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(1708-1963) (bulk 1880-1930)
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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Wolf, Lucien (1857-1930) andMowshowitch, David (1887-1957)
Title: Lucien Wolf and David Mowshowitch Papers
Dates:Bulk 1880-1930
Abstract: Lucien Wolf (1857-1930) was a diplomat, foreign affairs expert, journalist, and historian. As the secretary of the Joint Foreign Committee of the Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Anglo-Jewish Association (earlier the Conjoint Foreign Committee), Lucien Wolf took a leading role in the efforts of Western Jewry to aid persecuted Jews in Eastern Europe. He was also a delegate to the Paris Peace Conference (1919), where he helped to draft the minorities treaties guaranteeing the rights of Jews and other ethnic and religious minority groups. David Mowshowitch (1887-1957) was Lucien Wolf's secretary and aide at the Joint Foreign Committee for many years and continued to work for the Joint Foreign Committee until the 1950s. The collection consists of the papers of Lucien Wolf and David Mowshowitch, as well as fragmentary records of the Joint Foreign Committee. The material includes personal papers, correspondence, reports, memoranda, minutes of meetings, copies of articles, and press clippings. The documents pertain to the situation of persecuted Jews throughout the world, most notably the efforts of the Joint Foreign Committee of the Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Anglo-Jewish Association to aid the Jews of Eastern Europe, and to the Peace Conference at Paris in 1919 and the minorities treaties. There is also material on Lucien Wolf's and David Mowshowitch's other activities, most importantly Lucien Wolf's career as a journalist and as a historian of the Jewish community in Britain.
Languages: The collection is inEnglish, French, German,Russian, Yiddish, Polish,Hebrew, and Hungarian.
Quantity: 13.2 linear feet
Accession number: RG 348
Repository: YIVO Archives
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Biographical and historical note

Lucien Wolf was born in London in 1857, the son of a Bohemian political refugee and his Austrian wife. Lucien Wolf began a career in journalism at an early age, becoming a writer forThe Jewish World in 1874. He held this position until 1894. Lucien Wolf soon began writing for the general as well as the Anglo-Jewish press; for example, he became an assistant editor ofThe Public Leader in 1877. Later he served as an editor of The Jewish World from 1905 to 1908.

As a journalist, Lucien Wolf specialized in foreign affairs and diplomacy and became a highly respected expert in these areas. From 1890 to 1909 he served as foreign editor of The Daily Graphic, where his articles on foreign affairs were published under the pseudonym "Diplomaticus." He also wrote under this name for The Fortnightly Review during the years 1895-1905. Lucien Wolf's column "The Foreign Office Bag" ran in The Daily Graphic from 1907 to 1914.

Lucien Wolf first became interested in Russian-Jewish affairs after the outbreak of pogroms in 1881. He became an advocate for Russian Jews and a critic of the Czarist regime. In particular, he drew attention to the plight of persecuted Jews at the time of events such as the Kishinev pogrom (1903), the Beilis trial (1912), and the Polish economic boycott of the Jews (1912). Because of his sympathy for his suffering coreligionists, Lucien Wolf's writing was critical of Czarist Russia and favorable to the more liberal German government. In 1912 Lucien Wolf foundedDarkest Russia, which chronicled the disabilities of Jews under the Czarist government, as a supplement to The Jewish Chronicle. However, with the outbreak of World War I, Lucien Wolf's perceived anti-Russian and pro-German position undermined his standing as a foreign affairs expert and effectively ended his career in journalism. He lost his position at The Daily Graphic and halted publication of Darkest Russia out of deference to the Anglo-Russian alliance.

Lucien Wolf's concern for persecuted Jews and his knowledge of foreign affairs led to his long and fruitful involvement with the Conjoint Foreign Committee of the Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Anglo-Jewish Association (after 1917, the Joint Foreign Committee). Lucien Wolf first became a member of the Conjoint Foreign Committee in 1888 and was appointed secretary of the committee around the time of the outbreak of World War I. In this position, with the aid of his long-time secretary David Mowshowitch, he brought his diplomatic skills and his contacts at the British Foreign Office to bear on his work.

Lucien Wolf's most important contribution came with the end of World War I, when he attended the Paris Peace Conference as part of the Anglo-Jewish delegation. Lucien Wolf was instrumental in drafting the minority treaties, which guaranteed rights for the ethnic, religious, and linguistic minority populations of the defeated and newly-independent states of Eastern Europe. Lucien Wolf saw these treaties as a tool whereby the various groups of these multi-ethnic countries - notably Jews - could live in harmony and their governments be led to develop in the liberal, democratic traditions of Western Europe.

The Jewish delegations at the Peace Conference were themselves split along ideological lines. Most of the delegates from Eastern Europe supported the goals of Diaspora nationalism and sought for the Jews the status of a separate national minority. The majority of American delegates were Zionists. Lucien Wolf, however, like most West European delegates, opposed both Diaspora nationalism and Zionism. When a majority of the national Jewish delegations united to form the Comité des délégations juives, the English and French delegates, led by Lucien Wolf, refused to join. Whatever his differences with the other delegates, Lucien Wolf worked along with members of the Comité des délégations juives to secure Jewish rights through the minorities treaties. He used his diplomatic skills and personal contacts to facilitate negotiations, distributing copies of his Notes on the Diplomatic History of the Jewish Question to the delegates in order put the events of the conference in historical perspective and to disseminate his views.

Lucien Wolf worked to secure the rights set forth in the minorities treaties in the years following the Paris Peace Conference. However, despite his efforts, the treaties proved to be largely unenforceable. The League of Nations was charged with overseeing the treaty guarantees, but a member nation had to bring a treaty violation to the attention of the League of Nations before it could take action. Predictably, most countries were reluctant to antagonize a foreign government by complaining that that government was abusing its citizens.

Throughout the 1920s, Lucien Wolf continued his efforts on behalf of persecuted Jews as secretary of the Joint Foreign Committee. In 1925 he travelled to Poland to inspect the situation of Jews there, and in 1926 he visited Portugal and became involved in aiding Portuguese Marranos. With the outbreak of anti-Semitic violence in Romania in 1927, Lucien Wolf worked to alleviate the situation of Romanian Jews. Wolf also served in Geneva as an expert on minority rights at the League of Nations. He was a founder of the Advisory Committee of the High Commissioner for Refugees, and became head of that organization in 1929.

As a diplomat, Lucien Wolf's approach was always cautious. He preferred to work quietly with individuals whom he felt shared his views, rather than to put direct pressure on the Foreign Office or on foreign governments. As a loyal Englishman, he feared that any too aggressive action on behalf of foreign coreligionists might call into question his and other Jews' allegiances to their homelands and cause a backlash of anti-Semitism. Moreover, as a Western European liberal, he was confident that the governments of Eastern Europe could and would eventually be reformed into enlightened regimes where Jews enjoyed full equal rights, as they did in France and Britain.

Lucien Wolf's position on the issues of Diaspora nationalism and Zionism appeared to shift somewhat over the years. He met with Theodore Herzl at the time of the latter's visit to London in 1896, and when Israel Zangwill founded the Jewish Territorial Organization in 1905 he became an early member. However, Lucien Wolf later became a leader of the anti-Zionist camp, staunchly opposing the suggestion that Jews had a national identity other than as citizens of their country of residence. Lucien Wolf later seems to have modified his stance and become more sympathetic to the idea of Diaspora nationalism, possibly under the influence of David Mowshowitch. In an article of April 1917, Lucien Wolf wrote that over the past 35 years a new "Jewish secular nationality" had developed in Eastern Europe.

In addition to his diplomatic work, Lucien Wolf was an important Anglo-Jewish historian. He was one of the organizers of the Anglo-Jewish Historical Exhibition of 1887, at which time he compiled a bibliography of Anglo-Jewish history. This exhibit led to the founding of the Jewish Historical Society of England in 1893, of which Lucien Wolf was the first president.

Lucien Wolf's biography of Sir Moses Montefiore was published in 1884. He also edited Menassah ben Israel's Mission to Oliver Cromwell (1901) and a centenary edition of Disraeli's novels in 1905. Lucien Wolf published the Life of the First Marquess of Ripon (1921) and wrote on the history of the Portuguese Marrano community in 1925. He also compiled genealogies of many prominent Anglo-Jewish families.

Lucien Wolf's historical writings also reflected his concern with the persecution of Jews. He was considered an expert on anti-Semitism, and wrote The Jewish Bogey as a refutation of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Lucien Wolf also contributed the article on "Anti-Semitism," as well as that on "Zionism," to the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

David Mowshowitch was born in Russia and settled in London around the time of World War I. Beginning in 1915 he was active on the Board of Deputies of British Jews and was appointed Foreign Secretary of that body. David Mowshowitch served as secretary and chief assistant to Lucien Wolf after the latter became the head of the Joint Foreign Committee. He remained in this position throughout Lucien Wolf's tenure and continued his work for the Joint Foreign Committee after Lucien Wolf's death in 1930.

As a native of Russia , David Mowshowitch functioned as a liaison between the members of the Joint Foreign Committee and the Eastern European Jews on whose behalf the Joint Foreign Committee was working. He often travelled abroad to report on conditions in areas of Jewish suffering. During the years 1915-1918 David Mowshowitch was the Joint Foreign Committee representative in Stockholm, Sweden. The reports he sent back to London during these years provided the Joint Foreign Committee with its main source of intelligence on conditions in Eastern Europe.

David Mowshowitch is also credited with fostering in Lucien Wolf a more positive attitude towards minority rights and the use of Yiddish of which he was a fluent speaker. An amateur historian, as well as a Yiddishist and amateur linguist, David Mowshowitch wrote a book on the Yiddish language and published translations of parts of the Bible in Yiddish. He was an active member of the London YIVO Committee, through which he donated his papers to the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research.

Historical Note

The Joint Foreign Committee of the Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Anglo-Jewish Association was, as its name implied, a body formed by these two main organizations of British Jewry for the purpose of handling initiatives in foreign policy. TheBoard of Deputies of British Jews, the officially recognized representative body of British Jewry, originated in 1760 from a cooperative effort of both the Sephardic and Ashkenazic communities of Great Britain. It adopted a written constitution in 1835. The Board of Deputies of British Jews fought for political emancipation and Jewish interests in British civil law dealing with marriage and divorce.

TheAnglo-Jewish Association was founded in 1871 and modelled on its French counterpart, theAlliance israélite universelle. Like the Alliance israélite universelle, the Anglo-Jewish Association was a voluntary association that concentrated on educational work among the Jews of less "enlightened" countries, as well as on the promotion of rights of persecuted Jews abroad. In addition, because the Orthodox rabbinate controlled the official state-recognized organs of the Jewish community, the Anglo-Jewish Association served as means for many prominent assimilated Jews to participate in the affairs of Anglo-Jewry.

The Conjoint Foreign Committee was founded in 1878, with equal representation of the Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Anglo-Jewish Association. The Conjoint Foreign Committee worked with the British Foreign Office in its efforts to improve the conditions of Jews in foreign lands, an area of increasing concern as the situation of Jews in Eastern Europe deteriorated in the 1880s. The role of the Conjoint Foreign Committee became more important as the Alliance israélite universelle concentrated its efforts on educational work, in effect leaving the Conjoint Foreign Committee to speak for Western European Jewry in matters of diplomacy.

In 1917, the issue of Zionism, which had long divided the Anglo-Jewish community, came to the fore. The Board of Deputies of British Jews was Zionist in its orientation, while the Anglo-Jewish Association essentially opposed the creation of a Jewish state. In May of 1917, the Conjoint Foreign Committee issued a declaration stating its opposition to Zionism. This led the Board of Deputies of British Jews to withdraw its delegates from the Conjoint Foreign Committee and terminate its relationship with the Anglo-Jewish Association. By the end of 1917 a compromise was reached, whereby a new Joint Foreign Committee of the Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Anglo-Jewish Association was formed. It was agreed that the renamed Joint Foreign Committee have a majority of members from the Board of Deputies of British Jews and that it take no position on the issue of Zionism. Lucien Wolf was appointed the first secretary of the Joint Foreign Committee, a position which he held until his death in 1930. The representation of the Anglo-Jewish Association on the Joint Foreign Committee was further reduced in 1937 as the influence of the anti-Zionists diminished, and eventually was altogether eliminated.

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Scope and content note

The primary strength of the collection is the light it sheds on the situation of the Jews of Eastern Europe and the efforts of Western European Jews to aid them through political action. The material on Eastern Europe is strongest for the period 1880-1930 and broadly speaking, deals with persecution, economic conditions and legal disabilities of Jews in Russia, Poland, Romania, and elsewhere. There is also important material on the Peace Conference at Paris in 1919, in particular the drafting of the minorities treaties, and later the enforcement of the treaties and the effort to secure Jewish rights at the League of Nations and the United Nations. In addition, the papers document the conditions of Jews around the world, most notably the rise of Nazi persecution in Germany and the problem of Jewish refugees in the 1930s; the contemporary situation and history of Anglo-Jewry; and Palestine and the Zionist movement.

The collection also reflects Lucien Wolf's career as a journalist and historian and contains many examples of his work in these fields, primarily his writings on international diplomacy and the history of the Jews in England. Similarly, the papers show David Mowshowitch's various interests, such as his research into Yiddish language and literature.

There are also records of the Joint Foreign Committee and materials collected by the Joint Foreign Committee in the course of its work, including reports of the Joint Foreign Committee and of other Jewish relief organizations; diplomatic and inter-office memoranda; and minutes of meetings. The correspondence in the collection consists of both Lucien Wolf's and David Mowshowitch's personal letters and official correspondence of the Joint Foreign Committee. Similarly, the press clippings relate both to Lucien Wolf's and David Mowshowitch's various activities and to the areas of concern of the Joint Foreign Committee. The papers of Lucien Wolf, including both his personal papers and some Joint of Foreign Committee records, passed after Lucien Wolf's death in 1930 to the care of his secretary, David Mowshowitch. However, it is not possible to separate correspondence between that of Lucien Wolf and that of the organizations he represented, since the correspondence had been mixed before it reached the YIVO Archives.

The sixth and seventh series consist of records of the Conjoint Foreign Committee and Joint Foreign Committee and are the longest and most significant in the collection. They reflect a wide variety of activities undertaken by that organization over many decades on behalf of Jews throughout the world. The two series contain similar types of documents and cover many of the same subjects. Because of this overlap, the researcher should consult the two series together for material on any given topic. It may be advisable to be aware of the fact that newspaper clippings removed to Series X supplement both these series.

The papers of Lucien Wolf and David Mowshowitch cover the years 1865 to 1963, with a few earlier items, particularly pertaining to Anglo-Jewish history, dating to 1708. Lucien Wolf's papers cover the period 1865-1930 and David Mowshowitch's papers span the years 1915-1963, with the majority of material on the period from the 1880s to World War II. The collection consists of diaries, correspondence, notes, manuscripts, typescripts, copies of articles, reports, memoranda, minutes of meetings, and newspaper clippings.

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The collection is organized in ten (10) topical series.

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Access and Use

Access restrictions

Open to researchers.

Use restrictions

The collection is open to researchers by appointmentwith the Chief Archivist. For more information, contact
Chief Archivist
YIVO Institute for Jewish Research
Center for Jewish History
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New York, NY 10011

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Separated material

Approximately one thousand books and pamphlets were removed to the YIVO Library.

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Custodial history

In 1956 David Mowshowitch began sending these materials, along with his own papers, to YIVO in New York. After his death in 1957, his widow completed the task of transferring the collection to New York with the help of the London YIVO Committee and its secretary, Michael Zilberberg. By 1958 the entire collection was received by the YIVO Archives, along with approximately 1,000 books and pamphlets which were given to the YIVO Library. A supplement to the collection was received sometime prior to 1978.

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Preferred citation

Published citations should take the following form:

Identification of item, date (if known); YIVO Archives, Lucien Wolf and David Mowshowitch Papers, RG 348, folder number.

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Processing information

Rivke Tcherikower completed the first organization of the collection after its arrival in the YIVO Archives. In 1966, the collection was arranged by Zosa Szajkowski with the help of a grant from M.E. Kalish of Philadelphia. At this time, the material was sorted into six series and the 28,433 pages numbered consecutively. Zosa Szajkowski prepared a Yiddish language catalog to the collection, which was published under the title Idishe diplomatie. katalog fun der David Mowshowitch-kolektsie in YIVO (Jewish Diplomacy. Catalogue of the David Mowshowitch Collection in YIVO) inYidn in England: shtudyes un materyaln, 1880-1940 (Jews in England: Studies and Materials, 1880-1940). New York: YIVO, 1966. pages 283-296.

A new catalog in English was prepared in 1978 by David M. Wolfson. David M. Wolfson's catalog followed Zosa Szajkowski's arrangement, although some folders were further subdivided. It also included an additional series consisting of material received after the Yiddish catalog was published. This material was divided into folders and appended to the end of the collection. Although the supplement was described as a separate series, the folders were also identified according to where they were believed to fit in with the original series.

