Guide to the Name File Records in the Hadassah Archives
(bulk 1940-1990)

I-578/RG 10

The finding aid was prepared by Janine Veazue

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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Hadassah, the Women's Zionist Organization of America
Title: Name File Records in the Hadassah Archives
Dates:bulk 1940-1990
Abstract: The Name File record group is a collection of documents representing various individuals, corporations, and non-profit groups who were affiliated with Hadassah. These files were originally arranged alphabetically by the organization's central filing department as a ready reference source on leaders, doctors, speakers, donors, and religious figures associated with Hadassah's many projects. This collection includes correspondence, clippings, newsletters, and other ephemeral documents.
Languages: The collection is primarily in English, with some documents in Hebrew, French, and German.
Quantity: 19.25 linear feet (38 manuscript boxes and 1 half-manuscript box)
Identification: I-578/RG 10
Repository: American Jewish Historical Society
Location: Located in AJHS New York, NY
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Historical Note
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The bulk of this collection (Series I) consists of photocopies of documents whose originals are elsewhere in Hadassah’s records. The record group was transferred as a whole from Hadassah’s central filing department to the archives and serves as a source of information on specific individuals and organizations deemed by Hadassah to be important.

The purpose of Series II's separate arrangement is unknown but is maintained here.

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Scope and Content Note

Individuals whose files are found in this record group include speakers at Hadassah events, American and Israeli politicians, writers, members of the clergy, and other individuals with a connection to Hadassah other than as a leader in the national office.

Both series contain the same types of documents and are organized in a similar alphabetical fashion. They differ only in their alphabetical and chronological ranges: Series I represents the entire alphabet, A-Z, from 1918-2007, while Series II reflects only J-Z from 1928-1948.

Researchers using this collection should be aware that many of the same individuals and corporate names appear in both Series I and Series II. When attempting to search, we recommend using a 'Find' function in order to search the entire finding aid.

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This collection is organized into two series. Due to the unknown intent behind the organization of the documents that now comprise Series II, it was decided that they should remain together and form their own series.

The current arrangement differs very little from its original order. Small changes include more detailed alphabetizing, alterations to date ranges, and detailed inventories for folders that contain a range of miscellaneous names.

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Access and Use

Access Restrictions

The collection is open to all researchers by permission of the Director of Library and Archives of the American Jewish Historical Society, except items that are restricted due to their fragility.

Use Restrictions

Information concerning the literary rights may be obtained from the Director of Library and Archives of the American Jewish Historical Society. Users must apply in writing for permission to quote, reproduce or otherwise publish manuscript materials found in this collection. For more information contact:
American Jewish Historical Society, Center for Jewish History, 15 West 16th Street, New York, NY, 10011

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Related Material

The Guide to the Hadassah Archives on Long-term Deposit at the American Jewish Historical Society, which describes the entire collection, can found here:

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Preferred Citation

Published citations should take the following form:
Identification of item, date (if known); Name File Records in the Hadassah Archives; I-578/RG 10; box number; folder number; American Jewish Historical Society, New York, NY.

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Acquisition Information

The Hadassah Archives, of which the Name File Records (RG 10) are a part, are on long-term deposit at the American Jewish Historical Society

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Processing Information

Original folders and folder titles were reused whenever possible. When re-housing was required, all folder notations were transferred to folder-level scope notes for reference.

In the 1990s, the records of national board members were transferred to RG 12 and the files of doctors affiliated with Hadassah Hospital were transferred to RG 2.

Folders that contain a broad range of names (Wi-Wy, for example) and folders that are labeled as 'Miscellaneous' are not separated out into individual name folders. For greater searchability, the individual names are indexed in folder-level scope notes. Several of these name range folders were incorporated together when appropriate for space and ease of use.

One manuscript box of materials from RG 4: Zionist Political History in the Hadassah Archives relating to Eleanor Roosevelt's involvement in Hadassah was added to Series I. This box contains correspondence and press clippings highlighting her patronage in Youth Aliyah, her death, her memorial foundation, and various posthumous scholarships.

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Container List

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Series I: Name Files A-Z, 1918-2007

This series is in English, with documents also in Hebrew, French, and German.
Boxes 1-37 (18.25 linear feet)

Folders are arranged alphabetically by company name or by individual’s last name.

Processing Information:

The majority of folder titles have been maintained. Any edits and alterations are based on spelling errors, date errors or omissions, and the addition of clerical honorifics such as Rabbi and Reverend.

Several folder titles include name variants. This is due to the appearance of multiple spellings within individual folder documents.

Any pertinent information found on the outside of discarded folders has been included in folder-level scope notes. Folders in this series that include the title 'Miscellaneous' contain documents from several different individuals or companies. Detailed inventories of these folders can be found in corresponding scope notes.

One manuscript box of materials [box 37] relating to Eleanor Roosevelt was added to this collection from RG 4: Zionist Political History in the Hadassah Archives. This box contains documents relating to Roosevelt’s death, sponsored scholarships, and her memorial foundation, among others.

11A (Miscellaneous)1986-1993request_box

Amran, Shauli; Amzalak, Yael; Amir, Eli; Arad, Eli; Arieli, Mordecai; Ashbell, Elia.

12Aboutboul, Yehudah1961request_box
13Abrahamov, Abraham1958-1959request_box
14Abram, Morris B.1989request_box
15Abrams, Robert1979request_box
16Abramson, Joseph Herbert1982-1989request_box
17Adato-Levy, Rachel1993request_box
18Adiel, Shraga1977-1989request_box
19Adler, Chris Nance1988request_box
110Adler, Cyrus1940request_box
111Adler, Rabbi Morris and Goldie1965-1966request_box
112Agam, Yaakov1979-1987request_box
113Agnon, Shmuel Yosef1970request_box
114Agranat, Simon1953-1965request_box
115Aldouby, Zvi1976request_box
116Allon, Yigal1968-1980request_box
117Almogi, Yosef1976request_box
118Alshech, Yehuda1984request_box
119Amen, Irving1986request_box
120Amiran, David1966request_box
121Amitai, Yona1988request_box
122Anaise, Joseph1980-1981request_box
123Angoff, Charles1958-1969request_box
124Arad, Moshe1987-1988request_box
125Arad, Shimshon 1959-1968request_box
126Arbeli-Almozlino, Shoshana1986-1988request_box
127Arens, Moshe1981-1989request_box
128Argov, Shlomo 1972-2003request_box
129Aricha, Avigdor1951-1954request_box
130Aridor, Yoram1991request_box
131Atkin, Maurice D.1970-1980request_box
132Atlan, Henri1974-1991request_box
133Avi-hai, Avraham (Syd Applebaum)1964-1988request_box
134Aviad, Ithamar1990request_box
135Avital, Colette1993request_box
136Avni, Leah1984-1993request_box
137Avnimelech, Zippora1959request_box
138Aviram, Alexander1986-1987request_box
139B (Miscellaneous)1951-1996request_box

Bassan, Ronny; Ben-Ami, Shlomo; Ben-Ari, Abi; Ben David, Avraham; Ben Ezra, Miriam; Ben-Porat, Miriam; Ben-Saffron, Shmuel; Ben Shaul, Rina; Ben-Shoshan, Yitzhak; Bar-Yishy, Ephraim; Ben Yehuda, Arye; Ben Yehuda, Aryeh; Ben Yehuda, Arieh; Brautbar, Chaim; Ben Zvi, Gedalya; Blumenthal, Marc S.; Blumenfeld, Anat; Blum, Motke; Boschwitz, Rudy; Boxer, Barbara; Boyarsky, Janet; Brzezinsky, A.; Bush, Prescott; Brasch, Andrea; Braunstein-Hirschfeld, Zvia.

140Backrach, Uriel1986-1993request_box
141Baider, Lea Adela1986-1993request_box
142Baker, Carroll1964-1965request_box
143Baker, James1989-1992request_box
144Baker, Zmira1964-1967request_box
145Bakon (Bacon), Yehuda 1956-1972request_box
21Lord Balfour/Balaban, Michael1918-1992request_box
22Bar (Miscellaneous)1970-1991request_box

Bar-On, Mordechai; Bar-Ziv, Professor; Bar-Yishay, Ephraim; Barry, Marion; Barondess, Jeremiah Abraham; Bar Ilan [Bar Elan], Ella.

23Bar, Ephraim1993-1995request_box
24Bar-Niv, Zvi1980-1986request_box
25Barcai, Avner1970-1973request_box
26Barnard, Christian1969-1970request_box
27Barzilai, Nir1987request_box
28Bassan, Sylvia1983request_box
29Bau (Miscellaneous)1989-1993request_box

Bavly, Dan; Baumel, Miriam and Yona; Baum, Harold; Baum, Eve.

210Beame, Abraham1973-1977request_box
211Beck, Pearl1993-1996request_box
212Beckman, Harold E. and Jeanne1951-1967request_box
213Beer, Yaakov (Jacob)1952-1953request_box
214Begin, Aliza1981-1982request_box
215Begin, Menachem1948-1978request_box
216Begin, Menachem1977-1981request_box
217Begin, Menachem1979-1992request_box
218Begin, Menachem1981-1983request_box
219Begley, Louis1988-1993request_box
220Beilin, Yossi1994-1996request_box
221Ben-Ari, Uri1976-1978request_box
222Ben-Gurion Centennial1986request_box
223Ben-Gurion Centennial1986request_box
224Ben-Gurion Centennial1986request_box
225Ben-Gurion Centennial1986request_box
31Ben-Gurion Centennial1986-1987request_box
32Ben-Ishay, Drori1983-1985request_box
33Ben-Israel, Shelomo1961-1996request_box
34Ben-Porath, Yoram1989-1992request_box
35Ben-Sira, Fitzhak (Yitzhak)1967-1974request_box
36Ben-Yehuda, Dina1990request_box
37Ben-Zvi, Amos1978-1988request_box
38Ben-Zvi, Rachel1957-1959request_box
39Ben-Zvi, Rachel1959-1969request_box

Includes correspondence with Mrs. Bertha Schoolman, Dr. Miriam Freund, Esther Gottesman, Mrs. Tamar de Sola Pool.

310Ben-Zvi, Rachel1958-1974request_box
311Ben-Zvi, Rachel1967-1972request_box
312Ben-Zvi, Yitzhak1952-1963request_box
313Bentin, Shlomo1967-1982request_box
314Bentwich, Norman1960-1971request_box
315Ber (Miscellaneous)1980-1992request_box

Berenson, Mendelle Tourover and Denise; Bergen, Uri; Berger, Deborah Herman; Berk, Stephen M.; Berlin, Irving; Berlin, Isaiah; Berman, Alan; Berman, Julius; Berman, Howard L. ; Bernstein, Alan; Bernstein, Louis; Bernstein, Maynard; Berrebi, Alain; Berry, Arnold J.

316Bercovitch (Bercovici), Bruno1952-1987request_box
317Berkove, Sally L.1991-1992request_box
318Berlatzky, Yakov1980-1989request_box
319Berman, Elaine R.1975-1991request_box
320Bernstein, Nathan and Selma1962-1977request_box
321Bernstein, Rabbi Philip S.1958-1967request_box
322Bethune, Mary McLeod1962request_box
323Beyth, Yoram (Joram)1961-1978request_box
324Bi (Miscellaneous)1977-1993request_box

Birnbaum, David; Birk, Yehudith; Biran, Avram; Bienenfeld, Mae; Bielski, Zeev; Bialik, Mayim; Birnbaum, Bea.

325Bialkin, Kenneth1982-1984request_box
326Biden Jr. Joseph R.1988request_box
327Bienstock, Betty1965-1984request_box
328Bimstein, Enrique1981-1992request_box
329Binderman, Yitzhak1986request_box
330Biran, Shoshana1974-1989request_box
41Birger, Mira1968-1975request_box
42Birkenfeld, Arie1989-1990request_box
43Bisk, Zvi1985-1988request_box
44Bla (Miscellaneous)1988-1992request_box

Blatt, Sidney; Blajwas, Sylvia; Blazek, Doris D.

45Blair, Emil1973-1977request_box
46Blair, Emil1977-1981request_box
47Blitzer, Wolf1983-1986request_box
48Blondheim, Hillel1977-1989request_box
49Bloom, Anne1996request_box
410Bloom, Judith1990request_box
411Bloomberg, Michael2003request_box
412Bloomfeld, Bernard1964request_box
413Bluestone, E. Michael1948-1972request_box
414Bluestone, E. Michael1950-1973request_box
415Bluestone, E. Michael1973-1986request_box
416Blum, Yehuda Z.1978-1984request_box
417Blumberg, Miriam1977-1979request_box
418Blumenfeld, Rafael (Rafi)1977-1986request_box
419Boehm, Edward Marshall Inc.1978request_box
420Boris, Martin1990request_box
421Boukstein, Maurice1959-1962request_box
422Boukstein, Maurice1962-1980request_box
423Boussidan, Yaakov1984request_box
424Boyar, Louis (Mr. and Mrs.)1957-1976request_box
425Boyd-Orr, Sir John1959request_box
426Br (Miscellaneous) 1962-1993request_box

Brooks, Angie; Brooke, Edward W.; Broffman, George; Brode, Freda.

