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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Guttmann, Melinda Given, 1944-2010
Title: Melinda Guttmann Collection
Dates:bulk 1985-2000
Abstract: This collection contains the research files of Melinda Guttmann on Bertha Pappenheim, also known as "Anna O." It is primarily comprised of documentation of Melinda Guttmann's work on Bertha Pappenheim as well as extensive accumulated research on her, most of which has been translated into English. Included are Melinda Guttmann's manuscripts and notes, as well as copies of many articles on Bertha Pappenheim and the culture and time in which she lived.
Languages: The collection is in English, German, and a small amount of French.
Quantity: 3.75 linear feet
Identification: AR 25295
Repository: Leo Baeck Institute
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Biographical Note

Melinda Guttmann was a member of the faculty of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY for a number of years, where she taught in the Department of Speech, Theatre, and Media Studies. Her performance "Anna O.'s Private Theatre" was shown with lectures internationally, and she has published several articles on Bertha Pappenheim. Other publications include many reviews of performances, as well as a number of articles and performances on nuclear disasters.

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Scope and Content Note

The Melinda Guttmann Collection is principally a research collection, holding papers assembled during the creation of Melinda Guttmann's works on Bertha Pappenheim. The collection includes documentation produced by Melinda Guttmann on Bertha Pappenheim as well as a considerable amount of articles on Bertha Pappenheim and related topics. In addition, there are also translations of the writing of Bertha Pappenheim.

The collection holds only a small amount of material on Melinda Guttmann herself. Such papers comprise Series I and include a few letters and résumés.

Melinda Guttmann's works on Bertha Pappenheim are located in Series II: Works. Such productions include a few short articles on Pappenheim, a one-woman performance piece entitled Anna O.'s Private Theatre, and a book called The Enigma of Anna O.. Material on the creation of these works includes correspondence with publishers, editors, and translators, funding proposals, and contracts. A script and stage notes are available for Anna O.'s Private Theatre, and the documentation related to The Enigma of Anna O. includes several drafts of the book's manuscript as well as notes, outlines, and comments by others on revisions.

Although a small amount of notes and research summaries will be found among the papers of Series II, the majority of collected research will be found in Series III: Research. The papers of this series include translations into English of Bertha Pappenheim's writing as well as a large collection of articles on Bertha Pappenheim and related articles that provide a context for looking at her life, such as articles on Jewish and German history, psychoanalysis, feminism, and women's history. Additional research on Bertha Pappenheim includes the video interviews of Series IV, which includes discussions with individuals who knew Bertha Pappenheim.

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The collection is arranged in four series in the following manner:

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Related Material

A copy of Melinda Guttmann's book, The Enigma of Anna O. is available in the LBI Library.

For further material on Bertha Pappenheim, see also the Bertha Pappenheim Collection, AR 331. In addition, several biographies of Bertha Pappenheim are available in the LBI Library.

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Separated Material

The videocassettes for this collection have been removed to the Audiovisual Collection.

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The collection is on ten reels of microfilm (MF 941):

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Processing Information

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Container List

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.

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Series I: Personal, 1984-2001

Series I is in English.
3 folders.


Scope and Content:

This small series holds personal documents and correspondence of Melinda Guttmann. Papers that pertain to her works on Bertha Pappenheim include some letters regarding research possibilities and a colleague's review of a performance of Anna O.'s Private Theatre in 1984. In addition, Guttmann's résumés list the scope of her writing, including mention of many published articles on Bertha Pappenheim.

12Other Papersundated, 1999-2001
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Series II: Works, 1882-2000

Series II is in English.
1.125 linear feet.

Divided into three subseries:

Scope and Content:

Series II is comprised of documents relating to Melinda Guttmann's works on Bertha Pappenheim. These include both written works and Guttmann's performance about Bertha Pappenheim, Anna O's Private Theatre.

Melinda Guttmann's writings about Bertha Pappenheim will be found in Subseries 1 and Subseries 3. Subseries 1 holds several short articles on Bertha Pappenheim. These primarily provide biographical information and discuss Bertha Pappenheim as the first psychoanalytic patient, but also mention her role as a Jewish feminist. However, the bulk of material in this series is the documentation related to Guttmann's book The Enigma of Anna O., in Subseries 3. Among these papers is correspondence with publishers, editors, and translators as well as some translation notes, research summaries, and several versions of the manuscript for Melinda Guttmann's book.

