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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Hochschild, Moritz
Title: Moritz Hochschild Collection
Dates: 1881-2000
Abstract: The collection documents the personal and professional life of Moritz Hochschild, an important German Jewish mining entrepreneur in South America during the first half of the twentieth century. Most of the older materials are copies, but there are also original certificates, correspondence, clippings and photographs.
Languages: The collection is in English, German and Spanish.
Quantity: 1.6 linear feet
Accession number: AR 25048
Repository: Leo Baeck Institute
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Biographical Note

Moritz Hochschild was born 1881 in Biblis (Hessen), a small town in Germany near Frankfurt. Members of his family were already in the mining and metal business. Eventually, he studied mining and engineering at the Bergakadamie Freiberg. He began his career working for the Metallgesellschaft, a metal trading company, in 1905 in Germany. He then went to Spain and later Australia before moving to South America to start his own business. After several years in Chile, he went back to Germany and stayed in Europe during the First World War. In 1919, he returned to South America accompanied by his wife Käthe Rosenbaum, whom he had married the year before. Their son Gerardo Hochschild was born in 1920. Four years later, Käthe died.

Meanwhile, Moritz Hochschild's business spread from Chile to Peru and Bolivia, Bolivia being the most important place for his company in the coming decades. The main business of his company was mining and trading tin ores, and he became one of the "tin barons" of Bolivia. During this period of growth, additional family members came over to South America to work for him. His second cousin, Philipp Hochschild, immigrated with his wife Germaine. Moritz Hochschild began an affair with her and, upon her divorce, he married her.

In the 1930s, the Moritz Hochschild Group expanded and his economic and political influence grew. In 1939 and 1944 he was arrested and sentenced to death by the Bolivian government. He was released, but a few weeks later he was kidnapped. After two weeks, he was released and left Bolivia forever.

In 1951, Hochschild and his wife donated the bulk of their fortune to the Hochschild Trust and Foundation. His company was expropriated in Bolivia in 1952, but still managed to survive with 30% of its previous assets. The company grew even bigger, expanding worldwide, including the very successful Mantos Blancos operation. When Moritz Hochschild died in Paris in 1965 he was an internationally known mining industrialist and merchant in ores and metals centered in South America.

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Scope and Contents

The collection contains extensive correspondence conducted by Helmut Waszkis with relatives of Moritz Hochschild and former employees of the Moritz Hochschild Group, direct and indirect publications about Moritz Hochschild and his company, as well as documents published by his companies and material about Hochschild and his family.

Series I: Personal is divided into three subseries. The first contains documents about Moritz Hochschild and, more extensively, about his family. The most valuable document is the family tree with eight generations of Hochschilds. All documents related to his academic life are in the second sub-series. The third sub-series contains correspondence.

Documents published by the company, business correspondence and names of former employees are located in Series II.

Series III: Publications contains published material about Moritz Hochschild or documents in which he is mentioned. It is separated into two sub-series; the first contains clippings and articles from periodicals; the second, copies from books, manuscripts, booklets and letters from publications, but not periodicals.

Correspondence by Helmut Waszkis and others in order to gather information about the private and business life of Moritz Hochschild can be found in Series IV. This collection contains correspondence with 81 relatives, former employees, historians and business people.

Series V consists of notes Helmut Waszkis compiled during his research.

The photographs contained in Series VI were removed to the Photograph Collection. They portray Moritz Hochschild, relatives and employees, as well as the landscape and mines of Bolivia.

"Moritz Hochschild" will be the exclusive name used in this collection (though he is alternately named, e.g., Moritz Hochschild, Dr. Moritz Hochschild, Mauricio Hochschild, Don Mauricio, Dr. Mauricio Hochschild, etc.). When writing about his companies, the term MHG (Moritz Hochschild Group) will be used.

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The collection is organized into six series:

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Access and Use

Access Restrictions

Open to researchers. Series IV: Correspondence is restricted.

Collection is digitized.

Collection is microfilmed - use MF 958.

Use Restrictions

There may be some restrictions on the use of the collection. For more information, contact:
Leo Baeck Institute, Center for Jewish History, 15 West 16th Street, New York, NY, 10011


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Separated Material

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The collection is available on five reels of microfilm (MF 958):

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Container List


Series I: Personal, 1881-2000

This series is in English, German and Spanish.

