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undated, 1920-2014 (bulk dates 1950-1999)

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Descriptive Summary

Creator: American Physicians and Friends for Medicine in Israel
Title: American Physicians and Friends for Medicine In Israel Records
Dates:undated, 1920-2014 (bulk dates 1950-1999)
Abstract: The American Physicians and Friends for Medicine in Israel (APF) is an organization of physicians and health care professionals whose aims are to advance the state of medical education, research and care in Israel and to advance relationships between the health care communities of North America and Israel. This collection contains materials relating to the organization’s activities and internal proceedings, including correspondence, scrapbooks, reports, meeting minutes, financial statements, publications, events, photographs, and audiovisual materials.
Languages: The collection is in English, Yiddish, Hebrew, and French.
Quantity: 20 linear feet (19 document boxes and 1 oversized box)
Identification: I-586
Repository: American Jewish Historical Society
Location: Located in AJHS Boston, MA
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Historical Note

May 7, 1950 meeting at the Zionist House organizing the American Physicians Fellowship Committee of the Israel Medical Association.

The American Physicians and Friends for Medicine in Israel (APF) was officially incorporated in 1952, following years of work by American and Israeli physicians to create ties and foster cooperation between American and Israeli colleagues. The endeavor began in 1912 when a group of physicians met in Tel Aviv and established the Hebrew Medicinal Society for Jaffa and the Jaffa District. The following year, another Jewish physicians group was organized in Jerusalem called the Hebrew-Speaking Physician’s Society, which was open to those physicians who spoke Hebrew but did not reside in Israel. The two groups began a collaboration in 1914 and ultimately merged under the name The Hebrew Medical Association in the Land of Israel (HMA) following World War I. Then, after the establishment of the State of Israel, HMA became the Israeli Medical Association (IMA).

Dr. Moshe Sherman, one of the founders of the Hebrew Medicinal Society for Jaffa and the Jaffa District and later president of the IMA, believed in the importance of creating strong ties and cultivating cooperation between Israeli physicians and fellow physicians of the Diaspora. In 1945, he helped found the Mifal Haverut Hutz (Foreign Membership Project) as a means to achieve these goals. In 1949, after having made little progress, he met Dr. Morton Robbins of Nashua, New Hampshire, who was at the time the National Vice President of the Zionist Organization of America, when Robbins was visiting Israel. Dr. Robbins became interested in the cause and was able to enroll new members in their non-resident project, Mifal Haverut Hutz, in the United States. He was later asked by the organization to create a special committee of physicians in America on behalf of the IMA and was given authorization to enroll new members. On March 7, 1950 a group met at the Zionist House in Boston and agreed to organize the American Physician Fellowship Committee of the Israel Medical Association. In 1952, the American Physicians Fellowship for Medicine in Israel was founded and officially incorporated.

The APF has continued the original mission to support projects that advance medical education, research, and healthcare in Israel and to build links between the medical communities of Israel and North America. The Fellowship Program is the organization’s flagship program and continues the earliest goals of the APF. It provides financial assistance to Israeli physicians receiving post-doctoral specialty training in North America, as well as supplies research grants to physicians engaged in basic medical research in Israel. The organization also offers the Solomon Hirsh Nursing Awards each year to Israeli nurses, enabling them to visit North American medical institutions, where they can learn about new methods and techniques to bring back to Israel. The APF offers training in disaster management through their Disaster and Emergency Preparedness Courses in Israel, in partnership with the Ministry of Health and the Medical Corps of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Another effort that the APF has maintained for years is a registry of Emergency Medical Volunteers, in the event of a national crisis in Israel. They are the only organization to be given this designation by the State of Israel.