In 1990, the collection was microfilmed with the help of a grant from the S.H. and Helen R. Scheuer Family Foundation. At this time, the collection was rearranged according to principles of provenance and original order by Cecile E. Kuznitz, who also prepared the present catalog and concordance of old and new folder numbers.

The description of the collection was revised and converted into an EAD finding aid by Stanislav Pejša in 2004. The romanization of the Russian titles follows the ALA-LC Romanization table.

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Container list


Series I: Lucien Wolf - Personal, 1708-1930

The series is in English and some documents are inHebrew.
0.4 linear feet

Arranged topically.

Scope and Content:

The series consists of Lucien Wolf's personal materials. These include his diary for most of 1919, including the duration of the Paris Peace Conference, material for a biography of Lucien Wolf prepared by David Mowshowitch, and some correspondence, typescripts, and notes. The newspaper clippings regarding Lucien Wolf's 70th birthday, as well as the obituaries and remembrances after his death were moved to folders 211, 212 respectively, of Series X: Newspaper clippings.

11/1Miscellaneous personal materials
Ketubah of Abraham ben Nissan and Emma bat Ya'acov (1865)
School reports (1865-1870)
Program of a lecture by Lucien Wolf on Jewish education (1885)
Invitation to a dinner in honor of Viscount Haldane chaired by Lucien Wolf and his speech on Anglo-German relations (1913)
Military citation of Lucien Wolf's son Edward Wolf (1918)
Press pass at the Paris Peace Conference (1919)
Maccabaeans' dinner in honor of Lucien Wolf: invitation, seating list, and Lucien Wolf's speech (1920)
Doctor of Hebrew honoris causa - Press Clipping
21/41 Receptions in honor of Lucien Wolf's 70th birthday
Authors' Lodge (Freemasons)
Jewish Historical Society of England
Letters of congratulation among others: Adler, Cyrus; Ginsburgh, E.; Gottheil, Richard; Kaminka, A.; Labin, S.; Laski, Neville; Levi, Israel; Nathan, Paul; Teitel, Jacob; American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee; Alliance israélite universelle
Doctor of Hebrew Lettershonoris causa - Jewish Institute of Religion (1930)
1927, 1930
31/115 Letters of condolence on Lucien Wolf's death
Notes for a memorial lecture on Lucien Wolf by David Mowshowitch
41/137Biography of Lucien Wolf by David Mowshowitch
Notes and outline
Parts of a typescript of the biography
"Lucien Wolf" - Typescript and printed version of article
undated, 1931-1932
51/269Correspondence of Lucien Wolf with his family and friends
Letters to his parents (1869-1882)
Letters to his daughter Veronika (1913, 1915)
Correspondence with other relatives and friends (1906-24)
1869-1882, 1906-1924
61/387Diary of Lucien Wolf and Table of Contents. Typescript, 640 pp., pp. 1-1601919 Jan. 13- 1919 Apr. 2
71/579Diary of Lucien Wolf, pp. 161-3241919 Apr. 3-1919 June 1
8 1/745Diary of Lucien Wolf, pp. 325-4951919 June 2-1919 Aug. 6
91/938Diary of Lucien Wolf, pp. 496-6401919 Aug. 7- 1919 Oct. 12.
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Series II: Lucien Wolf - Historical writings and related materials, 1708, 1886-1933

The series is inEnglish, French, Hebrew, and Yiddish.
0.2 linear feet

This series is arranged in no particular order.

Scope and Content:

The second series includes material related to Lucien Wolf's work as a historian. The series contains examples of his historical writings and source materials from his research as well as correspondence, notes, manuscripts, typescripts, and bibliographies. The topics covered include the lives of Lord Ripon, Joseph Chamberlain, Benjamin Disraeli, and Israel Zangwill; the Inquisition in Portugal; and various facets of Anglo-Jewish history.

The newspaper clippings with reviews of Lucien Wolf's books and reactions to his other texts were moved in folders 216, 214, 217, 218, and 224.

101/1084Bibliography of Lucien Wolf's works on Jewish subjects from 1879 to 1929 by David Mowshowitch
Also including correspondence of Cecil Roth to David Mowshowitch about the bibliography
11 1/1184Life of the First Marquess of Ripon - Materials
Listing of the contents of Lord Ripon's papers
"Lord Ripon's Conversion" - Typescript
Correspondence regarding the book
122/1Articles by Lucien Wolf
"Parallels of the 17th and 20th Centuries" - Typescript
"Jewish Education," A Lay Sermon - Manuscript (1886?)
"A Final Note on the Resettlement" - Typescript of article in The Jewish Chronicle (1889)
"Surrey Families (Jews in England)" - Typescript
"The City of London and the Jews" - Typescript
"Early History of the Dublin Hebrew Congregation" - Typescript
undated, 1886?, 1889
132/130Joseph Chamberlain - Materials
Correspondence with Lord ? (1902?)
"My Last Interview with Mr. Chamberlain" - Typescript (1903)
"Mr. Chamberlain" - Typescripts
"Mr. Chamberlain's Treaty Scheme" - Newspaper clipping (1909)
Excerpt from Lucien Wolf's diary (?) - Typescript (1903)
142/161Notes and outlines prepared by David Mowshowitch for Lucien Wolf
Anglo-Russian Diplomatic Relations, 1496-1854
British Diplomatic Representatives in Russia
152/193Benjamin Disraeli and purchase of the Suez Canal Shares - Materials
Correspondence of Lucien Wolf with: among others Blumgrund, A. (1907); Buckle, George Earle (1914-1916); Chisholm, Hugh (1905-1906); O'Connor, Daniel (1907); Earl of Derby (1905); O'Farrell, Miss (1906); Redesdale, Lord (1913); Rothschild, Lord (1906); De Rossi, Antonio (1904); Sanderson, Lord (1906); Smith, Gordon (1906); Editor ofThe Times (1905-1906)
"The Purchase of the Suez Canal Shares" - Typescript of Lucien Wolf's diary entries (?) (1905-06)
Notes on Disraeli
162/280History of the Jews in England, 1655-1929 - Materials and notes
Two addresses before the Jewish Historical Society
n.d., 1925, 1929
172/418 Israel Zangwill - Materials
"Mr. Israel Zangwill" Literature Portraits 32 (1901)
"Israel Zangwill" - adapted article. Presented to the Jewish Historical Society (1926)
Isreal Zangwill's translation of poems by Bunin, Balmont, and Tikhobereshskii
Bibliography of Israel Zangwill's work (1926)
1901, 1926
182/460Inquisition in Portugal - Copies of documentsn.d.
192/551Miscellaneous historical documents
The British Apollo (1708)
"Jews Free School" - Article (1887)
"Seven Jewish Members of Parliament" - Poster (1886)
Copies of correspondence involving Lord Kimberley, de Grey, Newman Hale, and Lord Frederick
Handwritten and typed copies of State documents and letters
1708, 1813-1887
202/632Miscellaneous materials of Lucien Wolf
Address by Lucien Wolf at a reception for Sholem Aleichem, manuscript, 18 pp. (1906?)
List of materials in the files of the League of Nations relating to Lucien Wolf (1920)
"The Montefiore Family" by Lucien Wolf, typescript, 28 pp.
Newspaper clippings in folder 224
n.d., 1906?, 1920
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Series III: Conjoint Foreign Committee and Joint Foreign Committee - Correspondence with Individuals, 1892-1930

This series in English, French, and German.
1.4 linear feet

The series is arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent.

Scope and Content:

The third series is comprised of correspondence of Lucien Wolf and of the Conjoint Foreign Committee and Joint Foreign Committee with individuals. It includes letters written by Lucien Wolf in his capacity as Secretary of the Joint Foreign Committee and thus reflects the work of that organization. It also features Lucien Wolf's correspondence with colleagues in the fields of journalism and history. This series includes letters sent to Lucien Wolf by David Mowshowitch during the years 1915-1927. He corresponded with Lucien Wolf, when David Mowshowitch was stationed in Stockholm, Sweden during World War I, and provided the Joint Foreign Committee with its main source of information on the situation of the Jews in Eastern Europe at that time.

In few instances, correspondence may also include related material. For instance, along with Lucien Wolf's correspondence with Count Bernstorff, the German ambassador in London, there is material regarding a controversy over the publication of these letters in the British press.

21a 2/689Abrahams, A.1914-1925
21bAbrahams, I. [Israel ?]1901
21c Adler, Cyrus1901-1927
21dde Alberti, L.1924
21e Aladin, Alexis 1915
21fAlexander, David Lindo1904-1916
21gAleksinsky, Grégoire1915
21hAlterman, J.1923
21iArcher, L. W.1907-1915
21jAsher, Samuel J.1917-1921
21kAskenazy, Szymon1921
22a 2/826Bacon, Gertrude1909
22bBaily, Canning1908
22cBarnard, ?1906
22dBarnett, Lionel D.1926
22eBasch, Victor1916
22f Beaumont, Comyns1908-1910
22gBellingham, Lelgarde1900
22hBennett, Reginald1910, 1913
22iBerlin, M.1897
22jCassel?, Ernest1910
22kChurchill, Winston1910
23 2/852Bernstorff, Johann Heinrich, Count
Publication of Johann Heinrich Bernstorff's letters to Lucien Wolf
Also includes correspondence of Barrington, Eric, Lord Northcliffe, Tyrell, William
Copies of Lucien Wolf's letters to Johann Heinrich Bernstorff
Copy of a page of Lucien Wolf's diary from April 10, 1905
Published letters of Johann Heinrich Bernstorff
1905, 1914
24 2/962 Blank, Reuben
Copy of an article by A. Aulard (1915)
Report of Reuben Blank's meeting with British Foreign Office officials
Copies of letters to: Montefiore, Claude Joseph Goldsmid?, ?, Alexander
Copy of a letter from S. Efran
25a 2/1081Bleackley, ?1915
25bBloch, Joshua1930
25cBoutwood, Arthur1918-1920
25dBrailsford, Henry Noel1913.
25eBrandon, Roy H.1915.
25f Brando, Alexander [Braudo, Aleksandr Isaevich ?]1908
25gBryce, Lord James1906-1916
25hBullock, J. M.?1909
25iBurgess, R.W.1913
25jBute, Lord1895-1900
26a 2/1162Campbell-Bannerman, Henry1906
26b Carr, Edward Hallett1919
26cChirol, Valentine1907
26dClifton, A.W.n.d.
26eCohen, Alfred L.1901
26fCohen, Arthur1906, 1913, 1929
26gCohen, Donald H.1922
26hCohen, Leonard1920-1921
26iColquhoun, ?1914
26jCoolen, Georges1928-1929
26kCoumbe, ?,1915
26lCox, Harold1901-1914
26m Crewe, Lord1906
27a 3/1Davis, P.R.1909
27bDicey, Albert Venn1912
27cDjevad, Bey1912
27dDubnow, Simon1922
27eDywien, Zalaman W.1916
27fElkan, Gerald1920
27gElzas, Barnett A.1903
27h Ehrenpreis, Marcus1913
27iEpstein, M.1916
28a 3/51Feinberg, D.1911-1912
28bFilderman, Wilhelm1924
28cFinn, Joseph1916
28dFrank, Helena1906
28eFreudenthal, Max1907
29a 3/126Garvin, James Louis1914-1922
29bGaster, Moses1923
29cGayer, Dr.1914
29dGennadios, Iōannōes1913
29eGarfalk, A.1908
29fGoldsmid, Osmond Elim [ D'Avigdor-Goldsmid]1921-1926
29gGollancz, Hermann1917
29hGoodman, Paul1915
29i Gottheil, Richard J. H.1916-1921
29jGravenitz, ?1904
29kGreed, E.S.1918
29lGreenberg, L.J.1907-1921
29mGrey-Wilson, Sir William1915
29nGribble, [Francis Henry ?]1913
29oGriffin, Lady1913
29pde Guenzburg, Baron A[lexandre]
Also includes letters to Leopold Rothschild; to Lord Swaythling
"Some Remarks on Baron Guenzburg's Letter on the Jewish Affairs in Russia"
1915-1917, 1919
30a 3/323Haan, Jacob Israël de1914
30bHaffkine, [Waldemar Mordecai ?]1916
30cHall, Hammond1900-1909
30dHammerton, John Alexander1915
30eHardy, Thomas1921
30fHarcourt, Sir Cecil1921
30gHarmsworth, Alfred [Northcliffe, Lord]1899-1909
30hHatzfeldt, Hermann von1907
30iHayashi, Tadasu1904
30jHertz, Joseph Herman1892-1923
30kHerzl, Hans1925-1927
30lHerzl, Theodore1896
30mHigginbottom, ?1909
30nHolland, Sidney1900
31a 3/431Ilke, Charles1902
31bItel'son, G. B.n.d.
31cJacobs, Joseph1897, 1906-1914
31dJanowsky, Oscar I.1930
31eJochelmann, [Lev?]1906
31fJoseph, Nathan Solomon1905-07
31gKinloch Cooke, Clement1904
32a 4/73Karminski, Rita1923
32bKissmann, Josef1923
32cKoike, ?1907
32dKruk, Josef1915-1916
32eKühlmann, Richard von1909-1913
33a 3/496Labouchere, H. [Henry Du Pré ?]1906
33bLandman, Isaac1920
33cLandman, S. [Samuel?]1913
33dLaski, Neville1921
33eLaughton, John Knox1906
33fLawson, H.L.W.1907
33gLessar, P. [Pavel Mikhailovich ?]1898-1901
33hLevy, Solomon1907-1908
33iLeygues, Georges1916
33jLindsay, Lady [Caroline Blanche Elizabeth ?]1907
33kLipton, S.1922
33lLoewe, Herbert1920
33mLow, Sidney, Sir1893-1927
34a 3/580MacDonald, Ramsay1912-1927
34bMagnus, Laurie1925, 1926
34cMaxse, Leopold James1907-1914
34dMayse, Alice J.1911-1928
34eMcIlvaine, ?1906
34fMelchior, Clara1913-1929
34gMendelssohn, L.1923
34hMeredith, George1906-1907
34iMeyerson, Emile1911-1916
34jMontefiore, ?n.d.
34kMyers, Jack1907
35 3/815Montefiore, Claude G.1899-1922
36 3/1048Mowshowitch, David1915-1918
37 4/1Mowshowitch, David1918
38 4/203Mowshowitch, David1919-1927
39a 4/306Montefiore, Cecil Sebag1906
39bMontefiore, Edmund Sebag1916
39cMorgenthau, Henry1914-1919
39d Morel, E. D.1907
39eMoutet, Marius1916
39fMüller, Moses1923
39gMyer, Morris1922
39hNabokov, Vladimir1916
39iNadel, ?1905
40 4/343Nathan, Paul1905-1927, 1958
41a 4/543Nawshinson, Alex1925.
41b Nordau, Max1900
41cNorthcliffe, Lord1909-1922.
41dNovikova, Ol'ga Alekseevna1895-1925
41eO'Farrell, ? (Miss)1906
41fOppenheim, Henry1905
41gO'Reilly, ? (Miss)1915
41hPappenheim, Count ?1914
41iPhillips, Ruth1908
41jPoulin, Alfred1923
41kPrag, Joseph1917-1929
41lPrimrose, Henry [Henry William, Helen, and Reginald ?]1903-1922
41mPrior, W.R.1907
42a 4/750Reading, Lord1930
42bRedesdale, Lord1911-1912
42cRichards, Grant1907
42d Riddell, George1915
42e Ripon, Lord1906
42fRobinson, Jacob1927
42gRotbart, S.1924
43a 4/776Rothschild, Anthony de1920-1924
43bRothschild, Leopold de1895-1927
44a 4/843Sachs, ?,1924
44bSalinger, M.S.1910
44cSalomons, Bernard J.1897, 1916
44dSamuel, Herbert1916-1920
44eSamuel, Stuart [Montagu]1907, 1920
44fSamuel, Wilfred Sampson1923-1930
44gSassoon, Edward Albert1907-1911
44hSchein, David1905
44iSchiff, Jacob H.1910
44jSchiff, Otto1922-1923
44kSeligmann, ?1907
45a 4/909Séménoff, E
Also includes his publications "The Russian Government and the Massacres" translated and with an introduction by Lucien Wolf - Typescript (1907)
"Some New Features in the Anglo-Russian Alliance"
45bSimm, Oswald John1896
45cSimmons, Percy C. [Coleman ?]1910
45dSimmons, Vivian George1916
45eSimonsen, David1916-1930
45fSinger, Charles1926
45gSliosberg, Henri1921-28
46a 4/1012Smith, Gordon1907
46bSobernheim, Moritz Sebastian1922
46c Sokolow, Nahum1917-1927
46dSolomons, Israel1918
46eSonneborn, Ferdinand1915
46fSpender, John A.1906-1927
46gSpero, Blanche1928-1930
47a 4/1061Spielmann, Meyer A.
Also includes correspondence about the possible sale ofThe Jewish World represented by Israel Davis toThe Jewish Chronicle
"Negotiations with the Jewish Chronicle" - Typescript
47bSpielmann, Isidore1907-1924
48a 4/1184Spring Rice, Cecil1907
48bStanton, ?1909-1910
48cStead, W. T.1898-1900
48dSteffens, Lincoln, 1866-19361919-1924
48eStern, Adolphe1914, 1916
48fStolberg, Frederick1907
48g Straus, Oscar S.1899-1913
48h Straight, Douglas1906
48iStreng, ?1911?, 1912
48jStrunsky, Rose1915
48kStuart, ?, Sir1919
48lSulzberger, Mayer1901
48mSutherland, ?1909
48nSwaythling, Louis Samuel Montagu1920-1922
49a 5/1Tallerman, ?1906
49bTarl?, A.1922
49c Teitel, Jacob1914-1929
49dTennant, Gertrude1901
49eCarmichael, Thomas1909-1913
49fTitulescu, Nicolae1929
49gUnwin, T. Fisher1915
49hVallentin, Hugo1913
49iVinaver, Maksim1917
49jVizetelly, Ernest Alfred1897
49kWahl, Saul1907
50a 5/46Waley Cohen, Robert1920
50bWarburg, Max M.n.d.
50cWatt, H.1909, 1915
50dWeizmann, Chaim1916
50eWesselitsky, Gabriel de1915, 1922
50fWhite, Montagu1899
50gWiener, S.1901
50hWilenkin, Gregory1896
50iWirth, ? (Mrs.)1907
50jWischnitzer, Mark1926-1928
50kZangwill, Israel1907-1917, 1925
50lZola, [Gabrielle Alexandrine ?]1906
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Series IV: Conjoint Foreign Committee and and Joint Foreign Committee with Organizations, 1885-1930