The series is divided into three subseries.

Scope and Content:

Series I consist of personal documents related to Moritz Hochschild and his family. Included are family trees and certificates as well as materials related to Hochschild's academic education and personal correspondence.

Subseries 1: Family, 1881-2000

This subseries is in German and English.
Scope and Content:

This subseries contains information about the Hochschild family from Biblis, Hesse and personal information about Moritz Hochschild. All the certificates are copies.

The personal documents about Moritz Hochschild contain his birth certificate, the proof of him obtaining the Bundesverdienstkreuz in 1961 and documents about his military service.

The documents about the family include the family tree, which was probably written in the 1930s, covering eight generations of Hochschilds. There are also letters from Biblis with information from the regional geologist Hans Dieter Kunz and Dr. Paul Arnsberg about the Hochschild family, e.g. Leopold Hirsch, Zachary Hochschild, a property list of Hochschild family members and Biblis censuses from 1880 to 1936. For 1936 the census also includes the addresses of the Jewish inhabitants, i.e. the family names Dreifuss, Flehinger, Fränkel, Grünebaum, Haimann, Heimann, Heymann, Kahn, Kanthal, Mayer, Maylich, Michel, Rosenberg, Sommer, Spies, Steiermann, Stern, Wolff. This series also includes some academic documents about Moritz Hochschild's brothers Julius and Sali Hochschild, the marriage certificate of his son Gerardo Hochschild and the birth certificates of his grandchildren.

Box Folder Title Date
1 1 Birth certificate of Moritz Hochschild and information about the Hochschild’s from Biblis 1881, 1993
1 2 Freiberg Bergakademie 1912
1 3 Family tree papers 1930s?
1 4 Bundesverdienstkreuz 1964, 1996
1 5 Marriage certificate of Gerardo Hochschild and Annabella Drummond from 1961; birth certificates from their three sons 1966
1 6 Zachary Hochschild 1969, 1970
1 7 Columbia University 1994 December 16
1 8 Census of Biblis Jews 1880-1936, 1995, 1996
1 9 Moritz Hochschild’s military service 1995
1 10 Correspondence of Helmut Waszkis, containing names of the Hochschild family 2000

Subseries 2: Academics, 1900-1998

This series is in German and English.
Scope and Content:

The first part of this subseries ranges from 1900 until 1922 and contains copies of documents about Moritz Hochschild's time in Freiberg as a student pursuing his degree in 1905, his first attempt to pursue his Ph.D. in 1907, his successful completion of his doctoral studies in 1921 and his dissertation about copper generation in the world. There are copies of grade reports, certificates, list of classes, a letter from his father Ludwig Hochschild to the school's principle and evaluations and correspondence from his supervisors during his doctoral studies.

The second part ranges from 1930 until 1956 and contains copies of five speeches and one article of Moritz Hochschild. In his manuscripts he talks about his ideas for the future world in the economic, business, social and political matters. He is concerned, in particular, about the current situation and future of South America.

Box Folder Title Date
1 11 Bergakademie Freiberg 1900-1905, 1966, 1997
1 12 Documents of his unsuccessful Ph.D. studies and his resume 1907
1 13 Bergakademie Freiberg 1921, 1922
1 14 Dissertation 1922
1 15 Article by Mauricio Hochschild 1930 November 22
1 16 Manuscripts of five speeches 1944, 1946, 1947, 1954, 1956
1 17 Notes and correspondence from Helmut Waszkis 1994, 1998

Subseries 3: Correspondence, 1938-1964

This subseries is in English and Spanish.
Scope and Content:

This series contains copies of Moritz Hochschild's correspondence in chronological order. The are four letters from 1938 dealing with Bolivia's mining industry, its stake in the world, and how to improve it. The letter from 1940 to the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee explains Moritz Hochschild's position towards anti-semitism in Bolivia and his plans for the Jews in South America, particularly Bolivia, and includes a letter from a Jewish refugee in La Paz in 1940. The letter to Hellmut Droscha is a response to an article in the Metall magazine about a process to generate copper out of copper ore. The only private letter from Moritz Hochschild is a thank you note to Hans Klein who organized a meeting with the German chancellor Konrad Adenauer for Moritz Hochschild.

