1904-1907, 1985-1992
2419The Willundated, 1900, 1906, 1937
2420Zeit der Götterundated

f) Nationalism and Sexuality

2421Chapter III1907-1978

g) Source Readings - Western Civilization in Modern Times

2422Research Notes1947?

h) Toward the Final Solution: a History of European Racism

2423Research Notes1977?, 1988

B) Research Areas

a) First World War and the War Experience

2424After World War Iundated, 1914-1977
2425Boer War1903-1940
2426Celebrations and Parades undated, 1865, 1901, 1932
2427The Cult of Deathundated, 1983, 1994
2428England Before World War I undated, 1957-1978
2429Franceundated, 1920, 1968, 1973
251France's Monument des Morts undated, 1914-1925, 1975
252Friendship - Montherlaut, Henri deundated, 1941
253Friendship and Bildungundated, 1972-1983
254German Artundated, 1933, 1959, 1973
255Health and Doctorsundated, 1908, 1920
256The Knights of the Skyundated, 1918-1993
257Memorials and Monumentsundated, 1877, 1928-1994
258National Anthems: the Nation Militantundated, 1920-1981
259Nature and Warundated, 1916, 1975
2510Nazisundated, 1938-1987
2511"New Man," Death and War undated, 1894-1988
2512Pictorial Materialundated, 1993
2513Poetry and Literatureundated, 1920-1990
2514Poetry and Literatureundated, 1931-1988
2515Second World Warundated
2516Shell-Shockundated, 1919-1998
2517Toys and Tourismundated, 1916, 1920, 1988, 1991
2518Verdunundated, 1984
2519Volksbund für Kreigsgräberfürsorgeundated, 1930-1988
2520Volunteersundated, 1916, 1937-1983
2521War Christmasundated, 1914-1969
2522War Experienceundated, 1941-1989
2523War Experience - Barbusse, Henriundated, 1918-1928
2524War Experience - German Communism1919-1968
2525World War I - Bibliographiesundated
2526World War I - Desertionundated, 1936, 1968-1990

b) Jewish History

261Auerbach, Bertholdundated, 1867-1978
262Benjamin, Walterundated, 1912, 1985
263Deutsch-Jüdische Bildungsbürgertumundated, 1861-1980
264German-Jewish Cultureundated, 1844, 1905
265German-Jewish Cultureundated, 1882, 1966-1992
266Holocaust and War Materialsundated, 1991, 1996
267Jewish Cultureundated, 1851-1985
268Jewish Intellectualsundated, 1927-1976
269Jewish Nationalismundated
2610 Jewish Nationalism - Photocopiesundated, 1929-1931, 1964
2611Jewish Nationalism - Photocopiesundated, 1923-1997
2612The Jewish Questionundated, 1971-1977
2613The Jewish Question - Photocopiesundated, 1943-1976
2614Jewish Soldiersundated
2615Nordau, Maxundated, 1915-1989
2616Notebook - Martin Buber and Max Nordauundated
2617Sholem, Gershomundated, 1964-1986

c) Political Movements

2618Antisemitismundated, 1884-1969
2619Antisemitismundated, 1922, 1960, 1991-1994
2620Antisemitism - Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zionundated
2621Communist Movement in Germany 1929-1976
271European Right - Photocopies1934, 1970
272Fascismundated, 1966, 1971-1974, 1997
273Fascism - Photocopies1957-1994
274Fascism and Sexualityundated, 1978, 1984
275Fascism and Sexuality - Photocopies undated, 1933-1978
276Fascism, Nationalism, and Racism - Bibliographiesundated
277The Fascist Revolution - Introduction 1996-1998
278French Rightundated, 1950
279French Right - Boulangerismundated, 1889-1970
2710French Right - Camelot du Roiundated, 1926
2711French Right - English and German Notesundated, 1922, 1953
2712French Socialismundated
2713Futurismundated, 1961, 1968
2714Goebbels, Josephundated, 1895, 1952-1971
2715Hitler, Adolf1976
2716Mass Movements1961
2717National Socialismundated, 1933-1997
2718National Socialism and Sexualityundated, 1944
2719National Socialism and Sexuality - Männerbundundated
2720National Socialism - Social Lifeundated, 1934, 1954, 1997, 2000
2721National Socialism - Transparenciesundated
2722National Socialism - World Union of National Socialism (WUNS) Bulletin 1968-1970
2723Nationalismundated, 1913, 1929
2724Racismundated, 1863-1923, 1971
2725Racismundated, 1863-1987
2726Racismundated, 1864-1975
2727Racism and Sexualityundated, 1971, 1985, 1990
2728Racism and Sexuality - Photocopiesundated, 1863, 1928-1992
2729Racism and Sexuality - Photocopiesundated, 1917-1983

d) Sexuality

281Bertrand-Rival, J.F.undated, 1799-1801
282Brook, Rupertundated, 1918, 1980
283Degenerationundated, 1895, 1908, 1941-1991
284Familyundated, 1795-1989
285Friendshipundated, 1750, 1931-1966
286Homosexualityundated, 1998
287Homosexuality and French Fascism1920-1990
288Homosexuality - Photocopies and Reprintsundated, 1796, 1956-1992
289Homosexuality - Photocopies of Articles1860-1953
2810Homosexuality - Photocopies of Articles1964, 1978-1995
2812Lesbiansundated, 1969-1990
2813Lesbians - Photocopiesundated, 1930-1989
2814Nudityundated, 1989
2815Sexualityundated, 1791-1985
2816Sexualityundated, 1979-1996
2817Sexuality - Bibliographiesundated
2818Sexuality - Bibliographiesundated
2819Sexuality - Photocopiesundated, 1900-1983
291Sexuality - Photocopiesundated, 1847-1931
292Sexuality - Photocopies1973-1986
293Sexuality - Photocopies undated, 1913-1987
294Womenundated, 1812, 1980-1986

e) Other

295Artundated, 1958-1977
296Art - Medievalundated, 1955, 1961
297Art - Medieval - Postcardsundated, 1934, 1954-1955
298Art - Reproductionsundated, 1935, 1939
299Art - Reproductions - Postcardsundated, 1953-1954, 1961, 1979
2910Art - Reproductions from Calendars1945, 1960
2911Art - Reproductions from Calendars1976-1977
2913Bibliographical Entries undated
2914Eugen und Marie Schiffer1990
2915German Historyundated
2915Interment in Les Milles undated
2917May, Karl1962, 1974
2919Naumann, Friedrichundated
2921Religious Musicundated
2922Salem Schoolundated, 1933-1986, 1995?
2923"Sermons sur les Profondeurs Divines"undated
2924Sixteenth Centuryundated

Subseries 5: Index Cards, undated, 1958-1985

This subseries is in English and German.
2.8 linear feet (10 0.4 linear foot index card boxes and 4 0.5 linear foot index card boxes, stacked on top of one another)


Scope and Content:

Index cards are cards with handwritten or typed notes on numerous topics. Since Mosse produced many articles and several books on related topics, separating some cards into topics was not possible. Some index cards were located in labeled boxes and these have been separated into their own card file boxes. Some papers were found with the cards containing research notes and bibliographic information; these notes have been kept in this series to preserve original order. Many of the index cards appear to have notes from Mosse's early career since they largely focus on topics such as the English Reformation.

Box TitleDate
64 Advisoryundated
Box TitleDate
65 Cambridge - Modern Historyundated
Box TitleDate
66 Holy Pretenceundated
Box TitleDate
67 Holy Pretenceundated
Box TitleDate
68 Puritansundated
Box TitleDate
69 Puritansundated
Box TitleDate
70 Unidentifiedundated
Box TitleDate
71 Unidentifiedundated
Box TitleDate
72 Unidentifiedundated
2925Notes with Index Cards - Bibligraphiesundated
2926Notes with Index Cards - Book Order Slips from Universitätsbibliothek Giessen1979
2927Notes with Index Cards - Fascism1985
2928Notes with Index Cards - French History1975
2929Notes with Index Cards - German-Jewish Historyundated
2930Notes with Index Cards - Machiavelliundated
2931Notes with Index Cards - National Socialism1958
2932Notes with Index Cards - Socialismundated
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Series III: Correspondence, 1919-2001

This series is in English, German, Italian, French, and Hebrew.
22 linear feet


Scope and Content:

The correspondence of George L. Mosse is an essential part of this collection. It provides the researcher with views of George L. Mosse on politics and contemporary trends in the community of historians, and includes both incoming and outgoing correspondence. George L. Mosse's letters document very well both his academic and non-academic activities and plans. The series is divided into six subseries according to the group of recipients and senders.

The first subseries holds letters of immediate family members. Some of the early letters were written during George L. Mosse's studies at the boarding school Schule Schloss Salem to his parents Hans and Felicia Lachmann Mosse. The researcher can also find letters exchanged among the siblings Rudolf, Hilde and George L. Mosse. However, the majority of their letters is to be found in the following subseries, Legal Correspondence, which primarily consists of correspondence related to restitution of the family property in Germany. Their restitution efforts were carried out in two waves, one in the 1950s and the other one after the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989, when George L. Mosse could finally claim the family property in the territory of the former German Democratic Republic.

The three subseries that deal with George L. Mosse's professional activities as educator, writer, editor, and mentor can have a great value for better understanding George L. Mosse's work. Subseries 3: Personal contains letters to and from George L. Mosse to and from his friends, collaborators and colleagues. The nature of some of these letters is often mixed, with some being work-related and some rather personal, since so many of his friends were his colleagues as well.

Subseries 4 is comprised of correspondence that George L. Mosse had with various organizations in two major areas – with publishing firms and their editors and educational institutions. This subseries is related to Series II: Writings and Research, where the texts of his lectures, articles, and other works are located.

In addition to being a committed educator and lecturer, George L. Mosse was an editor of the Journal of Contemporary History, together with Walter Laquer. The subseries Journal of Contemporary History is made of editorial correspondence with authors and publishers of the journal as well as drafts of articles and their finalized versions. The letters with authors are often complementary to their personal correspondence with George L. Mosse that can be found in Subseries 3: Personal.

The last subseries, Students, is comprised of correspondence between George L. Mosse and his former students, usually undergraduates. An overwhelming part of this subseries is recommendations and referrals and only a small part of these folders contains actual letters.


Access to series III: Correspondence, 1919-2001: subseries 1-3 (box/folders 30/1-40/41) and subseries 6 (box/folders 51/1-51/259) is restricted to those who receive written permission from the trustees of the George L. Mosse Estate.

Please contact:
Leo Baeck Institute Center for Jewish History 15 West 16th Street New York, NY 10011

Subseries 1: Family,  undated, 1930-1998

This subseries is in English, German, French, Italian, Hebrew, and Dutch.
0.25 linear foot


Scope and Content:

This subseries contains letters both of the immediate members of the family of George L. Mosse and some other relatives. Next to the earliest letters that George L. Mosse wrote to his parents from various locations, including the boarding school Salem, there are also several letters written by his sister Hilde and brother Rudolf. One can also find several letters by his step-brother Karl Strauch. Some correspondence is written by Felicia Lachmann Mosse to Hans Lachmann. The parents of George L. Mosse were divorced and Hans Lachmann married Karola Lachmann. The Other Family Members file was put together by George L. Mosse and is part of this subseries, unlike correspondence with Eva Noack-Mosse and Eugene Mosse that is part of Subseries 3: Personal.


Access to subseries 1 is restricted to those who receive written permission from the trustees of the George L. Mosse Estate.

Please contact:
Leo Baeck Institute Center for Jewish History 15 West 16th Street New York, NY 10011

301Lachmann, Karola1933?-1943, 1976
302Lachmann-Mosse, Hans1930-1943
303Lachmann-Mosse, Hans and Felicia1929-1935
304Lachmann-Mosse, Rudolf1931-1934
305Mosse, Feliciaundated, 1932, 1940, 1958
306Mosse, Felicia to Hans Lachmann-Mosseundated, 1943
307Mosse, Hilde1931-1977
308Strauch, Karl1979-1983, 1996, 1998
309Other Family Members1938-1986

Subseries 2: Legal,  1919-1998

This subseries is in English and German.
1.25 linear feet


Scope and Content:

When the members of the Lachmann-Mosse family left Germany immediately after 1933 they were forced to leave their property behind and lost effective control over many of the family enterprises and real estate. After the war all heirs of Hans Mosse claimed restitution of the property once belonging to the Rudolf Mosse Firm and the family properties. They were successful in reclaiming some of it, but since most of their assets were in the territory of the German Democratic Republic they could not be returned until the 1990s.

