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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Berthold Rosenthal
Title: Berthold Rosenthal Collection
Dates: 1706-1959
Dates: (bulk: 1927-1952)
Abstract: This collection holds documents pertaining to the work of the teacher and genealogist Berthold Rosenthal. It contains his writings on German Jews in Baden, including a copy of his , and genealogical work on Jewish families from that same geographic region. In addition, the collection also is comprised of correspondence, notes on original documents, and genealogical information on the Rosenthal family.
Languages: The collection is in German, Hebrew, and English.
Quantity: 6 linear feet
Accession number: AR 637
Repository: Leo Baeck Institute
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Biographical Note

Berthold Rosenthal was born on January 17, 1875 in Liedolsheim bei Karlsruhe, the son of Emanuel Rosenthal, a cattle dealer and Babette nee Weil. In 1914 he married Johanna née Benzian. In the following years they had three children: Ernst, Ruth, and Lotte.

From 1889-1891 Rosenthal attended preparatory school in Tauberbischofsheim. For the following three years he studied towards his teaching degree in Karlsruhe (Baden-Würtemberg). After receiving his degree, he first obtained a position teaching Jewish religion classes, which he did from 1894 until 1897 in Kirchen-Efringen, Adelsheim bei Buchen, and Friesenheim bei Lahr. In 1901 he began teaching at a grammar school (Gymnasium) in Mannheim. From 1914 to 1916 Rosenthal served in World War I and was released from service because of an eye injury. He resumed teaching in Mannheim, where he continued until he was forced to leave in 1933. In addition to teaching, he wrote for the Jewish magazine Die neue Volkschulworte. He was also involved in Jewish charity organizations and secretary of the Jewish August-Lamey-Loge. During the Weimar Republic he collected information on Jews in Baden, and in 1927 his work Heimatgeschichte der badischen Juden was published.

This work would become very important in the future, since it contained much information on Jews in Baden that was lost under the National Socialist regime. After he lost his position in 1933 as a grammar school teacher, he conducted research and contributed articles to the Germania Judaica, a work focusing on the history of Jews in Germany. The Germania Judaica was forbidden to be published by the German government, and was eventually published by the Leo Baeck Institute in 1968.

In September 1940 Berthold Rosenthal and his wife escaped to the United States via Portugal. They arrived in New York and were greeted by Berthold Rosenthal’s two daughters and younger siblings, who had left Germany earlier. His eldest son Ernst went to live in Palestine on a kibbutz. Berthold Rosenthal lived for eight years in New York, staying with his daughters, and worked for a time in an export business there owned by his nephew. Eventually Berthold Rosenthal moved to Omaha, Nebraska, where he died on December 16, 1957 at 82 years old.

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Scope and Content Note

This collection documents the historical and genealogical work of the teacher and genealogist Berthold Rosenthal. It contains extensive information on the history of Jews in Baden, as well as genealogical information on several families.

Berthold Rosenthal wrote many articles on German Jews in Baden, and this collection contains both unpublished manuscripts and published clippings of his written articles. Subseries 1 of Series I holds some unpublished, handwritten manuscripts on topics such as the education of Jewish children as well as on Jewish communities in Baden. Subseries 2 of the same series holds numerous published articles by Berthold Rosenthal, concerning Jews in Baden and in Mannheim, among other topics. Series II holds many handwritten notes on Jewish communities in Baden, much of it taken from original documents he encountered in city and regional archives. Rosenthal's published writings will also be found in the community newspapers of Series VI: Subseries 1. In addition, Series VIII: Addenda contains Rosenthal's detailed work on Jews in Baden, Heimatgeschichte der badischen Juden. A review of this work will be found in Series VII: Subseries 3.

The collection is also strong in the area of genealogical information. Berthold Rosenthal worked on collecting genealogical information for many families. Some of this material may be found among the community histories in Series II. These histories contain many notes on names used by Jewish families in different areas and at different times in Baden. Series IV, however, is where the largest portion of genealogical information is located. It includes family trees, genealogical tables, and narrative family histories of many Jewish families from the area of Baden, as well as correspondence with family members, which also often contains information on families and their history. A small amount of genealogical information on the Rosenthal family will be found in Series VII: Personal Records and Papers.

One area in which the collection is not very comprehensive is in biographical or personal material on Berthold Rosenthal himself. There are only a few letters, mainly in Series V: Correspondence, in the collection which contain biographical information. Another area where there is a small amount of correspondence is located in Series VII.

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This collection is divided into eight series.

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Access and Use

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Collection is microfilmed - MF 484.

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Use Restrictions

There may be some restrictions on the use of the collection. For more information, contact:
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Container List

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.

Follow the links to access the digitized materials.


Series I: Writings, 1904-1956

This series is in German and Hebrew.
0.5 linear foot

This series is divided into two subseries: Manuscripts and Periodical Articles.

Scope and Content:

Series I is comprised of the writings of Berthold Rosenthal. The first subseries features unpublished works, while the second contains published essays. One popular topic, which concerned many of his writings, is the theme of Jewish education. His essays include musings on Jewish schools, the education of Jewish children, teaching, and youth literature.

Another topic prominent in this series is the history of Jewish communities, mainly in Baden. Rosenthal's work discusses communities in Baden in general, as well as specific cities or towns, such as Frankfurt am Main, Rastatt, Offenburg, Wetzlar, and Worms. Mannheim is a particularly popular topic, and Subseries 2 of this series is dedicated to articles on Mannheim, covering such topics as the Jewish community, the history of a Jewish school, and various essays on Jews in Mannheim.

Other topics encountered in this series include writings on specific people, or the history of specific families.

Subseries 1: Manuscripts, 1926-1932

Scope and Content:

Subseries 1 consists of unpublished handwritten and typed manuscripts concerning Jewish history in Baden and the Palatinate (Pfalz) in the 18th and 19th centuries. Many of the manuscripts in Subseries 1 are texts of lectures given by Berthold Rosenthal while he was teaching in Mannheim. Most of the manuscripts are undated, although many of them are identified as having been written when Berthold Rosenthal worked as a teacher in Mannheim, between 1901 and 1933. Writings concern the Jewish communities of the cities of Karlsruhe, Mannheim, and Worms. Several of the manuscripts also deal with topics related to children or the education of children.

