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Descriptive Summary

Creator:: Strauss, Eduard (1876-1952)
Title:: Eduard Strauss Collection
Dates::bulk 1891-1952
Abstract:: This collection contains the writings and correspondence of Eduard Strauss. Strauss was a chemist and philosopher who taught at the Freies Juedisches Lehrhaus in Frankfurt am Main and later immigrated to New York, where he helped establish a new Lehrhaus.
Languages:: The records are in German, English, and Latin.
Quantity:: 6 linear feet
Accession number:: AR 7192
Repository:: Leo Baeck Institute
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Biographical Note

Born in Kreuznach on February 18, 1876, Eduard Strauss was a chemist and philosopher. His parents were Heinrich Strauss and Viktoria Strauss (née Nathan). At the age of 16 Eduard Strauss moved to Frankfurt/Main where he obtained his university-entrance diploma in 1895. He studied chemistry, physics and botany at the universities of Bonn, Munich and Berlin. After receiving his doctorate in chemistry at the University of Berlin in 1899, he worked in Munich with Karl A. Hofmann (who discovered radioactive lead in 1900) and others. He also continued his studies and took classes in medicine. He passed a public examination as a nutritional chemist and became assistant to Professor Hilger at the Institute of Applied Chemistry in Munich. In 1905, he returned to Berlin, but soon moved to Frankfurt/Main, where he married Beatrice Rosenberg in 1907. They had two children, Elizabeth (born 1908?) and Carola (born 1913). In Frankfurt he worked in several clinical institutions as a chemist.

His professional career was interrupted by his service in World War I. From the beginnings in 1920 to the early end in 1938, Eduard Strauss taught at the Freies Juedisches Lehrhaus in Frankfurt/Main, which was established by Franz Rosenzweig in 1920. Eduard Strauss was member of the directorate and as an institution for adult education and beyond, his weekly lectures on the Holy Scripture were highly appreciated.

In the year 1935, Eduard Strauss's research was suspended when he was dismissed due to the racial laws from the Georg-Speyer-Haus, a chemotherapeutical institute. He continued performing his duties in the Jewish congregation, which consisted mostly of writing articles for their newspaper, and stayed in Frankfurt am Main until 1938. In June of this year, he immigrated with his family to Italy. In December, he had to leave Italy and immigrated to the United States via Havana, Cuba, which was facilitated by the fact that his wife was an American citizen. Eduard Strauss obtained American citizenship in 1943.

Upon his arrival in New York he immediately started working at Beth David Hospital. Later he worked at the Coster Research Laboratories, at Crown Heights Hospital and the Chemistry Department of New York University.

Eduard Strauss was well known especially in the Jewish communities of Frankfurt and later New York for his dedication to teaching Jews and non-Jews in philosophical, biblical, theological and Jewish questions. He was an active member of the Jewish congregation of Frankfurt and later of the Jewish congregation Habonim of New York. He helped establishing a new "Lehrhaus" in New York, which was founded as Lehrhaus Franz Rosenzweig in 1939.

Besides his teaching activities, Eduard Strauss wrote many newspaper articles, some for the Frankfurter Zeitung, but mostly for Jewish papers like the Frankfurter Israelitisches Gemeindeblatt, the Morgen, and later in New York for the Aufbau and the Bulletin Habonim. Most of his articles consist of written forms of his lectures, for example in Martin Buber's monthly Der Jude. He also published scientific works as a chemist.

Eduard Strauss died in New York City on August 23, 1952.

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Scope and Contents

This collection consists of two donations. Most of the material was donated by Beatrice Strauss, Eduard Strauss's widow. This is partially documented in subseries 3 of Series I. The remainder was donated by Carola S. Trier, Eduard Strauss's daughter, which is fragmentarily documented in subseries 2 of the same series. The bulk of the collection consists of manuscripts, published articles and correspondence with friends and colleagues.

