Guide to the Jewish National Fund Records in the Hadassah Archives, 1923-2004
(bulk 1960-2000)

I-578/RG 9

The finding aid was prepared by Janine Veazue

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Electronic finding aid was encoded in EAD 2002 by Janine Veazue in February 2016. Description is in English.

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Jewish National Fund
Title: Jewish National Fund Records in the Hadassah Archives
Dates:bulk 1960-2000
Abstract: The Jewish National Fund records reflect the non-profit organization’s afforestation efforts in Israel in funding partnership with Hadassah. Included in this collection are personnel records, membership lists, and convention summaries, as well as correspondence, project documentation, and publications such as press releases, and magazines.
Languages: The collection is in English.
Quantity: 3 linear feet (6 manuscript boxes)
Identification: RG 9
Repository: American Jewish Historical Society
Location: Located in AJHS New York, NY
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Historical Note
Jewish National Fund/Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael logo

Jewish National Fund/Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael logo

The Jewish National Fund (also known as Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael) (JNF-KKL) is a fundraising organization founded in 1901 by Theodor Herzl to secure ownership of land in Palestine for the Jewish people from the Ottoman Empire. The Jewish National Fund’s original goal with this reclaimed land was to create collective worker’s communities that could sustain themselves through agricultural means, even in the most desolate and inhospitable parts of the country. As the Jewish National Fund’s funding grew, so did their involvement in other facets of cultural improvement, such as creating major city structures, financing the expenses of Jewish scientists, and founding institutions of higher education. By partnering with Hadassah in the 1920s, both groups were able to provide additional services.

Over the years [1930s-2000s], the collaborative efforts between the Jewish National Fund and Hadassah evolved accordingly. Initiatives were created to assist displaced persons of war, to provide respite for children affected by war in the form of summer camps, to improve water conservation efforts through the creation of dams and artificial bodies of water, and to continue to create forests.


Jewish National Fund: Our History and Leadership

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Scope and Content Note

This record group reflects the association of Hadassah with the Jewish National Fund. It contains correspondence, memoranda, project files, and publications from the 1930s to the 2000s.

Series I contains various administrative records such as member lists, constitutions, by-laws, as well as items relating to institutional accounting and fundraising. Although the record group contains correspondence throughout, the contents of Series II were originally organized to contain solely correspondence. Series III outlines several prominent collaborative projects between Hadassah and the Jewish National Fund. Series IV consists of various magazines and newsletters published by the Jewish National Fund, including the JNF Handbook and Land and Life.

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The records of the Jewish National Fund are arranged in four series by category. Due to the small size of this collection, the use of subseries has been waived in favor of detailed folder-level descriptions.

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Access and Use

Access Restrictions

The collection is open to all researchers by permission of the Director of Library and Archives of the American Jewish Historical Society, except items that are restricted due to their fragility.

Use Restrictions

Information concerning the literary rights may be obtained from the Director of Library and Archives of the American Jewish Historical Society. Users must apply in writing for permission to quote, reproduce or otherwise publish manuscript materials found in this collection. For more information contact:
American Jewish Historical Society, Center for Jewish History, 15 West 16th Street, New York, NY, 10011

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Related Material

The Guide to the Hadassah Archives on Long-term Deposit at the American Jewish Historical Society, which describes the entire collection, can found here:

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Separated Material

Several photographs have been removed from this collection and into RG18. Several folders of documents have been removed from this collection and reorganized into other collections. Pamphlets have been transferred to RG 17 in 1997; several essays have been transferred to the Subject Folder and the Library. Locations of these photographs and documents are listed in their corresponding series notes.

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Previous Finding Aids and Concordance

There was no previous finding aid for this collection. Original boxes 3 and 4 contained rough inventories. All original folder titles and corresponding box numbers are listed in a concordance, which is available here:

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Preferred Citation

Published citations should take the following form:
Identification of item, date (if known); Jewish National Fund Records in the Hadassah Archives; RG 9; box number; folder number; American Jewish Historical Society, New York, NY.

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Acquisition Information

The Hadassah Archives, of which the Jewish National Fund Records (RG 9) are a part, are on long-term deposit at the American Jewish Historical Society.

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Processing Information

Since the 1920s, Hadassah has funded five distinct projects in Palestine/Israel. This record group, originally named RG 9—Other Projects, now contains only the records of the project of Hadassah’s involvement with the Jewish National Fund, and was accordingly renamed in 2016.