Box Folder Title Date
1 1 Ist die badische Volksschule 'christlich' simultan? 1928
1 2 "Baden" in den neuesten jüdischen Nachschlagewerken undated
1 3 Satzungen einer Frankfurter Chevrat Bikur Cholim undated
1 4 Aus den Jugendjahren der jüdischen Gemeinde Karlsruhe undated
1 5 Zur Geschichte des alten jüdischen Friedhofs in Mannheim 1938
1 6 Ihr lasst den Armen schuldig werden… undated
1 7 Im Banne des Zensors (Erlebnisse eines deutschen Journalisten in Mannheim i. J. 1842) undated
1 8 Eine Kindesentführung (Und der Geschichte in Juden in Mannheim) undated
1 9 Wie man in der Pfalz die Auswanderung bekämpfte undated
1 10 Beziehungen zwischen der Wormser und der Mannheimer Judenschaft undated
1 11 Die geschichtlich gewordene Situation der deutschen Juden 1931
1 12 Liebe junge Freunde! 1926
1 13 Gibt es ein "Erbrabbinat"? undated
1 14 Johann Peter Hebel (zu seinem 100. Geburtstage) undated
1 15 Der geprellte General undated
1 16 Der Karlsruher Hofbanquier Salomon von Haber und seine Familie 1928, 1931-1932
1 17 Aus den Mannheimer Rats-Protokollen 1926, 1931
1 18 Ein Zeugenverhör im Jahre 1723 undated
1 19 Universität Heidelberg undated
1 20 Hayum Sinsheim und die Seinen undated

Subseries 2: Periodical Articles, 1904-1956

Scope and Content:

This subseries holds articles written by Berthold Rosenthal which were published in newspapers or newsletters. The most prominent topics of these articles are Jewish history or the education of Jewish children and the Jewish school system. A few of the writings are not articles written by Rosenthal, but are his letters to the editor.

A) Baden

Box Folder Title Date
1 21 Zeitschrift der Geschichte des Oberrheins: "Die ersten Nachrichten über Juden in der Markgrafschaft Baden" 1926?
1 22 C.-V.-Kalender: "Das Heimatrecht der badischen Juden" 1929
1 23 Jüdische Familienforschung: "Aus Ludwig Haas' Familiengeschichte" 1930
1 24 Zeitschrift für die Geschichte des Oberrheins: "Juden als Lebensträger des Klosters Reichenau" 1931
1 25 Mitteilungen der Gesellschaft für Jüdische Familien-Forschung: "Nochmals der Name Wallach" undated
1 26 "Die jüdischen Volksschulen in Baden" 1935
1 27 Neue Badische Landes-Zeitung: "Zur badischen Schulgesetznovelle" 1910 Mar. 22
1 28 Israelitisches Familienblatt: "Nachklänge and die Sitzung des Kuratoriums der "Israelitischen Erziehungsanstalt zu Ahlem" in Frankfurt am Main" 1911 Dec. 14
1 29 "Herr Hauptlehrer Rosenthal, Mannheim" 1913
1 30 Israelitisches Familienblatt: "Jüdische Geschichte und Literatur" 1925 Oct. 8
1 31 C.- V. Zeitung: "Eine Judensache vor dem Reichskammergericht in Wetzlar" undated
1 32 Israelitisches Gemeindeblatt: "Wie im 18. Jahrhundert Judenhochzeiten gefeiert wurden" 1925
1 33 Israelitisches Familienblatt: "Jüdische Geschichte und Kultur. Eberlin, der Jude von Bochsheim" 1926 July 15
1 34 Israelitisches Gemeindeblatt: "Ein gefährliches Spiel" 1926 July 21
1 35 "Die Judenmission vor 200 Jahren" undated
1 36 Israelitisches Gemeindeblatt Mannheim: "Das Heimatrecht der badischen Juden" 1926 Dec. 23
1 37 Der Schild: "Ein kaiserlicher Hoffaktor" undated
1 38 Israelitisches Familienblatt: "Aus einer verschollenen Judengemeinde" 1927 Apr. 21
1 39 Israelitisches Gemeindeblatt: Kracauer, J., "Geschichte der Juden in Frankfurt am Main" 1928
1 40 Israelitisches Gemeindeblatt: "Das Judenbad in Offenburg" 1928 June 20
1 41 Israelitisches Gemeindeblatt: "Goethes Schwager Schlosser" 1929 Mar. 20
1 42 Jüdische liberale Zeitung: "Etwas mehr Sachlichkeit!" 1929 May 17
1 43 Das Zelt: "Ein Reiseerlebnis vor 200 Jahren" 1929
1 44 Jüdisch-liberale Zeitung: "Jüdische Ärzte" 1929 July 24
1 45 Israelitisches Gemeindeblatt: "Die Gemeindeverordnung" 1929
1 46 Israelitisches Gemeindeblatt: "Selma Stern, Jud Süss" 1930
1 47 Israelitisches Gemeindeblatt: "Die Rastatter Gedenktafel" 1930
1 48 Israelitisches Gemeindeblatt Mannheim: Translateur, H: "Geschichte der Juden von Rastatt" 1931
1 49 Frankfurt Israelitisches Gemeindeblatt: "Der kaiserliche Oberhoffaktor Samuel Oppenheimer, ein Frankfurter Kind" 1932 Dec.
1 50 Israelitisches Gemeindeblatt: "Eine Hundertjahrerinnerung" 1933 Nov. 24
1 51 Der Schild: "Familienforschung" 1935 Jan. 4