Series I: This series contains personal items, e.g. diaries, notes, certificates of degree, and testimonials. Eduard Strauss's correspondence during World War I is also included. Another part is formed by material of activities in the lodges. The subseries 2 and 3 deal with items related to Eduard Strauss's relatives.

Series II: Consists of correspondence. In subseries 1, individual correspondents are listed alphabetically. The content of the letters is twofold, personal and professional. The letters which are job-related deal mostly with manuscripts and their editing, proof-reading, and their ideas, etc. Unidentified letters are to be found at the very end (listed as Zz-Others). Subseries 2 is formed by the letters of congratulations which Eduard Strauss received for special birthdays.

Series III: This series contains Eduard Strauss's writings, which are divided into manuscripts and published articles. The manuscripts comprise almost three linear feet, including a lot of materials and fragments, typewritten and handwritten. Some of them are drafts of published articles, some are notes on certain topics, some are outlines of lectures held at the Freies Juedisches Lehrhaus in Frankfurt or elsewhere.

Series IV: This series is named after Franz Rosenzweig. It includes writings by Eduard Strauss concerning Rosenzweig's ideas, obituaries for Rosenzweig and writings by Rosenzweig himself. There are two short letters by Franz Rosenzweig to Eduard Strauss.

Series V: Consists of writings by persons other than Eduard Strauss or Franz Rosenzweig or Strauss's family members. Erich Kahler's and Stephen S. Schwarzschild's writings deal with Jewish topics. A printed article by Martin Buber is also included.

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Related Material

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Separated material

One photograph was removed and placed in the Photograph Collection at the LBI Archives.

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This collection is available on fourteen reels of microfilm.

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Preferred Citation

Identification of item, date (if known); Eduard Strauss Collection; AR 7192; box number; folder number; Leo Baeck Institute, New York.

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Processing Information

This collection was reprocessed by Sebastian Meiners in January-March 2005 to reflect the addition of circa 2 linear feet of addenda included since the creation of the original finding aid.

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Detailed Description of the Collection


Series I: Personal Papers, 1891-1988

This series is mainly in German and English.

Subseries 1: Eduard Strauss, 1891-1976

This series is mainly in German and English.

Chronological and topical.

Scope and Content:

This series contains personal items, such as diaries, notes, certificates of degree, testimonials and articles on his various speeches and on his lectures. Eduard Strauss's correspondence during World War I is also included. Another part is formed by material of his activities in the lodges.

10List and detailed list of contents of Box 1; old inventory lists-
11School reports and police records1891-1920
12University certificates of degrees1895-1905
  In Latin    
13University documents1895-1907

Testimonials, certificates of degree, etc.

OS 2-Three diplomas from Friedrich Wilhelm University (doctorate)1899
  In Latin   
14Testimonials by scientific institutes and individual scientists1894-1922
15Datterich - Printed theatre program1900

Eduard Strauss is listed as one of the actors

16Military service during World War I - Correspondence1914-1918
17Military service during World War I - Mementos, postcards, programs1917-1918
18Activities in the lodges1920-1944

Speeches, lectures, notes, letters

19Newspaper clippings on Eduard Strauss and the "Lehrhaus Franz Rosenzweig"1921-1952
110Jüdisches Lehrhaus - Ehrenkarteundated
111Lectures of the Holy Scripture1927-1931
112Moses Mendelssohn - Gedächtnisfeier (Memorial) - Clippings1929
113Fünf Bücher der Weisung - Book with handwritten annotations1930
114Gerichtskasse Frankfurt am Main - Notification to pay money1933
115Georg-Speyer-Hausafter 1936

List of ex-colleagues put together by Eduard Strauss

116Interdiction concerning his inheritance1941-1942
117Curriculum vitae and academic publications1939-1946?
  • List of scientific papers published from 1898 to 1946
  • List of philosophical publications
  • Letter of recommendation from Martin Buber, typewritten, Jerusalem, May 14, 1939
118Curriculum vitaeundated
119Lists of manuscriptsundated
  Typewritten, several versions 
120Congregation Habonim1952
121"Fragmenta Palatina - Bruchstuecke eines Selbstdialogs"1934-1942

Typewritten and handwritten personal notes, descriptions, thoughts, etc.