This series inEnglish, French, and German
0.2 linear feet

Arranged alphabetically by name of organization, with the names of individual correspondents listed under the organization name

Scope and Content:

The fourth series consists of correspondence of Lucien Wolf and of the Conjoint Foreign Committee and Joint Foreign Committee with organizations. The material in this series also documents Lucien Wolf in his various roles. As a Joint Foreign Committee secretary he communicated with many Jewish organizations, especially relief organizations; as a journalist he communicated with various publications; and as a historian he communicated with the Jewish Historical Society of England. Of particular interest in this series is correspondence with Louis Marshall of the American Jewish Committee and with Louis D. Brandeis and Bernard G. Richards of the American Jewish Congress, which includes two articles by Lucien Wolf as well as letters from the time of the Paris Peace Conference. Also present is correspondence from Solomon Dingol of The Daily World, Herman Bernstein ofThe Day, and Jacques Bigart of the Alliance israélite universelle.

51a 5/166Alliance israélite universelle
Bigart, Jacques
1885, 1901, 1915-1927
51bAmerican Jewish Committee
Report on Visit to Paris"
"The Peace Conference" - Lucien Wolf, 2 typescripts
Louis Marshall
51cAmerican Jewish Congress
Brandeis, Louis D. (1916)
Richards, Bernard G.
1916, 1920-1923
51dCanadian Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith
Samuel, Herbert J.
51eCape Town Hebrew Congregation (Cape Town, South Africa)1916
51f Daily World (London, England)
Dingol, Solomon
Bernstein, Herman
51h Detroit Jewish Chronicle
Spero, Leopold
51iEinheit. Verein zur Errichtung und Erhaltung von Volksspeisehallen (Vienna, Austria)1922
51j Enzyklopädie des Judentums
Goldmann, Nahum
51kFraynd (London, England)1926
51lHilfsverein der Deutschen Juden (Germany)1913
51mIsraelitische Allianz zu Wien
Kaminka, Armand
51n Jewish Forum (New York, N.Y.)1926
51oJewish Historical Society of England1928
51p Jewish Review1912
51qJewish War Refugees Committee1916
51rOEuvre de secours aux enfants OSE (Berlin, Germany)1923
51s South African Jewish Chronicle1926
52 5/339Protocols of the Elders of Zion"
Correspondence: Villari, Luigi Antonio; Miller, H.M.; Boutwood, Arthur; Emanuel, Charles Herbert Lewis; Segel, B.W.
53a 5/351Police (London, England) - Chief Commisioner1914

Publishers - Newspapers and Magazines

53bDaily Chronicle (London, England)
Donald, R.
53cDaily Graphic (London, Eng.)1889-1914
53dDaily Graphic (London, Eng.)
Hutchinson, Arthur S.M.
53eEncyclopaedia Britannica 1907
53fFortnightly Review (London, England)
Courtney, W. L.
1897, 1910, 1914
53gGraphic (London, England)
Bulloch, John Malcolm and H.J. Charvel
1914, 1920
53hTimes (London, England)1906-1917
53iVanity Fair (London, England : 1868)1913


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Series V: Correspondence of Lucien Wolf and of the Conjoint Foreign Committee and Joint Foreign Committee with British Government Offices, 1895-1928

This series is inEnglish.
0.2 linear feet

Arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent.

Scope and Content:

The fifth series includes correspondence of Lucien Wolf and of the Conjoint Foreign Committee and Joint Foreign Committee with British government offices, primarily with the Foreign Office and theColonial Office. This material reflects the work of the Joint Foreign Committee and its diplomatic initiatives with the British government. The series also contains correspondence and memoranda about the Foreign Office. Among the correspondents are Lord Arthur Balfour, Lord Robert Cecil, Austen Chamberlain, Joseph Chamberlain, Sir James Headlam-Morely, George Prothero, and Lord Selbourne.

54a 5/ 433Balfour, Arthur James1906-1917
54bBarrington, Eric
54cCecil, Robert, Lord1916-1919
54dChamberlain, Austen1928
54eHeadlam-Morely, James1920-1923
54fMontgomery, Charles Hubert
Also includes letters to Leygnes, Georghes (1916) and Landau, ? (1916) and a letter from Leeper, Randall (1918)
54gOliphant, Lancelot1915-1917
54hProthero, George Walter, 1848-1922.
Also includes correspondence with Mary Francis Prothero
54iTyrrell, William1907-1930
54jOther Correspondence and Memoranda
Foley, H. (1895)
Mallet, L. to David L. Alexander (1910)
Langley, W. to David L. Alexander and Claude G. Montefiore (1910)
Onslow to Claude G. Montefiore (1910)
de Bunsen, M. (1916)
Memorandum by Lucien Wolf regarding his conversation with Balfour (1917)
Correspondence between Duparc, M. and Lucien Wolf's secretary Zisslyn (1920); Philipson, M.F. (1920); Gregory, J.D. for Earl Curzon (1920); Vansittart, Robert for Chamberlain (1924)
55 5/688 British Colonial Office
Also including correspondence with Lord Selbourne (1897-1912)
56 5/766Letters to Lucien Wolf
Spring Rice, Cecil Arthur
Carson?, ?
Fitzmaurice, [Edmund ?]
1904, 1906, 1907
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Series VI: Conjoint Foreign Committee and Joint Foreign Committee - Subject files arranged chronologically, 1889-1951

The series is in English, Russian,German, French, and Yiddish.
2.0 linear feet

Arranged chronologically.

Scope and Content:

The sixth series is composed of subject files of the Joint Foreign Committee arranged chronologically. The series consists of correspondence, memoranda, reports, minutes of meetings, and press clippings. Folders 57 through 67 contain official reports of the Joint Foreign Committee from 1915-1917. These reports contained copies of correspondence with individuals and organizations at home and abroad, minutes of meetings, reports, memoranda, resolutions, etc. regarding the diplomatic activities of the Conjoint Foreign Committee. The remaining folders cover the issues and problems with which the Joint Foreign Committee dealt in these years. Since the folders span varying periods of time, there is often overlap, with material from the same year in several different folders.

The series contains information on the situation of Jews in mainly in Russia, Poland, Romania, but also in other countries of Central and Eastern Europe, such as Austria, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Finland, Hungary, and the Baltic states, as well as Palestine and the Balkan. Among the important topics reflected in the papers are Palestine and the Zionist movement; the "Passport question" (the treatment of British Jews visiting Russia); the effects of the Russian revolution and World War I on the Jewish population; the Paris Peace Conference and the minorities treaties.

In addition to many of the individuals listed above, included in this series is correspondence from Erik Colban, Sir Eric Drummond, Lloyd George, Icchak Grünbaum, Israel Jefroykin, Moses Schorr, A. J. Toynbee, Stephen Wise, and August Zaleski.

57 5/790Report No. 1
Policy and Etc.
Resolution of the Conjoint Foreign Committee (Letter to Chief Rabbi Hertz)
Letter to the Foreign Office
Proposals of Russian Delegates
Russian and Polish Questions, etc.
Policy of the Committee (Letter to Alliance israélite universelle)
Interview with Mr. Herbert Samuel, M.P.
Polish Question
Cooperation with the Zionists
1915 Mar. 16
58 5/831 Report No. 2
Atrocities in Russia
Polish Question
Proposals from the Vatican (Letter to François Deloncle)
Documents Relating to the Ill-Treatment of the Jewish Population in the Eastern War Zone (Poland-Galicia-Bukovina)
The Palestine Question: Negotiations between the Conjoint Foreign Committee and the Zionists
1915 July 27
59 5/373 Report No. 3
Representations to the Foreign Office
Charges of Espionage against Russian Jews
Visit of Lucien Wolf to Paris, etc.
1915 Sept. 6
60 5/1072 Report No. 4
Correspondence with America
The Russian Government and the Jews
The Concessions to the Russian Jews
Visit of M. Bark to London
The Jews of Romania
Status of the Ottoman Jews
New Franco-Jewish Committee
1915 Dec. 15
61 5/1146Report No. 5
Documents Sent to the Foreign Office
Documents Concerning the Treatment of the Jewish Population by the Military Authorities
Correspondence with the Board of Trade
Conjoint Foreign Committee and the Dominions
Visit of Lucien Wolf to Paris
Proposed Book on the Russo-Jewish Question
Visits of Russian Journalists and Members of the Duma
1916 Feb. 23
62 6/1 Report No. 6
The Threatened Pogroms
The Pope and the Jews
Extracts from Minutes of the Conjoint Foreign Committee, July 27, 1915
The Outrages on Jews in Russia
Conjoint Foreign Committee and the Dominions
Proposed Propaganda in the United States
Correspondence with the Board of Trade
The Economic Conference in Paris
Visit of the Duma Delegates
Events in America
Interview with Herbert Samuel, M.P.
1916 May 17
63 6/136 Report No. 7
Prof. Victor Basch on His Mission to America
The Pope and the Jews
Correspondence with the Board of Trade
The Economic Conference
The Second Invasion of Galicia
Visit of the Duma Delegates
Proposed International Jewish Conference
Preparations for the Peace Conference
Events in the United States
Conjoint Foreign Committee and the Dominions
1916 June 27
64 6/224 Report No. 8
Preparations for the Peace Conference
The Economic Conference
Visit of the Duma Delegates
Palestine and the Zionists
Romania and the War
Proposed International Jewish Conference Correspondence with the American Jewish Committee
Cooperation of the Dominions
Russian Jews and Military Service
Appendix – Lucien Wolf's Visit to Paris
1916 June 27-1916 Sept. 18
65 6/372Report No. 9
Preparations for the Peace Conference
Cooperation with the Dominions
Plan of Publication of Materials on the Jewish Question
Libels on Russian Jews
The Situation in Russia- Further Documents
Armenia and Galicia
The Jews of Romania
Distress in the Balkans
Work of the American Jewish Committee
Correspondence with the Zionists
1916 Sept. 16-1917 Feb. 6
66 6/650Report No. 10
The Russian Revolution
The Imperial Conference
Proposed International Jewish Conference
The Jews of Romania
Outrages on the Jews of Palestine
Macedonian Jewish Refugees in Salonika
Bagdad Jews in England
The Palestine Question
1917 Feb. 6-1917 May 17
67 6/864 Report No. 11
The Palestine Question
A Breach of Confidence
The Situation in Russia
The Polish Jewish Question
The Romanian Jews
Proposed Jewish Congress in Salonika
Bagdad Jews in the United Kingdom
Death of Leopold de Rothschild
1917 May 17-1917 July 15
687/1 Situation of Jews in Russia, Romania, and Bulgaria
Memorandum on Russian discrimination against British Jews (Passport Question) (1890-1891)
"Situation of Jews in Bagdad (reprint of Jewish Chronicle article)" (1889)
Memorandum and correspondence regarding Lucien Wolf's meeting with the Russian Minister of Interior Viacheslav Konstantinovich Plehve (1903)
"Outrages on the Jews (Appeal by the Russo-Jewish Committee)" (1905)
Memorandum on the treaty rights of Jews in Romania (1908)
Memorandum on Russian discrimination against British Jews (Passport Question) (1912)
"Rights of British Jews Travelling in Russia" (1913)
Conjoint Foreign Committee to Sir Edward Grey regarding British Jews in Russia (1913)
Interview of M. Pichon with M.M. Leven and Jacques Bigart regarding Romania's treatment of Jews (1913)
Correspondence of Marcus Ehrenpreis, the chief Rabbi of Bulgaria, regarding Bulgarian Jews (1913)
Correspondence of Balfour and Luigi Luzzatti regarding Romanian Jews (1914)
69 7/37Darkest Russia - Periodical published by Lucien Wolf
Correspondence with Leonard Cohen; ? Lemarduchen; ? Milholland; Mayer Sulzberger; Alfred Wiener; Grégoire Alexinsky; N. Avxentieff; Alexander Koiransky; G. Lazareff; B. Lebedeff; Pavel Nikolaevich Miliukov; N. Rakitnikov
List of 242 names of recipients of Darkest Russia in Germany
Notice of the suspension of publication of Darkest Russia (August 5, 1915)
70 7/235World War I and materials regarding the Central Committee for National Patriotic Organizations
Correspondence with Israel Zangwilll; Lady Primrose; ? Montefiore; David Lindo Alexander; Clara Melchior; Meyer Spielmann to Isidore Spielmann; ? Jacobs; Dr. Eder; L.W. Archer, ? Schiff; A.J. Dawson; George W. Prothero; Mrs. Prothero
Speech by Lucien Wolf on behalf of the Central Committee - Typescript
71 7/293 Situation of Jews in Russia, Poland, and Romania
Lucien Wolf's credentials and letter of reference
Lucien Wolf's letter on his visit to the Foreign Office regarding the Zionists
Lucien Wolf's memorandum on the proposals of Reuben Blank, J. Tschlenow, and Nahum Sokolow to help Jews in Russia and Poland
Proposal to enlarge the Conjoint Foreign Committee
Conjoint Foreign Committee Report, January 20-March 16
Correspondence with Jacques Bigart regarding Conjoint Foreign Committee policy during the World War I
Memorandum of interview with Herbert Samuel, M.P
Correspondence regarding an interview with Lloyd George
Memorandum regarding the ill-treatment of Jews in Poland, Galicia, and Bukovina
Memorandum of meeting with Polish leaders Stanislas Patek and August Zaleski
Proposals of F. Deloncle regarding Vatican representation at the Peace Conference
Memorandum to Conjoint Foreign Committee regarding assistance to Jewish war victims in Russia
Foreign Office memorandum on the situation of Jews in Poland and Galicia
Memorandum on the actions of the Conjoint Foreign Committee during the war
Report of visit of Bark (Russian Minister of Finance) regarding Russian Jews
"On the Anglo-French Parliamentarian Delegation to Russia"
"The Suffering of the Russian Jews" Reply to a letter from Warsaw communicated by the Foreign Office
72 7/399Attitudes of American Jewry to World War I and relations with the American Jewish community
Correspondence of Stephen Wise to Montefiore regarding raising money for war relief in Palestine
Suggestions for pro-Allied propaganda among American Jews
Interview with de Rothschild
Correspondence with Louis Marshall
Memorandum regarding Allied governments' attitudes towards the "Jewish Question" in Russia and towards Palestine
Lucien Wolf's report on his visit to Paris
Correspondence with Louis Marshall regarding a diplomatic initiative with the Vatican
73 7/442Situation of Jews in Russia
Petition to the Lord Mayor of London regarding the persecution of the Jews in Russia
Correspondence with Assistant Secretary of the Board of Trade; Sir Edward Grey; Georges Leygnes; David L. Alexander; Bernard Pares to Wilenski; C.E. Sebag-Montefiore
74 7/525 Edinburgh Fund and missionary work among the Russian-Jewish victims of the war
"The Catching of Souls," translation of articles from Evreiskaia Shisnj [sic, Evreiskaia Zhizn’ (Jewish Life)]
Correspondence with Greenberg, L. to Claude G. Montefiore; Henderson, J. Milne to Leopold de Rothschild; Simon, N. to the Editor
Newspaper clippings fromThe Jewish World
75 7/559Situation of Jews in Eastern Europe
Memorandum regarding a motion to expand the Conjoint Foreign Committee during the war
Correspondence with Percy Cowan; S. Rowson; Alliance israélite universelle; Edward Grey; Lancelot Oliphant; Comitato delle Comunità israelitiche italiane; Comité internationale pour la defense de la liberte religiuese; Letter to the Jewish Communities of the British Empire; Alfred Nathan and Aucland Hebrew Congregation (Aucland, New Zealand)
76 7/660Palestine and Zionism
Correspondence with Lord Reading; Nahum Sokolow; Percy Cowan; James Armand de Rothschild; Zalaman W. Dywien
77 7/683 Russian Jewish refugees in England and their possible conscription into the British armed forces
Lucien Wolf. "The Alien and the Army - Can We Conscript Foreign Jews?"
"Russian Jews and Military Service"
London Political Social Democratic Club: Protest against conscription
"Di farteydikungs-comitet fun di oislendishe yidn" [The Defense Committee of Foreign Jews] - Poster
Correspondence with Herbert Samuel; ? de Rothschild
"Russian Subjects and Voluntary Service in the British Army" - Leaflet
Committee of Delegates of Russian Socialist Groups in London
"Data on Russian Refugees"
"Report of Actions Taken by the Committee"
"Za pravo ubiezhishcha!" [For the right of asylum]
United Russian Committee for Matters of Military Service
787/729Russian Jewish refugees in England and their possible conscription into the British armed forces
Anti-conscription materials from the Committee of Delegates of Russian Socialist Groups in London
Correspondence with Leopold de Rothschild, David Mowshowitch
Notices to Russian Jews, applications to serve in the army, and press clippings
Memorandum of Emile Durkheim: "Note sur les mesures ayant pour objet d'obliger les Russes refugies en Angleterre a s'engager dans l'armee anglaise ou a rejoindre l'armee russe" [Note on the measures designed to force Russian refugees in England to join the British army or to rejoin the Russian army]
79 7/800Russian Revolution, Poland, Romania, Zionism, and other topics
Memorandum on the Russian Revolution
Correspondence with Maxim Vinaver; Adolphe de Guenzburg to de Rothschild; David Mowshowitch, Montefiore
"Russian Jewry and the League of Nations."
"Statement on the Palestine Question" - Conjoint Foreign Committee
The Polish Review - Correspondence
Report of the Dmowski Committee
"Fundamental Principles of the Constitution of Poland"
Letter to Claude G. Montefiore; August Zaleski
"The Treaty with Romania" - V. Vodovosoff
Correspondence with Sir Marcus Samuel; Comitato delle Comunità israelitiche italiane; Pro Causa Judaica; Reuben Blank
"Pro-Israele: Non-Jewish Association for the Defense of Jewish Rights in the European Settlements"
Edmund Scheuer
Correspondence with Alfred Nathan; Joseph Cowen; Claude G. Montefiore's report of interview with Lord Milner
"The Coming Peace and the Jewish Question"
80 7/964Situation of Jews in Russia, Poland and Romania
Statement by Reuben Blank regarding the situation of Jews in Russia
Memorandum by Reuben Blank regarding the Peace Conference Materials regarding Poland
Council of the Polish Community in Great Britain to the Aliens Advisory Committee; Louis Marshall to Woodrow Wilson
Report of a conversation between Roman Dmowski and Louis Marshall
Correspondence between Louis Marshall and Ignace Paderewski
Statement of the Polish National Committee
Materials regarding Romania: Report of the Romanian Sub-Committee
Report of interview with Take Jonescu
David Labin - Correspondence
"The Jewish Question in Lithuania and the Coming Treaty of Peace"
"The Jews of Vienna."
Agenda of Joint Foreign Committee meeting (September 9, 1918)
Letter to Lord Balfour
81 7/1036 Jewish Relief Committee
Statement of Contributions of the Jewish Relief Committee in Petrograd 1914-1918
"Protection of National Minorities" - Gery Gotheim in Berliner Tagblatt (1917)
Memorandum on the Situation of Russian Jews (1918)
Die Neue Freie Presse regarding a peace treaty - Newspaper clippings (1918)
"Declaration of Common Aims of Mid-European Nations" - Poster
Constitution of the Joint Foreign Committees
82 7/1120Jewish minority rights at the Paris Peace Conference - Palestine, Poland, Romania, Russia
Memorandum regarding Jews in Finland
Report of the Joint Foreign Committee on January 1 and February 4, 1919
Draft of Lucien Wolf's speech at the Maccabeans Dinner (1920)
Statement of Policy on the Palestinian Question - Joint Foreign Committee
Materials regarding pogroms in Ukraine
Correspondence with the Foreign Office
Memorandum and Letter to the editor of The Times on “Jews and Bolshevism”
"Note de Lucien Wolf aux plenipontentiares anglais au nom de Joint Foreign Committee" [Note of Lucien Wolf to the English Plenipotentiaries on behalf of the Joint Foreign Committee]
Correspondence between the Alliance israélite universelle and the Zionist Organization regarding the Jewish delegation at the Peace Conference
Correspondence regarding Jewish rights in Romania
The Jews and the War - Memorials of the Delegation of the Jews of the British Empire
Resolution of the Alliance israélite universelle regarding minority rights
Lucien Wolf's report of his interview with Paderewski
Record of a conversation between Lucien Wolf, Henry Morgenthau, Jacques Bigart, and Isaac Lambman
Report of the Delegation on its Visit to Paris
Letter to Lloyd George
The petition of the Jews of the United Kingdom to the peace Conference
"The Peace Conference - Interim Report of the Delegation of Jews of the British Empire"
"Czech-Jewish Relations."
"La Roumanie et le controle des minorites" [Romania and the Control of the minorities]
Proposed changes in the treaty with Romania
Letter of S. Labin to Lucien Wolf
Lucien Wolf's memorandum of his interview with Mr. Venizelos of Greece