After the fall of the Berlin wall, there was a chance to claim the property once belonging to the Mossse family located in the territory of the former German Democratic Republic. The properties in question were the estate of Schenkendorf (once a military headquarters) and the estates of Gallun and Dyrotz. The Berlin properties consisted of the Mosse publishing house and land property on Oranienburger Street (the building was destroyed) and the palace of Rudolf and Emilie Mosse on Leipziger Square which was completely destroyed, as well as some smaller land properties.

The heirs worked together with a lawyer based in the United States who collaborated and coordinated the legal strategy with several attorneys in Germany. Among them the most prominent was Carl Hermann. For the later period of restitution in the territory of the former German Democratic Republic, Gesine Fischer-Faul was the leading lawyer. Some of the folders are are thematic and therefore contain material from several lawyers. The legal agenda was often mixed, and copies from one lawyer were sent to other colleages in several copies and basically the original arrangement was preserved.


Access to subseries 2 is restricted to those who receive written permission from the trustees of the George L. Mosse Estate.

Please contact:
Leo Baeck Institute Center for Jewish History 15 West 16th Street New York, NY 10011

A) General Files

3010Account Statements1953-1960, 1976
3012Estate of Felicia and Hans Lachmann-Mosse1979-1986
3013Mosse Center1995-1996
OSL41 9Mosse Center - Exhibit "Mosse Haus and Tageblatt"1994
3014Mosse Center - Newspaper Clippings1993-1998
OSL4110Mosse Center - Photo 1998
3015Mosse Center - Röder, Hans K. 1992-1995
3016Mosse, Felicia - Apartment Purchase1959
3017Mosse Trust Fund1951-1952
3018Property Claims in East Germany1990-1998
3019Receipts1919, 1958
3021Schenkendorf1991-1997, 2001
3022Testament of Rudolf and Emilie Mosse - Photocopy1920

B) Lawyers

a) Fischer-Faull, Gesine


b) Graw, Richard O.

3028HOWO Case1954-1959
3029Peisert vs. Lachmann-Mosse1952- 1954
3030Rudolf Mosse Gmbh - Bankruptcy1960
3031Werbe A.G. Wien1955-1956
3033WOGA Shares1931, 1941, 1955

c) Hermann, Carl

3034Arolo Mortgage1954-1958
3035Educational Demages1937-1966
3036Electrola1919, 1971-1984
3037EMI/Electrola - Royalties1974-1984
311Restitutions1954 Jan.-Aug.
312Restitutions1954 Sept.-Oct.
313Restitutions1954 Nov.-Dec.
314Restitutions1955 Jan.-Feb.
315Restitutions1955 Mar.-Jun.
316Restitutions1955 July-Sept.
317Restitutions1955 Oct.-Dec.
318Restitutions1956 Jan. Aug.
319Restitutions1956 Sept.-Dec.
3110Restitutions1957 Jan.-Jun.
3111Restitutions1957 Jul.-Dec.
3112Restitutions1960, 1979-1995
3113Rudolf Mosse Gmbh1953-1959

d) Hirsch, William

3114Felicia Mosse Estate1972-1975
3115Felicia Mosse Estate Settlement1975-1976

e) Leighton-Levy, Ludwig


f) Ritz, Peter B.

3117Small Claim Action1986

Subseries 3: Personal,  undated, 1946-2001

9 linear feet

Alphabetical by last name.

Scope and Content:

This subseries is of great importance to the collection. It contains letters to and from George L. Mosse to and from his friends, collaborators and colleagues. Some of the correspondence is rather work-related, as are various recommendations and referrals George L. Mosse wrote to his disciples, students and colleagues, including Anson Rabinbach, Steven Aschheim, and Stanley Paine. Although some of it is more personal, since so many of his friends were his colleagues as well, it is difficult to distinguish the character of the letters. Letters of recommendation are usually addressed to an institution or a colleague of George L. Mosse, but are usually filed under the name of the recommended person.

In addition to letters, several folders also contain various drafts, proposals of papers that were supposed to support George L. Mosse's recommendation, announcements of books, or invitations to conferences that were often appended with a personal note. Some of the recommendations and referrals were grouped together filed in several folders and they remained in that way, even if they sometimes contain recommandation for someone who has a file.

Among correspondents are some friends and acquaintances of George L. Mosse from childhood or his studies. There is also a folder of correspondence with his colleagues from the State University of Iowa that were not identified. Those colleagues with whom George L. Mosse maintained contact after he left the SUI for the University of Wisconsin in Madison, are usually filed in their respective folders.

Several folders are worthy of mentioning: one of them is a folder with letters of listeners of the University of Wisconsin Radio Broadcast WHA who reacted to the program with George L. Mosse' lectures. Another is a folder of correspondence with Hans-Henning Zabel, who was working on an article on Rudolf Mosse and his family for the Neue Deutsche Biographie, that holds a number of articles about the Mosse family. Another folder of possible interest to researchers is that of Elizabeth Kraus, who wrote a history of the Mosse family.

Among the individuals are also represented several relatives of Gerge L. Mosse, i.e. Herbert Claus Friedmann, Eva Noack-Mosse, and Mosse's cousin Werner Eugen Mosse. Researchers should be aware of the fact that this subseries of personal correspondence does not contain all the personal letters George L. Mosse wrote or received. Many of these letters are also filed in the correspondence with organizations (Subseries 4: Professional - Institutions and Organizations) and in correspondence related to publication of the Journal of Contemporary History (Subseries 5: Professional - Journal of Contemporary History). Furthermore, many of the reactions and reviews of George L. Mosse's work can be found in Series II: Writings and Research, especially in Subseries 2: Reviews and Reactions.


Access to subseries 3 is restricted to those who receive written permission from the trustees of the George L. Mosse Estate.

Please contact:
Leo Baeck Institute Center for Jewish History 15 West 16th Street New York, NY 10011

A) General

3128Unidentified Senders and Letters from the Wisconsin1955-1987
321Address Booksundated
322Address Booksundated
323Address Books - Visit Cardsundated
324Get-Well Cards1998-1999
325Iowa Period1946-1951
327Mossefest - Invitations and RSVPs1998
328Mosse Festschrift1980-1981
329Positions Offered1947-1980
3210Recommendations and Referrals1958-1959
3211Recommendations and Referrals1960-1961
3212Recommendations and Referrals1971-1976
3213University of Wisconsin. Dept. of History - Congratulations on Appointment1955
3214WHA - Wisconsin Public Radio - Listeners' Reactions 1982-1984