Box Folder Title Date
1 18 German Busch, President of Bolivia 1938 March 8
1 19 Antenor Patino R. 1938 March 14
1 20 Santiago Schulze, President of Bolivia 1938 April 27
1 21 Moritz Hochschild from Santiago Schulze 1938 April 28
1 22 James N. Rosenberg, J.D.C. 1940 April 30
1 23 Moritz Hochschild 1949 February 7
1 24 Hellmut Droscha 1964 April 30
1 25 Hans B. Klein 1964 July 17
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Series II: Company, 1923-2000

This series is in German, English and Spanish.


Scope and Content:

This series contains copies and original documents from the Moritz Hochschild Group. Several annual statement reports from the 1920s to the 1980s from Hochschild organizations and the Lampadia Foundation are included. There are also two employees lists and one list of Hochschild offices. The series also contains orrespondence from the Moritz Hochschild Group and a full page ad in the New York Times addressed to the President of Bolivia about the rights of the Moritz Hochschild Group concerning mines after the nationalization of the mines.

Box Folder Title Date
1 26 Reports of the Compania Minera de Potosí 1923-1929, 1997
1 27 List of employees of Mauricio Hochschild S.A.M.I. 1940?
1 28 References for a employee from MHG 1945 August 13
1 29 Correspondence 1952 April 26
1 30 Reports from 1952 of the Compania Huanchaca de Bolivia and Compania Minera de Oruro 1953
1 31 Original full page ad in the New York Times from the Hochschild Group 1967 August 11
1 32 Original report from 1982 and Brochures of the Empresas Sudamericanas Consolidadas, S.A. 1980 August, 1983 March
1 33 Original Brochure of the EXCIBRA e Asscociadas, the Brazilian Organization of the MHG, founded as Brasimet 1983?
1 34 Employee list from MHG from ex employee Oskar Hirschfeld 1993 October 31
1 35 Original Lampadia Foundation Reports 1995, 1998-2000 1995, 1998-2000
1 36 List of Hochschild offices as remembered by F.D. Lucas 1997 April 14
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Series III: Publications, 1912-1999

This series is in German, English and Spanish.

The series is divided into two subseries.

Scope and Content:

This series contains periodicals and other publications about Moritz Hochschild, the Hochschild Group, and the mining Industry and Jews in South America and Germany.

Suberseries 1: Periodicals, 1936-1998

This subseries is in English, German and Spanish.
Scope and Content:

This subseries contains newspaper clippings, magazine articles and obituaries. They deal with Moritz Hochschild's personal and professional life and include information about his death sentence and imprisonment and kidnapping. There is a copy of a full page advertising in La Paz offering a reward of one million Bolivianos for finding Hochschild and Adolf Blum. Several articles were written or initiated by Michael Düsing from Freiberg where Hochschild studied at the mining school. The article from 1998 is about the assassination of Luis Hochschild, the nephew of Moritz Hochschild. Finally there are four obituaries from the New York Times, El Minero, the Metal Bulletin and a handbill of the Pere Lachaise cemetery with the directions to his grave. The remaining articles are about the mining industry and companies Moritz Hochschild was involved with.

Box Folder Title Date
1 37 The Hochschild Interests in South America 1936?
1 38 El Gabinete voto por la pena de muerte en el proceso por la resistencia passiva (revoking the death penalty from Moritz Hochschild) 1939?
1 39 Kidnapping case: Six clippings and an advertising for a reward 1944
1 40 Mineria Boliviana: Planta Tainton 1945 May
1 41 La Razon: Como fue el aparatoso y dramatico secuestro de Hochschild y Blum por la logia military 1946 September 10
1 42 Fortune: The Lifes of Mauricio Hochschild 1947 July
1 43 Semanario Peruano: Las Acusaciones contra la Empresa Mauricio Hochschild 1952 January 21
1 44 Fortune: Mine heads hit by nationalization of Bolivian tin 1952 December
1 45 EMJ Metal and Mineral Markets 1957 September 26
1 46 Mining Engineering: The Mantos Blancos Operation 1962 January
1 47 Four obituaries and the original tracing file of the grave 1965
1 48 EMJ International Directory of Mining and Mineral Processing operations 1975
1 49 Irish Times: Series on the tin Barons of Bolivia, four original articles 1980 January
1 50 Nine articles, originals and copies, about the Bolivian tin industry written by Prof. John Hillman Undated, 1984-1998
1 51 One clipping about COMIBOL 1992?
1 52 Optima: The story of AMSA 1993 October
1 53 Freiberger Blick: Gestalten aus der Freiberger Geschichte – Moritz Hochschild; Freiberger Zeitung; Ein unbekannter Bergakademiker 1994, 1995
1 54 Metal Bulletin Research tin prices 1875-1993 1994 August 17
1 55 The original Boletin Minero magazine with several articles about businesses of Hochschild’s in Chile 1995 September
1 56 Zeitschrift fuer Freunde und Foerderer der TU Bergakadmie Freiberg: Juedische Studenten und Wissenschaftler an der Bergakademie Freiberg 1997
1 57 Caretas: El Detonante 1998 May 7

