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Descriptive summary

Creator: Molly Picon (1898-1992)
Title: Molly Picon, papers
Dates:undated, 1877-1971
Abstract: This collection comprises the papers of the Yiddish actress and entertainer Molly Picon. The papers consist of extensive manuscripts of Yiddish and non-Yiddish plays, numerous radio and television scripts, programs and announcements for Picon's performances, and personal material such as correspondence and photographs. Also included is a large amount of musical material such as songbooks, handwritten lyrics, and sheet music, much of it in Yiddish.
Languages: The collection is in English, Yiddish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, and Spanish.
Quantity: 49 linear feet
Accession number: P-38
Repository: American Jewish Historical Society
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Biographical Note
Portrait of Molly Picon as Zipke, 1924

Molly Picon as Zipke at the Second Avenue Theatre, 1924, hand-colored photograph

Molly Picon (1898-1992)

An entertainer for over 70 years, Molly Picon was one of the most celebrated and beloved actresses of Yiddish theater and film. At once an all-American girl and a Yidishe meydel, her engaging performances earned her world-wide appeal.

Picon was born Margaret Pyekoon on February 28, 1898, on the Lower East Side of New York, the first of two daughters of Clara Ostrovsky and Louis Pyekoon (later Picon). After Louis left the family, Clara moved with her daughters and her mother to Philadelphia and supported them by working as a seamstress at Kessler's Yiddish theater. At age five, Molly entered and won a local theater contest, and her career in the spotlight thus commenced. She continued performing while growing up, appearing both in Michael Thomashefsky's Yiddish repertory troupe at the Arch Street Theater and in cabaret.

In 1918 Picon joined a touring English-language vaudeville show. The tour led her to Boston in 1919, where she was cast in a production by the manager of the Boston Grand Opera House, Jacob Kalich. Picon and Kalich married on June 29 of that same year in Philadelphia. In keeping with the theme of their relationship, Picon wore a dress fashioned by her mother from a theater curtain, and thus draped in drapery, Picon began a lifelong partnership with her Yonkel.

Picon and Kalich's partnership proved to be an extremely productive and successful one. Following their wedding, they traveled through Europe for two years, allowing Picon to improve her Yiddish and gain experience. Forced to leave Romania because of anti-Semitism, Picon and Kalich returned to New York and proceeded to create some of the most memorable shows ever to appear on the Yiddish stage. While Kalich scripted and directed, Picon starred and often wrote lyrics. Picon and Kalich's 1920s collaborations included "Yankele," "Mamele," "Circus Girl," "Molly Dolly," and "Shmendrik." Her performances in these roles established Picon's reputation as a leading actress of the Yiddish stage and propelled her to national stardom. Dangling by one leg or suspended by a pole, Picon displayed a seemingly boundless energy as she somersaulted, sparred, and swung her way through role after role, an acrobatic approach that gave her performances a distinctive physical edge. Attesting to her popularity on the Yiddish stage, during the 1920s the Second Avenue Theater in New York, one of the premier Yiddish theaters in America, was renamed the Molly Picon Theater.

In addition to her stage performances, Picon appeared in Yiddish films. Her first film was Das Judenmadel, filmed in Austria in 1921. Throughout the 1920s and 1930s, despite growing anti-Semitism in Europe, Picon traveled there to star in several other Yiddish films, including Ost und West, also known as Mezrach un Maarev (1923). In 1937, in Warsaw, Poland, she filmed Idl Mitn Fidl, one of her best-known films. Picon returned to Poland even as late as 1938 to film Mamele--the last Jewish film made in Poland before the Nazis obliterated European Yiddish culture.

While Picon's roots were in Yiddish theater and film, she demonstrated her versatility by taking on a wide variety of roles in many different venues, including radio, television, Hollywood films, and Broadway theater. For many years beginning in 1936, Picon hosted a regular radio program, known as the Maxwell House Coffee program for its sponsor. Picon's Broadway debut came in 1940, and she was still somersaulting in 1964 in the Broadway production of Milk and Honey. In 1981, she was inducted into the Broadway Hall of Fame. Her Hollywood film roles included the Italian mother in Come Blow Your Horn (1963), for which she received an Oscar nomination, and Yente the matchmaker in Fiddler on the Roof (1971).

Throughout her career, Picon devoted much of her time to patriotic and humanitarian work. During World War II, she visited refugee camps in Canada and toured army bases across the United States to entertain the troops. As soon as World War II ended, Picon returned with Kalich to Europe in order to visit camps and orphanages with the Jewish Labor Committee. In fact, Picon and Kalich were the first entertainers to visit the Displaced Persons camps after the war. Back in the United States, Picon continued her active support of both Jewish and non-Jewish causes by working for the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration, selling Israel bonds, and making numerous benefit appearances. During the Korean War, Picon was again entertaining troops, this time participating in USO tours in Korea.

Whether delivering one of her uncanny imitations or kicking up her heels, Molly Picon infused her performances with vivacity and charm. Beyond the pure entertainment value of her performances, however, Picon played an important role in preserving Yiddish culture and bringing it to mainstream American audiences. Her performances typically blended Yiddish sensibility with American show business style, a combination that allowed her to reach beyond the immigrant generation and appeal to second-generation, assimilated American Jews as well as non-Jews. In addition, her Yiddish films, with their depictions of shtetl life in pre-World War II Europe, became invaluable records of a vanishing culture.

A celebrity throughout her life, Picon won widespread recognition for her talents and received many honors. In 1955 she sang for the Knesset in Israel, and in 1975 she appeared at Carnegie Hall. By the time of her death, on April 6, 1992, Molly Picon had performed all over the world, from the Lower East Side to Eastern Europe, South Africa to South America. She was truly a vibrant and treasured figure in the world of entertainment.

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Scope and Content Note

The Molly Picon Papers consist largely of material relating to Picon's career as a performer, especially in the Yiddish theater. Such material includes plays, scripts, music, programs, and other theater items. The collection also includes personal material, such as correspondence, photographs, and scrapbooks. Much of the collection (e.g. Series I, II, III, and most of VI) is in Yiddish. Yiddish titles (of plays, scripts, and sheet music, for example) have been transliterated, and material is arranged according to these transliterated titles. As a rule, whenever possible, Yiddish transliterations were made directly from the Yiddish titles as written on the material itself and were made according to a consistent method, even when other transliterations were provided. Original order and folder titles were retained wherever possible.

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Series I-VI, IX and X are arranged alphabetically. Series VII and XI are arranged chronologically. Series VIII is arranged by correspondent, then chronologically and by subject.

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Access and Use

Access Restrictions

The collection is open to all researchers by permission of the Director of Collections and Engagement of the American Jewish Historical Society, except items that are restricted due to their fragility.

Use Restrictions

There may be some restrictions on the use of the collection. For more information, contact
American Jewish Historical Society, Center for Jewish History, 15 West 16th Street, New York, NY 10011.

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Related Material

Related materials are available at the YIVO Institute.

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The Society acquired the collection from Molly Picon in 1971-1972. Five pieces of signed sheet music donated by Dr. Robyn Spirtas in 2010.

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Container List

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.

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Series I: Yiddish Manuscript Plays, undated, 1877-1950

14 linear feet.

Arranged alphabetically by transliterated Yiddish title, followed by unknown titles, role excerpts arranged alphabetically by play title, and other script-related material.

Scope and Content:

Series I: Yiddish Manuscript Plays is comprised almost entirely of manuscript plays written in Yiddish. As noted above, the titles of these plays have been transliterated, and the plays are ordered by these transliterated titles. Plays and play fragments with unknown titles follow the titled plays. In addition, this series includes role excerpts from various Yiddish plays and a small amount of assorted play material, consisting of small fragments, song lists, character lists, etc.

