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Creator:Silberman, Curt C., 1908-2002
Title:Curt C. Silberman Collection
Abstract:The collection documents the life and interests of Curt C. Silberman. There are only a few materials related to his life in Germany and his and family's immigration. The bulk of the collection consists of documents and correspondence related to his involvement with Jewish organizations in the US and his visits to Germany, especially his hometown Wuerzburg.
Languages:This collection is in German and English.
Quantity:8 linear feet
Identification:AR 25124
Repository: Leo Baeck Institute Archives
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Biographical Note

Curt C. Silberman was born in Wuerzburg in 1908. He studied law in Berlin, Munich and Wuerzburg, where he received his JD in 1931. After 1933, he could no longer practice law, but he was granted permission to assist prospective emigres in economic and legal matters interpreting the stringent currency legislation. In 1935, he married Else Kleemann. He emigrated to the US in 1938 and practiced international private law in New Jersey from 1948 onwards, after receiving a JD from Rutgers University in 1947. He represented clients in restitution claims and large German corporations in the US and became a honorary trustee of the Leo Baeck Institute New York in 1962. He also served as president of the American Federation of Jews from Central Europe (1962-1986), past president of the Jewish Philanthropic Fund of 1933 (1971- 1987), past co-chairman of the Council of Jews from Germany (1974-1998), and chairman of the Research Foundation for Jewish Immigration. He established close contacts with leading prominent politicians both in the US and in Germany building bridges between Jews and Germans. In 1982, he was the principal guest lecturer at the 400th anniversary of the University of Wuerzburg. Curt Silberman died in 2002.

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Scope and Content Note

The collection documents the life and interests of Curt C. Silberman. There are only a few materials related to his life in Germany and his and family's immigration. The bulk of the collection consists of documents and correspondence related to his involvement with Jewish organizations in the US and his visits to Germany, especially his hometown Wuerzburg.

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Access and Use

Access Information

Part of the collection is digitized. Follow the links in the Container List to access the digitized materials.

Readers may access the collection by visiting the Lillian Goldman Reading Room at the Center for Jewish History. We recommend reserving the collection in advance; please visit the LBI Online Catalog and click on the "Request" button.

Use Restrictions

There may be some restrictions on the use of the collection. For more information, contact:
Leo Baeck Institute, Center for Jewish History, 15 West 16th Street, New York, NY 10011

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Separated Material

Two postcards from Max Liebermann (1919, 1921) were removed to the LBI Autograph Collection.

Several books from Curt Silberman's collection were removed to the LBI library.

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Container List

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection. Follow the links to access the digitized materials.


Series I: Personal, undated, 1926-1981

11Biographical Dataundated
12Curriculum vitae; biographical data for publicationundated
13Documentation 1926-31; courses taken at the university; examinations1926-1931
14Emigration to USA1938
15Bachelor of laws degree1947
16Awards (with photo)1946
17NJ bar examination1954
18Wuerzburg University "Golden Doctor" Award festivities and speechesundated
19Inventory of personal belongings to the USA11/19/38
110Documentation: certificate of admission to Supreme Court NJ 1949; German citizenship 1931; permission to function as foreign currency advisor 19371931-1949
111Doctor of Law degree Rutgers University1947
112Shipment of household to the USA1938
113Charities, contributions, bequestsundated
114Congratulatory messages & replies 80th birthdayundated
115Get-well wishes1981
116Congratulatory messages & replies 90th birthdayundated
117Eulogies after C.S.'s deathundated
118Adolf and Ida Silberman (parents) emigration,correspondence,wires1940/41
119Adolf and Ida Silberman (parents) emigration correspondence; relatives and friendsundated
120Adolf and Ida Silberman (parents emigration correspondence Ecuador & Gt.Britain; Gov.H. Lehman, NY; Jewish orginazationsundated
121Adolf and Ida Silberman (parents) emigration visa requests1940-41
122Kleemann family (Wuerzburg) Restitution claims1947-59
123Kleemann family (Wuerzburg) Restitution claims1960-64
125Kleemann family (Wuerzburg) Restitution claims1965-70
126Death of Hermann Kleemann (father-in-law of C.S.); eulogy by Rabbi HanoverSept. 1937
127Family Seligsberger (Wuerzburg)undated
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Series II: Wuerzburg, undated, 1970-1998

