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Descriptive summary

Creator: Strauss, Lewis Lichtenstein, Admiral, 1896-1974
Title: Admiral Lewis Lichtenstein Strauss Papers
Abstract: This collection is comprised of papers pertaining to Admiral Louis Lichtenstein Strauss, his career, community activities, and organizations to which he belonged, including the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, Temple Emanu-El in New York, the American Jewish Committee, the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, the Jewish Agricultural Society, and the Union of Hebrew Congregations. Papers include extensive correspondence, organizational and institutional records, photographs, and publications that document his personal and public life as well as American Jewish issues that he was involved with such as relief efforts for Jewish refugees from Central Europe, interest and involvement in the Reform movement, and endeavors to combat anti-Semitism, especially as propagated by Father Charles E. Coughlin and Henry Ford.
Languages: The collection is in English, German, French, Hebrew, and Yiddish.
Quantity: 75 manuscript boxes and 1 half manuscript box. (37.75 feet and one oversized folder)
Accession number: P-632
Repository: American Jewish Historical Society
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Biographical Note

Admiral Lewish Lichtenstein Strauss, Jr.

Lewis Lichtenstein Strauss, Jr. was born on January 31, 1896 in Charleston, West Virginia, to Lewis and Rosa (Lichtenstein) Strauss. He grew up in Richmond, and became a traveling salesman for his family's wholesale shoe business. In 1917, he presented himself to Herbert C. Hoover. At the time, Hoover was organizing volunteers in the cause of Belgian relief. Later, when Hoover became head of the Food Administration, Lewis L. Strauss became his personal secretary and accompanied him on several European missions. He worked for Hoover's election to the presidency in 1928, and maintained a life-long friendship with President Hoover until the latter's death in 1964.

In 1919, Lewis L. Strauss was hired by the investment firm Kuhn, Loeb & Company, and in 1923 he married Alice Hanauer, a daughter of a partner in the firm. In 1929, he himself became a partner in the firm. One of Kuhn, Loeb & Company's founders was Jacob Schiff, the important American Jewish leader and philanthropist. As a result of Lewis L. Strauss' association with Kuhn, Loeb &. Company, he became friendly with many wealthy and influential American Jewish figures, especially the core members of the American Jewish Committee. Between 1950 and 1953, he served as financial adviser to the Rockefeller family.

Lewis L. Strauss maintained a keen interest in scientific and technological advancements, and was an early investor in Kodachrome. After the death of his parents from cancer, his interest in the atom led him to fund the construction of a surge generator to produce isotopes for cancer treatment. Beginning in 1926, Lewis L. Strauss was in the Navy Reserve, and he entered active duty in 1941, becoming adviser to Navy Undersecretary James Forrestal. He directed the development of the radar proximity fuse, conceived of the Big "E" war production incentive program, and in 1945 was promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral by President Truman. In 1946, Truman appointed Lewis L. Strauss to serve on the Atomic Energy Commission, on which he served through 1950. In 1953, President Eisenhower reappointed Lewis L. Strauss to the commission, this time as its chairman.

As the breadth of the Papers of Admiral Lewis L. Strauss illustrates, Lewis L. Strauss was deeply committed to American Jewish life and Jewish welfare generally. He served as a member of the board of directors of several important Jewish philanthropic, academic and communal organizations, and he also maintained a special interest in inter-religious affairs.

In his lifetime, Lewis L. Strauss was thrust into public controversy on several occasions. In the 1920s and 1930s, he played a central role in combating the anti-Semitic propaganda of Henry Ford and Father Charles E. Coughlin. Also beginning in this period, he became a leading member of the American Jewish Committee and embroiled in disputes over Zionism and American Jewish politics, notably the American Jewish Conference. Later, during his tenure as chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission, he attracted public attention when the White House suspended the security clearance of Commissioner J. Robert Oppenheimer. Lewis L. Strauss eventually voted against Oppenheimer's reinstatement to the Atomic Energy Commission, but he did seek to have him retained in the Princeton Institute for Advanced Study and other nuclear research enterprises. In 1954, another controversy flared when the Atomic Energy Commission engaged the Dixon-Yates combine to erect a power plant in West Memphis, Arkansas. Lewis L. Strauss, a deeply conservative Republican, was eager then to admit private industry into the nuclear field. But liberals saw in the Dixon-Yates contract a threat to the Tennessee Valley Authority and public power. They attacked the contract so vigorously that President Eisenhower canceled it in 1955.

In 1958, President Eisenhower appointed Lewis L. Strauss to be Acting Secretary of Commerce, and in 1959 he nominated him for the position. After a protracted public debate concerning ethical considerations, and one in which the specter of anti-Semitism was also raised, the Senate refused to confirm Lewis L. Strauss' nomination. Following this episode, Lewis L. Strauss returned to private life. On January 21,1974, Lewis L. Strauss died at the age of 78 at his home in Brandy Station, West Virginia.


January 31, 1896Born in Charleston, West Virginia
1917-1919Personal Secretary to Herbert C. Hoover, Head of the Belgian Relief Committee
1919U.S. Delegate to Final Armistice Convention
1919 Joins Kuhn, Loeb & Company (New York, NY)
1926Enters Navy Reserve
1929-1947Partner of Kuhn, Loeb & Company (New York, NY)
1938-1948President of Temple Emanu-El (New York, NY)
1941Enters active naval duty; Adviser to Navy Undersecretary James Forrestal
1945Promoted to rank of Rear Admiral; President, Princeton Institute for Advanced Study
1946-1950Member of the Atomic Energy Commission
1950-1953Financial Adviser to Rockefeller Family
1953-1958Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission
1958-1959Acting Secretary of Commerce under President Dwight D. Eisenhower
1959Returns to private life
1962Publishes Men and Decisions
January 21, 1974Dies in Brandy Station, Virginia

RANK: Rear Admiral

HONORS: Distinguished Service Medal, Medal for Freedom, Legion of Merit, French Legion of Honor, Belgian Order of Leopold


Biographical note compiled on the basis of archival documents in the Papers of Admiral Lewis L. Strauss as well as data presented in Geoffrey Wigoder, ed.

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Scope and Content Note

The Papers of Admiral Lewis L. Strauss reflect the various Jewish organizational and institutional activities in which Lewis L. Strauss participated as well as his personal life. Though the collection does not preserve the total volume of papers produced by Lewis L. Strauss, its importance goes beyond the name under which these papers are preserved.

The collection is valuable to researchers studying the activities of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, Temple Emanu-El (New York, NY), the American Jewish Committee, the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, the anti-Semitic activities of Henry Ford and Father Charles E. Coughlin, the Jewish Agricultural Society, the Union of American Hebrew Congregations and a wide range of important individuals and American Jewish organizations. It also documents the activity of Lewis L. Strauss in American Jewish affairs from 1919 until his death in 1974.

The collection contains correspondence, minutes, reports, financial and fundraising documents, legal documents, affidavits, telegrams and cables, newspaper clippings, photographs, pamphlets, and publications. The documents are primarily in English, followed by German, French, Yiddish and Hebrew.

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Subjects are arranged according to series. Folders are arranged alphabetically by correspondent and internally in chronological order.

The collection is divided into 18 series corresponding roughly to the original filing system of Lewis L. Strauss.

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Access and Use

Access Restrictions

The collection is open to all researchers by permission of the Director of Collections and Engagement of the American Jewish Historical Society, except items that are restricted due to their fragility.

Use Restrictions

There may be some restrictions on the use of the collection. For more information, contact
American Jewish Historical Society, Center for Jewish History, 15 West 16th Street, New York, NY 10011

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Related Material

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Separated Material

One photograph from Series XI and three photographs from Series XV are stored in a shared folder in Shared OS 1.

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Beginning in 1971, the Papers of Admiral Lewis L. Strauss were donated to the American Jewish Historical Society over a period of several years by Lewis H. Strauss, son of Admiral Lewis L. Strauss, acting on behalf of the Estate of Admiral Lewis L. Strauss.