11Abi gezuntundated
  View the item 
12Abi gezunt, and English synopsisundated, 1949
  View the item 
13Al naharos Bovlundated
  View the item 
14Alma vi voynstu1915
  View the item 
15Di almoneundated
  View the item 
  View the item 
  View the item 
18Amerikaner rebetsnundated
  View the item 
19Der apetitundated
  View the item 
110Bas Shevaundated
  View the item 
111Der beamterundated
  View the item 
112Ben Amiundated
  View the item 
213Ben Hadir der prints fon Arabyenundated
  View the item 
214Ben Yankevundated
  View the item 
215Der ben yokhedundated
  View the item 
216Beril tremp undated
  View the item 
217Beys Dovedundated
  View the item 
218Bill Pausterundated
  View the item 
219Dos bisele glik undated
  View the item 
220Blinde eyferzukhtundated
  View the item 
221Blinde liebeundated
  View the item 
222Di blum fun libe (Ven malokhim veynen)undated
  View the item 
223Di Bobe fun Amerike undated
  View the item 
224Der bobes yerushe undated
  View the item 
225Borg mir dayn vaybundated
  View the item 
226Der boym fun libeundated
  View the item 
227Dos bukh fun lebenundated
  View the item 
228Der bundistundated
  View the item 
329Daytshland brentundated
  View the item 
330Daytshland brentundated
  View the item 
331Doktor Zeyfenblozundated
  View the item 
332Der dopelter bukhhalterundated
  View the item 
333Dos dorfs meydelundated
  View the item 
334Dray farlibteundated
  View the item 
335Di dray matonesundated
  View the item 
336Dzheni loyft far meyorundated
  View the item 
  View the item 
338Di emese libeundated
  View the item 
339Di emese mame undated
  View the item 
340Der emeser kholem1926
  View the item 
341Di emigrantenundated
  View the item 
342Di emigranten1922
  View the item 
343Er un zayn shvesterundated
  View the item 
  View the item 
345Di eybige bavegungundated
  View the item 
446Eygen blutundated
  View the item 
447Der eyntsiger eydes undated
  View the item 
448Far der khasene undated
  View the item 
449 Far vos mener antloyfnundated
  View the item 
450 A farlibte mishpokheundated
  View the item 
451 Der faynterundated
  View the item 
452 Ferbitene kalesundated
  View the item 
453 Ferbutene yoytsresundated
  View the item 
454 Der ferdakhtundated
  View the item 
455 Der ferdakhtundated
  View the item 
456Ferlangt a kaleundated
  View the item 
457 Ferlangt a vaybundated
  View the item 
458 Di fershtelteundated
  View the item 
459 Feymele, oder, Di kroyn fun shandeundated
  View the item 
560Finf dolar a kushundated
  View the item 
561 Forgib dayn froyundated
  View the item 
562Fremde kinderundated
  View the item 
563 Freydel vert a kaleundated
  View the item 
564Di freylakhe kaleundated
  View the item 
565Di freylikhe almoneundated
  View the item 
566Di freylikhe kaptsonim undated
  View the item 
567Di froy un di heymundated
  View the item 
568Der Galitsyane shlemilundated
  View the item 
569Di ganviteundated
  View the item 
570A gdile mit griven undated
  View the item 
571Di geheymnise fon keniglshen hoyfundated
  View the item 
572Geld!, oder, Der trempp1893
  View the item 
573Geld oder kinderundated
  View the item 
574Geshtorben durkh a shpasundated
  View the item 
575 Geshtorben durkh a shpas 1898
  View the item 
576Der get1901
  View the item 
677Giboyrey Yisroel, oder, Dos vilde meydelundated
  View the item 
678Der gilgl fun a nignundated
  View the item 
679Gliklekhe nakhtundated
  View the item 
680Di gliklikhe nakht undated
  View the item 
681Dos gliks meydel1923
  View the item 
682Di goldene kaleundated
  View the item 
683Di goldener kholem, oder, Der rebe in Amerika1932
  View the item 
684Di goldine khasene undated
  View the item 
685Goles Rusland undated
  View the item 
686Gorten fun liebeundated
  View the item 
687Der grester surprayzundated
  View the item 
688Grine bleter undated
  View the item 
689Di grine kale (Khosn kale mazl tov) undated
  View the item 
690Di grine mame undated
  View the item 
691 Di grine moydundated
  View the item 
792 Di grinhorens1898
  View the item 
793A groyse geheymnis 1915-16
  View the item 
794 Groyse menshenundated
  View the item 
795 Di groyse shvesterundated
  View the item 
796 Der groyser menshundated
  View the item 
797 Hadase1900
  View the item 
798 Der heybiger kampf undated
  View the item 
799 Di heylige1907
  View the item 
7100 Heym, ziese heymundated
  View the item 
7101Homen der tsveyter1903
  View the item 
7102Hopsasa undated
  View the item 
7103 Hot khaseneundated
  View the item 
7104 Der ibriger menshundated
  View the item 
7105 Der ibriger menshundated
  View the item 
8106Id muz preseundated
  View the item 
8107 Di Idishe fir hundertundated
  View the item 
8108 Di Idishe melodyeundated
  View the item 
8109 Idishe shatkhonimundated
  View the item 
8110 Der Idisher zinger1921
  View the item 
8111 Idl mitn fidlundated
  View the item 
8112 Iks miks driksundated
  View the item 
8113 Iks miks driksundated
  View the item 
8114Importirte vaybel--grine kuzine?undated
  View the item 
8115In der hordinatsyons shtonde undated
  View the item 
8116 In di hoykhe fensterundated
  View the item 
8117Jakl Balhaguleundated
  View the item 
8118 Kabaret meydelundated
  View the item 
8119 A kale fun di trentshesundated
  View the item 
8120 Di kale fun dray khasanimundated
  View the item 
8121 Karmenundated
  View the item 
8122 Karmenundated
  View the item 
9123 Der kenig fun di shnorers, oder, Tsvishen di aktenundated
  View the item 
9124 Dem kenigs kholemundated
  View the item 
9125 Keptein khayimundated
  View the item 
9126 Ketskil Mounteinsundated
  View the item 
9127Khantshe in Amerikeundated
  View the item 
9128 Khasene gehat iz farfalenundated
  View the item 
9129A khasene in der kontri undated
  View the item 
9130A khasene af der Ist-Saydundated
  View the item 
9131 Khatshel kol boynikundated
  View the item 
9132A khaver in leben undated
  View the item 
9133 A khaver in leben 1919
  View the item 
9134 Khave’s tekhterundated
  View the item 
10135Khaye’ke fun Tel Aviv1947
  View the item 
10136 Khayem in Amerika, oder, Der nakht diebundated
  View the item 
10137Khayim Trotski undated
  View the item 
10138Khayim’ke kokhlefelundated
  View the item 
10139Khayim’ke kokhlefelundated
  View the item 
  View the item 
  View the item 
10142 Khayke in Odesundated
  View the item 
10143 Di khazn’te undated
  View the item 
10144 Khokhmes noshimundated
  View the item 
10145Der kholem fun a hoyzkiperundated
  View the item 
10146A khosn’s toes undated
  View the item 
10147 Der khoyvundated
  View the item 
10148 Khtsosundated
  View the item 
10149 Khupe kleydundated
  View the item 
11150 A kind fon folkundated
  View the item 
11151 A kind fun der gas undated
  View the item 
11152Kinder fon der Ist-Sayd undated
  View the item 
11153Kinder kumt aheymundated
  View the item 
11154 Kol Nidre, oder, Die geheyme yuden in Madridundated
  View the item 
11155 Di komedyantkeundated
  View the item 
11156Di komedyantke, oder, Katerina di groyse 1927
  View the item 
11157 Der kontsert undated
  View the item 
11158Kraft fun geld undated
  View the item 
  View the item 
11160 Kukuundated
  View the item 
11161 Kukurikuundated
  View the item 
12162 Leydi Khaye Tsipeundatedrequest_box
12163 Leydies foyrstundatedrequest_box
12164 Loki menundatedrequest_box
12165 Lomir khasene hobenundatedrequest_box
12166 Lomir zikh iberbetenundatedrequest_box
12167Luksusundated request_box
12168 Madam Eksundatedrequest_box
12169Madam Yukshundatedrequest_box
12170 Malkele Colymundatedrequest_box
12171 Malvinka vil azoyundatedrequest_box
12172Mameleundated request_box
12173 A mame’s boiundatedrequest_box
12174 Mamzel Hapleaundatedrequest_box
13175 A mann zol men zaynundatedrequest_box
13176Der maskareyd bol undatedrequest_box
13177Mayn froyundatedrequest_box
13178 Mayn mazldiker tog undatedrequest_box