128History of the Jews in Wuerzburg - project for research center for history of Jews in Bavariaundated
129Jewish Community Wuerzburgundated
130Rabbi Seligmann Baer Bamberger (1807-78), "The Rav" of the Wuerzburg Jewish Community, Memorial (Wuerzburg Volksblatt)2-26-80
131Synagogue in Wuerzburg re-opening11-9-98
132Commemoration of Kristallnacht, Wuerzburg newspaper clippings1978
133Press clippings of C.S.'s speech on the 40th anniversary of "Kristallnacht"1978
13440 years "Kristallnacht" - articles in various newspapers (Wuerzburg)1978
135Consecration of the new synagogue in Wuerzburg1970
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Series III: Correspondence, undated, 1925-2002

A) Personal, 1937-2002

21Personal correspondence: parents, family friends1937-46
22Personal correspondence1965-2002
23Personal correspondence: 60th birthday1970
24Personal correspondence: holiday greetings1970's
25Personal correspondence: E. Hussla - B. Schultze1980
26Personal correspondence: W. Rosenbusch1939-45

B) Business, undated, 1925-2002

27Business correspondence: Letters1934-42
28Business correspondence: Hannah Arendt, G. Sholem1963
29Business correspondence1988-96
210Business correspondence1977-88
211Business correspondence1961-78
212Business correspondence1934-46
213Business correspondence: Leo Baeck Charitable Trust1997-01
214Business correspondence: Councel of Jews from Germany
215Business correspondence: Claims Conference, Insurance Claims2002
216Business correspondence: Claims Conference1988-01
218Business correspondence: Jewish Philantropic Fund1999-00
219Business correspondence: Jews from Central Europe1999-01
220Business correspondence: Lehmann family from Rimparundated
221Business correspondence: Jewish Organizations1972-74
222Business correspondence: Jewish-Christian Cooperation1925
223Business correspondence: Council for Centr. Europ. Jews1990-96
224Business correspondence: Wuerzburg Jewish Communityundated
225Business correspondence: D. Schuster, Wuerzburg1989-90
226Business correspondence: City of Wuerzburg1978-79
227Business correspondence: Wuerzburg, Prof. Knemeyerundated
228Business correspondence: Law faculty University Wuerzburg1991-01
229Business correspondence: official visit to the BRD1967
230Business correspondence: lecture series spons. by BRD1961-69
231Business correspondence: Invitations to BRD1967 + 78
232Business correspondence: German Consulate General1990-96
233Business correspondence: Middlebury College1995
234Business correspondence: letters to Waldheim, v. Weizsaek1972-82
235Business correspondence: Prof. Kolb, Wuerzburg1979
236Business correspondence: Haus Riesen1967
237Business correspondence: letters of appreciation1979-85
238Business correspondence: Farewell letters to clients1997-99
239Business correspondence: Selective Service System1944
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Series IV: Lectures and Speeches, undated, 1962-1996

34Announcements of lectures1973-77
35Lectures to organizations and letters of appreciation1962-93
37Lecture "The 40th anniversary of the Kristallnacht at Wuerzburg 19781978
38Lecture Law, Justice & Moralityundated
39Lectures (drafts)undated
310Lectures (drafts)1973-75
311Handwritten notes1988-89
313Cue Cards1983-88
314Lecture (legal) + cue cards, Hamburg1979
315Cue Cards1967-82
316Cue Cards (lectures)undated
317Cue Cardsundated
318Cue Cardsundated
319Cue Cardsundated
320Cue Cardsundated
321Cue Cardsundated
322Cue Cardsundated
323Cue Cards (Anniversaries)undated
325Cue cards and draftsundated
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Series V: Writings, Research and Other Materials, undated, 1884-2002