Subseries 2 contains papers relating to Melinda Guttmann's one-woman show on Bertha Pappenheim. Among these are funding and grant proposals, an interview with Guttmann about the piece, reviews, and other papers related to the project. Most noteworthy are the script and stage notes used in the performance, which together depict the text and actions of Melinda Guttmann's performance.

Some research material used by Melinda Guttman is located in two areas of this series. Among the documents in Subseries 1 are a collection of index cards that may have been used for Guttmann's book, articles, or performance, arranged by topic. In addition, notes and summaries of material as well as a few translations of Bertha Pappenheim's writing are located in Subseries 3.

Subseries 1: General, 1882-1997

Subseries 1 is in English.
0.25 linear foot.

Divided as follows:

Scope and Content:

Subseries 1 consists of articles, notes, and photographs pertaining to Melinda Guttmann's work on Bertha Pappenheim, but which are not specifically part of her performance piece Anna O.'s Private Theatre or her later book The Enigma of Anna O.. Included among the articles here are copies of several published articles on the life of Bertha Pappenheim. In addition, there are numerous index cards with notes related to Bertha Pappenheim and the environment she lived in. Copies of photographs depict not only Bertha Pappenheim, but also the sanatorium where she resided while recovering from hysteria and the home for young women and children she founded in Neu-Isenburg.

A) Articles

14Anna O as a Feminist Writerundated
15One Must be Ready for Time and Eternity1996
16Untitled Writingsundated
17Whatever Happened to Anna O.: Creativity under the Nazisundated

B) Notes

18Chronologies and Pappenheim Family Treeundated, 1986
19Index Cardsundated

C) Photographs

110Bellevue Sanatorium1882
111Bertha Pappenheimundated, 1882-1998
112Neu-Isenburg and Bertha Pappenheim's Residenceundated, 1905-1999
113Other Topicsundated, 1904, 1992
114Publishedundated, 1995-1997

Subseries 2: Anna O.'s Private Theatre (Performance), 1982-1987

Subseries 2 is in English
0.25 linear foot.


Scope and Content:

This subseries focuses on the stage piece conceived of and performed by Melinda Guttmann on the life of Bertha Pappenheim during the 1980s. Among the documentation here are both the script of the piece as well as stage notes that display the text of the piece, but also mention props and costumes used. Favorable reviews of the performance are also present in this subseries.

115Actor's Repertory for Teaching - Expenses1987
116Article - Anna O's Private Theatre: An Interview with Melinda Jo Guttman [sic]1980s?
117Costume Sketchesundated
118Grant Proposal1982?-1984
119Programs and Flyersundated
121Rockefeller Foundation Residential Program for Scholars and Artistsundated
123Stage Notesundated

Subseries 3: The Enigma of Anna O. (Book), 1973-2000

Subseries 3 is in English.
0.625 linear foot.

Divided as follows:

Scope and Content:

Subseries 3 primarily holds material created by Melinda Guttmann in the production of her book. Among the documents in this subseries are correspondence, translation notes and summaries, and drafts of the book.

Correspondence found here is between Melinda Guttmann, editors, and translators, and largely concerns the assistance they provided in the creation of Guttmann's book. In addition, there is also a small amount of correspondence with publishers and copies of publishing contracts. Research notes include summaries of German works related to Bertha Pappenheim, Austria, and Jewish history. Bibliographic queries include printouts from computer-assisted searches on topics related to those covered in Guttmann's book. Two lists of words may have been compiled for use in the book's index.

Manuscripts in this subseries consist of several differing drafts of the beginning of the book. In addition, there are English translations of Bertha Pappenheim's own writing, excerpts of which were featured in Guttmann's published book. The two folders entitled The Talking Cure also relate to the excerpts of Bertha Pappenheim's writing; the first lists some possible arrangements of her work in the book, while the second is a bound volume of copies of selected stories by Bertha Pappenheim arranged by Melinda Guttmann.

A) Correspondence and Notes

124Bibliographic Queries1973
125Bibliographic Queries - Creativity and Aging1994
126Editorial Correspondence, Outline, and Notes1993
127Editorial and Translation Services - Correspondence and Expense Calculations1988-1994
128Fellowship Proposalundated
129Lists of Confirmed and Unconfirmed Wordsundated
130Notebook - Notes on Bertha Pappenheim's Writingundated
131Notes - Allgemeine Zeitung des Judentums1990s?
132Notes - Bertha Pappenheim Biographical Chronology1990s?
133Notes - Vienna's Jews and fin-de-siècle Vienna1990s?
134Notes and Suggestions - Paul Lernerundated
136Publishing Contracts1987-1991
137Research Correspondence and Notesundated, 1971, 1992
138Research Notes - Frankfurt am Mainundated
139Research - Psychoanalysis1988-2000
140Writing Notes1997