B) Individuals

3215Abelson, Elliot J.1997
3216Acocella, Joan1996
3217Adinolfi, Sandra1993
3218Albertoni, Giuseppe1993
3219Alexander, Donna 1985-1988
3220Allmand, Walter F.1986-1988, 1998
3221Ambrose, Stephen E.1982, 1988, 1997
3222Ambrosius, Lloyd E.1992
3223Apt, Leon J.1978
3224Arieli, Jehoshua1968-1998
3225Aronson, Ronald1982-1985
3226Aronson, Shlomo1971-1980
3227Arum, Peter1974
3228Ascher, Abraham1990
3229Aschheim, Steven1970-1998
3230August, Thomas G.1971-1999
3231Aydelotte, William1950- 1956, 1997
3232Bachman, Andrew N.1996, 1998
3233Bacharach, Zvi1987-1999
3234Baggett, Blaine1993
3235Baird, Jay W.1972, 1979, 1984
3236Baker, Donald N.1965-1969
3237Baldwin, Peter1977, 1981
3238Ball, Terence1995
3239Balthazor, Ellen1984
3240Bankier, David1977-1984
3241Banks, Robert1974
3242Barahal, Allanundated, 1946, 1997
3243Barcliff, Dawn1994-1998
3244Barnea, Joseph1995-1996
3245Baron, Hans1955, 1959
3246Baron, Lawrence1994
3247Bartov, Omer1996
3248Barnouw, Dagmar1988
3249Bauer, Yehuda1974-1980, 1991
331Bechtel, Delphine1991-1996
332Beck, Evelyn Torton1977
333Beck, Hermann1996
334Becker, Annette1992-1999
335Bekkum, Wout Jacques van1998-1999
336Beller, Steven1995-1998
337Ben-Amos, Avner1995
338Ben-Israel, Hedva1984-1998
339Benson, Constance L.1993
3310Benson, Lee1971
3311Berghahn, Klaus L.1974, 1984-1997
3312Berghuas, Günther1996
3313Berghoff, Peter1996-1997
3314Bergman, Lowell1967-1968
3315Berkoff, David1974-1998
3316Berkoff, Nelson A.1996
3317Berkowitz, Leonard1998
3318Berkowitz, Michael1980-1994
3319Berkowitz, Michael1995-1998
3320Berkowitz, Michael - Disseration1988
3321Bernal, Michael1987
3322Bernauer, James William1992
3323Bernt, Ingeborg-Dorothee1991-1992
3324Bet-El, Ilana1990
3325Betchkal, Mark1979-1980
3326Bettanin, Fabio1997
3327Biale, David1979-1998
3328Binion, Rudolph1971-1986
3329Birken, Lawrence1996-1997
3330Biton, Dan1987
3331Bochow, Michael1992
3332Bodemann, Y. Michal1992-1993
3333Bogue, Allan C.1998
3334Bohannon, Mary Elizabet 1947-1949
3335Bohlman, Philip V.1994
3336Bonetta, Gaetano1991
3337Bornstein, Aharon1988
3338Bosworth, R.J.B.1979-1983
3339Bourke, Joanna1998
3340Boyd, Catherine E.1955
3341Braatz, Werner Ernst1973
3342Bracher, Karl Dietrich1982, 1985-1986
3343Brecher, Daniel Cil1983-1998
3344Breidecker, Volker1992-1997
3345Breines, Paul1966-1974
3346Breines, Paul1975-1998
3347Brenner, David A.1994, 1997
3348Brenner, Joel F.1974-1999
3349Breuer, Mordechei1986
3350Briston, Edward J.1980
3351Brockmann, Stephen1988
3352Broh, D.1991-1996
3353Broszat, Martin1972, 1983-1988
3354Browder, George C.1975-1976
3355Brown, Terry1984
3356Brown, Ronald1974-1995
3357Browning, Christopher R.1976-1998
3358Brüll-Assan, Judith1996
3359Brustein, William1998
3360Buhle, Paul1973, 1981, 1990-1999
3361Bühlbäcker, Bernd1995
3362Buse, Dieter K.1992
3363Cabanes, Bruno1994-1996
3364Cahen, Joël1992-1998
3365Campi, Alessandro1998
3366Cannistraro, Philip V.1993, 1996
3367Carmon, Arye1970-1981
3368Carsten, F. L. (Francis Ludwig)1972-1985
3369Carsten, F. L. (Francis Ludwig) - Festschrift1978-1981
3370Ceplair, Larry1974-1975
3371Cernyak-Spatz, Susan E.1984-1986
3372Chalk, Frank Robert1986, 1989
3373Chambers, John Whiteclay1992, 1996
3374Chapin, Milred1996-1998
3375Chickering, Roger1984
3376Clark, Chester Wells1944
3377Clark, Christopher M.1998
3378Cohen, Craig1996
3379Cohen, Ellen1996-1997
3380Cohen, Richard I.1997
3381Coles, Matthew A.1995-1998
3382Conant, Roger1980
3383Coombs, Norman1990
3384Courtenay, William J.1986
3385Craig, Gordon A.1973, 1982, 1998
3386Cripps, Thomas1993
3387Cronon, David1988, 1999
3388Curti, Merle1956, 1975-1994
3389Curtis, Michael1984
341D'Onofrio, Andrea1997
342Dannenberg, James H.1991-1998
343Daston, Lorraine1987
344Datta, Venita1992-1996
345Dawidowicz, Lucy S.1970-1983
346Daxner, Michael1983, 1985
347De Capariis, Luca1998
348De Felice, Renzo1971-1985
349De Grazia, Victoria1994
3410Deák, István1979, 1887
3411Deinert, Herbert1988-1995
3412Del Re, Stefano1993-1997
3413Delaporte, Sophie1998
3414DeMarcus, John P.1981-1982
3415Denault, Gerard F.1989
3416Dennis, David B.1990-1997
3417Dent, Oran B.1998
3418Di Nola, Annalisa1991
3419Diamond, Caryl1972
3420Diepgen, Eberhard - Berlin Festschrift1986
3421Dijk, Lutz van1992
3422Diner, Dan1987, 1996-1998
3423Dipper, Christof1994-1995
3424Dlin, Elly1988
3425Domansky, Elisabeth1995
3426Doneson, Judith E.1974-1994
3427Donovan, Margaret1959-1967
3428Dougherty, Richard W.1972, 1978
3429Drake, Richard1980-1981
3430Dreher, Robert E.1967-1979
3431Drescher, Seymour1959-1974
3432Drescher, Seymour1977-1998
3433Dunsky, Evan1995-1996
3434Easum, C. V. (Chester Verne) 1956
3435Eatwell, Roger1996-1997
3436Efron, John M.1991, 1994-1996
3437Ehrenfreund, Jacques1993-1998
3438Ehrlich, Lothar1997
3439Eisenberg, Elliot1967-1970
3440Eisert, Friedemann1984
3441Eisner, Freya1979
3442Eksteins, Modris1967, 1978-1996
3443Elazar, Daniel Judah1993
3444Elder, Scott1970-1998
3445Eley, Geoff1985
3446Elon, Amos1989, 1996
3447Elton, G. R. (Geoffrey Rudolph)1966-1978, 1986
3448Embacher, Helga1997
3449Engelstein, Laura1987, 1992
3450Ernst, Fritz1952, 1956
3451Etges, Andreas1996
3452Evans, Richard J.1991
3453Ewen, Stuart1970, 1976, 1997
3454Fages-Lachman, J.1998
3455Fasel, George W.1966-1970
3456Feeley, Francis McCollum1993-1994
3457Fehér, Ferenc1988
3458Feinberg, Stephen1995-1998
3459Feingold, Russel1997
3460Ferrara, Patrizia1992
3461Ferraresi, Franco1986, 1992
3462Ferrari, Silvio1984
3463Ferrari Zumbini, Massimo1997
3464Ferretti, Maria1991
3465Fetscher, Irving1990
3466Feuerwerker, Elie1988
3467Field, Geoffrey G.1981-1983
3468Finlayson, Bruce M.1971-1977, 1998
3469Finter, Helga1998
3470Fischer, Barbara1997
3471Fisher, David James1969-1975
3472Fisher, David James1976-1997
3473Fisher, David James1991-1997
3474Fishman, Sterling1959-1998
3475Fleischhauer, Ingeborg1977-1981
3476Fout, John C.1992
3477Fox, Sue1988
3478Fraddosio, Maria1987-1994
3479Freedman, Joseph S.1971-1982
3480Freedman, Ralph1978
3481Fricke-Finkelnburg, Renate 1970-1971
3482Friedlander, Henry1981
3483Friedländer, Saul1971-1988
3484Friedman, Maurice S.1988
3485Friedman, Menachem1994-1995
3486Friedmann, Herbert Claus 1954-1955, 1976
3487Friedrich, C. J. (Carl Joachim)1956, 1968
3488Fritzsche, Peter1993-1997
3489Fryde, Robin1981, 1996
3490Fuentes Suárez, Telesforo1973
3491Fulks, Barry A.1973-1986
3492Funk, Arthur Layton1981
3493Furtwängler, Elisabeth1992
351Gambini, Fabrizio1993
352Garner, Curt1994, 1996
353Garrett, Clarke1974, 1987
354Gasman, Daniel1979, 1998
355Gay, Peter and Ruth1965-1998
356Gay, Peter - Festschrift1995-1998
357Gelber, Mark H.1988
358Gellately, Robert1992-1993
359Gentile, Emilio1982-1998
3510Geyer, Michael1984
3511Gibelli, Antonioundated
3512Gidal, Tim1982-1997
3513Gilbert, Felix1985
3514Gilbert, James Burkhart1970, 1977
3515Giles, Geoffrey J.1990-1999
3516Gillette, Aaron1996
3517Gilman, Sander L.1982-1998
3518Gobetti, Carla1981
3519Godoy, Andrea1993-1997
3520Göldenboog, Christian1993-1996
3521Goldin, Judah1957, 1969
3522Gooch, Brison Dowling 1967-1968
3523Goodrick-Clarke, Nicholas 1977, 1986, 1997
3524Goodrick-Clarke, Nicholas - Manuscript Chap. 1-71997
3525Goodrick-Clarke, Nicholas - Manuscript Chap. 8-121997
3526Greenbaum, Gershon1985
3527Greenberg, David F.1991
3528Gregor, A. James (Anthony James)1978-1980
3529Grendler, Paul F.1960-1984
3530Griffen, Clyde1953, 1997
3531Griffin, Roger1991-1998
3532Griffiths, Gordon1961-1962
3533Grimm, Reinhold1968, 1975-1981
3534Gross, David1967-1997
3535Gross, Raphael1991
3536Grossman, Stanley1960-1980
3537Grossmann, Atina1984-1985
3538Gruber, Carol S.1985
3539Gruber, Helmut1974
3540Grumbach, Detlef1992
3541Guidi, Marco E. L.1988, 1992
3542Gullen, George E.1974-1975
3543Gutiérrez, Ramón A.1993
3544Gutman, Israel1994
3545Guttsman, W. L.1998
3546Haag, John1970-1971
3547Hachey, Thomas E.1971
3548Hadler, Susan Johnson1994, 1997
3549Hagtvet, Bernt1994
3550Haine, W. Scott1985-1996
3551Halle, Randall1992-1993
3552Hamburger, Peter1970-1995
3553Hamilton, Richard F.1976, 1982
3554Hammen, Oscar J.1970, 1971
3555Hanson, John H.1981
3556Hardtwig, Wolfgang1991
3557Harrington, Fred Harvey1955-1976, 1995
3558Harten, Jürgen1987
3559Hartmann, K.1988-1989
3560Hassemer, Volker1995
3561Hatheway, Jay1994, 1998
3562Haupt, Georges1972-1978
3563Haupt, Heinz-Gerhard1996
3564Hawgood, John Arkas1956
3565Hazan, Menahem1992
3566Hecht, David1992
3567Heilbronner, Oded1993-1998
3568Heister, Hanns-Werner1998
3569Hekma, Gert1993
3570Heller, Peterundated
3571Herf, Jeffrey1974-1989
3572Herf, Jeffrey1990-1998
3573Hermand, Jost1991-1995
3574Hermann, Claus1971-1989
3575Herrmann, Hans Peter1991
3576Hertling, Viktoria1991-1995
3577Hertz-Eichenrode, Dieter1998
3578Herzer, Manfred1987
3579Hess, Robert L.1970-1971
3580Hess-Lüttich, Ernest W. B.1992-1998
3581Heuberger, Georg1993
3582Hexter, J. H. (Jack H.)1957, 1976
3583Hill, Christopher1974
3584Hillerbrand, Hans Joachim1966-1968
3585Hinde, Robert A.1992-1994
3586Hinderer, Walter1996
3587Hirsch, John L.1960-1966
3588Hirsch, Helmut1990
3589Hirsch, Rita1994
361Hoberman, John M. (John Milton)1975
362Horowitz, Irving Louis1975, 1980-1996
363Hoter, Elaine1993
364Howe, Ellic1968
365Howorth, Jolyon1981-1986
366Hoyt, Robert Stuart1949-1951, 1956
367Hubert, Inge1998
368Hull, Isabel V.1982-1998
369Hurwitz, Roger1978
3610Hutchison, Jane Campbell1986
3611Hutton, Patrick H.1970-1979
3612Hyman, Paula1988
3613Hyman, Ruth Link-Salinger 1971-1974
3614Iggers, Georg G.1967-1998
3615Iggers, Wilma1979, 1983, 1986
3616Jacobmeyer, Wolfgang1974
3617Jacobitti, Edmund E.1967-1981
3618Jacoby, Russell1968-1985, 1995-1997
3619Jaeger, Hasso1962, 1966
3620Jarausch, Konrad Hugo1972, 1980
3621Jay, Martin1973-1987
3622Jedin, Hubert1966-1971
3623Jedlicki, Jerzy1977, 1982-1983
3624Jelavich, Barbara1967-1970
3625Jelinek, Yeshayahu A.1971
3626Jellonnek, Burkhard199
3627Jensen, Merrill1956-1957, 1962
3628Jerome, Roy1999
3629Johnson, Eric A.1996-1998
3630Joll, James1969, 1988
3631Jonca, Karol1977
3632Junko, Ando1991
3633Kaiser, Nancy A.,1984, 1986
3634Kamenka, Eugene1974-1986, 1994
3635Kammen, Michael G.1985
3636Kaplan, Marion A.1992, 1998
3637Karpat, Kemal H.undated
3638Kastenmeier, Robert1974
3639Kater, Michael H.1972-1997
3640Katz, Elihu1989
3641Katz, Jacob1981
3642Katz, Ruth1986, 1992
3643Katz, Steven T.1981
3644Keck, Timothy R.1971-1994
3645Kelly, Alfred1970-1977
3646Kelly, Alfred1978-1979
3647Kelly, Alfred1980-1990
3648Kelley, Donald R.1996
3649Kern, John1996
3650Kern, Stephen1972-2001
3651Kessler, Mario1998
3652Kingdon, Robert M.?1993-1999
3653Kinzig, Wolfram1989-1990
3654Kirchgässner, Bernhard1993
3655Klein, Dennis B.1981
3656Kluback, William1985-1986
3657Kluge, Ulrich1971, 1973
3658Knei-Paz, Baruch1979
3659Kniesmeijer, Joke1995
3660Koberstein, Thea1997-1998
3661Koch, Otto and Joan1939
3662Kocka, Jürgen1970-1971, 1996-1997
3663Koehl, Robert Lewis1997
3664Koenigsberger, H. G. (Helmut Georg)1967-1968, 1973-1984, 1996
3665Kohl, Herb1993
3666Kohlberg, Etan1988
3667Kohler, Eric D.1971-1975, 1984-1985
3668Kohn, Carlos1979
3669Kohut, Heinz1972
3670Kolb, Eberhard1978, 1986
3671Koonz, Claudia1987, 1991
3672Köppen, Maria1946-1949
3673Korey, Michael1996-1998
3674Kornberg, Jacques1971-1973
3675Koselleck, Reinhart1986
3676Kostelanetz, Richard1983-1984
3677Kovács, Mária M.1995
3678Krammer, Arnold1971, 1985
3679Kranzler, David1971
3680Kraus, Elisabeth1991-1999
3681Kren, Claudia1970
3682Kren, George M.1959-1989, 1997-1999
3683Kreutzer, Helmut1986, 1991
3684Kropp, Catherine1994
3685Kugelmass, Jack1991-1994
3686Kulka, Otto Dov1985
3687Kuntz, Paul Grimley1981
3688Kwiet, Konrad1980, 1994
371Labisch, Alfons1991
372LaCapra, Dominick1991, 1997
373Lachance, Paul F.1967-1986
374Lachman, Edward1992-1998
375Lacur, Jacob1989
376Lambert, Nick1998
377Lamberti, Marjorie1967-1978
378Laquay, Heinz1997
379Laquer, Walter1960-1997
3710Laquer, Walter - Festschrift 1989-1991
3711Laurence, Frank1993
3712Laurent, Pierre-Henri1970-1971`
3713Lautmann, R?diger1983-1985
3714Lavine?, Joe1986
3715Leavitt, Frank J.1988
3716Leberstein, Steven1967-1976
3717Lebowitz, Gary1980, 1983
3718Ledeen, Barbara B.1996
3719Ledeen, Michael Arthur 1965-1989, 1997
3720Leed, Eric J.1991-1994
3721Leibovici, Solange1997
3722Leidersdorf, Selma1993
3723Leitgeb, Hanna1998
3724Leith, James A.1972
3725Lemke, Jürgen1991, 1996-1997
3726Leoussi, Athena S.1992-1997
3727Lerner, Paul Frederick1998
3728Lessing, Fred W.1979, 1988
3729Levi, John S.1995-1998
3730Levine, Norman1986
3731Levine, Robert M.1990-1997
3732Lewis, Beth Irwin1960-1997
3733Liang, Hsi-huey1969-1972
3734Lidtke, Vernon L1979
3735Lieven, D. C. B.1997
3736Lifton, Robert Jay1979-1992
3737Lifton, Robert Jay - Festschrift1994-1996
3738Lin, Yusheng1983
3739Linden, Marcel van der 1988-1991
3740Linenthal, Edward Tabor1991, 1994
3741Linse, Ulrich1977-1998
3742Lipset, Seymour Martin1974
3743Littell, Franklin Hamlin1975, 1980, 1987
3744Loewenberg, Peter1996
3745Loewenstein, Bedrich1969
3746Lohmann, Ingrid1995
3747Loizos, Peter1993
3748Lough, Joseph W.H.1983-1999
3749Lubich, Frederick Alfred1991
3750Lucchesi, Joachim1997
3751Lunn, Joe1979-1998
3752Lurz, Meinhold1985-1988
3753Lustiger, Gila1995
3754Mackaman, Douglas Peter 1985-1998
3755Mackert, Paul1984
3756Madajczyk, Czeslaw1977
3757Magoulias, Harry J.1966-1970
3758Maier, Charles S.1969-1983
3759Mais, Yitzchak1975, 1978
3760Mandel, Robert A.1969-1998
3761Mandell, Richard D.1969-1973
3762Mankowitz, Zeev1970-1983, 1994, 1998
3763Mann, Michael1994-1995, 1998
3764Mann, Vivian B.1993
3765Mansoor, Menahem1998
3766Marchand, Suzanne L.1996, 1998
3767Margaliot, Abraham1980
3768Marks, Harry M.1993
3769Marrus, Michael Robert1969, 1975-1997
3770Martin, Biddy1994
3771Martinotti, Guido1964
3772Marwick, Arthur1998
3773Matteson, Robert Eliot1979
3774McCoy, Donald R.1993
3775McNaron, Toni A. H.1994-1995
3776Megill, Allan1982, 1984
3777Meijer, Miriam Claude1994
3778Melching, W. (Willem)1988-1997
3779Melman, Billie1990-1998
3780Melson, Robert1980-1981
3781Mendes-Flohr, Paul R.1979-1986, 1998
3782Meroz, Ronit1992
3783Messerschmidt, Manfred1989
3784Meyer, Henry Cord1956
3785Meyer, Michael A.1980-1998
3786Micale, Mark S.1995-1998
3787Michel, Henri1968-1969, 1972
3788Michels, Rainer1991
3789Millman, Richard1991, 1992
3790Milton, Sybil1977-1997
3791Miscoll, Illa and Dan1997-1998
3792Mitzman, Arthur1970-1971, 1985, 1987
3793Mohler, Armin1987
3794Moore, Hilda and John1989-1998
3795Morris, Grant1979-1980
3796Morris-Keitel, Peter1994-1997
3797Moses, Emmanuel1985
3798Moses, Kaethe1976
3799Moses, Stefan1978
37100Mosès, Stéphane1976-1998
37101Mosse, Werner Eugen1958-2001
37102Mühlfenzl, Isabel1995
37103Muller, Jerry Z.1976-1999
37104Müller, Klaus1991-1992
381Nevin, Thomas R.1991-1994
382New, John F. H.1964-1970
383Niederland, Doron1983, 1986
384Niewyk, Donald L.1981
385Nipperdey, Thomas1979-1987
386Nipperdey, Vigdis1998
387Noack-Mosse, Eva1952-1984
388Noble, David W.1996
389Nollendorfs, Cora Lee1982
3810Nollendorfs, Valters1992
3811Norich, Samuel1982, 19851993
3812Novak, James1986
3813Norton, Mary Beth1982
3814Nugent, Donald1972
3815Nye, Robert A.1971, 1984-1995
3816Ohana, David1989
3817Oosterhuis, Harry1995-1998
3818Orbach, Alexander1970-1988
3819Orr, William J.1968-1985
3820Palmesono, Enzo1983-1984
3821Panzer, Elizabeth1988
3822Papayanis, Nicholas1986, 1989
3823Paret, Peter1978-1997
3824Parker, Andrew1992
3825Parlangeli, Francesco1998
3826Passerini, Luisa 1993-1997
3827Paucker, Arnold1996
3828Payne, Stanley G.1992-2000
3829Pehle, Walter H.1989-1990, 1997
3830Penny, H. Glenn1993
3831Perry, Joseph B.1995
3832Petersen, Jens1987-1998
3833Peterson, Brian1973
3834Petrovich, Michael Boro1957
3835Pettegrew, John1993-1994
3836Pezzini, Antonio1983
3837Phayer, J. Michael1988
3838Phillips, Peggy A.1992-1994
3839Piehler, G. Kurt1995
3840Pike, David1986-1993
3841Pines, Burton Yale1960-1972
3842Pinto, António Costa1988-1989
3843Pois, Robert A.1962-1997
3844Popkin, Jeremy D.1980-1981, 1997
3845Popkin, Richard Henry1976-1979, 1987
3846Popp, Wolfgang1998
3847Porter, Jack Nusan1982, 1984, 1992
3848Prost, Antoine1993-1994
3849Pryke, Sam1994
3850Pulzer, Peter G. J.1964
3851Puhle, Hans-Jürgen1971-1976
3852Quaresima, Leonardo1998
3853Rabinbach, Anson1968-1979
3854Rabinbach, Anson1980-1999
3855Radkau, Joachim1996, 1998
3856Ranum, Orest A.1996
3857Ras, Marion E. P. de1988-1993
3858Rearick, Charles1973, 1980-1981, 1997
3859Reichert, Klaus1991, 1994
3860Reid, James J.1988, 1989
3861Reinharz, Jehuda1978-1981, 1990-1997
3862Rémond, René1968-1969
3863Reszler, André1971
3864Revid, Benjamin1988
3865Rice-Maximin, Edward Francis 1996-1998
3866Richardson, Malcolm1997
3867Riney-Kehrberg, Pamela 1992-1999
3868Ringer, Alexander L.1979
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3927Soloway, Richard A.1970-1998
3928Solt, Leo F. (Leo Frank) 1958-1970
3929 Sommer, Doris1973, 1978, 1979
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401Wagner, Jonathan F. (Jonathan Frederick)1974
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4014 Whitfield, Stephen J.1985
40 15Wiedmann, August K.1995
4016Wiese, James Andrew 1998-1999
4017 Wilcox, William B.1957
40 18Williams, William Appleman?1970
4019Winter, J. M. 1972-1998
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4023 Wittenstein, George J. 1994-1997, 2001
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4038 Zerubavel, Yael1992-1996
40 39Ziege, Eva-Maria1992
4040Zimmermann, Mosche 1978-1998
4041 Zipes, Jack David1980, 1988-1996