122Diary, handwritten, and loose pages1937-1939
123Notations, typewritten with handwritten annotations1940-1952
124"Scarify notes on our summer trip to Mexico 1951" and other notes1951
125Newspaper clippings on special birthdays (60th, 70th and 75th)1936-1951
126Eduard Strauss's death: Obituaries1952
127Eduard Strauss's death: Eulogy and articles1952-1956
128Tenth Anniversary of Eduard Strauss's death1962
129K.C. Fraternity: Commemoration of Eduard Strauss1963-1964
130Commemoration of 100th birthday - Letters and articles1976

Subseries 2: Carola Trier, 1946-1988

This series is in German and English.

Chronological and topical.

Scope and Content:

The material of Carola Trier is mainly concerned with the question of what to do with her late father's documents. Most of the correspondence is with the Leo Baeck Institute. Letters from her father are also included in this series.

20List and detailed list of contents of Box 2-
21Eduard Strauss to Carola Trier: 13 letters1946
22Newspaper articles on Leo Baeck Institute1957-1959
23Legacy - Correspondence1952-1959
24Legacy - Correspondence1961-1962
25Legacy - Correspondence1963-1968
26Legacy - Correspondence1971-1982
27Acknowledgement of donation by Carola Trier, old inventory list1988
28Eduard Strauss's life and worksundated

Subseries 3: Others, 1854-1955

This series is in German and English.

Chronological and topical.

Scope and Content:

This series contains some documents of Eduard Strauss's parents. The bigger part is formed (as in Series I. Subseries 2) by the question about how to handle Eduard Strauss's documents.

29Eduard Strauss's parents: documents, letters, etc.1854-1930
210Correspondence of Beatrice Strauss concerning her late husband's papers1952-1953
211Correspondence Beatrice Strauss and Leo Baeck Institute1959-1968
212Note-book, handwritten notes, not from Eduard Strauss, English1955
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Series II: Correspondence, 1896-1952

This series is in German and English.

Subseries 1: Individuals, 1896-1952

This series is in German and English.

Alphabetical and chronological.

Scope and Content:

This series consists of correspondence with individual correspondents and unidentified persons (listed Zz-Others). Of those persons listed, the most significant part are letters by Heinrich von Mueller and Martin Buber. There are also many letters by Emil Abderhalden, Richard Koch, Erich Lilienthal and Robert Adam Pollak.

The content of the letters is twofold, personal and professional. The letters which are job-related deal mostly with manuscripts and their editing, proof-reading, and their ideas, etc.

213Abderhalden, Emil1908-1933
  24 letters and 2 postcards  
214Ahrens, Eric1939
  1 letter  
215Altschul, Alfred1898-1900
   7 letters and 3 postcards 
216Anscher, Edmund1907-1916
  18 letters and cards 
217Bab, Julius1950
  1 letter 
218Baer, Arthur1940
  1 letter 
219Barrett, John D.1948
  1 letter  
220Bergel, Kurt1932-1937
  2 letters 
221Biberstein, Ernst L.1947
  1 letter 
  1 letter  
223Boernstein, Walter S.1946
  1 letter  
224Braunfels, Walterundated
  1 letter 
225Brodnitz, Friedrich S.1938-1952
  2 letters and 4 postcards  
226Buber, Martin (I): ;1924-1941

Included are:

  • 3 photos of Martin Buber
  • 1 photo of Franz Rosenzweig
  • reprint of Martin Buber's article "In memoriam Franz Rosenzweig"
  • Jewish Agency meeting 1929
87 letters and postcards
227Buber, Martin1924-1952
  16 letters and postcards  
228Cohen, Elliot E.1946
  1 letter  
229Cohn, Franz and Olga1945
  1 letter  
230Coler, H. Robert1940
  1 letter 
231Collier, W. A.1925
  5 letters  
232Dienemann, Max1926
  1 letter  
233Duerr, D.1932
  2 letters  
234Elder-Koch, Helen1946-1951
  7 letters 
235Engel, Heinrich1947
  1 letter  
236Epstein, W. (?)1913
  1 letter  
237Fahr, Otto1902-1906