427Bradley, Bill (William)1983-1993request_box
428Brand, Aaron1950request_box
429Brand, Oscar1970-1992request_box
51Brandwine, Aliza1958request_box
52Brenner, Talma1975-1993request_box
53Brezis, Mayer1982-1991request_box
54Broch, Mathilde Ortedal1950-1960request_box
55Brodetsky, Selig1950-1954request_box
56Bronfman, Edgar1989-1990request_box
57Brown- Broyeur (Miscellaneous)1980-1992request_box

Brown, Edmund J.; Brown, Bill (former US Ambassador to Israel); Broyeur; Brown, Esther Lucille.

58Brown, Colonel Jerry Milford1982-1984request_box
59Brown, Ronald H.1994-1995request_box
510Brown, William A.1989-1994request_box
511Bublick, Solomon1969-1978request_box
512Buckley, James L.1973request_box
513Bunche, Ralph1958-1975request_box
514Burdick, Quentin N.1987-1988request_box
515Burg, Avraham (Avram)1994-1996request_box
516Burg, Joseph1952request_box
517Bush, George1972-1990request_box
518Bush, George1990request_box
519Bush, George1991-1992request_box
520Byroade, Henry1954request_box
521Caine, Marco1959-1990request_box
522Caine, Yehezkeel1990request_box
523Cal-Car (Miscellaneous)1976-1993request_box

Calder, Alexander; Cannon, Ellen; Cannon, Esther; Cappuccio, Joseph P.; Caraco, Yoseph; Carlin, Peggy Sanford; Carmel, Ethel; Ambassador Carmi [Gillon]; Carp, Beatrice; Carr, Carmela.

524Cantor, Eddie1956-1968request_box
525Cantor, Eddie1987-1989request_box
526Cantor, Milton1962-1973request_box

Includes Linker/Cantor legal documents.

61Caplan, Gerald1973-1983request_box
62Carey, Hugh L.1976-1981request_box
63Carter, Jimmy1976-1979request_box
64Carter, Jimmy1980-1991request_box
65Carter, Lillian1980request_box
66Case, Clifford1967request_box
67Cash, Johnny1977request_box
68Caspi, Abraham1989-1993request_box
69Caspi, Nadine1984-1986request_box
610Cartwright, Marguerite1968request_box
611CBS Group1989-1990request_box
612Center, Sol1976-1977request_box
613Cerasi, Erol1976-1979request_box
614Cha-Chr (Miscellaneous)1971-1992request_box

Christensen, Anna; Chinitz, Zelig; Cheysson, Claude; Cheney, Dick; Chazan, Naomi; Chavez, Linda; Chancellor, John; Chaikelson, Morris.

615Chaco, Joshua1984-1993request_box
616Chagall, Marc and Valentina1973-1990request_box
617Chajek-Shaul, Tova1985-1997request_box
618Chazan, Barry1983-1987request_box
619Chen, Yisrael1988-1991request_box
620Cherkasky, Martin1958-1984request_box
621Chernin, Albert D.1980-1993request_box
622Cherrick, Bernard1955-1989request_box
623Chomut, Ruth1985-1987request_box
624Churba, Joseph1983request_box
625Chuwers, Patricia1993request_box
626Cla-Cli (Miscellaneous)1983-1993request_box

Clary, Robert; Clifford, Joyce.

627Clark, Joseph S.1967-1968request_box
628Clark, Ramsey1974request_box
629Cline, Martin1980-1981request_box
630Clinton, Hillary Rodham1992-1996request_box
631Clinton, William (Bill) J.1992-1996request_box
632Cohen (Miscellaneous)1976-1993request_box

Cohen, Gail R.; Cohen, Nahum; Cohen, Zvi; Cohen, William S.; Cohen, Shragai; Cohen, Sheldon; Cohen, Ruth P.; Cohen, Roz; Cohen, Norman J.; Cohen, Marlene Z.; Cohen, Gertrude; Cohen, Fernand; Cohen, Donald J.; Cohen, Dorothy Tousier; Cohen, Channa; Cohen, Chaim; Cohen, Boaz; Cohen, Arnold Solis; Cohen, Barbara; Cohen, Saul.

633Cohen, Ada1973request_box
634Cohen, Ben1984-1992request_box
71Cohen, Gerson D.1968-1971request_box
72Cohen, Haim1969-1984request_box
73Cohen, Richard1982-1992request_box
74Cohen, Tirza1990-1992request_box
75Cohen, Walter D.1973-1985request_box
76Comay, Michael1960-1967request_box
77Couriel, Lior1992-1996request_box
78Cousins, Norman1969request_box
79Creative Philanthropic Resources Ltd.1989-1991request_box
710Cu- Cz (Miscellaneous)1977-1992request_box

Czapski, Gideon; Currie, Edwina; Cypen, Irving.

711Cuomo, Mario1982-1994request_box
712D'Amato, Alfonse1980-1986request_box
713Danziger, Ahron1981-1993request_box
714Daoud, Alex1986-1993request_box
715Davis, Moshe1954request_box
716Davis, Moshe1966-1992request_box
717Dayan, Dvora1955request_box
718Dayan, Moshe1967-1981request_box
719Debowy, Marcel1993request_box
720Deutsch, Peter1993request_box
721Deykin, Shifra1965request_box
722Diament, Carolundatedrequest_box
723Dine, Tom1982-1992request_box
724Dinitz, Simcha1969-1989request_box
725Dinkins, David1989-1993request_box
726Dole, Elizabeth1981-1989request_box
727Dole, Robert (Bob)1983-1990request_box
728Douglas, Kirk1982request_box
81Douglas, William O.1953-1963request_box
82Dotan, Amira1987-1992request_box
83Downey, Thomas J.1985-1990request_box
84Druckman, Abraham, M.1948-1968request_box
85Dulles, John Foster1953-1959request_box
86Dulzin, Aryeh Leon1971-1989request_box
87Dworkin, Aaron1987-1993request_box
88E (Miscellaneous)1953-1993request_box

Epstein, Uri; Eran, Oded; Elyachar, Jonathan ; El Reedy, Ambassador El Sayed Abdel Raouf; Elefant; El-Ami, Amir; Elad, Gideon; Edelstein, Eleazar; Edelstein, Bernice; Eisner, Jack; Eisenberg, Naftali; Eisenberg, Danny; Ein-Mor, Nava; Eidelman, Leonid A.; Eid, Ahmed; Engel, Eliot L.; Engleman, Steve; English, Richard; Enk, David; Ephrat, Moshe; Epstein, Bernice; Ergaz, Zivanit; Erlich, Yaacov; Erlich, Fredrick.

89Eban, Abba1952-1967request_box
810Eban, Abba1970-1989request_box
811Edelston, H.1956-1981request_box
812Einstein, Albert1945request_box

Folder note: see also: RG 18/photos/subjects/documents for photo and negative of document included

813Eisenhower, Dwight D.1953-1969request_box
814Eisenstein,Rabbi Ira1961-1976request_box
815Eldar-Avidar, Tamar1977-1980request_box
816Elath, Eliahu1962-1968request_box
817Elazar, Daniel1962-1992request_box
818Entin, Sadie1971-1972request_box
819Epstein, Benish (Beinesh)1965request_box
820Epstein, Leon1990-1993request_box
821Eshel, Tamar1978-1990request_box
91Eshkol, Levi1969request_box

Includes documents pertaining to the 1969 Conference.

92Eshkol, Levi1969request_box

Includes documents pertaining to the 1969 Conference. Contains folded newspaper.

93Evang, Karl1951request_box
94Evron, Efraim1978-1982request_box
95Eyal, Eli1992-1993request_box
96Eyal, Zvi1971-1992request_box
97Eytan, Walter1959-1967request_box
98F (Miscellaneous)1960-1997request_box

Friedman, Samuel and Lucille; FMR Corporation; Fibach, Eitan; Fink, Reuven; Finsterbush, Alexander; Fisher, Eddie; Flocks, Shirley; Florio, Jim and Lucinda; Fogelson, Gertrude; Ford, William D.; Freedman, Shirley; Freud; Friedman, Gloria; Freund, Uri; Fritz, Bernadine Szold; Frohnmayer, Dave; Frost, Charles; Frost, Michael; Frost, Shimon and Peggy; Fry, Vera; Fuks, Anna B.

99Fagin, Claire1986-1987request_box
910Falwell, Jerry1980-1984request_box
911Farber, Saul1981-1993request_box
912Feich, Sara1980-1991request_box
913Feinberg, Yitzhak1975request_box
914Feingold, Ellen1992request_box
915Feinstein, Diane1984request_box
916Ferraro, Geraldine A.1984-1993request_box
917Feuerstein, Reuven1963-1979request_box
918Feuerstein, Reuven1971-1992request_box
919Feuerstein, Reuven1972-1988request_box
920Feuerstein, Reuven1977-1986request_box
921Filler, Robert M.1987request_box
922Fineman, Irving1959-1961request_box

Folder note: see also: Szold, Henrietta- Book Biography

923Fink, Theodore1969-1992request_box
924Finkelstein, Michael1961-1977request_box
925Fish, Hamilton1968request_box
926Fisher, Harry M.1958-1964request_box
927Fisher, Max M.1967-1983request_box
101Fishman, Charles1968request_box
102Fishman, Herzl1966-1968request_box
103Flacks, Paul and Shirley1968-1992request_box
104Flowman, Yizhar1976-1984request_box
105Fonda, Jane1980request_box
106Ford, Gerald R.1974-1976request_box
107Forsberg, Nancy1960-1962request_box
108Fox, Rabbi Seymour1964-1968request_box
109Foxman, Abe1981-1989request_box
1010Francke, Donald1978request_box
1011Frank, Otto1956-1960request_box
1012Frank, Otto1959-1970request_box
1013Frank, Otto1960request_box
1014Frank, Otto1960-1961request_box

Includes documents pertaining to the Anne Frank House.

1015Freier, Recha1948-1977request_box
1016Freier, Recha1980-1990request_box
1017Freiman, Annushka1979-1982request_box
1018Fridman, Elena1981-1987request_box
1019Friedlander, Dov1985request_box
1020Friedman, Rabbi Hillel1962-1963request_box
1021Friedman, Milton1965-1968request_box
1022Friedson, Michael1991request_box
1023Fuks, Zvi1975-1990request_box
1024Fulbright, James William1960-1969request_box
1025G (Miscellaneous)1958-1999request_box

Gruschka, T.; Guber, Rivka; Gabizon; Gadi; Galun, Eithan; Gabizon, A.; Gapany-Gapanavictus, Boris; Gatenby, Peter; Gerber, Jane; Gitenstein, Mark H.; Glaser, Marilyn; Glaser, Anna and Chaim; Glasner, Leopold; Golan, Gabriel; Goldblum, Natan; Goldner, Marian; Golinkin, Noah; Goldstein, Bert; Goldstein, Richard; Goldstein, Sidney; Golub, Jacob J.; Gordis, Robert; Goulet, Paul; Green, Aviva; Greenberg, Anna E.; Greenberg, Simon; Gur-Aryeh, Florence; Gromet, Robert Y.; Grossman, Dalia; Girshin, Gregory S.; Ginsburg, Ruth Zoe; Gordon, Jack; Gotein, Ora; Gould, Marcia; Gravetz, Shlomi; Gourgey, Percy S.; Gore, Theodore; Gray, Hanna Holborn; Gray, William H.; Greenfield, Helene; Greenberger, J. A.; Guldin; Gunders; Gutman, Barbara; Gur, Moshe; Goldberg, Arnold; Goldberg, Arnon; Goldberg, Allan; Goldberg, Beverly; Goldberg, Frances; Goldberg, Sigmund.

1026Gal, Allon1979-1990request_box
1027Gal, Michael1986-1990request_box
1028Gal, Yossi1992request_box
1029Galmor, Joseph1986request_box
1030Gay, Isaac1981request_box
1031Gann-Perkal, Lisa1987-1988request_box
1032Garber, Bernard1970-1974request_box
1033Gaster, Irene1962request_box
1034Gazit, Mordechai1960-1964request_box
111Gelbart, Dan and Lottie1959-1965request_box
112Geri, Jack1956-1958request_box
113Gidal, Nahim1961-1963request_box
114Gilbert, Frank1981-1982request_box
115Gilman, Benjamin1976-1989request_box
116Ginsburg, Davidundatedrequest_box
117Ginzberg, Eli1985-1993request_box
118Giron, Sara1980-1990request_box
119Glazier, Manuel1974-1975request_box
1110Glenn, John1983request_box
1111Glueck, Nelson1956request_box
1112Golan, Nahum1970request_box
1113Golan, Reubenundatedrequest_box
1114Gold-Shapiro, Lillian1968-1974request_box
1115Goldberg, Arthur and Dorothy1963-1988request_box
1116Goldhaft, Arthur1958-1960request_box
1117Goldman, Nahum1952-1965request_box
1118Goldman, Nahum1956-1982request_box
1119Goldstein, Israel1961-1986request_box
1120Goldstein, Israel1963-1988request_box
1121Goldstein, Marvin C.1981request_box
1122Gomori, John Moshe1987-1992request_box
1123Gorbachev, Mikhail1985-1992request_box
1124Gordis, Rabbi Robert1960-1967request_box
1125Gordon, Adele K.1961-1975request_box
1126Gordon, Moshe1987request_box
1127Gordon, Natalie1980-1981request_box
1128Gordon, Roy and Esme1982-1987request_box
1129Gordon, Sayde1962-1981request_box

Folder note: see also: Youth Aliyah

121Gordon, Uri1982-1993request_box
122Gore, Al1986-1993request_box
123Gottesman, Meir1968-1985request_box
124Granot, Esther1990request_box
125Greenberg, Morris1960request_box
126Greenberg, Rabbi Hayim1963-1967request_box
127Greenberg, Simon1964request_box
128Greuning, Ernst1963-1967request_box
129Gross, Chaim1991-1992request_box
1210Gross, Ditza1993request_box
1211Gruber, Ruth1964-1993request_box
1212Grunwald, Kurt1967-1979request_box
1213Gruss, Joseph and Caroline1964-1989request_box
1214Gur, Mordechai1977-1985request_box
1215H (Miscellaneous)1974-1993request_box

Haass, Richard; Hadass, Yosef; Hardoff, Daniel; Harran, Min K.; Harrand, Irene; Harris, Joe Frank; Harrop, William; Hartman, Thomas J.; Hartstein, Jack; Heller, Frances L.; Heller, Harry; Heller, Yaakov; Heller, Zachary I. (Mr. and Mrs.); Hellman, Samuel; Hemo, Yitzhak; Henry, Carl; Henry, Diana; Henkin, Louis; Henkin, Rose W.; Herman, Jerry; Hertz, Shmuel; Hoffberger, Charles H. (Mr. and Mrs.); Hollings, Ernest F.; Honigman, Alik; Hopkins, Bruce R.; Horn, Dara; Horowitz, Saul; Housen, Charles (Mr. and Mrs.); Hughes, Richard Anthony Cranmer; Hutman, Bill.