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Container List

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.

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Series I: American Council for Judaism, 1943-1971

0.5 linear foot

Correspondence is arranged alphabetically.

Scope and Content:

This series reflects Lewis L. Strauss' involvement in the American Council for Judaism, an anti-Zionist organization created in 1943. The American Council for Judaism was led by Rabbis Morris Lazaron, Louis Wolsey, Morris D. Waldman and Elmer Berger as well as Lessing J. Rosenwald, all of whom are represented in the series' correspondence. The American Council for Judaism was a small group, with very few synagogues and even fewer Jewish organizations endorsing its program.

11Correspondence with Berger, Elmerrequest_box
12Correspondence with Blank, Gerald - Raphals, Victorrequest_box
13Correspondence with Rosenwald, Lessing J. - Witkin, Miriamrequest_box
14"Confidential Report on Investigation of Anti-Semitism in the U.S. in the Spring of 1938," manuscriptrequest_box
15Publicity materialrequest_box
16"The Relationship of Jewish Nationalist Propaganda and Programs to Anti-Semitic Literature," manuscriptrequest_box
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Series II: American Jewish Committee, 1908-1972

3 linear feet

Correspondence is arranged chronologically, then alphabetically.

Scope and Content:

The series reflects Lewis L. Strauss’ active involvement in the political affairs of the American Jewish Committee, the oldest Jewish defense organization in the United States. The American Jewish Committee, created in 1906 as a response to the pogroms in Russia, derived its strength from the financial, social and political power of wealthy American Jews of German descent. In its heyday, the American Jewish Committee was led by Jacob Schiff, Louis Marshall, and Felix M. Warburg, all of whom are represented in the series’ correspondence. The American Jewish Committee conducted its affairs in an oligarchic, noblesse oblige fashion until the 1940s, and limited its membership to a select few. See also the correspondence of individuals in Series XVII.

31Correspondence with Adler, Cyrus - Naumberg, George W.1932request_box
32Correspondence with Schneiderman, Harry - Sulzberger, Arthur Hays 1932request_box
33Correspondence with Waldman, Morris D. - Wise, Stephen S.1932request_box
35Correspondence with Adler, Cyrus - Lehman, Irving1933request_box
36Correspondence with Leidesdorf, Samuel D. - Stroock, Sol M. 1933request_box
37Correspondence with Waldman, Moms D.1933request_box
38Correspondence with Warburg, Felix M. - Weizmann, Chaim1933request_box
310Memorandum and minutes1933request_box
41Correspondence with Adler, Cyrus - Stroock, Sol M.1934request_box
42Correspondence with Waldman, Morris D. - Weineman, Henry 1934request_box
44Correspondence with Barber, Colonel A.B. - Straus, Roger W. 1935request_box
45Correspondence with Waldman, Morris D.1935request_box
46"The Jews in Nazi Germany," unpublished manuscript1935request_box
48Correspondence with Austrian, Carl J. - Sarnoff, David1936request_box
49Correspondence with Schneiderman, Harry - Sulzberger, Arthur Hays 1936request_box
410Correspondence with Waldman, Morris D.1936request_box
411Correspondence with Wallach, Sidney - Warburg, Felix M.1936request_box
51Correspondence with Abrams. Abba - Fabricant, Louis E.1937request_box
52Correspondence with Galpin, Perrin C. - Stroock, Sol M.1937request_box
53Correspondence with Waldman, Morris D. - Wise, Jonah B.1937request_box
55Correspondence with Abrams, Abba - Hyman, J.C.1938request_box
56Correspondence with Ittelson, Henry - Rosenwald, William 1938request_box
57Correspondence with Rothschild, Richard Well, Lionel1938request_box
58Correspondence with Waldman, Morris D. - Waley-Cohen, Sir Robert 1938request_box
59Correspondence with Wallach, Sidney - Wolf, Morris1938request_box
61Correspondence with Adler, Cyrus - Leidesdorf, Samuel D. 1939request_box
62Correspondence with Lewisohn, Frank - Trager, Frank N.1939request_box
63Correspondence with Waldman, Morris D. - Wertheim, Maurice 1939request_box
65Correspondence with Austrian, Carl J. - Leidesdorf, Samuel D. 1940request_box
66Correspondence with Levy, Newman - Trager, Frank N.1940request_box
67Correspondence with Waldman, Morris D.1940request_box
68Correspondence with Wallach, Sidney1940request_box
69Correspondence with Weil, Lionel - Wolf, Morris1940request_box
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Series III: American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, 1919-1972

9.25 linear feet

Papers are arranged chronologically, then alphabetically.

Scope and Content:

This series records the relief activities of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (later renamed the Joint Distribution Committee) over a period of several decades. Material from the early years reflects Lewis L. Strauss’ efforts in his capacity as private secretary to Herbert C. Hoover, then head of the American Relief Administration in Europe. The next significant period highlights Lewis L. Strauss’ involvement in relief efforts aimed at war-stricken Jews in Central Europe. Lastly, the series contains material relating to the nature of Lewis L. Strauss’ participation in Joint Distribution Committee affairs following World War II. This series accounts for nearly a quarter of the collection.