Included are 5 poems by Otto Fahr

49 letters and postcards
238Feuchtwanger, Ludwig1937 (?)
  1 letter  
239Fleischmann, Fritz1905-1914
  17 letters and postcards 
240Freckmann, Karl (Carlos)1927-1947
  7 letters 
241Friedmann, Adolf1898-1905
  23 letters and postcards  
242Geiger, Rudolf1943, 1948
  1 letter and 1 postcard  
243Geisow, Hans1903-1906
  6 letters  
244Glatzer, Nahum N.1941-1952
  15 letters 
245Goldbaum, Wenzel1900-1902
  6 letters  
246Goldner, Martin:1936
  1 letter  
247Goldstein, J.1919-1924
  1 letter and 1 postcard 
248Haemel, A.1927
  1 letter  
249Hahn, Hugo1940
  1 letter  
250Hauser, Ernst A.1945
  1 letter  
251Heschel, Abraham1938-1946
  15 letters and 4 postcards 
252Hilger, A.1904
  2 letters  
253Hoche, Anton1909-1910
  6 letters  
  3 letters 
255Jaeckel, Fritz1917
  1 letter  
256Junk, W.1925
  1 letter  
257Kahler, Erich1931
  2 letters 
258Kayser, Stephen1940
  2 letters  
259Kisch, Bruno1944
  2 letters  
  1 letter  
261Koch, Maria1936-1951

Some of the letters are incomplete; 1 poem "Der Spatz" is included

8 letters
262Koch, Richard1908-1948

Also included are:

  • Poem "Maria zum 52. Geburtstag" (1944)
  • Poem "Heimweh" (1945)
  • Handwritten play "Auschwitz"
  • Biographical data of Richard Koch
32 letters and postcards
263Kohn, Hans1931-1932
  3 letters and 5 postcards 
264Korn, Arthur and Liesel1944
  2 letters and 2 postcards 
265Kriegel, Sara Eugenie:1941
  3 letters  
266Kuttner, Georg1898-1901
  9 letters and 5 postcards 
267Lamm, Hans1938-1946
  5 letters and 2 postcards 
268Lampé, Arno1913-1914
  4 letters and 1 postcard 
269Lerner, R.1928
  1 letter  
270Lilienthal, Erich1901-1917
  38 letters 
271Lion, Karl1897-1899
  14 letters and 8 postcards  
272Lipkin, Lewis Edward1945
  1 letter 
273Loewenthal, John1919-1926
  5 letters and 1 photo 
274Lueck, Gustav1904-1905
  2 letters 
30List and detailed list of contents of Box 3-
31Maas, Henriette1936-1937
  2 letters  
32Maybaum, Ignaz1932, 1937
  2 letters 
33Mayer, Eugen1931-1933
  1 letter, 2 postcards and 1 card 
34Mayer, Hanna1939
  2 letters  
35Metger, Gertrud1951

Included is drawing of Martin Buber

2 letters
36Mosbacher, Perez1947
  1 letter 
37Mueller, Hermann von1907-1908
  45 letters and postcards 
38Mueller, Hermann von1909-1912
  25 letters and postcards 
39Mueller, Hermann von1913-1915
  26 letters and postcards 
310Mueller, Hermann von1916-1919
  18 letters and postcards 
311Mueller, Hermann von1907-1919

Other material

312Nathan, Willi1947
  1 letter 
313Nauen, Albert G.1940
  1 letter 
  1 letter  
315Neuberg, C.1948-1950
  3 letters and 2 postcards 
316Pfannenstiel, Wilhelm1949
  1 letter 
317Picard, Jakob:1923-1941

Included are:

  • 2 poems
  • 2 anecdotes
  • 13 letters and postcards
17 items
318Pollak, Robert Adam1898-1931
  29 letters 
319Raab, Friedrich1913-1914
  2 letters  
320Regensburger, Reinhold1946, 1948
  2 letters 
321Ries, Ludwig1914-1933
322Rosenstock, Eugen1920-1949
  6 letters and 3 postcards 
323Rosenzweig, Rafael1944-1949
  2 letters  
324Rubensohn, Alice1938
  1 letter 
325Scheinmann, Edith1943
  1 letters  
326Schmidt, Karl Ludwig1937
  4 postcards and 1 pamphlet  
327Schneider, Lambert1930, 1932
  2 letters 
328Schwarzschild, Fritz1947
  1 letter  
329Schwarzschild, Stephen S.1941
  1 letter  
330Simon, Ernst1951
  1 letter 
331Spitzer, M.1933
  1 letter and 1 postcard 
332Stein, Nathan1951
  1 letter  
333Ticktin, Max D.1951
  1 letter  
334Trueb, Hans1935
  1 letter  
335Uhl, Willo (?)1910-1913
  11 letters and 4 postcards  
336Wasielewski, Waldemar von1896-1900
  17 letters and postcards 
337Werner, Ella1944
  1 letter  
338Wilkop, Philipp1914
  1 letter  
339Zz-Others: Unidentified letters and postcards1900-1951

Subseries 2: Letters of Congratulations, 1936-1951

This series is in German and English.


Scope and Content:

This series contains congratulations which Eduard Strauss received to special birthdays. There are letters, cards, telegrams, typewritten eulogies, newspaper articles, and even a handmade booklet for his 65th birthday and a festschrift for his 75th birthday.

34060th birthday1936
34165th birthday, booklet1941
34270th birthday1946
34375th birthday, festschrift1951
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Series III: Writings, 1902-1952

This series is mainly in German and English.

Subseries 1: Manuscripts, 1902-1952

This series is mainly in German and English.

Alphabetical and chronological.

The order corresponds to the order of the published articles in Series III. Subseries 2.

Scope and Content:

The manuscripts comprise almost three linear feet, including a lot of materials and fragments, typewritten and handwritten. Some of them are drafts of published articles, some are notes on certain topics, some are outlines of lectures held at the Freies Juedisches Lehrhaus in Frankfurt am Main or elsewhere.

The main topics are Judaism, Christendom, the Bible, religion, philosophy, fairy-tales, Dante, and the 'Lehrhaus'.

344"Aberglaube"circa 1946
346"Aegypten, Babylonien, Assyrien"undated
348"Aphorismen zur Lebens-Weisheit"1920
349Aufbau, articles1940-1941
350"Augustinus der Bekehrte"1923
351"Nach der Austreibung. Der Lehrhausgedanke waechst."undated

