Guide to the Jewish Student Press Service Records,
1970-1987, 2001


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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Jewish Student Press Service
Title: Jewish Student Press Service Records
Dates:1970-1987, 2001
Abstract: Founded in 1970 as a constituent organization of the North American Jewish Students’ Appeal, the Jewish Student Press Service (JSPS) served as a provider of student-written feature articles and news distributor for the Jewish student and young adult publishers in North America and Israel. This collection documents the activities of the JSPS from its founding to 1987 and includes correspondence, meeting minutes, flyers, and unpublished articles. The majority of the collection is made up of mailing packets, later known as Jewish Press Features.
Languages: The collection is in English.
Quantity: 5.75 linear feet (12 manuscript boxes).
Identification: I-248
Repository: American Jewish Historical Society
Location: Located in AJHS New York, NY
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Historical Note
Pig City Follies Cartoon from October 15, 1971 Mailing Packet (Box 2, Folder 6)

Pig City Follies Cartoon from October 15, 1971 Mailing Packet (Box 2, Folder 6)

Founded in 1970 as a constituent organization of the North American Jewish Students’ Appeal, the Jewish Student Press Service (JSPS) served as a provider of student-written feature articles and news distributor for the Jewish student and young adult publishers in North America and Israel. From its headquarters in New York City, along with bureau offices in Israel and California, the JSPS published the Jewish Press Features which contained items relating to “all aspects of Jewish life in Israel and the Diaspora,” in an effort to improve the quality of Jewish student newspapers. To further their mission of improving the Jewish student press, JSPS held annual National Editor’s Conference in the US, as well as a three-week seminar for journalists held in Israel. In 1975, the JSPS won the Smolar Award for Excellence in Journalism from the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee and was awarded the Partner in Education Award from the City School District of New York in 1977. Many of the journalists and editors of the JSPS would go on to positions within major Jewish news agencies and papers.

By the 1990s, the Jewish student newspaper scene had shifted from smaller individual campus papers to regional and national publications. As a result, the JSPS, in 1991, began publishing New Voices, a national news magazine as a successor to the Jewish Press Features. While this collection documents the early years of the JSPS the organization is still active as of this writing (2017).

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Scope and Content Note

The collection contains materials relating to the activities of the JSPS, including general correspondence; correspondence of the JSPS's Israel Bureau; minutes and reports of Governing Board meetings and editors' conferences; subscriber's mailings; and issues of the JSPS publication Jewish Press Features. Of note in the correspondence is material on the image of the Jewish student press nationally; the relationship of the United States to Israel during the Yom Kippur War; and the life of Americans in Israel during the Yom Kippur War. Anti-Semitic material includes a report from the Committee for Equal Justice by Marvin Kessler. The collection also contains correspondence by Bill Novak. Series I: Records contains the correspondence, clippings, and other records documenting the operation of the organization. Series II: Mailing Packets documents the output of the organization consisting of various articles, clippings, graphics, and cartoons for Jewish student newspapers.

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Arranged into two series:

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Access and Use

Access Restrictions

The collection is open to all researchers by permission of the Director of Collections and Engagement of the American Jewish Historical Society, except items that are restricted due to their fragility.

Use Restrictions

Information concerning the literary rights may be obtained from the Director of Library and Archives of the American Jewish Historical Society. Users must apply in writing for permission to quote, reproduce or otherwise publish manuscript materials found in this collection. For more information contact:
American Jewish Historical Society, Center for Jewish History, 15 West 16th Street, New York, NY, 10011

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Related Material

The Jewish Student Press Service Records is one individual collection within the Counter Culture collections located at the American Jewish Historical Society (AJHS). Other counter culture collections at AJHS include the Arthur Ocean Waskow Papers (P-152), Leonard Fein Papers (P-582), Shira Eve Epstein Papers (P-776), Riv-Ellen Prell Papers (P-795), Ruth Abusch-Magder Papers (P-841), Virginia Levitt Snitow Papers (P-876), Goldie Milgram Papers (P-876), Jack Jacobs Papers (P-1020), Gerald Serotta Papers (P-1023), Jack Nusan Porter Papers (P-1024), Arthur J. Lelyveld Papers (P-1030), Jews for Urban Justice (Washington, D.C.) Records (I-159), Jewish Peace Fellowship Records (I-189), Breira Records (I-250), American Jewish Alternatives to Zionism (New York, New York) Records (I-326), North American Jewish Students Appeal Records (I-338), Jewish Labor Committee Records (I-377), New Jewish Agenda Records (I-393), Vermont Chapter of the New Jewish Agenda Records (I-449), Jewish Counter Culture Collection (I-504), Trees and Life for Vietnam Records (I-542), Lights in Action Records (I-560), Brit Tzedek v'Shalom/Jewish Alliance for Justice and Peace Records (I-587), and portions of the Jewish Student Organizations Collection (I-61).