Proposed versions of minority treaty with Poland
Letter of Clemenceau to Paderewski accompanying treaty
"Memorandum sur la Question Juive en Roumanie" [Memorandum on the Jewish Question in Romania]
838/1Jewish rights at the League of Nations, minorities treaties and pogroms in Ukraine, Hungary
Materials regarding pogroms in the Ukraine
Minority Treaty – Poland
Report of the Joint Foreign Committee regarding the enforcement of the minorities treaties
Memorandum on anti-Semitic propaganda in Great Britain
Petition of Lucien Wolf to the League of Nations regarding the admission of nine new states
Correspondence with the Foreign Office
Complain to the Polish delegation at the League of Nations regarding anti-Semitism in Poland
"Jewish Question before the Assembly of the League of Nations" - Joint Foreign Committee report
Joint Foreign Committee Report on Permanent Court of International Justice
Alliance israélite universelle regarding the situation of Jews in Hungary - Correspondence
Report by Sir Stuart Samuel on his mission to Poland
League of Nations resolution regarding the treaty with Czechoslovakia
848/149Jewish rights at the League of Nations, pogroms in Ukraine, Jews in Austria; Finland, Hungary, Romania, and Russia
Joint Foreign Committee report on Jewish Questions during the Assembly of the League of Nations
Correspondence with Neville Laski
"Polish Complaint in Regard to the Expulsion of Jews from Austria" and "The Alleged Expulsion of Polish Jews from Vienna."
Correspondence with Erik Colban concerning minority treaties
Memorandum regarding emigration of Jews from Eastern Europe - Joint Foreign Committee
Correspondence with Icchak Grünbaum , Helmer Rosting, E. A. Frick, S. Van Hamel, Israel Jefroykin
Peace Treaty with Hungary
"Protection of Minorities in Finland"
Action Française - Newspaper clipping
858/378Jewish rights at the League of Nations, Austria; Finland, Hungary, Romania, Russia, and Latvia
Mandate for Palestine
"Report on the Meeting of the Council of the League of Nations in London, July 1922"
"Report on Russian Relief (Refugees and Famine)"
Correspondence with the Soviet officials regarding the anti-religious laws in Russia
Austria's application of minority treaty rights to Jews and the situation of Jews in Hungary
"Foreign Affairs" - Joint Foreign Committee report on its activities for 1921
Zionistisches Landeskomitee für Österreich
"L'interpretation par l'Austriche de l'article 80 du traite de St. Germain-en-Laye" and Memorandum concerning putting into action article 80 of the Peace Treaty of St. Germain towards Jewish confession exercising their right for option and other supporting documents
Samuel Shytlowsky on the issues of Jewish minority in Bielorussia
"Latvian Minority Problems and the League of Nations - Comité des delegations juives
86 8/563 League of Nations, Persecution of Jews in Russia, and Minority rights in Poland, Austria, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Romania, and Czechoslovakia
Persecution of the Jewish religion in Russia
Enforcement of the minorities treaties
Austria's discrimination against Jews
Numerus clausus and questions of citizenship in Hungary
"Minorites en Poland"
Romanian refugees.
Enforcement of the minorities treaty and Numerus clausus in Poland
"Notes of the Proposals of the Polish Government to the Council of the League with Regard to Procedure in Connection with Minority Petitions"
"Report on Minorities Procedure Presented to the Council of League of Nations"
"League of Nations - Protection of Minorities – Questions of Procedure"
87 8/713 League of Nations, Numerus clausus in Hungary, and Minority rights in Austria, Poland, Romania, Ethiopia, and Greece
Hungary – Numerus clausus
Report of Fifth Assembly of League of Nations (September 1 - November 2, 1924)
Numerus clausus in Austrian universities
"Memorandum on the Regulations for the Formation of Student 'Nations' at the Vienna Technical High School"
Jewish minorities in Hungary
Memorandum on the Jews of Salonika
"Report of the Secretary and Special Delegate of the Joint Foreign Committee on Questions of Jewish Interest at the Fifth Assembly of the League"
888/810 League of Nations, Numerus clausus in Hungary; minority rights in Palestine, Romania and Poland; and calendar reform
Hungary - Numerus clausus – Correspondence with O.E. d'Avigdor Goldsmid and the Foreign Office
"Expose des vues du Judaisme mondial presenté au comite d'etudes de la réforme du calendrier" [Report of views of World Jewry to the Committee for the Study of Calender Reform]"
"Minorities and the League of Nations" – Correspondence with Lord Cecil, Erik Colban
"Les affaires juives en Pologne" [Jewish Affairs in Poland]
"Jewish Minorities in Hungary – Communication with Annexes by Mr. Lucien Wolf concerning the Hungarian Law No. XXV, 1920 on the 'Numerus Clausus'" and correspondence
"Rules of Procedure for Questions Concerning the Protection of Minorities," League of Nations report
"Minutes of a Meeting of the Minorities Committee held on May 26, 1925"
"Protection of Minorities – Code of minority procedure"
89 8/907Situation of Jews in Poland, Hungary, Russia, Romania, Turkey, and Latvia
"The Jews of Poland" - Published correspondence between August Zaleski and Lucien Wolf
Minorities Treaties - Correspondence with Lord Cecil and Erik Colban
Question of the 'Stateless' [Staatenlose] and Refugees
"Joint Action with the Board of Deputies of British Jews" - Memorandum on foreign affairs for Anglo-Jewish Association
"The Seventh Assembly of League of Nations"
"Religious Education in Russia"
"Memorandum of the Central Executive Committee of the Association of Academic Unions in Poland" - Zwiazek Zydowskich Stowarzysze Akademickich w Polsce
Klub Poslów Sejmowych i Senatorów Żydowskiej Rady Narodowej [Jewish National Club in Sejm] - Correspondence with I. Grünbaum
"The League of Nations Council and the Minorities Treaties"
"List of Publications of the Joint Foreign Committee 1908-1926" with a supplement list covering years 1926-1930
908/982League of Nations, Hungary, Romania
Conference called in Zurich by the Comité des delegations juives and the American Jewish Congress
Numerus clausus - Hungary
Protection of Minorities Rights – Letter by Ignác Friedmann
"Nationale Minderheitsrechte"
League of Nations Union – Correspondence with Lucy Mair
"Proposed Minorities Treaties Committee"
"Report of the Special Committee on Minorities of the Plenary Congress, Berlin"
Report of Joint Foreign Committee Legal Sub-Committee, Thursday, December 1, 1927
919/1League of Nations, Hungary, and Russia
Jewish Religious Education in Russia
"Summary of Agreement between the Representatives of the American Committee in Constantinople and the Assistant High Commissioner for Refugees of League of Nations"
Question of Stateless [Staatenlose]
Minorities – Correspondence with Lucy Mair, R.W. Seton-Watson
Execution of Minorities Treatise – Correspondence with H.M. Swanwick
"Proposed Minorities Treaties Committee"
"The Communication of Documents Addressed to the League of Nations Council by Non-Official Associations"
"Jewish Minorities in Hungary"
"Note on the Letter from the Alliance israélite universelle"
"Report on the Amended 'Numerus Clausus' Law"
"Report on the Procedure of the Committee of Three of the League of Nations " - Joint Foreign Committee
"League of Nations - Communications from Non-Official Organisations"
92 9/126 League of Nations and the minorities treaties
"The procedure for giving effect to the League of Nations guarantee of the minorities and the proposals thereon submitted to the fifty fourth session of the Council of the League"
Correspondence with W.A. Riddell and Walter Napier
93 9/141League of Nations and situation of Jews in Romania, Russia, and Hungary
Romania - "The 'Staatenlose' problem in Roumania"; "The Situation in Roumania"; Correspondence with Romanian government officials; Correspondence with United Roumanian Jews of America; American Jewish Conference resolutions regarding Romania
Minutes of meetings of the Joint Foreign Committee on January 15, March 5, and March 27
"Foreign Affairs" - Report for 1929
"Report on the Situation in Russia" - Joint Foreign Committee
"Note of an Interview with Count Bethlen, Hungarian Prime Minister"
949/241 Situation of Jews in Russia and the minorities treaties
"Documents Relative to the Situation of the Jews in Russia" - Joint Foreign Committee
Leonard J. Stein – Correspondence
"Jews and the League of Nations Guarantee of the Minorities Treaties"
A. J. Toynbee - Correspondence
95 9/263Situation of Jews in Germany and Austria
"Notes of Conversation with Bernard Kahn"
"International Action and the Jewish Position in Germany"
"Work of the J.F.C. in Connection with the League of Nations"
"Interim Report on the Work of the Allocations Committee" - Central British Fund for German Jewry
Special Report on its mission of inquiry to Europe - Joint Foreign Committee
Interviews with Leo Baeck, Robert Weltsch, Karl Melchior, Dr. Tietz, and Dr. Woyda
Max J. Kohler to Cordell Hull, U.S. Secretary of State
"Note of interviews with Sir Robert Vansittart"
Austria - Correspondence between Oskar Grünbaum and Paul Goodman
"Remarks Communicated by Dr. Alexander Teich, General Secretary of the Weltverband Judischer Studenten, to P.D.J. Draiff on the Austrian situation"
96 10/1Jewish colonization proposals
"Angola und die Juedischen Siedlungsbestrebungen" [Angola and Jewish Settlement Efforts] – Memorandum by Manfred Kirschberg
"An Exhortation at the Twelfth Hour - Angola and the Jewish Settlement"
"Bericht über eine Informationreise nach der Suedafrikanischen Union der beiden Rhodesien und Kenya (Britisch-Ostafrika)" [Report on Informative Trip to both Rhodesias and Kenya (British East Africa)] – Memorandum by Mark Wischnitzer
9710/102 Situation of Jews in Germany
Correspondence includes letters by G. Warburg, Leonard G. Montefiore, Robert Bernays
"Note of Interview with Sir Robert Vansittart at the Foreign Office"
"Memorandum of the Information Department"
"Note of Interview with Mr. Messesmith, American Minister to Austria…"
"Report on Journey to Austria, Poland, and Danzig" [Gdansk] - Neville Laski –
Notes on visit to Geneva - Neville Laski
9810/211Austria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, and Romania
"Interview between a representative of the Joint Foreign Committee and a prominent Member of the Austrian Jewish Community"
"Interview with Dr. Dessider Friedman and Dr. Oskar Grunbaum"
Interview with Saly Mayer regarding the Bern Trial
Romania - Correspondence regarding citizenship requirements in
Poland - Correspondence with Polish Embassy regarding Jewish students in Poland
"Memorandum submitted by the Polish League of Nations Federation on the Jewish Question
Hungary - Situation of Jewish Community
Czechoslovakia – Political Situation
99 10/285Situation of Jews during the World War II and a future peace conference
"Notes on Some Polish-Jewish Diplomatic Contacts During the Last War [the First World War]"
"The Jewish Question at the Future Peace Conference" - Memorandum by David Mowshowitch in English and Yiddish
"The Minority Treaties (Poland)" – Historical outline
"List of discriminatory measures taken against Jews in Poland"
"Post War Policy"
"Jewish Post-War Problems"
"The Jewish Question and the League of Nations Union"
"United Kingdom Draft of Charter on Territorial Trusteeship"
Notes on Conversations with the Foreign minister Eden’s secretary
"German Atrocities on Jews"
"The Jewish Case at the Future Peace Negotiations"
Joint Foreign Committee reports for February -March 1942, March-April 1943, and August 3-4 1942
Notes on the history of the Joint Foreign Committee
"Suggestions for an Improved Procedure to Secure Execution of the Treaties (Minorities)" – Memorandum by C.A. Macartney and other material on the future of minorities in Europe
100 10/573 Refugee problems
"Suggested Steps for Saving Jews in Nazi Occupied Europe
Note of interview with F.K. Roberts
Note of interview with F.K. Roberts and A.W.G. Randall at the Foreign Office
"Memorandum on the Jewish Case for the Bermuda Conference"
Report of parliamentary debate on aid for refugees
Report of the Coordinating Board of Jewish Organisations on a conference regarding problems of migration
1943-1944, 1951
101 10/648Peace conference and the United Nations
Press Clippings regarding the peace conference and minority rights
"Territorial Trusteeship - United Kingdom Draft of Chapter for Inclusion in United Nations Charter"
"Forced Labor - A Tool of Communism" -Address before the United Nations
"Memorandum on crimes of genocide Committed against the Serbian People… "
Correspondence and memorandum regarding free elections in Germany
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Series VII: Conjoint Foreign Committee and Joint Foreign Committee - Subject files arranged geographically, 1880-1963

This series is inEnglish, French, German,Russian, and Yiddish.
9.2 linear feet

Arranged alphabetically by country.