B) Mannheim

Box Folder Title Date
1 52 "Unser täglich Brot" 1912
1 53 C.V. Kalendar: "In Fährden und Nöten" (Missing) 1930
1 54 Zeitschrift des Kartell Convents der Verbindungen deutscher Studenten jüdischen Glaubens: "Aus Ludwig Haas' Familiengeschichte" 1930
1 56 Monatschrift für die Geschichte und Wissenschaft des Judentums: "Eine Wucherenquete in der Kurpfalz" 1935
1 57 Israelitisches Gemeindeblatt: "Vergangene Tage. Aus der Geschichte der jüdischen Gemeinde Mannheim" (Missing) 1936 Sept. 9
1 58 Monatschrift für die Geschichte und Wissenschaft des Judentums: "Briefe von Mannheimer Juden aus den Jahren 1695 bis 1697" (Missing) 1937
1 59 Israelitisches Gemeindeblatt Mannheim: "Aus der Geschichte der israelitischen Volksschule in Mannheim" 1926 Feb. 25
1 60 Neue Badische Landes-Zeitung: "Zunftbeschwerden im 17. Jahrhundert" 1926 Sept. 14
1 61 Israelitisches Gemeindeblatt Mannheim: Die "Loeb Dinkelspiel-Stiftung" (Ein Beitrag zur jüdischen Wohlfahrtspflege in Alt-Mannheim) 1927
1 62 Neue Badische Zeitung: "Vor hundert Jahren. Die Juden in Mannheim" 1927
1 63 Volksstimme: "Aus Stadt und Land, Vom Verkehrswesen der guten alten Zeit" 1928 June 9
1 64 Neue Badische Landeszeitung: Wölfe in Mannheim 1929
1 65 Mannheimer Geschichtsblätter: "Unbekannte Spuren von "Jud Süss"" 1929
1 66 Israelitisches Gemeindeblatt Mannheim: "Dr. Hanum Jacob" (Eine Erwiderung) 1929 Aug.
1 67 Neue Badische Landes-Zeitung: "Mannheimer Karneval um 1750. Was alles verboten war" 1930 Feb. 18
1 68 Israelitisches Gemeindeblatt Mannheim: "Lemle Moses Rheinganum und seine Claus-Stiftung" 1930 Mar. 5
1 69 Neue Badische Landes-Zeitung: "Fischmangel in Mannheim" 1930 Apr. 12
1 70 Israelitisches Gemeindeblatt: "Zur Baugeschichte der Synagoge" 1930
1 71 Jüdische liberale Zeitung: "Zum 75-jährigen Jubilaeum der Mannheimer Haupt-Synagoge" 1930 July 2
1 72 Mannheimer Geschichtsblätter: Sylvan Rousseau, "Zur Beantwortung der Frage Schmieders in seinem Aufsatz "Der Plan der Herausgabe eines Journal Palatin" 1930
1 73 Neue Badische Landes-Zeitung: "Kartoffel, gute Pfaelzer Kartoffel… Wann wurde der Kartoffelbau in der Pfalz eingeführt?" 1930 Aug. 26
1 74 Mannheimer Geschichtsblätter: "Das Testament des Löb Dinkelspiel vom Jahre 1787" 1930
1 75 Israelitisches Gemeindeblatt Mannheim: "Eine Kaschrusfrage" 1930
1 76 Frankfurter Israelitisches Gemeindeblatt: "Ein Frankfurt-Mannheimer Prozess" 1931
1 77 Israelitisches Gemeindeblatt Mannheim: "Jüdische Wohlfahrtspflege in Mannheim am Ende des 18. Jahrhunderts" 1931 Mar. 27
1 78 Israelitisches Gemeindeblatt Mannheim: "Der erste Schritt zur Gleichberechtigung der Juden in Mannheim" 1931 July 15
1 79 Neue Badische Landes-Zeitung: "Der Feuereimer geht von Hand zu Hand" "Brandbekämpfung in Mannheim vor 150 Jahren" 1931 Sept. 6
1 80 Israelitisches Gemeindeblatt Mannheim: "Aus dem Leben eines jüdischen Maschinenbauers im 18. Jahrhundert" 1931 Oct. 19
1 81 Israelitisches Gemeindeblatt Mannheim: "Der Mannheimer Rabbiner Isaak Brilin (1671-1678)" 1932 Aug.
1 82 Israelitisches Gemeindeblatt Mannheim: "Ein Käuferstreit im Jahre 1800" 1933 Jan. 24
1 83 Israelitisches Gemeindeblatt Mannheim: "Juden als städtische Lieferanten in Alt-Mannheim" 1933
1 84 Israelitisches Gemeindeblatt Mannheim: "Die Geschichte einer Entlobung" (Aus dem jüdischen Gemeindeleben des 18. Jahrhunderts) 1934 Apr. 24
1 85 Israelitisches Gemeindeblatt Mannheim: "Zwei Gedenkfeiern in Berlin" 1934
1 86 Israelitisches Gemeindeblatt Mannheim: "Der Ursprung der Familie Ladenburg" 1935 May 29
1 87 Jüdisches Gemeindeblatt Mannheim: "Michael May. Zu seinem 200. Todestage" 1937

C) General

Box Folder Title Date
1 88 Bericht der Grossloge für Deutschland: "Über Knabenhandarbeit" 1908 Jan.
1 89 Jugendwohlfahrt: "Jugendwohlfahrt, Volksschullehrer und Jugendfürsorge" 1909 June
1 90 Neue Badische Schulzeitung and Israelitisches Familienblatt: "Das Prinzip der Ethik" 1904
1 91 Israelitisches Familienblatt: "Für unsere Jugend!" 1904
1 92 Israelitisches Familienblatt: "Wie ein Arbeiter über das alte Testament urteilt" 1908 Jan. 30
1 93 Wegweiser für die Jugendliteratur Herausgeber Grossloge: "Wegweiser für die Jugendliteratur, Zum Chanukka-Feste" 1908
1 94 Allg. Zeitung des Judentums: "Schule, Lehrer und Judentum" 1909-1910
1 95 Pädagogische Zeitung: "Zur Frage der Förderklassen" 1912
1 96 Pädagogische Reform: "Das Mannheimer Volksschulsystem" 1912 Aug. 14
1 97 Israelitisches Familienblatt: "Also sprach Herr Epperlein!" 1913 May 29
1 98 Volksschulwarte Karlsruhe: "Ein Ferienkurs im Simonschen Seminar in Peine" 1913 Nov. 27
1 99 Frankfurter Zeitung: "Johann Jakob Astor" 1916 July 22
1 100 Amtsblatt f.d. Stadtkreis Mannheim: "Mannheims Friedhofgeschichte: Vier Generationen auf dem Hauptfriedhof" and "Leserzuschrift" 1952
1 101 Aufbau: "Holekrasch, Holegratsch" and letters to the Editor 1956
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Series II: Community Histories, undated, 1935

This series is in German and Hebrew.
2.75 linear feet


Scope and Content:

Series II is comprised of indexes, lists, and documents focusing on Jewish communities in Baden. Many of the documents found in this series are notes made by Rosenthal of original documents. Several folders in this series contain a list of family names adopted by Baden Jews. Another prominent list are the excerpts from the minutes of the Mannheim city council; the excerpts are notes of material which dated from 1661-1809. Lists of Jews in various areas of Baden are also available.