Throughout its history, the APF has supported many programs to further its mission, including giving aid to the construction and maintenance of Jerusalem Academy of Medicine, as well as the Israel Institute of the History of Medicine. The IIMH became the Manuel M. Glazier Institute of the History of Medicine (named after the late national secretary) and moved to the medical history section of the National Medical Library at the Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School at Ein Kerem in Jerusalem. Over the years, the APF has helped to maintain many medical libraries, coordinated medical equipment donations, helped to establish podiatry programs in Israel and supported lectures, teaching tours, and programs for Soviet Jewry.


Materials from collection.

American Physicians and Friends for Medicine in Israel. Accessed September 20, 2016.

Israeli Medical Association. Accessed September 20, 2016.

Israel Philatelic Federation. Accessed September 20, 2016.


1912 Hebrew Medicinal Society for Jaffa and the Jaffa District is founded.
1913 Hebrew-Speaking Physician’s Society is established in Jerusalem.
1936 The first international convention of Jewish physicians is held in Tel Aviv, Israel.
1945 The Mifal Haverut Hutz (Foreign Membership Project) of the Israel Medical Association is founded.
1949 Dr. Morton Robbins visits Jerusalem and returns home to develop the Mifal Haverut Hutz in America.
1950 First group of Mifal Haverut Hutz in America is organized.
1950 The American Physician Fellowship Committee of the Israel Medical Association is established in Boston.
1950-1954Dr. Morton I. Robbins serves as national president.
1952 The American Physicians Fellowship is founded and incorporated.
1957 Jerusalem Academy of Medicine is established.
1970 APF’s Podiatry Program in Israel is established.
1975 Planning for the construction of the Israel Institute of the History of Medicine begin in Jerusalem.
1989 The Manuel Glazier Institute of the History of Medicine, formerly the Israel Institute of the History of Medicine, moves to the National Medical Library at Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School at Ein Kerem in Jerusalem.
2000 The 50th Anniversary Leaders in Massachusetts Medicine Gala and Symposium take place.
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Scope and Content Note

The records of the American Physicians and Friends for Medicine in Israel (APF) contain materials detailing the operations of the organization. Materials relating to the APF's external activities and internal proceedings include correspondence, meeting minutes, reports, tours, galas, symposiums, conferences, financial statements, scrapbooks, publications, and audiovisual items. Of note are items documenting the APF's Fellowship Program for post-doctoral clinical training, the Solomon Hirsh Nursing Award for visiting Israeli nurses, podiatry programs, history of the organization, establishment of the Israel Institute of the History of Medicine, and early publications from the Israel Medical Association.

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The collection is arranged into seven series as follows:

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Access and Use

Access Restrictions

The collection is open to all researchers by permission of the Director of Collections and Engagement of the American Jewish Historical Society, except items that are restricted due to their fragility.

This collection contains audiovisual or electronic media that requires special equipment to access. Please notify reference staff at 24 hours in advance of needing access.

Use Restrictions

Information concerning the literary rights may be obtained from the Director of Library and Archives of the American Jewish Historical Society. Users must apply in writing for permission to quote, reproduce or otherwise publish manuscript materials found in this collection. For more information contact:
American Jewish Historical Society, Center for Jewish History, 15 West 16th Street, New York, NY, 10011

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Related Material

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Acquisition Information

Donated by Ben Shamir, Executive Director of APF, 2014.

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Container List

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.

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Series I: Activities, undated, 1949-2010

English and Hebrew.
Boxes 1-6.

Arranged alphabetically and chronologically.

Scope and Content:

This series contains materials pertaining to the activities of APF. Included are programs and brochures for dinners, symposiums, and lectures organized by APF; conference and exhibit materials; correspondence; scrapbooks detailing the organization's early years; and materials pertaining to the establishment of the Israel Institute of the History of Medicine and their podiatry program in Israel (IIMH). Of note are exhibit catalogs signed by Dr. Leon Kolb and Sam Hamarneh related to IIMH.