Scope and Content:

This series consists of the same types of material as Series VI , but the seventh series is arranged geographically by country and then chronologically within each country. Here as well, the order generally follows the date of the earliest material in each folder and the folders often span several years, so there is overlap between the folders in terms of the subjects and time periods covered.

The largest part of this series is made of folders pertaining toRussia and the Soviet Union. The topics that occur here range from the "Passport question;" the Beilis trial; the situation of Jews during the World War I and the Russian Revolution; relief for Jewish victims of the World War I; Jews in the Bolshevik movement to pogroms in the Ukraine; and the persecution of the Jewish religion in the Soviet Union.

The other two big portions cover the situation of Jews in Poland andRomania. The documents on Poland deal with the situation of Jews during the World War I; the signing of the minorities treaty and its enforcement; pogroms following the end of the World War I; numerus clausus and ghetto benches; Jewish-Polish relations; the World War II; and anti-Semitic propaganda by Poles living in England. The folders covering Romania relate to anti-Semitism; the economic situation and legal disabilities of Jews in the years prior to and following the World War I; and relief activities undertaken by Romanian Jews in America. Also included are a number of documents from the Alliance israélite universelle.

The majority of papers regardingGermany date from the 1930s and later and show efforts to aid German Jews; refugee problems; the rise of Nazi persecution; and war crimes, trials and reparations. There are also examples of Nazi antisemetica.

Smaller amounts of material pertain toBritain/England, specifically anti-Semitic activity there; thePortuguese Marranos Committee; and Palestine and Zionism. There is also documentation of the situation of Jews in Austria,Czechoslovakia,France,Hungary,Lithuania, Latvia,Turkey, Yugoslavia,South Africa, andChina.

The newspaper clippings from this series were moved to Series X: Newspaper clippings to folders 228 through 238.


158 17/694"Necessity for a Separate Jewish Relief Mission for Vienna" (1919)
Agudas Israel (1920)
"Memorandum on the Austrian Interpretation of Article 80 of the Treaty of St. Germain" – Lucien Wolf (1921)
"Concerning the putting into action of article 80 of the Peace-Treaty" and "Treaty between the Czecho-Slovakian Republic and the Republic of Austria concerning Citizenship and protection of Minorities - Union Deutsch-Oesterreichischer Juden Report (1921)
Memorandum of Lucien Wolf's interview with Baron Franckenstein, Austrian Minister in England (1923)
Bundesgessetzblatt (1934)
"Note on the New Constitution of the Austrian Republic" (1934)
"The Jewish Minority in Austria"
Israelite Community of Vienna to Chancellor Kurt von Schuschnigg (1934)
JTA Bulletins
"The Jewish Question" - Leopold Kunschak (1936)
"Zur Lage der österreichischen Juden" [To the Situation of the Austrian Jews]
"Survey of Austria and Position of Austrian Jews"
Union Oesterreichischer Juden - Correspondence (1935, 1937)
Jewish People's Council - Correspondence (1938)
World Jewish Congress - Correspondence (1938)
"Anti-Semitic Disorders in Vienna" (1938)
"Situation of the Jews in Austria" (1938)
"Memorandum of the Jewish-National Representatives to the Austrian Government"
"The Jews of Vienna"
"Dürfen wir Katholiken in Oesterreich unseren Glauben noch verteidigen?" [Are We, Catholics, still Allowed to Defend our Belief?]
"Oppression in Austria" (1941)


169 18/802Anti-Semitism, Fascism, and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion
Anti-Semitic leaflets
Memorandum by Neville Laski on his interview with Dr. Forgan (1934)
"New World Fellowship" (February-March 1934)
Anti-Fascist flyers and circulars
Jewish People's Council - Conference and activities report (1936, 1937)
"Germany and the Jews" - Nesta H. Webster (1933)
Correspondence regarding anti-Semitic articles in the Morning Post (1920)
Correspondence with Cyrus Adler (1921), Dante Lattes, The Times (1924)
"Note of Interview with Sir Wyndham Deedes" - Neville Laski (1934)
"Le mensonge 'Judeo-Marxiste'"
170 18/964"Survey of Jewish Evacuation Problems" - Peter Salinsky (1941)
Stationery of YIVO in Great Britain
"Liberal Judaism in England" - Claude G. Montefiore
"Heros of the Ghettos – Special Memorial Service" (1945)
"Remember the the Martyrs! – Memorial meeting (1945)
British Committee for Technical Development in Israel - Pamphlet
"Religion and the Race Problem" - Program conference (1925)
Protestant Alliance and Protestant Press Bureau - Anti-Catholic and anti-Mormon flyers
"Antisemitizm in england" [Anti-Semitism in England] - David Mowshowitch
Protest Meeting at Queens Hall – Program and newspaper clippings collected on behalf of the Protest Meeting Committee
Newspaper clippings collected on behalf of the Protest Meeting Committee


16618/542"The Jews in China. With Particular Attention to the Colony at Kaifengfu" - Emanuel M. Cohen1929?


159 17/862"Interview with Dr. Benes" (1919)
"Report on the Position of the Jews in Czechoslovakia" (1938)
Bar Kochba. Organisation of Maccabim from Central Europe in London (1940)
"Die Tschechoslovakische Armee in England" [The Czechoslovak Army in England] - Izchak Rosenberg (1940)
"Note on Czechoslovakian Affairs" – David Mowshowitch (1940)
"Notes on the Jews in Czechoslovakia" (1941)
"Bericht über Theresienstadt, Konzentrationlager für Juden" [Report on Theresienstadt, Concentration Camp for Jews] - Martha Mosse
"Jewish Survivors Report. Documents of Nazi Guilt No. 3: Theresienstadt and from Theresienstadt to Auschwitz" - Max E. Mannheimer (1945)
"Congress of Delegates of the Jewish Religious Communities in the Czech Regions" (1953)
Informationsbulletin- Rat der Juedischen Gemeinden in Boehmen und Maehren zu Prag


163 18/23The Freeman's Journal - Newspaper clippings
The Jewish Chronicle - Newspaper clippings
The Jewish World - Newspaper clippings
"Appel des Israélites française aux Israélites des pays neuters"
Comité de propagande française auprès des Juifs neutres (1915)
III Conference Juive Mondiale - Report of M.J. Fisher (1934)
Letter of General de Gaulle to Albert Cohen (1940)
"The Jews in France"
"New Legislation for the Jews in France"
"The Situation of the Jews in France since the Armistice of June 1940" - Henri Sinder
Declaration of the Alliance israélite universelle (1945)
"Rapport générale d'activité" - Fédération des sociétés juives de France [Report on Activity - Federation of the Jewish Societies of France] (1951)


14215/241"Auszug aus einem Memorandum an der deutschen Botschafter in Washington [Excerpt from a Memorandum to the German Ambassador in Washington]
"Junkers, 'Schiebers,' and Bolsheviks" - Robert Crozier Long
"Der Central-Verein deutscher Staatsbuerger juedischen Glaubens in der deutschen Politik. Richtung, Art und Inhalt seiner Arbeit" [The Central Union of German Citizens of Jewish Denomination in German Politics. Direction, Character, and Content of its Work]
"Massnahmen des C.-V. [Central-Verein deutscher Staatsbuerger juedischen Glaubens] aus Anlass der Unruhen am Kurfürstendamm" [Measurements of the Central Union of German Citizens of Jewish Denomination triggered by the Unrest in Kurfürstendamm]
143 15/300Central British Fund for German Jewry"Interim Report on the Work of the Allocations Committee"
"The German-Jewish Problem" - Joseph L. Cohen
"The Economic Position of the German Jews"
"The Jewish Question Regarded Statistically"
"Suggested Programme of the Allocations Committee of the Central British Fund for German Jewry"
"The German Jewish Refugee Problem"
"The German Jewish Refugee Problem" - S. Braunschweig
"Jewish Association for the Protection of Girls, Women, and Children" - Memorandum of the Conference for the Relief of German Jewry
"The Legal Position of Non-Aryans in Germany"
Report of the Judisches Hilfskomite, Prague - Dr. Zollschau
"Report on Palestine Possibilities"
"The Political Position of the Jews in Germany" - N. Bentwich
"Report of Professor D. Cohen"
"Financial Plan for the Assistance of German Jews"
Appeal of the Central Fund for German Jewry
Speeches delivered at the Conference for the Relief of German Jewry: S. Margoshes; Lewis Strauss; O.E. d'Avigdor Goldsmid; Chief Rabbi J.H. Hertz; Neville Laski
144a 15/443Refuges "The Refugee Problem as a Result of National Socialist Policies"1936
Memorandum for Neville Laski Correspondence with James G. MacDonald, High Commissioner for Refugees Coming from Germany
145a15/824Nazi persecution of Jews
"La persecution des juifs en Allemagne - Attitude des eglises chretiennes…" [Persecution of Jews in Germany – Attitudes of the Christian churches… ] (1933)
"The Jewish Question Regarded Statistically" (1933)
"The Legal Position of 'Non-Aryans' in Germany"
"The Political Position of the Jews in Germany" - Norbert Bentwich
"Report on Nazi Propaganda" (1934)
"Memoranda of the Information Department" (1934)
"Streicher Meeting at Dortmund" (1934)
145bNazi persecution of Jews Permanent Commission on General Amnesty for Political Prisoners in Germany
Excerpts from a German Christmas book for children (1936)
Report of the Friends of Europe Information Service (1939)
"Darstellung des Sachverhalts" (1939)
"The Situation in Germany" (1939)
"The German Pogrom" (1938)
Review of "Of German Character," a book by Willi Boerger (1938)
"Some Notes on the Personality of the Reich Commissar of Justice, Dr. Frank"
146 15/999Nazi persecution of Jews and relief efforts
Boycott of German goods leaflet (1937)
National Committee for Rescue from Nazi Terror (1944)
German-Jewish Aid Committee
"A Few Notes on the Persecution of Jews in Germany" (1938)
High Commission for Refugees (Jewish and other) Coming from Germany - Rules of Procedures, statutes, reports and press release (1933-1934)
"Memorandum on the Jewish Problem" - Council of the Jewish Fellowship
147 15/1087Persecution of Jews
Anti-Semitic propaganda
Eyewitness statement about conditions in Dachau, Buchenwald, and other death camps (1945)
"Memorandum on the Situation of Jews in Danzig" (1934)
14816/1Persecution of Jews
"Nazi Rule and the Persecution of Jews in Occupied Countries, 1941-1942" - Report of conditions in Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Hungary, and France
14916/248Persecution of Jews
"Nazi Rule and the Persecution of Jews in Occupied Countries" and "German Atrocities on the Jews" - Reports of the conduct of the Germans in the countries they occupied
150a16/570War crimes, refugees, and reparations
"The Jews" – Lewis Bernstein Namier (1941)
"German Jewry 1941"
"Conditions in Occupied Territories" (1942)
"Nazi Declarations and Statements on the Extermination of the Jews" (1942)
"Notes on Alfred Rosenberg" (1942)
"Interview with Rabbi E. Munk" (1945)
"Eyewitness reports by Joseph W. Eaton (1945)
"General Eisenhower's Second Report on Military Government" (1945)
150bWar crimes, refugees, and reparations
Nuremberg trials and the punishment of war criminals
"Synopsis of Trial Reports" (1946)
"Closing Address of the U.S. Chief of Counsel" (1946)
"Final U.S. Argument on Nazi Organisations"
Nuremberg Trial - Newspaper clippings
Denazification – Newspaper clippings
150cWar crimes, refugees, and reparations "The Jews in Germany: Report on a Journey Undertaken on Behalf of the World Jewish Congress" - B. Sagalowitz (1950)
"Germany's New Nazis" - Eva B. Reichmann (1951)
Second annual report of the Jewish Trust Corporation for Germany (1952)
"Enclosures to the Annual Report of the Jewish Restitution Successor Organization" (1952)


160 17/959"Memorandum of the Jews of Hungary to Jews throughout the World" –A Magyar Zsidók Központi Szövetségének [Central Union of Hungarian Jews] (1918)
"Hungarian Decree of August 21, 1919"
"The Problem of Jewish Emigration from Hungary"
"Les Juifs de Hongrie" [The Jews of Hungary] (1920)
"The White Terror in Hungary" (1920)
Criminal charges against Lehel Kádár (1924)
"The Jews of Hungary" (1934)
"The Position of the Jews of Hungary"
"La situation des Juifs en Hongrie et les problemes qu'elle pose" [The Situation of Jews in Hungary and Problems that it Poses] (1938)
"The Position of Hungarian Jewry" - Jewish Community of Budapest Report (1939)
"Notes on the Jews in Hungary" (1940)
"Catalogue of Anti-Jewish Measures Taken by Hungary during the Last Two Years" (1940)

Lithuania and Latvia

161a 17/1067"Die deutsche Regierung stellet den Juden Litauens die Kulturautonomie in Aussischt" [The German Government Gives the Jews of Lithuania a Chance for Cultural Autonomy] (1918)
"A Declaration on the Jewish Question in Lithuania" (1918)
"The Jewish Question in Lithuania and the Coming Treaty of Peace" (1918)
"Die Lage der Juden in Litauen" [The Situation of Jews in Lithuania] - Benzion Kogan (1919)
"Memorandum des Jüdischen Ministeriums in Litauen" [Memorandum of the Jewish Ministry in Lithuania] (1919)
Bulletin – Ministère pour les Affaires Juives en Lituanie [Ministry for Jewish Affairs in Lithuania]
"Memorandum sur la question juive en Lithuanie centrale" [Memorandum on the Jewish Question in Central Lithuania] - Alexandre Haftka (1921)
161b"The Present Position of the Jews in Lithuania" - Vladimir Grossman
"Protection des minorities en Lithuanie"/ "Protection of Minorities in Lithuania" (1922)
"Minorities in Lithuania – de Rio-Branco" (1923, 1925)
"Some of the Laws Detrimental to the Jews of Lithuania"
Polish Delegation to the League of Nations - Correspondence (1922)
Lithuanian Legation (1925)
Gezelshaft tsu helfn di daytshe idn in lite [Society for Help to the German Jews in Lithuania] (1913)
"Jews of Lithuania" - Eyewitness report - Z. Grinberg (1941-1945)
"Jewish Survivors Report - From Germany to the Riga Ghetto and the Kaiserwald [Mezaparks, Latvia] and Salaspilz [Salaspils, Latvia] Extermination Camps" (1945)

Palestina and Israel

167a 18/553 Zionist movement
Copies of articles from the Evreiskaia Shisn [sic] [The Jewish Life] (1915-1916)
Correspondence between James de Rothschild and Lucien Wolf (1916)
"Vegn militer dinst" - Vladimir Jabotinsky
League of British Jews – Letter to Lloyd George (1918)
"Proposals Made by the Zionist Organization with Respect to the Constitution and Administration of Palestine under Trusteeship of Great Britain as Mandatary of the League of Nations" (1919)
Jewish National Council in Prague (1919)
"Report of the Palestine Office of the Zionist Organization, London, to the Advisory Committee on Palestinian Development with regard to the Movement for Jewish Emigration to Palestine" (1919)
Vseukrainskii Sionistkii S'iezd [All-Ukrainian Sionist Congress] (1919)
"A Letter by a member of the Provisional Central Committee of the Zionist Organization of the Volunteer Army Districts " [Denikin](1920)
167b18/553Zionist movement
"The Future of Palestine"
"Declaration and demands of the Executive Committee of the Union of Zionists Revisionists" (1929)
"Memorandum of a Conversation between Mr. Felix M. Warburg, Sir Osmond D'Avigdor Goldsmid, Doctor Cyrus Adler, and Dr. Maurice J. Karpf…" (1935)
Memoranda to the Executive of the Jewish Agency for Palestine - S. Adler-Rudel (1947)
"Statement to Examine the Question of European Jewry and to Make a Further Review of the Palestine Problem" - Communist Party of [Israel?] (1946)
"Memorandum submitted by the Council of Jewish Communities in Bohemia, Moravia, and Silesia to the Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry on Palestine (1946)
Council of the Sephardic Community of Jerusalem to the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (1948)
Anti-Zionist pamphlets Zionist poster Pamphlet of the Anglo-Palestinian Club (1927)
16818/789"Committee for the Defence of Orthodox Judaism" - Poster
Anti-Zionist flyers and pamphlets
n.d., 1953