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Preferred Citation

Published citations should take the following form:
Identification of item, date (if known); Jewish Student Press Service Records; I-248; box number; folder number; American Jewish Historical Society, New York, NY.

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Acquisition Information

Materials in boxes 8-12 were donated in 2001 by Daniel Treiman. The accession number associated with this accretion is 2001.021.

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Processing Information

Materials in boxes 1-7 were processed in January 2013. In January 2016, an additional accretion of materials was arranged and described. Approximately 4 linear feet of duplicates were discarded.

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Series I: Records, 1969-1982, 2001

The series is in English.

The series is arranged alphabetically by folder title and subsequently by chronology of the material they contain.

Scope and Content:

This series contains the records of the JSPS and documents the organization from its founding into the early 1980s. The internal and external communications of the organization dominate the series; however, the meeting minutes of both the organization’s Governing Board and Editors’ Conference offer insight into the happenings of the organization and its role in the broader Jewish student community. The early correspondence of well-known Jewish editors and journalists can be found in this series.

127Chanukah Fundraiser1982request_box
1 1 Clippings 1969-1971 request_box
1 2 Correspondence 1970 request_box
1 3 Correspondence 1971 request_box
1 4 Correspondence 1972 request_box
1 5 Correspondence 1973 request_box
1 6 Correspondence 1974 request_box
1 7 Correspondence 1975 request_box
1 8 Correspondence 1976 request_box
1 9 Correspondence 1977 request_box
1 10 Correspondence 1978 request_box
1 11 Correspondence—Israel Bureau 1971 request_box
1 12 Correspondence—Israel Bureau 1972 request_box
1 13 Correspondence—Israel Bureau 1973 request_box
1 14 Correspondence—Israel Bureau 1974 request_box
1 15 Correspondence—Israel Bureau 1975 request_box
1 16 Correspondence—Israel Bureau 1976 request_box
1 17 Correspondence—Israel Bureau 1977 request_box
1 18 Editors' Conference—Mailings 1970-1982 request_box
1 19 Editors' Conference—Meeting Minutes undated, 1973 request_box
1 20 Governing Board Meeting Minutes 1972-1973 and 1977 request_box
128Fundraiser Responses1983 Septemberrequest_box
126Fundraising Party1979request_box
1 21 Israel Bureau undated request_box
1 22 Jewish High School Student Alliance—Newsletter 1971 November request_box
1210New Voices2001request_box
1 23 North American Jewish Students' Network 1971-1975 request_box
1 24 Organizational Records 1970 request_box
129Robert and Scott Shull Prize for Jewish Student Journalism Essay Contest1986request_box
1 25 Unpublished Articles (1 of 2) undated, 1971-1973 request_box
1 26 Unpublished Articles (2 of 2) undated, 1971-1973 request_box
820Unpublished Articles1973-1974request_box
121Unpublished Articles1987request_box
1 27 West Coast Bureau 1975-1976 request_box
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Series II: Mailing Packets, 1970-1987

The series is in English.

The series is arranged chronologically.

Scope and Content:

This series contains the packets mailed to the subscribers of the JSPS. Known originally as mailing packets, they would later be called Jewish Press Features. The packets were sent on a monthly basis featuring packets of articles, including investigative reports; analyses; book, film, theater, and television reviews; cartoons; short stories; poems; interviews; and graphics. Topics covered in the articles include Soviet Jewry, Israeli politics, Zionism, Jewish communities throughout the world, interviews with prominent Jews, critiques on prominent American Jewish organizations, Jewish education, the havurah movement, college campus activism, tzedakah collectives, Israeli Black Panthers, American aliyah, Holocaust commemoration, settlements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, the Vietnam War, the Yom Kippur War, Jewish feminism, Jewish socialism, and Jewish cultural activities.