Subseries 4: Professional - Institutions and Organizations, 1945-2001

This subseries is in English, German, Italian, and French.
6.5 linear feet

Alphabetical by name of institution.

Scope and Content:

This subseries is comprised of correspondence that George L. Mosse had with various organizations. In general two major areas stand out. One is correspondence with publishers and publishing houses both in the United States and abroad. The other group is made up of educational institutions, mostly universities and foundations that were interested in George L. Mosse's lectures or some form of collaboration. The final products of George L. Mosse's activities can be found in other series, most notably in Series II: Writings and Research, where both his texts and drafts of lectures and articles are located. The invitations to the lectures that were rejected or ignored are filed in General correspondence. When George L. Mosse reacted upon the offer the letter exchanges are usually filed in a separate file under the institution's name.

The institutions on which faculty George L. Mosse served for extended periods of time have material that also reflect the functioning of the department or university, as it is the case of the (State) University of Iowa where George L. Mosse taught between the years 1944-1955, the University of Wisconsin (1955-1988) or Hebrew University (as Koebner Professor 1979-1986). The correspondence with a great number of universities where George L. Mosse acted as a visiting professor provides valuable information about his academic pursuits as well.

Letters between George L. Mosse and publishers of his works - either books or articles - constitute the other large part of this subseries. The most prominent seems to be correspondence with Howard Fertig with whose publishing firm George L. Mosse maintained a relationship for more than a quarter of the century. It was Fertig's company that published Germans and Jews, Nationalism and Sexuality, and Masses and Men. The relationship was not strictly merely professional, but many of the letters give away many details of George L. Mosse' academic career, i.e. deadlines for books, articles George L. Mosse was about to write, conferences he was about to attend etc. The correspondence with publishing houses is not restricted only to the process of publication, but often contains various documents that pertain to the text production. The folder of the Japanese publishing house Kashiwa Shobō contains also communications with translators of George Mosse's books and pertains to other Japanese translations of his works as well. Among the publishing companies that put out George L. Mosse's books belong Athenäum-Verlag ( Nazi Alltag, Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer), Beltz Verlag, Campus Verlag, Società editrice il Mulino (Italian publisher of Nationalization of the Masses), Ullstein ( Nationalisierung der Massen), Verlag Anton Hain ( Völkische Revolution, Der nationalsozialistische Alltag), and many university presses in the United States. Besides these companies many professional academic associations often published George Mosse's texts, most notably articles, as for instance the Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism (ASEN).

George L. Mosse was an editor of a Rand McNally history series in the 1960s and his correspondence with Rand McNally Company contains letters written in both of his capacities as an author and editor. Theodore D. Tieken and Jack Carr were editors of the publishing house.

George L. Mosse's interest and involvement in Jewish studies and historical genesis of fascism and Nazism lead to his closer association with such institutions as the Leo Baeck Institute in London and New York, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, where George L. Mosse was appointed as the first scholar in residence, and several other mostly Jewish institutions in Germany, the United States, and elsewhere. Later when his scholarly focus shifted to studies of sexuality, he participated often in international conferences and other undertakings that explored the questions of sexual identity in historical context.

Next to the United States and Israel, Italy was another country where George L. Mosse exercised a considerable intellectual influence. His frequent interviews in Italian periodicals both scholarly and non-academic are in Series I: Personal, Subseries 1: General, but George L. Mosse's correspondence with publishing houses, editors or research institutions can be found in this subseries.

George L. Mosse was a committed educator who always stressed importance of teaching and meeting with students. A reduction of his teaching responsibilities by 50 per cent was the reason why he refused a Villas Professorship, an honor reserved for only the most distinguished professor at the University of Wisconsin. George L. Mosse did not restrain himself to teaching at the University of Wisconsin, but he lectured extensively at universities and associations in the United States and abroad from Poland to South Africa to Australia and this subseries documents his pedagogical determination well.

A) General

4042Articles - Rejected1980-1981, 1988
4043 Confronting the Nation - Copyright and Reprint Requests1990-1993
4044 Holy Pretence - Negotiations with Publishers1953-1956
4045Invitations to Speak1968-1997
4046Job Inquiries1966-1968
4048Lectures and Conferences - Rejected1976-1984
4049 Nazi Culture - Copyright and Reprint Requests1969-1998
4050Syllabi - Reactions1948-1951
4051Western Civilisation - Core Course1946-1951
4052Western Civilization Source Book - Reprint Requests1945-1947