13179Mayn tatens biznesundated request_box
13180A mayse fun a mol undatedrequest_box
13181 Mazl tov, Maliundatedrequest_box
13182 Mener und froyenundatedrequest_box
13183 Menshen-lyalkesundatedrequest_box
13184 Meydlekhundatedrequest_box
13185Mis Meey Openhaym undatedrequest_box
13186Mish mashundatedrequest_box
14187Dos moderne meydelundated request_box
14188Morgenundated request_box
14189 Motele lignerundatedrequest_box
14190Motke ganef undatedrequest_box
14191 Di moyd fun di Bronksundatedrequest_box
14192 A moyd fun yener veltundatedrequest_box
14193 Di mume genendelundatedrequest_box
14194 Der musteykundatedrequest_box
14195 Mutundatedrequest_box
14196 Muter hartsundatedrequest_box
14197 Mutter liebeundatedrequest_box
14198Di mutter’s treren undatedrequest_box
14199 Di natsyonaler kongresundatedrequest_box
14200 Der nes fun liebeundatedrequest_box
14201-202 Di neshome fun a froy undatedrequest_box
15203 Der neyder, oder, Der giberundatedrequest_box
15204 Nie be-nie me-nie kukeriku,and Todres blus, oder, Der lugnerundatedrequest_box
15205 Der nit gerotenerundatedrequest_box
15206 Nitvitundatedrequest_box
15207 Numer 99undatedrequest_box
15208Obgenart dem zeydenundatedrequest_box
15209 Obgetuhn dem tatenundatedrequest_box
15210Di oreme gvirim undatedrequest_box
15211 Dos oreme meydeleundatedrequest_box
15212 Othelloundatedrequest_box
15213 Oy di Bronksundatedrequest_box
15214 Oy di menerundatedrequest_box
15215 Oy di meydlakhundatedrequest_box
15216Oy vos menner zenenundatedrequest_box
15217 Oyf a farbrenten mizbeyekh1914request_box
16218 Oyf’n shlekhten vegundatedrequest_box
16219 Oygen fun liebeundatedrequest_box
16220 Die Pari-Comedie and Die Pedlerundatedrequest_box
16221Parizer unshuld undatedrequest_box
16222 Parnoseundatedrequest_box
16223 Parnose1926request_box
16224Pavolye tate undatedrequest_box
16225 Perele Dempsi undatedrequest_box
16226Der peyper henger undatedrequest_box
16227 Plezhurundatedrequest_box
16228 Dos por-folk oyf urlopundatedrequest_box
16229 Dos Poylishe meydelundatedrequest_box
16230 Di Poylisher khaseneundatedrequest_box
16231-232 Der Poylisher Yudundatedrequest_box
17233Der prayz far ehrlikhkaytundated request_box
17234 Di primadonaundatedrequest_box
17235 Di printsesin fun Nilundatedrequest_box
17236 Rashi1882request_box
17237 Raykhe kaptsonimundatedrequest_box
17238 Dem rebns almoneundatedrequest_box
17239Der reyner emes undatedrequest_box
17240 Reytshel fun Safolk Strit undatedrequest_box
17241 R’Fishel Doved der Bolshevikundatedrequest_box
17242 Der rikhtiger an’aynfalundatedrequest_box
17243 Rokhl’e di meshugeneundatedrequest_box
17244 Romeo un Yulyeundatedrequest_box
17245 Der rov in fayerundatedrequest_box
18246 Dos royte menshele1891request_box
18247 Di roza fun Stambulundatedrequest_box
18248A ruhige heym undatedrequest_box
18249 Rusishe pyeseundatedrequest_box
18250Der Rusisher Yud in Amerikaundatedrequest_box
18251Der seglundatedrequest_box
18252Semke der shukh shayenerundatedrequest_box
18253 Sepereyshenundatedrequest_box
18254 Serkele’s honi manundatedrequest_box
18255-256 Seydi iz a leydiundatedrequest_box
18257 Seydi vert a leydiundatedrequest_box
18258 Shaylok der koyfman fun Ester Stritundatedrequest_box
18259 Di shehne Berthaundatedrequest_box
19260 A sheyner kholemundatedrequest_box
19261 Shloyme hameylekhundatedrequest_box
19262Shlumilundated request_box
19263 Shmendrikundatedrequest_box
19264 Shmendrik 1914request_box
19265 Shmendrik (fragment)undatedrequest_box
19266 Dos shnirel feslundatedrequest_box
19267 Der shpasundatedrequest_box
19268 Der shpas fun shikzalundatedrequest_box
19269 Shpiegel fun lebenundatedrequest_box
19270Der shpigel1877 request_box
19271Di shpinundated request_box
19272 Der shreklikher lament1914request_box
19273 Shtarker fun liebe1920request_box
19274 Di shtiferinundatedrequest_box
19275 Shtille leydnundatedrequest_box
20276-277 Der shtroyener almenundatedrequest_box
20278Shvakhe helden undatedrequest_box
20279-281 Shver tsu zayn a meydlundatedrequest_box
20282 Shver tsu zayn a shvigerundatedrequest_box
20283 Sibiryaundatedrequest_box
20284 Soydes fun a froyundatedrequest_box
20285Soydes fun liebeundatedrequest_box
20286 Stempenyuundatedrequest_box
20287 Surkeleundatedrequest_box
20288 Suzi Brenundatedrequest_box
21289Di tale kamtese undatedrequest_box
21290 Dem tayvels brikundatedrequest_box
21291Tihr nomer drayundatedrequest_box
21292 A trik fun mayn shvester khosnundatedrequest_box
21293Tsayten bayten zikh undatedrequest_box
21294 Dos tsershterte lebenundatedrequest_box
21295 Di Tshardash firstenundatedrequest_box
21296 Dos tshokoladen meydeleundatedrequest_box
21297 Di tshokoladitshkeundatedrequest_box
21298 Dos tsigayner meydlundatedrequest_box
21299 Tsu fiel lyarem tsulieb gor nitundatedrequest_box
21300 Tsu shpetundatedrequest_box
21301 Tsurik tsu zayn folkundatedrequest_box
22302 Tsutsikundatedrequest_box
22303 Di 2 (tsvey) briderundatedrequest_box
22304 Di 2 (tsvey) farmersundatedrequest_box
22305 Di tsvey kalesundatedrequest_box
22306 2 (Tsvey) khasanimundatedrequest_box
22307Di tsvey mamesundatedrequest_box
22308 Tsvishen toyzend vayberundatedrequest_box
22309Der unshuldiger korbmundatedrequest_box
22310 Vall Stritundatedrequest_box
22311 Der vander mensh, oder, Trilbiundatedrequest_box
22312 A vayb--a shlakundatedrequest_box
22313Vayber undatedrequest_box
22314-315 Vaybershe biznesundatedrequest_box
23316 Velkhe libe iz shtarkerundatedrequest_box
23317 Di velt in flamenundatedrequest_box
23318 Ven a harts libtundatedrequest_box
23319Ver iz shuldig undatedrequest_box
23320 Ver iz verundatedrequest_box
23321 Veyberishe soydesundatedrequest_box
23322 Vi mener liebenundatedrequest_box
23323 Vi m’halt tsu in eyn vatshenundatedrequest_box
23324 Vos a moyd kenundatedrequest_box
23325-326 Yankele oyf yener veltundatedrequest_box
23327 Der yeshive bokherundatedrequest_box
23328 Yesoymim fun der veltundatedrequest_box
24329 Yerusholaim, oder, Der shvert fun Makabeenundatedrequest_box
24330 Yoshe kalb, oder, Yoshe katsundatedrequest_box
24331 Der Yud in Rumenyenundatedrequest_box
24332Yud un Krustundatedrequest_box
24333 Di Yudishe kroynundatedrequest_box
24334 Di zaftn blumundatedrequest_box
24335Zayn driter zuhn undatedrequest_box
24336 Zayn vaybundatedrequest_box
24337 Zeligel vayterundatedrequest_box
24338 Dos ziese meydelundatedrequest_box
24339 Zise khaloymesundatedrequest_box
24340 Dos zise meydelundatedrequest_box
24341 Zol a meydel gloybenundatedrequest_box
24342Zumer in der kontri, oder, Seydi Flam undated request_box
25343Unknown Title (Author - Sofya Buela)undated request_box
25344Unknown Title (Author - L. Epstein)1919request_box
25345Unknown Title (Author - Gottesfeld)undated request_box
25346Unknown Title (Author - Kalmanovitch)undatedrequest_box
25347Unknown Title (Author - Mendelevitsh)undatedrequest_box
25348Unknown Title (Author - Julius Nathanson)undatedrequest_box
25349Unknown Title (Author - Sigel)undatedrequest_box
25350Unknown Title (Author - Stutchkoff)undated request_box
25351Unknown Title1949-50request_box
25-27352-377Unknown Titleundatedrequest_box
27378-386Unknown Title (Fragment)undatedrequest_box
27387Role Excerpts from Abi gezuntundatedrequest_box
27388Role Excerpt from Goldene glikenundatedrequest_box
27389Role Excerpts from Mazl tov Maliundatedrequest_box
27390Role Excerpts from Dem rebns nignundatedrequest_box
27391Role Excerpts from Seydi iz a leydi undatedrequest_box
27392Role Excerpt from Seydi vert a leydiundatedrequest_box
27393Role Excerpt from Dos tsirkus meydelundatedrequest_box
27394Role Excerpts from Di tsvey kuni lemelsundatedrequest_box
27-28395-396Role Excerpts (Misc.)undatedrequest_box
28397Assorted Fragments and Play Materialundatedrequest_box
28398-399Script Material from Abi gezuntundatedrequest_box
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Series II: Yiddish Songs and Lyrics, undated, 1907-1957