129a 13/582Reports on conditions in Poland - T. Teitel, Georg Brandes
Meeting of Lucien Wolf with Stanislas Patek and August Zaleski
"The Poles and Jews" - K. Zalewski
"The Jewish Question in Poland" - Excerpts from articles from Hazefira
129b"Interviews with Russian Cabinet Ministers" - Goremykin, Sazonoff, Barck, and Maklatoff
"Poles and Jews"
"Memorandum on the Jews of Poland" - Lucien Wolf
"The Polish Question" – Maksim Vinaver
"[Report of the Dmowski Committee]"
"On the Position of the Jewish Population in Poland and Lithuania"
"On the Polish Question"
Memorandum on Conversation with August Zaleski
"Resolutions of the Second Democratic Congress in Petrograd"
"On the Polish Jewish Question"
"Zum polnisch-jüdischen Problem" [To the Polish Jewish Problem]
"Protection of National Minorities" - Georg Gothein
"Deutsche Judenpolitik in Poland" [German Jewish Policy in Poland] – Jacob Rosenheim
130 13/822Poland and Eastern Galicia
"Extracts from the Parliamentary Debate in the House of Commons on Eastern Galicia and Decisions of the League of Nations" (1920-1922)
"Note sur le conflit entre les Gouvernements Polonais et Autrichien au sujet de l'expulsion des juifs en Galacie" [Note on the Conflict between the Governments of Poland and Austria regarding Expulsion of Jews in Galicia] (1921)
Letter of the Presidence du Conseil National Ukrainien de la Republique Galicienne (1921)
"The Case of Eastern Galicia"
"Vilna and Eastern Galicia" – Lucien Wolf (1923)
"Ukrainian Terrorism" (1934)
"Di politish-virtshaftlikhe lage fun di yidn in poyln" [The Political and Economical Situation of Jews in Poland]
Jewish education
"The Jewish Representation in the Polish Legislature"
"The Anti-Jewish Outrages in Poland"
"Nach deutschen Mustern" [Following German Models]"
Suicides among Jews in Poland"
131a 13/956 Jewish Question
"Manifesto of the Society for Social Work among Jews in Poland"
"The Jewish Question in Poland" - Adam Sunderland
Reports of the agent of the Joint Foreign Committee in Stockholm
"Insincerity on the Jewish Question" - Leon Brunn
Correspondence of the Polish National Committee to Lord Swaythling
Joint Foreign Committee Memorandum on the Polish-Jewish Question"
Translated extracts from the Polish press L'Echo Varsovie
131bJewish Question "In the Liberated Poland" - Vladimir Grossman1919?
13214/1Jewish Question
"Report on the Polish Negotiations in Paris" – Lucien Wolf
Report on his interview with Paderewski - Lucien Wolf
Copies of cables regarding pogroms
"Letter addressed to M. Paderewski by the President of the Conference transmitting to him the Treaty to be signed by Poland under Article 93 of the Treaty of Peace with Germany"
Report of the Morgenthau Commission on its meeting with Jewish leaders in Vilna
"The Jews of Upper Silesia" and Plebiscit
133 14/87Jewish question
"Report on the Occurrences in Vilna" (1920)
"The Polish Hell" (1920)
"Correspondence with His Majesty's Government respecting Alleged Anti-Jewish Pogroms in Poland" (1920)
"Le regime polonais de l'occupation en Galicie Orientale" (1920) [The Polish Rule in the occupied Eastern Galicia]
Central Committee of the Self-Help Association of Jewish Students in Poland (1923)
"Expose Concerning Ukrainian, White-Ruthenian, and Lithuanian Territories under Polish Rule" - Michel Lozynsky (1924)
American Jewish Congress- Press release on Polish-Jewish Understanding (1924)
Bulletain de Comité des Peoples Oprrimés (Ukrainiens, Bielerussiens, Lithuaniens) [Bulletins of the Committee of Opressed Peoples] (1924)
13414/188Schechita Question (1928)
"The Anti-Jewish Boycott in Poland"
"The Jews and the Civil Service in Poland (1931)"
"Loi sur les écoles et les établissements d'énseignement et d'éducation privés" [Law on schools and institutions of ???teaching??? and private education]
"The Jewish Parties in Poland" (1931)
"The Gemilat Chasudim Banks (Kassess) in Poland" (1931)
"The Legal Status and Position of the Jews in Poland" (1931)
American Jewish Congress Memorandum on Poland - Morris Waldman
"The Recent Anti-Jewish Riots in Poland" (1931)
American Jewish Congress Report on Poland (1931)
"Memorandum Concerning the Recent Polish-Jewish Conflict" (1931)
"DoesNumerus Clausus Exist in Poland?" (1931)
"The Loyalty of Polish Jews" (1931)
135 14/315"Political-Economic Situation of the Jews in Poland" (1934)
"Report on Journey to Austria, Poland, and Danzig" - Neville Laski (1934)
Memorandum on "Modification or Abrogation of Poland's Obligations Towards Minorities" - American Jewish Congress (1934)
Correspondence of "Ahawath Chesed" Loan and Self-Help Society for Jewish Mental Workers Lwów (1934)
Correspondence of Neville Laski
Statistics on Jewish employment and Jews in the universities
"Report on the Situation of the Jews in Poland" - Jewish Telegraphic Agency (1936)
"Interview with Colonel Beck, Polish Foreign Minister" and correspondence (1936)
"Note sur la situation des juifs de Pologne" [Note on the Situation of Jews in Poland] - Alliance israélite universelle (1936)
"Memorandum of Interview between the Polish Ambassador and Morris D. Waldman" (1936)
136 14/480"The Jewish Student Abroad" - Sefton David Temkin
Correspondence of Edward Raczynski, Polish Ambassador, with M.L. Pearlzweig, British Section of World Jewish Congress
"Report on Poland"
"The Catholic Press and the Anti-Semitic Propaganda"
"Declaration of Colonel Koc and the Camp for National Unity"
Memorandum from M. Moskowitz to Morris Waldman regarding the Paderewski Manifesto
"Note on the Jewish Situation in Poland" - Norman Bentwich
"Report on Poland" - H.P.S. Matthews
"Unsuccessful 'Putsch' in Poland"
Correspondence of the Provisional Representation of Polish Jewry
"The Jews of Poland - Help and Self-Help" American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee Report
"Brief Summary of the Activities of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) in Poland from the War until the End of 1937"
Information Bulletins - American Jewish Congress
13714/682"Memorandum of Interview with the Rev. Henry Carter, C.B.E."
Petition for financial aid to Icko Slomianski
"Academic Protest against Ghetto Benches in Poland"
"The Jewish Question in the Polish Government Camp's Program
List of discriminatory measures against Jews in Poland
"Jewish Position in Poland"
"Ghetto Benches" - Sefton David Temkin
"Minorities in Poland"
Report on conditions in Zbąszyń
"Interview with the Polish Ambassador" - Neville Laski
"Anti-Jewish Outrages in Poland"
"Jewish Self-Defense in Poland
The Vilna Trials"
13814/761Historical accounts of Jewish-Polish relations until the World War II
Statistical data on the Jews in Poland before World War I - David Mowshowitch
"Jews in Poland, 1919-39" - Joint Foreign Committee Report by David Mowshowitch
Excerpt from "The Jewish Question" - Roman Dmowski
Memorandum of visit with August Zaleski (1917)
"Note on Some Polish-Jewish Diplomatic Contacts During the Last War [World War I]" - David Mowshowitch (1940)
"Report of the Dmowski Committee" (1917)
1917, 1940
139a14/853World War II and later
"The Germans in Warsaw"
"Proclamation of the Polish Government" (1939)
"Notes on the Future of the Jews in Poland" – David Mowshowitch (1940)
"Soviet Deportations of the Inhabitants of Eastern Poland, 1939-1941" (1943)
"Najazd niemiecki na Polskę" (1940)
"Winston Churchill do narodu Polskiego" [Winston Churchill to the Polish Nation] (1941)
"Notes on Polish-Jewish Relations" (1941)
"Notes on the Social Conditions of the Jews in Poland (1940)
Joint declaration by the Polish Socialist Party and the Bund (Jewish Workers Union of Poland) (1941)
"Conversation with Prof. S. Kot, Deputy Premier of Poland" (1942)
"The Jews in Europe" - David Mowshowitch (1943)
"Notes on the Jews in Poland" (1943)
"Barikht fun der tsveyter visnshaftlekher baratung fun der tsentraler yidisher historisher comisie in poyln" (1945)
139bWorld War II and later
La decade polonaise - Bulletins of the Republic of Poland, Department of Information
1940 Jan. 30-Apr. 30
140 Anti-Semitic propaganda by Poles living in Britain during World War II
"Anti-Jewish Propaganda by Poles in Britain"
Excerpts fromJestem Polakiem [I am a Pole]
"The Jewish Chronicle and Polish-Jewish Relations"
"Anti-Jewish Propaganda by Poles in Britain" – David Mowshowitch
"Pre-war Poland and the Polish Jews"
"Note on the Interest of the Polish Jews in the Economic Restoration of Poland"
141a15/1World War II
"Poylish-yidish batsiungen" [Polish-Jewish Relationships]
"Note on Some Polish-Jewish Diplomatic Contacts During the Last War"
"Notes on the Case of the Polish-Jewish Soldiers"
"The Jews of Poland"
"Second and last Open Letter from a Jew of Warsaw"
141bWorld War II
Issues of Polish Fortnightly Review - Press Bulletin of the Polish Ministry of Information


164 18/188Marranos
Comité da Comunidade de Israelita de Lisboa [Committee of the Israelite Community of Lisbon]
Portuguese Marranos Committee
Portuguese Marranos Committee to Congregation Mikveh Israel, Philadelphia
"The Portuguese Marranos - Progress of their Reclamation"
"The Portuguese Marranos Committee - A Report and an Appeal"
"The Portuguese Marranos Committee - Progress of their Reclamation, 1926-1930"
"Portuguese Marranos Committee - Report for the Year 1928"


151 16/951"Congres antisemitique de Bucarest-Protestation" (1886)
Jewish wedding invitations (1926, 1929)
1886, 1926, 1929
15216/962 Anti-Semitism
John G. Kennedy to the K.G. Marquis of Salisbury (1900)
The Roumanian Bulletin – Newspaper clippings (1902-1903)
Correspondence of I. Astruc; Charles H.L. Emanuel; P. Nathan
"Memorandum on the Treaty Rights of the Jews in Roumania" - Conjoint Foreign Committee (1908)
"The Jewish Question in Roumania" - Manuscript
"Memoire sur la question juive en Roumanie" [Memorandum on the Jewish Question in Romania]
15316/1042Alliance israélite universelle
the Anglo-Jewish Association - Correspondence (1901)
Aide-Memorandum (1913)
"Comité International pour la défense de la liberté religieuse" [International Committee for Defence of Religious Freedom] (1913)
"La Question juive en Roumanie" [The Jewish Question in Romania] (1915)
"Diverses categories de Juifs roumains" [Various Categories of Jews in Romania]
"Résumé de mon entretien avec M. Draghicescu, Sénateur roumain" [Summary of interview with Mr. Draghicescu, Romanian senator] (1918)
"Extrait d'un Mémoire adressé au Roi de Roumanie par l'Union de Israélites Indigènes au subject des arrestations illégales et de l'arbitraire des autorités" [Excerpt of a Memorandum of the Union des Israelites indigenes on the subject of illegal arrests and arbitrariness of authorities] (1918)
"Documents sur la question juive en Roumanie" [Documents on the Jewish question in Romania]
"Le traite de paix et les minorites de Bessarabie" [The Peace Treaty and the Minorities in Bessarabia] (1919)
"La Question des minorites en Roumanie" [The Minority Question in Romania]
"L'Opposition de la Roumanie dans la question de minorities" [The Opposition of Romania in the Question of Minorities]
"Les Troubles antisemetiques et la revision constitutionnelle en Roumanie" [Anti-Semitism and the Constitutional Revisions in Romania]
Correspondence with the Secretary General of the League of Nations (1938)
154a 17/1"The Jewish Question in Roumania - Documents and Facts" (1919)
"Memorandum of a Conversation with Senator Draghicescu" (1917)
"Statements Made by Mr. Marghiloman…" (1918)
"Interview with M. Take Jonescu" (1918)
Memorandum regarding interview with Mr. Misu (1918)
"Documents Relating to the Jewish Question in Roumania" (1919)
"Suggestions concernant la question juive dans la traite avec la Roumanie" [Proposed language for the treaty with Romania concerning the Treaty with Romania]
"Conversation with the Roumanian Minister" (1923)
"Refugees in Bessarabia"
"Conversation with Mr. Vintila Bratiano [sic]" (1923)
154b"Note on the New Roumanian Law of Nationality" (1924)
Correspondence of Prince Barbu Stribey (1927); Titulescu (1928)
"Visit of Dr. Filderman to London"
S. Fischoff - Correspondence (1929)
"Abstract of Documents Received from Dr. Filderman" (1930)
Copy of telegram from Mr. Gafencu, Undersecretary of State
"Projet de loi sur la revision des listes de nationalite" [Synopsis of the law on the revision of the nationality lists] (1936)
"Condreanu Memorandum" ( 1936)
"La complicite naziste du Gouvernement Tatarescu" [The Nazist Complicity of the Tatarescu Government] (1936)
"L'exercice des professions inderdit aux Juifs" [Exercicing of the profession prohited to Jews] (1936)
"Situation du culte mosaique en Roumanie" [Situation of the Mosaic Religion in Romania] (1936)
"Note on the Jewish Situation in Romania"
"Note sur la situation des Juifs de Roumanie" [Note on the Jewish Situation in Romania]
Memorandum of interview with Petresco-Comnene and and Silviu Dragomir
Notes on Nicolas Titulescu
"Interview with H.E.M. Basile Grigorcea (The Roumanian Minister) and H.E. Baron Victor Stircea (First Secretary to the Legation)"
"Catalog of Administrative Measures Passed in 1938-1939 in Violation of the Rights of Jews in Roumania"
15517/244"Memoire adressé par l'Union des Israelites Indigenes à S.M. le Roi de Roumanie"
"The Treaty with Romania" - V. Vodovosoff
"Le traité de paix entre la Roumaniae et les Puissance Centrales et la question des Juifs roumaines" [The Peace Treaty between Romania and the central Powers and the Question of the Romanian Jews] - Comité Pro Causa Judaïca
"Dr. Rakovsky on Reforms in Romania"
"Memorandum on Various Aspects of the Jewish Question in Romania in Relation to the War"
"Memorial of the Association of Native Roumanian Jews to the Roumanian Government"
"Extraits d'un Memoire adressé à S.M. le Roi de Roumanie le 2 Décember 1918 par l'Union des Israélites Indigènes au sujet des dévastations anitisémites" [Excerpts from a Memorandum addressed to H.M. King of Romania on December 2, 1918 by the l'Union des Israélites Indigènes on the Subject of anti-Semitic Devastations] "
Extraits des Mémoires de l'Union des Israélites Autochtones de Roumanie" [Excerpts of the Memorandum of the Union of the Autochthon Jews of Romania]
"Notes upon the social situation in Roumania"
Copies of laws and decrees regarding the Jewish question
"Romania and the Minorities Treaties" – Lucien Wolf "Draft of a Treaty with Roumania"
"Memorandum on the Modality of Solving the Jewish Question in Roumania"
"An Appeal for the Defense of Religious Liberty"
15617/410"Note sur la constitution Roumaine" [Note on the Romanian Constitution] (1923)
"Note sur la constitution roumaine et sur les dangers que courent les Isralites des provinces annexes" [Note on the Romanian Constitution and the Dangers for the Jews of the Annexed Provinces]
"Memorandum of the Roumanian Government on the Law of Nationality" (1924)
Memorandum of the Jewish National Labor Council to the Romanian delegation (1930)
"The Jews of Romania" - M. Saratseanu (1930) "Note sur la situation des Juifs romains" [Note on the Situation of the Romanian Jews]
"The Roumanian Law of Nationality" (1925)
"Les Juifs en Roumanie" [The Jews in Romania] - Report to the League of Nations (1927) "
La situation des Juifs en Roumanie" [The Situation of Jews in Romania] (1936)
"Die Lage der Juden in Rumanien" [The Situation of Jews in Romania] (1936?)
"L'Hitlerisme gagne du terrain en Roumanie" [Hitlerism gains terrain in Romania]
"Note sur la legislation Roumaine en matière d'acquisition et de perte de la nationalite"
[Note on the Romanian Legislation on the matter of acquisition and loss of the citizenship]
"The Situation in Roumania" (1937)
"The Letter Addressed by the Alliance israélite universelle to the French Foreign Office on 2nd January 1838"
"Report on the Jewish Situation in Roumania" (1938)
Copies of Correspondence with the Prime Minister and King of Romania
"Le nouveau gouvernement roumain et le probleme des minorites et des Israelites en particulier" [The New Romanian Government and the Problem of Minorities and particularly of the Jews]
"Catalogue of Administrative Measures of an Economic and Political Character Passed during the years 1938-1939 in Violation of the Rights of the Jews in Roumania"
Report of the Central British Fund for Jewish Relief and Rehabilitation" (1945)
Igeret ha-rabanim shel ha-Republikah ha-Amamit ha-Romanit sheluhah be-yud-dalet Sivan TaShYad [14 Sivan, 5714 = June 15, 1954] el kehilot aratsot shonot [Letter of Thirty Six Rabbis of the Romanian Republic] (1954)
157 17/583United Roumanian Jews of America
Appeals to the Romanian government
"Intercession of the United States on Behalf of the Jews of Roumania" (1935)
"Early History of the Jews of Roumania"
Copies of U.S. diplomatic documents regarding Romania
"Statement on the Situation of the Jews in Roumania Presented by the United Roumanian Jews of America to the Convention of the American Jewish Congress…" (1937)