1216HaCohen, Eli1985request_box
1217HaCohen, Mordecai1959-1984request_box
1218Hagee, John1981-1983request_box
1219Hagoel, David1989-1992request_box
1220Haig, Alexander1981-1987request_box
1221Halbrecht, Isac1981request_box
1222Hale, Lincoln1956-1959request_box
1223Halpern, Seymour1959-1962request_box
1224Hamlisch, Marvin1981request_box
1225Hammer, Zevlun1978-1990request_box
1226Handler, Milton1960-1979request_box
1227Hannay, Sir David1990request_box
1228Harats, Dror1991request_box
1229Harman, Avraham and Zena1951-1992request_box

Folder note: see also: RG 20 for oral history tape (no transcript)

1230Harzfeld, Abraham1960-1970request_box
1231Hatch, Orrin1982-1987request_box
1232Hausner, Gideon1962-1990request_box
1233Hay, Roderick1989request_box
1234Hazan, Reuven1989request_box
1235Healy, Bernard1992request_box
1236Hellman, Yehuda1986request_box
131Helms, Jesse1985-1992request_box
132Herman, Shepard1968-1973request_box
133Hermon, Ruhama1993request_box
134Hertzberg, Arthur1966-1980request_box
135Herzl [Theodor] Centennial Materials1955-1960request_box

Includes the publications: Goldman, Nachum: "The Genius of Herzl and Zionism Today" and Neumann, Emanuel: "Theodore Herzl; The Birth of Jewish Statesmanship"

136Herzl [Theodor] Centennial Materials1959-1960request_box

Includes correspondence, clippings, and minutes.

137Herzl [Theodor] Centennial Materials1960request_box

Includes correspondence, clippings, and minutes.

138Herzl [Theodor] Centennial Materials1960request_box

Includes program planning kit.

139Herzl, Theodor1957-1966request_box
1310Herzl, Theodor1986request_box

Includes documents pertaining to the Herzl musical "Dori."

1311Herzog, Chaim and Aura1959-1988request_box
1312Herzog, Chaim and Aura1988-1992request_box
1313Herzog, Rabbi Yaacov and Pnina1948-1974request_box
1314Hesburgh, Theodore M.1979-1981request_box
1315Heschel, Susannah1987request_box
1316Hinckley Jr., Albert P.1985request_box
1317Hirsch, Jules1984-1986request_box
1318Hirschfeld, Ziva1988-1991request_box
1319Hirschman, Ira1965-1977request_box
1320Hockner, Drorit1984-1993request_box
1321Hoffman, Alanundatedrequest_box
1322Hoffman, Charles A.1973-1986request_box
1323Holtzman, Elizabeth1974-1992request_box
1324Holubar, Karl1984-1986request_box
1325Horowitz, David1951-1966request_box
1326Horowitz, David1962-1968request_box

Folder note: see also: RG 12/Minutes/September 16, 1954 for his report to the Board.

1327Horowitz, Saul1962-1989request_box
1328Houwer, Dan Mulock1959-1961request_box
141Humphrey, Hubert H.1957-1963request_box
142Humphrey, Hubert H.1965request_box
143Humphrey, Hubert H.1965-1979request_box
144Humphrey, Muriel1978request_box
145Hurwitz, Harry1980-1983request_box
146Hurwitz, Paul1960-1964request_box
147Hyman, Semah Cecil1957-1981request_box
148Inbar, Herzl1983-1986request_box
149Iram, Tikva1957request_box
1410Isaacson, Irving M.1991request_box
1411Ish-Shalom, Mordechai1963-1990request_box
1412J (Miscellaneous)1953-1992request_box

Jacobson, Alice; Jewish Hall of Fame; Jacobson, Ken; Jurim, Oded; Jacobs, Rose; Jacob, Walter; Jones, W. Landis; Joseph, Goldie.

1413Jabotinsky Foundation/ Prize1983-1986request_box
1414Jabotinsky, Vladimir1955-1962request_box
1415Jackson, Henry M.1997-1984request_box
1416Jackson, Jesse1984-1989request_box
1417Jaffe, Eliezer D.1966-1968request_box
1418Jaffe, Michael1985-1992request_box
1419Janner, Lord Barnett1962-1976request_box
1420Javits, Jacob K.1962-1979request_box
1421Johnson, Lyndon B.1957-1973request_box
1422Jordan, Charles H.1967request_box
1423Josephthal, Giora and Senta1970request_box
1424K (Miscellaneous)1963-1993request_box

Kouri; Kasten, Robert W.; Katz, Noomi; Katzir, Amir; Kaufman, Henry; Kaye, Dorothy Mofson; Kazan, Lainie; Kaye, Harriet; Kasirer, Vivian; Kasemsri, M. L. Birabhongse; Kohl, Herbert; Karcz, Mrs.; Kaplan, David; Kaplan, Carl; Kanet, Laura; Klarsfeld, Beate and Serge; Klutznick, Philip M.; Kleckner, Dolly; Kleeman, Hella; Kleiman, Alfred H.; Klein, Benjamin; Klein, Diane; Klein, Evelyn; Klein, George; Klein Mort; Klepper, Michael; Klimova, Rita; Khayat, David; Kroll, Robert; Kroll, Eliezer; Krin, Mathilde; Kalian, Avi; Kahn, Jack; Kahane, Karl [Foundation]; Kabeya, Ngandu; Kaban, Leonard; Kosman, Dr.; Korman, Stanley Henry; Koren, Gideon; Korazim, Josef; Kidroni, Gideon; King, Larry; Kivort, Josie; Kaufman, Bel; Kaufman, Henry; Kra, Irwin; Kramarsky, Werner H.; Kraft, Bobbie; Kramer, Ronnie; Kramer, Bobbie S.; Kramer, Usi; Krantz, Judith; Kramarsky, Bernie and Helga; Keren, Arie; Kenner, Zvi Moshe.

1425Kadishman, Menasha1982request_box
151Kahane, Rabbi Meir1971-1986request_box

Includes reports on Kahane-Hadassah's opposition to his policies.

152Kallen, Deborah1955-1959request_box
153Kallen, Horace1955-1976request_box
154Kampleman, Max1981-1989request_box
155Kaplan, Chaim1984request_box
156Kaplan, Louis L.1963-1972request_box
157Kaplan, Mordecai M.1950-1954request_box
158Kaplan, Mordecai M.1954-1966request_box
159Kaplan, Mordecai M.1966-1983request_box
1510Kark, Gertrude1967request_box
1511Karp, Herbert R.1965-1990request_box
1512Katz, Israel1950-1974request_box
1513Katz, Samuel1977request_box
1514Katzen, Bernard1957-1969request_box
1515Katzir, Ephraim1974-1986request_box
1516Kayman, Leah1991request_box
1517Keating, Kenneth B.1961-1963request_box
1518Keating, Kenneth B.1962-1975request_box
1519Keefe Company1989-1990request_box

Includes contracts.

1520Keller, Helen1952-1960request_box
1521Kemp, Jack1981-1988request_box
1522Kenan, I. L.1958-1964request_box
1523Kenan, I. L.1964-1968request_box
1524Kenan, I. L.1968-1988request_box
1525Kennedy, Edward M.1962-1987request_box
1526Kennedy, John F.1958-1968request_box
1527Kennedy, Robert F.1965-1968request_box
161Kennedy Memorial Building1966request_box
162Keren Yaldenu1958-1959request_box
163Kerry, John F.1985-1987request_box
164Kessler, Sara Lee1985-1991request_box
165Kibrick, Anne1971-1984request_box
166Kidron, Mordecai1957request_box
167Kimelman, Reuven1982-1983request_box
168King (Jr. and Sr.), Martin Luther1961-1974request_box
169King (Jr. and Sr.), Martin Luther1983-1989request_box
1610Kirkpatrick, Jeane J.1981-1986request_box
1611Kissinger, Henry A.1969-1990request_box
1612Klarsfeld, Beate1974-1975request_box
1613Klinghoffer, Leon1985request_box
1614Klorman, Otilia1991-1992request_box
1615Knopf, Alfred A.1948request_box
1616Koch, Edward I.1969-1983request_box
1617Kol, Moshe1966-1974request_box
1618Kol, Moshe1975-1981request_box
1619Kol, Moshe1969-1972request_box
1620Kol, Moshe1982-1989request_box
1621Kol, Moshe1990-1991request_box
1622Kollek, Teddy1957-2007request_box

Includes direct correspondence.

171Kollek, Teddy1961-1988request_box
172Konvitz, Milton R.1965-1966request_box
173Koop, C. Everett1987-1989request_box
174Kopp, Elaine1970-1987request_box
175Kori, Nissan1990-1993request_box
176Kornblum, Rami1967-1991request_box
177Kornic, Rebecca1952-1953request_box

Referred to as Rebecca Lipshitz in most documents.

178Kretchmer, Norman1971-1992request_box
179Krongold, Rosa1959-1978request_box
1710Krueger, Harvey M.1990request_box
1711Kunin, Madeline1984-1992request_box
1712Kurtzman, Chana1964-1975request_box
1713Kushner, Sara1964-1975request_box
1714Kuver, Joan M.1990-1992request_box
1715Lam-Lev (Miscellaneous)1981-1993request_box

Lawrence, Steve; Lazin, Frederick, A.; Laster, Bertha K.; Landow, S. B.; Landau, Felix; Lasker, Steven M.; Lauder, Estee; Lauterbur, Paul; Lavee, Bracha; Lamel, Sheila; Leland, Mickey; Leket, Yehiel; Leland, Mickey; Leven, Naomi; Leventhal, Mark; Levi, Sara; Levine, Naomi; Levine, Jacqueline; Levine, Bill; Levine, Marilyn; Levine, Mel; Levine, Richard; Levine, Yochanan; Levinson, Phyllis; Levinson, Mollie; LEVIWORKS; Levy, Ruth Jacobs; Levy,, Reuven; Levy, Pavel J.; Levy, Ora; Levy, Michael; Levy, Issak; Levy-Dean, Ezra; Levy, Sarah; Lansberg, Esther; Lehman, Petty and Emil.

1716Lew- Lut (Miscellaneous)1954-1992request_box

Lewis, Molly; Lewis, John; Lougheed, Peter; Lowy, Shlomo; Lewin-Epstein, Marian Stormwind; Lippe, Scott; Liberman, Salomon; Link, E.; Litman, Shalom; List, Albert; Lipsetz, Mariam; Lippmann, Froma; Lobo, Ricardo Sobirane Y; Lubani, Dr.; Lubowsky, Edna; Luisadaon, Aldo A.; Lunz, Tirza; Lurie, Max B.; Lurie, Walter Albert; Lutzky, Mr.; Lindner, Hans; Lindner, Karen; Limor; Lifshitz, David; Liffen, Charles; Liff, Jan; Lieberman, Sophie; Libergall, Meir; Lieb, Gail; Lichtman, Marshall; Licht, Amnon; Libo-Wawrzyniak; Long, Charles; Loewinger, Ezra; Loeb, John L.; Loeb, Henry.

1717Lafair, Joel1991request_box
1718Lahat, Shlomo1976-1991request_box
1719Landau, Moshe1959-1989request_box
1720Lantos, Tom1981-1990request_box
1720Lasker, Edward1947-1948request_box

Contains documents and correspondence relating to the Lasker-Rosensohn Memorial Fund.

1721Lauder, Ronald S.1988-1992request_box
1722Lautenberg, Frank1977-1993request_box
1723Lavie, Naphtalie1965-1985request_box
1724Lazarus, Emma1967-1985request_box
1725Leahmann, Siegfried1950-1958request_box

Folder note: see also Youth Aliyah, box 24, folders 8, 9.