1 linear foot.

Arranged alphabetically by transliterated title within following categories: lyrics from plays, lyrics to individual songs, sheet music, and songbooks.

Scope and Content:

Series II: Yiddish Songs and Lyrics contains unpublished, informal music material, primarily in the form of handwritten or typed lyrics. Formal, published music material (songbooks and sheet music) constitutes a separate series, Series VI: Songbooks and Sheet Music. Within Series II: Yiddish Songs and Lyrics, first are songs and lyrics from particular plays, followed by lyrics for individual songs. Although most lyrics are organized individually, there are also folders consisting largely of lyrics for which the title is unclear. This series also includes a small number of manuscript songbooks and of pieces of manuscript sheet music. Lyrics to songs and manuscript sheet music and songbooks, all primarily in Yiddish.

29400Lyrics from Dray farlibteundatedrequest_box
29401Lyrics from Der grester surprayz undatedrequest_box
29402Lyrics from Mazl tov Maliundatedrequest_box
29403Lyrics from Monki biznesundatedrequest_box
29404Lyrics from Seydi iz a leydiundatedrequest_box
29405Lyrics from Tesiundatedrequest_box
29406Lyrics from Tsirkus meydelundatedrequest_box
29407Lyrics from Vos meydlekh tuenundatedrequest_box
29408Lyrics (and sheet music) from The World of Sholem Aleichem1957request_box
29409Di agodeundatedrequest_box
29410Alles ken sich trefen in New Yorkundatedrequest_box
29411Alles vos tsufiel iz umgezundundatedrequest_box
29412Blayb a singelmanundatedrequest_box
29413Dulich Gesangeundatedrequest_box
29414Englisch Marsch-Duettundatedrequest_box
29415Eyns in a guts undatedrequest_box
29416Fikst menundatedrequest_box
29417Gevald ikh zukh a manundatedrequest_box
29418A gris for der mamynundatedrequest_box
29419Grist mayn shtodt Nu Yorkundatedrequest_box
29420Hakt nit keyn tshaynikundatedrequest_box
29421Hob ikh a zorgundatedrequest_box
29422Hokus pokus undatedrequest_box
29423Hot imitser gezehn mayn shmitsig?undatedrequest_box
29424Ich bin a Balsodundatedrequest_box
29425Di Idishe blumundatedrequest_box
29426Ikh hob a katarundatedrequest_box
29427Ikh hob a vaybundatedrequest_box
29428Ikh hob nit mit vosundatedrequest_box
29429Ikh ken es (and related material)undatedrequest_box
29430Ikh zukh a manundatedrequest_box
29431In dem goldenem Bichundatedrequest_box
29432Klap in holtsundatedrequest_box
29433Lebt a gutten togundatedrequest_box
29434A lesen in shvimenundatedrequest_box
29435Mali Pikon’s troymenundatedrequest_box
29436Mayn gas [Yiddish lyrics moved to Folder 404 as song in folder 436, "Seydi iz a leydi," is from Mayn gas show.]undatedrequest_box
29437A meydels tayne tsu gotundatedrequest_box
29438Dus mezizaleundatedrequest_box
29439Dos milekhilundatedrequest_box
29440Mir zol zayn far dirundatedrequest_box
29441Mit dir iz mir gutundatedrequest_box
29442Der muzinikundatedrequest_box
29443Noyekh mit zayne bonimundatedrequest_box
29444Ot dos zenen mayne shkheynimundatedrequest_box
29446Pavolye tataundatedrequest_box
29447Reklame; Baym gedegnen; Tsoyn a khaverundatedrequest_box
29448Dos rendeleundatedrequest_box
29449Sa menershe veltundatedrequest_box
29451Shabes nakhtundatedrequest_box
29452S’mazl oyf’n tatenundatedrequest_box
29453Der tants geht vayterundatedrequest_box
29455Tsum poblikumundatedrequest_box
29456Umpapa umpapaundatedrequest_box
29457Vayl der morgen flihtundatedrequest_box
29458Ven ikh kuk oyf dirundatedrequest_box
29459Ven ikh zol visen viundatedrequest_box
29460Was gevesen ist vorbeiundatedrequest_box
29461Wein, Weib, Gesangundatedrequest_box
29462Wie is mein kindundatedrequest_box
29463Yetst ken ikh alts fershtehnundatedrequest_box
29464Yiden zingenundatedrequest_box
29465Yisroel chai vekaimundatedrequest_box
29466Miscellaneous Lyricsundatedrequest_box
30467-468Miscellaneous Lyricsundated, 1907-1937request_box
30469Magazine of Songs (Lieder Magazin)1908request_box
591176Sheet Music: Akaides Yitzchokundatedrequest_box
591177Sheet Music: Ich dank gott vus bin a Yid (Pintele Yid)undatedrequest_box
30470Sheet Music: Lullaby1925request_box
30471Sheet Music: Mazel Tov Molly and Papa Bester Papaundatedrequest_box
30472Sheet Music: Ojweh tate siserundatedrequest_box
30473Sheet Music: Pension Madelundatedrequest_box
591178Sheet Music: Zum bessenen morgenundatedrequest_box
30474Songbook: Lider un kuples1921request_box
30475Songbook: A moid mit Sechelundatedrequest_box
30476Songbook: A zamlung fun Idishe folks: lieder1922request_box
30477Songbooks (Untitled) (4)undated, 1922request_box
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Series III: Yiddish Radio Scripts, undated, 1946-1952

3.5 linear feet.

Arranged alphabetically by transliterated titles as they appeared.

Scope and Content:

Series III: Yiddish Radio Scripts consists of radio scripts written in Yiddish. In many cases, original handwritten Yiddish scripts are accompanied by typewritten transliterations. Researchers should note that transliterated folder titles for this series vary from those for the other Yiddish material in this collection because transliterations for this series were copied as they appeared on the transliterated pages that followed the original Yiddish pages. Researchers should also be aware that the titles for these scripts may not always be formal or official titles; they often appear instead to be abbreviations of full titles or to refer to subject matter or authors of works from which scripts were derived. The dates provided for these scripts are from handwritten annotations on the scripts regarding the dates that they were recorded. Radio scripts not in Yiddish can be found in Series V: Radio and Television Scripts.

31479Africa (3)undatedrequest_box
31480Ains zu zwei1949request_box
31481Alef baiz1950request_box
31482Alt Paris (1-2)1949request_box
31485As men lebt derlebt menundatedrequest_box
31487Az yashirundatedrequest_box
31488Die baba1947request_box
31489Bacharach (1-5)1952request_box
31490Baize menchenundatedrequest_box
31491Bal Shem1950request_box
31494Barkochba (1-4)1950request_box
31495Beecher (1 and 3)1947, 1949request_box
31496Beim doktor undatedrequest_box
31497Bialik undated, 1950-1951request_box
31498A bild (1-2)undatedrequest_box
31499Bjornson 1950request_box
31502Bringing Up Baby1947request_box
31505Bruder voch1948request_box
31506Chana Senishundated, 1950request_box
31507Chana un Chayemundatedrequest_box
31508Der chazen1949request_box
31509Chelemundated, 1951request_box
31510Chez Shmendrikundatedrequest_box
31511Chikaveteten 1950request_box
31512Chusen kaleh undatedrequest_box
31513Dus chusidel1950request_box
31515Circus Girl (1-5)undated, 1950-1951request_box
31516Convalescent Story1947request_box
31517Czarevitch (1-2)undatedrequest_box
31520Dr. Herzel1949request_box
31521Duncan (1-5)1950-1951request_box
31522Dvoireh Estherundatedrequest_box
31524Di Dzsholson storiundatedrequest_box
32528Emese liebe 1947request_box
32529Emma Lazarusundatedrequest_box
32530Epshtein (1-5)undated, 1951request_box
32531Erez Yesrul (1-5)undated, 1948-1951request_box
32532Esther Generalshe1949request_box
32534Ezra 1950-1951request_box
32535Farvus a mama vaint1947request_box
32536Fatima 1950request_box
32537Feodor (2)undatedrequest_box
32538Fish oif freitug1948request_box
32539Folklore undated, 1949request_box
32540For a Rainy Day undatedrequest_box
32541Fourth program1951request_box
32542Frailiche levayeundatedrequest_box
32543Frau mit’n golden hartz1951request_box
32545Ganaivishe liebe (1, 3-5)undated, 1951request_box
32546Gemiles chaised 1948request_box
32547Gershom (2-4)undated, 1948request_box
32552Ghetto lieder1949request_box
32553Gilgil fin a nigun (1-5)undated, 1951request_box
32554Gleker 1950request_box
32555Goldene gliken 1947request_box
32556Goldfadenundated, 1948request_box
32557Grape Nuts Programs (2-5, 8-9, 12) 1946request_box
32558Grape Nuts Programs (Unnumbered) undated, 1946request_box
33561Hello, Molly (1-5)undatedrequest_box
33563Hot a Yid a veibeleundatedrequest_box
33566Immigranten (2-4)undated, 1948request_box
33567In a nacht gericht fin chaver paverundatedrequest_box
33568In a Restaurant (Night Club)1948request_box
33569In Court1947request_box
33570In Drug Storeundatedrequest_box
33572Indian Summer1950request_box
33573An indik oif Pesach1949request_box
33574Jaffeundated, 1948request_box
33577Die kaleh loift undatedrequest_box
33578Katinka (1-3, 5)undatedrequest_box
33581Kinder meiseundatedrequest_box
33583Klainer mazikundated, 1946, 1951request_box
33584Der klang1950request_box
33585Koilen (1-3)1949request_box
33586Die kopekeundatedrequest_box
33589Leap Yearundatedrequest_box
33590Let My People Goundatedrequest_box
33592Ludimer moidundatedrequest_box
33593Ludmir (1, 3-5)undated, 1950request_box
33594Maidel fin amul (1-10)undated, 1951request_box
33596Mama Take It Easy1948request_box
33597Mamale (1-5, 7-8, 10)undated, 1950request_box
33598Mama’s Fur Coat undatedrequest_box
34599Mark Twain1950request_box
34601Maurice Schwartz undatedrequest_box
34602Mazel broche (1-5)undated, 1951request_box
34603Mazel tov Molly (1-5)undated, 1950request_box
34604Die megile1948request_box
34605Meine millionen 1947request_box
34606Meisehs 1950request_box
34607Menchen kener (1-3)1951-1952request_box
34610Moisha Kapoierundatedrequest_box
34611Molly Dolly (1-5)undated, 1951request_box
34614Mr. un Mrs. Oilem1947request_box
34615Mrs. Wise1952request_box
34618Music choidishundatedrequest_box
34619National Fund1948request_box
34620Neu geboiren1948request_box
34621New Yorkundated, 1949-1950request_box
34622Nit gesorgt1947request_box
34623Nothing Newundatedrequest_box
34624Oder s’helft nitundatedrequest_box
34626Oif yener zeit gassundatedrequest_box
34627Oif’n stoop1950request_box
346281001 (1-2)undated, 1949request_box
34629Oreme Millionairesundatedrequest_box
34631Ot azoi hiet men up a shvieger1947request_box
34632Oy is dus a maidelundatedrequest_box
34636Peretzundated, 1947request_box
34637Pintele Yidundatedrequest_box
34639Purim shpieler 1950request_box
35640Quebec (1-5)undated, 1951request_box
35641Rabbi Wise undatedrequest_box
35642Rabbi Yoselman 1951request_box
35643Rabbi’s Melody (1-3)undated, 1950request_box
35644Rachel (1-5)undated, 1947-1952request_box
35645Raisele (1-5)1950-1951request_box
35646Rashi (1-3)undated, 1948-1949request_box
35648Der reicher orem man1950request_box
35650Rumshinsky (1-3)undated, 1951request_box
35651S’a neue velt1947request_box
35652Shine mister1947request_box
35653Shmendrik (1-7, 9-10)undated, 1951request_box
35654Shoilik (1-5)undated, 1951request_box
35655Sholem Aleichem1949request_box
35656Shoshan Spector 1950request_box
35657Shpait oder frih1947request_box
35661Simchas Toirehundatedrequest_box
35663Sing sing1950request_box
35664Der singer1949request_box
35665A skitze1950request_box
35666Some Girl (2-3, 5)undated, 1951request_box
35667Songs of the Ghetto1948request_box
35668Stutchkov (1-2)undated, 1950request_box
35669Sud Africa undatedrequest_box
35670Summer 1949request_box
35671Sureh (1-4)undated, 1951request_box
35672Sweethearts 1950request_box
35673Szold 1950request_box
36674Die tchine 1947request_box
3667510,000 Yiden 1950request_box
36676Tereezem undatedrequest_box
36677Theatre 1950request_box
36678This Is Our Best undatedrequest_box
36679Tomato 1949request_box
36680Tunkeler undated, 1949request_box
36681Turkoff undatedrequest_box
36682Tzeit undatedrequest_box
36683Tzeitung undatedrequest_box
36684Tzipke undatedrequest_box
36685Umlegale Yiden undatedrequest_box
36686Uncle Tom (2-5)undated, 1949request_box
36687Ungekumen 1951request_box
36688Unhoib 1950request_box
36689Vacation undatedrequest_box
36690Vasser 1950request_box
36691Washington undatedrequest_box
36692Weitsman 1950request_box
36693Yankele (1-5)1951request_box
36694Yehoish (1, 3-5)undated, 1949-1952request_box
36695Yesrul undatedrequest_box
36696Yidel mit’n fiedel (1-5)undated, 1951request_box
36697A Yidishe chasene 1950request_box
36698Yidishe geshichte 1948request_box
36699Yidishe neshumes (1-3, 5)1952request_box
36700Yidishe teater (1-2)1949request_box
36701Zaide 1947request_box
36702Zaide Ainikel undatedrequest_box
36703Zeguener maidel (1-5)undated, 1951request_box
36704Zeitung undatedrequest_box
36705Ziben gite yuhr 1949request_box
36706Zimmer un vinter 1950request_box
36707Zu git undatedrequest_box
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Series IV: Manuscript Plays, undated, 1926-1969