Russia and Soviet Union

10210/677Articles fromThe American Hebrew by Samuel Montagu and Sir Julian Goldsmid (1890)
"The Black Terror in Odessa" (1907)
Pismo P.A. Stolypina Nikolaiu II [A Letter from P.A. Stolypin to Nicolai II] (1906)
"On the Anarchists" by Count Lamsdorff (1906)
"The Part Played by the Jews in the Economic Life of Russia" by R. M. Blank (1908)
"Economic Role of the Jews in Russia" (1914?)
Polemic between Bernard Pares and Lucien Wolf
"On Behalf of Russian Political Prisoners" - [Karl Liebknecht ?]
"Russian Passports and British Jews" - Newspaper clipping (1912)
"An Open Letter to the Czar" (1913)
10310/786Printed materials
Mansion House Fund for the Relief of Russian Jews - Report of the Trustees, 1886-1891 (1891)
"Massacre of Jews in Russia" - Protest meeting (1906)
"Memorandum on Grievances of British Subjects of Jewish Faith in Regard to Anglo-Russian Treaty of Commerce and Navigation, on January 12th, 1859" regarding the passport question (1912)
1891, 1912
104 10/814Anti-Jewish measures
List of pogrom victims in Seidletz (Siedlce, Poland then Russia)(1905)
"Apercu de la legislation Russe concernant les Juifs" [Russian Laws Concerning Jews] (after 1915)
"Chronologische Aufstellung der nach dem Jahre 1882 erfolgten Einschränkungen der Juden in Russland" [Chronological List of Restrictions Concerning Jews] (1908?)
Petition of Herbert John Gladstone (1906)
Soviet press - Newspaper clippings (1932-1963)
"K stat’e Anichkova o Sovetskoi Rossii v zhurnaleNew Europe" [To the Article by Anichkov on Soviet Russia in New Europe] - I.R. Mowshowitch (1919)
Passport laws in Russia - Correspondence (1933)
"Rothschild and Russia" - Copy of an article fromThe American Hebrew (1936)
1906-1908?, 1932-1963
10510/877Mendel Beilis trial - Correspondence
Alexander, David Lindo
Bychowsky, ?
Crichton-Browne, James, Sir, 1840-1938
Dickinson, F.W. (Reuter's)
Canon, Driver
Ehrenpreis, Marcus
de Gunzbourg, Alexandre
Kahn, Bernard
MacDonald, James H.
Meyerson, Emile
Merry del Val, Raphael
Montefiore, Claude G.
Nathan, Paul
Rothschild, Lord
Tiomkin, Z.
106 10/ 1045 Mendel Beilis trial – Publicity Materials
"An Open Letter to the Czar" - Newspaper clipping (1913)
"The Yuschinsky Murder Case" (1912)
"Professor Sikorsky's Expert Opinion in Support of the Ritual Blood Accusation" (1911)
Protests from England, France, Germany, and Russia
107 10/1079 Relief of Jewish war victims
Evreiskii komitet pomoshchi zhertvam voiny [Jewish Committee for Helping the Victims of the War] (1914)
"Conference of Jewish Relief Committees in Petrograd" (1915)
"War Victims Committee" by David Mowshowitch
"Financial Report of the Central Jewish War Victims Relief Committee" (1916)
Jewish Committee for Helping Victims of the War (EKOPO)
"K evreiskomu naseleniiu goroda Parizha" [To the Jewish population of the city of Paris - Paris Jewish Relief Committee] - Parizhskii Evreiskii Komitet’ Pomoshchi
"Compte rendu financier du Comite Juif de secours aux victims de la guerre (Petrograd) a partir du 1 août, 1914, jusqu’au 31 december 1919" [Financial account of the Central Jewish Committee in Petrograd from 1st August 1914 to 31st December 1919]
Soobshchenie upolnomochennogo I.M. Vernika [Report of deputy I.M. Vernik]
108a11/1World War I
Orders of Military Governors in Galicia
"Anketa general’nogo shtaba o soldatakh evreiakh" [Questionnaire of general Staff on Jewish Soldiers]
Copies of official Russian documents - reports, telegrams, correspondence between army officers, decrees, and military orders
108bWorld War I – Russian army
Copies of Russian reports, telegrams, correspondence between army officers, decrees, and military orders – English translations
"Russian Jews During the War"
"Deposition of Jacob Hershhorn"
108cWorld War I – Expulsion of Jewish population
"The Expulsion of the Jews"
"Destruction of Jewish communities of Lithuania and adjacent governments in the summer and autumn of 1915"
"The Expulsion of Jews from the Kovna Government"
The Jewish Refugees in Vilna
"The Extension of the Pale and its Applications"
Reports on the situation of the Jewish population in territories occupied by the Russian army
109a 11/300World War I - Pogroms
Reports and statistics of expulsions and pogroms
List of military decorations awarded to Jews
"Documents Concerning the Treatment of Jewish Soldiers in the Russian Army"
"Documents Concerning the Treatment of the Jewish Population by the Military Authorities"
"Reports Concerning the Situation of the Jewish Population in Towns and Townships Occupied by the Russian Troops"
109bWorld War I – Military administration
"Vyseleniia Evreev" [Expulsion of the Jews]
"Antisemitskaia agitatsiia v armii" [Anti-Semitism in the Russian Army]
"Razgrom evreiskago naselekiia Litvy i smezhnykh gubernii lietom i osen’iu 1915 goda" [Atrocities in Jewish Communities in Lithuania and adjacent provinces in summer and autumn 1915
"Voennaia tsenzura i evreiskii vopros" [The Military Censorship and the Jewish Question]
11011/571 World War I - Reforms
Leopold de Rothschild: "The Sufferings of the Russian Jews. A Reply to a letter from Warsaw communicated by the Foreign Office"
"Les concessions du gouvernement russe aux Israelites" [The Russian Government's Concessions to the Jews]" - Reuben Blank
"Suggested Communique for Jewish Chronicle"
Memoire présenté à l’Alliance israélite universelle par le Dr Rouvin Blank, délégué du comité politique istraélite de Petrograd" [Memorandum presented by Dr. Reuven Blank, a delegate of the Jewish Political Committee in Petrograd, to l’Alliance israélite universelle]
Memorandum on the reforms demanded by Russian Jews
"Jews in Russia - Days of Hope" - W.A. Appleton
"M. Bark and the Jewish Question"
"On the Political Situation on Russia"
"The War and the Jews of Russia" - George Keenan
111a11/649 Reports and speeches in the Duma
"A Report on the Jewish Question presented by Mr. Vinaver on behalf of the Central Committee of the Constitutional Democratic Party at a conference of delegates of the party and its parliamentary group held on June 19-21, 1915 in Moscow"
111bReports and speeches in the Russian Duma
Speech delivered in the Duma by Naftuli M. Freedman July 20-August 3, 1915
"The Speech delivered by Sturmer and the Declaration of the Government" and other speeches
"Extracts from speeches in the Duma, August 1-2, 1915"
"Interpellation on the Government Attitude Towards the Jews"
"On the National Question in Russia"
"Opinions of Members of the Duma on the Government Declarations"
"On the Political Situation in Russia"
111cReports and speeches in the Duma
"Military Censorship and the Jewish Question"
112a11/937World War I – Translated articles from Russian press
Correspondence of the National Workmen's Committee for Jewish Rights
"Anglo-Russian Affairs" - Interview with Bernard Pares and responses
"On the Political Situation in Russia"
"On the Political Situation - The Jewish Question in the Duma"
"Jews as Scapegoats"
Correspondence between Bernard Pares and Wilenski
"The Jews and the European War"
"On Economic Questions in Russia"
112bWorld War I - Russian reports, correspondence, military orders
Komitet’ evreiskago statisticheskago obshchestva [Jewish Statistical Association Committee - Prospectus and questionnaire
Copies of Russian reports, correspondence, military orders, etc., in particular regarding relations between the Russian military and Jewish soldiers and civilians, in Russian and English
"Military Orders Inflicting Disabilities on Jews"
113a12/1World War I – Translated articles from Russian press
"Interpellation on the Government Attitude towards the Jews"
"The Political Situation in Russia"
"Budget Debates in Russia"
"On the Political Situation in Russia – The Jewish Question in the Duma"
"The Return of the Duma Delegates"
113bWorld War I – Translated articles from Russian press
"Das Rechtselend der Juden in Russland" [Legal Misery of Jews in Russia]
114 12/210Before the February revolution
"The National Question in Russia" "Equality For All" - Translation of article by Th. Roditchev
"On the Political Situation" - Report of the sitting of the Duma, February 14, [1917?]
115 12/261 Between the February and November 1917 coup
"Baron de Gunzburg's Letter on Jewish Affairs in Russia"
"An Appeal to the Jewish Population" – [Maksim Vinaver]
"Jewish Aspects of the Russian Revolution"
Copies of articles from the publication Rietch in French
"Resolutions passed by the All-Russian Jewish Conference
"The Political Situation in Russia"
"Resolution by the Jewish Cadets"
Congrès des conseils des ouvriers et soldats de toute la Russie - Bulletin
116 12/418Between the February and November 1917
["Assessment by Dr. Reuben Blank"]
"Russian Jewry and the League of Nations" – S. Poliakoff-Litovtseff to Sir Paul Vinogradoff
"The First Step" - Leonid Andreiev
"The Jews and Economic Life in Russia" - M. Bernatzky (Bernadsky)
"Respice Finem" - K. Arsenjeff
"The Emancipation of the Jews and its Adversaries" - Maxime Kovalewsky
"The Russian Question of the Jews" - Paul Maliantovitch
Maxim Gorky
Pavel Miliukov
"Equality For All" by Th. Roditchev
Correspondence of Mereshkowsky
"On the Present Situation in Russia" – David Mowshowitch
11712/541Articles from Russian Press- Between the February and November 1917
"Abrogation des restrictions d'ordre national et confessionnel" from Reitch
"Materials" – Speeches at the Duma
Question of Nationalities - Novoie Vremia
Maxim Gorky - Novoia Shisn [sic, New Life] [sic]
Russkoe Slovo
Russkaia Volia
Ievreiskaia Jisn [sic, Jewish Life]
"On the Political Situation in Russia at the Beginning of 1917"
Excerpts from speeches in the Duma, April 27, [1917?]
118 12/659Articles from Russian Press – after October 1917
Novoia Shisn [sic, New Life]
"Polish Army" -Russkoie Slovo Proclamation of the Russian Provisional Government with regard to Poland - Retch
Nache [sic] Viek [Century]
"Relief Work in Russia"
"Das Friedenprogramm der revolutionaren russischen Demokratie" [The Peace Program of the Revolutionary Russian Democracy] – Bulletin für auswärtige Angelegenheiten des Zentralkomitees der Arbeiter- und Soldatendelegiertenräte [Bulletin for Foreign Affairs of the Central Committee of Worker and Soldier Councils]
Documents of the Moscow Jewish Community (Soviet Moskovskoi evreiskoi obshchiny)
11912/714Jews and the Bolshevist movement
Press Clippings
"The Judeo-Bolshevist Bogy" - Lucien Wolf
Correspondence with the Foreign Office regarding the Knox Report
"Articles by Rabbi S. Schonfeld": The Religion of Communism; The Despair of Communism; Jewry versus Communism
"Jews and Bolshevism"
12012/743 Pogroms
"Report by a Delegation of Ukrainian Jews" (1920)
"Zhydy i Ukrains'ka Respublika (Telegrama Holovnoho Otamana)" [The Jews and Ukrainian Republic (Telegram of the Chief Ataman)]
"The Anti-Jewish Pogroms Organized by the Armies of Petlura in eastern Galicia Motion Presented to the Polish Government by the Polish Deputies: Dr. Schipper, Grünbaum, Hartglass and others"
"Events in the Ukraine"
List of pogroms which took place in the Ukraine
["The Position of the Jews in Russia during the Civil War 1919-1923"]
"The Pogrom in Kieff"
"Pogromes dans les territoires occupes par l'armee de Denikine"
"The Denikin Documents
"Vom Heereszug des Generals Balachowitz"
121 12/830Pogroms in the Ukraine, Bielorussia
Memorandum na Ministra po Dielam natsional'nykh Men'shinstv Bielorusskoi narodnoi respubliky S.I. Zhitlovskago [Memorandum to the 12th Zionist Congress to the Minister of Minority Affairs of the Bielorussian People's Republic S.I. Zhitlovskii]
"Memoire pour la conference des etats a genes" - Bielorussia
"Entwurf der Verfassung der Ukrainischen Volksrepublik" [Draft of the Constitution of the Ukrainian People's Republic]
"Das Attentat auf die jüdische Autonomie in der Ukraine" [Attempt on the Jewish Autonomy in the Ukraine]
"The Situation in Russia. The New Jewish National Council"
"Der jüdische Gemeindebund in Russland" [Union of Jewish Communities in Russia]
Blank, Reuben; Montefiore, ?, and bin Gorion, M.J. - Correspondence
Reports on anti-Semitic activities in Denikin's army in French and Russian
Memorandum of the Central Committee for Assistance to the Jews Persecuted in Russia
List of victims of pogroms in Cherkasi and Kiev Province in Yiddish
"Über die Lage in der Ukraine" [On the Situation in the Ukraine] - Reports by Vladimir Tiomkin
Central Relief Committee for War Victims in Russia to the Executive Committee of the Jewish World Relief Conference
Correspondence by Nahum Sokolow, Lucien Wolf, and Israel Zangwill to the League of Nations
"Russian Jewry and the League of Nations" - S. Poliakoff-Litovtzeff (1920)
Correspondence of Foreign Office
"Report of the Investigations of the Situation of Ukrainian Jewish Refugees" - Morris Myer
"Relief Work in Soviet Russia and the Ukraine" - Herman Saltzman
122 12/997Persecution of the Jewish religion
Committee for the Relief of Russian Intellectuals
Demokraticheskii soiuz dlia zashchity prav russkikh evreeev [Democratic Union for Defence of Rights of Russsian Jews]
Translations of articles from Russian publications
Komitee für Russlandhilfe
"Memorandum on the Correspondence with the Soviet Government respecting the Persecution of Judaism in Russia" - Joint Foreign Committee
Joint Distribution Report regarding the situation in Alexandria
Minutes of meeting of the Fund for the Relief of Jewish Victims of the War and theConférence universelle juive de Secours
Correspondence of J. Ramsay MacDonald
"The Jews of Russia" – Report to the Joint Foreign Committee
"Jewish Religious Education in Russia" – Lucien Wolf
"The Situation of the Jews and Judaism in Russia" - W.M. Haffkine
"Memorandum on Jewish Religious Education in the Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic"
123 12/1139"The Murder of Emperor Nicholas and His Family"
"Neue Dokumente über die Ermorderung der Zarenfamilie" [New Documents about the Morder of the Tsar Family]
"Oil Industry" (1918)
"Bericht über die Lage der Juden in Sowjet-Russland" [Report on the Situation of Jews in Soviet Russia" –Auslandsdelegation Arbeitpartei "Hitachduth" in Russland [the Foreign Delegation of the Zionist Workers Party "Hitachduth" in Russia]
Announcement of Gezelshaft far aynordenen af erd arbetndike idn in F.S.S.R. (Gezerd)
12412/1193Jews in Bolshevist activities
"Bolshevism and the Russian Jews" – David Mowshowitch
"Jews and Bolshevism"
"Judaism, Zionism, and Bolshevism" - Israel Cohen
"Materialien zu 'Judentum und Bolschewismus'" [Materials to 'Jewry and Bolshevism' – Includes Ivan Solenovitsh: "Russland, die Revolution und das Judentum;" Lajos Szobolcsi and Solomon Eulenberg: "Die Rolle des ungarischen Judentums in der Gegenrevolution von 1919"
Copies of anti-Semitic propaganda distributed to Russian soldiers at the Archangel' front
125a 13/1 Jewish war relief efforts - Id-Gez-Kom
"Doklad o evreiskikh pogromakh Komiteta po okazaniiu pomoshchi postradavshim ot pogromov pod flagom rossiiskago obshchestva Krasnago Kresta v Kievie [Report on Jewish Pogroms of the Relief Committee for Pogrom Victims under Auspices of Russian Association of the Red Cross in Kiev]
Id-Gez-Com (Idisher gezelshaftlekher comitet in der R.S.F.S.R. tsu helfn di pogrom gelitene in rusland un ukraine)
Prospectus of the "Evotdel-Evobshchestkom"/Publishing House
Evobshchestkom - Extracts from protocols
125b Jewish war relief efforts - Jewish World Relief Conference and other international organizations
"What I Have Seen in Bessarabia and What I Have Heard from the Other Side of the Dniestr" – Morris Myer
Jewish World Relief Conference
"Record of the Situation of the Jewish Population in Russia" - Report of 2nd Jewish World Relief Conference at Karlsbad (Karlovy Vary, Czechoslovakia)
"Ukrainian Refugees in Romania and Bessarabia" - Report of Vladimir Tiomkin
"Finanzbericht der Juedischen Welthilfskonferenz" [Financial Report of the Jewish World Relief Conference]
Jewish World Relief Conference Press Bulletins
Transmigration agreement between the Lithuanian government and the Jewish World Relief
125cJewish war relief efforts - Conference Union Internationale de Secours aux Enfants (Save the Children International Union) and Fridtjof Nansen's Russian Relief Organization
Report of Jewish War Victims Fund
Secretariat du Docteur Nansen pour le Secours a la Russie: Communiques
Agreement between Dr. Fridtjof Nansen, High Commissioner for Russian Relief, and George Tchitcherine, People's Commissary for Foreign Affairs of the RSFSR
126 13/220Fund for the Relief of Jewish Victims of the War in Eastern Europe
Agenda and reports of meetings
Federation of Ukrainian Jews Central Committee for the Protection of Ukrainian Jewish Refugees in Romania to Fund Reports on Expenditures
Action du Docteur Fridtjof Nansen pour le Secours a la Russie
Berthold Friedmann (Society "Morgenrot," Czernowitz) to Central Committee of the War Victims Fund
Memorandum of the Institute for Teachers and Educators in Kishinev
Fund for the Relief of Jewish Victims of the War in Eastern Europe
"Appeal [of the ] Fund for the Relief of Jewish Victims of the War in Russia, Poland and eastern Europe"
"Rescue Work among the Destitute Children of Eastern Europe"
"The Truth about the Ukraine" - Vidkun Quisling
127 13/421Jews and Bolshevism
Correspondence with Board of Deputies of British Jews and Alliance israélite universelle
David Mowshowitch to Board of Deputies of British Jews
"Bolschewismus und Judentum. Amerikanischer Widerspruch gegen nationalsozialistische Behauptungen" [Bolshevism and Jewry. American Arguments against the National-Socialist Statements]
"Jews as High Bolshevik Officials"
"Distribution of Government Posts in Russia"
128 13/448Jewish religious life and education Correspondence of Israel Levi to Grand Rabbi of France
"Memorandum on Jewish Religious Education in the R.S.F.S.R." – [Shmaryahu] Gourary
"The Present Situation of Jewish Education in Russia"
"Religious Instruction in Russia" – Lucien Wolf
"The Situation of the Jews and Judaism in Russia" - W.M. Haffkine
"For the Salvation of Judaism in Sowiet-Russia" – [Shmaryahu] Gourary
"The Jewish Religion, Culture and Zionism in Soviet Russia" - Leo M. Glassman
Budget reports for Jewish Education in Russia
"Religion in Soviet Russia"
"Aeltester und Glieder der Moskauschen Jüdischen Synagoge an den Prokureur der Republik" [The Elders and Members of the Jewish Synagogue of Moscow to the Prosecutor of Republic]
"Religious Communities in the Soviet Union" - Reprint from Soviet War News