11American Public Health Association 134th Annual Meeting and Exposition2006request_box
12American Public Health Association 134th Annual Meeting and Exposition2006request_box
13Annual Assembly1967-1985request_box
14Benzion Amarant1960-1965, 1978, 2001request_box
15Boston Scientific Assembly2009request_box
16Conferences—2nd International Conference “Jewish Perspectives on Bioethics in the 21st Century”1999request_box
17Conferences—International Preparedness and Response to Emergencies and Disasters2010request_box
18Conferences—New York State for Anesthesiologists 63rd Post-Graduate Assembly2009request_box
19Conferences and Programs1992-1998, 2008request_box
110Dinners—50th Anniversary Leaders in Massachusetts Medicine Gala and Symposium2000request_box
111Dinners—50th Anniversary Leaders in Massachusetts Medicine Gala and Symposium2000request_box
112Dinners—Drs. Gerald and Barbara Levey Gala and Symposium1998request_box
113Dinners—Elie Wiesel “Inside Terrorism”2006request_box
114Dinners—Isadore Rosenfeld, M.D.2000request_box
115Dinners—Leonard S. Gottlieb, M.D.1997request_box
116Dinners—Louis Sherwood, M.D. Gala and Symposium1998request_box
117Dinners—Mitchell T. Rabkin, M.D. Gala and Symposium1997request_box
118Dinners—Mitchell T. Rabkin, M.D. Gala and Symposium1997request_box
119Dinners—Morton Madoff, M.D., M.P.H. Gala and Symposium1998request_box
21Dinners—Samuel O. Thier, M.D. Gala and Symposium1999request_box
22Dinners—Samuel O. Thier, M.D. Gala and Symposium1999request_box
24Israel Institute of the History of Medicine1959-1969request_box
25Israel Institute of the History of Medicine1971-1972request_box
26Israel Institute of the History of Medicine1974request_box
27Israel Institute of the History of Medicine1975-1977request_box
28Israel Institute of the History of Medicine1978-1979request_box
29Israel Institute of the History of Medicine1980-1982, 1986request_box
210Israel Institute of the History of Medicine—Auditorium Rental1985-1986request_box
211Israel Institute of the History of Medicine—Constitution and Articles of Associationundated, 1973, 1984request_box
212Israel Institute of the History of Medicine—Construction of Building1975-1976request_box
213Israel Institute of the History of Medicine—Jerusalem Academy of Medicineundated, 1971, 1978 request_box
214Israel Institute of the History of Medicine—Ownership of Land1967-1982, 1994request_box
215Israel Institute of the History of Medicine—Photographs of Plaquesundatedrequest_box
216Israel Institute of the History of Medicine—Proposal and Backgroundundated, 1974, 1983request_box
217Israel Institute of the History of Medicine—Reading Materials and Resourcesundated, 1949, 1961-1971request_box
218Israel Institute of the History of Medicine—Reports1966-1975, 1980request_box
220Medical History—Bioethics Study Trip1997request_box
313Podiatry—Accreditation Manual for Hospitals1970request_box
314Podiatry—American Podiatric Medical Association2009request_box
315Podiatry—Contribution for Podiatric Fund1984-1987request_box
316Podiatry—Report and Journals1970-1972request_box
319Scrapbookundated, 1950-1970request_box
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Series II: Correspondence, undated, 1920-1998

English, Hebrew, and Yiddish.
Boxes 6-10.

Arranged alphabetically and chronologically.

Scope and Content:

This series contains solicitations, emails, and general correspondence. Discussed are internal proceedings (meetings, committees, assemblies, membership, and donations) of the numerous programs they initiated or participated in, including the Israel Institute of the History of Medicine, the Emergency Medical Volunteer Program, the Solomon Hirsh Nursing Award, fellowship grants for Israeli physicians, podiatry programs in Israel, and visiting medical lecturers. Of note are letters from Ephraim Katzir and Iddo Netanyahu. The emails were printed out by APF and include some restrictions.