3 linear feet.

Arranged alphabetically by title with unknown titles at end.

Scope and Content:

Series IV: Manuscript Plays contains manuscript plays not in Yiddish. As noted above, Yiddish play material can be found in Series I: Yiddish Manuscript Plays. As with that series, plays and fragments with unknown titles in Series IV follow the titled plays. Most of the plays are full scripts, but there are also several synopses and one role excerpt.

38711Ahasverus, or, Esther's Persian Lamb1944request_box
38712Die Anarchisten undatedrequest_box
38713Cafe Street undatedrequest_box
38714Castles in the Air undatedrequest_box
38715Chu Chem undatedrequest_box
38716Come Blow Your Horn 1962request_box
38717Der Doppelte Buchhalter undatedrequest_box
38718Die Dressmakerin undatedrequest_box
38719Ear Muffs in July undatedrequest_box
38720The Education of Hyman Kaplan undatedrequest_box
38721Festival undatedrequest_box
38722Fiddler on the Roof 1969request_box
38723A Fine and Private Place 1967request_box
39724The Girl of the Good Will undatedrequest_box
39725The Golden Door 1961request_box
39726The Golden Goblet 1961request_box
39727Grandma and the Girls undatedrequest_box
39728Ha-Ha-Hadassah undatedrequest_box
39729Harriet 1955request_box
39730He Said Adios 1936request_box
39731His Parisian Wife undatedrequest_box
39732Hope of the World undatedrequest_box
39733If I Were Rich undatedrequest_box
39734Key to the Future undatedrequest_box
39735-736Kid Mother 1926request_box
39737-738Little Chief Shmendrik 1941request_box
39739Make Momma Happy undatedrequest_box
40740Make Momma Happy (Followed by Pages of Handwritten Notes by Jacob Kalich)undatedrequest_box
40741Make Momma Happy (Synopsis)undatedrequest_box
40742Miller's Tale undatedrequest_box
40743 Momma's Houseundatedrequest_box
40744A Mother's Eyesundatedrequest_box
40745Mystery Music Studioundatedrequest_box
40746The Nurses (So Some Girls Play the Cello) 1964request_box
40747Old Ladyundatedrequest_box
40748The Old Landmark (Fragments)undatedrequest_box
40749On the Wing 1929request_box
40750Paris Is Out! 1969request_box
40751Perishable Merchandise 1931-1935request_box
40752Pilgrim's Pride 1946request_box
41754The Red Swanundatedrequest_box
41755The Rubaiyat of Howard Klein 1967request_box
41756The Rubaiyat of Howard Klein (Annotated)1967request_box
41759The Seventh Great Powerundatedrequest_box
41761Shmendrik (1 of 3)undatedrequest_box
42762Shmendrik (2 of 3)undatedrequest_box
42763Shmendrik (3 of 3)undatedrequest_box
42765So Laugh a Little circa 1967request_box
42766Some of My Best Friends Areundatedrequest_box
42768Summer Wivesundatedrequest_box
42771The True Theaterundatedrequest_box
42772-773A Whisper in God's Earundatedrequest_box
43774Who Stole Irvingundatedrequest_box
43775Will It Last?undatedrequest_box
43776Without Consent (Blank Form Regarding Production Costs)undatedrequest_box
43777Six Manuscripts by Estelle Baron: Double Trouble; Layton, Share!; Layton's Gift; The Lost and the Found; No Thanks, Mama; Willie's Folly1962request_box
43778Unknown Title (Author - Kenneth Webb; Adapted from On the Wing)undatedrequest_box
43779Unknown Title (Author - Kenneth Webb; Adapted from On the Wing) (Annotated)undatedrequest_box
43780-782Unknown Titleundatedrequest_box
43783-784Unknown Title (Fragment)undatedrequest_box
43785Unknown Title (Fragment Plus List of Costumes)undatedrequest_box
43786Role Excerpt from Mazel Tov Mollyundatedrequest_box
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Series V: Radio and Television Scripts, undated, 1938-1971

1.5 linear feet.

Arranged alphabetically by title; within Maxwell House Coffee Program shows, arranged chronologically.

Scope and Content:

Series V: Radio and Television Scripts contains non-Yiddish scripts, primarily for radio programs but also for television shows. Included in the series are a large number of scripts from the Maxwell House Coffee radio programs that Picon hosted (organized chronologically) and from the Molly Picon Theatre of the Air programs (organized alphabetically by episode title). As indicated earlier, radio scripts in Yiddish are in Series III: Yiddish Radio Scripts. While Series V consists almost entirely of actual scripts, it also includes a synopsis of a proposed television series and an untitled set of anecdotes.