Text regarding a new building of the Habonim Congregation

353"Blaetter zur christlichen Mystik"undated
354"Blaetter zur heidnischen Mystik"undated
355Book reviews1918-1946
356Obituary Emile Boutrouxundated
357"Friedrich S. Brodnitz zum Geburtstag"1949
358"Martin Buber", article on Buber's 60th anniversary1938
359"Der Christ, Miszellen zu IX"undated
  Printed book, notes and clippings 
361"Christentum, Band 1", including "Jesus von Nazareth", "Paulus, der Bekehrer", "Augustinus der Bekehrte"undated
362"Christentum, Band 2", including "Franziskus, der Nachfolger"undated
40List and detailed list of contents of Box 4-
41Manuscripts: "Dante" and "Wunder von Bolzena"undated
42"Dante" lecturesundated
43"Dante" lectures continuedundated
44"Der Dichter Jehuda Halevy"undated
45Die drei Dispositionen: Naturreligion, Maerchen, Aberglaube, "Crude Reality, Wishful Thinking, Magic Misplaced"undated
49"Erneuerung der Mystik"1920
410a-i)Fairy Tales - Maerchencirca 1925-1947
  • a) "Soziale Anschauungen unserer Volksmaerchen", 1925
  • b) "Maerchen", 1943
  • c) Habonim lecture "Maerchen", 1943, 1946
  • d) "Fairy Tales or Wishful Thinking", 1947
  • e) "Fairy Tales or Wishful Thinking", undated
  • f) Ueber Kindermaerchen, undated
  • g) Parodie (der Maerchen), undated
  • h) Real-Irreal-Maerchen, "Un-Dinge", undated
  • i) "Die Unwesen": Ueber Maerchensymbolik, undated
411"Falscher Messias", "Religionsgespraeche", "Judenmission"undated
412"Folklore in America", "Comicbooks"undated
413Fragment, no title, pages 45 to 691925-1927
414"Das Freie Juedische Lehrhaus"1924, 1931
415"Das Gebet"1923
416"Der Gedanke des Makkabi"1926
417"Ein offener Brief an Dr. Rudolf Geiger"1948
418"Ueber das (liberale) Gemeindegebet"undated
419"Gemeinschaft der Boesen"1942
420"Germanische Religion"undated
421"Geschichte als Forderung"1949
423"Gestalten der deutschen Mystik"1926
424"Goethe, der neue Heide"undated
425"Griechische Religion"1924
426"Das grosse Gespraech"1941
427Habonim Bulletin, articles1940-1947
428Habonim lecture "Hamlet"1949
429"Hamlet. Ein Versuch ueber Tragoedie und Theather."1949
430"Hamlet - Das grosse Paradigma"undated
431"Der Heide"undated
433"Georg Simon Hirschland zum Gedaechtnis"1942
434"How to read the Bible"1947
436"Jesus von Nazareth"undated
437'Judaica', lectures and collected material, clippingsundated
439"Die Juden in der Renaissance"1902
440"Judentum, Christentum, Philosophen"undated
441"Judentum und Zionismus"1919-1921
442"Juedische Antwort auf die Fragen der Zeit"1932
443"Das juedische Buch: eine Anmerkung.", festschrift1948
444"Ein juedisches Lehrhaus in Amerika"1946
445"Eine juedische Theologie?"1932
446Speech at the "Juedisch-liberaler Jugendverein"1920
447"An die Jugend"1920
448Welcoming Dr. S. Kayser1947
449"Keriat Schema"undated
450"Zur Kritik der Gesellschaft"1923
451Kult - Mythosundated
452"Kultur und Volksbildung"1913
453"Leben in der Arbeit"1936
454"Das Lehrhaus"1934
455Letter [Lehrhaus]1934
456Lehrhaus lectures: Altes Testament1923, 1926
457"Lehrhaus und Liberalismus"1944
458"Das Lehrhaus 'Franz Rosenzweig'"; "Eine Anmerkung"1940, 1943
459"Vom Lesen der heiligen Schrift"1920
460"Die letzte Absage"1943
461"Der liberale Jude"1944
50List and detailed list of contents of Box 5-
53"In memory of Malinowsky 16 May 1942", German1942
54"Von Mendelssohn zu Rosenzweig"undated
55"Vorlesung ueber Menschenkenntnis"undated
56"Gustav Meybrinks 'Golem'", book review1915
57"Meybrinks neuer Roman", ref. to "Das gruene Gesicht", book review1917
58"Das Mirakel des S. Gennaro in Neapel" and "Varia"undated
59"Mystik, freier Geist und Offenbarung." (1)1920/21
510"Mystik, freier Geist und Offenbarung." (2)1920/21
511Note-books, 14, about mysticism, magic, jewry and cultureundated
512"Die offenbare Welt und das Gesetz"undated
513"Parteibefreites Judentum"1935
514"Paulus, der Bekehrer"undated
516Lectures on philosophyundated
517"Von der Polypragmasie in dieser Zeit"1916
518"Religionen im Pacific"1944/45
521"Religionswissenschaft und Volksbildung"undated
524"Die Schrift", "Isaiah", "Das Zehnwort"undated
525"Der Sinn des Kampfes"1919
526"Spengler: Der Untergang des Abendlandes", book review1924
527"Stigmata, wiederholtes Zeichen und Zara'at"undated
529"Strindbergs 'Blaubuecher'", book review1921
530"Substantiae Sacrae"undated
532"Tragoedie und Menschwerdung"1951
533[Tragoedie - Uebergaenge - Theater]undated
535"Three Chapters on Dream and Reality: Triptychon"1947
536"Tryptichon. Being three Chapters on Reality", ringbinderundated
537"Unser deutsches Schicksal"1932
538"Unsere Situation"1931
539"Uriel da Costa"1925
540"Vom Ursprung des Christentums - Bemerkungen zu Eduard Meyers Geschichtswerk"1922
541Various lecturesundated
543"Wann und weshalb philosophiert der Mensch?"undated
546"Das Zeichen"undated
548"Zwei Saetze aus der Geschichte der Alchemie"1928
549Zz-Various, some handwritten and typewritten notesundated