B) Manuscript

142Bertha Pappenheim's Writing - Sample Translations1986
143Bertha Pappenheim's Writing - Self-Written Obituaries1990s?
144Bertha Pappenheim's Writing - Sisyphus-Work1986?
145Bertha Pappenheim's Writing - Translation Notes1990s?
146Chapter 5: Frankfurt - Revisions and Notes1990s?
147Chapters 1-5 - Revisions and Notes - with Comments1990s?
148Drafts - p. 1-11, 106-1081990s?
149Floppy Disk (5.25) - Unlabeledundated
150Footnote List1990s?
151Manuscript - p. 1-150, 1841990s?
152Manuscript - p. 1-1611990s?
153The Talking Cure: Selected Writings of Bertha Pappenheim - Arrangementundated, 1985
21The Talking Cure: Selected Writings of Bertha Pappenheim - Sample - Bound Volumeundated
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Series III: Research, 1885-1996

Series III is in English with some German and French.
2.875 linear feet.

Divided into three subseries:

Scope and Content:

Series III encompasses material accumulated by Melinda Guttmann in her research on Bertha Pappenheim. Included here are numerous copies of articles and archival records as well as translations into English of Bertha Pappenheim's own writing.

Several files in this collection were originally arranged in chronological order of the creation of the original source materials. These files comprise Subseries 1, and primarily include translations of the original materials, as well as some notes. Bertha Pappenheim's own writings, including her short stories and travel correspondence, make up a significant portion of this subseries.

Subseries 2 contains collected archival papers and articles relating to Bertha Pappenheim. Many of these originally in German have been translated into English, and some articles include notes on their content. A few articles are unpublished manuscripts.

Subseries 3 includes documentation on books that relate to Bertha Pappenheim, as well as some copies of photographs of early perceptions of psychoanalysis.

Subseries 1: Chronological Research, 1885-1990s

Subseries 1 is in English and some German.
0.75 linear foot.

Divided chronologically as follows:

The documentation in Subseries 1 largely follows the original order found in the collection during processing, with material organized by the time period in Bertha Pappenheim's life to which it relates. Some single documents such as correspondence and newsletters of the Juedischer Frauenbund that were originally located in separate folders were gathered together to preserve space.

Scope and Content:

Subseries 1 holds research material collected by Melinda Guttmann for use in her works on Bertha Pappenheim. The majority of these papers are translations of Bertha Pappenheim's own writing; lengthy writings include Pappenheim's fairy tales and short stories as well as her Sisyphus-Arbeit, translations of letters detailing her visit to Eastern Europe in 1911 and 1912. The folder on Anna Ettlinger includes summaries and translations from Ettlinger's published memoirs relating not only to Bertha Pappenheim, but also to the life of women in Germany in the nineteenth century.

A) During Bertha Pappenheim's Life

22Anna Ettlinger1885-1892, 1990s
23Denkzettel (Maxims)undated, 1990s
24In der Troedelbude (In the Junkshop) (1896)1990s
25Kleine Geschichten fuer Kinder (Little Stories for Children) - Selected Stories (1888)1990s
26Essay Excerpt - On the Cultivation of Upper-Class Young Women (1899)1990s
27Women's Rights: Play in Three Acts (Frauenrecht)1899, 1990s
28Zur Judenfrage in Galizien (On the Jewish Question in Galicia)1900, 1990s
29White Slavery Conferences1902, 1910, 1990s
210Ein Maerchen zum Einschlafen (A Fable to Sleep By)1903, 1990s
211Poetry and Correspondence1903-1933, 1990s
212Zur Lage der juedischen Bevoelkerung in Galizien - German Text with Notes1904, 1990s
213Zur Lage der juedischen Bevoelkerung in Galizien (On the Condition of the Jewish Population in Galicia) - English Translation1990s
214Juedischer Frauenbund Convention (1907)1990s
215Sisyphus-Arbeit: Reisebriefe aus den Jahren 1911 und 1912 - Notes1990s
216Tragische Momente: Drei Lebensbilder (Tragic Moments: Three Scenes of Life) (1913)1990s
217Soziale Schaeden - German Text with Translation Notesundated
218Kaempfe: Sechs Erzaehlungen (Struggles: Six Tales) (1916)1990s
219Allgemeine Zeitung des Judentums - Notes (1916)1990s
220Die Channukkah-Feier (The Hanukkah Celebration) (1919)1990s
221Correspondence (1922-1934)1990s
222Children's Isenburg Aid Troop Blaetter (December 1925) - Excerpt1925, 1990s
223Die Haselnusstorte (The Hazelnut Torte) (1925)1990s
224Correspondence - [Sigmund] Freud to [Josef] Breuer's Son (1925)1990s
225Blaetter [des juedischen Frauenbundes] - Articles (1927, 1934)1990s
226Correspondence - Jewish World Aid Conference (World Guardianship) (1928) 1990s
227Correspondence - Gertrud Baeumer (1928)1990s
228Sisyphus-Arbeit II - Introduction1929, 1990s
229Isenburg Home - Statistics and Summaries (1929-1930)1990s
230Eine Menschenfabel (A Human Fable)1933, 1990s
231Isenburg as Educational Tool (1934)1990s
232Gebete (Prayers)1936-1946, 1994
233Juedischer Frauenbund Records, Bundesarchiv Potsdam - Arrangement1991-1992
234Blaetter des juedischen Frauenbundes - In Commemoration (1936) 1990s
235Blaetter des juedischen Frauenbundes - In Commemoration (1936) - With Notes 1990s
236Death Announcement - Letter by Hannah Karminski1936, 1990s
237Irene Barmstaedter Speech - Notes (1936)1990s
238Condolence Letters1936, 1990s