Subseries 2: Other, 1912-1999

This subseries is in English, French, German and Spanish.
Scope and Content:

This subseries contains copies from books, manuscripts, booklets and letters. These publications contain personal information, information about the Hochschild company and the mining industry in general, and also information about Jewish life in Germany and South America and immigration.

Box Folder Title Date
1 58 Adrian, Luis: Sequestro Hochschild 1951
1 59 Argentina letters: Correspondence between the foreign office of Argentina and the Argentina legation in Bolivia 1939
1 60 Argentina letters: Correspondence between the Argentina foreign office, the Argentina legislation in Peru and the foreign office of Peru 1946
1 61 Arzans de Orsua y Vela, Bartolome: Historia de la Villa imperial de Potosi 1965
1 62 Avni, Haim: Peru y Bolivia - Dos Naciones Andinas - y los Refugiados Judios Durante la Era Nazi 1994
1 63 Bieber, Leon (several articles) 1981, 1999
1 64 Blum, Adolf: Bolivian Incident 1944?
1 65 Boehm, Guenter: Judios en Chile: Un informe confidencial de la embajada alemana en Santiago, de Juno 1939 1994
1 66 Bohan, Merwin L.: Memorandum for the Minister, Subject: The Bolivian Tin Situation 1937 May 12
1 67 Cespedes, Augusto: El Dictador suicida; 40 anos de historia de Bolivia 1956
1 68 Commercial Code of Chile 1912
1 69 Duesing, Michael, Projektarbeit einer Schülergruppe am Freiberg-Kolleg Jüdisches Leben in der Bergstadt Freiberg 1993
1 70 Elkin, Judith Laikin: Jews of the Latin American Republics 1980
1 71a Goldberg, Gerhard, Dr.: History of the Hochschild Group 1978-1983?
1 71b Goldberg, Gerhard, Dr.: History of the Hochschild Group 1978-1983?
1 72 Hirsch, Paul: Creation of the original Trust and Foundacion in 1951 by Dr. and Mrs. Hochschild, written for Gerhard Goldberg’s History of the Hochschild Group 1979
1 73 Hirschfeld, Oscar: Erz-Produktion in Bolivien 1947 December 15
1 74 Klein, Ernst: Das Südamerikageschaeft der Deutschen Bank vor dem Ersten Weltkrieg 1984
1 75 Lopez, Vicente Mendoza: Las Finanzas en Bolivia y la estrategia capitalista 1940
1 76 Mommsen, Hans: Herrschaftsalltag im Dritten Reich 1988
1 77 Muehlen, Patrick von zu: Fluchtziel Lateinamerika, Die deutsche Emigration 1933-45: politische Aktivitaeten und soziokulturelle Integration undated
1 78 Nes El, Moshe, Prof.: La inmigracion Judia a Chile en la Epoca del Holocaust 1986
1 79 No author: Geschichte der Juden von Sachsen undated
1 80 No author: Chapter 6: The last forty years Capper Pass undated
1 81 Ovando-Sanz, Guillermo: La academia de minas de Potosí 1757-1970 1975
1 82 Pellet, Raymond: Soixante ans d’histoire de la SUDAMIN S.A. 1990s
1 83 Priester, Michael; Hentschel, Thomas; Benthin, Bernd: Tools for mining, Techniques and Processes for Small Scale Mining 1993
1 84 Schiffner, Geh., Prof.: Aus dem Leben alter Freiberger Bergstudenten und der Lehrkörper der Bergakademie 1940, 1971, 1997
1 85 Schrader, Achim and Rengstorf, Karl Heinrich: Europäische Juden in Lateinamerika, Jüdische Emigration nach Bolivien Ende der 30er Jahre 1989
1 86 Schwarz, Egon (Wien 1922): Keine Zeit für Eichendorff 1981
1 87 US Department of the Interior, Bureau of Mines 1981 December
1 88 Waszkis, Helmut: Moritz Hochschild-ein bedeutender Bergakademiker 1994 December 29
1 89 Waszkis, Helmut: The Bolivian Case, 1938-1945. Haven for Thousands of Refugees. Remembering Dr. Moritz Hochschild. 1999 March
1 90 Wolf, Manfred, Prof.: Reports on Don Mauricio Hochschild 1995 November 11
1 91 Woodward wrote a letter to the Secretary of State 1944 April 25
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Series IV: Correspondence, 1937-2002