66Ajzenberg, Chaim, M.D.1953request_box
67Email Correspondence—General1988request_box
68Email Correspondence—General1989request_box
69Email Correspondence—General1989request_box
610Email Correspondence—General1989request_box
611Email Correspondence—General1989request_box
612Email Correspondence—General1990request_box
613Email Correspondence—General1990request_box
614Email Correspondence—General1990request_box
615Email Correspondence—General1990request_box
71Email Correspondence—General1991request_box
72Email Correspondence—General1991request_box
73Email Correspondence—General1991request_box
74Email Correspondence—General1991request_box
75Email Correspondence—General1991request_box
76Email Correspondence—General1992request_box
77Email Correspondence—General1992request_box
78Email Correspondence—General1992request_box
79Email Correspondence—General1992request_box
710Email Correspondence—General1992request_box
711Email Correspondence—General1992request_box
712Email Correspondence—General1993request_box
713Email Correspondence—General1993request_box
714Email Correspondence—General1994request_box
81Email Correspondence—General1994request_box
82Email Correspondence—General1994request_box
83Email Correspondence—General1994request_box
84Email Correspondence—General1995request_box
85Email Correspondence—General1995request_box
86Email Correspondence—General1995request_box
87General Correspondence1920, 1949, 1953, 1969-1982request_box
88General Correspondence1987request_box
89General Correspondence1987request_box
810General Correspondence1988request_box
811General Correspondence1988request_box
812General Correspondence1988request_box
813General Correspondence1988request_box
814General Correspondence1989request_box
815General Correspondence1989request_box
81General Correspondence1989request_box
92General Correspondence1989request_box
93General Correspondence1990request_box
94General Correspondence1990request_box
95General Correspondence1990request_box
96General Correspondence1990request_box
97General Correspondence1991request_box
98General Correspondence1991request_box
99General Correspondence1991request_box
910General Correspondence1991request_box
911General Correspondence1992request_box
912General Correspondence1992request_box
913General Correspondence1992request_box
914General Correspondence1993request_box
101General Correspondence1993request_box
102General Correspondence1993request_box
103General Correspondence1994request_box
104General Correspondence1994request_box
105General Correspondence1994request_box
106General Correspondence1995request_box
107General Correspondence1996-1998request_box
108Glazier, Manuel1969, 1979request_box
109Katzenellenbogen, I., M.D.1958request_box
1010Sobel, Jerome, M.D.1985-1987request_box
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Series III: General, undated, 1950-2014

English and Hebrew.
Box 10, Folders 16-18.

Arranged alphabetically.

Scope and Content:

Included in this series are materials that relate the history of the organization, guides, maps, brochures, pamphlets used for the many tours APF arranged in Israel, and miscellaneous items relating to APF’s operations.

1016Historyundated, 1952-2000, 2014request_box
1017Israel Tour Materialsundatedrequest_box
1018Miscellaneousundated, 1950-1956, 1970-1987request_box
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Series IV: Internal Proceedings and Finance, undated, 1951-1996

Box 11-13.

Arranged alphabetically and chronologically.

Scope and Content:

This series contains financial registers, donation and membership materials, payment logs, and legal and governance materials. This includes membership lists, reports, committee items, by-laws and incorporation and organizational documents.