B) Later Material

239Leopold Rosenak - Correspondence and Obituary1957
240Correspondence - Bertha Pappenheim as "Anna O."1958-1991
241Memories of Bertha Pappenheim1961, 1980
242Martin Buber - Letters and Translations (Martin Buber Archives)1972-1991?
243Bellevue Sanatoriumundated, 1980
244Helga Heubach - Interview Notes1991

Subseries 2: Collected Material, 1887-1995

Subseries 2 is in English and some German.
1.875 linear feet.

Divided in the following manner:

Scope and Content:

Subseries 2 contains copies of archival papers and articles on Bertha Pappenheim and related subjects, and comprises the largest area of the collection. In most cases, documents originally in German have been translated into English, including the majority of papers from archival collections. Perhaps the most prominent topics encountered in this subseries are biographical articles on Bertha Pappenheim, psychoanalysis and the history of psychology, and the treatment of Bertha Pappenheim's mental illness. The role of women in Judaism and Jewish history is also a frequently found topic. Although most articles found in this subseries are published, a small amount of unpublished material is also present.

A) Archival Papers

a) at the LBI

245Blaetter des juedischen Frauenbundes1924-1929
246Blaetter des juedischen Frauenbundes1930
247Blaetter des juedischen Frauenbundes1931-1932
31Blaetter des juedischen Frauenbundes1933
32Correspondence - Dora Edinger1956-1971
33Juedischer Frauenbund Collection Papers - Blaetter des juedischen Frauenbundes1925-1934, 1990s

b) at Other Archives

34Bertha Pappenheim Papers (Jewish Museum, Frankfurt am Main)1927-1964
35Bertha Pappenheim's Medical History (Bellevue Sanatorium Archives) - Translationundated
36Correspondence - Bertha Pappenheim to Felix Warburg (American Jewish Archives)1913-1935, 1992
37Correspondence - Bertha Pappenheim and Oesterreichisches Museum fuer Kunst und Industrie1935-1995
38Correspondence - Josef Breuer to Wilhelm Fliess (Library of Congress Manuscript Division, Sigmund Freud Collection)1894-1898
39Correspondence - Josef Breuer to Wilhelm Fliess - Translation Notes1995
310Other Archival Papers1883-1936, 1995
311Report on the Neu-Isenburg Home by Paula Vogelinundated