44787The American Jewish Caravan of Stars1953request_box
44788And Then What?...undatedrequest_box
44789Car 54, Where Are You?: I Won't Go!undatedrequest_box
44790Car 54, Where Are You?: Occupancy, August Firstundatedrequest_box
44791[Circus Girl]1951request_box
44792The Education of Hyman Kaplan1954request_box
44793The Elgin TV Hour: Hearts and Palms1954request_box
44794The Little Things in Lifeundatedrequest_box
44795The Littlest Leaguer 1957request_box
44796Look Up and Live: The Sound of Exile1958request_box
44797The Marriage Broker (Synopsis of Proposed Series)undatedrequest_box
44798Maxwell House Coffee ProgramJanuary 14, 1938request_box
44799Maxwell House Coffee ProgramJanuary 21, 1938request_box
44800Maxwell House Coffee ProgramJanuary 28, 1938request_box
44801Maxwell House Coffee ProgramFebruary 4, 1938request_box
44802Maxwell House Coffee ProgramFebruary 11, 1938request_box
44803Maxwell House Coffee ProgramFebruary 18, 1938request_box
44804Maxwell House Coffee ProgramFebruary 25, 1938request_box
44805Maxwell House Coffee ProgramMarch 4, 1938request_box
44806Maxwell House Coffee ProgramMarch 11, 1938request_box
44807Maxwell House Coffee ProgramMarch 18, 1938request_box
44808Maxwell House Coffee ProgramMarch 25, 1938request_box
44809Maxwell House Coffee ProgramApril 1, 1938request_box
44810Maxwell House Coffee ProgramApril 8, 1938request_box
44811Maxwell House Coffee ProgramDecember 6, 1938request_box
44812Maxwell House Coffee ProgramDecember 13, 1938request_box
44813Maxwell House Coffee ProgramDecember 20, 1938request_box
44814Maxwell House Coffee ProgramDecember 27, 1938request_box
44815Maxwell House Coffee ProgramJanuary 3, 1939request_box
44816Maxwell House Coffee ProgramJanuary 10, 1939request_box
44817Maxwell House Coffee ProgramJanuary 17, 1939request_box
44818Maxwell House Coffee ProgramJanuary 24, 1939request_box
44819Maxwell House Coffee ProgramJanuary 31, 1939request_box
44820Maxwell House Coffee ProgramFebruary 7, 1939request_box
44821Maxwell House Coffee ProgramFebruary 14, 1939request_box
44822Maxwell House Coffee ProgramFebruary 21, 1939request_box
44823Maxwell House Coffee ProgramFebruary 28, 1939request_box
44824Maxwell House Coffee ProgramMarch 7, 1939request_box
44825Maxwell House Coffee ProgramMarch 14, 1939request_box
44826Maxwell House Coffee ProgramMarch 21, 1939request_box
45827Maxwell House Coffee ProgramMarch 28, 1939request_box
45828Maxwell House Coffee ProgramApril 4, 1939request_box
45829Maxwell House Coffee ProgramApril 11, 1939request_box
45830Maxwell House Coffee ProgramApril 18, 1939request_box
45831Maxwell House Coffee ProgramApril 25, 1939request_box
45832Maxwell House Coffee ProgramMay 2, 1939request_box
45833Maxwell House Coffee ProgramMay 9, 1939request_box
45834Maxwell House Coffee ProgramMay 16, 1939request_box
45835Maxwell House Coffee ProgramMay 23, 1939request_box
45836Maxwell House Coffee ProgramNovember 26, 1939request_box
45837Maxwell House Coffee ProgramDecember 3, 1939request_box
45838Maxwell House Coffee ProgramDecember 10, 1939request_box
45839Maxwell House Coffee ProgramDecember 17, 1939request_box
45840Maxwell House Coffee ProgramDecember 24, 1939request_box
45841Maxwell House Coffee ProgramDecember 31, 1939request_box
45842Maxwell House Coffee ProgramJanuary 6, 1941request_box
45843Maxwell House Coffee ProgramOctober 14, 1941request_box
45844Maxwell House Coffee ProgramOctober 21, 1941request_box
45845Maxwell House Coffee ProgramOctober 28, 1941request_box
45846Maxwell House Coffee ProgramNovember 4, 1941request_box
45847Maxwell House Coffee ProgramNovember 11, 1941request_box
45848Maxwell House Coffee ProgramNovember 18, 1941request_box
45849Maxwell House Coffee ProgramNovember 25, 1941request_box
45850Maxwell House Coffee ProgramDecember 2, 1941request_box
45851Maxwell House Coffee ProgramDecember 9, 1941request_box
45852Maxwell House Coffee ProgramDecember 16, 1941request_box
45853Maxwell House Coffee ProgramDecember 23, 1941request_box
45854Maxwell House Coffee ProgramDecember 30, 1941request_box
45855Maxwell House Coffee ProgramJanuary 13, 1942request_box
45856Maxwell House Coffee ProgramJanuary 20, 1942request_box
45857Maxwell House Coffee ProgramJanuary 27, 1942request_box
45858Maxwell House Coffee ProgramFebruary 3, 1942request_box
45859Maxwell House Coffee ProgramFebruary 10, 1942request_box
45860Maxwell House Coffee ProgramFebruary 17, 1942request_box
45861Maxwell House Coffee ProgramFebruary 24, 1942request_box
45862Maxwell House Coffee ProgramMarch 3, 1942request_box
45863Maxwell House Coffee ProgramMarch 10, 1942request_box
45864Maxwell House Coffee ProgramMarch 17, 1942request_box
45865Maxwell House Coffee ProgramMarch 24, 1942request_box
45866Maxwell House Coffee ProgramMarch 31, 1942request_box
45867Maxwell House Coffee ProgramApril 7, 1942request_box
45868Maxwell House Coffee ProgramApril 14, 1942request_box
45869Maxwell House Coffee ProgramOctober 6, 1948request_box
45870Maxwell House Coffee ProgramOctober 8, 1948request_box
45871Maxwell House Coffee Program: Moskowitz, Moskowitz and Moskowitz, Inc. undatedrequest_box
45872Maxwell House Coffee Program: Nancy from Delancy undatedrequest_box
45873Maxwell House Coffee Program: Fragmentsundatedrequest_box
45874Milliken Show 1968request_box
46875Milliken Show1971request_box
46876Molly Picon Theatre of the Air1942request_box
46877Molly Picon Theatre of the Air: Baba Yachneh1943request_box
46878Molly Picon Theatre of the Air: Chasente1943request_box
46879Molly Picon Theatre of the Air: First in the Hearts of His Countrymen 1944request_box
46880Molly Picon Theatre of the Air: Geetel Goes to Town 1943request_box
46881Molly Picon Theatre of the Air: Girl of Yesterday 1944request_box
46882Molly Picon Theatre of the Air: Good Old Days1944request_box
46883Molly Picon Theatre of the Air: Hollywood Success Story 1944request_box
46884Molly Picon Theatre of the Air: Johnny Make Believe 1943request_box
46885Molly Picon Theatre of the Air: Katinka1943request_box
46886Molly Picon Theatre of the Air: Liberty House1943request_box
46887Molly Picon Theatre of the Air: The Little Devil 1942request_box
46888Molly Picon Theatre of the Air: Lives of Great Men 1944request_box
46889Molly Picon Theatre of the Air: Looking for Life 1944request_box
46890Molly Picon Theatre of the Air: Mazel Broche1943request_box
46891Molly Picon Theatre of the Air: Mazel-Tov1943request_box
46892Molly Picon Theatre of the Air: Mother Knows Best 1944request_box
46893Molly Picon Theatre of the Air: Murder with Music 1943request_box
46894Molly Picon Theatre of the Air: No Time for Life 1944request_box
46895Molly Picon Theatre of the Air: Oif'n Pripichik 1945request_box
46896Molly Picon Theatre of the Air: Oy Is Dus a Leben 1942request_box
46897Molly Picon Theatre of the Air: The Rabbi's Melody 1943request_box
46898Molly Picon Theatre of the Air: Rozinkes un Mandlin 1945request_box
46899Molly Picon Theatre of the Air: The Same Old Story 1944request_box
46900Molly Picon Theatre of the Air: Shmendrik1943request_box
46901Molly Picon Theatre of the Air: Sho Sho Sho Haman 1944request_box
46902Molly Picon Theatre of the Air: Shulamith1943request_box
46903Molly Picon Theatre of the Air: Unser Rebenu1944request_box
46904Molly Picon Theatre of the Air: Uveenu Malkeinu1945request_box
46905Molly Picon Theatre of the Air: Yankele1942request_box
46906Molly Picon Theatre of the Air: Yiddle With His Fiddle 1944request_box
46907Molly Picon Theatre of the Air: Zigeuner Maidel 1943request_box
46908Mourning Becomes Organized (Not Agonized . . .) undatedrequest_box
46909My Friend Tony 1968request_box
46910No Danger undatedrequest_box
46911She Troops to Conquer 1945request_box
46912Shoemaker Stick to Your Lastundatedrequest_box
46913The Skin Game (Including Shooting Schedule)undatedrequest_box
46914The Stranger Was Not So Strange undatedrequest_box
46915The Tip-Off undatedrequest_box
46916Trouble on Second Avenue undatedrequest_box
46917United States Steel Hour: Six O'Clock Call1954request_box
47918Unknown Titleundatedrequest_box
47919Untitled Set of Anecdotesundatedrequest_box
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Series VI: Songbooks and Sheet Music, undated, 1897-1959

5.5 linear feet.
Scope and Content:

Series VI: Songbooks and Sheet Music consists of formal, published music material, in the form of both songbooks and sheet music. As indicated previously, informally recorded, unpublished lyrics, songbooks, and sheet music are in Series II: Yiddish Songs and Lyrics. Series VI is divided into two subseries: Subseries A: Songbooks and Subseries B: Sheet Music.

Subseries A: Songbooks, undated, 1897-1943


Subseries A: Songbooks is arranged alphabetically by transliterated title.

47920Songbooks, All Over Town1915request_box
47921Songbooks, The Belle of New York1897-1898request_box
47922Songbooks, Die Csardafurstin1916request_box
47923Songbooks, The Dollar Princess1909request_box
47924Songbooks, Die elfte Muse1912-1917request_box
47925Songbooks, Folk Songs and Other Songs for Children1903request_box
47926Songbooks, Der Graf von Luxemburg1909request_box
47927Songbooks, Grafin Mariza1924request_box
47928Songbooks, Hearts of Erin1917request_box
48929Songbooks, Joseph Rumshinsky Album1938request_box
48930Songbooks, Little Books of Jewish Songs (Palestine Arbor Day)1928request_box
48931Songbooks, Lust und Leid der Kinderzeit undatedrequest_box
48932Songbooks, Der Orlow1925request_box
48933Songbooks, Paganini1925request_box
48934Songbooks, Pom Pom1916request_box
48935Songbooks, Die Rose von Stambul1916request_box
48936Songbooks, Selected Jewish Songs for Members of the Armed Forces 1943request_box
48937Songbooks, 10 Chansons aus dem Repertoire Franzi Ressel1920request_box
48938Songbooks, 10 Chansons aus dem Repertoire Josma Selim1919request_box
48939Songbooks, Tsen lider, verter und muzik, fun Lipa Fayngold 1940request_box
48940Songbooks, Unknown Titleundatedrequest_box

Subseries B: Sheet music, undated, 1907-1948


Subseries B: Sheet music arranged alphabetically by transliterated title.