111Cash Receipts Register1988request_box
112Disbursements Register1988request_box
113Donations1988-1989, 1996request_box
114Fact Finding Committee1963-1985request_box
115General Journal Transaction Register1988request_box
116General Journal Transaction Register1989request_box
117General Journal Transaction Register1990request_box
118Governance—By-Laws and Corporate Recordsundated, 1951request_box
119Governance—Executive Meetings and Annual Assembly1951-1955request_box
1110Governance—Incorporation and Organization1951-1952, 1961, 1979, 1984, 1998request_box
1113Governance—Tax Exemption1958-1995request_box
1114Jerome Sobel—Membership and Donations1982-1987request_box
1115Legal Proceedings1978request_box
1116Membership Materials—General1951request_box
1117Membership Materials—General1975request_box
1118Membership Materials—General1976request_box
1119Membership Materials—General1977request_box
1120Membership Materials—General1978request_box
1121Membership Materials—General1979request_box
1122Membership Materials—General1980request_box
1123Membership Materials—General1981request_box
121Membership Materials—General1982request_box
122Membership Materials—General1983request_box
123Membership Materials—General1984request_box
124Membership Materials—General1985request_box
125Membership Materials—General1988request_box
126Membership Materials—General1989request_box
127Membership Lists1951request_box
128Membership Lists1975request_box
129Membership Lists1976request_box
1210Membership Lists1977request_box
1211Membership Lists1978request_box
1212Membership Lists1979request_box
1213Membership Lists1980request_box
1214Membership Lists1981request_box
1215Membership Lists1982request_box
1216Membership Lists1983request_box
1217Membership Lists1984request_box
1218Membership Lists1985request_box
1219Membership Lists1987request_box
1220Membership Lists1988request_box
1221Membership Lists1989request_box
1222Summary Payment Logs—March1988request_box
1223Summary Payment Logs—April-May1988request_box
1224Summary Payment Logs—June-September1988request_box
1225Summary Payment Logs—October-December1988request_box
131Summary Payment Logs-January1990request_box
132Summary Payment Logs—February-March1990request_box
133Summary Payment Logs—April-July1990request_box
134Summary Payment Logs—August-October1990request_box
135Summary Payment Logs—November-December1990request_box
136Summary Payment Logs—January-June1991request_box
137Summary Payment Logs—February-March1991request_box
138Summary Payment Logs—April-June1991request_box
139Summary Payment Logs—July-September1991request_box
1310Summary Payment Logs—October-December1991request_box
1311Unpaid Members1974-1981request_box
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Series V: Photographs and Audiovisual Materials, undated, 1950-2009

Boxes 13-18.

Arranged alphabetically and by format.

Scope and Content:

This series contains photographs of APF events, awards, symposiums, conferences, tours, exhibits, and doctors who were honored, fellows, or participants in APF programs. Audiovisual materials also include audiocassettes, CD/DVDs, tapes, disks, and VHS tapes for numerous APF events, programs, and projects. Boxes 13-16 contain photographs, negatives, and slides; boxes 17-18 contain audiovisual materials.