81Correspondence, A1919request_box
82Correspondence with Adler, Cyrus1919request_box
83Correspondence with Alsberg, Henry1919request_box
84Correspondence with American Relief Administration1919request_box
85American Relief Administration, cablesMarch - July 1919request_box
86American Relief Administration, cablesJuly - August 1919request_box
91Correspondence, B1919request_box
92Correspondence with Becker, James1919request_box
93Correspondence with Beifeld (Byfield), Robert1919request_box
94Correspondence with Bogen, Boris D.1919request_box
96Correspondence, C1919request_box
97Correspondence, D1919request_box
98Dreyfus Soup Kitchens, Jerusalem1919request_box
99Correspondence, F1919request_box
910Correspondence, G1919request_box
911Correspondence with Gibson, Hugh1919request_box
912Correspondence with Grove, William1919request_box
913Correspondence, H1919request_box
914Correspondence with Holsti, Rudolf1919request_box
915Correspondence with Hoover, Herbert C.1919request_box
916Information Service Letter1919request_box
917Correspondence, J1919request_box
918Joint Distribution Committee records1919request_box
919Correspondence with Krass, Nathan1919request_box
920Correspondence, L1919request_box
921Lissa & Kann1919request_box
922Correspondence with Lowenstein, Harriet B.1919request_box
101Correspondence, M1919request_box
102Correspondence with Marshall, Louis1919request_box
104Correspondence with Messinger, Lucien E.1919request_box
105Minutes and reports1919request_box
106Correspondence with N.M. Rothschild & Son1919request_box
107Correspondence, P1919request_box
108Correspondence with Paderewski, I.J.1919request_box
109Palestine Report1919request_box
1010Palestine Committee, meetings and appropriations1919request_box
1012Polish State Loan Bank1919request_box
1013Correspondence, R1919request_box
1015Correspondence, S1919request_box
1018Correspondence with Simonson, D.1919request_box
1019Statement of Appropriations 1919request_box
1020Correspondence of Strauss, Lewis L. with Alsberg, Henry1919request_box
1021Correspondence of Strauss, Lewis L. with Bogen, Boris D. 1919request_box
1022Correspondence of Strauss, Lewis L. with Lowenstein, Harriet B. 1919request_box
1023Joint correspondence of Strauss, Lewis L. with Marshall, Louis and Adler, Cyrus1919request_box
1024Correspondence with Lord Swathling1919request_box
1025Correspondence with Rabbi Teitelbaum (Constantinople)1919request_box
1027Correspondence with Warburg, Felix M.1919request_box
1029Correspondence with Zuckerman, Baruch1919request_box
111Correspondence, A1920request_box
112Correspondence with Alsberg, Henry1920request_box
113Correspondence with Becker, James1920request_box
115Correspondence with Bing. A.B.1920request_box
116Correspondence with Bogen, Boris D.1920request_box
119Central Europe1920request_box
1112Digest of Yiddish press1920request_box
1113Correspondence, E1920request_box
1115Correspondence, F1920request_box
1116Correspondence, G1920request_box
1117Correspondence with Goldman, Julius1920request_box
1118Correspondence of Goldman, Julius to Warburg, Felix M.1920request_box
1119Greater New York Fund1920request_box
1120Correspondence, H1920request_box
1121Correspondence with Hoover, Herbert C.1920request_box
1123Incoming cables, miscellaneous1920request_box
1124Incoming cables, Paris Office1920request_box
121Incoming cables, Warsaw Office1920request_box
122Information Service Letter1920request_box
124Joint Distribution Committee, Paris to Joint Distribution Committee, New York1920request_box
125Joint Distribution Committee, miscellaneous records1920request_box
126Correspondence, L1920request_box
127Correspondence with Landesco, Alexander1920request_box
129Correspondence with Lehman, Herbert H.1920request_box
1212Correspondence with Lowenstein, Harriet B.1920request_box
1213Correspondence with Mack, Julian W.1920request_box
1214Correspondence with Magnes, Judah L.1920request_box
1215Correspondence with Marshall, Louis1920request_box
1216Memorandum regarding International Conferences1920request_box
1217Minutes of meetings1920request_box
1218National Information Bureau1920request_box
1219Outgoing cables1920request_box
131Palestine Orphans Committee1920request_box
132Palestine Mandate1920request_box
133Correspondence with Plotz, Harry1920request_box
135Correspondence with Pool, David de Sola1920request_box
136Correspondence with Pumpianski, Abram1920request_box
137Correspondence, Q1920request_box
138Correspondence, R1920request_box
139Reconstruction Committee1920request_box
1310Resolution from Marshall of the Polish Diet1920request_box
1312Correspondence with Rosenblatt, Frank1920request_box
1315Correspondence, S1920request_box
1316Siberian war prisoners1920request_box
1317Correspondence with Somers, Everett1920request_box
1318Correspondence with Strauss, Lewis L.1920request_box
1322Correspondence, W1920request_box
1324Correspondence with Wise, Stephen S.1920request_box
1325Correspondence, Z1920request_box
1326Zionist Organization1920request_box
141Correspondence with Adler, Cyrus1921request_box
142Administration Committee, minutes1921request_box
143Correspondence with Alsberg, Henry1921request_box
144American Friends Service Committee1921request_box
145Correspondence with American Relief Administration1921request_box
146Correspondence, B1921request_box
147Correspondence with Becker, James H.1921request_box
1410Correspondence with Bogen, Boris D.1921request_box
1411Correspondence with Brylawski, Fulton1921request_box
1415Correspondence with Departments of Labor and State1921request_box
1416Food and clothing remittances1921request_box
1416Food and clothing remittances1921request_box
1417Correspondence, G1921request_box
1418Correspondence, H1921request_box
1419Incoming cables, miscellaneous1921request_box
1420Incoming cables, Paris1921request_box
1421Incoming cables, Warsaw1921request_box
1424Correspondence, J1921request_box
1425Joint Distribution Committee records1921request_box
1426Juedische Presszentrale Zurich [Jewish Press News Association]1921request_box
1427Correspondence, K1921request_box
1428Correspondence, L1921request_box
1429Landsmanshaftn [mutual aid societies] 1921request_box
1430Latvian accounts1921request_box
1431Correspondence with Lehman, Herbert H.1921request_box
151Liquidation Board Meeting1921request_box
153Correspondence with Marshall, Louis1921request_box
155Minutes of meetings. Executive Committee1921request_box
156Minutes of meetings and reports, Reconstruction Committee 1921request_box
158Outgoing cables1921request_box
1510Palestine Committee1921request_box
1511Palestine Credit Institute1921request_box
1513Correspondence with Plolz, Harry1921request_box
1514Correspondence with Pool, David de Sola1921request_box
1516Correspondence, R1921request_box
1517Reconstruction Committee records1921request_box
1518Reval, Estonia1921request_box
1519Correspondence with Rosenblatt, Frank1921request_box
1520Correspondence, S1921request_box
1521Siberian war prisoners1921request_box
1522Correspondence with Troper, Morris1921request_box
1525War chest returns1921request_box
1526War Orphans Bureau1921request_box
161Correspondence with Adler, Cyrus1922request_box
162Administration Committee, minutes1922request_box
163Administrative records1922request_box
164Correspondence with Alsberg, Henry1922request_box
165American Friends Service Committee1922request_box
166American Jewish Relief Committee1922request_box
167American Relief Administration1922request_box
168Applications for overseas positions1922request_box
169Correspondence with Becker, James H.1922request_box
1610Correspondence with Billikopf, Jacob1922request_box
1611Correspondence with Bogen, Boris D. (1)1922request_box
1612Correspondence with Bogen, Boris D. (2)1922request_box
171Correspondence with Bogen, Boris D. (3)1922request_box
172Bonding for Russian Unit1922request_box
173Incoming cables1922request_box
174Outgoing cables1922request_box
175Contract Between Joint Distribution Committee and Soviet Government 1922request_box
176Cultural affairs1922request_box
177Digest of material on Lithuanian Jewry1922request_box
178Digest of Yiddish press1922request_box
179Financial Records1922request_box
1710Food and clothing remittances1922request_box
1711Correspondence with Gans, Howard1922request_box
1712Correspondence with Grove, William1922request_box
1714Jewish People's Relief Committee1922request_box
1715Jewish politics in Soviet Russia1922request_box
181Landsmanshaftn [mutual aid societies] 1922request_box
182Correspondence with Lykes, Gibbs1922request_box
183Correspondence with Mack, William J.1922request_box
184Correspondence with Margolin, Arnold1922request_box
185Medical relief1922request_box
186Meetings between representatives of American Relief Administration and Joint Distribution Committee1922request_box
187Minutes, Russian Committee1922request_box
188Miscellaneous correspondence, A - Z1922request_box
1810Publicity materials1922request_box
1811Reconstruction Committee1922request_box
1812Correspondence with Rosenberg, James N.1922request_box
191Russian Committee, miscellaneous correspondence,1922request_box
192Russian Committee, numbered correspondence1922request_box
193Russian relief efforts1922request_box
194Russian Tractor Squad1922request_box
195Special Commission of American Jewish Relief Committee1922request_box
196Special Committee on Russia1922request_box
197Correspondence with Strauss, Lewis L.1922request_box
198Summary Report of Idgeskom1922request_box
201Accounting letters, Moscow - New York (1)January - July 1923request_box
202Accounting letters, Moscow - New York (2)August - December 1923request_box
203Administrative affairs, Russia1923request_box
204Administrative affairs, USA1923request_box
205American Friends Service Committee1923request_box
206American Relief Administration1923request_box
207Correspondence with Bogen, Boris D.1923request_box
209Correspondence, miscellaneous, A – Z1923request_box
2010Executive Committee1923request_box
2011Financial records1923request_box
2012Food, clothing and shipping1923request_box
211Joint Distribution Committee Report on Russia1923request_box
212Joint Distribution Committee Report on Russia, memoranda and preliminary reports1923request_box
213Landsmanshaftn [mutual aid societies] (1)1923request_box
214Landsmanshaftn (2)1923request_box
215Minutes of meetings and memoranda1923request_box
216Money remittances to Soviet Russia1923request_box
219Publicity material1923request_box
221Russia (1)1923request_box
222Russia (2)1923request_box
223Russia (3)1923request_box
224Russia (4)1923request_box
225Russian Committee1923request_box
226"The Russian Famines," manuscipt1923request_box
227Russian relief activities, Ekaterinoslav district1923request_box
228Russian relief activities, Ukraine and White Russia1923request_box
231Correspondence with Adler, Cyrus1924request_box
232Administrative affairs1924request_box
233Correspondence with Blattner, Benjamin1924request_box
234Correspondence with Bogen, Boris D.1924request_box
236Correspondence, miscellaneous, A – Z1924request_box
237Financial records1924request_box
238Correspondence with Marshall, Louis1924request_box
239Newspaper clippings1924request_box
2311"Report of the Joint Distribution Committee in Russia," manuscript 1924request_box
2312Russian Committee1924request_box
241Agricultural Corporation Statement1925request_box
242American Jewish Committee1925request_box
243Correspondence with Calisch, Edward N.1925request_box
244Correspondence, miscellaneous, A – Z1925request_box
245Emergency Committee on Jewish Refugees, survey of Mexico 1925request_box
246Publicity materials1925request_box
247United Jewish Campaign1925request_box
249Correspondence, miscellaneous, A – Z1926request_box
2410Miscellaneous records1927request_box
2411Miscellaneous records1928request_box
2412American Jewish Joint Agricultural Corporation1929request_box
2413Miscellaneous records1929request_box
2414Miscellaneous records1930request_box
2415Miscellaneous records1931request_box
2416Miscellaneous records1932request_box
2417Miscellaneous records1933request_box
2418Miscellaneous records1934request_box
2419Miscellaneous records1935request_box
251Miscellaneous records1936request_box
252Miscellaneous recordsJanuary - July 1937request_box
253Miscellaneous recordsAugust - December, 1937request_box
254Miscellaneous recordsJanuary - June, 1938request_box
255Miscellaneous recordsJuly - December, 1938request_box
256Miscellaneous recordsJanuary - July, 1939request_box
261Miscellaneous recordsAugust - December, 1939request_box
262Miscellaneous recordsJanuary - April, 1940request_box
263Miscellaneous recordsMay - December, 1940request_box
264Miscellaneous recordsJanuary - June, 1941request_box
265Miscellaneous recordsJuly - August, 1941request_box
266Miscellaneous records1942-1972request_box
267Clare M. Torrey, The Seven Belgian American Foundations: An International Epic and Financial Report of the Belgian American Educational Foundation, Inc., From 1965-1972 [history of the Committee for Relief in Belgium]request_box
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Series IV: American Relief Administration Bulletins, 1920-1923

