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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Jacob Barosin (1906-2001)
Title: Jacob Barosin Collection
Dates:bulk 1926-1973
Abstract: This collection documents the academic, professional and private life of Jacob Barosin (1906-2001), a painter and artist of Russian-Jewish descent. Barosin was raised in Berlin, but he fled to France in 1933 and in 1943 survived a stint in the Gurs concentration camp. The collection primarily contains correspondence, ephemera, manuscripts, official documents, personal papers, and photographs.
Languages: The collection is in English, German, French, Russian, Hebrew, Romanian, and Yiddish.
Quantity: 2.5 linear feet and 1 oversize folder
Identification: AR 25275
Repository: Leo Baeck Institute
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Biographical Note

Jacob Barosin (1906-2001) was born Jacob Judey on 3 January 1906 to Russian Jews Hermann and Olga Judey. His German birth certificate indicates that he was born in Berlin, but biographical statements throughout the collection indicate he was born in Riga, Latvia (then part of Russia). In any case, he grew up in Berlin and attended the Schiller Real Gymnasium and then the Berlin Kunst Akademie. He studied applied art and art history at the University of Berlin and earned a Ph.D. in art history from the University of Freiburg (1930). In 1927, he married Sonia Finkel in Charlottenburg, Berlin. Sonia was born in Tighina, Moldova, in 1904.

Sensing danger, in 1933 the couple emigrated from Germany to Paris, where they adopted the surname Barosin. Early in 1943 they were arrested and sent to the deportation camp in Gurs. They were freed by French authorities and went into hiding until their liberation in 1944 in Paris. In 1947 they immigrated to the United States, settling in Kew Gardens, NY in 1950.

Barosin actively engaged in an artistic career in the United States. He had a particular interest in religious themes, inspired by a Bible that he and Sonia read while in hiding in France. Among many other things, he illustrated the Jewish Family Bible and a well-known religious film strip, and painted eighteen life-size prophets and a large mural of Jesus. He also worked as an illustrator for NBC-TV for 15 years.

Barosin’s wife Sonia died in 1973. In December 1976, Barosin married his second wife, Natalie (neé Stein), who died in 2006.

His original sketchbook of Gurs is permanently with Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. His memoir “A Remnant,” describing his life in France during the Holocaust, was published in 1988.

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Scope and Content Note

This collection documents the life of artist Jacob Barosin (1906-2001). The range of materials includes official documents, personal papers, manuscripts, correspondence, ephemera, and hundreds of photographs. The majority dates from 1926 to 1973. There is little material from the last two decades of Barosin’s life.

Barosin’s personal life is reflected in his papers and official documents such as passports and residence permits from Germany, France, and the United States. It is also documented in extensive correspondence between Jacob and his wife Sonia Barosin, their correspondence with family and friends, and correspondence of a general nature. The collection includes letters from the Gurs concentration camp. Hundreds of annotated photographs document the daily lives of Jacob and Sonia Barosin in Germany, France, and the United States.

Evidence of Barosin’s professional life as a writer and an artist includes the typescript and manuscript of his 1930 doctoral dissertation about Sienese painter Domenico Beccafumi, as well as the typescript of his Holocaust memoir “A Remnant” (1988). His work as an artist is documented by drawings, exhibit catalogs, and business correspondence.

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Access and Use

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The LBI Arts and Objects collection contains original artworks, lithographs, etchings, political cartoons, a box with tools for engraving, and copper plates. A selection of this art work has been digitized.

The LBI A/V collection contains DVDs of interviews with Barosin.

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Separated Material

Some photographs have been removed to the LBI Photo Collection.

Books have been removed to the LBI Library.

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Preferred Citation

Published citations should take the following form:

Identification of item, date (if known); Jacob Barosin Collection; AR 25275; box number; folder number; Leo Baeck Institute.

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Processing Information

This collection was placed in acid-free folders, boxed, and inventoried upon accession.

In July 2010, the collection was processed into intellectual units (series and subseries).

This collection is in reasonable physical condition.