48941Sheet Music, Aheem 1917request_box
48942Sheet Music, Der alter shoymer1921request_box
571127Sheet Music, Az ikh volt gihat dem keyser's oytsres 1919request_box
571128Sheet Music, Die baitch 1907request_box
48943Sheet Music, Der bal agoleundatedrequest_box
48944Sheet Music, Baleboste leben1919request_box
571129Sheet Music, Baym rebe'n tsu melave malke 1914request_box
48945Sheet Music, Baym taykh 1924request_box
48946Sheet Music, Der Bekher 1921request_box
48947Sheet Music, Benkshaft 1924request_box
48948Sheet Music, Der bitokhn tsu got1914request_box
481197Sheet Music, A bisel liebe in a bisele gluck (Signed)1924request_box
571130Sheet Music, Brengt aher ayer mamen1920request_box
48949Sheet Music, A brief tsum Lyader reb'n1927request_box
48950Sheet Music, A brivele der mamen1921request_box
48951Sheet Music, Brontshele undatedrequest_box
48952Sheet Music, Burikes oyf Pesakh1921request_box
48953Sheet Music, Chave 1905request_box
571131Sheet Music, Ein chassene frehlichs1919request_box
48954Sheet Music, Dayne1950request_box
481198Sheet Music, De Emese liebe (Signed)undatedrequest_box
48955Sheet Music, Emes'e liebeundatedrequest_box
48956Sheet Music, Es Ziht - Es Briht1929request_box
48957Sheet Music, Esterke 1922request_box
571132Sheet Music, Di eynzame muter1915request_box
571133Sheet Music, Fantastisher tants1914request_box
48958Sheet Music, Farges mikh nit and Malke'le dem rebn’s 1937request_box
48959Sheet Music, Feter shneyerundatedrequest_box
48960Sheet Music, Fier gilden oyf Shabes1921request_box
48961Sheet Music, Fleyshige Iden, milkhige Iden, un pareve Iden (2 copies)1929request_box
571134Sheet Music, Der fodim undatedrequest_box
48962Sheet Music, Fraytog tsu nakht (2 copies)1924request_box
48963Sheet Music, Fun wannen nehmt sich a Liebe?1921request_box
571135Sheet Music, Gehot hob ich a feighioleundatedrequest_box
48964Sheet Music, Geht a goy in shenkel arayn1926request_box
48965Sheet Music, Der gliklikher mekhutn1924request_box
571136Sheet Music, Di grine kuzine1922request_box
49966Sheet Music, Havah nagilah1949request_box
49967Sheet Music, Dos Heilige Rikud'l1917request_box
571137Sheet Music, Der hersher iz der man and Mener lerint ayere vayber 1910request_box
49968Sheet Music, Het unter di bergalekh1920request_box
49969Sheet Music, Heyeh im pifiyot1923request_box
49970Sheet Music, A heym! A heym!1923request_box
571138Sheet Music, Hoybt fislekh un trinkt lekhayim1916request_box
49971Sheet Music, Huliet Huliet1916request_box
49972Sheet Music, Ikh beynk aheym (2 copies)1934request_box
571139Sheet Music, Ikh bin a bal agole1919request_box
49973Sheet Music, Ikh hob dikh lieb Amerika1941request_box
571140Sheet Music, In a klein shtibele1922request_box
49974Sheet Music, In a kleynem shtibeleundatedrequest_box
49975Sheet Music, In Beth Hamedrosh1929request_box
571141Sheet Music, In keyver 1917request_box
49976Sheet Music, In mayn landundatedrequest_box
49977Sheet Music, In mayne oygen biztu shehn1931request_box
49978Sheet Music, In shoten fun dem alten epelboym1927request_box
49979Sheet Music, In veg 1925request_box
49980Sheet Music, Israel 1948request_box
49981Sheet Music, Jankale undatedrequest_box
491199Sheet Music, Jenke (Signed)undatedrequest_box
571142Sheet Music, Khad gadye 1910request_box
49982Sheet Music, Khashye bashyeundatedrequest_box
49983Sheet Music, Khavershe freyd1933request_box
49984Sheet Music, Khay gelebt 1949request_box
49985Sheet Music, Khsidishe nigunim1934request_box
571143Sheet Music, Di kinder fon goles1907request_box
571144Sheet Music, Kum tsu mir in kheder'l1914request_box
49986Sheet Music, Kumt der lieber Shabes1924request_box
571145Sheet Music, Leben zol kolumbus1909request_box
49987Sheet Music, Leg dayn kop1924request_box
571146Sheet Music, Leyden und freyden1913request_box
49988Sheet Music, Lichtelech 1916request_box
49989Sheet Music, Liebes leyd 1931request_box
49990Sheet Music, Lied fun a chaver1943request_box
49991Sheet Music, Dos Lied fun Jeruscholajim1919request_box
49992Sheet Music, Makhmes vos? and Batlonim-tentsundatedrequest_box
49993Sheet Music, Malke'le (2 copies)undatedrequest_box
571147Sheet Music, Mamenyu koyf mir dos1916request_box
571148Sheet Music, Mayn shpielen and Dos gebet1916request_box
49994Sheet Music, Mayn shtetele Belz1932request_box
571149Sheet Music, Mayn vayb iz in der kontri, hurey! 1916request_box
492000Sheet Music, Mazel bruche (Signed)undatedrequest_box
571150Sheet Music, Mein spielen and Dos gebet1916request_box
49995Sheet Music, Men of the Haganah1948request_box
49996Sheet Music, Mineg khadash1931request_box
49997Sheet Music, Mit dir iz mir gut (2 copies)1950request_box
49998Sheet Music, A Mutter's Freud1917request_box
492001Sheet Music, My Mama (Signed)1917request_box
581151Sheet Music, Der nayer eyli-eyli1924request_box
581152Sheet Music, Der neyr tomedundatedrequest_box
49999Sheet Music, No Greater Love1959request_box
581153Sheet Music, Nor fun fun and Der shidekh iz gishlosen1910request_box
491000Sheet Music, Nu, zog mir shoyn ven1935request_box
491001Sheet Music, Omar Ad. le-Yankev1926request_box
581154Sheet Music, Onshtendige menshen1918request_box
491002-1003Sheet Music, Oy, iz dos a leben1942request_box
491004Sheet Music, Oy, s'iz gut!1937request_box
491005Sheet Music, Oyf a sude bay malokhim1938request_box
491006Sheet Music, Oyf dayn keyver1926request_box
581155Sheet Music, Oyneg Shabes (2 copies)1914request_box
491007Sheet Music, Der palats 1925request_box
491008Sheet Music, Panu derech undatedrequest_box
581156Sheet Music, Der Poylisher Yud1910request_box
491009Sheet Music, Raisins and Almonds1948request_box
491010Sheet Music, R'Dovid'l 1924request_box
491011Sheet Music, Der rebe Elimelekh,1927request_box
491012Sheet Music, Dem rebn's nign 1919request_box
581157Sheet Music, Regen'del 1921request_box
491013Sheet Music, Reitiha undatedrequest_box
491014Sheet Music, Sascha 1938request_box
491015Sheet Music, Der seiger1917request_box
491016Sheet Music, Shehn vi di levone1938request_box
581158Sheet Music, Dos sheifele1912request_box
491017Sheet Music, Der shifer undatedrequest_box
581159Sheet Music, Shikhelakh 1921request_box
481018Sheet Music, Shlof-Lied undatedrequest_box
481019Sheet Music, Shneyelakh, undatedrequest_box
581160Sheet Music, Shpatsiren, 1916request_box
491020Sheet Music, Shpiel zhe shpiel dayn lebens shpielundatedrequest_box
581161Sheet Music, Der shuster bay der arbeyt; Ikh veys nit vos hob ikh; Dos naye lied; and Mayn ruhe-plats 1916request_box
581162Sheet Music, S'vet zikh shoyn oyspresen1919request_box
581163Sheet Music, Der tales'l undatedrequest_box
491021Sheet Music, Tankhum 1921request_box
491022Sheet Music, Tants, meydele, tantsundatedrequest_box
491023Sheet Music, Tayere Malke1934request_box
581164Sheet Music, Di tfiln 1908request_box
491024Sheet Music, Toyben (2 copies)1924request_box
581165Sheet Music, Tsien liebe 1917request_box
491025Sheet Music, Tsigayner lied and Ven libe ruft1928request_box
581166Sheet Music, Tsindt on di havdole1920request_box
491026Sheet Music, Tsu badekens1921request_box
491027Sheet Music, Tsu dir mayn land Amerike1941request_box
581167Sheet Music, Dos tsubrokhene harts1918request_box
491028Sheet Music, Tsvitshi, tsvitshiundatedrequest_box
491029Sheet Music, Unter a grin Beimele1926request_box
581168Sheet Music, Ver vet kadish zugen? (2 copies)1919request_box
491030Sheet Music, Vi ahin zol ikh geyn1950request_box
491031Sheet Music, Vider iz avek der Shabes1921request_box
491032Sheet Music, Viglid undatedrequest_box
491033Sheet Music, Vos toyg dir dayn zorgen for morgen? 1925request_box
581169Sheet Music, Vos vet zayn mit R' Yisroel dem frumen 1914request_box
491034Sheet Music, Where Is My Luck? (2 copies)1938request_box
581170Sheet Music, Yankel 1912request_box
491035Sheet Music, Yankele 1924request_box
491036Sheet Music, Yo-la-la 1921request_box
491037Sheet Music, Yosel der apreyter1935request_box
491038Sheet Music, Yoshke fohrt avekundatedrequest_box
491039Sheet Music, The Young Mother1919request_box
491040Sheet Music, You've Got It1938request_box
491041Sheet Music, Zakhor (2 copies)1933request_box
581171Sheet Music, Zamd un stern1916request_box
581172Sheet Music, Zay a tate tsu dayn kind1909request_box
581173Sheet Music, Zelner fun Tsien1918request_box
491042Sheet Music, A zemer'l 1927request_box
491043Sheet Music, Zhamele 1924request_box
581174Sheet Music, Das ziegele 1904request_box
491044Sheet Music, Zint ikh hob dikh farlorn1928request_box
491045Sheet Music, Zu mein folk1916request_box
491046Sheet Music, Songs from Di Khazn'te 1918request_box
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Series VII: Programs and Announcements, undated, 1921-1971

0.5 linear foot.

Arranged chronologically.

Scope and Content:

Series VII: Programs and Announcements is comprised of programs for Picon's performances in theatrical productions and of announcements, flyers, and advertisements for these performances as well as for appearances at benefits, etc. An additional advertisement can be found within Series VIII: Correspondence, in the oversize correspondence folder (1179) in Box 59; this item was placed in the correspondence series because it contains a personal handwritten note to Picon from Jacob Kalich, but it is also of interest as an announcement of a performance.