1726Lebensart, Daniel P.1977-1990request_box
1727Lehman, Herbert H.1947-1968request_box
1728Lehmann, Rivka1959request_box
1729Leitersdorf, Eran1990-1991request_box
1730Lelyveld, Rabbi Arthur J.1946-1948request_box
181Levin, Barbara1990request_box
182Levin, Marlin and Betty1947-1987request_box
183Levine, Charles1976-1982request_box
184Levinson, Arthur1973-1979request_box
185Levy, David1990request_box
186Levy, Neal1984-1989request_box
187Lewis, Michael1981-1988request_box
188Lewis, Samuel1977-1988request_box
189Lieberman, Betty1977-1979request_box
1810Ligumsky, Moshe1993request_box
1811Likhovski, Eliahu S.1968-1977request_box
1812Lilienfield, L. S.1969-1970request_box
1813Lindsay, John V.1966-1975request_box
1814Linowitz, Sol M.1967-1969request_box
1815Lipchitz, Jacques1969-1988request_box
1816Lipchitz, Jacques1968-1974request_box

Includes artwork.

1817Lipchitz, Jacques1974-1981request_box

Includes artwork.

1818Lipps, Augusta (Gus)1965-1980request_box
1819Lipsky, Louis1956-1977request_box
1820Lipstadt, Deborah1973request_box
1821Littman, David G.1968-1986request_box
1822Long, Clarence D.1975-1986request_box
1823Lotan, Chaim1989request_box
1824Lourie, Nadia1960-1974request_box
1825Lowdermilk, Walter C.1947-1959request_box
1826Lowdermilk, Walter C.1959-1984request_box
1827Lown, Philip1960-1975request_box
191Lubin, Isador1960-1968request_box
192Lucas, Marian1958-1971request_box
193Lugar, Richard1983-1985request_box
194Lurie, Zvi1959-1968request_box
195Lusterman, Edward A.1980-1987request_box
196Luttwalk, Edmund M.1956-1980request_box
197Mac- Mat (Miscellaneous)1963-1993request_box

Machnai, Zeev; Machtey, I.; Machtley, Ronald K.; Mack, John W.; Madonna; Madorsky, Dr.; Maeir, David; Magnes, Jonathan; Mahlouf, Dr.; Maizel, Orit; Mahran, Maher; Makhlouf, Dr.; Makin, Irving; Malamud, Bernard; Mallin, Morton; Maloney, Carolyn; Manion, Daniel; Manny, Noga; Manny, Jonah; Marcus, Jacob R.; Marein, Gideon; Mann, K. J.; Margaloith, Ehud; Margai, Yoram; Margulec, Dr.; Marks, Carolene; Marks, Paul A.; Marsh, Miriam Z.; Maslansky, Manuel; Marx, Claude; Maslow, Will; Mass, Lou; Masseri, Rosalie; Masters, Sybil; Matthau, Walter; Matzner, Yaacov.

198Mee-Myr (Miscellaneous)1964-1993request_box

Meed, Benjamin; Meares, Mable; Meridor, Dan; Merel, Frieda; Metal, Nathan; Meir, David; Menzel, Jacob; Merkine, A.; Menkes, John H.; Mendelson, Sandy; Menendez, Robert; Mellins, Robert B.; Meiselman, Leonard; Meisel, Martin H.; Meier, Ronny; Meier, Yitzchak; Meese, Ed; Megged, Aharon; Medzini, Meron; May-Vardi, Ilana; Mayer, Yitzhak; Meier, Irving; Milgalter, Eli; Miran, Michael; Mitterand, Francois; Mizrahi, Motti; Moav, Rom; Monakow, Lore Hartmann-v; Mondlak, Jack; Monson, Rela Geffen; Montefiore, Moses; Mor, Yosef Gal; Morella, Constance A.; Moreno, Rita; Morgensztern, Chana; Mortada, Rami; Morris, Julie; Morris, Norman H.; Moses, Alfred H.; Moses, Trudy; Moskow, Max; Moss, William; Mrazek, Robert J.; Muallem, Mrs.; Mudavadi, S. M. B.; Mulberg, Andrew; Murphy, Francis T.; Mutnick, Anna; Myers, Betty; Mrydal, Gunnar.

199Muchado, Luis Alberto1980-1981request_box
1910Mack, Jacob W.1963-1966request_box
1911Mack, Julian1943-1956request_box
1912Magnes, Judah L.1937-1973request_box
1913Malamud, Enrique1977request_box
1914Mandelbaum, Bernard1971request_box
1915Manelson, Nahum1953-1971request_box
1916Mann, Theodore R.1978-1988request_box
1917Manor, Aryeh1958-1968request_box
1918Marcus, Col. David1949-1962request_box
1919Marcus, Judith R.1980-1986request_box
1920Marcuse, Herbert1968-1972request_box
1921Markus, Frits1960-1972request_box
1922Marq, Charles1961-1962request_box
1923Marq, Charles1960-1962request_box
1924Massarwa, Muhamed1988-1989request_box
1925Mathais, Jr., Charles McCurdy1976request_box
1926Mattingly, Mack1986request_box
1927Mayer, Albert1961request_box
1928Mayer, Charles1958-1960request_box
1929Mayer, William1984-1987request_box
1930Mayer, Yitzchakundatedrequest_box
1931Mayo, Leonard W.1957-1965request_box
1932Mazar, Benjamin1953-1959request_box
1933Mazar, Benjamin1959-1973request_box
201McDaniel, Bruce William1954-1966request_box
202McGee, Gale W.1975request_box
203McGoon, Dwight C.1974request_box
204McPherson, M. Peter1967-1987request_box
205Mead, Margaretundatedrequest_box
206Mechoulam, Raphael1980-1982request_box
207Meguid, Ahmed Esmat Abdel1979request_box
208Mehta, Zubin1981-1991request_box
209Meir, Golda1948-1991request_box
2010Melamed, Barbara1985-1990request_box
2011Mellman, Mark S.1990request_box
2012Meltzer, Edith1965request_box
2013Menashe, Victor D. and Trinette1967request_box
2014Mendez, Jr., Enrique1991request_box
2015Menninger, Karl1977request_box

Includes documents pertaining to the Menninger Foundation.

2016Menuhin, Yehudi1959-1963request_box
2017MetroWest (Jewish Community Foundation of)1993request_box
2018Meyer, Agnes1960-1965request_box
2019Meyer, Rabbi Marshall T.1987-1989request_box
2020Meyerson, Martin1989request_box
2021Michaeli, Daniel1986-1987request_box
2022Michaelis-Stern, Eva1962-1990request_box
2023Michener, James A.1964-1967request_box
2024Mikulski, Barbara A.1979-1988request_box
2025Miller (Miscellaneous)1965-1987request_box

Miller, Dan; Miller, Alfred L.; Miller, Melvin.

2026Miller, Rabbi Israel1966-1981request_box
2027Millin, Daniel1978-1981request_box
2028Mizrahi, Mordechai (Motti)1980-1989request_box
2029Modai, Yitzchak (Yitzak)1985-1990request_box
2030Modan, Baruch1979-1982request_box
2031Moffet, Toby1982request_box
2032Mondale, Walter J.1973-1984request_box
2033Mor, Eli1977-1993request_box
2034Morag, Abraham1987-1990request_box
2035Morella, Constance A.1987-1989request_box
2036Morgan, Thomas E.1960-1969request_box
2037Morgenthau, Elinor Lehman1948request_box
2038Mossek, Moshe1988-1989request_box
2039Moynihan, Daniel Patrick1975-1992request_box
2040Mubarak, Hosni1983-1989request_box
2041Munter, Sara1963-1975request_box
2042Murro, Haim1988-1993request_box
2043Musher, Sidney1957-1990request_box
2044Muskie, Edmund S.1963-1971request_box
2045Mutalik, Guraraj1987request_box
2046[Grant] Myerson, Bess1968request_box
211Na-Ne (Miscellaneous)1956-1993request_box

N. K. Associates; Nachmansohn, Prof.; Machmias, Shalom; Nadel, Eileen; Nadelman, Rabbi Ludwig; Naft, Mary; Naftaly, Eve; Naftaniel, Gary; Nagata, Katseetaro; Nagel, Dror; Nager, Richard; Najarian, Dr.; Namir, Mr.; Nardi, Noah; Narkiss, Amarilli; Nasab, Dr.; Nasr, Khosrow; Nasser, Dr.; Natan, Eli; Nates, Josephine; Nathan, Joan; Nathanson, Alynn; Nathanson, Avram; Navia, Juan M.; Naviasky, Helen; Navon, Edith; Nawon, Fanny; Neiger, Roberta Rebold; Neiman, Rabbi David; Neiman, Harvey; Nesbitt, Tom E.; Nesher, Raphael; Nesher, Ronit; Newman, Dr.; Nevelson, Louise; New Eyes for the Needy; Newhall; Newman, Benjamin; Newmark, Michael N. and Barbara.

213Nabrit, Jr., James Madison1965request_box
214Nachman, Ron1987-1992request_box
215Nadich, Rabbi Judah1960-1986request_box
216Naim, Asher1986-1987request_box
217Namir, Ora1978-1986request_box
218Naor, Eliyahu1967-1991request_box
219Narkiss, Uzi1968-1989request_box
2110Natanelashwili, Malka1953-1959request_box
2111Nathan, Abie1966-1992request_box
2112Nathan, Della1976-1978request_box
2113Nathan, Robert R.1982-1990request_box
2114Nativ, Moshe1987-1991request_box
2115Navon, Benyamin1976-1978request_box
2116Navon, Yitzak1960-1991request_box
2117Nesher, Aryeh1962-1967request_box
2118Netanyahu, Benjamin1983-1992request_box
2119Neumann, Emanuel1961-1985request_box
2120Newman, Don M.1986request_box
2121Newman, Paul1978request_box
2122Nishimoto, Tomi1965-1966request_box
2123Nissim, Moshe1986-1988request_box
2124Nixon, Richard M.1963-1975request_box
2125No-Nz (Miscellaneous)1976-1992request_box

Nicholas, Stephen William; Nicholas, Leslie; Nickora, Jeffrey; Nimon, Barbara; Nissenson, Isabel; Nisson, Prof.; Nittenberg, Joanna; Nitzen, Shmuel; Nitzan, Dorit; Nitzan, Yaakov; Noily, Jehuda L.; Noily, Shoshana; Non-Profit Computer Services; Norman, Yehudit; Norton, Eleanor Holmes; Novack, Judith; Novack, Martin; Novack, Richard; Novack, Molly; Novick, Aileen; Novick, David; Novick, Joseph; Novick, Ivan J.; Novick, Nimrod; Noviski, Natan; Novotny, Dr.; Novotny, Yetta; Noyes, Jansen; Nudelman, Rebecca; Nunn, Sam; Nurenberg, Dr.; Nusinow, Uri; Nussenbaum, Max P.; Nutt, Jim S.; Nzengeya, Bagbeni Adeito.

2126Nudel, Ida1987-1989request_box
2127Nussbaum, Rabbi Max1962-1974request_box
221O (Miscellaneous)1982-1991request_box

O'Callaghan, Mike; Offit, Morris W.; Ott, Rabbi Jacob M.; Osman, Dr.; Orlick, Abe; Oppenheim, Ariella; Ochs, Steven.

222O'Connor, Cardinal John1986-1992request_box
223O'Connor, Sandra Day1981request_box
224O'Dorisio, M. Sue1990request_box
225Oettinger, Katherine B.1959-1969request_box
226Ofri, Zippora1983request_box
227Olmert, Yosef1988-1989request_box
228Olshan, Simi1957-1962request_box
229Olshan, Simi1963-1964request_box
2210Olshan, Simi1965-1966request_box
2211Olshan, Simi1967-1968request_box
2212Olshan, Simi1969-1985request_box
2213Olshan, Yitzhak1965-1976request_box
2214Olshtain, Ze'ev1971-1981request_box
2215Olshtain, Ze'ev1981-1990request_box
2216Olshtain, Ze'ev1986-1987request_box
2217Oppenheim, David1964request_box
2218Oppenhejm, Melanie1958-1959request_box
2219Or, Reuven1988-1991request_box
2220Oren, Rith1980-1990request_box
2221Orkin, A. Lazarus1968-1969request_box
231P (Miscellaneous)1947-1993request_box

Pachter, Ytzhak; Pasternack, Sylvia; Pearlstein, Irving; Pelavin, Michael A.; Peleg, David; Peleg, Dov; Peleg, Ofra; Pelton, Miriam; Penkower, Monty N.; Penner, Peter; Peres, Uzi; Peretz, Martin; Peretz, Yitzhak; Peri, Chaim; Peritz, E.; Perl, Gisella; Perl, Gloria; Perlman, Roslyn; Perlmutter, Menachem; Perlmutter, Nathan; Perlzweig, William Alexandre; Perman, Dagmar; Perry, Israel; Perry, Jacky; Peters, Cecily; Petrovski, Boris V.; Pfeifer, Y.; Phaler, Gertrude; Phillips, Justin; Pleet, A. Bernard; Plotzker, Chaim; Plaut, Helaine; Pliss, Cantor; Plotnik, Samuel M.; Poher, Alain; Poljakoff-Mayber, Alexandra; Pollack, Hannah; Pollack, Howard M.; Pollack, Melanie; Porush, Menachem; Pressman, Gabe; Pressman, Marc A.; Pridan, Helen; Primor, Avi.