B) Individual Institutions

4053 Abbeville Press1997
40 54Accademia di studi storici Aldo Moro1978-1983, 1995
4055Agence Sialtiel 1980
4056 Akademie der Künste (Berlin, Germany)1997
4057 Aldus Books1967-1971
40 58Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.1950, 1954
4059 Alice-Salomon-Fachhochschule1997
4060American Academy of Arts and Sciences1984-1994
4061American Association of Teachers of German1998
4062American Civil Liberties Union1992-1998
4063American Committee on the History of the Second World1967-1974
4064American Council for Judaism1979-1980
4065American Friends of the Hebrew University1984
4066American Historical Association1948-1990
4067American Historical Association - Awards and Honors1996-1998
4068American Historical Association - George L. Mosse Prize 2000-2001
4069 American Historical Association. Committee on Gay and Lesbian History1986-1989, 1995
4070American Historical Association. Modern European History Section. Executive Committee1967-1969
4071 American Historical Review 1971, 1973, 1986
4072American Institute for Contemporary German Studies1991
4073American Jewish Archives 1987-1990
4074 American Jewish Committee 1972-1998
4075 American Philosophical Society 1966, 1968, 1997
4076 American Political Science Review1972
4077 American Society of Church History1953, 1969-1974
4078 Amerika Haus (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)1995
4079 Amerika Haus - Various Cities 1951-1956
4080 Amherst College1989
40 81Andere Welt 1991
4082 Angestelltenkammer Bremen1994
40 83 Anglo-American Conference of Historians1976
40 84Anne Frank Institute of Philadelphia1987
4086 Anti-Defamation League 1985-1989
411Arnoldo Mondadori Editore1982-1998
41 2Aronoff Foundation1996
413Association for the Study of Etnicity and Nationalism1993-1995
415Australian National University 1983-1988
416Authors' Guild (U.S.)1994
418Basic Inquiry1993-1994
4110Beltz Verlag (Weinheim an der Bergstrasse, Germany)1995-1998
4111Berlin Museum1987-1994
4112Berlinische Galerie1984-1989, 1994
4113Blackwell Publishers1956-1984
4114Das Blättchen1997-1998
4115Bobbs-Merrill Company1965
4116Brooklyn College1981
4117Brooklyn Museum1939-1942, 1981
4118Broom Street Theater1986
4119Cambridge University Press 1957-1961, 1990-1997
4120Camera dei Depuitati. Archivo Storico (Rome, Italy)1998
4121Campus Verlag 1990-1998
4122Carl Hanser Verlag1985-1998
4123Carthage College (Kenosha, Wis.)1968-1970
4124Carthage College (Kenosha, Wis.) - Doctor of Literature, honoris causa, Degree1972-1973
4125Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences (Stanford, Calif.)1969-1972
4126Center for Documentary Media - Robert J. Lifton Documentary Series1987
4127Center for Millennial Studies (Boston, Mass.)1998
4128Central European History1993
4129Centre national de la recherche scientifique (France)1998
4130Centro di Ricerca e Documentazione Febbraio'741979-1992
4131Chicago Gay and Lesbian Project1998
4132Cinnabar Pictures1996-1998
4133Clark University (Worcester, Mass.)1982-1983
4134Cleveland State University1982-1983
4135CLIO1979, 1987
4136College of Wooster. Jewish Student Association1983
4137Columbia University Press1992
4138Commission for the Clarification of Nazi Activities in the Argentine Republic1997-1998
4139Conference on British Studies 1953-1960
4140Congregation Sinai (Milwaukee, Wis.)1975
4141Consortium for the Study of Society and Education1995
4142Contemporary Authors1983
4143Cornell University1988-1999
4144Cornell University. Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies1998
4145Cornell University Press1989, 1995
4146Corriere Della Serra1986-1992
4147Croom Helm Publishers1988
4149Czytelnik (Firm)1976, 1982-1986
4150Danforth Foundation (Saint Louis, Mo.)1968-1969
4151Danforth Foundation (Saint Louis, Mo.) - Harbison Prize1972-1973
4152Dartmouth College - Conference1994-1995
4153Deutsche Gesellschaft für Natur- und Völkerkunde1996
4154Deutsche Historiker-Gesellschaft1960-1962
4155Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag (dtv)1983-1985
4156Di Renzo Editore1997-1998
4157Dietz Verlag1991-1992
4158Dryden Press
4159Duke University1967, 1981
4160École des hautes études en sciences sociales. Centre de recherches historiques1986
4161Edgewood College1992-1995
4162Edward Arnold (Publishers) 1979-1982
4163Editori Laterza1975-1989
4164Editori Laterza1990-1998
4165Editrice la Giuntina 1988-1996
4166 Elvehjem Museum of Art1984
4167Encyclopedia of the Holocaust 1989
4168Encyclopedia of Violence in the United States1998
4169Etruria Oggi1993-1994
4170 Field Enterprises Educational Corporation1959
4171 Florida International University1976
4172 Folger Shakespeare Library 1958-1959
4173 Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli1988
4174 Fondazione Giovanni Agnelli 1985-1986
4175 Fondazione Il Vittoriale degli Italiani1996
4176 Fondazione Istituto Gramsci 1996
4177 Fondazione Sandro Penna1984-1991
4178Fondazione "Spadolini-Nuova antologia"1996-1998
421Freie Universität Berlin1982-1998
42 2 Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung1983-1987
423Fritz Thyssen Stiftung 1996
424G.P. Putnam's Sons1957
425Gage Educational Publishing Limited1986
426Gay Activists Alliance 1981
427Gerhard-Mercator-Universität Gesamthochschule Duisburg1983, 1995
428German Historical Institute (Washington, D.C.)1988?
429German Literature, Art and Thought1987
42 10German Studies Association1992-1998
4211Giulio Einaudi editore 1995-1997
4212 Goethe House New York 1977-1978
4213 Goethe-Institut (Munich, Germany) - Goethe-Medaille 1987-1988
4214 Goethe Institute Ann Harbor 1991-1992
4215 Goethe Institute Jerusalem 1981, 1987, 1995
4216 Goethe Institute Rome 1989-1998
4217 Gratz College (Philadelphia, Pa.)1986
4218 Grosset & Dunlap - Crisis of German Ideology 1962-1979
4219Grosset & Dunlap - Nazi Culture1963-1981
4220Grosset & Dunlap - Nazi Culture - Copyright Permissions1963-1981
4221Grosset & Dunlap - Royalties1964-1983
4222Group for Academic Freedom1950
4223Gruppo di Studi Ebraici1987
4224Gustav Landauer Archive1971
4225Gustavus Adolphus College1980
4227Hampshire College1973
4228Harper & Row, Publishers1966-1968, 1974
4229HarperCollins (Firm)1991-1998
4230Harvard University1980, 1987
4231Harvard University. Press. 1973, 1991-1997
4232Hebrew Union College - Doctor of Humane Letters Degree, honoris causa1987
4233Hebrew Union College. Efroymson Lectureship Committee1979-1982
4234Hemisphere Publishing Corporation1986-1989
4235Hillel1982, 1992-1993
4236Histoire1995, 1996
4237Historial de la Grande Guerre de Péronne1989-1996
4238Historian1976, 1985-1986
4239Historical Reflections1992
4240History and Theory1992
4241History Teacher1984
4242Hochschule für Jüdische Studien Heidelberg1994
4243Holocaust and Genocide Studies 1998
4244Holocaust Center of Greater Pittsburgh1982
4245Holocaust Library and Research Center Associates of San Francisco1979-1980
4246Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, Inc.1950-1996
4247Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, Inc. - Royalties1953-1994
4249Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace1968
4250Houghton, Mifflin and Company 1981-1983, 1994
4251Howard Fertig 1973-1998
4252Howard Fertig, Inc - Germans and Jews1965-1971
4253Howard Fertig - Masses and Men1978-1981
4254Howard Fertig - Nationalism and Sexuality1980-1984
4255Howard Fertig - The Nationalization of the Masses1972-1989
4256Huizinga Instituut1996-1997
4257Humanities Press1996
4258Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin1996-1997
4259Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Lectures1964-1965
4260Indiana University1967, 1971-1972
4261Indiana University. Press1983-1997
4262Initiative HomoMonument1996-1997
4263Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen (Vienna, Austria)1988
4264Institute for Advanced Studies (Princeton, N.J.)1995-1996
4265Institute of Contemporary History and Wiener Library1988-1998
431Instituto della Enciclopedia Italiana1987, 1994, 1997
432Instituto di ricerche economiche e sociali (Rome, Italy)1993
433Instituto Gramsci Toscano1986
434Instituto Italiano di Cultura (Stanford, Ca.)1993
435Instituto Nazionale per la Storia del Movimento di Liberazione in Italia1992-1995
436Instituto Socialista di Studi Storici1971, 1977-1978
437International Association of Historical Societies for the Study of Jewish History 1994
438International Commission for the History of Representative and Parliamentary Institutions1951-1953
439International Commission on Historical Demography1988-1989
4310International History Review1997
4311International Institute of Social History1965, 1988, 1995
4312International Lesbian and Gay Youth Organisation1997
4313International P.E.N. Books1973
4314Iowa Conference of University Professors1953-1955
4316Israel Film Archive1980
4317Israel Science Foundation 1993-1995
4318J.M. Dent & Sons1973-1978
4319Jerusalem Post1988-1990
4320Jewish Community Center of Milwaukee1975-1980
4321Jewish Museum (New York, N.Y.)1984
4322Jewish Theological Seminary of America1976-1981
4323John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Center on Violence and Human Survival1989, 1991
4324John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation1991-1997
4325John Wiley and Sons1954
4326Johns Hopkins University Press 1993
4327Joods Historisch Museum (Amsterdam, Netherlands)1996
4328Journal of History of Ideas1997
4329Journal of Homosexuality1989
4330Journal of Modern History 1973-1975, 1979
4331Journal of Psychohistory1981
4332Judah L. Magnes Memorial Museum1995-1998
4333Judah L. Magnes Memorial Museum - Stalin's Forgotten Israel Exhibit Draft1996
4334Judaism - A Quarterly Journal of Jewish Life and Thought1995-1996
4335Jüdische Volkshochschule Berlin1997
4336Jüdischer Kulturverein Berlin1990-1997
4337Jüdisches Museum Berlin 2000, 2001
4338 Jüdisches Museum Frankfurt a.M.1992
4339 Kashiwa Shobō Publishing Co.1993-1996
4340 Kenneth B. Smilen/Present Tense Literary Award 1981
4341 Kent State University1959
43 42King's College (University of London)1973
4344 Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen. Commissie voor de geschiedenis van de joden in Nederland1984
4345 Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen (Germany) 1986-1987
4346 Leo Baeck Institute (Jerusalem, Israel) 1971, 1980
4347 Leo Baeck Institute (London, England)1960-1996
4348 Leo Baeck Institute (New York) 1956-1979
4349 Leo Baeck Institute (New York) 1980-1989
4350 Leo Baeck Institute (New York) 1990-1999
4351 Leo Baeck Institute (New York) - Honoring George Mosse 1997-1998
4352 Leo Baeck Institute (New York) - Newsletters 1975-1978, 1997-1999
4353Library of Christian classics (Philadelphia, Pa.)1961-1969
4354Longman (Firm) 1960-1990
4355 Longman (Firm) - Royalty Statements1968-1988
4356 Los Angeles County Museum of Art1988-1991, 1997
4357 Macmillan Publishers1986, 1992
4358Madison Jewish Community Council1992-1996
4359 Magnus-Hirschfeld-Gesellschaft1987?, 1993, 1998
43 60Melton Center for Jewish Studies (Ohio State University) 1995-1996
4361 Merkaz Zalman Shazar le-toldot Yi'sra'el1995
4362 Michigan State University Press1948-1979
4363 Milwaukee Jewish Council1989
43 64Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies (Harvard University)1994
4365 Modernism/ Modernity1991-1995
43 66Monash University1982-1983
4367Mount Eitan Memorial Project1994
4368Museum of Jewish Heritage (New York, N.Y.)1997
441National Air and Space Museum1992
442National Endowment for the Humanities1971, 1988-1991
443Nations and Nationalism 1995-1998
444 New German Critique1978
44 5New Republic 1978, 1996-1997
446New York Times Company 1968
447New York University Press1991, 1994
44 8North Carolina State University1991
449Oberlin College1981
4410Österreichische Galerie Belvedere1998
4411Oxford University Press1974, 1984-1998
4412Oxford University Press - Fallen Soldiers - German Rights1989-1991
4413Oxford University Press - The Image of Man1994-1998
4414Paper Book Press - The Reformation1982-1985
4415Patterns of Prejudice 1992
4416 Penguin Books USA1994
44 17Piedmont University Center (Winston-Salem, N.C.)1968
44 18 Postdoctoraal Opleidingsprogramma Negentiende en Twintigste Eeuwse Geschiedenis (PONTEG) - Conference on Identity and Loyalty1994-1995
44 19Premio Prezzolini Award1984-1987
4420Presses universitaires de France1998
4421Princeton University Press1980, 1983, 1991-1998
4422Profile Books (Firm) 1997-1998
4423 Progressiveundated, 1999
44 24Prometeo 1983-1995
4425 Promozione Technologie Esperienze Organizzazione (Pro.T.E.O)1993
4426Psychohistory Review 1991, 1993
4427Quaderni di Storia1983
4428Quadrangle Books, Inc.1968-1969, 1998
4429Radiotelevisione italiana (R.A.I.)1983
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4431Rand McNally and Company 1966-1983
4432 Rand McNally and Company - Carr, Jack1964-1968
4433 Rand McNally and Company - Culture of Western Europe 1967-1975
4434 Rand McNally and Company - Royalties1956-1980
4435 Rand McNally and Company - Tieken, Theodore D. 1969-1971
4436 Remembering for the Future 1988 (1988: Oxford, England)1987
4437Reviews in History 1974, 1996
4438 Rijksinstituut voor Oorlogsdocumentatie (Netherlands) 1990
4439 Rijksuniversiteit te Groningen 1988
4440Rinehart & Company, Inc1956-1964, 1980
4441Rockefeller Foundation 1966
4442 Routledge (Firm)1996-1997
44 43Rowman and Littlefield, Incdate
4444Rowohlt (Firm) 1988
4445 Rutgers Center for Historical Analysis1993
4446 S. Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag 1989-1998
4447 Sage Publications - International Fascism1977-1979
4448 Sage Publications - The Impact of Western Nationalism 1991-1993
4449 Saggiatore (Firm) 1984-1998
4450 Saint Mary's College (Notre Dame, Ind.)1967-1968
4451 Salmagundi (Saratoga Springs, N.Y.)1969-1971, 1980, 1990
4452Schocken Books 1980-1998
4453 Schule Schloss Salem1933, 1945-1961, 1997-1998
4454 Schwules Museum1991
44 55Seminario Rab¡nico Latinoamericano1985
4456Simon Wiesenthal Center 1983
4457 Sino-Judaic Institute1996
44 58 Società editrice il Mulino 1973-1987
4459 Sofia: Idea Russa idea d'Europa1994
4460 Southwest Institute for Research on Women (U.S.) 1992
4461Spiegel-Verlag Rudolf Augstein1993-1994
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4466Stichting Bijzonmdere Leerstoel Joodse Studiën1989-1990
4467Stichting Interuniversitair Instituut voor Sociaal Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek 1992
4468 Storia (Turin, Italy)1982
44 69Studies in Contemporary History1997
4470Studies in Contemporary Jewry1987-1998
4471Study Circle of World Jewry1985
4472 Südwestdeutscher Arbeitskreis für Stadtgeschichtsforschung1993
451Tauber Institute for the Study of European Jewry1980-1993
452Technische Universität Berlin. Zentrum für Antisemitismusforschung1979-1986, 1995-1998
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4510United States. President's Commission on the Holocaust1980
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4512 United States Holocaust Memorial Museum1993-1998
4513United States Holocaust Memorial Museum - Persecution of Homosexuals1994-1998
45 14Universidad de Valencia. Departamento de Historia Contemporana1998
45 15Università degli studi della Repubblica di San Marino1992-1993
45 16Università di Bologna1987
4517Università di Camerino 1994-1996
4518 Universitah ha-`Ivrit bi-Yerushalayim (Hebrew University)1967-1972
4519Universitah ha-`Ivrit bi-Yerushalayim1973-1975
4520Universitah ha-`Ivrit bi-Yerushalayim1976-1979
4521Universitah ha-`Ivrit bi-Yerushalayim1980-1995
4522Universitah ha-`Ivrit bi-Yerushalayim - Apartment1973-1975
4523Universitah ha-`Ivrit bi-Yerushalayim - Doctor honoris causa Ceremony1999
45 24Universitah ha-`Ivrit bi-Yerushalayim - R. Koebner Chair of German 1978-1981, 1998
4525 Universitah ha-`Ivrit bi-Yerushalayim - Retirement 1985-1986
4526 Universitah ha-`Ivrit bi-Yerushalayim. Franz Rosenzweig-Zentrum1993-1996
4527Universitah ha-petuhah - Towards the Final Solution - Hebrew Translation 1986-1998
4528 Universitat Bar-Ilan1985
42 29Universitat Tel-Aviv1979, 1989-1990, 1996
4530Universität Bielefeld 1983, 1986, 1987
4531Universität Bremen 1986-1988
4532 Universität Essen1988
45 33Universität Heidelberg1995
4534Universität München 1982-1990
4535 Universität Tübingen1982
45 36 Universität-Gesamthochschule Siegen1977-1979, 1996-1999
4537 Universiteit van Amsterdam 1982-1995
4538 Universitetet i Oslo. Center for Medical Ethics 1994
4539 University of California, Berkeley1994-1995
4540 University of California Press 1980-1996
4541 University of Cambridge. Institute of Criminology 1995
4542 University of Cape Town1980, 1990
4543 University of Chicago1971-1978, 1994
4544University of Chicago. Press1974, 1988
4545 University of Iowa1944-1955
4546University of Iowa 1967, 1995-1996
4547University of Iowa - Associate Professor Appointment1949?
4548University of Iowa - East German (Soviet) Propaganda1952
4549 University of Iowa - History Newsletters1943-1968
4550 University of Iowa - Humanities Society1948-1950
4551 University of Kentucky 1997-1998
4552 University of Maryland (College Park, Md.) 1971, 1977
461 University of Minnesota. Press 1981
462University of Missouri1984
463University of Nevada Press 1991
464University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 1969
465University of North Carolina Press1994
466University of Pennsylvania. Center for Advanced Judaic Studies1996
46 7University of Pittsburgh1977
468University of Reading 1966-1969
469 University of Rochester1969
46 10University of Texas at Austin1985
4611University of Texas Press 1984
4612 University of Toronto 1970-1971
4613 University of Wisconsin1965-1996
4614 University of Wisconsin - Applications for Research 1955-1971
4615 University of Wisconsin - Colloquium on Fascism 1969-1970
4616 University of Wisconsin - Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Alumni Council1993, 1996
4617University of Wisconsin - George L. Mosse Estate1999
4618University of Wisconsin - George Mosse Teaching1992-1995
4619University of Wisconsin - Harassmentundated, 1976-1995
4620University of Wisconsin - Hilldale Award1988-1989
4621University of Wisconsin - Memorial Resolution2000
4622University of Wisconsin - Reports of the Ad Hoc Committee on the Role of Students in the Government on the Madison Campus1968
4623University of Wisconsin - Retirement1988-1998
4624University of Wisconsin. Center for Jewish Studies1990-2001
4625University of Wisconsin. Dept. of History1955-1957, 1970-1998
4626University of Wisconsin. Dept. of History - Budget1968-1989
4627University of Wisconsin. Dept. of History - Modern European History Vacancy 1956-1957
4628 University of Wisconsin. University Extension - Bureau of Audio-Visual Instructionafter 1955
4629University of Wisconsin. Wisconsin Alumni Association1999
4630University of Wisconsin Center-Fond du Lac1978-1979
4631University of Wisconsin Press1983-1998
4632University of Wyoming 1983-1984
4633 University Press of New England1991-1998
4634 University Press of Virginia 1974
4635Vassar College1971, 1977
4636 Verlag Anton Hain1990-1994
4637Verlag C.H. Beck1992-1998
4638Verlag Peter Lang1991-1992
4639Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism (Universitah ha-`Ivrit bi-Yerushalayim)1981-1990
4643Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine1990-1994
4644Westview Press 1980-1998
4645 Wiener Library1962-1997
46 46Wiener Library - Bulletin1960-1964
4647Wisconsin Library Association1995
4648Wisconsin Society for Jewish Learning1976
4649Wissenschaftszentrum Nordrhein-Westfalen. Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut Essen1991
4650 Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars 1987
4640 Washington University (Saint Louis, Mo.)1956, 1969, 1981-1983
4641 Wayne State University 1968-1969
4642 Wayne State University. Press 1986-1994
4651Yad va-shem, rashut ha-zikaron la-Sho'ah vela-gevurah1980-1996
4652Yale University1987-1988
4653Yale University Press1991-1999
4654Yeshiva University. Museum1997
4655YIVO Archives1991, 1997