1312Aesthetic Surgery 4th International Symposium Photographs, Eilat, Israelundatedrequest_box
1313Allergists for Israel in Chicago, Illinoisundatedrequest_box
1314Allergists for Israel Meeting at Crowne PlazaOctober, 1998request_box
1315Allergists for Israel Trip to Israel1998request_box
1316Awards and Honorsundated, 1953-1977, 1997request_box
1317Awards, Honors, and Memorials1970s-1980srequest_box
1318Bedouins and Israelundatedrequest_box
1319Bioethics ConferenceMarch-April, 1998request_box
1320Bioethics ConferenceOctober, 1999request_box
1321Dinner at Copley Plazaundatedrequest_box
1322Dinner for Moshe Arad32643request_box
1323Doctor Alfred Soffer1971request_box
1324Doctors American and Israeli1965request_box
1325Doctors and Membersundatedrequest_box
141Doctors and Membersundated, 1970-1989request_box
143Doctors (A-B)undatedrequest_box
144Doctors (C-D)undatedrequest_box
145Doctors (F-H)undatedrequest_box
146Doctors (I-K)undatedrequest_box
147Doctors (L-Q)undatedrequest_box
148Doctors (R-Z)undatedrequest_box
149Early APFundated, 1950s-1970s request_box
1410Emergency Medicine Meeting in Israelundatedrequest_box
1411Emergency Medicine Meeting in Israel2000request_box
1412Emergency Medicine Meeting in Israel2000request_box
1413Exhibits—Documents, Doctors, and Artifactsundatedrequest_box
1414Exhibits—Doctors, Instruments, and Documentsundatedrequest_box
1415Four Deans Dinner in Boston2000request_box
1416Gala and Board's 50th Anniversary2000request_box
1417Glass Plate Imageundatedrequest_box
1418Infectious Diseases Tour and Seminar in Israel—Group A, B, and C1993request_box
1419Infectious Diseases Tour and Seminar in Israel—Group Dand E1993request_box
1420Infectious Diseases Tour and Seminar in Israel—Group F, G, and H1993request_box
1421International Seminar1983request_box
1422Isadore Rosenfeld Honored at the 30th Anniversary Gala2000request_box
1423Isadore Rosenfeld Honored at the 30th Anniversary Gala2000request_box
1424Isadore Rosenfeld Honored at the 30th Anniversary Gala2000request_box
151Israel, Jordan, and Lebanon Trip—Group A and B1990-1999request_box
152Israel, Jordan, and Lebanon Trip—Group C, D, and E1990-1999request_box
153Israel, Jordan, and Lebanon Trip—Group F1990-1999request_box
154Israel Trip—Slidesundatedrequest_box
155Israel Trip1998request_box
156Israel Trip Group1970-1985request_box
157Israel Trip1950-1952request_box
158Israel Trip1960-1965, 1970-1973request_box
159Israel Trip1977request_box
1510Israel Trip1987request_box
1511Israel Trip and Meeting1991request_box
1512Israel Trip1991request_box
1513Israel Trip1997request_box
1514Israel Trip1997request_box
1515Israel Trip1998request_box
1516Israel Trip1998request_box
1517Israel Generalundatedrequest_box
1518Israel Banquetundated, 1992request_box
1519Israel Institute1982request_box
1520Israel Photographs Traveling Independence Day Demonstration1977-1978request_box
1521Israel Trip1993request_box
1522Israel Trip Photographs Used in Newsletterundatedrequest_box
1523Jerusalem, Israel Dinner1982request_box
1524Louis M. Sherwood Dinner and Medical Symposium at Boston University1998request_box
1525Mark Davis and Doctors in Ethiopiacirca March-April, 1998request_box
1526Massachusetts Medical Schoolsundatedrequest_box
1527Meetingundated, 1950s-1970srequest_box
1528Meeting at the Beverly Hills Hotel1998request_box
1529Meeting at the Beverly Hills Hotel1998request_box
1530Meeting in Israelcirca 1991request_box
1531Meetings in Boston1960-1970request_box
1532Meetings in Florida, California, Chicago, and Illinois1962, 1970, 1974, 1976-1978request_box
1533Meeting at the Westin Hotel Copley Place1998request_box
1534Meeting of the Board1995request_box
1535Meeting of Fellows1999-2000request_box
161Museum of the Jewish Diaspora1995request_box
162National Board of Trustees Group Meetings1970's-1980'srequest_box
163Neurology Seminar1977request_box
164News Photographsundatedrequest_box
165News Photographsundatedrequest_box
166News Photographs1952-1953, 1992-1998request_box
167News Photographs1986request_box
168News Photographs1987-1989request_box
169News Photographs1992request_box
1610News Photographs1993-1994request_box
1611News Photographs1995request_box
1612News Photographs1996request_box
1613News Photographs1997request_box
1614News Photographs1998request_box
1615News Photographs1998request_box
1616Philadelphia APF Booth and Maimonides Societyundated, 1976request_box
1617Plastic Surgeons Trip to Israel and Jordanundatedrequest_box
1618Plastic Surgeons Seminar1969request_box
1619Podiatry Trip to Israel1993request_box