Box Folder Title Date
1 102 Altdorf: Mohel book, 1783-1833 (55p.) undated
1 103 Baden-Baden, Baden-Durlach (1797-1798): Statistics for the 18th century undated
1 104 List of family names adopted by Baden Jews (1809): A-E undated
1 105 List of family names adopted by Baden Jews (1809): F-J undated
1 106 List of family names adopted by Baden Jews (1809): K-P undated
1 107 List of family names adopted by Baden Jews (1809): R-Z undated
1 108 Baden-HistoricalBergen - Lists of Jews (1822, 1888)BuchenHemsbach Chevra Kaddischa (1774)Meckesheim List of graves; Marx family treeNeckarbischofsheim (1753)Wertheim (15th and 17th centuries) undated
1 109 Baden-Baden and Baden-Durlach: 1797-1798 undated
Box Folder Title Date
2 1 Hemsbach Verzeichnis undated
2 2 Hessen: Orte I, Amtsrechnungen (offical receipts) undated
2 3 Hessen: Co-Populationsregister (Hessische Orte) undated
2 4 Hessen: Judenschaftverzeichnisse Assenheim (Index of Jews of Assenheim) 1600-1796 (Missing) undated
2 5 Hochberg/Badische Markgrafschaft undated
2 6 List of Jews in the former principality of Leiningen from the offical records of the Amorbach Archives: Merchingen Neckarsbischofsheim Odenheim Rust Pforzheimer MB Stuehlingen Wertheim Ladenburg undated
2 7 List of Jews in the former principality of Leiningen from the offical records of the Amorbach Archives: Boedigheim Hanau-Lichtenberg Heidelberg memorial book Krautheim Kuppenheim Leutershausen Markelfingen undated
2 8 Linksrheinische GebieteIndex of Jewry: Dénombrement, Blieskastel, Gruenstadt, Landau, Speyer, Eppstein, Dürkheimer Memorbuch (Judenschaftsverzeichnisse) undated
2 9 Excerpts from the Mannheim city council minutes 1661-1672 undated
2 10 Excerpts from the Mannheim city council minutes 1673-1679 undated
2 11 Excerpts from the Mannheim city council minutes 1681-1685 undated
2 12 Excerpts from the Mannheim city council minutes 1686-1704 undated
2 13 Excerpts from the Mannheim city council minutes 1705-1713 undated
2 14 Excerpts from the Mannheim city council minutes 1714-1719 undated
2 15 Excerpts from the Mannheim city council minutes 1720-1728 undated
2 16 Excerpts from the Mannheim city council minutes 1729-1734 undated
Box Folder Title Date
3 1 Excerpts from the Mannheim city council minutes 1735-1742 undated
3 2 Excerpts from the Mannheim city council minutes 1743-1750 undated
3 3 Excerpts from the Mannheim city council minutes 1751-1763 undated
3 4 Excerpts from the Mannheim city council minutes 1764-1773 undated
3 5 Excerpts from the Mannheim city council minutes 1774-1790 undated
3 6 Excerpts from the Mannheim city council minutes 1791-1809 undated
3 7 Mannheim Memorial Book 1673-1858 undated
3 8 Mannheim: From the business records (Kauf-Protokollbüchern) of the City of Mannheim; 1682-1811 1935
3 9 Mannheim: Records of the Kranken-Unterstüzungsverein undated
3 10 Obergrombach Cemetery undated
3 11 Pfalz: Index of Jews Part 1; A - Ladenburg undated
3 12 Pfalz: Index of Jews Part 2; Lambsheim - Zuringenberg undated
3 13 Principality of Speyer. Index of Jews from 1785 and other information of the 18th century undated
3 14 Wertheim: "Zur Geschichte der Juden in der Grafschaft Wertheim" undated
3 15 Wertheim: Index of Jews undated
3 16 Wertheim: Leinigen'sches Archive undated
Box Folder Title Date
4 1 Worms - Index of 1545 undated
4 2 Worms - Das Grüne Buch undated
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Series III: Original Documents,  1784-1953

This series is in German and Hebrew.
0.25 linear foot

Divided into three subseries: Documents; Pictures, Photographs, and Photocopies; and Naphtali-Epstein-Verein.

Scope and Content:

Series III is made up largely of original documents, which were collected by Berthold Rosenthal but do not pertain to him or his family. The first subseries holds documemts from various Jewish communities. The third subseries contains original documents pertaining to the Naphtali-Epstein-Verein. Much of these document the running and membership of the Verein. Subseries 2 holds photographs and photocopies of individuals, synagogues, documents, and a gravestone.

Subseries 1: Documents, 1784-1902,, 1953



Scope and Content:

Subseries 1 contains original documents, mostly from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Many of these documents pertain to relations in Jewish communities, especially those of Mannheim, Weinheim, Karlsruhe, and Heidelberg. Several of the documents deal with financial considerations, and a few are from government officials.

Box Folder Title Date
4 3 Edict wieder die Dieberey und Veruntrauung bey denen Königlichen Proviant Magazine; Berlin 1739 Dec. 15
4 4 Hebraica (Missing) undated
4 5 Business letter to Herrn Duenkelstühl; Mannheim 1784
4 6 Quittung Weinheim 1812
4 7 Lists concerning community taxes; Weinheim 1820
4 8 Receipt concerning payments of the Weinheim Jewry 1814/15/24; Weinheim undated
4 9 Decree of the Ministry of the Interior to the Grand Ducal Head of the Jews; Carlsruhe 1822
4 10 Regional Synagogue of Heidelberg to the Eldest of the Jewish Community in Weinheim concerning the retention of the 80-year old Cantor 1824
4 11 Bond of the Jewish Community; Weinheim 1824
4 12 Letter of the Mannheim Rabbinate to the Jewish Council in Weinheim; Mannheim 1826 Dec. 21
4 13 Petition to the district office in Weilheim from regional rabbi Fuerst concerning teaching position; Heidelberg 1828 Feb. 24
4 14 Complaints from members of the Weinheim Community against the cantor at the regional synagogue in Weinheim; Weinheim 1828 Mar. 8
4 15 Letter from the regional rabbi Fuerst to the Synagogue Council at Weinheim concerning salary payment; Heidelberg 1834 Apr. 2
4 16 Decree concerning the fees of the rabbi; Head Council of the Jews of Karlsruhe 1835 Oct. 19
4 17 Certificate of commitment of the Community cantor of Weinheim (Heinrich Lehmann); Regional Office of Weinheim 1953 Aug. 5
4 18 Program of the Holiday Services for the celebration of the 50-year anniversary of the Grand Duke Friedrich; Karlsruhe 1902

Subseries 2: Pictures, Photographs, and Photocopies, undated

Scope and Content:

This subseries is comprised of pictures, photographs, and photocopies of Jewish communal leaders and rabbis, synagogues; documents, and a gravestone. Most of the representations are of the outsides and insides of various synagogues.

Box Folder Title Date
4 19 Nathaniel Weil, Oberlandesrabbiner, Karlsruhe undated
4 20 S. Loeb, Rabbi, Michelstadt undated
4 21 Inside of Bechhoven Synagogue (postcards) undated
4 22 Photo of Bruchsal Synagogue (copy) undated
4 23 Heidelberg Synagogue Lights undated
4 24 Hoffenheim, Verordnung der Juden 1799 (photocopy) undated
4 25 Mannheim 1677 (photocopy) undated
4 26 Wertheim 1222 (photocopy) undated
4 27 Worms, Inside of the Synagogue around 1830 (photo postcard of artwork) undated
4 28 Worms, Erhebungslisten 1496 (photocopy) undated
4 29 Photos: Tombs, Isaak Brikon, Sorle Oppenheimer undated
4 30 Judenschaftsordnung 1775 (photocopy) undated
4 31 Hebraica - Photocopies and Negatives undated
4 32 Unidentified Photos undated

Subseries 3: Naphtali-Epstein-Verein, 1852-1940

Scope and Content:

Subseries 3 includes information on the Naphtali-Epstein-Verein. Documents here provide information on what the Verein was, its financial situation, its statutes, and some correspondence. Box 4, folder 39 contains listings of members of the Verein.

Box Folder Title Date
4 33 Karlsruhe Records Book 1902-1940
4 34 Statutes of the Naphtali-Epstein-Vereins 1856, 1873, 1911
4 35 Articles of Association 1852
4 36 Account reports; Karlsruhe Articles of Association 1905-1929
4 37 Karlsruhe appeal 1858
4 38 Petition to the Ministry of the Interior (Missing) 1869
4 39 List of members of the Naphtali-Epstein-Vereins of Jewish teachers of Baden 1892 Mar.
4 41 Report of the regional rabbi J. Eschelbacher of the Jewish Community in Liedolsheim concerning Bruchsal 1886 July 5
4 40 Correspondence with Oberrath Naphtali Epstein, Freiburg, Buehl, Karlsruhe 1839, 1852
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Series IV: Family Trees,  1924-1956

This series is in German and English.
1.5 linear feet

Separated into three subseries: Four Family Trees; Family Trees A-Z; and Correspondence Concerning Family Trees.