Subseries 5: Professional - Journal of Contemporary History,  1961-1998

This subseries is in English, Hebrew, and German.
4 linear feet


Scope and Content:

This series contains correspondence relating to the Journal of Contemporary History, which George L. Mosse co-edited with Walter Laqueur. It is divided into three types of material: General Journal Correspondence; Submitted Articles; and Theme Issues.

Much of the first part of this subseries contains editorial correspondence concerning the Journal, which covered a variety of topics. Most of the correspondence here focuses on articles for the Journal, although there is some material on the publication of the Journal with Sage Publications and Cambridge Press, as well as information on copyright issues. Correspondence concerning articles contains letters to authors regarding accepted or rejected articles, articles planned for the future, articles on certain themes which the Journal requested, among others.

Submitted Articles consists of drafts of articles submitted to the Journal. Originally, the articles were found loose in a box with no discernable order; they have been organized by topic during processing.

Theme issues mainly concerns those issues of the Journal which focused on specific concepts in contemporary history. In addition, anniversary issues will also be found here, as well as correspondence concerning the first issue. Most of the earlier issues were based on a theme, but after some discussion by the editors later issues of the publication abandoned this practice.

A) General Journal Correspondence

471Accepted Articles 1970-1976
472 Articles in Future1975-1976
47 3Jay W. Baird and Moshe Zimmermann1981
474Cambridge Press Negotiations1980
475Commissioned Articles 1969-1971
476 Copyrights1966-1967
47 7Editorial Board1966-1967
478Editorial Conference 1975
479Editorial Correspondence1966-1970
47 10Editorial Correspondence1971-1974
4711Editorial Correspondence 1975-1976
4712 Editorial Correspondence 1977-1978
4713 Editorial Correspondence 1979-1980
4714 Editorial Correspondence 1981-1985
4715 Editorial Correspondence 1986-1990
4716 Editorial Correspondence 1991-1993
4717 Editorial Correspondence 1994-1999
4718 Foreign Editions1966-1969
47 19Fraenkel Prize Committee1991
4720Future Articles 1966-1976
4721 Greenwood Publishers1970-1972
47 22Halstead, Charles R. - Carlton J.H. Hayes as American Ambassador to Spain, 1942-1945 1974
4723 Harper and Row - Torchbook Journal1963-1966
4724 Inquiries to Write for Journal 1970-1971
4725 Kesting, Robert1995
47 26Labisch, Alfons1984-1985
4728 Lists1971
4729Mann, Gunther 1983-1984
4730 Marwick Project1985
47 31Monograph Series1975-1977
4732Outstanding Articles 1971-1973
4733 Ownership1967-1970, 1979
47 34Ownership 1991-1997
4735 Publicity1966-1967
47 36Published Articles - Kim R. Holmes1981
481Rejected Articlesundated, 1968-1975
48 2Rejected Articles1976-1981
483Rejected Articles 1985-1987
484 Rejected Articles - Brutalisation of German Politics 1987
485Rejected Articles - Fascism and Nazism1987
48 6Requests for Articles1972
487Research Correspondence 1975-1977
488 Reviews1970
489Sage Publications 1973-1983
4810 Sage Publications1992-1998
48 11Singer, Barnett1977
4812Wiener Library Board 1975-1980

B) Submitted Articles

4813British History 1990-1996
4814 Fascismundated
4815 French History1989-1998
48 16German Historyundated, 1990, 1993
4817History of Sexuality undated, 1988
4818 Israeli Historyundated
48 19Italian Historyundated, 1994
4820Jewish History undated
491Jewish History1978-1997
495Other European Historyundated, 1991
49 6Other Topics undated, 1992
497 Reviews1990-1995
498U.S. Historyundated, 1993
499Warsundated, 1990, 1995

C) Theme Issues

4910Aesthetics of Fascism 1993-1995
4911 Church and Politics1966-1967
49 12Church and State after 19451975
4913Cold War1966-1967
4914 Colonialism1966-1968
49 15Decadence 1980-1981
4916 Education1965-1967
49 17Fascism 1961-1965, 1977
4918Festschrift for Bill Sachse1977
4919Film in History 1982
4920 First Issue1964-1968
49 21Great Depression1966-1969
4922Historians in Politics 1971-1973
4923 Historiography1966-1967
49 24History of Tourism1982-1983
501Literature and Society 1965-1969
502 Medicine, History, and Society 1983-1986
503Modernization in the 1930s1975
504Near East1967-1968
5061917-1919: Fifty Years After1966-1968
507Peasant Movements 1971-1972
508 Police Forces1970-1974
50 9Popular Front 1967-1969
5010 Psychology and History 1967-1968
5011 Psychology and History - Acceptances1967-1968
5012 Regional Nationalism1969-1970
50 13Revolt of the Younger Generation1965-1969
5014Sexuality in History 1980-1982
5015 10th Anniversary Issue1976
50 1620th Anniversary Issue1983-1986
501725th Anniversary Issue 1989
5018 Urbanism1966-1969
5019Workers' Culture 1976-1978

Subseries 6: Students,  1961-1991

This subseries is in English and Hebrew.
1 linear foot


Scope and Content:

This subseries is comprised of correspondence between George L. Mosse and his former students, and is divided into a few folders of general correspondence and that which is arranged by individual.

The vast majority of the papers contained here are letters of recommendation for students written by George L. Mosse or letters from students concerning these recommendations. There is, however, some personal correspondence between Mosse and a few of the students which usually containing greetings or asking for career or academic advice.


Access to subseries 6 (box/folders 51/1-51/259) is restricted to those who receive written permission from the trustees of the George L. Mosse Estate.