1 linear foot

Bulletins are arranged chronologically.

Scope and Content:

The American Relief Administration, under the direction of Herbert C. Hoover, supervised relief efforts in Europe during and following World War I. Initially, the Joint Distribution Committee contributed its funds to the American Relief Administration, which in turn used the funds to provide relief in Poland and the Ukraine on a non-sectarian basis. After a few months, however, Hoover authorized the Joint Distribution Committee to conduct relief efforts directly. The American Relief Administration Bulletins reflect the extensive involvement of the Joint Distribution Committee in the relief efforts. Lewis L. Strauss, personal secretary to Herbert C. Hoover, wrote marginal notes in several of the Bulletins highlighting the Joint Distribution Committee's activities.

271American Relief Administration Bulletins1920-1922request_box
272American Relief Administration BulletinsSeptember - November 1920request_box
273American Relief Administration BulletinsDecember 1920request_box
274American Relief Administration BulletinsJanuary - June 1921request_box
275American Relief Administration BulletinsJuly - December 1921request_box
281American Relief Administration BulletinsJanuary - June 1922request_box
282American Relief Administration BulletinsJuly - September 1922request_box
283American Relief Administration BulletinsOctober - December 1922request_box
284American Relief Administration BulletinsFebruary - August 1923request_box
285American Relief Administration BulletinsSeptember - November 1923request_box
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Series V: Coordinating Foundation, 1938-1946

0.5 linear foot

Papers are arranged alphabetically.

Scope and Content:

The Coordinating Foundation, a corporation established in 1939, was comprised of wealthy and influential American and British Jewish leaders. The Coordinating Foundation sought to facilitate negotiations between German authorities and the League of Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the Inter-Governmental Committee on Refugees. The stated purpose of the Coordinating Foundation was to "furnish and provide services as a secretariat organization and intermediary agency in facilitating and improving arrangements for the transfer of goods and assets of every kind... including facilities for obtaining passports and other emigration papers calculated to be useful to involuntary emigrants in preparation for and during and after their emigration from Germany" [Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Coordinating Foundation, p. 2]. On his involvement in the Coordinating Foundation's activities, Lewis L. Strauss later commented: "I might have done so much more than I did. I risked only what I thought I could afford. That was not the test which should have been applied, and it is my eternal regret" [Naomi W. Cohen. Not Free To Desist: The American Jewish Committee, 1906-1966 (Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society of America, 1972), p. 188].

291Correspondence, A - Brequest_box
292Correspondence with Condliffe, John C.request_box
293Correspondence with Coulon, Georgesrequest_box
294Correspondence, D - Urequest_box
295Correspondence with Van Zeeland, Paulrequest_box
296Cables and telegramsrequest_box
298Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Coordinating Foundationrequest_box
299Minutes of meetings, agendasrequest_box
2910Miscellaneous, invitations, Inter-Governmental Committee Reportrequest_box
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Series VI: Father Charles E. Coughlin, 1938-1940

1 linear foot

Papers are arranged alphabetically. Radio addresses are further arranged chronologically.

Scope and Content:

In 1938, Father Charles E. Coughlin, a Catholic priest in Royal Oak, Michigan, transformed the National Union for Social Justice from an anti-Communist organization into an openly anti-Semitic organization. Coughlin published his anti-Semitic propaganda in a weekly newspaper called Social Justice and embarked upon a radio campaign that reached millions of listeners. Coughlin, who sought to perpetuate the myth that American Jewish leaders were masterminding an international Zionist-Communist conspiracy, supported fascism and liberally quoted Nazi leaders in his writings and addresses. Some of Coughlin's propaganda directly concerned Lewis L. Strauss and Kuhn, Loeb & Company, particularly the allegation that Jacob Schiff had financed the Bolshevik revolution of 1917. The series reflects Lewis L. Strauss' efforts to combat Coughlin's anti-Semitic propaganda. It also includes literature published by Coughlin, to some of which Lewis L. Strauss appended marginal notes.

301Correspondence, miscellaneous, A - L1938-1941request_box
302Correspondence, miscellaneous, M - Z1940-1941request_box
303Father Charles E. Coughlin’s radio address and transcripts 1938request_box
304Father Charles E. Coughlin’s radio address and transcripts 1939request_box
305Father Charles E. Coughlin’s radio address and transcripts 1940request_box
306Radio addressesundatedrequest_box
313News clippingsrequest_box
314Published manuscripts, propaganda materialrequest_box
315Regarding Schiff, Jacobrequest_box
316Social Justice, manuscript collection (with appended notes)request_box
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Series VII: Henry Ford and The Dearborn Independent, 1920-1921

0.5 linear foot

Papers are arranged alphabetically. Copies of The Dearborn Independent are further arranged chronologically.

Scope and Content:

Henry Ford was the individual most responsible for the spread of popular anti-Semitism in the 1920s. Using the notorious forgery Protocols of the Elders of Zion as the basis of his anti-Semitic campaign, Ford launched The Dearborn Independent, a weekly propagandistic newspaper devoted to expounding upon the classic anti-Semitic themes of Jewish usury, control of finance and business, and the media. In particular, The Dearborn Independent aimed to discredit the leaders of the American Jewish Committee including Felix M. Warburg, Louis Marshall and Jacob Schiff, and to link such individuals with Soviet Bolshevism and a supposed worldwide Jewish conspiracy. Lewis L. Strauss, acting both as a member of the American Jewish Committee and Kuhn, Loeb & Company, collected material relating to Henry Ford's anti-Semitic activities and participated in the campaign to combat Ford's propaganda. The series includes correspondence in this regard and copies of Ford's anti-Semitic publications, including issues of The Dearborn Independent to which Lewis L. Strauss appended marginal notes.