Scope and Content:

Series IV holds the majority of genealogical information in this collection. It includes numerous detailed genealogical tables, family trees, and family histories of Jewish families living in various areas of Baden. This series also features correspondence with family members concerning family histories. This series does not hold genealogical information on Rosenthal's own family.

Subseries 1: Four Family Trees: the Klaus, Teutsch, Neter, and Weiss Families, 1936



Scope and Content:

This subseries holds information on four family trees, namely the Klaus, Teutsch, Neter, and Weiss families. Material on the Teutsch family includes an extensive amount of oversized, printed genealogical tables of ancestors and descendants of the Teutsch family and a few associated families. Documents concerning the Weiss family include family trees, a description of the family history, and copies of marriage and death certificates.

Box Folder Title Date
4 42 Lemle Moyses Klaus Stammbau (from 1690) undated
4 43 Noether - Netter - Neter, Mannheim, Bühl (from 1686-1854) undated
4 44 Stammtafeln der Familie Teutsch, Mussbach, Vennigen (Pfalz), (from 1590) 1936
4 45 Zur Geschichte der Landauer Familie Weiss undated

Subseries 2: Family Trees A-Z, 1924-1956


Mostly alphabetical.

Scope and Content:

This subseries contains family trees, genealogical tables, and detailed family histories of some of the many families Berthold Rosenthal conducted genealogical research for. Some correspondence on families he researched will also be found here, as well as notes on families.

Folder 64 of this subseries does not contain genealogical information but holds information in English on the history of the city of Gailingen.

Box Folder Title Date
4 46 Altschueler; Ludwigshafen undated

2 Genealogical tables (from 1680); "Zur Ahnentafel des Franz und der Eva Hanna Altschueler aus Mannheim"

4 47 Baer, Moritz; Weingarten, Baden undated

2 Genealogical tables (from 1650); "Zur Ahnentafel des Moritz Bär in Weingarten"

4 48 Bär, Siegmund; Essen (Weingarten, Baden) 1924

1 Genealogical table (from 1670); "Zur Ahnentafel für die Kinder des Siegmund Baer in Essen"

4 49 Bamberger-Wolf; Heidelberg undated

2 Genealogical tables (from 1650); "Zur Ahnentafel Bamberger-Wolff"

4 50 Bensheim, Familie; Mannheim undated

1 Genealogical table (from 1650); "Zur Geschichte der Familie Bensheim"

4 51 Besag, Arnold; Berlin undated

5 Genealogical tables (from 1690); "Die Ahnentafel des Dipl. Ing. Arnold Besag in Berlin"

4 52 Dreifuss-Family; Richen undated

Genealogical table (from 1640); "Die Familie Dreifuss in im Richen"

4 53 Eisemann; Heidelberg, Meckesheim undated

Genealogical table (from 1650); "Zur Ahnentafel der Kinder des Max Eisemann in Heidelberg"

4 54 Epstein; Mannheim undated

"Zur Geschichte der Familie Epstein in Mannheim" (from 1679)

4 55 Feist, Dr. Walter; Mannheim 1933 Oct.

"Zur Ahnentafel des Rechtsanwalts Dr. Walter Feist in Mannheim" (from 1570)

4 56 Frank; Essweiler-Frankenthal undated

Family tree (from 1720)

4 57 Frank, Rudolf; Berlin undated

"Zur Familiengeschichte des Herrn Dr. Isr. Rudolf Frank in Berling-Charlottenburg"

4 58 Fraenkel, Michael Koppel undated

"Micheal Koppel Fraenkel" (from 1726)

4 59 Freudenberger, Hermann; Goeppingen undated

"Zur Ahnentafel des Hermann Freudenberger aus Goeppingen" (from 1721)

4 60 Fulda-Mainzer; Mainz undated

"Zur Vorfahrentafel der Mutter des Herrn Issac Fulda in Mainz" (from 1540)

4 61 Gimbel, Kurt; Mannheim undated, 1948

5 Genealogical tables (from 1640); "Zur Ahnentafel der Kinder des Kurt Gimbel in Mannheim"; clipping and notes

4 62 Gruenebaum, Krautheim 1935 Sept 18-1935 May 24

Correspondence; Informative notes (from 1761)

4 63 Gut, Elias, Gailingen; undated

4 Genealogical tables (from 1633); "Zur Ahnentafel des Elias Gut in Frankfurt am Main"

4 64 Addenda Berthold Rosenthal Collection "Gailingen" undated
4 65 Haas, Dr. Ludwig; Karlsruhe 1930-1931

Correspondence concerning family tree; Genealogical table (since 1550); "Aus Ludwig Haas' Familiengeschichte"; Finckh, Ludwig "Die Ahnen von Ludwig Haas"

4 66 Haber-Familie; Karlsruhe undated

Clippings on Karlsruhe community; article on Ludwig Haas family history; copy of a short story "Mont Soleil" by Rudolf Frank

4 67 Hachenburg; Mannheim 1934-1951

"Die Familie Hachenberg in Mannheim"; Memorial for Max Hachenburg; Obituary for Max Hachenburg; Correspondence

4 68 Hamburger, Rimbach undated

2 Genealogical tables (from 1698); "Zur Ahnen- und Sippentafel der Familie Hamburger in Rimbach im Odenwald"

4 69 Hecht, Samson; Wenkheim-Gondelsheim undated

Genealogical table (from 1680); "Zur Ahnentafel der Kinder des Lehrers Samson gen. Simon Hecht aus Wenkheim"

4 70 Hirsch, Feudenheim; Hirsch, Ladenburg undated

4 Genealogical tables; manuscript

4 71 Hockenheimer, Albert; Mannheim undated

Genealogical table; "Zur Ahnentafel des Herrn Albert Hockenheimer in Mannheim"; "Übersicht über die Nachkommen das Maier Hockenheimer I. in Hockenheim"

4 72 Kahn, Leo; Kuppenheim undated

Genealogical table (from 1690)

4 73 Katz, Leonis; Bruchsal undated

3 Genealogical tables (from 1650); "Zur Ahnentafel des Louis Katz in Bruchsal"

4 74 Kaufmann, Franz; Bruchsal undated

"Zur Ahnentafel des Franz Kauffman aus Bruchsal" (from 1650)

4 75 Kaufmann, Abraham; Viernheim 1949-1952

Family tree; "Zur Stammtafel des Abraham Alfred Kaufman aus Viernheim in Hessen"; Correspondence