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Container List

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.

Follow the links to access the digitized materials.


Series I: Personal Documents, undated, 1906-1981

This series is in German, French, and English, with some Russian, Hebrew, Romanian, and Yiddish.
0.3 linear feet.

Chronological by country of residence.

Scope and Content:

This series contains the official documents of Jacob Barosin’s life. Documents include vital and academic records from his youth in Berlin, Germany and his studies in Freiburg, Germany; identification, travel, and work records from his and wife Sonia’s time in France (1933-1947), particularly their wartime experience in the south of France (1941-1943); documents about their immigration to the United States in 1947 and subsequent life in Kew Gardens, NY; some official Romanian documents from Sonia’s youth; and family trees for Barosin and both his wives, Sonia and Natalie (the Judey, Finkel, and Blumenfeld/Stein families). There are no documents concerning Barosin’s later life in the United States, from 1981-2001. This series contains a small number of reproductions of documents.

Subseries 1: Germany, 1906-1981

This subseries is in German, with some English.
6 folders.

This subseries is arranged by document type.

Scope and Content:

This subseries contains documents concerning Jacob Barosin’s early life in Berlin, Germany, including official records such as birth and marriage documents, residence permits, and academic records from gymnasium and the Universities of Berlin and Freiburg. The translation folder contains English translations and certified copies of a small number of selected documents.

11Birth, marriage, and citizenship documents 1906-1930
12Identification papers and residence permits 1924-1932
13Academic records: Schiller Real Gymnasium 1923-1926
14Academic records: Friedrich Wilhelms University, Berlin 1925-1929
15Academic records: Albert-Ludwig University, Freiburg 1929-1932
16Translations and certified copies 1906-1981

Subseries 2: France, 1933-1949

This subseries is in French, with some English.
7 folders.

This subseries is arranged by document type.

Scope and Content:

This subseries contains documents concerning the Barosin’s life in France (1933-1947), including identification and ration cards, travel documents, administrative documents about his wartime labor activities, tax information, and rent receipts. Folder 1/8 contains ration cards and an identification card under the Barosin’s assumed name Patapoff, taken while in hiding in 1943-1944. The translation folder contains English translations of a small number of selected documents

17Identification, travel, and ration documents 1933-1947
18Identification and ration cards “Patapoff” 1943
19Administrative 1939-1947
110Petain letter re payments for artwork 1941 October 24

Includes English translation

111Tax documents 1940-1949
112Leases and rent receipts 1933-1947
113Translations 1906-1933

Subseries 3: United States, 1940-1976

This series is in English, with some French.
4 folders.

This subseries is arranged by document type.

Scope and Content:

This subseries contains documents concerning the Barosin’s immigration to the United States in 1947, primarily in the form of proof of his uncle Dr. Isadore Trace’s ability to financially support the couple. It also contains various official documents from their subsequent life in the United States such as naturalization requests, driver’s licenses, insurance cards, and neighborhood association membership cards. There are no documents concerning Barosin’s later life in the United States, from 1981-2001.

114Immigration 1940-1947
115Naturalization 1948-1953
116Affidavits filed for Sonia Barosin’s probate 1974
117Various 1954-1976

Subseries 4: Romania, 1923-1927

This series is in Romanian, with some German and French.
1 folder.

This subseries is arranged by document type.

Scope and Content:

This folder contains Sonia Barosin (neé Finkel)’s and her father Isaac Finkel’s Romanian passports, as well official documents showing Sonia’s readiness for German studies and for marriage.

118Romania 1923-1927

Subseries 5: Genealogy, undated, 1974

This series is in English, German, Russian, Hebrew, and Yiddish.
1 folder.

This subseries is arranged by document type.

Scope and Content:

This subseries contains family trees for the Judey, Finkel, and Blumenfeld/Stein families. The lineages are genealogically traced from the early 19th century to the middle of the 20th century.

119Family trees undated, 1974
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Series II: Correspondence, undated, 1920-1999

This series is in German, French, Russian, English, and Yiddish.
0.5 linear feet.