Please contact:
Leo Baeck Institute Center for Jewish History 15 West 16th Street New York, NY 10011

A) General

511Recommendations and Letters1957-1966
512Recommendations and Letters1967-1970
513Recommendations and Letters1971-1985
514Universität München1983-1985

B) Individuals

515Abrahams, Edward1972-1980
516Adams, Tom1971
517Alderson, William1972
518Ami, Ben1972
519Anglim, Mary1974
5110Armiros, Dino 1973
5111 Assaraf, Hanna1980
51 12August, James1976-1980
5113August, John1971-1978
5114 Augustyn, Frederick1974
51 15Baker, Robert H.1981
5116Bakken, Marjorie 1979
5117 Bates, Tom1970-1972
51 18Bathrick, David1974
5119 Beckelman, Elliotundated
51 20Benjamin, Jessica1973
5121Berlow, Lisa1976
5122 Berlow, Rebecca1980
51 23Berman, Judith1979
5124Berman, Susan E. 1973
5125 Bijou, Leon J.1977
51 26Birken, Lawrence1986
5127Bitan, Dan1981-1984
5128 Bloom, Brad1976-1977
51 29Blustein, Paul1972
5130 Bohlman, Philip V.1985
51 31Borish, Mike 1978-1983
5132 Brienes, Winifred1972
51 33Brooks, Katy 1982
5134 Brown, Barbara1975
51 35Carrel, Ira E.1972-1975
5136Chandler, Jeff 1984-1986
5137 Chertok, David1982
51 38Chin-Duke, Josephine1982-1983
5139Cinelli, E.M. 1975
5140 Cobb, James1975-1977
51 41Cole, Jeffrey1982
5143 Cross, Casey1973
5144Czerkas, Andreas 1977
5145 Davis, Russell1975
51 46Dreben, Michael1976
5147Dubbs, Thomas 1971
5148 Edelstein, Ruth M.1975
51 49Eils, Robert Charles1977
5150Engelstein, Larry 1980
5151 Ettenheim, Tim1973
51 52 Even-Shoshan, Moshe1974-1978
5153Feldman, Ellen 1970
5154 Feldmen, Ronundated
5155Ferguson, Mark 1979-1982
5156 Finkelstein, Amnon G.1985
51 57Fischer, Larry1972
5158 Fitzgerald, Maureen1984
51 59Friedman, Bernard1982
5160Gargan, Edward Jr. 1973-1975
5161 Garnett, Clarke1975
51 62Gatzke, Hans 1970
5163 Gerber, Marcus1971
51 64Gereau, Sandra1987
5165Glauberman, Naomi 1971
5166 Glick, Nancy R.1986-1987
51 67Golden, Ken 1973
5168 Goldman, Eddie1972-1978
51 69Goodman, Andrew1977-1980
5170Goodman, Harold 1974
5171 Goodman, Jim1970-1972
51 72Gordon, Adam Henry1987
5173 Gordon, Bonnie1976-1979
51 74Goren, Avi 1974-1976
5175 Greene, Richard1973-1976
51 76Greenstein, Stephen Joel1967-1970
5177Greenstein, Steve 1973
5178 Grendler, Paul1977-1986
51 79Grobman, Alex1970-1977
5180Grunstein, Arturo 1981
5181 Haley, John1972
5183 Hansen, Linda1968-1970
51 84Harris, David1972-1973
5185Harris, Zachary 1987
5186 Haskin, Linda1975
5187Hatheway, Joseph 1980-1986
5188 Heneghan, Craig D.1978
51 89Hertz, Deborah1971
5190Heyd, Michael 1973
5191 Hilgendorf, Mark1973-1974
51 92Hirschberg, Michael1971
5193Hirshman, Debra 1975-1976
5194 Holden, David H.1971
51 95Holter, Howard R.1975
5196Horn, Colin1973
5197 Huyge, Louisa1972
5198Hutcheson, Michael 1975
5199 Itzkowitz, Joel1971
51 100Jaliman, Michael1971
51101Johnson, David 1970
51102 Jubelirer, Eliot1970-1971
51 103Kahn, William1972
51104Kale, Steven 1983-1986
51105 Kalmonoff, Wendy1970
51 106Kamal, Sami 1977
51107 Kaminsky, Mark1977
51 108Kaplow, Jeffry1985
51109Karmel, Jonathon 1978
51110 Kaufman, Allan1971
51 111Kaufman, Lanny1970-1972
51112Kaye, Joel1970-1979
51113 Kelly, Art1975
51114Kelman, Levi Yehudah 1975
51115 Kirschbaum, Aaron1968-1971
51 116Kokott, Robert1986
51117 Kolstad, Michael1975
51 118Koransky, Henry1970-1971
51119Kraemer, Seymour 1971-1973
51120 Kritzman, Lawrence1970
51 121Kurth, David1978
51122 Lagana, Marc1971
51123Lake, Sheila E. 1970-1971
51124 Lakin, Michael1973
51 125Lam, Doron 1982
51126 Lampert, Steve1977-1979
51 127Lavine, Joseph1983
51128Lennox, Frank 1970
51129 Lerman, David1980
51130Levin, Steven M. 1973
51131 Levine, Arnold1972-1974
51 132Levine, Michael G.1970-1974
51133Levinson, Larry 1978
51134 Liss, Harvey1975
51135Loewenberg, Peter 1987
51136 Lyons, Douglas1971
51 137Maid, Barry 1971
51138 Mandel, Mark1973
51139Mann, Paul W. 1972
51140 Manning, Paul E.1982
51 141Marcus, Alfred1970-1971
51142Marks, Elaine 1981
51143 Marks, Harry1972-1974
51 144Martinson, Andre1971-1972
51145Maslan, Susan 1985
51146 Matlofsky, Gerald1979
51 147McDonald, Michael1980
51148McCann, Dennis 1971
51149 McCann, Kaaren1967-1980
51 150McGee, Eugene1962-1970
51151McGhee, Patricia 1970-1973
51152 Melton, David1973
51154 Merwick, Donna1972
51 155Meshbesher, Steven1976
51157 Miller, Mark1977
51158Miller, Nancy 1970-1974
51159 Miller, Timothy1975
51 160Morris, Errol M.1970
51161Morse, Stephan Wayne 1970-1971
51162 Natanson, Charles1972
51 163Needleman, Arthur1980
51164Neren, Steven H. 1977
51165 Netzer, William1966-1969, 1976
51166Nilles, Jill1978
51167 Nohel, Richard1970
51 168Oberlander, Joab Z.1971
51169Olson, Anne Michelle 1987
51170 Olson, Roger D.1973
51 171Patner, Andrew1985
51172Pearson, Thomas C. 1980-1981
51173 Perry, Debra1973
51174Peters, Walter Hugh 1967-1972
51175 Peterson, Brian L.1971-1977
51 176Peterson, Marcia1972-1975
51177Peterson, Ross 1975
51178 Phillips, Todd1973
51 179Pollack, David1971-1972
51180Pollack, Raphael 1971
51181 Poppell, Stephen1974-1975
51 182Prombaum, Saul1979
51183 Raben, Harvey1970-1971
51 184Ranard, Andrew B.1981
51185Reed, Robert 1970-1971
51186 Reeder, Linda1985
51187Rodenstein, Laurence 1985
51188 Rolling, John D.1979
51 189Rood, Vernon Paul1978-1982
51190Rosen, David 1985
51191 Rothstein, Andrew1971
51 192Rubenstein, Robert1977
51193Ruby, Walter 1971-1973
51194 Ryan, Michael T.1975
51 195Samuelson, Arthur H.1974-1975
51196Sandford, Gregory 1975
51197 Schafritz, Robert1970
51 198Schaller, John1971
51199 Schalow, Thomas1978
51 200Scheerer, Katherine1978
51201Schesch, Adam 1973
51202 Schilling1970
51203Schipper, Henry 1974-1975
51204 Schlanger, Harley1970
51 205Schultz, Barnett1980-1983
51206Schwartz, Daniel 1977
51207 Schwartz, Robert A.1973-1985
51 208Seager, Richard Hughes1975
51209Segal, Peter 1979-1980
51210 Seidemann, Daniel1973
51 211Seldin, Beth1984-1985
51212Shalom, Nina 1978
51213 Shinder, Jack1977-1979
51 214Shulman, Arthur1971
51215Siegel, Paul 1971
51216 Slate, William1971
51 217Soliday 1975
51218 Soman, Jean Powers1987
51 219Stacy, William1978-1979
51220Star, Philip 1972
51221 Stein, Alan1967-1968
51 222Stein, Jeffrey1966-1968
51223Stein, Steven 1972
51224 Steinberg, Mark1988
51 225Steinzor, Rena1972-1973
51226Stockinger, Jacob 1979
51227 Stovall, Tyler1978-1983
51 228Stroik, Lawrence Michael1975
51229Stuart, Julia 1970
51230 Stulberg, Neal1975
51 231Tankel, Joshua1973
51232Teplinsky, Steven J. 1985
51233 Tishman, Steven M.1981
51 234Tomich, Dale1973
51235 Tonkens, Nancy1971
51 236Torda, Phyllis1976-1977
51237Vetener, Steve 1973-1974
51238 Vickerman, Michael1979
51 239Wald, James John1977-1978
51240Warren, Mitchell 1986
51241 Web1977
51242Wegner, Robert 1972-1974
51243 Weiner, Steven1981
51 244Weinig, Judith1973
51245Weiss, Anne W. 1978
51246 Werner, Stephen1971-1974
51 247Wertheimer, Ralph1970
51248 Weston, Timothy1985
51 249Wetzler, Peter1973
51250 Wienberg, Paul1971
51 251Willis, Kirk1977
51252 Winograd, Richard1970-1971
51 253Winston, Colin1978-1982
51254Winston, Michael 1971-1986
51255 Wiseman, John M.1973
51 256Wood, Robert C.1988-1991
51257Wuerth, Dieter 1973
51258 Zabin, Jerry M.1976
51 259Zola, John 1975
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Series IV: Photos and Pictorial Material, undated, 1930s-1998

1 linear foot


Scope and Content:

The photographic materials in the George L. Mosse collection include: black and white and color photographs, negatives, film, and slides. The images span Mosse's lifetime and consist mainly of photographs of Mosse, his friends and colleagues, his home in Madison, Wisconsin, and the various international locations to which he traveled in pursuit of his research interests as well as on personal holidays. There are some photographs representing George L. Mosse's immediate family as well as his early life in Germany. Photographs from the 1990s show Mosse's return trip to Germany to visit Mosse family homes and estates which had been inaccessible until the fall of Communism. There are some undated and unidentified photographs.

Several framed pictures have also been placed in this series. The frames were removed for preservation purposes.

A) Film

52116mm Film, Labeled Salem, Hermannsbergundated
522Undeveloped Roll, Exposed Kodak Filmundated

B) Photos

a) George L. Mosse and Friends

523Anson Rabinbach and Judy - North Hampton1970s?
524George L Mosse 1930s-1990s
525George L. Mosse 1930s-1990s
526George L. Mosse 1930s-1990s
OSL4111George L. Mosse - Portraits [not digitized]undated
527George L. Mosse Receiving Leo Baeck Medal at the 4th Annual Leo Baeck Gala Dinner November 18, 1998
528George L. Mosse with Identified Peopleundated
529George L. Mosse with Unidentified People span 1950s-1990s
5210 Familyundated
6011Felicia Lachmann-Mosse undated
5212 Identified friends and colleaguesundated
5213 Joy Mosseundated
5214Mosse Fest1998
5215 Petsundated
5217 Steve Aschheim - Jericho, Israel1980s
5218 Unidentified Familyundated
52 19Unidentified Peoplespan 1950s-1990s

b) Sites

522036 Glenway, Madison WI span 1956-1990s
5221The Alps1930s-
5222 Australia1979
5223Australia and Tahiti 1970s?
5224 Belgiumundated
5225Chamonix/ Mt. Blanc 1930s?
5226 Egyptundated
5227Egypt - On the Nile River 1987
5228 Englandundated
5229Frank Lloyd Wright Farm 1956
5230 Germanyundated
5231Germanyspring 1989
5232 Germany1996, 1997
5233Germany - Berlin 1990s?
5234Germany - Schenkendorfundated, 1992
5236Guatemala1963? 1964?
5238Israelspan 1970s-1990s?
5239Israel - Lake Galillee - Summer Kibbutz 1970s?
5240Israel - Mosse and Andy1976? 1978?
5241 Italy1954?
5242ItalyDecember 1996
5243Italy - Pisa1988
5244Italy - Tomb of Mussolini1986
5245Italy - Veniceundated
5247Mosse Family Homesundated
5248New York City1977
5249Nuestra Señora del Pilar - Commemoration?undated
5251Prague, Other European Cities1968?
52 52South Africa undated
5253Unidentified Cities and Buildingsundated
5254Unidentified Homesundated

C) Pictures

6256Feldherrnhalle in München - Pictureundated
6257Framed Newspaper Articleundated
6258Zweibürgenblick - Pictureundated
6259Photo - Fountainundated

D) Negatives

526036 Glenway, Madison, WI1960s?
52 61Italy1950s
5262George L. Mosse, Unidentified Man and Woman - Rollundated
5263Mosse, Unidentified People1950s?
5265Unidentified Locationsundated
5266Unidentified Locations and Peopleundated

E) Slides

5267Germany, Italy, Israel, Southwestundated
526836 Glenway, Madison, WIundated
526936 Glenway, Madison, WI - George L. Mosse with Pets1990s?
5271France or Italy?undated
5272Guatemala1963 or 1964?
5273Italy?, Europeundated
5275Travel Photo1957
5276Travel Slides? England?July 1957
5277Travel slides - Europe, Other Locationsundated
5278University of Wisconsin - Madison Prank on Mosse1955
5279Various Locations - George L. Mosse with Friendsundated
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Series V: Audiovisual Material, 1955-1961

This series is in English.
1 linear foot

By format, then by order in film series.