There was no previous finding aid created for these records, but description from two container lists was reused and incorporated into the 2016 finding aid. Some series description along with collection-level notes pertaining to acquisition, processing, access and use, and related material were added as well. Overall, the boxes were consolidated to save space and reduce damage to the material. Some boxes were replaced and nonarchival folders were also replaced.

Although the original box labels reflect a simple, streamlined organization for this record group, the folders within were not as clear, and in places did not accurately reflect their contents at all. In the case of the original folder titled Material regarding Hadassah's financial support, the documents represented two very different administrative components. They were separated for usability and now reside in the folders Administrative Materials—Personnel—Ussushkin, Menachem, 1938-1940 and Projects—Emergency land restrictions, 1939-1940.

Many of the folders also contain abbreviations such as AC (Accounting), AD (Administration), and PO (Programs). These abbreviations are consistent across other Hadassah collections and were used as the backbone for this collection’s current organization to better illustrate the breadth of materials within. Any original label abbreviations are included in the concordance.

Folders have been renamed only when original titles were minimal or did not accurately represent the contents within. Pertinent original folder notation has been included in folder-level scope notes.

As of March 2016, additional files were added from the papers of D. Kaplan. A list of the relevant folders are listed in the concordance.

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Access Points

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Container List

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Series I: Administrative Materials, 1930-2004

This series is in English.
Boxes 1-2 (1 linear foot)

Documents in this series reflect administrative functions of the Jewish National Fund in relation to Hadassah. Folders originally labeled with the following categories were combined to form this series: AC (Accounting), AD (Administration), AS (Assembly), ME (Membership), and PE (Personnel).

This series is arranged alphabetically by category. Documents within each folder retain original order, which were arranged, for the most part, chronologically.

Scope and Content:

This series consists of several administrative categories used by the original Hadassah filing system. Document types include financial statements, memoranda by board members, minutes of various committee meetings, and summaries of national conferences, among others.

11 Accounting—Budget and Finance1957-1989request_box
13 Accounting—Jewish National Fund Financial Statements1977request_box
14 Accounting—Tree certificate pricing1992-1996request_box

From the papers of Claire Baer.

15Board of Trustees—Meeting notes2008request_box
16 Committees—Administrative Committee1977-1982request_box
17 Committees—Administrative Committee1980request_box
18 Committees—Board of Directors1964-1965request_box
19 Committees—Board of Directors1967-1980request_box
110 Committees—Board of Directors1980-1982request_box
111 Committees—Board of Directors/Hadassah—Action Memoranda1982request_box
112 Committees—Constitution Committee 1978request_box
113 Committees—Constitution Committee 1994request_box

Previously part of the Rose Goldman papers.

114 Committees—Constitution Committee 1995request_box

Consists of handwritten notes and drafts of changes.

Previously part of the Rose Goldman papers.

115 Committees—Jewish National Fund Assembly resolutions 1971request_box
116 Committees—Minutes 1971-1980request_box
117 Committees—National Board 1946-1948request_box

Excerpts from the minutes of the National Board Meeting relating to the Jewish National Fund.

118 Committees—Nominations Committee 1977-1985request_box
119 Committees—Organization & Structure/Finance 1978-1981request_box
120 Committees—Regional 1930-1993request_box
121 Committees—Special Executive Committee minutes 1981-1985request_box
21 Conferences1946-1948request_box

Features a speech by Elias Epstein to the Jewish National Fund convention.

22 Conferences—Jewish National Fund National Assembly 1958-1969request_box
23 Conferences—Jewish National Fund National Assembly 1996-1998request_box

Includes typed lyrics of the communal song Hadassah, the JNF, and Me.

From the papers of Claire Baer.

24 Conferences—Jewish National Fund Assembly report1964-1968request_box
25 Conferences—Jewish National Fund National Convention 1992-1994request_box

Previously part of the Rose Goldman papers.

26 Conferences—Jewish National Fund Speakers Seminar 1946request_box

Contains a presentation by Dora Inselbuch.