321Correspondence regarding The Dearborn Independent1920-1934request_box
322The Dearborn IndependentSeptember - December 1920request_box
323The Dearborn IndependentJanuary - December 1921request_box
324The International Jew: The World’s Foremost ProblemNovember 1920request_box
325Jewish Activities in the U.S., vol. 2 of “The International Jew”1921request_box
326Memorandum to Lewis L. Strauss regarding anti-Semitic articles in The Dearborn Independent1921request_box
327Pipp’s Weekly March 1921request_box
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Series VIII: Jewish Agricultural Society, 1923-1962

0.5 linear foot

Papers are arranged chronologically.

Scope and Content:

The Jewish Agricultural Society was organized to promote Jewish farming and settle East European Jewish immigrants in agricultural and rural communities throughout the United States. The Society was instrumental in establishing agricultural credit unions, farmers’ cooperatives, and agrarian sanitation reform. Many of these efforts led to advancements in American agriculture generally. Lewis L. Strauss was actively involved in the Jewish Agricultural Society’s efforts and belonged to its board of directors.

338Miscellaneous, annual reports, publicity material1920-1936request_box
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Series IX: Jewish Theological Seminary of America, 1924-1973

1.5 linear feet

Correspondence is arranged chronologically.

Scope and Content:

Lewis L. Strauss participated in the affairs of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, the rabbinical college of the Conservative movement. The series reflects Lewis L. Strauss’ involvement on the Seminary’s board of directors, active interest in the scholarly work of many Seminary faculty members, and relations with other Jewish philanthropists of German descent who viewed the Seminary as an important vehicle for the promotion of American Judaism.

343CorrespondenceJanuary - February 1937request_box
344CorrespondenceMarch - April 1937request_box
345CorrespondenceMay - December 1937request_box
366Miscellaneous, publicationsrequest_box
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Series X: Miscellaneous Personal Papers, 1896-1974

0.5 linear foot

Papers are arranged by type of document. Photographs are further arranged by topic of photograph.

Scope and Content:

The series includes material concerning the private and family affairs of Lewis L. Strauss. Includes Lewis L. Strauss' letters to family members, handwritten notes, memoranda, biographical information, and photographs.

372Biographical materialrequest_box
373Certificates (facsimiles)request_box
374Correspondence with family membersrequest_box
376Re: Herbert C. Hoover (noted missing 3/6/01)request_box
377“Individual Book” list, manuscriptrequest_box
378Jerome and Carrie Hanauer Fundrequest_box
379Memoranda for personal filesrequest_box
3710Photographs: Awards, speaking engagements, testimonialsrequest_box
3711Photographs: Israel and Israel-related activitiesrequest_box
3712Photographs: Masadarequest_box
3713Photographs: Miscellaneousrequest_box
3714Photographs: National Conference of Christians and Jewsrequest_box
3715Photographs: “Religion in American Life” campaignrequest_box
3716Photographs: Temple Emanu-El (New York, NY)request_box
3717“The Unregenerate Angler,” unpublished poem(August 23, 1936)request_box
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Series XI: National Conference of Christians and Jews, 1934-1973

1 linear foot and item from oversized folder

Correspondence is arranged alphabetically.

Scope and Content:

The National Conference of Christians and Jews (NCCJ) was organized to bring together representatives of the Jewish, Catholic and Protestant faiths in harmonious inter-religious activity in the United States. The work of the NCCJ was directed primarily at religious and lay leaders, ministerial associations, religious and teaching orders, theological seminaries, religious education institutions, the religious press, and church and synagogue affiliated social action groups. Interestingly, it was the American Jewish Committee, not the religious establishment that took the lead in the organizational efforts of the NCCJ. Lewis L. Strauss was an active on the NCCJ Board of Directors. The series reflects Lewis L. Strauss’ relations with leaders of the NCCJ.

381Correspondence, Arequest_box
382Correspondence with Baltz, Edward C. – Bristol, Lee H.request_box
383Correspondence with Brown, Sterling W.request_box
384Correspondence with Bunche, Ralph J. – Byrd, Harry F.request_box
385Correspondence with Calisch, A. Woolner – Clement, G. Frankrequest_box
386Correspondence with Clinchy, Everett R.request_box
387Correspondence with Coates, Thomas J. – Cunningham, Jacob H.request_box
388Correspondence, Drequest_box
389Correspondence, Erequest_box
3810Correspondence, Frequest_box
3811Correspondence, Grequest_box
3812Correspondence, Hrequest_box
3813Correspondence with Jelenko, Jessit F. – Johnston, Ericrequest_box
391Correspondence with Jones, Lewis Websterrequest_box
392Correspondence with Jones, Richard D.request_box
393Correspondence, Krequest_box
394Correspondence, Lrequest_box
395Correspondence, Mrequest_box
396Correspondence, N - Orequest_box
397Correspondence, P - Rrequest_box
398Correspondence, Srequest_box
399Correspondence, T - Zrequest_box
Shared OS 1Oversized FolderBlack and white photograph. Annual meeting of the Board of Trustees for NCCJ. Charles Evans Hughes Award Dinner. Presentation of award to LLS by Ambassador Robert D. Murphy (Oscar Strauss II, Robert D. Murphy, LLS, Sterling W. Brown),November 17, 1968request_box
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Series XII: Publications, 1920-1972

0.5 linear foot

Arranged alphabetically by author, title, or type of document.

Scope and Content:

Includes the manuscripts and published material produced by Lewis L. Strauss as well as various materials produced by his friends and associates.

401Ginzberg, Louis. The Palestinian Talmud(New York: Jewish Theological Seminary of America, 1941) 1941request_box
402Glazer, B. Benedict. The Spirit and Character of the American Jewish Community. Reprinted from Central Conference of American Rabbis Yearbook, vol. L, 19401940request_box
403Heumann, Maths. "Findings of an examination of a report submitted by the Israeli Government on the assassination of Count Folke Bemadotte of Wisborg," manuscript1950request_box
404Masada (articles and news clippings)request_box
403Masada (correspondence)1965-1967request_box
404Masada (miscellaneous lists and notes)request_box
407Memorable Documents in American Jewish History (New York: American Jewish Historical Society, 1946). 1946request_box
408Men and Decisions (correspondence)September - November 1962request_box
409Miscellaneous offprints regarding American Jewryrequest_box
4010News clippings regarding Lewis L. Straussrequest_box
4011Strauss, Lewis L. "The Defense of Masada," Argosy Magazine (June 1967)1967request_box
4012Strauss, Lewis L. "The Defense of Masada," manuscript1965request_box
4013Strauss, Lewis L. "The Defense of Masada," manuscript for The Saturday Evening Post1965request_box
4014Strauss, Lewis L. "Herbert C. Hoover and the Jews," The American Hebrew (April 23, 1920). 1920request_box
4015Strauss, Lewis L. "Masada," manuscriptundatedrequest_box
4016Strauss, Lewis L. "Masada," manuscript for American Heritage 1965request_box
4017Strauss, Lewis L. "Masada: Fortress in the Desert," manuscript 1965request_box
4018Strauss, Lewis L. "Masada: Fortress in the Desert," manuscript for The Reader's Digest1965request_box
4019Strauss, Lewis L. Oscar S. Straus: An Appreciation (New York: American Jewish Historical Society, 1950). 1950request_box
4020Untitled religious-philosophy manuscript [Isidor Singer, 1931 (?)]1931request_box
4021Vogelstein, Ludwig, et al. The Synagogue: Its Relation to Modern Thought and Life (Philadelphia: XXXII Council of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations, 1931).1931request_box
4022Yadin, Yigael. “Dedication in a Ceremony On Top of Masada," manuscriptSpring 1963request_box
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Series XIII: Refugees, 1924-1965

2 linear feet

Correspondence is arranged chronologically. Requests for affadavits are arranged alphabetically.