By correspondent and chronological.

Scope and Content:

This series contains correspondence between Jacob and Sonia Barosin, the Barosin’s correspondence with family and friends, and correspondence of a general nature. A few of the documents are annotated by Barosin, clarifying senders and dates, but some correspondents are unidentified.

The correspondence between Jacob and Sonia Barosin is in French and English. It primarily comprises their wartime letters to one another, including from the Gurs concentration camp, as well as a period in 1958 when Jacob Barosin was in Michigan painting a mural.

The Family and Friends folders contain Jacob and Sonia Barosin’s extensive correspondence with their immediate and extended families: parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. The folders also contain correspondence with friends in France, including the Audrix and Conton families who helped the Barosins during the war; in Germany, including Werner Buchholz and Werner Diamond; and in the United States.

The Various folder contains correspondence that is neither professional nor personal. It includes a letter from Rudolf Arnheim of Die Weltbuehne and the suicide note of Dr. Werner Weisbach.

Document types include handwritten and typed letters, many with their original envelopes; postcards; telegrams; Red Cross Civilian Message forms; holiday cards; and some of Barosin’s handwritten drafts.

120Barosin, Jacob and Sonia 1939-1958
121Family and friends 1926-1949
122Family and friends 1951-1969
123Family and friends 1970-1990

Includes photos

124Family and friends undated

Includes photos

125Various 1920-1999
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Series III: Professional, undated, 1922-1989, bulk 1930-1959

This series is in English, German, and French.
0.5 linear feet and one oversized box.

Topical and chronological.

Scope and Content:

This series documents Jacob Barosin’s professional life as a writer and an artist.

Barosin’s writings include his doctoral dissertation at the Albert-Ludwigs University, Freiburg, about Sienese painter Domenico Beccafumi (1486-1551), and related research material. His writings here also include the Holocaust memoir “A Remnant” (1988) as well as related lectures and materials.

Material documenting his work as an artist includes two drawings and a series of color plates illustrating Old Testament stories. The Exhibits folder includes catalogs, clippings, and ephemera from Barosin’s art exhibits, primarily in the United States but also in Germany and France.

Business documents evidencing his brief stint in the film industry in Germany and his work as a graphic designer in France are also included. Business documents from his career as an artist in the United States include correspondence and printed material about creation of a mural for the Central Reformed Church in Grand Rapids, MI, and documents pertaining to a lawsuit over publishing royalties.

Document types include correspondence, clippings (information artifacts), drawings (visual works), manuscripts, and typescripts.

126Dissertation (bound copy)1930
127Dissertation (autograph manuscript) 1920s
128Dissertation (typescript) 1920s
129Dissertation (typescript) 1920s
130Dissertation (related materials) 1920s - 1967
OS124Dissertation (plates) 1930
131“A Remnant” (title page and verso) 1988

Book removed to library

132“A Remnant” (typescript) 1980s
133“A Remnant” (corrected typescript) 1980s
134Holocaust lectures 1977-1994
135Drawings undated
136Old Testament illustrations undated
137Exhibits 1922-1989
138Employment (Germany) 1930-1932
139Business documents (France) 1934-1947
140Central Reformed Church (Correspondence) undated, 1956-1959
141Central Reformed Church (Printed material) 1950s
21Barosin v Board of Christian Education 1958-1959
22Various 1933-1956
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Series IV: Various, undated, 1926-1971

This series is in English, German, French, and Russian.
7 folders.

Topical and by format.

Scope and Content:

This series contains a variety of items, including a film reel of “The Prophets” and two phonograph records. The Biographies folder contains various one-page biographies of Jacob Barosin. The Various folder contains ephemera such as business cards and travel receipts.

Document types include ephemera, manuscripts, phonograph records, and film.