Subseries 2: Published articles, 1908-1951

This series is in German and English.

Alphabetical and chronological.

The order corresponds to the chosen order of the manuscripts in Series III. Subseries 1.

Scope and Content:

This series contains writings by Eduard Strauss that appeared in newspapers, periodicals, bulletins, etc. Some of these printed articles have more than one copy.

60List and detailed list of contents of Box 6-
61"Ansprache auf der […] Generalversammlung der Frankfurter Ili", Mitteilungen der Arbeitsgemeinschaft juedisch-liberaler Jugendvereine Deutschlands1920
62"Augustinus der Bekehrte", Der Jude1923
63"Ausschuss fuer Volksvorlesungen zu Frankfurt a. M."1908-1913
64"Bausteine praktischer Paedagogik", Der Morgen1930
65"Beginn", Bulletin Habonim1952
66"Bildungsgegensaetze und Bildungseinheit", Dokumente des Fortschritts1910
67Book reviews (sexuality), theater reviews (Shakespearean plays)1910-1928
68"Der Born Judas", Frankfurter Israelitisches Gemeindeblatt1934
69"Emile Boutroux †", Frankfurter Zeitung1921
610"Friedrich S. Brodnitz zum Geburtstag", Bulletin Habonim1949
611"Die Bruecke", Bulletin Habonim1947
612"Zu Martin Bubers 60. Geburtstag", Juedisches Gemeindeblatt fuer Frankfurt1938
613"Martin Bubers Sendung", Bulletin Habonim1951
614"Flabellum", The Art Bulletin1949
615"Das Freie juedische Lehrhaus", Grossloge, Juedische Wochenzeitung1924, 1929
616"Gemeinschaft der Boesen", The Jewish Way1942
617"Geschichte als Forderung", Jahrbuch der Gemeinde Habonim1949
618"Eine Geschichte des Religionsgespraechs", Der Morgen1938
619"Irma Goitein: Probleme der Gesellschaft und des Staates bei Moses Hess", Der Morgen1931
620"Das Heilige und die Form", Der Jude1924
621"Jean Paul und die Aviatik", Frankfurter Zeitung1911
622"Jesus von Nazareth", Der Jude1922
623"Judenkomoedien", K. C. Blaetter1916
624"Das juedische Buch", Bulletin Habonim1948
625"Ein juedisches Lehrhaus in Amerika?", Bulletin Habonim1946
626"Das juedische Lehrhaus: Beginn und Ausblick", Frankfurter Israelitisches Gemeindeblatt1934
627"Eine juedische Theologie?", Der Morgen1932
628"An die Jugend", Kameraden1920
629"Feier des 25-jaehrigen Bestehens des Kraenzchens, 1903-1928", speech and "Was ist ein Kraenzchen?"1928
630"Leben in der Arbeit", Frankfurter Israelitisches Gemeindeblatt1936
631"Das Lehrhaus", Der Morgen1936
632"Das Lehrhaus als Gemeinschaft", Frankfurter Israelitisches Gemeindeblatt1936
633"Das Lehrhaus 'Franz Rosenzweig'", Aufbau1940
634"Vom Lesen der Schrift", Bulletin Habonim1942
635Letter to the editor, The Jewish Way1942
636"Das Menschengesicht", Israelitisches Familienblatt1931
637"Gustav Meybrinks 'Golem'", K. C. Blaetter1915
638"Meybrinks neuer Roman", K. C. Blaetter1917
639"Mystik, freier Geist und Offenbarung", n. n.1920/21
640"Nietzsche und Strindberg", Frankfurter Zeitung1922
641"Parteibefreites Judentum", Der Morgen1935
642"Paulus, der Bekehrer", Der Jude1923
643Pessachfrage, Aufbauundated
644Speech at the "Philanthropin"1930
645"Philosophische Taschenbuecher", Frankfurter Zeitung1922
646"Psychanalyse und Paedagogik", Frankfurter Zeitung1918
647"The Reconstructionist", Aufbau1941
648"Sachlichkeit", Frankfurter Zeitung1917
649"Sichten des Judentums - nicht Parteien", Frankfurter Israelitisches Gemeindeblatt1933
650"Der Sinn des Kampfes", Im deutschen Reich1919
651"Der Stern der Erloesung", Das neue Deutschland1922
652"Strindbergs 'Blaubuecher'", Frankfurter Zeitung1921
653"Das Tunnel-Motiv bei Platen", Frankfurter Zeitung1910
654"Unser deutsches Schicksal", Frankfurter Israelitisches Gemeindeblatt1932
655"Unser Friedhof und unsere Steine", Frankfurter Israelitisches Gemeindeblatt1929
656"Uriel da Costa", Frankfurter Zeitung1927
657"The Voice", Bulletin Habonim1949
658"Woher kommt der Ausdruck 'Fatzke'?", Frankfurter Zeitung1911
659"Das Zeichen von Bolsena", Kreatur1930
660"Zwei Saetze aus der Geschichte der Alchemie", Buber-Festschrift1928
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Series IV: Franz Rosenzweig, 1921-1951