Scope and Content:

This series is comprised of a series of films that George L. Mosse worked on for Coronet Instructional films. George L. Mosse was the historical consultant for the films, which were designed to give an overview of a historical period for classroom use. The films cover European history as well as the exploration of the Americas, and cover topics from the time of the Holy Roman Empire through the Glorious Revolution in England. The films are in the form of film reels as well as videocassettes. Videocassettes contain several films, whereas reels have one film each. Drafts of three of the films may be found in Series II, Subseries 1.

A) Film Reels

531Age of Discovery: English, French and Dutch Explorations - Film Reel1956?
532English History: Absolutism and Civil War - Film Reel1958?
533English History: Restoration and Glorious Revolution - Film Reel1958?

B) Videocassettes

534The Holy Roman Empire; Medieval Times: the Role of the Church; Charlemagne and His Empire; The Reformation - Videocassettes1955, 1961
535Age of Discovery; English, French and Dutch Explorations; English History: Absolutism and Civil War; English History: Restoration and Glorious Revolution - Videocassettes1956, 1958

C) Larger Film Reels

536Charlemagne and his Empire - Larger Film Reel1961?
537The Holy Roman Empire - Larger Film Reel1961?
538Medieval Times: the Role of the Church - Larger Film Reel1955?
539The Reformation - Larger Film Reel1961?
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Series VI: Objects, 1986-1995

1.5 linear feet


Scope and Content:

This series is made up of personal objects which belonged to George L. Mosse. The majority of objects contained here are awards or awards given to him by various organizations, such as Hadassah and the American Historical Association, among others. Other objects are of a more personal nature, such as eyeglasses, a travel bag, and a watch.

541American Historical Association Award for Scholarly Distinction - Plaque1996
542Frontiers Lifetime Achievement Award1993
543Hadassah Acknowledgement - Plaqueundated
544Hadassah Myrtle Wreath Humanitarian Award - Plaque1995
631Hilldale Award - Plaque1988-1989
545Human Rights Campaign Pinundated
546Inscribed Leather Caseundated
632Kenneth B. Smilen Literary Award - Plaque1986
547Picture Easelundated
548Star of David - Statueundated
552KLM Travel Bagundated
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Series VII: Books, 1878-1996

This series is in English, German, Italian, and Japanese.
3 linear feet

By language, then alphabetical.

Scope and Content:

Series VII: Books is comprised of books in the possession of George L. Mosse. The vast majority of books are his or translations of his works. Drafts of some of this works may be found in Series II: Writings, Subseries 1: Writings, and correspondence concerening them is in Series III, Subseries 3: Personal. Section E contains books not written by Mosse, but included in his collection. Several of these refer to his family's possessions, including the Kunstsammlung Rudolf Mosse, Berlin and the Zeitungs-Annoncen Expidition Rudolf Mosse. Touching the Sky was a book given as a gift to George L. Mosse.

561 Calvinism: Authoritarian or Democratic?undated
562Culture of Western Europe1961, 1974
563 Europe in Review1957, 1964, 1972
564 Image of Man1996
565 Nationalism: the Nature and Evolution of an Idea 1973, 1976
564Outline and Sources for a History of Western1948, 1951
565Reformation1953, 1963
566Source Readings - Western Civilization in Modern Times1945
567Struggle for Sovereignty in England1950, 1968
568 Survivors, Victims, and Perpetrators1980
569 Toward the Final Solution1985

B) German

5610Ein Volk - Ein Reich - Ein Führer1979
5611 Entartete Kunst1991, 1992
571Nationalisierung der Massen1975, 1976
572Nationalismus und Sexualität1985
573Zeitmitschrift - 1937. Europa vor dem 2. Weltkriegundated

C) Italian

574 Dialogo Ebraico-Tedesco1985, 1988
575 Guerre Mondiale Dalla Tragedia al Mito Dei Caduti1990
576Intervista sul Nazismo1977
577Nazionalizzazione delle Masse1974, 1975
578Origini Culturali del Terzo Reich1964, 1968, 1994
579 Origini Culturali del Terzo Reich1964, 1968, 1994
5710Razzismo in Europa1978, 1985
5711Razzismo in Europa1994
5712 Sessualita' e Nazionalismo1984

D) Other

581Nationalization of the Masses - Japanese Version1993

E) Not by George L. Mosse

582 50 Jahre F.E. Weidenmüller Antonsthal, 1867-19171917
583 Kunstsammlung Rudolf Mosse, Berlinundated, 1878
58575 Jahre Berliner Börsen-Zeitung1930?
628Special Life Edition - Israel's Swift History1967
586Touching the Sky by Denise Low and George Kren1994
587Zeitungs Katalog Annoncen-Expedition Rudolf Mosse1927
588 Zeitungs Katalog Annoncen-Expedition Rudolf Mosse1933
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Series VIII: Offprints,  1780-1998

This series is in English, German, Italian, French, and Dutch.
8 linear feet


Scope and Content:

This series contains a collection of off-prints that George L. Mosse gathered throughout his long academic career. The off-prints, photocopied chapters of books, and some conference papers were sent or presented to George L. Mosse; they often carry a dedication by the author. Some of the off-prints are also annotated by George L. Mosse. His insertions and some photocopies were kept with the offprints as well. The topic of the off-prints and various conference papers basically covers the main interests of George L. Mosse, i.e. different aspects of European, German, and Jewish history and culture, questions of social hygiene, sexuality, etc.

1) European History and Culture,  1930-1997

781Ackerknecht, Erwin H.1956 - 1990
782Adam - Armstrong1959 - 1981
783Baker - Battenhouse1945 - 1962
784Baron, Hans1938 - 1992
785Baumer - Bernal1937 - 1992
786Binion - Burrell1948 - 1993
787Cahill - Caspari1935 - 1982
788Church - Cohen, Richard I.1951 - 1991
789Cohen, William - Curtis1955 - 1989
7810Dasnabedian - Dijk1971 - 1987
7811Drescher - Dupront1970 - 1991
7812Edson - Epstein1960 - 1970
7813Ferguson - Fox1959 - 1990
7814Gargan - Green1952 - 1985
7815Grendler - Grossberg1956 - 1989
7816Harbison - Herding1931 - 1993
7817Hexter, J. H.1956 - 1991
7818Hill - Holquist1951 - 1997
7820Hoyt - Hutton1954 - 1968
7821Jacob - Jaeger1930 - 1966
791Kammen - Kelley1954 - 1982
792Kingdon, Robert M.1957 - 1982
793Kirby - Kren1939 - 1987
794Lachance - Lunn1960 - 1978
795MacDonald - Mazower1957 - 1997
796McCaffrey - Mosse, W. E.1950 - 1987
797Mousnier - Murray1956 – 1976
798Nugent - Orsini1956 - 1971
799Paret - Petrovich1956 - 1996
7910Pocock - Popkin1951 - 1968
7911Post - Quinlan1965 - 1979
7912Rabinbach - Ravid1955 - 1985
7913Rearick - Ritter1953 - 1989
7914Roberts - Rowen1939 - 1983
7915Sabean - Schilfert1952 - 1991
7916Schorske - Senn1955 - 1987
7917Setton - Smith, Lacey B.1955 - 1978
7918Smith, Goldwin - Soloway1940 - 1979
7919Solt - Stuurman1954 – 1994
801Tarrow - Thadden1967 - 1993
802Thayer - Trinterud1941 - 1996
803Valensise - Verschuuren1986 -
804Weimann - Williams1958 - 1985
805Willis - Woolf1940 - 1977
806Yahil - Zeeveld1946 – 1990

2) German history and culture,  1780-1998

817Lamberti – Linke1962 - 1991
818Linse – Lutz1970 - 1997
819Mack – Megill1967 - 1995
8110Mergner – Muessener1949 - 1988
8111Nell – Nipperdey1967 - 1983
8112Nollendorfs – Orr1976 - 1984
8113Paret – Pross1967 - 1996
8114Puhle, Hans-Juergen1964 - 1980
8115Rabinbach – Runge1943 – 1988
8116Sabean – Schulze1956 - 1986
8117Schorske – Skidmore1935 - 1993
8118Snell – Stanitzek1956 - 1988
8119Steinmaetz – Trommler1960 – 1988
8120Ulbricht – Zelinsky1951 – 1995

3) Jewish History and Culture,  1815-1998

822Abrahamsen – Avni1963 - 1997
823Bacharach – Baranay1955 - 1988
824Baron – Bechtel1976 - 1997
825Bein, Alex1958 - 1965
826Beller – Berghahn1960 - 1998
827Berkowitz – Bornstein1933 – 1966
828Borowitz – Brann1915 - 1962
829Breidecker – Busi1977 - 1994
8210Carsten – Cohen1977 - 1992
8211Davis – Engel-Holland1969 - 1995
8212Fehervary – Freeden1988 - 1998
8213Freund – Funkenstein1934 - 1993
8214Gay – Gilman1975 - 1989
8215Goldin – Groth1924 – 1994
8216Habermas – Henriques1963 – 1990
8217Herrmann – Hyman1815 – 1985
8218Idel – Jaeger1915 – 1987
8219Kaiser – Kolatt1969 – 1997
8220Komperts – Kwiet1962 – 1994
8221LaCapra – Lessing1963 – 1998
831Levin – Lipset1968 – 1998
832Loewenberg – Luxner1968 – 1994
833Margaliot – Mendes-Flohr1966 - 1992
834Meyer – Mork1968 - 1998
835Moro – Mueller1976 - 1994
836Nadler – Orbach1978 - 1997
837Paucker – Pulzer1954 - 1997
838Rabinbach, Anson1976 - 1988
839Ravid – Reinharz1978 - 1989
8310Repgen – Ruppin1919 - 1983
8311Salluste – Schorske1947 - 1996
8312Schulin – Simon1964 - 1996
8313Sivan – Soeder1972 - 1995
8314Sorkin – Szajkowski1975 - 1999
8315Tal, Uriel1969 – 1976
8317Toch – Tzahor1972 – 1982
8318Uran - Volkov1972 – 1988
8319Wasserstein – Wilson1962 – 1990
8320Wisse – Wormser-Migot1962 – 1989
8321Yahil – Young1992 – 1993
8322Zapponi – Zweig1975 – 1996

4) National socialism and right movement,  1921-1998

8410Jacobitte-Kater (1969-1972)1933-1980

5) Sexuality, 1901-1998


6) World War One,  1915-1995

869 Abraham-Colin1919-1984
8612Kater, Michael H.1971-1988
8616Unknown Author

7) World War Two and Holocaust,  1930-1997

875Unknown Author

8) Others,  1825-1996

876Adler – Aubert1970 – 1979
877Baird – Burgener1953 – 1996
878Canetti – Curtis1958 – 1992
879Dascal – Edelmann1968 – 1991
8710Fellmann – Fisher1966 – 1993
8711Fogel – Fraser1965 – 1991
8712Gleason – Gurwitsch1935 – 1975
8713van Harten – Hugh1959 – 1996
8714Ingaro – Jordan1946 – 1993
8715Kaiser – Kugelmass1946 – 1991
8716Labedz – Lovejoy1935 – 1988
8717Marchand – Muller1963 – 1989
8718D.H.N. – Naimann1966 – 1990
8719O`Brien – Rouanet1956 – 1995
8720Schalk – Sommerville1973 – 1991
8721Starr – Swidler1912 – 1996
8722Tenfelde – Troen1972 – 1994
8723Vansina – Wright1825 – 1989
8724Zani – Zarek1930 – 1991
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