4 76 Kaufmann, Dr. Paul; Frankenthal undated

2 Genealogical tables; notes, (from 1590)

4 77 Lenel, Richard; Mannheim undated

3 Genealogical tables (from 1450); "Zur Ahnentafel der Kinder des Richard Lenel in Mannheim"

4 78 Levis; Kirchheimbolanden undated

2 Genealogical tables (from 1670); "Zur Ahnentafeln der Emma gen. Amalie Levis aus Kirchheimbolanden, Ehefrau des Moses Rosenthal aus Laudenbach"

4 79 Lindheimer, Albert; Frankfurt/Main 1934-1935

Family tree (from 1640); Correspondence

4 80 Lindmann; Mannheim 1938

"Zur Geschichte der Familie Lindmann in Mannheim" (from 1772); 3 letters

4 81 Loeb, Walter; Berlin (Ilvesheim) undated

Genealogical table (from 1755), "Ahnentafel des Herrn Walter Loeb in Berlin"

4 82 Loesermann, Mayer 1949-1952

Family tree (from 1803); "Zur Stammtafel der Loesermann Mayer'schen Kinder in Seeheim"; Correspondence

Box Folder Title Date
5 1 Mayer (Astruk) - Hirsch; Rohrbach bei Heidelberg undated

Family tree (1450); "Die Familie Mayer (Astruk)-Hirsch"

5 2 Mayer, Georg Ludwig 1939

Genealogical table (from 1701); "Zur Ahnentafel des Georg Ludwig Mayer aus Mannheim"; Correspondence with H. Haushofer, Neue Mannheimer Zeitung

5 3 Mayer, Lesermann; Seeheim A.B. 1949-1952
5 4 Mayer, Sophie; Wiesloch 1937 Nov. 12

Genealogical table (from 1745); "Zur Ahnentafel der Sophie Mayer aus Wiesloch"

5 5 Morgentau, Huerben Adele; Correspondence 1936-1937
5 6 Netter, Gustav Adolf; Buehl 1936

Genealogical table (from 1700); "Zur Ahnentafel des Gustav Adolf Netter aus Buehl i.B."

5 7 Oppenheimer, Pfaelzer 1938-1948

"Der Stammtafel der Nachkommen des Michael Oppenheimer in Hoffenheim (Baden)"; "Abstammungs-Nachweis für Otto Oppenheimer in Bruchsal"; "The Pfaelzer Family"

5 8 Reiss, Kurt David, Mannheim 1934

"Die Ahnentafel des Herrn Kurt David Reiss in Mannheim" (from 1720); "Zur Geschichte der Familie Bensheim"

5 9 Rhonheimer, Mannheim 1935

Genealogical table (from 1690); "Die Ahnentafel der Familie Rhonheimer in Mannheim"

5 10 Rothschild, Mannheim, Heidelberg, Darmstadt 1934-1935

2 Genealogical tables (from 1660); "Zur Ahnentafel des Emanuel Rothschild in Heidelberg"; "Zur Ahnentafel des Herrn Ernst Rothschild in Mannheim"; "Zur Ahnentafel des Herrn Sigmund Rothschild in Darmstadt"

5 11 Family tree Rothschild, Sterne, Oestrich etc. in Cincinnati undated
5 12 Rothschild, Dr. Paul, Wohlgemuth, Mannheim; 1935

2 Genealogical tables (from 1680); "Zur Ahnentafel der Kinder des Dr. Paul Rothschild aus Mannheim"

5 13 Schweizer, Moritz Franz 1937

3 Genealogical tables (from 1570); "Zur Ahnentafel des Dr. Moritz Franz Schweizer in Mannheim"

5 14 Seligmann, Rabbi Dr.C.; Frankfurt am Main 1934-1935
5 15 Sommerbauer; Mannheim; Ahnentafel 1935

Genealogical table (from 1660)

5 16 Sommer, Dr. Albert; Sachsen (incl. Johanna Graefe) 1937-1939

Genealogical table (from 1734); "Zur Ahnentafel des Dr. Albert Sommer in Zürich"; "Zur Ahnentafel der Frau Joanne Graefe geb. Sommer in Dresden"

5 17 Sondheimer; Buerstadt - Worms 1937 Feb. 25

"Zur Stammtafel der Familie Sondheimer in Worms" (from 1700)

5 18 Strauss, Dr. Moritz; Karlsruhe 1936-1938

Genealogical table (from 1662)

5 19 Stein, Dr. Nathan; Karlsruhe 1935-1936

4 Genealogical tables (from 1540); "Zur Ahnentafel des Rabbiners Dr. Alexander Stein in Worms"

5 20 Suess, David; Lampersheim 1939-1950

"Zur Ahnentafel des Herrn David Suess in Mannheim" (from 1720)

5 21 Thalheimer, Gustav; Mannheim 1936

Genealogical table (from 1670); "Zur Ahnentafel des Herrn Gustav Thalheimer in Luzern und seine Gemahlin Thakla geb. Schnurmann"

5 22 Wachenheim, Falk; Mannheim 1934-1952

2 Genealogical tables (from 1650); "Zur Geschichte der Familie Wachenheim"; Correspondence

5 23 Weil, Isidor; Bruchsal 1935

Genealogical table (from 1670); "Zur Ahnentafel der Kinder des Isidor Weil in Bruchsal"

5 24 Weil, Dr. Otto; Diersburg; Correspondence 1953-1956
5 25 Weiss; Mannheim 1938

Genealogical table (from 1700); "Zur Geschichte der Landauer Familie Weiss"

5 26 Wohlgemuth, Dr. Martin; Mannheim 1930

Genealogical table (from 1786); "Zur Ahnentafel der Kinder des Dr. Martin Wohlgemuth in Mannheim"

5 27 Wolf, Salomon (Sali); Stuttgart 1930

Genealogical table (from 1680); "Zur Ahnentafel der Kinder des Salomon gen. Sali Wolf aus Stuttgart"

5 28 Wolf, Simon (Sali); Stuttgart 1930

Genealogical table (from 1640); "Zur Ahnentafel der Ilse und Lilli Wolf in Mannheim"

5 29 Wuerzburger, Jakoba; Mannheim 1934-1935

Genealogical table (from 1630); "Bemerkungen zur Ahnentafel der Jacobea geb. Wuerzburger"; Correspondence


Subseries 3: Correspondence Concerning Family Trees, 1930-1939, 1951-1956


Mostly alphabetical.

Scope and Content:

Subseries 3 is comprised of correspondence concerning the genealogical tables and histories of many families for whom Berthold Rosenthal collected information on. Discussions include notes on families, sketches of family trees, and especially conversations about family histories. Other topics discussed in this subseries includes the history of a family name and information on a particular person.