27 Conferences—Montreal Annual Negev Dinner 1959-1965request_box
28Conferences—Tu B'Shevat celebration2007request_box
29 Constitution/By-laws 1947-1982request_box
210 Councils 1975-1984request_box
211 Councils 1977-1989request_box
212First-Year Presidents orientation materials2006request_box
213First-Year Presidents orientation materials2007request_box
214First-Year Presidents orientation materials2008request_box
215JNF/Hadassah procedures2004request_box
216JNF history2004request_box
217JNF talking points2005request_box
218Mailings—Chapter Presidents2007request_box
219 Membership—Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations1978request_box
220 Membership—Green Line review committee 1996request_box

From the papers of Claire Baer.

221 Membership—National Hadassah Committee of the Jewish National Fund 1989-1997 request_box

From the papers of Claire Baer.

222 Membership—Nominating committee 1997request_box

From the papers of Claire Baer.

223 Membership—Women's Division1979-1981request_box
224 Personnel—Board of Directors 1975-1987request_box
225 Personnel—Cohen, Samuel I. 1978-1979request_box
226Personnel—Inselbuch, Samuel1946request_box
227 Personnel—Jacobson, Charlotte 1990request_box

Nomination for the Defender of Jerusalem Award.

228Personnel—Kaplan, Diane2008request_box
229 Personnel—Keren Hayesod—Officers 1987request_box
230 Personnel—Rivlin, Moshe 2004request_box
231 Personnel—Ussushkin, Menachem1938-1940request_box
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Series II: Correspondence, 1933-1977

This series is in English.
Box 3 (.25 linear feet)

Although correspondence exists elsewhere in this collection, these folders in particular were labeled as such. Original folder titles were maintained with some alterations for improved usability.

Scope and Content:

This series is entirely comprised of correspondence between both Hadassah and Jewish National Fund board members and Executives in the Hadassah/Jewish National Fund administration.

31 Correspondence and summaries of minutes and reports 1948-1950request_box
32 General 1967-1977request_box
33 Jewish National Fund Correspondence 1933-1939request_box

Correspondents Ethel Agronsky, Judith Epstein, Rose Halprin, Bertha Schoolman, Julius Simon, and Tamar de Sola Pool are included.

Topics discussed include the Henrietta Szold Grove on Mount Scopus, the Green Belt/ Hadassah Parkway, and the Hanita colony.

34 Jewish National Fund Correspondence 1945-1947request_box

Correspondents include Mendel Fisher, Walter Gross, Doris Inselbuch, Jesse Lurie, Dr. Judah Magnes, and Morris Rothenberg.

35 Jewish National Fund Correspondence 1946request_box

Correspondents include Elias Epstein, Mendel Fisher, Dr. Abraham Granovsky, and Dora Inselbuch.

36 Jewish National Fund Correspondence 1948-1953request_box

Correspondents include Maurice Boukstein, Elias Epstein, Judith Epstein, Anna Tulin, and Zvi Weinberg.

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Series III: Projects, 1923-2000

This series is in English.
Boxes 3-5 (1.50 linear foot)

Projects are arranged alphabetically by type of project or project name.

Scope and Content:

Items in this series reflect the varied collaborations of the Jewish National Fund and Hadassah from the 1920s until the 2000s.

37Administration (Miscellaneous)2005-2006request_box
38 Bicentennial Hadassah Plaza 1975-1977request_box

Includes one undated, black-and-white photograph of three women standing atop stone stairs.

310 Emergency land restrictions1939-1940request_box
311Forests—Abraham Roth Forest (Babies Forest) 1978-1985request_box

Folder also contains documents and correspondence relating to projects at Tefen.

312Forests—Adullam (Tzur Hadassah) 1949-1960request_box

Folder also contains documents and correspondence relating to the Sarah Kussey Forest.

313Forests—American Independence/Freedom Forest 1959request_box
314Forests—Children's Forest 1977-1983request_box

Project is also referred to as the Ingrid Bergman Children's Forest.

315Forests—Eliezer Kaplan Memorial Forest 1952-1992request_box
316Forests—Haifa Forest2007-2009request_box
317Forests—John F. Kennedy Memorial Forest 1963-1983request_box
318Forests—Neve Ilan Forest revitalization 1995request_box

Previously part of the Rose Goldman papers.

319Forests—Neve Ilan Forest revitalization 1996request_box

From the papers of Claire Baer.

41Forests—Senator Henry Jackson Memorial Forest 1983request_box
42Forests—Shachariya Forest handicapped access 1998request_box

From the papers of Claire Baer.