1620Radiology Seminar in Israel1985request_box
1621Samuel O. Their Dinner and Symposium in Boston1999request_box
1622Seminar at King David Hotel1979-1981request_box
1623Seminar and Conference1960-1989request_box
1625Thomas Hodgkin Gravesite in Jaffa1964request_box
1626Women's Healthundatedrequest_box
17Audiocassettes—Israel 1997 Tour (2 copies)request_box
17Audiocassettes—“Approaches to Bioethics and Health Policy in Israel and the U.S.” 10/10/99 (2 copies)1999request_box
17Audiocassettes—“American Physician” (2 copies)undatedrequest_box
17Audiocassettes—Eileen Hoffman, Women’s Health 6/3/991999request_box
17Audiocassettes—“Ethics Session” (4 copies)undatedrequest_box
17Audiocassettes—Feldman on Physician Assisted Suicide and Charusa on Terminal Life 10/11/991999request_box
17Audiocassettes—Healthcare Priorities for Jewish Communities 10/11/1999 (4 copies)1999request_box
17Audiocassettes—Israel 1997 Tour (2 copies)1997request_box
17Audiocassettes—“Is There a Jewish Bioethics?” 10/10/1999 (6 copies)1999request_box
17Audiocassettes—Jakovits – Personal Journey towards a Jewish Medical Ethic 10/10/99 (2 copies)1999request_box
17Audiocassettes—Jewish Genes 4/5/98 (2 copies)1998request_box
17Audiocassettes—Klitzberg 11/10/19991999request_box
17Audiocassettes—Natalia Berger, Tel Aviv 10/18/19981998request_box
17Audiocassettes—Reproductive Technologies 10/10/991999request_box
17CD/DVDs—2007 EMV Course Poster2007request_box
17CD/DVDs—APF 20062006request_box
17CD/DVDs—APF 8/1/20062006request_box
17CD/DVDs—APF November2009request_box
17CD/DVDs—APF video “Rough Cut” (2 copies)undatedrequest_box
17CD/DVDs—Detroit Jewish Newsundatedrequest_box
17CD/DVDs—Don’s Photos of the EM MED Course in Israelundatedrequest_box
17CD/DVDs—Emergency and Disaster Course Israel Nov 2005, by Steven Tenebaum2005request_box
17CD/DVDs—Flyers, Save the Date Dinner and EMV Courses2006request_box
17CD/DVDs—Gottlieb Dinner Galleryundatedrequest_box
17CD/DVDs—I.D.F. Medical Corps Mission “Extend Hand,” H.Q. February 20012001request_box
17CD/DVDs—JPEG/PDF Logo and Front Coverundatedrequest_box
17CD/DVDs—“Master” APFundatedrequest_box
17CD/DVDs—Master Disks Given and Copied by Giro, APFundatedrequest_box
17CD/DVDs—Master October 2008 “new video student distribute to board”2008request_box
17CD/DVDs—May 2005 Course – Charles Kurtzerundatedrequest_box
17CD/DVDs—Raw footage and master copies, May 2008 tour of Sderot2008request_box
17CD/DVDs—“Rough Cut” APF NTSC (2 copies)undatedrequest_box
17CD/DVDs—Yad Lashiron – Armored Corps Memorial Site and Museum at Latrunundatedrequest_box
17CD/DVDs—Yad Lashiron – Armored Corps Memorial Site and Museum at Latrunundatedrequest_box
17“Misc. Tapes” for Dictation Machine (15 unlabeled tapes)undatedrequest_box
188mm Video Cassette—Physician Assisted Suicide 10/21/961996request_box
18Beta SP—APF Greetings from Jerusalem by Shmuel Edelman May ‘981998request_box
18Beta SP— Dinner Program Parts I and IIundatedrequest_box
18Beta SP—The Future of Medical Education in a Changing Environment (3 copies)undatedrequest_box
18Beta SP—The Future of Medical Education in a Changing Environment and Medical Informatics for the Next Generationundatedrequest_box
18Digital Beta SP—Dr. M. Shani Edited Master 9/971997request_box
18Floppy Disks—APF Program Matter, 5/17/991999request_box
18Floppy Disks—ED Outline, Short ED outline, Lisaundatedrequest_box
18Floppy Disks—Faculty Letters, confitin, budget, external 2, Lisabio.undatedrequest_box
18Floppy Disks—Fax Documents, Julia, PRblurbl, facreq.doc, bioethicsfac.xls, evalcommentsundatedrequest_box
18Floppy Disks—“Lisa Picture Files”undatedrequest_box
18Floppy Disks—Unlabeledundatedrequest_box
18VHS—Aging Seminar Boston 9/98 Dinner1998request_box
18VHS—APF B.H.H. 6/9/98 Crystal Ballroom1998request_box
18VHS—APF Dinner 11/16/981998request_box
18VHS—APF NTSC 7:30 Doctors, Dr. Shmuel Edelmanundatedrequest_box
18VHS—APF Symposium in NYC 11/16/981998request_box
18VHS—“Arich Eldad” Fox and Friend’s FNC Cable 20022002request_box
18VHS—Dr. Shani 9/97 Rabkin Dinner1997request_box
18VHS—E—World 2 Medicine 9/29/991999request_box
18VHS—Fighting for Life, I.D.F. Medical Corps 19911991request_box
18VHS—Mission “Extend Hand” February 20012001request_box
18VHS—MTR–Three Decades of Inspired Leadershipundatedrequest_box
18VHS—Tapes in Hebrew (3 copies)undatedrequest_box
18Zip Disk—Dinner for Mitchell Rabkin and Symposium1997request_box
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Series VI: Publications, undated, 1949-2002