23Biographies undated
24“A Book of Jewish Thoughts” (title page and verso) 1926

Book removed to library

25Holocaust memorial programs 1985
26Newspaper clippings 1959, 1969
27Various undated, 1933-1971
28“The Prophets” (8mm film reel) undated
29“Roschdestwenskaja” (two 10-inch phonograph records) undated
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Series V: Photographs, undated, 1892-1990, bulk 1926-1973

This series is in German, English, Russian, and French.
1 linear foot.

Alphabetical by title.

The photographs were arranged into folders by someone with extensive knowledge of them, perhaps Jacob Barosin himself. The arrangement and the folder titles were thus adjusted very little. The majority of the photographs were annotated by Jacob Barosin with date, place, and person. He uses a glyph that resembles a Cyrillic “ya” to denote himself. Many of the original folders contained negatives. These were removed into separate small folders, labeled, and placed in the Negatives folder.

Scope and Content:

This series contains hundreds of photographs documenting the lives of Jacob and Sonia Barosin. Subjects include the Barosin’s daily life in Berlin, Germany (1919-1933); France (1934-1947); and the United States (1948-1990). Also documented are the extended families of Jacob and Sonia Barosin, as well as the Barosin’s extensive post-war travels within the United States and to Europe and Israel.

This series also contains slides (1960s), both personal and commercial, as well as negatives. The photographs are mainly black & white and primarily between passport and postcard size.

31Barosin, Jacob undated, 1933-1972
32Barosin, Jacob with Rumpf, Oscar and Rumpf, Aleshia, Kennedy Airport, NY 1980-1981
33Barosin, Jacob and Sonia undated, 1919-1979

bulk 1926-1935

34Barosin, Jacob and Sonia undated, 1926-1967
35Barosin, Jacob and Sonia undated, 1928-1973
36Barosin, Jacob and Sonia, Angers, France 1971
37Barosin, Jacob and Sonia, Arizona, California, Colorado, New York 1973
38Barosin, Jacob and Sonia, Glencoe, Illinois 1973
39Barosin, Jacob and Sonia, Greece 1956
310Barosin, Jacob and Sonia, Greece and Israel 1956
311Barosin, Jacob and Sonia, Israel 1950s-1971
312Barosin, Jacob and Sonia, Italy 1971-1972
313Barosin, Jacob and Sonia, with Jacob, Hari undated, 1963-1975
314Barosin, Jacob and Sonia, Kew Gardens, NY 1950s-1960s
315Barosin, Jacob and Sonia, Mexico 1957
316Barosin, Jacob and Sonia, New England 1960s
317Barosin, Jacob and Sonia, Passport Photos 1930s
318Barosin, Jacob and Sonia, with Rawyler, Andre, and Steinmann, Lisbeth undated, 1961-1964
319Barosin, Jacob and Sonia, Road trip Paris to Nice with Vilenski, Jeremie, and Vil, Simone 1946
320Barosin, Jacob and Sonia, Spain 1950s?
321Barosin, Jacob and Sonia, with Serriere Family, France undated, 1943-1970s
322Barosin, Jacob and Sonia, with Streimer, Vivian 1960s
323Barosin, Sonia undated, 1926-1967
324Berkowitz, Norbert and Sheila and children 1928, 1961-1974
325Buchholz, Werner 1950-1967
326Clairette and Family undated, 1955-1956
327Dye, Irene, Davis, CA undated, 1953-1956
328Family undated, 1921-1970
329Finkel family, Russia 1960-1976
330Friends 1927-1976
331Friends and family undated, 1920-1952
332Friends and family undated, 1929-1990
333Heller family, Chicago, Illinois and Glencoe, Illinois undated, 1947-1974
334Kagan, Liova and Kagan, Liola 1948-1958
335Kaminksy, Anatol and Kaminksy, Lydia undated, 1929-1952
336Judey, Hermann undated, 1924-1938
337Judey, Jacob (Uncle Jack) 1892-1946
338Lisette and Children 1940s-1953
339Mangold, Ernst and Mangold, Mary undated, 1929-1942
340Negatives undated, 1950s-1975
341Prophets (exhibit), Philadelphia 1950s
342Slides 1960s?
343Slides (Commerical) 1960s?
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