232Packwood, Bob1978-1981request_box
233Padover, Saul K.1981request_box
234Pagelson, Glen1989-1991request_box
235Palti, Uriel1988-1990request_box
236Parker, Kathy1991request_box
237Passman, Otto E.1973-1974request_box
238Passman-Epstein, Esther1957-1980request_box
239Patt, Gideon1979-1991request_box
2310Patt, Raymond1982-1992request_box
2311Patinkin, Dan1982-1986request_box
2312Pazy, Amnon1985-1989request_box
2313Pearlstein, Moshe1947-1948request_box
2314Pe'er, Jacob1983-1989request_box
2315Peerce, Jan1967-1972request_box
2316Peled, Mordecai1973request_box
2317Pell, Clairborne1969-1977request_box
2318Penzias, Arno A.1979-1984request_box
2319Percy, Charles H.1967-1975request_box
2320Perez, Shimon1958-1995request_box
2321Perez, Shimon1985-1987request_box
2322Perez, Shimon1988-1992request_box
2323Peritz, Eric1965-1989request_box
2324Perlman, Itzhak1984-1989request_box
2325Perry, Wolf1964-1967request_box
2326Peters, Roberta1970-1989request_box
2327Pickering, Thomas R.1985-1990request_box
2328Pincus, Louis1961-1972request_box

Includes correspondence with Charlotte Jacobson and speeches to Hadassah conferences.

241PMH Equipment Rental & Leasing, LTD.1986-1989request_box
242Polish, David1966-1979request_box
243Polichuk, Fela1980request_box
244Pollack, Allen1966-1988request_box
245Pollard, Jonathan Jay1985-1989request_box
246Pope John Paul II1982-1988request_box
247Pope Paul VI1964-1969request_box
248Poper, Renie1989request_box
249Porat, Shlomo1990request_box
2410Porter, Sylvia1963-1964request_box
2411Pressler, Larry1981-1992request_box
2412Pringle, Katherine D.1960request_box
2413Prinz, Joachim1962-1976request_box
2414Profeorski, E. and W.1959-1981request_box
2415Proxmire, William1965-1978request_box
2416Prywes, Moshe1978-1997request_box
2417R (Miscellaneous)1965-1994request_box

Rabb, Sidney R.; Rabinowitz, Y.; Racker, E.; Radday, Yehuda Thomas; Rahamim, Anat; Railsback, Tom; Ramon, Chaim; Ramon, Amnon; Ratner, Lilian; Re'em, Shimon; Reed, Joseph Verner; Recu, Ruth; Reger, Itzhak; Regwan, Goga; Rehnquist, William H.; Repogle, Jean; Resnik, Dorothy; Resnik, Judith; Resnikoff, Eli; Retchin, Emma; Reussman, Yitzchak; Reza, Ali; Rivlin, Lilly; Richter, Elihu D.; Riegner, Gerhart M.; Robbins, Herman; Robbins, Samuel M.; Robbins, Stanley; Roberts, Hyman; Robinson, Donald; Rol, Israel; Rogol, Oscar; Roheim, Paul; Roi, Israel; Rivers, Joan; Rojansky, Mordechai; Rivlin, Beny; Roll, Michal; Roosevelt, Curtis; Rosen, Emanuel; Rosen, Gladys; Rosen, Meir; Rosen, Moses; Rosen, Pinchas; Rosen, Shlomo; Rosenthal, A. M.; Rosenne, Shabtai; Rosenman, Yehuda; Rosenheck, Shimon; Rosenbloom, A. L.; Rosenbaum, Ernest N.; Rosenthal, Robert C.; Roswell, Rob; Ross, Bernice.

2418Rabin, Yitzhak1967-1987request_box
2419Rabin, Yitzhak1967-1972request_box
2420Rabinowitz, Rachel1958-1961request_box
2421Rabinowitz, Rabbi Stanley1968-1976request_box
2422Rabkin, Mitchell T.1981-1986request_box
2423Racah, Giulio1961-1965request_box
2424Rackman, Rabbi Emanuel1959-1986request_box
2425Radday-Warburg, Ilse1958-1963request_box
2426Rafael, Gideon1967request_box
2427Rahamimoff, Rami1981request_box
251Rakowsky, Rabbi Jacob1962-1989request_box
252Ranan, Haim1980-1988request_box
253Rapoport, Azaria1978-1982request_box
254Raveh, Yehuda1980-1989request_box
255Reagan, Ronald1980-1991request_box
256Reavis & McGrath1975-1989request_box
257Rechter, Jacob (Yacov)1967-1984request_box
258Reed, Jacob1950-1971request_box
259Reich, Walter1966-1968request_box
2510Reid, Helen1960-1961request_box
2511Reid, Ogden R.1956-1988request_box
2512Reimer, Rabbi Jack1970-1990request_box
2513Resnick, Barbara1985request_box
2514Ribicoff, Abraham1960-1978request_box
2515Rickover, Hyman G.1984request_box

Includes documents pertaining to the Rickover Foundation.

2516Rinot, Chanoch1973-1983request_box
2517Riskin, Rabbi Steven (Shlomo)1986-1990request_box
2518Rivlin, David1971-1973request_box
2519Rivlin, Moshe1971-1989request_box
2520Robb, Lynda Johnson1980-1988request_box
2521Rockefeller, Nelson A.1958-1975request_box
2522Rodgers, Richard and Dorothy1964-1965request_box
2523Rogers, William P.1969-1971request_box
2524Rogoff, Ilan1973-1985request_box
2525Rogow, Ltd.1977-1992request_box
2526Ron, Aviva1984-1985request_box
2527Rooney, John, J.1968request_box
2528Roosevelt, Eleanor1940-1989request_box
371Roosevelt, Eleanor—Centennial Observance1958-1984request_box
372Roosevelt, Eleanor—Death of1962-1963request_box
373Roosevelt, Eleanor—Eleanor Roosevelt Memorial Foundation releases1962-1985request_box
374Roosevelt, Eleanor—Memorial Meeting1962-1964request_box
375Roosevelt, Eleanor—Scrapbook compiled by Hadassahcirca 1966request_box
376Roosevelt, Eleanor—Youth Aliyah1938-1962request_box
377Roosevelt, Eleanor—Youth Aliyah World Patroness1949-1959request_box
261Roosevelt, Franklin D. (Jr. and Sr.)1938-1953request_box
262Roosevelt, James1957-1966request_box
263Roosevelt, John A.1963-1966request_box
264Theodore Roosevelt Centennial Commission1957-1958request_box
265Rose, David and Rebecca1958-1986request_box
266Rose, Mary1964-1970request_box
267Rose, Sally1958-1960request_box
268Rosen, Barak1989request_box
269Rosenak, Michael1988-1989request_box
2610Rosenberg, Alex1981request_box
2611Rosenberg, Henry A.1986request_box
2612Rosenberg, Steven A.1986-1987request_box
2613Rosenbluth, Martin1961-1963request_box
2614Rosenfeld, Jona (Yona) M.1955-1988request_box
2615Rosenfeld, Alvin1983-1984request_box
2616Rosenne, Meir1983-1990request_box
2617Rosenthal, Alan1974-1992request_box
2618Rosenthal, Benjamin S.1967-1983request_box
2619Rosenthal, Harry1976-1990request_box
2620Rotenstreich, Nathan1965-1968request_box
2621Roth, Cecil and Irene1958-1970request_box
2622Roth, Eugene F.1976request_box
2623Rothberg, Samuel1964-1982request_box

Includes one black and white photograph.

2624Rothenberg, Nathaniel S.1967-1974request_box
2625de Rothschild, Baroness Alix1965-1982request_box
2626de Rothschild family1958-1988request_box
2627Rubenstein, Arthur1986request_box
2628Rubin (Miscellaneous)1970-1988request_box

Rubin, Louis Mrs.; Rubin, M. Harvey; Rubin, Max.

2629Rusk, Howard A. and Gladys1957-1980request_box

Includes documents pertaining to the Rusk Clinic.

2630Russell, Lord and Lady1957-1958request_box
2631Rustin, Bayard1965-1987request_box
2632S (Miscellaneous)1967-1992request_box

Smith, Lawrence J.; Stokes, Carl B.; Shriver, Garner E.; Sanford, Terry; Stone, Richard.

2633S-Sc (Miscellaneous)1952-1993request_box

Sabsevitz, Irving; Sacks, Joseph M.; Sadan, Batami; Sagi, Y.; Salah, Nagid; Sala, Davide (Salman); Salk, Sylvia; Salowitz, Vivian; Saltiel, Jimmy; Saltzman, Bobbie; salzman, Rabbi Harold; Samuel, Viscount; Sanatana Dharma Foundation; Sandak Company; Sandberg, Joel; Sanders, Harold; Sandhill Scientific Inc.; Sanford, William; Saperstein, Harold I.; Saperstein, Moshe; Sapir, Avraham; Saritsky; Sarnoff, David; Sarokhan, John; Scandinavia Scholarship Fund; Sassoon collection; Sawislak, Miriam; Saxbe, WIlliam B.; Schaper, Armin N.; Schapiro, Nathan; Schaps, Henrietta and Wola; Schattner, Avi; Schatz, Bezalel; Schechter, Steve; Schechtman, Joseph; Scheinberger, Rabbi Yehoshua; Scheinin, Arje; Scheuer, James; Scieber, Haviv; Schiff, Albert; Schilder, Rosalind; Schiller, Hans J.; Schonfeld, Moses; Schonwetter, Jan; Schnee, Martin; Schnurmacher, Irwin; Schorr, Thelma M.; Schorr, Amir; Schowska, Erna; Salpeter, Mrs.; Schrager, Avrum J.; Schrager, Morris C.; Schrager, Mrs.; Schreiber, Eugene H.; Schreiber, Shirley; Schreiber, Mrs. Sidney; Schreier, Rabbi; Schrem; Schroeder; Scrotter, Dr.; Schwartz, Zvi; Schway & Gottlieb; Schweitzer, A.; Schott's Monthly Stamp Journal; Scranton, William; Screvane, Paul R.

2634Se-Sold (Miscellaneous)1960-1996request_box

Segal, Moses Zvi; Segal, Rabbi; Segal, Yaakov; Schenk, Faye; Segalowitch, Nira; Seligman, Ruth; Sella, Yaacov; Semel, Nava; Senter, Elaine; Servadio, Ciro; Setzemski, Tamar; Szold Sedim, Benjamin; Shapiro, Shelly Z.; Shafir, Avraham; Shafrir, Zeev; Shalala, Donna E.; Shalit, Nehmade; Shamir, Petachia; Shani, Mordecai; Sharabi, Yoel; Sharon, Pinchas; Sharon, Y.; Shatzky, S.; Shaviv, Karen; Shazar, Rachel; Shchori, Zvi; Schepps, Pincas; Shochat, Manya Wilbushevitz; Sieff, Rebecca; Sieff, Lord; Sikorski, Gerry ; Silber, Max; Silberman, Eva; Silver, Manuel; Silverman, Adeline; Simkin, Elisheva; Simcha, Ettia; Sinakin, Richard; Singer, Israel; Sirhan; Sleppin, Sol; Slom, Aaron; Smith-Kettlewell Institute of Visual Sciences; SMith, Robert H.; Smith, Milton G.; Smith, Joseph A.; Smolar, Boris; Smoller, Godfrey; Smoller, Seymour; Smulowitz, Ted; Smyth, E. Graywood; Smythe, Mable; Schmeck, Jr., Harold M.; Snapiri, Avraham; Sneor, Avraham; Sofaer, Mark; Soffer, Louis J.; Sohar, Ezra; Sohmer, Haim; Solberg-Gilshon, Naomi; Sokol, Fern; Sold, Amir.

271Solo-Sz (Miscellaneous)1965-1993request_box

Solomon, Linda; Soltz, Beatrice; Sonnenberg, Benjamin; Sondak; Sonnenschein, Esther; Soroff, Harry; Soroker, Simha; Soroko, Yuri; Sorst, Ernst; Sorotzkin, Benny; Soudry, Irene; Soyer, Raphael; Sparano, Carl; Sparsky, Shifra; Spicehandler, Ezra; Spiegel, Peter; Sptizer, Jack J.; Spitzer, Ruth Brandt; Spivak, Morris; Springer, Chaim; Stark, Alexander; Steiner-Freud, Judith; Steiner, Dina Lee; Steiner, Donald; Steingut, Stanley; Steinhardt, Mindy; Stearns, David B.; Stern-Katan, Sarah; Stern, H.; Stern Brothers; Sternberg, Sigmund; Stevenson, William; Stewart, William H.; Stiller-Meara Enterprises; Stockler, Rebecca A.; Stolusky, Warren; Stone, Natalie; Straus, Roger W.; Sudarsky, J. M.; Suffrin, Leah; Sulman, Felix Gad; Sundel, Robert; Superior Surgical Manufacturing Co. Inc.; Surkis, Reuven; Suskind, Robert M.; Susman, William and Sarah; Suttner, Raymond; Suzman, Helen; Swanstrom, Bishop Edward E.; Swarz, Rachel; Swersie, Pauline H.; Syme, Rabbi Daniel B.; Szanton, Jonathan; Szold, Jonathan; Szold, Robert.