This series is only in German.


Scope and Content:

This series contains writings by Eduard Strauss referring to Franz Rosenzweig as well as other collectibles, which do not originate from Strauss's hand (which are marked with a star in the title column).

661"Der Stern der Erloesung"1921
662Two letters from Franz Rosenzweig to Eduard Strauss (*)1924
663Book review by Franz Rosenzweig about "Psalmen" by Dr. M. Spanier (*)1924
664Franz Rosenzweig: Die Bauleute - Article1925
665"Die Schrift und das Wort" (*)1925
666"Das Zeichen von Bolsena" - Essay1926-1930
667"Das Freie Juedische Lehrhaus" (*)1929
668"Der deutsche Jude Franz Rosenzweig"1930
669"Franz Rosenzweig" - Article1930
670"Der Denker Franz Rosenzweig" - Article1930
671"Franz Rosenzweig - zum Gedenken"1930
672"Stern der Erloesung" - Article1930
673"Franz-Rosenzweig-Gedenkstunde" (*) - Article1932
674"Franz Rosenzweigs Briefe" - Article1935
675(*)"Franz Rosenzweig s. A." - Article1937
677"Der Uebersetzer"1944
678"Jahrzeit nach Franz Rosenzweig."1946
681"Rosenzweig-Gedenkstunde" (*)1951
682"Franz Rosenzweig"undated
683"Ueber die Opfergebete" (*)undated
684"Zum dritten und vierten Band der Encyclopaedia Judaica" (*)undated
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Series V: Others' writings, 1930-1949

This series is in German and English.

Alphabetical by authors' names.

Scope and Content:

These are writings by other persons that came with the material from Eduard Strauss.

685Buber, Martin: "Zum Einheitscharakter des Jesajabuches"undated
686Kahler, Erich: "Juden und Deutsche"1930
687Schwarzschild, Stephen S.: "State and Church in Israel"1949
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