Scope and Content:

The series contains material relating to Lewis L. Strauss’ various efforts on behalf of Jewish refugees in Central Europe, especially in the years immediately preceding and during World War II. It includes requests for affidavits from individuals who claimed to be relatives of Lewis L. Strauss.

412London Conference1933request_box
413London Conferenceundatedrequest_box
415John Simons, “Report on South-West Africa: Its Suitability for Jewish Colonization and the Possibility of Securing Land for that Purpose,” manuscriptundatedrequest_box
421CorrespondenceJanuary 1939request_box
422CorrespondenceFebruary 1939request_box
423CorrespondenceMarch 1939request_box
424CorrespondenceApril 1939request_box
425CorrespondenceMay 1939request_box
426CorrespondenceJune 1939request_box
431CorrespondenceJuly 1939request_box
432CorrespondenceAugust 1939request_box
433CorrespondenceSeptember 1939request_box
434CorrespondenceOctober 1939request_box
435CorrespondenceNovember 1939request_box
436CorrespondenceDecember 1939request_box
444Request for affidavit: Apple, Irenerequest_box
445Request for affidavit: Hanauer, Truderequest_box
446Request for affidavit: Sinzheim, Linarequest_box
447Request for affidavit: Strauss, Julierequest_box
448Request for affidavit: Vollweiller, Walterrequest_box
449Request for affidavits, miscellaneousrequest_box
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Series XIV: Speeches, 1919-1972

1.5 linear feet

The material is listed chronologically

Scope and Content:

Contains Lewis L. Strauss' speeches, addresses and toasts before numerous Jewish, secular, inter-religious, and international organizations and groups.

451Report delivered before The Judeans1919request_box
452Address to the Union of American Hebrew Congregations annual convention (Philadelphia, PA)January 20, 1931request_box
453Address to the New York chapter of Jewish Theological Seminary of AmericaOctober 13, 1936request_box
454Address to Jewish Theological Seminary of AmericaOctober 1936request_box
455Address to Jewish Theological Seminary of AmericaJanuary 17, 1937request_box
456Draft speech for Congregational Dinner, Temple Emanu-El (New York, NY)May 5, 1938request_box
457Congregation Bnai Jeshurun (New York, NY)December 18, 1938request_box
458Address to Graduating Class of Jewish Theological Seminary of America1939request_box
459Passover Address over Station WUR1939request_box
4510Seder Evening at Temple Emanu-El (New York, NY)April 22, 1940request_box
4511Address to Jewish Theological Seminary of AmericaOctober 22, 1940request_box
4512Remarks at Centenary Celebration of Temple Emanu-El (New York, NY) November 9, 1944request_box
4513100th Anniversary of Temple Emanu-El (New York, NY)April 5, 1945request_box
4514Address to Jewish Theological Seminary of AmericaApril 18, 1945request_box
4515Memorial services for Judge Irving LehmanNovember 25, 1945request_box
4516Tribute dinner for Basil O'ConnorNovember 2, 1945request_box
4517Remarks to Temple Emanu-El (New York, NY)1946request_box
4518Annual Report of President of Temple Emanu-El (New York, NY) December 9, 1946request_box
4519Dedication of Jewish Museum of Jewish Theological Seminary of AmericaMay 7, 1947request_box
4520Richmond chapter, American Council for Judaism (Richmond, VA) November 17, 1947request_box
4521Men's Club of Temple Emanu-El (New York, NY)May 12, 1948request_box
4522Broadcast on "Church of the Air" over CBSOctober 3, 1948request_box
4523Yale University Religious ConferenceFebruary 15, 1949request_box
4524Broadcast of "A Day of Hope" over CBSSeptember 23, 1949request_box
4525Installation as President of Library Corporation of Jewish Theological Seminary of AmericaSeptember 27, 1949request_box
4526Nominating Committee of Trustees of Temple Emanu-El (New York, NY) October 1949request_box
4527Congregation Knesseth Israel (Philadelphia, PA), December 10, 1949December 10, 1949request_box
4528Final Report to Temple Emanu-El (New York, NY)December 12, 1949request_box
4529Remarks at Temple Emanu-El Dinner (New York, NY)December 20, 1949request_box
4530Centenary of birth of Oscar S. Straus, American Jewish Historical SocietyFebruary 11, 1950request_box
4531Cyrus Adler Memorial Meeting at Jewish Theological Seminary of AmericaMarch 16, 1950request_box
4532Commencement Dinner, Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of ReligionJune 10, 1950request_box
4533Central Synagogue's Annual Reception (New York, NY)November 1, 1950request_box
4534Bicentennial Banquet of Charleston Jewish community (Charleston, SC) November 20, 1950request_box
4535Honorary Degree for Nelson Rockefeller, Jewish Theological Seminary of AmericaNovember 21, 1950request_box
461Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion (Chicago, IL) January 12, 1951request_box
462Convocation of Jewish Theological Seminary of AmericaNovember 20, 1951request_box
463Commencement, Jewish Theological Seminary of AmericaJune 1, 1953request_box
464Award of degree at Dropsie College (Philadelphia, PA)June 7, 1954request_box
465Broadcast of "Message of Israel"October 10, 1954request_box
466Temple Israel Brotherhood (Boston, MA)October 14, 1954request_box
467Catholic Press Council of Southern California (Pasadena, CA) November 9, 1954request_box
468Temple Emanuel (Montgomery County, MD)December 10, 1954request_box
469Washington Hebrew Congregation (Washington, DC)January 16, 1955request_box
4610Temple Emanu-El Men's Club (New York, NY)January 18, 1955request_box
461180th anniversary of Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of ReligionMarch 26, 1955request_box
4612Jewish Theological Seminary of AmericaJune 24, 1955request_box
4613Second National Conference on Spiritual FoundationsOctober 25, 1955request_box
4614Recorded broadcast for “Faith in Our Time"November 30, 1955request_box
4615Tribute to Louis MarshallApril 10, 1957request_box
4616Tribute to Roger Williams Strauss at meeting of National Conference of Christians and Jews (New York, NY)November 10, 1957request_box
4617Banquet, Maryland Region of National Conference of Christians and Jews (Baltimore, MD)November 20, 1958request_box
4618Testimonial Dinner for Governor Herbert H. LehmanNovember 23, 1958request_box
4619Dinner in honor of Dr. Julius MarkDecember 8, 1958request_box
4620Annual Brotherhood Dinner for National Conference of Christians and Jews (Houston, TX)March 19, 1959request_box
4621Annual Meeting of Temple Emanu-El (New York, NY)December 15, 1959request_box
4622Dinner at Baltimore Hebrew College (Baltimore, MD)January 24, 1960request_box
4623Beth Israel Synagogue (Omaha, NE)March 20, 1960request_box
4624National Conference of Christians and Jews DinnerMay 25, 1960request_box
4625Message for Holy Days, Station WARL, (Arlington, TX)September 20, 1960request_box
4626Twenty-fifth Anniversary Dinner for Dr. Norman Gerstenfeld October 2, 1960request_box
471Dr. Julius Mark's installation, Synagogue Council of America October 11, 1961request_box
472Citation to Secretary Abraham RibicoffOctober 29, 1961request_box
473Annual Meeting of National Conference of Christians and Jews (Washington, DC)November 20, 1961request_box
474Annual Awards Dinner of Synagogue Council of AmericaDecember 3, 1961request_box
475National Conference of Christians and Jews Dinner honoring Irwin Wolfson (New York, NY)December 4, 1961request_box
476Remarks at University of Judaism (Los Angeles, CA)February 21, 1962request_box
477Installation of Dr. Julius MarkMay 1962request_box
478Remarks at Wilshire Boulevard Temple Forum (Los Angeles, CA) October 14, 1962request_box
479Remarks at Dinner of Synagogue Council of America (New York, NY) December 2, 1962request_box
4710Recording for National Conference of Christians and Jews January 29, 1963request_box
4711Brotherhood Awards Dinner (Washington, DC)February 11, 1963request_box
4712Remarks at Holy Blossom Temple (Toronto, Ontario)February 19, 1963request_box
4713Annual Brotherhood Award DinnerApril 2, 1963request_box
4714Brotherhood Awards Dinner (Garden City, NY)May 8, 1963request_box
4715Dinner in honor of Roger Bloughrequest_box
4716National Conference of Christians and Jews Dinner, award to Walter Robertsonrequest_box
4717Annual Dinner of Temple Emanu-El (New York, NY)request_box
4718Institute of Adult Jewish Studies of Congregation B’nai Jeshurun (New York, NY)December 16, 1963request_box
4719Foreword to Rabbi Israel Dresner’s book G-d, Man and Atomic WarDecember 1965request_box
4720Dinner of Library Committee of Jewish Theological Seminary of AmericaDecember 8, 1965request_box
4721Anniversary Dinner of Congregation Beth Ahabah (Richmond, VA) May 14, 1966request_box
4722Brotherhood Award DinnerMay 24, 1966request_box
4723Presentation of Charles Evans Hughes Award to General Dwight D. EisenhowerNovember 13, 1966request_box
4724Remarks at National Conference of Christians and Jews Dinner (Chicago, IL)December 6, 1967request_box
4725Remarks at Dinner of Temple Emanu-El (New York, NY)December 21, 1967request_box
4726Remarks at Farewell Dinner for Israel Ambassador Avraham Harman January 16, 1968request_box
4727Remarks to Jewish Chapel Squad (West Point, NY)June 3, 1968request_box
4728Remarks at National Conference of Christians and Jews’ Charles Evans Hughes Award Dinner,November 17, 1968request_box
4729Remarks for Testimonial Dinner to Dr. Julius MarkDecember 16, 1968request_box
4730Remarks at Washington Hebrew Congregation regarding President Dwight D. Eisenhower (Washington, DC)March 31, 1969request_box
4731Dinner, Board of Governors of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem September 13, 1970request_box
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Series XV: Temple Emanu-El (New York, NY), 1921-1973