43Forests—Yad Vashem 1951-1980request_box

Project is also referred to as the Martyrs' Forest/Forest of the 6 Million.

44Gardens—Garden certificates2007request_box
45Gardens—Garden certificates2007request_box
46Gardens—Garden certificates2008request_box
47Gardens—Garden certificates2008request_box
48Gardens and Groves—American Independence Park2007request_box
49Gardens and Groves—American Independence Park—Accessibility1997-1998request_box

Includes two undated, black and white photographs: Yeshiel Leket and Shlomo Gravetz.

410Gardens and Groves—Kurt Wolfsen Grove2007request_box
411Gardens and Groves—Lower NY State Region of Hadassah Grove2008request_box
412Gardens and Groves—Memorial Groves 1955-1981request_box

Grove projects include the Rachel Kossow forest and the Memorial Grove of Helen Feinbloom.

413Gardens and Groves—Miriam Fierst Memorial Grove 1974-1998request_box

Original folder label indicates that a related photograph was removed and placed in RG 18/photos/JNF/signs.

From the papers of Claire Baer.

414Gardens and Groves—Nassau Region Grove2007request_box
415Gardens and Groves—Simko Garden2007request_box
51Gardens and Groves—Tikvah Garden2007request_box
52 General1953-1968request_box

Projects include Nachlat Hadassah, Ten Trees Program, Arava valley, Hevel Hadassah, and Golan Heights.

53 General1962-1986request_box

This folder contains documents pertaining to several projects including the Arava valley, Jewish National Fund's Blue Box campaign, and the International Women's Forest. Other documents pertain to Jewish National Fund officer business, including nominations and appointments.

54 Golden Book Certificates 1957-1958request_box
55 Hadassah Blue Box 1994request_box
56 Hadassah Blue Box—Orders 2004-2008request_box
57 Hadassah Park at Beersheba 1993-1998request_box
58 Hannah Senesh (theatrical production) 1984-1986request_box
59Israel at 602008-2009request_box
510 Jewish National Fund/Hadassah project highlights 1989-2000request_box

Includes pamphlets advertising several Jewish National Fund/Hadassah projects.

From the papers of Claire Baer.

511 Jewish National Fund/Hadassah project updates 1993-2000request_box
512 Jewish National Fund project evolution 1996request_box

From the papers of Claire Baer.

513 Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael 1958-1968request_box
OS22 Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael—Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael Park—Certificate 1997request_box
514 Kikar Sdom 1979-1981request_box
515 Kikar Sdom (Phase II) 1982request_box
516 Land redemption1923-1977request_box
517 Land Redemption 1955-1965request_box

Includes a hand-colored folding map titled Work Villages in the Galilee. Map illustrates the locations of work villages, existing Jewish settlements, highways, and international boundaries.

518Open a New Door cards2007request_box
519Operation Northern Renewal2007request_box
520Operation Northern Renewal—Hadassah's fire truck2007request_box
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Series IV: Circulated and Published Materials, 1946-2002

This series is in English.
Box 6 (.50 linear feet)

Items are organized alphabetically by item subject or title (when known).

Scope and Content:

This series consists of pamphlets, announcements, press releases, articles, short essays, and newsletters relating to the various activities of the Jewish National Fund and Hadassah.

61 Facts, Programs, Missions 1986-1998request_box

From the papers of Claire Baer.

62 Israel Flower Day 1960-1968request_box
63 Jewish National Fund Activity (Facts and Figures) 1946-1947request_box
64 Jewish National Fund National Conference 1983request_box
65 Jewish National Fund National Conference 1986request_box
66 Jewish National Fund project press releases 1957-1979request_box
67 Jewish National Fund tree planting brochures undatedrequest_box
68 Pamphlets/Fact Sheets 1970-1989request_box
69 Press releases 1953-1966request_box
610 Public Relations1965-1986request_box
611Commemorative Journal (100 years)2001-2002request_box
612"Factually Speaking"1966-1975request_box
613 Hadassah Newsletter clippings 1954-1959request_box
614Jewish Settlements in Palestine1948request_box
615JNF Handbook/Land and Life1946-1964request_box
616Land and Life1967-1991request_box

1987 volume contains only cover and pages 2, 15, and 16.

617Suggested Background Material for the Teaching of Jerusalem Reunited1968request_box
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