2 1 Mailing Packet 1970 request_box
721Cover Letters1970-1971request_box
722Featured Articles (1 of 2)1970-1971request_box
81Featured Articles (2 of 2)1970-1971request_box
2 2 Mailing Packet 1971 January 19 request_box
2 3 Mailing Packet 1971 February 2 and 23 request_box
2 4 Mailing Packet 1971 March 29 request_box
2 5 Mailing Packet 1971 April 21 and May 14 request_box
2 6 Mailing Packet 1971 October 15 request_box
2 7 Mailing Packet 1971 November 3 request_box
2 8 Mailing Packet 1971 November 17 request_box
2 9 Mailing Packet 1971 December 7 request_box
2 10 Mailing Packet 1971 December 29 request_box
122Table of Contents1971request_box
82Featured Articles1971-1972request_box
2 11 Mailing Packet 1972 January 12 request_box
2 12 Mailing Packet 1972 January 31 request_box
2 13 Mailing Packet 1972 February request_box
2 14 Mailing Packet 1972 March 16 request_box
2 15 Mailing Packet 1972 March 28 request_box
83Featured Articles1972 Marchrequest_box
2 16 Mailing Packet 1972 April 17 request_box
84Featured Articles1972 Aprilrequest_box
2 17 Mailing Packet 1972 May 2 request_box
2 18 Mailing Packet 1972 May 17 request_box
85Featured Articles1972 Mayrequest_box
3 1 Mailing Packet 1972 September 19 request_box
86Featured Articles1972 Septemberrequest_box
3 2 Mailing Packet 1972 October 3 request_box
3 3 Mailing Packet 1972 October 24 request_box
3 4 Mailing Packet 1972 November 14 request_box
3 5 Mailing Packet 1972 November 30 request_box
3 6 Mailing Packet 1972 December 20 request_box
3 7 Mailing Packet 1973 January 10 request_box
87Mailing Packet1973 January 31request_box
88Mailing Packet1973 February 15request_box
3 8 Mailing Packet 1973 February request_box
89Mailing Packet1973 March 15request_box
810Mailing Packet1973 March 30request_box
3 9 Mailing Packet 1973 March request_box
811Mailing Packet1973 April 12request_box
812Mailing Packet1973 May 4request_box
813Mailing Packet1973 May 17request_box
3 10 Mailing Packet 1973 May request_box
814Mailing Packet1973 September 13request_box
815Mailing Packet1973 October 9request_box
816Mailing Packet1973 October 18request_box
817Mailing Packet1973 November 1request_box
818Mailing Packet1973 November 22request_box
3 11 Mailing Packet 1973 December 12 request_box
819Letters to Editors1973request_box
91Mailing Packet1974 February 5request_box
92Mailing Packet1974 Februaryrequest_box
93Mailing Packet1974 Marchrequest_box
94Mailing Packet1974 Aprilrequest_box
95Mailing Packet1974 Mayrequest_box
3 12 Mailing Packet 1974 May request_box
3 13 Mailing Packet 1974 September request_box
96Mailing Packet1974 Octoberrequest_box
97Mailing Packet1974 November and Decemberrequest_box
98Mailing Packet—Special Edition1974request_box
99Featured Articles1974request_box
123Table of Contents1974-1980request_box
910Mailing Packet1975 Februaryrequest_box
911Mailing Packet1975 Aprilrequest_box
912Mailing Packet—Special Edition on the Holocaust1975 Springrequest_box
913Mailing Packet1975 May-Junerequest_box
914Mailing Packet1975 Septemberrequest_box
915Mailing Packet1975 Octoberrequest_box
3 14 Mailing Packet 1975 November request_box
916Mailing Packet—Special Edition on Zionism1975 Novemberrequest_box
917Mailing Packet1975 Decemberrequest_box
918Featured Articles1975request_box
919Mailing Packet1976 Januaryrequest_box
920Mailing Packet1976 Februaryrequest_box
101Mailing Packet1976 Marchrequest_box
102Mailing Packet1976 Aprilrequest_box
103Mailing Packet1976 Mayrequest_box
3 15 Mailing Packet 1976 September request_box
104Mailing Packet1976 Octoberrequest_box
3 16 Mailing Packet 1976 November request_box
105Mailing Packet1976 Decemberrequest_box
106Mailing Packet1977 Januaryrequest_box
107Mailing Packet1977 February and Marchrequest_box
4 1 Mailing Packet 1977 Marchrequest_box
108Mailing Packet1977 Aprilrequest_box
109Mailing Packet1977 Junerequest_box
4 2 Mailing Packet 1977 September request_box
4 3 Mailing Packet 1977 October request_box
4 4 Mailing Packet 1977 November request_box
4 5 Mailing Packet 1977 December request_box
1010Mailing Packet—Special Packet for Network1977 Decemberrequest_box
4 6 Mailing Packet 1978 January request_box
4 7 Mailing Packet 1978 February request_box
4 8 Mailing Packet 1978 March and April request_box
4 9 Mailing Packet 1978 May request_box
4 10 Mailing Packet 1978 September and October request_box
4 11 Mailing Packet 1978 November request_box
4 12 Mailing Packet 1978 December request_box
4 13 Mailing Packet 1979 January and February request_box
4 14 Mailing Packet 1979 March request_box