7 linear feet and items from oversized folder

Papers are arranged chronologically.

Scope and Content:

This series contains correspondence and records reflecting Lewis L. Strauss’ involvement in Temple Emanu-El (New York, NY), especially his tenure as the synagogue’s president between 1938-1948. Lewis L. Strauss also served as a trustee of Temple Emanu-El. In its heyday, which included the years of Lewis L. Strauss’ most active involvement, Temple Emanu-El was considered the flagship congregation of the Reform movement. The bulk of the material consists of minutes of Temple committee meetings, business correspondence, and financial records and reports. It also includes extensive correspondence with Samuel Berliner, the synagogue’s comptroller, and Rabbi Samuel Goldenson. This series accounts for a little more than a fifth of the collection.

486Correspondence with Berliner, Samuel1934request_box
491CorrespondenceJanuary - June 1935request_box
492CorrespondenceJuly - December 1935request_box
493Correspondence with Berliner, SamuelJanuary - June 1935request_box
494Correspondence with Berliner, SamuelJuly - December 1935request_box
495Miscellaneous publications regarding Temple Emanu-El1935request_box
501CorrespondenceJanuary - April 1936request_box
502CorrespondenceMay - December 1936request_box
503Temple Emanu-El Federation contributors (1)1936request_box
504Temple Emanu-El Federation contributors (2)1936request_box
511CorrespondenceJanuary - November 1937request_box
512CorrespondenceDecember 1937request_box
513Correspondence with Berliner, Samuel1937request_box
514Temple Emanu-El Federation contributors1937request_box
515Miscellaneous, annual report, by-laws, memoranda1937request_box
521CorrespondenceJanuary - June 1938request_box
522CorrespondenceJuly - October 1938request_box
523CorrespondenceNovember - December 1938request_box
531Correspondence with Berliner, Samuel1938request_box
533Messages from congregants congratulating Lewis L. Strauss on his election as President, scrapbook1938request_box
534President’s correspondence1938request_box
535Reponses of Lewis L. Strauss to congregants1938request_box
541CorrespondenceJanuary - April 1939request_box
542CorrespondenceMay - September 1939request_box
543CorrespondenceOctober 1939request_box
544CorrespondenceNovember - December 1939request_box
545Correspondence with Berliner, Samuel1939request_box
546City Bank Farmers Trust Company, mortgagerequest_box
548Correspondence with Goldenson, Samuel1939request_box
551CorrespondenceJanuary - February 1940request_box
552CorrespondenceMarch - April 1940request_box
553CorrespondenceMay - August 1940request_box
554CorrespondenceSeptember - October 1940request_box
555CorrespondenceNovember - December 1940request_box
556Correspondence with Berliner, Samuel1940request_box
557Correspondence with Goldenson, Samuel1940request_box
558Miscellaneous, lists of committees, memorandarequest_box
565Correspondence with Berliner, Samuel1944request_box
566Correspondence with Goldenson, Samuel1944request_box
568Correspondence with Berliner, Samuel1945request_box
569Correspondence with Goldenson, Samuel1945request_box
571CorrespondenceJanuary - June 1946request_box
572CorrespondenceJuly - December 1946request_box
573Correspondence with Berliner, Samuel1946request_box
574Correspondence with Goldenson, Samuel1946request_box
581CorrespondenceJanuary - June 1947request_box
582CorrespondenceJuly - October 1947request_box
583CorrespondenceNovember - December 1947request_box
584Correspondence with Berliner, Samuel1947request_box
585Correspondence with Goldenson, Samuel1947request_box
586Regarding Rabbi Nathan Perilman’s promotion1947request_box
591CorrespondenceJanuary - March 1948request_box
592CorrespondenceApril - August 1948request_box
593CorrespondenceSeptember - December 1948request_box
594Correspondence with Berliner, Samuel1948request_box
601CorrespondenceJanuary - May 1949request_box
602CorrespondenceJune - December 1949request_box
603Correspondence with Berliner, Samuel1949request_box
613Correspondence with Fruhauf, Henry1958-1970request_box
Shared OS 1Oversized FolderBlack and white photograph. Temple Emanu-El, Waldorf-Astoria Hotel 1945request_box
Shared OS 1Oversized FolderBlack and white photograph. Centenary Fund Dinner, Congregation Emanu-El1944request_box
Shared OS 1Oversized FolderBlack and white photograph. Photograph of a painting of LLS hung in the boardroom of Congregation Emanu-Elundatedrequest_box
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Series XVI: Union of American Hebrew Congregations, 1922-1971

0.5 linear foot

Arranged by organization, then chronological.

Scope and Content:

This series reflects Lewis L. Strauss’ involvement in the affairs of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations (UAHC), the umbrella organization of the Reform movement that was established in 1873. The purpose of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations was and remains to determine policy for the Reform movement, debate and resolve matters of theological significance for Reform Judaism, and serve as a framework to unite Reform Jews. The series also includes correspondence relating to the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion (HUC-JIR).

621Correspondence regarding Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion1936-1962request_box
622Correspondence regarding Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion1963-1972request_box
623Correspondence regarding Union of American Hebrew Congregations 1922-1935request_box
624Correspondence regarding Union of American Hebrew Congregations 1937request_box
625Correspondence regarding Union of American Hebrew Congregations 1938request_box
626Correspondence regarding Union of American Hebrew Congregations 1941-1948request_box
627Correspondence regarding Union of American Hebrew Congregations1950-1971request_box
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Series XVII: Correspondence (Individual), 1919-1973

4.5 linear feet

The individual correspondence of Lewis L. Strauss is arranged alphabetically and internally in chronological order.

Scope and Content:

Contains correspondence with hundreds of individuals, many of whom were national and international figures, and accounts for roughly an eighth of the collection.