272Sacarob, Joan W.1978-1985request_box
273Sachar, Abram1958-1972request_box
274Sachar, Howard M.1960-1974request_box
275Sadat, Anwar and Jihan1977-1981request_box
276Sadat, Jihan1983-1987request_box
277Saguy, Gideon1967request_box
278Sala, Irene1989-1991request_box
279Salomon, Haym1987request_box
2710Samuel, Maurice1957-1972request_box
2711Samuels, Anna1949-1974request_box
2712Samuels, Gertrude1958-1963request_box
2713Samuels, Howard1968-1977request_box
2714Sanbar, Moshe1975request_box
2715Sapir, Shoshana1973request_box
2716Sapper, Helen1978request_box
2717Sarasin, Ronald A.1972-1973request_box
2718Sarbanes, Paul1981request_box
2719Saunders, Harold H.1978request_box
2720Sauret, Andre M.1962-1986request_box
2721Savidor, Menachem1982-1983request_box
2722Schaefer, William Donald1987request_box
2723Schaffer, Helen G.1958-1989request_box
2724Schanin, Rahel (Rachel) (Rosalind)1984-1990request_box
2725Schenker, Avraham1959-1985request_box
2726Scheuer, James H.1966-1982request_box
2727Schiff, Alvin I.1972-1990request_box
2728Schiff, Dorothy1958-1972request_box
2729Schifter, Richard1986-1990request_box
2730Schiller, Rose1957-1978request_box
2731Schindler, Rabbi Alexander M.1975-1986request_box
2732Schlesinger, Frieda1967-1995request_box
281Schloessinger, Miriam1944-1946request_box

Includes correspondence with Bertha Schoolman.

282Schloessinger, Miriam1945-1948request_box

Includes correspondence with Bertha Schoolman.

283Schloessinger, Miriam1946-1947request_box

Folder note: For Bertha Schoolman, see also RG 7/Bertha Schoolman.

284Schloessinger, Miriam1947-1948request_box

Includes correspondence with Bertha Schoolman.

285Schloessinger, Miriam1952-1972request_box

Includes correspondence with Bertha Schoolman and Anna Tulin.

286Schmidt, Helmut1981request_box
287Schmidt, Shimon1972-1982request_box
288Schneerson, Rabbi Menachem M.1965-1967request_box
289Schneider (Miscellaneous)1985-1990request_box

Schneider, Susan Weidman; Schneider, Amalia; Schneider, Gloria; Schneider, Justin L.; Schneider, Murray; Schneider, Sharon.

2810Schneider, Rabbi Arthur1979-1982request_box
2811Schneidman, Gurith1987-1991request_box
2812Schwartz (Miscellaneous)1973-1989request_box

Schwartz, Anna; Schwartz, Fred; Schwartz, Michel S.; Schwartz, Zvi.

2813Schwartz, Renee1963-1967request_box
2814Schwartz, Simon1982-1992request_box
2815Schweiker, Richard S.1971-1982request_box
2816Scott, Hugh1963-1974request_box
2817Segal, Louis1962request_box
2818Shaari, David1954-1987request_box
2819Shaham, Zonik (Ze'ev)1971-1979request_box
2820Shalev, Gabriela1987request_box
2821Shalvi, Alice1985-1989request_box
2822Shainberg, Dorothy R.1971-1972request_box
2823Shamah, Gladys1989request_box
2824Shamir, Nachum1964request_box
2825Shamir, Yitzhak1978-1991request_box
2826Shamir, Yitzhak1989request_box
291Shapira, Yoseph (Yosef)1978-1983request_box
292Shapiro, Dorothy1984request_box
293Shapiro, Ezra Z.1977-1981request_box
294Shapiro, Louella1962-1984request_box
295Sharef, Ze'ev1954-1970request_box
296Sharir, Abraham1966-1988request_box
297Sharp, Martha1943-2000request_box
298Sharp, Martha1946-1947request_box
299Sharp, Martha1947request_box
2910Sharp, Martha1948request_box
2911Sharp, Reverend Waitstill1946-1948request_box
2912Shavit, Amichai (Ami)1989request_box
2913Shazar, Zalman1963-1972request_box
2914Sheba (Schieber), Chaim1950-1967request_box
2915Sheetrit, Meir1984-1993request_box
2916Sheinberger, Rav1985request_box
2917Shem-Tov, Victor1970-1975request_box
2918Shenar, Shmuel1989request_box
2919Sherman, Bezalel1971request_box
2920Sherman, Sonja1947request_box
2921Sheskin, J.1956-1974request_box
2922Shilansky, Dov1988request_box
2923Shine, Kenneth1992request_box
2924Ship, Irwin1968-1985request_box
2925Shipton, Sidney1967-1973request_box
2926Shmueli, Eliezer1964-1988request_box
2927Shomron, Daniel1991request_box
301Shostak, Eliezer1977-1984request_box
302Shulman, Bernard1970request_box
303Shultz, George P.1969-1988request_box
304Shuval, Judith1983request_box
305Siani, Itamar1978-1986request_box
306Sibal, Abner W.1962request_box
307Sidorsky, David1969-1987request_box
308Siebert, Muriel1985request_box
309Sieff, Rebecca D.1944-1989request_box
3010Siegel (Miscellaneous)1966-1987request_box

Siegel, Cantor Ben; Siegel, Jack; Siegel, Robert; Siegel, Richard; Siegel, Edythe; Siegel, Sol; Siegel, Ruth R.

3011Siegman, Rabbi Henry1974-1990request_box
3012Sigal, Simon1988-1989request_box
3013Silver, Abba Hillel1947request_box
3014Silver, Charles H.1959-1969request_box
3015Silver, George A.1959-1978request_box
3016Silver, Jennie1958-1985request_box
3017Silverstone, Murray and Dorothy1954-1969request_box
3018Simon, Caroline K.1963request_box
3019Simon, Frances1973-1982request_box
3020Sinatra, Frank1962-1982request_box
3021Singer, Isaac Basheivas1964-1978request_box
3022Singer, Israel1983-1993request_box
3023Sisco, Joseph J. and Jean1973-1976request_box
3024Sloane, Albert E.1958-1985request_box
3025Sloane, Albert E.1979-1986request_box
3026Sloane, Albert E.1985request_box
3027Skouras, Spyros1967-1968request_box
3028Slawson, John1967request_box
3029Smith, Margaret Chase1965request_box
3030Sobel, Rabbi Henry I.1975-1986request_box
3031Soffer, Ovadia1978-1989request_box
3032Sokol, Ferne1971-1977request_box
3033Sokol, Moshe Z.1986request_box
3034Solarz, Stephen1977-1988request_box
311Solomon, Gerald B.1982request_box
312Solomon, Rhey M.1989request_box
313Solomon, Sally1957-1968request_box
314Soltz, Bonnie1973request_box

Includes documents pertaining to the Bonnie Soltz Memorial Research Laboratory.

315Sonnenfeld, Leni1983request_box
316Sonnenreich, Beth1959-1961request_box
317Soroka, Moshe1961request_box
318Soutine, Chaim1988request_box
319Spack, Eliot G.1990-1992request_box
3110Spector, Arlen1981-1989request_box
3111Spector, Arthur1974-1989request_box
3112Spiegel, Irving1977-1978request_box
3113Spiegel, Pat1978request_box

Includes documents pertaining to the Pat Spiegel Award.

3114Spiegel, Shalom1957-1967request_box
3115Spivak, Isiah1987-1991request_box
3116Springer, Axel1973-1979request_box
3117Sprinzak, Ehud1985request_box
3118Sprinzak, Joseph1959-1964request_box
3119Srole, Leo and Esther C.1947request_box
3120St. John, Robert1959-1973request_box
3121Stare, Frederick J.1965-1966request_box
3122Stark, Marvin M.1973-1977request_box
3123Starr, Joyce1979request_box
3124Starr, Max1989request_box
3125Stavi, Palti1980request_box
3126Steif, Jacob1977-1994request_box
3127Stein, Andrew1975-1988request_box
3128Stein, Cyril1989request_box
3129Stein, Jacob1972-1988request_box
3130Stein, Louis and Bess1986-1989request_box
3131Steinberg, Elan1985-1990request_box
3132Steinberg, Rabbi Milton1944request_box
3133Steinhardt, Theresa1974request_box
3134Stern, Isaac and Vera1959-2001request_box
321Stern, Noah1976-1977request_box
322Stern, Walter P.1967-1987request_box
323Stern, Yossi1974-1987request_box
324Sternberg, Rachel1954-1960request_box
325Sternstein, Joseph P.1961-1990request_box
326Stevenson, Adlai E.1961-1965request_box
327Stone, Dewey D.1960-1977request_box
328Stieglitz, Anita S.1990request_box
329Straus III, Nathan1965-1986request_box
3210Straus, Oscar S.1967-1973request_box
3211Straus, R. Peter1971request_box
3212Strod, Jacob1978request_box
3213Sultanik, Kalman1961-1989request_box
3214Sununu, John1991request_box
3215Super, Arthur Saul1958-1961request_box
3216Sussman, Gerald1990-1991request_box
3217Swope, Gerard1948request_box
3218Switzer, Mary E.1966-1971request_box
3219Syrkin, Marie and Nachem1963-1976request_box
3220Szabo, Gershon1957-1990request_box
3221Szanton, Victor and Billie1963-1969request_box
3222Szold, Machon1965request_box
3223T (Miscellaneous)1958-1993request_box

Tabori, Vivienne; Tadmor, Gideon; Tadmor, Shlomo; Taft Jr., Robert; Talmadge, Phyllis; Talmadge, Herman Eugene; Tambure, G.; Tamir, Mika M.; Tamir, Shmuel; Tanenbaum, Marc H.; Tankel, Leonid; Tarshis, Lee; Tartakower, Arieh; Taubel, Beverly; Taubenfeld, Harry; Taubenhaus, Esther; Taussig, Lynn M.; Tavin, Ely Y.; Taylor, Betty; Tchornicki, Willie; Tchorz, Zvia; Technicon Company; Teichman-Levin, Esther; Telrad Company; Telsch, Kitty; Telsey, Ronna; Temkin, Rabbi Sefton David; Tenzer, Greenblatt, Fallon & Kaplan; Mother Teresa; Terrell, Herman; Terrell, Jerry W.; Thatcher, Margaret; Thant, U.; Thomases, Fred; Thompson, Fletcher; Thompson, Joseph T.; Thon, J. George; Tilles, Norman D.; Tisch, Larry; Tishman, Peggy; Tkach, Walter B.; Toll, Terry; Topol, Allan J.; Topol, Barbara R.; Torricelli, Robert G.; Toubin, Isaac; Townsend, Kathleen; Trau, Peggy; Traxler, Sister Margaret Ellen; TRC Productions; Trible, Paul; Trotzky, Arthur; Tseghe, H. E. Ato Yohannes; Tourover, Raphael; Tsividali; Tsur, Shmuel; Tubman, William; Tulchinsky; TurKaspa, Ran; Turner, Judith; Tutu, Desmond; Tuviyahu; Tzur, Nadir.

3224Tabor, Vivienne1985-1992request_box
3225Taishoff, Ruth Salzman2001request_box
3226Tal, Chloe1965-1988request_box
3227Talbot, Philips1964-1965request_box
3228Talisman, Mark1988-1989request_box
3229Tamari, Meir1959-1981request_box
3230Tamir, Israel1987-1986request_box
3231Tanenbaum, Rabbi Marc1968-1988request_box
3232Tannenbaum, Joseph1977request_box
331Tatel, Molly1984request_box
332Taylor, Elizabeth1977-1989request_box
333Taylor, Zelda1960-1985request_box
334Tchorz, Katriel1973-1994request_box
335Tekoah, Yosef1959-1975request_box
336Teller, Judd L.1958-1970request_box
337Telushkin, Rabbi Joseph1983-1990request_box
338Tepper Galleries1989request_box
339Tepper, Naomi Flax1923-1986request_box
3310Teveth, Shabtai1987request_box
3311Thau, Shirley1956request_box
3312Thering, Sister Rose1972-1986request_box
3313Thier, Samuel O.1981-1992request_box
3314Thompson, James1979-1988request_box
3315Thursz, Daniel1972-1983request_box
3316Tibi, Ahmed1987-1988request_box
3317Ticho, Anna1959-1980request_box
3318Ticho, Uriel1972request_box
3319Tigay, Alan1980request_box
3320Timerman, Jacob1979-1981request_box
3321Toledano, Margalit1982-1986request_box
3322Tomer, Ben-Zion1963-1964request_box
3323Tooch, Abe1985-1990request_box
3324Toon, Malcolm1975-1988request_box
3325Topiol, Michel1960-1987request_box
3326Torczyner, Harry1955-1978request_box
3327Torczner, Jacques1965-1977request_box
3328Toynbee, Arnold1955request_box
3329Tree, Marietta P.1961-1964request_box
3330Truman, Harry S.1950-1952request_box

Includes original correspondence.

3331Truman, Harry S.1954-1988request_box
3332Tuchman, Barbara1966-1971request_box
3333Tucker, Sophie1947-1959request_box
3334Tufeld, Isolde1981request_box
3335Ulman, Bella and Misha1973-1974request_box
3336Ullman, Irma and Seigfried1963-1967request_box
3337Ullmann, Liv1980-1988request_box
3338Umansky, Ellen M.undatedrequest_box
3339Unger, Rabbi Jerome1960-1964request_box
3340Unterman, Rabbi1965request_box
3341Uris, Leon and Dorothy1955-1984request_box
3342Ussishkin, Menachem1941request_box
3343Uziely, Beatrice1991-1993request_box
3344V (Miscellaneous)1977-1990request_box

Vavz'ynaik, Sophie; Voss, Ruth; van der Hoeven, Reverend J. W.; Van Doren, Robin; Varkonyi, Peter; Velichkov, Velichko F.; Vigolik-Elimelech, Edna.

