Guide to the Papers of Hugo Sinzheimer (1875-1945)
undated, 1893-2010

AR 25413 / MF 1050

Processed by Kevin Schlottmann and Dianne Ritchey

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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Mainzer, Gertrud
Title: Hugo Sinzheimer Collection
Dates:undated, 1893-2010
Dates:bulk 1895-1939
Abstract: This collection primarily contains materials relating to Hugo Sinzheimer's professional activity as a labor lawyer and professor. It includes published writings, drafts of his 1938 book Jüdische Klassiker der Deutschen Rechtswissenschaft (Jewish Classics in German Jurisprudence), legal work files and correspondence, as well as some educational material. Some biographical information on Hugo Sinzheimer is also present, as well as a few personal items, including an illustrated biographical poem. Some writings and other papers of Ludwig Sinzheimer are included.
Languages: This collection is in German, with some Dutch, English, and French.
Quantity: 3 linear feet.
Identification: AR 25413
Repository: Leo Baeck Institute
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Biographical Note

Hugo Sinzheimer (1875-1945) was born in Worms. He studied law in Berlin, Freiburg, Marburg und Halle, and he completed his dissertation in 1898 at the University of Heidelberg. He was among the founders of the field of labor law, and helped shape modern labor law as a member of the Weimar National Assembly. He was a professor at the University of Frankfurt from 1920 until April 1933, when he fled to the Netherlands. There, he obtained positions at the Universities of Amsterdam and Leiden. Sinzheimer died suddenly in September 1945, after having survived the war in hiding. His daughter Gertrud Mainzer survived Bergen-Belsen and after the war immigrated to New York, where she became a noted family court judge.

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Scope and Content Note

This collection primarily contains materials relating to Hugo Sinzheimer's professional activity as a labor lawyer and professor, with a focus on his written work. In addition the collection contains some papers of his relative Ludwig Sinzheimer, a social scientist (whose relation to Hugo Sinzheimer could not be identified). The collection includes copies of published writings, drafts of the Sinzheimers' writings in both typescript and manuscript form, other professional papers and a small amount of personal papers.

Hugo Sinzheimer's professional work comprises the bulk of this collection and is located in Series II. Subseries 1 holds his more general professional papers, including some correspondence, teaching materials and lecture notes. Subseries 2 consists of his professional writings, including published journal articles and unpublished article drafts, drafts for his 1938 book Jüdische Klassiker der Deutschen Rechtswissenschaft (Jewish Classics in German Jurisprudence) and various research notes.

Personal papers of Hugo Sinzheimer will be found in Series I, which consists of an illustrated biographical poem and a sketch of Hugo Sinzheimer.

The professional papers of Ludwig Sinzheimer make up Series III. Much of these consist of handwritten articles by Ludwig Sinzheimer, and primarily focus economics and related subjects. A few letters, clippings and some research notes complete the series.

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This collection is divided into three series as follows:

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Access and Use

Access Restrictions

This collection is open to researchers.

Access Information

Collection is digitized. Follow the links in the Container List to access the digitized materials.

The bound manuscripts in Box 4 have been microfilmed (MF 1050).

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Access Points

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Related Material

LBI holds an archival collection about Sinzheimer's daughter, New York family court judge Gertrud Mainzer (AR 25417). The LBI Library also holds many of Sinzheimer's published works, including a copy of his book Jüdische Klassiker der deutschen Rechtswissenschaft(CT 6958 A2 S55).

Twophotographs of Sinzheimer, from the Paul Arnsberg collection (AR 7206), have been digitized.

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The three sets of bound manuscript notes found in box three have been microfilmed; please use MF 1050.

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Preferred Citation

Published citations should take the following form:

Identification of item, date (if known); Hugo Sinzheimer Collection; AR 25413; box number; folder number; Leo Baeck Institute.

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Processing Information

The materials were refoldered, duplicates removed, and photocopies made of the relevant articles from newspapers. Photographs were rehoused.

Initial processing of the collection was conducted by Kevin Schlottmann in July 2011. In November 2011 two further feet of material were incorporated into the collection by Dianne Ritchey, the bulk of which consisted of material belonging to Series II and III. During the addition Series II was further subdived into multiple subseries.

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Container List

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection. Follow the links to access the digitized materials.


Series I: Personal, 1920s-1930s

This series is in German.
2 folders.
Scope and Content:

This series contains two items. The first is a short, light-hearted biography of Sinzheimer in rhyme, with hand-colored illustrations. The second is a sketch of Sinzheimer clipped from a newspaper, probably drawn by Frankfurt artist Hans Scheil.

11Illustrated biographical poem1930s
12Printed sketch of Hugo Sinzheimer1920s

Probably by Hans Scheil

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Series II: Professional, undated, 1893-2010

This series is in German, with some Dutch, English, and French.

Divided into two subseries: Subseries 1: General and Subseries 2: Writings and Research.