English, Hebrew, and French.
Box 19.

Arranged alphabetically and chronologically.

Scope and Content:

This series contains publications APF either subscribed to or assisted with. Of note are later APF News pamphlets, issues of Harefuah and quarterly reviews of the Israel Medical Association and the M.H.H., Mifal Haverut Hutz (Foreign Membership Project). Also included are materials relating to APF’s partnership with Regimedia.

191APF News1997-1999request_box
192Harefuahundated, 1949request_box
199Judeo Medical Journal2001-2002request_box
1910Letters to Members from the Central Committee1951,1954-1955request_box
1911Medical Organization of Israel—Directory of Doctors in Israel1953request_box
1912Quarterly Review of Harefuah1950-1951request_box
1913Quarterly Review of Harefuah1952request_box
1914Quarterly Review of Harefuah1953request_box
1915Quarterly Review of Harefuah1955request_box
1916Quarterly Review of Harefuah1956request_box
1917Quarterly Review of Harefuah1957request_box
1918Quarterly Review of Harefuah1958-1959request_box
1919Quarterly Review of the Israel Medical Association Overseas Fellowship1963request_box
1920Quarterly Review of the Israel Medical Association Overseas Fellowship1964request_box
1921Quarterly Review of the Israel Medical Association Overseas Fellowship1965request_box
1922Quarterly Review of the M.H.H1960request_box
1923Quarterly Review of the M.H.H1961request_box
1924Quarterly Review of the M.H.H1962request_box
1925Regimedia—Agreement Drafts2001request_box
1927Regimedia—Generalundated, 2000-2002request_box
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Series VII: Oversized, undated, 1976

Box 20.

Arranged alphabetically.

Scope and Content:

This series contains architectural plans for the Israel Institute of the History of Medicine, and an oversized exhibit board and certificate from the Jewish National Fund.

201Academy of Medicine, Jerusalem—Cross Section and Library Planundatedrequest_box
202APF Annual Assemblies Exhibit Boardundatedrequest_box
203Israel Institute of the History of Medicine—Floor Plans1976request_box
204Israel Institute of the History of Medicine—Plan of Gallery1976request_box
205Israel Institute of the History of Medicine—Proposed Plan for Additional Floorundatedrequest_box
206Jewish National Fund—Tree Fund Certificateundatedrequest_box
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