3345Voosen, Mary1974-1982request_box
341W (Miscellaneous)1960-1993request_box

Warner, John W.; Warshavsky; Warshaw, Rabbi David; Waxman, Henry A.; Waxman, Judith; Waxman, Mordecai; Weaver, Fritz; Weber, Gail; Wechsler; Wech, Beatrice; Weiker-Gordon, Wendy; Weil, Simon; Weinberg, Armin; Weiner, Anita; Weiner, Gertrude K.; Weiner, Shimon; Weiner, Simon; Weinstein, Alex; Weinstein, Alvin A.; Weinstein, Danny; Weinstein, Julius; Weinstein, Lawrence; Weinstein, Lewis H.; Weinstein, Myron; Weintraub, Naomi; Weisberg, Jacqueline L.; Weizmann Institute of Science; Wells, Leon W.; Wathasin, A.; Winters, Shelly; Winton, Dan; Wirguin, Itzhak; Wishner, Maynard; Wisse, Rith R.; Wenick; Werblowsky, Z.; Wolens, Martin; Wolf, Miriam; Wolf, Philip; Wolf, Yehuda G.; Wolfson, Estelle; Wolpe, Gerald I.; Woodward, Joanne; Worcel, Sylvia.

342Wagner, Robert F.1945-1965request_box
343Wagner, Susan Edwards1964request_box
344Waill, Lillian1960-1971request_box
345Waill, Robert S.1974-1992request_box
346Waldheim, Kurt1986-1987request_box
347Walter, Goldie1966request_box
348Walters, Vernon A.1985-1989request_box
349Warburg, Frieda1937-1945request_box
3410Warburg, Miriamundatedrequest_box
3411Warszawski, Izak1975-1988request_box
3412Waserman, Manfred1989-1990request_box
3413Waxman, Rabbi Mordechai1974-1987request_box
3414Waters, Herbert J.1965-1967request_box
3415Weiner, Rabbi Herbert1965request_box
3416Weiner, Laurel1959-1984request_box
3417Weisgal, Shirley1959-1977request_box
3418Weiss (Miscellaneous)1977-1983request_box

Weiss, Rabbi Avraham; Weiss, Judy; Weiss, Robert.

3419Weiss, David1966-1983request_box
3420Weisberg, Bernard1973request_box
3421Weizmann, Chaim1939-1974request_box

Includes documents pertaining to the centennial.

3422Weizmann, Chaim1975-1990request_box
3423Weizman, Ezer and Reumah1978-1989request_box
3424Weizmann, Vera1952-1966request_box
3425Werner, David1950-1955request_box
3426Wernik, Rabbi Joseph S.1968-1989request_box
3427Wertheimer, Jack1985-1990request_box
3428Wexler, Uziel1989-1990request_box
3429Wiesenthal, Simon1978-1990request_box

Includes documents pertaining to the Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies.

351Wiezel, Elie1967-1988request_box
352Wijsmuller-Meijer, Gertrude1957-1978request_box
353Will, George F.1976-1986request_box
354Willensky, Irving and Mildred1968request_box
355Wilson, Harold1976request_box
356Wingate, Orde1944-1948request_box
357Wise, Rabbi Stephen S.1946-1982request_box
358Wishengrad, Morton1948-1960request_box
359Wolfsfeld, Gadi1979-1981request_box
3510Wolfson, Louis1962-1972request_box

Includes documents pertaining to the Wolfson Foundation.

3511Wolins, Martin1961-1965request_box
3512Wolins, Martin1965-1985request_box
3513Wolitzky, Garson1986request_box
3514Wolman, Abel1972request_box
3515Woloski-Wruble, Anna Carol1989-1992request_box
3516Wolotzky (Wolodsky), Dov1955-1983request_box
3517Woolf, Ruth1966-1974request_box
3518Wouk, Herman1955-1960request_box
361Yadin, Yigael1965-1967request_box
362Yalow, Rosalyn1977-1978request_box
363Yatsiv, Shaul1982-1990request_box
364Yedwab, Alisa1988-1989request_box
365Yegar, Moshe1985-1991request_box
366Yellin, Davidundatedrequest_box
367Yermish, Tybie1968-1980request_box
368Yeshaya, S. B.1973-1977request_box
369Z (Miscellaneous)1991-1993request_box

Ziv, Ehud; Zakay-Rones, Zichria; Zilberman, Yerucham; Zilman, Jay.

3610Zablocki, Rabbi Avi1982-1984request_box
3611Zeevi, Gad1989request_box
3613Zimran, Ari1991-1993request_box
3614Zlotogora, Joel (Yoel)1989-1990request_box
3615Zohar, Moshe1957request_box
3616Zuabi, Abdul1971request_box

Includes one small photograph.

3617Zuckerman, Judith1967-1978request_box
3618Zur, Amram1973-1989request_box
3619Zvielli, Dana1981-1983request_box
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Series II: Miscellaneous Name files J-Z, 1928-1948

This series is in English, with documents also in Hebrew, French, and German.
Boxes 38-39 (1 linear foot)

The documents in this series are arranged alphabetically by either company names or individual's last names. Each folder represents a letter or letter range.

Processing Information:

When appropriate, folders of similar alphabetical range were combined for space and ease of use. Date ranges were added to folder titles.

Scope and Content:

This series contains correspondence, press releases, and newspaper clippings of the many doctors, academics, clergy, politicians, and corporations that extend outside Hadassah's immediate administration.

The two original boxes containing Series II [Name Files J-Z, 1945-1948 and Name Files J-Z/ Misc, 1947-1948] were physically placed at the end of Series I. Because the reason for their separation is unknown, they remain in (close to) original order in their own series.


Jewish Social Service Agency; Jewish Social Service Quarterly; Thomas Jefferson High School; Jewish Agency for Palestine.


Korobkin, Charles; Kenen, I. L.; Kenen, B. B.; Kushner, J.; Kagan, Rachel; Kamin, Bertha; Kramarsky, L.; Kauffmann, Alfred; Katzmann, Selonit; Kleuiberger, Nathan.

383L 1944-1948request_box

Levinthal, Louis E.; Leir, S.; Lewis, Seymour; Tel Noar Lodge; Loitman Baron, Jennie; Ladies' Home Journal; Levi, S. Gershon; Lewinsky, Akiba; Landauer, Lou; Landauer, George; Lachman, Ellen Ruth; Labor Zionist Committee; Lasky, Harold J.


Morris, Geraldine; Mendelsohn, Erie; Morris, Nathan; Michaelski, K.; Meyer, Franz; Millard, Morris


New York University.


O'Conor, Herbert.


Putterman, Canton David; Posner, Charlotte; Protestant's concert; Progressive Palestine Association; Progressive Zionists of Washington; Professional and Technical Workers Aliyah; Pregel, B. J.; Potter, Russell H.; Potter, John Milton; Postwar Information Exchange; Poling, Daniel A.; Baroness of Polenzska; Pinski, David; Pinkerton, Lowell C.


Rikoon, Helen Viteles; Riegelman, Harold; Revlon, Joseph; Resnikoff, Marie S.; Remington Rand, Inc.; Remington, R. C.; Remarque, Erich; Religious News Service; Reiter, Daniel I.; Reit, Hyman J.; Reik, Haviva; Refugee Relief Trustees, Inc.; Refugee Relief Fund of the Coat and Suit Industry; Red Cross; The Reconstructionist; Reconstruction Finance Corporation; The Reader's Digest; Raskin, P. M.; Radday, Ilse Warburg; Radford School; Racionzer, Evelyn L.; Racial Understanding Award; Rabins, Harry; Rabbinical Committee; Raanana Orange Growers Organization of America; Rabbinical Assembly of America; Rubin Exhibition at the Dalzell Hatfield Galleries; Roper, Elmo; Russo, Jacob; Russell, Marvin J.; Rudy, Esther; Rubinsky, Ann; Rubenovitz, Herman H.; Rosenfelder, Alice; Rosenberg, Leonard G.; Rosenberg, Erich; Rosenbaum, Charles; Rome, Charles A.; Rodeph Sholom League; Rockefeller Institute; Robinson, Victor; Rosenblum, Charles; Rubinsky, Harry A. and Ann.


This folder contains documents pertaining to Rabbinical study, practice, and culture.


Sereni, Enzo; Sereni Institute; Seven Arts Feature Syndicate; Shafter, Toby; Shelser, Chava; Schwarzman, Jacob; Stein, Rosalie; Stern, Ilse; Steinberger, Irene; Strauss, L.; Surofsky, Florence; Smolar, Boris; Sloven, Sam; Slavin, Sarah A.; Sincoff, Jacob ; Simson, Alexander F.; Simons, Charles C.; Simon, Mellie; Simon, Julius ; Silverstone, Murray; Silberstein, Rachel; Silverstein, Nathan B.; Silver, Jacob M.; Shwarzman, J.; Shulman, Avis; Shertok, Samson; Sheean, Vincent; Sharon Books, Inc.; Shapiro, Max J.; Shapiro, Ezra; Shankman, Jacob K.; Settel, Mac Kangesser; Sorin, Anna; Sonnenberg, Henry; Solomon, Fritz; Snapper-Vroman, Betsy; Sjorniski; Fannie Simon Aid Society; Silberberg, A. A.


Twentieth Century Fund; Twentieth Century Fox; Turk, E.; Truman, Bess; [Jewish Women's Organization] Tripoli; Trade Union Committee for Jewish Unity of New York; Town Meeting of the Air; Towers, Robert; Torczyner, Harry; Time Magazine; Thorbecke, W. J. R.; Technion Journal; Tartakower, Arieh; Taller and Cooper Engineers-Manufacturers.


Umansky, David; United Synagoge of America; United States Tariff Commission; United Parent-Teachers Association; United Nations News; Union for Democratic Action; Ulio, J. A.


de Vries, Eli; Visitors to Palestine; Vilkomerson, Elizabeth F.; Victor, Paula; Valentin, Hugo.


[Giveath] Washington Colony in the Holy Land, Inc.; Wagner, Robert F.; Wahl, Isaac; Waldman, Master Allan Charles; Waldman, Louis; Warshaw, I.; Warburg, M.; Washington Irving High School; Warehouse Workers Union; War Relief Services of the National Catholic Welfare Conference; Wanger, Walter F.; Wallace, Henry A.; Waggaman, Thomas E.; Weiss, Jacob; Weizman, Vera; Weltch, Ruth E.; Weil, Erna; Wertham, Maurice; Wertham, David; [American Committee for the] Chaim Weizmann Scientific Institute, Inc.; Welfare Council of New York City; The Wellesley School of Community Affairs; Weisskopf, Edwin C.; Weissler, Harry; Weisgal, Meyer; Wedgewood Memorial Committee; Westwood, Horace; Wechsler.


Wyzanski, Charles E.; Wyner, George and Gussie; Wyler, Trudee; Writer's War Board; Wright, Samson; Women of Pine Lake Park, New York; Workmen's Circle; Wulf, Lilli; Wolf, Hella; Wortis, S. Bernhard; World Telegram; World New Zionist Organization; World Education Service Council, Inc.; 22nd World Zionist Congress; Women's League of United Synagoge of America; Women's Institute of Jewish Studies; [Book Committee for the] Women's Council for Post War Europe; Women's Committee for United General Zionist Action; Women's American ORT; Wolff, Hans; Block-Wolff, Lilli; Wisler, A. Lincoln; Wise, Justine; Winchell, Walter; "Win the Peace" Conference; Willkie, Wendell L.; Wigderson, Henry; Wildstein & Co.; Wildenstein Galleries; Wolf, Erna.


Zablowtower Ladies Auxillary; Zaretsky, Chava; Zarek, Otto; Zapcyzk, Vladimir.


Jacobs, Edward; Jewish Peace Fellowship; Jewish Research Committee; Jewish Workers Conference; Jewish Social Service Quarterly; Jewish Social Service Bureau; Jewish Welfare Board; Jewish Forum; Jaffe, Leib; Jacobs, Rose G.; Jackman; Jewish Daily Forward; Jerusalem Press, Ltd.; Jewish Culture Centre, Beth-Haam; Jewish Child Care Association of New York; Jewish Agricultural Society; Jewish Academy of Arts and Sciences; Jerusalem; Jassy, Batya; Joffe, Jean R.; Johns Hopkins Hospital; Johnson, A. LeRoy; Johns Hopkins University; Jolkovitz, Betty; Jones, H. A.; Josephs, Ruth; Josephson, Harry; Judaica Book Service; Jung, Rabbi Leo; Jungerman, Dora D. Kornbluth; Jungerman, Walter;


Kabakoff, Rabbi Jacob; Kadushin, Max; Kagan, Helen; Kagan, Rachel; Kalm, Eli; Kalt; Kapelman, William; Kantorovsky, Rabbi; Kamieniecki, Karoline Nathan; Kaplan, Anna; Kaplan; Kaplan, Mordecai M.; Samuel Kaplan & Sons; Kaplan, Sidney C.; Kaplanowicz, J.; Kapelman, Captain; Karpman, Albert; Karpman, Sadie Maron; Katch, Abraham I.; Katzman, S.; Kaufman, Vida; Kaunitz, Rose Fisch; Kaufman, Samuel H.; Kaufmann Farm; Kazmann, Ruth Light; Kazis, Rabbi Israel; Keefer, Chester S.; Kaye, Sayde; Keegan, Charles E.; Keagy, M. L.; Kennedy, Mae; Kennard, Spencer J.; Keren Ami; Sister Elizabeth Kenny Foundation, Inc.; Kesselman & Kesselman; Kesselman, Jacob; Kerner, George; Kertzer, Rabbi Morris; "Kereth" Housing and Mortgage Corporation Limited; Kaye, Danny; Kahn, Harold H.; Kahn, Jean Lee.