Scope and Content:

Series II contains materials relating to Hugo Sinzheimer's professional activity as a labor lawyer and professor. It is divided into two subseries. The first contains various professional materials, while the second contains Sinzheimer's writings, including both published versions of shorter articles and various drafts of his book Jüdische Klassiker der deutschen Rechtswissenschaft. Subseries 2 additionally includes some research notes.

Subseries 1: General, 1893-2001

0.75 linear ft.


Scope and Content:

This subseries includes correspondence, material relating to Sinzheimer's teaching, some photographs and several bound manuscripts of notes.

The general correspondence is primarily of a professional nature, mostly from attorneys and students. The signatures were difficult to decipher, so the folder is organized chronologically. The case file folder contains correspondence and legal briefs concerning the case of one Erich Seligmann-Heilner and his attempts to secure dividend payments from the company Continentale Linoleum-Union; several drafts of the completed legal documents are present in Section C: Other Articles of Subseries 2. The Educational Materials folder contains a seminar book that appears to have been maintained collaboratively by Sinzheimer and his students. The folder also contains an undated set of notes from the Foundations of Labor Law class taught by Sinzheimer. Related is a folder of essays by his students. The folder of materials about Hugo Sinzheimer includes book reviews, clippings, and items relating to conferences about him. This subseries also contains a few unidentified photographs.

The subseries also includes three sets of bound manuscript notes taken by Hugo Sinzheimer during lectures on macroeconomics and private law. The lectures were titled: Nationaloekonomische u[nd] socialpolitische Ferien Kurse, veranstaltet vom Verein fuer Socialpolitik, Berlin (9/30 – 10/14/1895); Rosin: Deutsches Privatrecht (mit Lehenrecht), Freiburg i/Br. (1895); and Schmoller: Praktische Nationaloekonomie oder Volkswirtschaftsp[olitik] (preussisch-deutsche Wirtschaftsgeschichte der Gegenwart) (undated). These items have been microfilmed; please use MF 1050.

13Correspondence – Case file "Seligmann-Heilner"1937-1939
14Correspondence - Generalundated, 1893-1934
15Educational materialsundated, 1922-1924
16Lectures - Carl Heymann catalog1902
17Lectures – Tables of Contentsundated
18Materials about Hugo Sinzheimerundated, 1946-2001
19Notification of Oral Dissertation Defense1898
4Bound Manuscript Notes on Macroeconomics1895
111Student Papersundated

Subseries 2: Writings and Research, 1910-2010

1.75 linear feet.

Subdivided as follows:

Scope and Content:

Subseries 2 consists of material relating to Sinzheimer's publications, especially his work Jüdische Klassiker der deutschen Rechtwissenschaft (Jewish Classics in German Jurisprudence). Other writings include a number of examples of journal and newspaper articles by him on various legal subjects, as well as a publisher's catalog and a copy of a Reichs-Arbeitsblatt with Sinzheimer's proposal for a labor law.

The bulk of Subseries 2 focuses on Sinzheimer's abovementioned book. The section "Full Manuscript" consists of the book's galley proofs and an annotated typescript. The typescript was left in the order in which it was found. Later additions to the collection, consisting of the remaining sections of this subseries, include heavily annotated manuscripts and typescripts for individual chapters, frequently with several versions of a chapter. These folders have been arranged in the order in which the chapters appear in the book. A proposal for the book and an unidentified fragment are also present.

Other later additions to this subseries include drafts of other articles and a number of folders of research notes. Among the articles are two drafts on the Seligmann-Heilner case, whose correspondence will be found in the first subseries of this series. Other articles include a legal article that comments on the use of reason and rationality in civil law, an article on economic democracy written while he was a professor at the University of Amsterdam. A third, handwritten article discusses the concept of the personality, with focus on self-awareness.

Subseries 2 additionally holds many folders of research notes, most of which pertain to legal issues. Several hold typed citations for specific books. Others are unidentified and were assigned topics during processing based on their contents. Three large folders, identified only by Roman numerals, consist of numerous handwritten notes and have been left in the order in which they were found without further subdivision.

A) Journal and Newspaper Articles

112List of Journal Articles2010
113Journal Articles1910-1919
114Journal Articles1920-1921
115Journal Articles1922-1929
116Journal Articlesundated, 1930-1938
117Newspaper Articlesundated, 1909-1937
118Reichs-Arbeitsblatt1921 April