4 15 Mailing Packet 1979 April request_box
4 16 Mailing Packet 1979 May request_box
4 17 Mailing Packet 1979 September request_box
5 1 Mailing Packet 1979 October request_box
5 2 Mailing Packet 1979 November 14-18 request_box
5 3 Mailing Packet 1979 November and December request_box
5 4 Mailing Packet 1980 January request_box
5 5 Mailing Packet 1980 February request_box
5 6 Mailing Packet 1980 March request_box
5 7 Mailing Packet 1980 April-June request_box
5 8 Mailing Packet 1980 September request_box
5 9 Mailing Packet 1980 October request_box
5 10 Mailing Packet 1980 November request_box
5 11 Mailing Packet 1980 December request_box
124Table of Contents1980-1983request_box
5 12 Mailing Packet 1981 January and February request_box
5 13 Mailing Packet 1981 March request_box
5 14 Mailing Packet 1981 April request_box
5 15 Mailing Packet 1981 May request_box
5 16 Mailing Packet 1981 June request_box
1011Mailing Packet1981 Julyrequest_box
5 17 Mailing Packet 1981 September request_box
5 18 Mailing Packet 1981 October request_box
5 19 Mailing Packet 1981 November request_box
5 20 Mailing Packet 1981 December request_box
5 21 Mailing Packet 1982 January and February request_box
1012Mailing Packet—Originals1982 January and Februaryrequest_box
5 22 Mailing Packet 1982 March request_box
1013Mailing Packet—Originals1982 Marchrequest_box
5 23 Mailing Packet 1982 April request_box
6 1 Mailing Packet 1982 May request_box
1014Mailing Packet—Originals1982 Mayrequest_box
6 2 Mailing Packet 1982 July request_box
1015Mailing Packet—Originals1982 Julyrequest_box
6 3 Mailing Packet 1982 September request_box
6 4 Mailing Packet 1982 October request_box
6 5 Mailing Packet 1982 December request_box
6 6 Mailing Packet 1983 January and February request_box
6 7 Mailing Packet 1983 March request_box
6 8 Mailing Packet 1983 April request_box
6 9 Mailing Packet 1983 May request_box
6 10 Mailing Packet 1983 June request_box
6 11 Mailing Packet 1983 September request_box
6 12 Mailing Packet 1983 October request_box
6 13 Mailing Packet 1983 November request_box
6 14 Mailing Packet 1983 December request_box
1016Index of Incomplete JSPS Features1983-1984request_box
125Table of Contents1983-1986request_box
6 15 Mailing Packet 1984 January request_box
6 16 Mailing Packet 1984 February request_box
6 17 Mailing Packet 1984 March request_box
6 18 Mailing Packet 1984 April request_box
6 19 Mailing Packet 1984 May request_box
6 20 Mailing Packet 1984 June request_box
6 21 Mailing Packet 1984 September request_box
6 22 Mailing Packet 1984 October request_box
1017Mailing Packet—Originals1984 Octoberrequest_box
6 23 Mailing Packet 1984 November request_box
1018Mailing Packet—Originals1984 Novemberrequest_box
6 24 Mailing Packet 1984 December request_box
1019Mailing Packet—Originals1984 Decemberrequest_box
7 1 Mailing Packet 1985 January request_box
1020Mailing Packet—Originals1985 Januaryrequest_box
7 2 Mailing Packet 1985 February request_box
1021Mailing Packet—Originals1985 Februaryrequest_box
7 3 Mailing Packet 1985 March request_box
111Mailing Packet—Originals1985 Marchrequest_box
7 4 Mailing Packet 1985 April request_box
112Mailing Packet—Originals1985 Aprilrequest_box
7 5 Mailing Packet 1985 May request_box
113Mailing Packet—Originals1985 Mayrequest_box
7 6 Mailing Packet 1985 June request_box
114Mailing Packet—Originals1985 Junerequest_box
7 7 Mailing Packet 1985 September request_box
115Mailing Packet—Originals1985 Septemberrequest_box
7 8 Mailing Packet 1985 October request_box
116Mailing Packet—Originals1985 Octoberrequest_box
7 9 Mailing Packet 1985 November request_box
117Mailing Packet—Originals1985 Novemberrequest_box
7 10 Mailing Packet 1985-1986 December and January request_box
118Mailing Packet—Originals1986 Januaryrequest_box
7 11 Mailing Packet 1986 February request_box
119Mailing Packet—Originals1986 Februaryrequest_box
7 12 Mailing Packet 1986 March request_box
1110Mailing Packet—Originals1986 Marchrequest_box
7 13 Mailing Packet 1986 April request_box
1111Mailing Packet—Originals1986 Aprilrequest_box
7 14 Mailing Packet 1986 May-June request_box
1112Mailing Packet—Originals1986 May-Junerequest_box
7 15 Mailing Packet 1986 September request_box
7 16 Mailing Packet 1986 October request_box
7 17 Mailing Packet 1986-1987 December and January request_box
7 18 Mailing Packet 1987 February request_box
7 19 Mailing Packet 1987 March and April request_box
7 20 Mailing Packet 1987 May-September request_box
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