Box Folder Title Date
5 30 Auerbach, Joseph; Hamburg 1938
5 31 Bachmann, Anna; Berlin 1935-1939
5 32 Baer, Ludwig; Badenweiler 1934
5 33 Blum, Hans; New York 1951-1956
5 34 Cahnmann, Werner; Munich 1938
5 35 Dukas/Bloch, Liesel 1954
5 36 Ellstaedter 1933-1939
5 37 Fuchs; Giessigheim 1938
5 38 Homburger, Julius; Frankfurt 1935
5 39 Kahn (Freudenheim); Köln 1938
5 40 Kahn; Frankfurt 1938
5 41 Kuhn, Hans; Karlsruhe 1938-1939
5 42 Ladenburg, Karl; Mainz; Postcards (4), photos (2) 1935
5 43 Maier (Mühlheim); Mannheim, HAFA 1938
5 44 Schweizer (Eppingen); Hildesheim 1938
5 45 Seligmann (Leimen); München 1938
5 46 Straus (Otterberg); Mannheim 1939
5 47 Valfer, J.; Gengenbach 1935
5 48 Wachenheim; Mannheim 1955
5 49 Wertheimer; Berlin 1934
5 50 Wolff, Alfred; Darmstadt 1934-1935
5 51 Worms, Gemeinde 1934
5 52 Berolzheimer, Michael; Untergrainau 1930-1932
5 53 Diamant, Paul; Wien 1931-1933
5 54 Ettlinger, Fritz; Frankfurt am Main 1936-1939
5 55 Hertz, Hans W.; Hamburg 1935-1940
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Series V: Correspondence,  1929-1939. 1955-1957

This series is in German.
ca. 0.125 linear foot (22 folders)

Mostly alphabetical.

Scope and Content:

This series holds correspondence between Berthold Rosenthal and various individuals. Many of the letters found here discuss facts of the correspondent's family history with Rosenthal. Among the correspondence with Professor Avneri there is also some information on Germania Judaica, the large work on German Jews published in 1926, which Berthold Rosenthal contributed to. Rosenthal was responsible for gathering information on Jews in Baden for this work. Letters exchanged with Avneri also contain a small amount of biographical information on Rosenthal. In addition, some correspondence with libraries and other professors on topics he was researching will also be found here.

Box Folder Title Date
5 56 Avneri; Haifa - Germania Judaica 1955-1957
5 57 Avneri; Haifa 1955-1957
5 58 Chone, Dr.; Konstanz 1933
5 59 Czellitzer; Berlin 1933
5 60 Eckstein, A.; Bamberg 1934
5 61 Elbogen, Prof.; Berlin 1933
5 62 Eschelbacher, S.; Mainz 1934
5 63 Felsenthal, S.; Mannheim 1934
5 64 Freimann, Prof.; Frankfurt, Berlin 1933
5 65 Ginsburger, M.; Strasbourg 1935
5 66 Greilsheimer, Rabb.; Mosbach 1934-1935
5 67 Jeselsohn, Max; Neckarsbischofsheim 1934-1935
5 68 Lewin, A.; Hoppstaedten 1938
5 69 Hildesheimer, Esriel; Berlin 1935
5 70 Rieser, F.; Karlsruhe 1933-1934
5 71 Stransky, H.; Nachod 1934
5 72 Szulwas, Moses; Warschau 1934
5 73 Taenzer, A.; Göppingen 1933
5 74 Veit, Simon; Emmendingen 1936
5 75 Weinberg, M.; Regensburg, Würzburg 1938-1939
5 76 Zimmels, H. J.; Breslau 1929
5 77 Kiefer, J.; Worms 1934
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Series VI: Diversa, 1834-1845,, 1922-1939, 1958

This series is in German.
14 folders

Divided into three subseries: Community Newspapers; Book Excerpts; and Book Reviews.

Scope and Content:

Series VI is the smallest in the collection, and contains newspapers articles, book excerpts, and a book review of Berthold Rosenthal's work Heimatgeschichte der badischen Juden seit ihrem geschichtlichen Auftreten bis zur Gegenwart. Some of the newspaper articles hold articles by Berthold Rosenthal, and concern Mannheim's Jewish Community.

Subseries 1: Community Newspapers, 1905,, 1922-1939

Scope and Content:

This subseries holds newspapers published by the Jewish community in Mannheim. Half of the articles in this subseries are also present in Series I: Writings, Subseries 2: Newspaper Articles. Five of the newspapers placed here do not appear to have any articles written by Berthold Rosenthal. Most of the articles in this collection concern the history of the Jewish community in Mannheim.

Box Folder Title Date
5 78 Israelitisches Gemeindeblatt Mannheim 1939 Mar. 5
5 79 Israelitisches Gemeindeblatt Mannheim 1930 June 25
5 80 Israelitisches Gemeindeblatt Mannheim 1930 Nov. 14
5 81 Israelitisches Gemeindeblatt Mannheim 1931 Mar. 27
5 82 Israelitisches Gemeindeblatt Mannheim 1931 July 15
5 83 Israelitisches Gemeindeblatt Mannheim 1931 Oct. 19
5 84 Israelitisches Gemeindeblatt Mannheim 1936 Sept. 9
5 85 Mannheimer Geschichtsblätter; Jg. 23, No. 1 1922 Jan.
5 86 Mannheimer Geschichtsblätter; Jg. 23, No. 2 1922 Feb.
5 87 Mannheimer Geschichtsblätter; Jg. 23, No. 9 1922 Sept.
5 88 Mannheimer Geschichtsblätter; Jg. 30, No. 2 1929 Feb.
5 89 Mannheimer Geschichtsblätter; Jg. 30, No. 5 1929 May
5 90 Mannheimer Geschichtsblätter; Jg. 31, No. 10 1930 Oct.
5 91 Steckelmacher, Rabbi, Dr. M.; 50th Anniversary, Mannheim Synagogue; Speech 1905 July 1

Subseries 2: Book Excerpts, 1834-1845,, 1958

Scope and Content:

Subseries 2 is small and contains brief excerpts from books, possibly used by Berthold Rosenthal as research notes for his writing or genealogical work.

Box Folder Title Date
5 92 Pfister, Erwin, Joh. Jos.; Geschichtl. Entwicklung der Staatsrechts des Grafsherzogtums Baden; Heidelberg 1958
5 93 Fink, Friedrich; Alphabetical Listing of Statues; Heidelberg 1834
5 94 Bauer, Ad.; Fink's Real-Reportorium Mannheim 1845

Subseries 3: Book Reviews, 1927-1928

Scope and Content:

This small subseries holds a book review of Berthold Rosenthal's work Heimatgeschichte der badischen Juden seit ihrem geschichtlichen Auftreten bis zur Gegenwart.

Box Folder Title Date
5 95 Caro Dr., "Berthold Rosenthal: Heimatgeschichte der Badischen Juden seit ihrem geschichtlichen Auftreten bis zur Gegenwart" Konkordia 1927-1928
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Series VII: Personal Records and Papers, 1706-1957

This series is in German, English and Hebrew.
3 folders + 0.25 linear foot

Separated into five subseries: Ancestors of Berthold Rosenthal from Baden; Ancestors of Babette Weil; the Bavarian Rosenthals; Letters from Jewish and Christian Agencies; and Documents.