B) Articles

a) By Author

312Cath, Stanley M. - Psychoanalytic Concepts of Creativity and Aging1972
313Chesler, Phyllis1976-1991
314Diamond, Elin - Untitled Manuscript on Anna O1988
315Edinger, Dora - Bertha Pappenheim: Freud's Anna O. - Excerpts1983
316Edinger, Dora - Leben und Schreiben1963
317Erikson, Erik H. - The Problem of Ego Identity1980
318Fisher, David James - Lacan's Ambiguous Impact on Contemporary French Psychoanalysis1982
319Freeman, Lucy - Fantasy of Loveundated
320[Freud, Sigmund] - Freud on Anna O.undated
321Guttmann, M. Reese - Tracheohypopharyngeal Fistulizationundated
322Heubach, Helga - Translation - The Jewish Women's Union Home in Neu-Isenburg 1907 to 1942after 1986
323Heubach, Helga - Zum Gedaechtnis der Gerechten aus Segen: Zur Geschichte der juedischen Friedhoefe in Deutschland1990
324Jensen, Ellen - Streifzuege durch das Leben von Anna O./ Bertha Pappenheim1981-1991
325Jensen, Ellen - Streifzuege durch das Leben von Anna O./ Bertha Pappenheim - English Translations1980s-1990s?
326Jensen, Ellen - Streifzuege durch das Leben von Anna O./ Bertha Pappenheim - Reviews and Notes1987
327Kunzel, Regina G. - Fallen Women, Problem Girls1993?
328Matousek, Mark - From Cynic to Mystic1992
329Mee, Charles L. and Amanda Smith - Martha Clarke's Vienna: Lusthaus1987
330Micale, Mark S. - Hysteria and its Historiography1989
331Swales, Peter J. - Freud, Breuer, and the Blessed Virgin1986
332Swales, Peter J. - Freud, His Teacher, and the Birth of Psychoanalysis1984?
333Swales, Peter J. - Freud, Katharina, and the First 'Wild Analysis'1985

b) By Topic

334Anna O - Biographical1958-1981
335Anna O - Hysteriaundated
336Anna O - Psychoanalysis - Anna O's Caseundated, 1972
337Anna O - Psychoanalysis - General1913-1982
338Anna O - Psychobiography and Psychohistoryundated, 1984
339Anna O - Sigmund Freud and Josef Breuer1925-1984
340Anna O Case1965-1990
341Bertha Pappenheim - Biographical1961-1992
342Bettina von Arnim1955, 1982
42Fiftieth Anniversary of Bertha Pappenheim's Death - Lectures and Articles1986
43Freud and Anna O. - Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1983-1990
44Germany - Articles and Notes1978-1991
45Glueckel von Hamelnundated, 1910
51Jewish History1920-1989
52Jewish History - 1848 Revolution1981
53Jewish History - Unpublished Articles and Notes1990s?
54Jews and Psychoanalysis1985-1991
55Josef Breuerundated, 1953-1964
58Psychobiographyundated, 1982-1994
59Sigmund Freud and Josef Breuer1953-1983
511Women in Judaism - Berkovits, Eliezer - Jewish Women in Time and Torah - Exerpts1990
512Women in Judaism - Biale, Rachel - Women in Jewish Law - Excerpts1984
513Women in Judaism - Greenberg, Blu - On Women and Judaism - Excerpts1981
514Women in Judaism - Meiselman, Moshe - Jewish Woman in Jewish Law - Excerpts1978

Subseries 3: Other Research Material, 1976-1996

Subseries 3 is in German, English, and French.
4 folders.


Scope and Content:

Subseries 3 documents Melinda Guttmann's use of other materials in her research on Bertha Pappenheim. This subseries holds copies of title pages of books removed from the collection as well as an assortment of copies of early illustrations of psychoanalysis. Books that were removed included both books on Bertha Pappenheim and her work. Among these were two books that depicted items Pappenheim donated to the Oesterreichisches Museum fuer Kunst und Industrie and two that mentioned the home she established in Neu-Isenburg. Other topics include three books unrelated to Bertha Pappenheim, one of which holds an article by Melinda Guttmann and one that is dedicated to her.

515Books depicting Bertha Pappenheim's Possessions1985-1992
516Books - Neu-Isenburg Home1976, 1986
517Books - Other Topics1985-1996
518Psychoanalysis Illustrationsundated
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Series IV: Videos, undated

This series is in English.
0.5 linear foot


Scope and Content:

The videos that comprise this series consist of interviews conducted by Melinda Guttmann while collecting research on Bertha Pappenheim. The first folder holds videocassettes of an interview with Dr. Hirschmueller from the History of Medicine department at the University of Tuebingen. The folder "Israel" contains interviews with individuals who knew Bertha Pappenheim, who spent time in the home at Neu-Isenburg, or who had relatives who knew Bertha Pappenheim; many of these individuals are unidentified. The "Pappenheim Project" folder contains a similar interview. Videos in the folder "Vienna" film Bertha Pappenheim's lace on display at the Oesterreichisches Museum fuer Kunst und Industrie.

AV 252951Interview with Dr. Hirshmullerundated
AV 252952Israelundated
AV 252953Pappenheim Projectundated
AV 252954Viennaundated
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