Kipnis, Walter; Kirschenbaum, Belle; Kisch, Blanche; Kisch, Esther; Kirchwey, Freda; Kiperwasser-Geier; K. L. M.; Knaster; Kligler, Helen; Klein, Arthur G.; Kleiger, David; Klein, Abraham, M.; Klein and Ziegler; Klebanow, Ella; Kogel, Marcus D.; Kolb, Leon; Koenigsberg, B.; Kovner, Aba; Kowalson, Anne E.; Kotter, Rebecca; Kottler, Esther B.; Kotlek; Koslowe, Rabbi Irving; Korr, Irving; Kornbluth; Kornberg, Assaf; Korm, Rabbi Bertram W.; Korff, Rabbi; Rabbi Kook Institute in Jerusalem; S. Kretschmer & Sons; Kollek, Teddy; Kolker, Irving M.; Kraft, M. ; Koch, Walter; Krumgold, Joseph; Kruskal, Victoria; Kvutzah Hadassah at Gezer; Kruskal, Victoria; Kubovitsky; Kunian, Paul; Kullman, G.; Kupelson, Rebecca; Kupersmith, Bell; Kwartin, G.


Labor Palestine Informatin Bureau; Landow, Sylvia; Loudes, Jacob H.; Landau; League for National Labor in Palestine; LaGuardia, Fiorello; Lagrow, Arnold; LaGuardia, Marie M.; Lachmann, F. R.; League of Composers, Inc.; Leibel, Jeannette N.; Levitas, Irving; Levine, S. Z.; Levine, Samuel A.; Levine, Harry; Levinson, Samuel L.; Levy, David M.; Levy, Adele Rosenwald; Lieberman, Oded; Liebman, Joshua L.; Liswood, Sidney; Liebman, Saul; Lipsitz, Max Daniel; Linton, J.; Lipsky, G.; Lipson, Sidney; Locker, Berl; Look Magazine; Lowenthal, Eva; Lowenstein, Leon; Luria, Philip and Rebecca.


Maccabi World Union; Marshall, George; Maccabee Sports Show; Maccoby, Rabbi Max; Magnes, Isaac D.; Margulies, Fritzi; Magnes, Beatrice; Magnes, Judah L.; Magnes, Jonathan; Maimonides Hospital of Brooklyn; Makover; Margolies, Laura; S. S. Marine Corp; Massilion Jewish Sisterhood; Mayer, Francis G.; Mayer, Leo; Mayo, W. J.; Mayo Clinic; Macy, Kingsland; Mack, Walter; Macarov, David; MacLeish, Archbald; McGrath, J. Howard; MacDougall, Sally; MacFarlane, Ian Ross; McDonald, James G.; McDonald, Ralph; Maaschappy, Hendel; MacAtee, Robert B.; United States Maacabi Association; Mendelsohn, Harvey J.; Melamut, Abraham; Memorial Hospital; Meltzer, Julian; Mer; Meredith, Burgess; Merrill, Robert; Meirovitz; Melamet, Sofia; Middle East Journal; Millan, Ignacio; Mifaal Hatorah; Miller, Alexander; Miller, Rabbi; The Milwaukee Road; Misgay Ladach Hospital; Michigan State Normal College ; Michaelson, Elliott; Mitchell, Solomon; Mizrachi; Mishmar Hasharon Nurseries; Middle East Bulletin; Musher, Sidney; Mowrer, Richard; Mount Sinai Hospital; Moodie, Helen Monfort.


National Women's League of the United Synagoge of America; Second Hadassah Nachla; Nachmanson; Nadad; Nadich, Rabbi Judah; National Ussishkin League for Land Redemption and Reclamation in Palestine; National Jewish Women's Organizations; National Jewish Post; Natinal Jewish Hospital at Denver; National Geographic Society; National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, Inc.; National Commission on Teacher Education and Professional Standards; National Education Association of the United States; National Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs, Inc.; National Conference of Social Work; National Community Relations Advisory Council; National Conference for the Prevention of World War III; National Conference of Consumers; National Committee for Mental Hygiene ; Nelson, Harry; Nelson, M.; Neuhof; Neiman, Sarah; New York Visiting Nurse Association; New York University Shop for Palestinian Life and Culture; New York University; New York University School of Education; New York State Reconstruction Hospital; New York School of Social Work; New York Medical School; New York Fire Insurance Exchange; New York City Mayor's Committee on Unity; [Zionist Federation of Australia and] New Zealand; Nissen, Rudolph; Niles, David K.; Nizer, Louis; Novomeysky; Novek, Rabbi Simon; Nuyer, Bertha; Novak; Nussbaum, Lotte; Nurses Trade School; Nussbaum, Pauline.


Ottenstein, M.; Our World Cut Oats; O'Donnell Anna Jean; Ollendorff, F.; Obst, Alice B.; Ocean Front League of Odessa, Inc.; Ocke, Edna; Ornoff, Alice; O'Connell, Ona Beth; Office Committee; Ogden, Sally Ladin; O'Hanlon, J.; Organization Committee; Ohio State University; Oppenheimer-Bluhm, Hilde; Ordinance Instrument Corporation; ORT; O. S. E.; Ostrow, Herman; Overseas Press Club of America; Owosso Jewish Women's Auxillary; Overseas News Agency; Owen, G. Frederick; Oxman, S.


Polasky, Pessa; de Sola Pool, Naomi; Pomrock, J.; Prince, Harry M.; Professional and Technical Workers' Aliyah; Pepsi-Cola Company; PAC for Palestine; Poale Agudath Israel in America; Plentl, Ernst; People's World Congress; Perry; Pediatrics Congress; Pearl, Jack; Paul, Milton Holiday ; Palestine Yearbook; Palestine Emergency Defense Fund; Palcor News Agency; Palestine Playing Fields Association; Palestine Recreation Association.


Raanana Orange Growers Organization of America; Eleanor Rathbone Memorial; Ratnoff, Nathan; Reifenberg, E.; Rescue Children, Inc.; Rose, Billy; Rosen, Arthur A.; Rockach, J.; Robison, Julius; Rockefeller Foundation; Robinson, Jacob; Rosen, Isadore; Rosen, Arthur A.; Rosenthal, Sanford; Rosengarten, Isaac; Rosenheim, Jacob; Rosenbush, Chava; Rosenblatt, William; Rosenblatt, Bernard; Rosenblatt, Gertrude; Rosenberg, Erich I.; Rosen, Sylvia; Rosen, Nathan; Rosen, J. R.; Rutstein; Robinson, J. A.; Rubinow; Rubinow Library; Rottenstreich, Nathan; Rikoon, Helen; Rifkind, Simon; Rickner, Frank G.; Religious Questions; Recht, Louise; Rutenberg, Avron; Rubatchov, Rachel; Rusk, Dean; Ruppin, Elisa; Ruppin, Arthur; Rypins, Senta; Rycus, Violet C.


Schwartz, Joseph; Salomon, K. P.; Saffron; Seligman, Monroe; Seligman, Naomi Chertoff; Seidenfeld, Morton A.; Segalman, Ralph; Segal, Fanny Miller; Segal, Harry; Sedgwick, Ann; Shroeder, Paul; Shapiro, Lillian; Sherman, Shulsmith; Sherman, Ruth; Shapiro, Lillian Gold; Sharp, Reverend Waitstill H.; Sheps; Shenberg, Olga; Sheliber and Zaliner Ladies Aid Society; Shayman, Louis; Sharon Books; Shapiro, Marurice Ansel; Shapiro, Ezra; Shafter, Toby; Sieroty, Bertha; Siff, Libby; Silver, Charles; Srole, Esther, A.; Silverman, Althea O.; Silver, Ethel Louise; Silverman, A. G.; Siegel, Aliza; Sicher; Simbler, J. J.; Simeon; Simmons College; Henrietta Szold Hadassah School of Nursing; Simon, R. Ernst; Simon, Rabbi Ralph; Simon, Rose; Simson, Fanny; Sinai Temple; Singer, Edward; Singer, Paul; Sisterhood Chai Odom; Skorka, Salomon.


Slavin, Sarah; Slonim, Molly M.; Slutsker, Marjorie; Sluzak, Adele; Hobart and William Smith Colleges; Smithsonian Institution; Snapper, T.; Sneh, Moshe; Sonneborn, Rudolf G.; Snyder, Louis; Sobell, Ehtel B.; Solelboheh; Social Security Board; Society for the Advancement of Judaism; Society of Friends; Society for the Treatment of Underpriviledged Youth; Sokol, Albert; Sokolsky, George E.; Solmsen, Herbert W.; Solomon, Samuel Shea; Solomon, Sally; Soltes, Mordecai; Soloway, Arnold M.; Sommer, Belle; Soraker, Sibyl; South America; Speakers Institute; Spellman, Cardinal; Soencer, Ben; Spero, Hannah; Spencer, B. F.; Spiegal, Dora R.; Spiegler; Spiro, Hannah; Spero, Hannah; Spitzer, Arnold G.; Spivack, Morris J.; Srole, Leo; Stanford University; Stamford University; Stein, Florence Langman; Stein, Irvin; Stein, Irwin W.; Steinberg, Havah; Stein, Nadia; Steinberg, Hedi; Steinberg, Jack; Steiman, Dina; Scope Newsletter; Stell, Johannes; Stern, Osnat; Sternberg, Chava; Sternberg, Edi; Sternberger, L. A.; Stewart, Isabel M.; Stine, Henry A.; Stone, Dewey; Stix, S. L.; Stone, I. F.; Strauss, Henriette; Strauss, Myer; Strauss, Julia; Strean, Lyon P.; Strong Memorial Hospital; Strook, Joseph; Stuart, Anna M.; Subar, Shirley; Suffrin, Joseph; Sulzberger; Sagher, Felix; Summers, Rosalind; Suritz, S. R.; Sussman, Harry; Swartz, Philip Allen; Sydenham Society; Syracuse University.


Tananberg, Joseph; Tangier American Commercial Company Ltd.; Tannenbaum, Ezra; Tarnopolsky, Rafael; Tarshis, Fannie S.; Taub, Miriam; Tauber, Esther; Taylor, Sylvia S.; Teachers' College; Technion Magazine; Terens, Pauline; Terner, Carolyn; Ternowsky, Walter; Temple Tifereth Israel; Temple Emanuel; Temple B'rith Kosesh; Temple B'nai Israel; Thal-Birsen, Johanna; Thackery, T. O.; Tiber, Leon J.; Toskar, Sarah Henken; Tourist Centers; Town Hall Meeting of the Air; Tiber, Etta; Tobe; Tourist Exchange Department; Tourover, Raphael; Toaff, R.; Todres, Estelle; Tombacher; Tomche Achim; Trimble, Cordelia; Training Bureau For Jewish Communal Service; Tucker, Richard; Tucker, Sophie; Tourover Ladies Auxilliary; Tourover, Samuel; Turner, Joseph; Turner, Jeannette; Turner, Herman L.; Turner, Frances; Tudor Foundation, Inc.; Uhlmann, Paul; Udin, Sophie Ada; Vromen-Snapper, E.; Utschen, Rabbi Joseph; University of Minnesota; University of Cincinnati; Veterans Administration Voluntary Service National Advisory Committee; Union of Sephardic Congregations, Inc.


Wasson, Consul General; Booker T. Washington Birthplace Memorial; Givath Washington; Wasson, A. E.; Wexler, Irving B.; Wettenstein, Joseph; Weinstein, Israel; Wirz, Aliza; Wintrobe, H. H.; Windschauer, Arieh; Winestein, Belle F.; Wise, Stephen; Winchell, Walter; Williams, Carola Bell; Wilkins, Ote; Williams College; Winer, Nahum J.; Windschauer, Leo; Wislicki, Louise; Wishengrad, Morton; Wishchnitzer, Rachel; Werth; Weismann, Chaim ; Weizer; Weaver; Wechsler, I. S.; Weil, Erna; Wolf, Gus; Wolffe Clinic; Wolfson, David; Wolfson, Muriel; Wolfson, Varda; Wolkowsky, Sheila; Women's Action Committee; World's Fair; Wortman; Wright; Wunsch, Joseph W.; Women's League for Palestine; World Committee for Palestine; League of Women Voters; World Confederation of General Zionism; Watt, Donald B.; Warburg, Ingrid; Waren, Stanley A.; Waren, Helen; Walsh, J. Raymond; War Assets Administration; Warburg, Ilse; Wayl, P.; Wahl, Izaak; Wadel, Ernest G.; Waterman, Esther; Warshawsky; Weintraub, Maurice.


Xavier, A. A.; Yale University; Yasanofsky, Sonia; Yehuda, Ben; Yellin; Yassky, Haim; Yassy, Batya; Yerushalmi; Yeshiva University; Yoffey; Yoeli; Yorish, Cirl; Young, Belle; Young Men's and Young Women's Hebrew Association; Young & Rubicam, Inc.; Youth Immigration Coordinating Committee; Zacks, Adelyn; Zadik, Isidore; Zagagi; Zaslavsky, H.; Zenith Radionics Corporation; Ziff-Davis Publishing Company; Zeiri; Ziman; Zinder, Harry; Zukernick, Harry; Zuckerman, Baruch; "Di Zionistische Stimme"; Zion, Rabbi Joel.

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