Scope and Content:

This small series holds the genealogical information from Berthold Rosenthal's own family. It includes a family tree and copies of his mother's vital records and an obituary for his father. In addition, there is material dealing with Rosenthal ancestors from Karlsruhe and Ühlfeld.

Subseries 1: Ancestors of Berthold Rosenthal from Baden, 1706-1933

Scope and Content:

Subseries 1 contains documents pertaining to those of Berthold Rosenthal's ancestors who came from the area near Karlsruhe. It includes notes, a family tree, poems, and an article. In addition, there is also an obituary of his father Emanuel Rosenthal.

Box Folder Title Date
5 96 Ancestors of Berthold Rosenthal from Liedolsheim/Karlsruhe and other areas in Baden 1706
5 97 Obituary of Emanuel Rosenthal; Liedolsheim 1900 Sept. 18
5 98 Stammbuchverse; Liedolsheim 1857 Mar. 11
5 99 Jewish poem by Moses Maas 1850
5 100 "Liedolsheim, Vergangenheit und Gegenwart der 1000 jährigen Hardtdorfes"; "Der Führer"; Das Badische Land 1933 July 8

Subseries 2: Ancestors of Babette Weil, undated

Scope and Content:

This subseries holds two folders of documents concerning Berthold Rosenthal's mother Babette Weil. It includes notes for a family tree and notarized copies of her vital records.

Box Folder Title Date
5 101 Ancestors of Berthold Rosenthal's mother Babette Weil undated

Subseries 3: The Bavarian Rosenthals, 1875-1957

Scope and Content:

Subseries 3 is comprised of one folder of documents focusing on ancestors of Berthold Rosenthal and his relatives who came, directly or indirectly, from Ühlfeld.

Box Folder Title Date
6 1 "Die Bayrischen Rosenthals, direkt oder indirekt aus Uehlfeld stammend"; "Onkel Joseph" 1875-1957

Subseries 4: Letters from Jewish and Christian Agencies, 1912-1956

Scope and Content:

Many of the documents in Subseries 4 are correspondence from individuals. Some of the correspondence concerns measures taken by the Nazis which affected Rosenthal, such as his being removed from the Mannheimer Altertumsverein, and a letter from the Ortsgruppe Heidelberg canceling his lectures on Jewish history. Other letters have to do with his work, including one from the Stadtschulamt Mannheim concerning an article sent by Rosenthal regarding the history of Volkshochschulen for Jewish students in Germany and with the Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Wissenschaft des Judentum concerning essays he wrote for them on the history of Jews in Germany.

Box Folder Title Date
6 2 Concerning holidays; Karlsruhe 1926 June 23
6 3 Inscription on the gravestone of a mass grave undated
6 4 Head of the Jews: Awarding of the Fanny and Michel Weil Prize 1930 Dec. 9
6 5 Mannheimer Altertumsverein Revocation of Membership 1934 Feb. 20
6 6 Stadtschulamt Mannheim 1935 Jan. 28
6 7 Foerster, F.W.; Berlin 1912
6 8 Oberrat der Israeliten: Letter concerning 125 Anniversary, Badische Landessynagoge 1932 Oct. 13
6 9 Ortsgruppe Heidelberg 1935 May 17
6 10 Albert Weil, Kleinsteinberg 1935 Aug. 12
6 11 Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Wissenschaft des Judentum; Reference 1940 Nov. 4
6 12 Purdue University: letter and postcard 1956 Sept. 7-1956 Sept. 14
6 13 Schwerin, Kurt: Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Geschichte und Familienforschung Review Aufbau 1942 July 3
6 14 Article on Rosenthal name during the Hitler Years undated, 1930s

Subseries 5: Documents, 1762-1959

Scope and Content:

Subseries 5 consists of documents having to do with the Rosenthal family. It includes several legal documents which focus on such topics as inheritance, marriage, and compensation. There is also some documentation on the Banzian family, including family trees, correspondence, and newspaper clippings. A review of Berthold Rosenthal's work Heimatgeschichte der badischen Juden will also be found here.

Box Folder Title Date
6 15 Erbschaftsaufstellung für die Witwe des Schutzbürgers und Metzgermeisters Emanuel Hochstetter; geb. Weil 1860
6 16 Marriage certificate for Emanuel Rosenthal and Babette 1862
6 17 Dowry to No. 2: Liedolsheim 1862 Nov. 9
6 18 "Verpflegungsvertrag" (Vormundschaft) to Emanuel Rosenthal; Liedolsheim 1869 June 17
6 19 Abfindungsvertrag Rosenthal - Hochstetter; Liedolsheim, Karlsruhe 1881 Nov. 27
6 20 Testamentsvollstreckung nach Jakob Rosenthal 1880-1881
6 21 Wie 6 nach Karoline Rosenthal; Graben 1888 Oct. 4
6 22 Grundbuchauszug; Liedolsheim 1900 Oct. 23
6 23 Book review for Heimatgeschichte der Badischen Juden 1927-1929
6 24 Banzian family ancestors 1762-1954
6 25 List of VII.1-7 with photocopy; Omaha 1959 Sept.
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Series VIII: Addenda, 1927-1959

This series is in German and English.
0.25 linear foot
Scope and Content:

This series consists of items added to the collection after its initial processing. Prominent among the items in this series are the copy of the Berthold Rosenthal's work Heimatgeschichte der Badischen Juden and accompanying notes by Rosenthal pertaining to material found in the book. Most of the notes were originally placed between pages of the book; these have been removed to separate folders for preservation purposes. Other items found in this series are related to Rosenthal's research, including notes, booklists, correspondence with an archivist at the Stadtarchiv of Wertheim am Main, documents from the University of Heidelberg, and ordering slips from the Hebrew Union College.

Box Folder Title Date
6 26 Correspondence between Berthold Rosenthal and Otto Langguth, Archivist of the Stadtarchiv Wertheim am Main 1933-1939
6 27 Drawings, booklists and correspondence concerning Baden Jews 1935-1957
6 28 Notes, postcards, a photo of the gravestone of Hirsch; Frankfurt am Main 1928-1959
6 29a Rosenthal, B.; Heimatgeschichte der Badischen Juden; Baden 1927
6 29b Rosenthal, B.: Heimatgeschichte der Badischen Juden – editorial material – pgs. 1-150 1927
6 29c Rosenthal, B.: Heimatgeschichte der Badischen Juden – editorial material – pgs. 150-end 1927
6 30 p. 28: "Eine jüdische Armee von 30.000 Mann im 13. Jahrhundert"; research notes on Thiengen A.R. undated
6 31 Jewish documents from the files of the University of Heidelberg undated
6 32 Hebrew Union College; the Library; ordering slips undated
6 33 Notebook: "Allgemeines" undated
6 34 Unidentified Addenda: Correspondence, Notes, Family Tree for the Hameln family undated, 1933-1936, 1955-1956
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