41Hebrew Union College, Symposium Central Europe Jew. Immigr.1983
42Hannah Arendt: Eichmann in Jerusalem, critical reviewsundated
43Leo Baeck by Curt Wilk1970
44Resources and research directions in Emigres from Germanyundated
45Jews in Wuerzburg under Nazi regimeundated
46Jews in Walsdorf / Franconiaundated
47Festschrift, Prof. Joseph Maier1997
48Sigfried Mayer, Pres., Jewish Unity Club, 95th birthday2001
49Frank, Julius; Salia1949
410Eulogy, Dr. Max Strauss (formerly Wuerzburg)undated
411Eulogy, Fred Grubel, Lecturesundated
412Eulogies, H. Zacharias, E. David, R. Fabian, H. Simon etcundated
414Eulogy, Max Gruenewald1993
416Eulogies former Member of K.Cundated
417Prof. Karl Mayer, 15th anniversary eulogy1984
418Announcements Jewish Organizations1939-86
420Lawyers Alumni Wuerzburgundated
421Collection of birthday greetings1989
422Salia. Annual reports1924-59
425Salia Centennial1884-1984
426100 years Salia. Correspondence, Lectureundated
427Salia. Fuchsenkonventbuch - Minutes of meetings.1912-33
51Werner Cahnman; John Slawsonundated
52Prof. Herbert Strauss, Articlesundated
5350 years "Aufbau"undated
54Monographs, serials, Jewish topics1961-68
5540th anniversary of liberation from concentration camps1985
56Commemoration of "Kristallnacht"1988
57Immigrants Mutual Aid Society1967-68
58Am.Fed. of Jews from Central Europe1972-77
5950 years Am. Fed. Jews from Central Europe (Cue Cards)1991
510Am.Fed. of Jews from Central Europeundated
511Leo Baeck Institute New Yorkundated
512Leo Baeck Institute New York, Jerusalemundated
513Hebrew Union College, Publicationsundated
514The Conference on Jewish Material Claim against Germany1996
515Claims Conference Biennal Meeting1988
516Claims Conference1976-87
517German Restitution Negotiations - Claims ConferenceFeb-March 1965
518German Restitution Negotiations - Claims ConferenceApril-May 1965
519German Restitution, articles and reportsundated
520Article by Michael L. Hughes on German restitutionundated
521Newspaper clippings on restitution1965-66
522Thoughts about restitution1965
523Taxation issuesundated
524Financial transactions1939-41
525Investments, taxes1930-37
526Investments, taxes1938
527Legal issues1982
61Correspondence official, Am. Fed. of Jews from Central Europe1956-74
62Am. Fed. of Jews from Central Europe, Meetings, activitiesundated
63Jewish Philantropic Fund 1933, Reports 1999-021933, 1992-02
64Jewish Philantropic Fund1933
65Jewish Unity Club of Newark1940-42
66Conference at Tutzing, lectures1971
67Aspen Institute Meeting, Berlin1983
68Lecture tour in Germany1967
69Invited guests in Frankfurt a.M.1977
610Lecture tour in Germany, Wuerzburg, Frankfurt a.M.1978
611Federal Republic of Germany, receptions1967-70
612Official visit in Germany1967
613Conference on political education, Tutzing1971
614Informationen zur Politischen Bildung - 3 issues on Nationalsozialismusundated
615Controversy Germany's vote in UN1974
616Study of German Economs, lecture1981
617Germany, political issues of the 60'sundated
618White House reception1967
619Celebration of USA Bicentenary in Frankfurt a.M.1976
620German School Businness Seminar1981
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Series VI: Photographs, undated

621Photo w. Max Grunewaldundated
623Photos, portraitsundated
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Series VII: Publications, undated, 1914-2002

75Men's Club, Temple Abrahamundated
76Jewish congregations, History of the Hebrew Tabernacle of Washing. Heightsundated
77Publications by Jewish organizationsundated
78Jewish mags1967-68
79Council of Jews from Germany 1962-63, Correspondences 1963-641962-1964
710Techn. Universitaet Berlin, publicationundated
713Law periodicalundated
714Reprints, Holocaust, restitution, compensation1999-02
716Books with notes by Silberman: 1. Kriegsbericht (1914); 26. Kriegsbericht (1916); Hermann Hille: Prinzipien und gepruefte Ideen als Wegweiser [only cover and title page filmed/digitized]; Leo Baeck Memorial Conference on Jewish Social Thought 1973-1974undated, 1914-1916, 1973-1974
717German publications
 Book 1
 Book 2
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Series VIII: Clippings, undated, 1942-1995

81Newspaper clippings, articles by & about C.Sundated
82Press reports realted to C.Sundated
8380th birthday, congratulations, appreciations1988
84Newspaper clippings, Holocaust - Germanyundated
85Weekly of the Organization of Central European Immigrants1963
86Metro West1995
87Newspaper clippings, mostly Aufbauundated
88Newspaper clippings, Aufbau1974-83
89Newspaper clippings, The Jewish News 1946-50, Misc 1942-671942-1967
810Newspaper clippings, Jewish contents1965
811Newspaper clippings, Jewish interest (German)undated
812Newspaper clippings, Lecture tour in Germany1967
813The German Tribune1984-92
814Newspaper clippings, German Restitutionundated
815Legal journalsundated
816Newspaper clippingsundated
817Newspaper clippings1986-88
818Newspaper clippings1970
819Newspaper clippingsundated
820Newspaper clippings (German)undated
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Autographs, 1919-1921

[Autograph Collection] Two postcards from Max Liebermann1919, 1921
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