This series is in English, German and Spanish.

The correspondence is arranged alphabetically.

Scope and Content:

This series contains the correspondence of Helmut Waszkis with various persons from the 1990s as part of his research on Moritz Hochschild. Waszkis designed a questionnaire to obtain detailed information about Hochschild, and some of the responses are included with the correspondence. At times, Wazskis would also interview the correspondents and notes from the interviews are included.

Box Folder Title Date
2 1 Alandia, Alberto, Dr.: Interview notes and his business card. 1994 August 24
2 2 Arze, Rene: Interview notes. 1996 November 3
2 3 Barnadas: email and the entry in encyclopedia 2000 June 23
2 4 Bendheim, Charles Henry: Two letters, his business card and his obituary. 1994, 1997
2 5 Bieber, Leon, Dr.: Correspondence and business card. 1997 - 1998
2 6 Billstein, Guenter: Letters, his resume, interview notes, and questionnaire 1994-1996
2 7 Blum, Adolf, Dr.: Correspondence 1977-1978
2 8 Boehm, Guenter: Interview notes, letters and newspaper clipping. 1995-1996
2 9 Calvo, Roberto Querejazu: Two letters. 1994
2 10 Chotzen, Tomas (1945): Notes from an interview 1996 January 29
2 11 Collier, Leo: questionnaires 1994 June 21
2 12 Dahns, Klaus (Hamburg 1910): Two letters and notes from a phone interview. 1994
2 13 Duesing, Michael, Dr.: Interview notes and six letters. 1994-1995
2 14 Ellinger, Arthur: Correspondence 1949
2 15 Etzdorf, Ruediger von: Two letters. 1994
2 16 Feierstein, Daniel: Correspondence and interview notes 1996-1997
2 17 Felsenstein, Esteban: One letter 1978
2 18 Foianini, Dionisio, Dr.: Notes from an interview. 1994
2 19 Fraenkel, Ernst: Reference, his resumé, correspondence 1937, 1993
2 20 Freudenthal, Fernando R.: Two letters and a memo. 1993-1994
2 21 Friedlander, Kurt: questionnaire 1994
2 22 Golan (Goldenberg), Werner: Questionnaires; correspondence 1994
2 23 Goldberg Dr. Gerhard: Correspondence, dissertation 1978-1979
2 24 Goldschmidt, Kurt: Notes from an interview 1995
2 25 Heidmann, Hans H.: Notes from an interview. 1994
2 26 Heineberg, Oscar, Dr. jur.: One Postcard, interview notes and one clipping 1993-1994
2 27 Herzfeld, Michael: Interview notes and questionnaire 1994
2 28 Hiller, Hans: Interview notes and correspondence. 1949, 1952, 1957, 1994, 1995
2 29 Hillman, John: Correspondence and interview notes. 1994-2000
2 30 Hirsch, Paul: Notes from an interview 1988, 1994
2 31 Hirschberg, Hans G.: Correspondence and questionnaire 1949, 1952, 1994
2 32 Hirschfeld, Carl: Correspondence, questionnaire 1945, 1995
2 33 Hirschfeld, Oskar: Correspondence, questionnaire 1994
2 34 Hochschild, Adam: Correspondence 1994-1999
2 35 Hochschild, Anni K. and Hochschild de Errazuriz, Dorothy: Correspondence 1995
2 36 Hochschild, Georg Rainer: Correspondence 1994
2 37 Hochschild, Gerardo: Correspondence 1988-1996
2 38 Hochschild, Harold: Correspondence 1946
2 39 Hochschild, Hazel: Notes from an interview. 1994
2 40 Hochschild, Jennifer L.: Correspondence 1994, 2000
2 41 Hochschild, Luis: Correspondence; clipping 1993-1998
2 42 Hochschild, Michael 1994
2 43 Hofmann, Hans: Correspondence 1997 February 21
2 44 Jesselson, L.: Correspondence 1978
2 45 Joseph, Werner (Berlin 1925): Interview notes and correspondence 1996, 1999