B) Jüdische Klassiker der deutschen Rechtswissenschaft

a) Full Manuscript

119Juedische Klassiker der Deutschen Rechtswissenschaft – Galley proofs1937
120Juedische Klassiker der Deutschen Rechtswissenschaft – Typescript – unidentified parts
121Juedische Klassiker der Deutschen Rechtswissenschaft – Typescript – parts I-XI and unidentifiedcirca 1937
122Juedische Klassiker der Deutschen Rechtswissenschaft – Typescript – parts XII-conclusion and unidentifiedcirca 1937

b) Individual Chapters

123Foreword (Vorwort)1930s?
124Friedrich Julius Stahl – handwritten and typed drafts1930s?
125Friedrich Julius Stahl – typed draft1930s?
126Friedrich Julius Stahl – typed draft1930s?
21Lewin Goldschmidt – handwritten draft1930s?
22Lewin Goldschmidt – handwritten and typed drafts1930s?
23Lewin Goldschmidt – notes1930s?
24Lewin Goldschmidt – notes1930s?
25Lewin Goldschmidt – typed draft1930s?
26Lewin Goldschmidt – typed draft1930s?
27Josef Unger – typed draft1930s?
28Wilhelm Eduard Wilda – notes1930s?
29Wilhelm Eduard Wilda – typed drafts1930s?
210Paul Laband – handwritten and typed drafts1930s?
211Paul Laband – typed drafts1930s?
212Georg Jellinek – handwritten and typed drafts1930s?
213Georg Jellinek – handwritten draft1930s?
214Georg Jellinek – notes1930s?
215Georg Jellinek – notes [not digitized]1930s?
216Eugen Ehrlich – typed and handwritten drafts1930s?
217Philipp Lotmar – typed draft1930s?
218Conclusion (Schlusswort) – Handwritten draft1930s?
219Conclusion (Schlusswort) – typed draft1930s?

c) Other Sections

220Proposal and Prints1936
221Untitled Fragment1930s?

C) Other Articles

222Die Idee der Wirtschaftsdemokratie und ihr Zusammenbruch in Deutschland (The Idea of Economic Democracy and its Collapse in Germany)undated
223Die Persönlichkeit (The Personality)undated
224Seligmann-Heilner Case - Draft - Bound1937?
225Seligmann-Heilner Case – Drafts1937?
226Das Weltbild des bürgerlichen Rechts (The World View of Civil Law)undated

D) Research Notes

227"AR," Immanuel Kantundated
228Civil law - typedundated
229Civil law – typed and handwrittenundated, 1932
230Civil law and social classesundated
231Dutch Publications1936-1937
232E. Kaufmannundated
233Eigentum (Property)undated
234Employment and business lawundated
235Fichtes Idealismus und die Geschichte (Fichte's Idealism and History)undated
236Ideen der Entwicklung (Ideas of Development)undated
237Mensch und Dasein (Person and Existence)undated
238Notes on Specific Books1930s?
239Rechtssoziologie (Sociology of Law)undated, 1934
240Sozialer [?] (Illegible Title)undated
241Theorie der Gesetzebung (Theories of Legislation)undated
242Research notes – Unsorted – "V"undated
243Research notes – Unsorted – "VII"undated
244Research notes – Unsorted – "VIII"undated, 1945
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Series III: Ludwig Sinzheimer, 1889-1937

This series is in German.
0.5 linear ft.

Alphabetical by format.

Scope and Content:

Series III consists of the papers of Ludwig Sinzheimer, a relative of Hugo Sinzheimer, found together with his own papers. (Ludwig's relationship to Hugo Sinzheimer could not be identified.) The bulk of the series comprises articles by Ludwig Sinzheimer, although a few other folders hold some correspondence, research notes and newspaper clippings.

Most of Ludwig Sinzheimer's writings in this series relate to the subject of economics, and most are handwritten. The first article in the series, Amerikanische Anregungen zur Ausgestaltung des volkswirtschaftlichen und finanzwissenschaftlichen Unterrichtes, compares the American and German system of the teaching of economics, and Sinzheimer advocates the usefulness of Germans adopting some of the American practices. Research notes include several notebooks with quotes or extracts from books along with the mentioned works' citations.

31Article – Amerikanische Anregungen zur Ausgestaltung des volkswirtschaftlichen und finanzwissenschaftlichen Unterrichtes (American Suggestions for the Design of Economic and Finance Instruction)undated
32Article – Die Begründung der exakten Nationalökonomieundated
33Article – Die Französische Nationalökonomie (The French National Economy)1911
34Article – Die japanische Frage in den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika (The Japanese Question in the United States of America)undated
35Article – Kredit und Arbeit (Credit and Work)1889
36Article – Nationalökonomie und Psychologie (Macroeconomics and Psychology)undated
37Article – Neuere amerikanische Lehrbücher der politischens Oekonomie (Recent American Textbooks of Political Economics)undated
38Article – Die organisierten Unternehmer und die organisierten Arbeiter (Organized Employers and Organized Workers)1896
39Article – Social Democracy (Illegible Title)undated
310Article – Wilhelm Heinrich von Riehlundated
312Lectures – Contents and Notesundated
313Newspaper Clippings and Publications1936-1937
314Research Notes and Essay Drafts – Notebooks1889-1890
315Research Notes and Manuscript Listundated
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