631A - Abramsrequest_box
632Adler, Cyrusrequest_box
633Adler, Cyrus [Re: Testimonial Dinner]request_box
634Adler, Joseph Ochs - Ascher, Morris H.request_box
635B - Bache, Mrs. Harold L.request_box
636Bachrach, Alfred R.(1942-1960)request_box
637Bachrach, Alfred R.(1961-1972)request_box
638Backall, M. - Bare, Wernerrequest_box
641Baerwald, Paulrequest_box
642Baerwald, Mrs. Paul - Lord Bearstedrequest_box
643Becker, Jamesrequest_box
644Bendheim, Adrian L. - Ben-Yehuda, Hemdarequest_box
645Bergman, Ernstrequest_box
646Bergman, Simon - Bickel, Alexander M.request_box
647Billikopf, Jacobrequest_box
648Binswanger, Milton S. - Broido, Louisrequest_box
649Brooks, Sidney - Byram, H.E.request_box
6410C - Cahanrequest_box
651Calisch, Edward N.request_box
652Cantor, Eddie - Custer, Ben Scottrequest_box
653Correspondence, Drequest_box
654Eban, Abbarequest_box
655Edelman, George - Egelson, Louis I.request_box
656Eisenhower, Dwight D.request_box
657Eisendrath, Edwin W.request_box
658Eisendrath, Maurice N.request_box
659Elath, Eliahurequest_box
6510Elliott, Hubert A. - Emanuelrequest_box
6511Engel, Irvingrequest_box
6512Engelman, Morris - Ezekiel, Gerald A.request_box
6513F - Feingold, Henryrequest_box
6514Feingold, Jessicarequest_box
6515Feinstein, Myer - Fineshriber, William H.request_box
661Finkelstein, Louis(1936-1952)request_box
662Finkelstein, Louis(1953-1956)request_box
663Finkelstein, Louis(1957-1959)request_box
664Finkelstein, Louis(1960-1962)request_box
665Finkelstein, Louis(1962-1967)request_box
666Finkelstein, Louis(1968-1973)request_box
667Finkelstein, Michael - Frankenthaler, Georgerequest_box
668Frankfurter, Felix - Fromenson, A.H.request_box
671G - Gerard, James W.request_box
672Gerstenfeld, Normanrequest_box
673Gimbel, Bernard F. - Glueck, Nelsonrequest_box
674Goldbarth, Harvey M. - Guinzberg, Haroldrequest_box
675H - Hoover, Allanrequest_box
676Hoover, Herbert C.(1918-1964)request_box
677Hoover, Jr., Herbert - Hyamson, M.request_box
678I - Ittelson, Blancherequest_box
679Ittelson, Henryrequest_box
681Lambie, Aaron L. - Lapinsky, Elliottrequest_box
682Laski, Nevillerequest_box
683Lazaron, Morrisrequest_box
684Lazarus, Simon - Lehman, Irvingrequest_box
685Lehrman, Jack J. - Liebermann, Williamrequest_box
686Linder, Haroldrequest_box
687Lipman, J.G. - Lowenthal, Marvinrequest_box
688M - Margolin, A.request_box
689Mark, Juliusrequest_box
6810Marks, Eric - Marshall, Jamesrequest_box
6811Marshall, Louisrequest_box
691Martin, I. Jack - McCabe, Selwyn R.request_box
692McDonald, Jamesrequest_box
693Meissner, Edwin B. - Myers, W.I.request_box
694Correspondence, N-Orequest_box
695Palitz, Clarence Y. - Pell, Robert T.request_box
696Perilman, Nathan A.request_box
697Pickar, George Harrison - Hoffman, Isidor B.request_box
698R - Rosenberg, Heinrichrequest_box
699Rosenberg, James N.request_box
701Rosenfelt, Henry H. - de Rothschild, Anthonyrequest_box
702de Rothschild, Edmundrequest_box
703de Rothschild, Lionel - Ruppin, Arthurrequest_box
704S - Sanger, Elliott M.request_box
705Sapiro, Aaronrequest_box
706Sarnoff, David - Simon, Ralphrequest_box
707Singer, Isidorrequest_box
708Sizoo, Joseph R. - Soltes, Avrahamrequest_box
709Somers, Everettrequest_box
711Sonderling, Jacob - Straus, Percy S.request_box
712Straus, Rogerrequest_box
713Strauss, Lewis H.request_box
714Strauss, Lewis H.request_box
715Sulzberger, Arthur Haysrequest_box
716Sulzberger, Cyrus L. - Szymczak, M.S.request_box
717T - Vrequest_box
718Waldman, Morris K. - Williams, Berkeleyrequest_box
719Wise, Ethel H. - Woodward, F.C.request_box
7110Y - Zrequest_box
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Series XVIII: Correspondence (Institutional), 1919-1973

2.5 linear feet

The institutional correspondence of Lewis L. Strauss is arranged alphabetically.

Scope and Content:

Contains correspondence with a broad range of Jewish, secular and international institutions, organizations and groups.

721A - American Friends of Alliance Israélite Universellerequest_box
722American Friends of The Hebrew University of Jerusalemrequest_box
723American Friends of Tel Aviv Universityrequest_box
724American Friends Service Committee - American Jewish Associationrequest_box
725American Jewish Congressrequest_box
726American Jewish Federationrequest_box
727American Jewish Historical Societyrequest_box
728American Jewish League - American Jewish Societyrequest_box
729American Jewish Tercentenary Committeerequest_box
731American Judaism - American Red Mogen David for Israelrequest_box
732American Society for Jewish Farm Settlements in Russiarequest_box
733Anti-Defamation League - Audio-Scriptions, Inc.request_box
735Camp Ramapo - Committee on Fair Play in Sportsrequest_box
736Conference on Jewish Relationsrequest_box
737Congregation Beth Ahabah (Richmond, VA)request_box
738Congregation Beth Isaac (Trenton, MI) - Cyclopedia Judaicarequest_box
7311Fairmount Temple (Cleveland, OH) - Farar, Straus & Cudahy, Inc., Publishersrequest_box
7312Federation for the Support of Jewish Philanthropic Societies of New York Cityrequest_box
741Federation of Jewish Agencies of Greater Philadelphia - Friends of Europerequest_box
743Abraham Haas Memorial Fund Committee - Hebrew Union School of Education and Sacred Music (New York, NY)request_box
744Baron de Hirsch Fundrequest_box
745Histadruth Ivrith of America - Hurwitz Educational Leaguerequest_box
747Jamaica Jewish Center (Jamaica, NY) - The Jewish Digestrequest_box
748Jewish Education Associationrequest_box
749The Jewish Examiner - Jewish Publications, Ltd.request_box
7410Jewish Publication Society of Americarequest_box
7411Jewish Quarterly Review - The Jewish Spectatorrequest_box
751Jewish Statistical Bureaurequest_box
752Jewish Telegraphic Agencyrequest_box
753The Jewish Tribune - Jüdische Ulterversorgungs-Unstalt request_box
754The Maccabean Club - Medical Research Foundationrequest_box
755K - Lrequest_box
756The Menorah Journalrequest_box
757Metropolitan Club (New York, NY) - Montgomery County Jewish Community, Inc. (Chevy Chase, MD)request_box
758Mortgage Bank for Palestinerequest_box
759National Association for the Advancement of Colored Peoplerequest_box
7510National Catholic Welfare Council - Nehr Tomid School (New York, NY)request_box
7511New York Board of Rabbis - New York Public Libraryrequest_box
761New York Section of the National Council of Jewish Women - 92nd Street "Y" (New York, NY)request_box
762ORT - Palestine Development Councilrequest_box
763Palestine Economic Corporationrequest_box
764Peoples ORT Federation - Provisional Executive Committee for General Zionist Affairsrequest_box
765R - Srequest_box
767Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America - United Hospital Campaign Committeerequest_box
768United Jewish Appealrequest_box
769United Jewish Campaign - The University of Judaism (Los Angeles, CA)request_box
7610V - Zrequest_box
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