2 46 Kantorowicz, Rolf: Correspondence and obituary. 1991-1994
2 47 Klein, Hans: Notes from a telephone interview, correspondence 1995-1996
2 48 Klein, Herbert: Interview notes, letters and the review of thesis 1994-1997
2 49 Knobler, Richard R.: Notes from a telephone and personal interview, resume, obituary 1956-1957, 1994-1996
2 50 Lafuente, Ana Maria Aranibar: Interview notes and business card. 1994
2 51 Leir, Henry: Interview notes and letter. 1994
2 52 Linstad, Albert J.: Correspondence 1995-1996
2 53 Littman, Georg, Dr.: Correspondence, questionnaire, interview 1993-1995
2 54 Lucas, Franz D.: Correspondence 1994-1998
2 55 Marvin, Thomas (1916) and Marvin, Ursula: Interview notes and letters. 1994-1995
2 56 Mayer, Oskar: Correspondence, questionnaire 1994-1996
2 57 Michaels, Leslie: Correspondence 2002 May 23
2 58 Baertl, Ernesto: Interview notes. 1996 February 2
2 59 Núnez, Fernando: letter and questionnaire 1994
2 60 Oberbeckmann: Correspondence 1994
2 61 Reich, Kurt: Interview notes and correspondence. 1993-1996
2 62 Reinsberg, Kurt: Interview notes. 1994
2 63 Rothschild, Henry: Correspondence, questionnaire 1978, 1994
2 64 Schulz, Peter: Interview notes, correspondence 1994- 1996
2 65 Schwarz, Oscar: Correspondence 1974, 1978
2 66 Selo, Werner: Correspondence 1978
2 67 Serrano, Carlos: Correspondence and interview notes. 1994, 1997, 2000
2 68 Silva, Miguel: Interview notes and letter. 1996
2 69 Sinclair, Peter: letter and the questionnaire 1994
2 70 Sordo, Emma M.: Letter 1998 June 18
2 71 Soux, Fernando Leyton: Interview Notes. 1995 April 19
2 72 Soux Dupleich, Luis: Interview notes, letter and business card. 1994
2 73 Spitzer, Leo: Correspondence. 1997-1998
2 74 Thal, Alfredo: Interview notes. 1996
2 75 Watson, Dacre: Correspondence. 1994- 1995
2 76 Weinberg, Rolf and Regina: Letters and questionnaire 1993
2 77 Weiss, Herbert: Interview notes and the questionnaire 1994
2 78 Weiss, Ricardo Antonio: Resume. undated
2 79 Wittgenstein, Casimir Prinz: Interview notes, correspondence and clippings 1994-1996
2 80 Wolf, Arthur (1924): Notes from three interviews. 1996
2 81 Wolf, Manfred: letters, interview notes 1995-1996
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Series V: Notes, 1994

This series is in English and German.


Scope and Content:

This series contains notes from visits of Helmut Waszkis made to Biblis and Potosí, and notes he took on three books he read.

Box Folder Title Date
2 82 Biblis visit 1994
2 83 Visit of the Archivo Nacional de Bolivia undated
2 84 German Jews undated
2 85 Kemmerer Missions undated
2 86 Potosí visit. 1994
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Series VI: Photographs, 1930-1990



Scope and Content:

This series contains portrait photos of Moritz Hochschild, relatives and employees, as well as photos of the landscape and mines in Bolivia.

Box Folder Title Date
2 87 Photos of Moritz Hochschild and the upper management of the MHG 1937-1938, 1940, 1944, 1959, 1962, 1990
2 88 Photos of mines and mineworkers of mostly Potosí, Bolivia from the 1930s Undated, 1930-1931, 1938,
2 89 Photos of Potosí, Bolivia and the landscape from the 1930s Undated, 1930-1931
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