501047Undated Materialrequest_box
501048Programs and Announcements1921-1929request_box
501049Programs and Announcements1930-1936request_box
501050Programs and Announcements1937-1939request_box
581175Programs and Announcements1938-1942request_box
501051Programs and Announcements1940-1943request_box
501052Programs and Announcements1944-1959request_box
501053Programs and Announcements1960-1966request_box
511054Programs and Announcements1967-1971request_box
591196Programs and Announcementsundated, 1970-1971request_box
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Series VIII: Correspondence, undated, 1917-1970

1.75 linear feet

Arranged by correspondents, chronologically, and by subject.

Scope and Content:

Series VIII: Correspondence includes a great deal of correspondence between Picon and her husband Jacob Kalich as well as between Picon and her family. Much of this correspondence is in Yiddish. The series also contains general correspondence with a variety of persons and letters dealing specifically with particular subjects, such as benefit performances, fan mail (to both Picon and Jacob Kalich), and charitable contributions. The series is arranged for the most part by correspondents and by subject; the general correspondence is ordered chronologically, with a folder for undated general correspondence. The dated folders within the general correspondence sequence are marked "circa 19xx-19xx," however, because they, too, contain some undated material. This material was kept with the dated material, rather than put in the undated folder, because it either clearly belonged as part of a set with other letters in the folder or was originally grouped with other letters in the folder. Researchers should be aware that some of this latter material may in fact be from a different period than the other correspondence in the folder.

591179Jacob Kalich to Molly Piconundatedrequest_box
511055Jacob Kalich to Molly Piconundated, 1919-1935request_box
511056Jacob Kalich to Molly Piconundated, 1945request_box
511057Molly Picon to Jacob Kalichundated, 1919-1929request_box
511058Molly Picon to Jacob Kalichundated, 1930-1935request_box
511059Molly Picon to Jacob Kalichundated, 1936-1939request_box
521060Molly Picon to Jacob Kalichundated, 1940-1952request_box
521031Molly Picon to Familyundated, 1917-1929request_box
521062Molly Picon to Familyundated, 1930-1934request_box
521063Molly Picon to Familyundated, 1935-1940request_box
521064Molly Picon to Familyundated, 1941-1952request_box
521065Molly Picon to Familyundated, 1960-1970request_box
531068Generalcirca 1940-1944request_box
531069Generalcirca 1945-1949request_box
531070Generalcirca 1950-1952request_box
531071Generalcirca 1953-1965request_box
531072Fan Mailundated, 1927-1967request_box
531073Letters from Servicemenundated, 1943-1963request_box
531074Letters from Relatives and Friends of Servicemen in Koreaundated, 1952request_box
531075"Get Well" Cards and Lettersundated, 1955-1956request_box
531076Fan Mail to Jacob KalichSeptember-October 1954request_box
541077Benefit Performances1944-1952request_box
541078Charitable Contributions1941-1962request_box
541079Foster Parents' Plan for War Children, Inc.undatedrequest_box
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Series IX: Subject Files, undated, 1915-1970

0.75 linear foot.

Arranged alphabetically by folder title.

Scope and Content:

Series IX: Subject Files contains a significant amount of material relating to the USO tours in which Picon participated. Among this material are bulletins, scripts, and souvenirs. The series also includes business agreements concerning Picon's appearances and performance schedules; a memorial book for Picon's mother, Clara Picon; a notebook with Picon's personal notes for her role of Yente in the Fiddler on the Roof film; materials from her European tour of 1946; feature articles and press notices about Picon and her performances; personal documents; news clippings; and travel souvenirs.

541080Business Agreementsundated, 1934-1959request_box
541081European Tour1946request_box
541082European Tour News Clippings1946request_box
591180Feature Article1929request_box
541083Feature Articles, News Items, and Press Noticesundated, 1925-1952request_box
541084Fiddler on the Roof: Notebook for Film Role of Yente1970request_box
541085Memorial Book for Clara Picon1953request_box
541086Miscellaneous Itemsundated, 1923request_box
591181Miscellaneous Itemsundated, 1938-1953request_box
551087News Clippingsundated, 1945-1954request_box
551088News Clippings on Poetry and Lyricsundated, 1915, 1941-1946request_box
551089Personal Documents and Itemsundated, 1919-1961request_box
551090Reception and Concert at Essex House, NYCNovember 25, 1946request_box
551091Travel Souvenirsundated, 1921-1947request_box
551092USO Tours: Bulletins and Announcements1944request_box
551093USO Tours: Trip to Koreaundated, 1951request_box
551094USO Tours: Names and Addresses of Families of Servicemen in Koreaundatedrequest_box
551095USO Tours: Scripts from Shows in Korea1952request_box
551096USO Tours: Souvenirs from Trips to Korea and Japan1951-1952request_box
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Series X: Photographs, undated, 1920-1970

2.2 linear feet.
Scope and Content:

Series X: Photographs incorporates all facets of Picon's life. Subjects range from personal settings with family and friends to travels to theatrical performances to special occasions and events. Series X is divided into two subseries: Subseries A: Alphabetical by Production Title and Subseries B: Alphabetical by Subject. Subseries A consists of photographs of theatrical productions and features poses and scenes from the productions. Subseries B contains photographs taken in a variety of other contexts, both formal and informal. While most of the photographs in the collection are of Picon, Series X also contains a number of photographs of Jacob Kalich. In particular, photographs of Kalich can be found in Mezrach und Maarev (Box 56, Folder 1103) and in Various Subjects (Box 56, Folder 1125), as well as in folders that include his name in the title. Also of interest, the series contains photographs of other Yiddish theater celebrities. These can be found among the photographs of Subseries A as well as in Yiddish Theater Celebrities (Box 56, Folder 1126).

Subseries A: Alphabetical by Production Title, undated, 1921-1965


Arranged alphabetically by production title.

591182Bublitchki 1938request_box
561098Circus Girl 1928request_box
591183Circus Girl 1928request_box
561099Comedienne, Comediantke 1930request_box
591184Czarevitsch Feodor 1927request_box
561100Jolly Orphan 1929request_box
591185Jolly Orphan 1929-1930request_box
561101A Majority of One 1964-1965request_box
591186Mamale 1927(?)request_box
561102Mamale 1936request_box
591187Mein Malkale 1938request_box
561103Mezrach und Maarev 1921request_box
561104Milk and Honey 1961request_box
561105Morning Star 1940request_box
591188Oy is dus a leben 1942request_box
561106Rabbi’s Melody 1926request_box
591189Raizele 1927request_box
561107Shmendrik 1924, 1943request_box
591190Shmendrik 1924request_box
561108Some Girl 1926-1928request_box
561109Di tsvey kuni lemels 1926request_box
561110Yankele undatedrequest_box
591191Yankele 1923-1924request_box
591192Zipke 1924request_box

Subseries B: Alphabetical by Subject, undated, 1921-1970


Arranged alphabetically by subject.

561111Benefit Performances1926, 1946request_box
591183Molly Picon1922request_box
561112Molly Piconundated, 1956-1958, 1970request_box
591194Molly Picon and Family1925request_box
561113Molly Picon and Family1926(?)request_box
561114Molly Picon and Jacob Kalichundated, 1921-1958request_box
591195Molly Picon and Jacob Kalich1925, 1958request_box
561115Molly Picon and Jacob Kalich in Yugoslavia for Filming of Fiddler on the Roof 1970request_box
561116Molly Picon and Jacob Kalich's 46th AnniversaryJune 29, 1965request_box
561117Molly Picon in Great Britain1937request_box
561118Molly Picon with Othersundated, 1923-1963request_box
561119Movie Shortsundated, 1928request_box
561120Party of Ambassador to WarsawJuly 4, 1938request_box
561121Photo Bookmarks/Postcards of Yiddish Writers(?)undatedrequest_box
561122Radio Showsundated, 1938, 1947, 1952request_box
561123Tour of U.S. Military Bases1945request_box
561124USO Tour in Korea1951-1952request_box
561125Various Subjectsundated, 1920-1951request_box
561126Yiddish Theater Celebritiesundatedrequest_box
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Series XI: Scrapbooks, 1919-1967

15.3 linear feet.

Arranged chronologically.

Scope and Content:

Series XI: Scrapbooks consists of twenty-two scrapbooks kept by Picon. The scrapbooks primarily contain newspaper clippings but some also have letters, notes, tickets, programs, and other general memorabilia. The newspaper clippings are mainly in Yiddish and English. The scrapbooks are arranged roughly chronologically. The date ranges for the scrapbooks were taken, when possible, from notations on the covers of the scrapbooks.

Eighteen of the twenty-two scrapbooks have been digitized and can be accessed by clicking on the "Scrapbooks" links.

Box TitleDate
60 Scrapbooks1919-1923
60 Scrapbooks1921-1923
60 Scrapbooks1923-1931
Box TitleDate
61 Scrapbooks1921-1927
61 Scrapbooks1929-1933
Box TitleDate
62 Scrapbooks1925-1932
62 Scrapbooks1930-1931
Box TitleDate
63 Scrapbooks1930-1933
63 Scrapbooks1932
Box TitleDate
64 Scrapbooks1934-1937
64 Scrapbooks1936-1937
64 Scrapbooks1937-1940
Box TitleDate
65 Scrapbooks1940-1942
65 Scrapbooks1942-1946
Box TitleDate
66 Scrapbooks1946-1948
66 Scrapbooks1947
66 Scrapbooks1949-1950
Box TitleDate
67 Scrapbooks1951-1953
67 Scrapbooks1953-1958, 1961
67 Scrapbooks1960
Box TitleDate
68 Scrapbooks1961-1962
68 Scrapbooks1961-1967
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