South Africa

16518/252South African Jewish Board of Deputies
South African Jewish Congress
English Zionist Federation
South African Jewish Board of Deputies - Percy Cowen
Report of the Cape Town Committee to the meeting of deputies from affiliated institutions (1937)
Official Report of Proceedings of the Congress of the South African Jewish Board of Deputies (1923, 1925, 1827, 1930, 1937)
Reports of the South African Jewish Board of Deputies (1927-1929)
"The Immigration of Jews into the Union (1926-1935)"
"Synopsis of Memorandum on the Inroads of Nazism" (1946)

Turkey and Yugoslavia

16218/1"America and the Minorities in Turkey" (1926?)
"Die Lage des Judentums in den Tuerkei" [The Situation of Jewry in Turkey]
"The Jewish Situation in Yugoslavia" (1938)
"Official Report Issued by the Yugoslav Government" ( May 1942)
1926?, 1938, 1942

Other countries

Pro Causa Judaïca (1916-1919)
"Speech of the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs on the Right of Protection by the European Powers of the Various Nationalities Residing in the Empire of Morrocco"
Also included are:
"Imperial Edict and Decree Promulgated by the Sultan of Morocco"
"Address by Sir Moses Montefiore to the Jews of Morocco"
"Copies of Correspondence of H. Guedalla Relative to the Re-admission of Jews into Spain" "Convention […] for the Settlement of the Right of Protection in Morrocco" (1880, 1881)
"Pro Israele" – Pamphlet
H.L. Gordon, "Jews of Italy and Peace Conference" The American Hebrew 99, Nos. 19, 20 (1916) - Newspaper clipping
"Memorandum on the Position of the Jews of Italy and Tripoli" (1937)
"Memorandum on the Situation in Italy" (1939)
"The Terror in Norway" - Newspaper clipping (1943)
Draft of a law concerning Jews (1917)
"The Position of the Jews in Finland" (1917)
"Die finnische Judenfrage" [The Finnish Jewish Question]– Newspaper clipping (1918)
"Persecution des Juifs en Finlande" [Persecution of the Jews in Finland] (1920)
the Neatherlands
"Berufs Umschichtung Holland" - Stiftung Joodsche Arbeid -Pamphlet
Others "
Comité des Délégations Juives - Rapports sur la situation des Juifs dans divers pays"
Information on the following countries: Argentina, Austria, Bulgaria, Danzig, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Yugoslavia (1934)
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Series VIII: Conjoint Foreign Committee and Joint Foreign Committee - Organizations Files, 1882-1957

The series is in English, Russian,Yiddish, German, and French.
1.0 linear feet

This series is in no particular order.

Scope and Content:

This eighth series consists of the same types of material as the two previous series and covers the years. It is divided into folders according to organization, with a few folders containing documents from several organizations. The series is composed of files of the Conjoint Foreign Committee and Joint Foreign Committee regarding other organizations, including many Jewish relief organizations. The material consists primarily of documents generated by the organizations themselves and collected by the Joint Foreign Committee. Notable in this series is material from ORT and OZE from the interwar period, including many reports in Yiddish from various ORT branches throughout Eastern Europe to the organization's headquarters in Berlin. There are also a few documents from various Russian-Jewish labor organizations, particularly the Bund, from the time of the Russian Revolution.

Other institutions represented include the Comité des delegations juives, primarily material from the period following the Paris Peace Conference; the American Jewish Committee, including copies of correspondence of Louis Marshall with Pope Benedict XV, Luigi Luzzati, Woodrow Wilson, and Ignace Paderewski; the Board of Deputies of British Jews; and various organizations concerned with refugees and emigration.

This series is also supplemented by newspaper clippings in series X, mainly in the folders 239a-239c.

173 19/349Jewish labor organizations in Russia
Jewish Labor Bund - List of publications and newspaper clippings (1904, 1917)
"Zamiechaniia Minskago o kampanii rabochii organizatsii v Anglii v pol'zu evreiskoi emansipatsii" [Minskii's Notes on Campaign of workers' organization in England for the Jewish Emancipation]
"The Conference of the Bund" (1917)
Conference of the Socialist Territorialists - Newspaper clipping (1917)
Declaration of the Jewish Socialist Labor Confederation Poale-Zion (1917)
"Manifeste des delegations des pays neutres a Stockholm aux partis affilies a l'Internationale" [Manifest of the Delegations from the Neutral Countries in Stockholm to the Parties affiliated with the International] (1917)
"Nationality and Association" (1917)
8th Conference of the Bund - Press clippings (1917)
Central Bureau of the United Jewish Socialist Workers' Party (S.E.R.P.) - Meeting minutes (1922)
Jewish Workers' Emancipation League - Flyer (1904)
17419/419 Adugas Israel World Organization
"Memorandum Submitted by the Adugas Israel World Organization (London Executive) to the Anglo-American Committee of Enquiry into the Jewish Problem in Europe and the Future of Palestine" (1946)
"Memorandum on the Treaties of Peace […] Submitted to the Delegations to the Peace Conference…" (1946)
Newsletter (1954)
1946, 1954
175 19/441 Comité des délégations juives
Sliosberg, H. - Interview
Alliance israélite universelle - Correspondence
Board of Deputies of British Jews - Correspondence
Report to the League of Nations - M. Matsui
Comité des délégations juives - Reports (1920-1921)
Correspondence with Neville Laski, Leonard Cohen, Lord Swaythling, Lord Rothschild, Leo Motzkin, Nahum Sokoloff, Samuel Daiches
Report on Relations with the Comité des délégations juives - Joint Foreign Committee
176 19/604Comité des délégations juives
"Note on the Nationist Policy of the Comité des délégations juives
Correspondence with Nahum Sokoloff, American Jewish Committee, Alliance israélite universelle
"Extracts from Minutes of Joint Foreign Committee
"Rapports sur la situation des Juives in diverses pays" [Report on the Situation of Jews in Various Countries]
Bulletin of the Comité des délégations juives
IIIme Conference juive mondiale - "Resolution der Personalvorschlaege der Organisationskommission"
Report of interview of Dr. Goldmann with Mussolini
Newspaper clippings
"Der Genfer Minderheitskongress und die juedischen Minderheiten" – Leo Motzkin
Jewish Telegraph Agency Bulletins
177a 19/692Comité pour la défense des droits des Israélites en Europe centrale et orientale [Committee for the Defence of the Rights of Jews in Cental and Eastern Europe]
"Le Comité-Ses buts-Son activité"
Reports of the Comité pour la défense des droits des Israélites en Europe centrale et orientale, June 27-November 22, 1934
177bComité pour la défense des droits des Israélites en Europe centrale et orientale [Committee for the Defence of the Rights of Jews in Cental and Eastern Europe]
Reports of the Comité pour la défense des droits des Israélites en Europe centrale et orientale
Gourevitch, Boris - Speech
"Note adressee a M. le Ministre des Affaires Etrangeres et M. le Haut Commissaire de la Republique Française en Syrie et au Liban"
Gourevitch, Boris - Reports (1934)
"L'Allemagne hitlerienne et la Russie" - Boris Gourevitch
Joint meeting of the Comite and the Alliance israélite universelle
Reynard, Paul - Memorandum
17819/886 American Jewish Committee
Louis Marshall to M.A. Guinzburg (1916), Elkan N. Adler (1916), Luigi Luzzati (1916), Woodrow Wilson (1918), Polish National Committee (1918), Ignace Paderewski (1918)
"Public statement regarding the Protocols of the Elders of Zion" (1920)
"Memorandum on Jewish Situation in Germany" (1933)
"Statement of Views Regarding the Present and Post-War Problems of Jews" (1943)
"Survey of Jewish Life in Argentina and Other Latin American Communities" - Maximo Jagupsky (1945)
"German Public Opinion Survey on Restitution" (1952)
179 19/1026 American Jewish Congress
"Results of the Kehilla Convention - The Proposed Jewish Congress" – Article (1915)
Greetings to the Congress from Lucien Wolf (1916)
Correspondence of Conference of Jewish Organizations (1920)
Press releases regarding Poland and Romania
"The National Question in Russia" (1930)
"Proceedings of Conference" - Page proofs
18019/1055World Jewish Congress
"Memorandum Addressed to the President and Members of the Committee for the Study of the Application of the Principles of the Covenant ofthe League of Nations" (1936)
"Note on the World Jewish Congress" (1942)
"The Board of Deputies of British Jews and the World Jewish Congress" (1943)
"Fundamental Points Bearing on the Claims and Relationships of the World Jewish Congress" (1949)
The South African Jewish Times - Press clipping
181 19/1111 American Jewish Conference
"Statement on Punishment of War Criminals"
"Justice for the Jewish People - A Plea to the United Nations"
1944, 1945
182 19/1120 Jewish refugees and emigration
"Mansion House Fund for the Relief of Russo-Jewish Refugees – Report (1882)
The Jewish Chronicle - Newspaper clippings regarding Russian Jewish refugees (1882)
ITO Emigration Regulation Department (1907-1908)
"Bulletin of the Executive Committee of the Jewish World Relief Conference - Jewish Emigration Conference in Prague" (1921)
"Full Text Resolutions of the Jewish Emigration Conference" (1921)
"Rapport sur l'activite du Jewish Emigrant Aid Office a Constantinople" (1920)
"Russo-Jewish Refugees in Constanitinople" - Lucien Wolf (1922)
Report of the Jewish Labour Emigration League
"Rome Emigration Conference"
"Report on Immigration Possibilities in Portugal and Spain" – Lucien Wolf (1926)
"New Australian Immigration Quotas" - Interview with Aaron Blashki (1928)
Materials regarding the German refugee problem
"Proces-verbal de la Conférence des Comités d'Assistance aux Réfugiés d'Allemagne" (1936)
"Bulletin d'Information de la HIAS-JCA-Emmigration Association HICEM" (May 1936)
"The Possibilities of Emigration of German-Jewish Refugees to the Soviet Union"
"HIAS Activities in the United States and Overseas Countries" -Annual Message and Reports (1936)
"HIAS-JCA Emigration Association HICEM" (1937)
183a20/1 Jewish Colonization Association (ICA)
"Diplomatic Report" (1925))
History of Jewish Colonization Association – Introduction generale et premiere partie (1955)
1922-1925, 1955
183bJewish Colonization Association (ICA)
History of Jewish Colonization Association – Deuxieme partie
18420/207 ORT and Obshchestvo zdravookhraneniia evreev (OZE)
"Statutes of the ORT"
"Memorandum on the Vocational Training of Prospective Jewish Emigrants from Germany" (1936)
"Report Rendered by Mr. B. C. Vladeck at Lord Marley Dinner" (1936)
"Draft of Proposed Constitution for American ORT Federation" (1937)
Addresses by Lord Marley
Uchrezhdeniia Obshchestva okhraneniia zdorov'ia evreiskago naseleniia k 1-mu noiabria 1916 goda [Structures of the Society for Health Care of the Jewish Population] (1916)
Tekhnikum in Vilna
Bulletin of the Central Bureau of ORT Berlin (1922)
"Profesionele bildung in poyln un di arbet fun 'ort'" [Professional Education in Poland and the work of ORT] (1922)
"Barikht fun dem ershtn tsuzamenfor fun di opteylung fun 'ort' in poyln" (1922)
ORT Branches (Brest-Litovsk, Grodno, Odessa, Czernowitz [Chernivtsi], Pinsk) (1922)
Bulletin of "Idgezkom" (1923)
Berich über die mit Hilfe von War Victims Fund unterstützten jüdisch-gewerblichen Bildungsanstalten von 'ORT' in der Ukraine für das Jahr 1922/23" [Report about the ORT Vocational schools in the Ukraine supported by the War Victims Fund]
Reports of ORT branches (Danzig [Gdansk], Sarne, Carpatho-Ruthenia [Subcarpathia] Volhynia [Volyn']
Universal Jewish Help Conference
"Proyekt fun opmakh tvishn der v.h.k. un 'oze'" [Draft of an Agreement between the Universal Jewish Help Conference and OZE
ORT Branch Warsaw - Reports
Reports of various ORT branches (Rovne, Sarne, Kovel)
Appeal for aid from the ORT in Kremenitz (1926)
"Di ekonomishe lager fun di idn in poyln un di arbet fun 'ort'" [The Economic Situation of the Jews in Poland and Activities of ORT] (1925-1926)
Reviews of an ORT exhibit (1926)
185a 20/431ORT and Obshchestvo zdravookhraneniia evreev (OZE)
Resolutions of the convention of ORT in Poland (1926)
Central Committee of ORT - Meeting minutes (1926)
"Situation in Poland" - M.J. Silberfarb (1925)
"Derklerungen tsum proyekt fun byudzshet fun ort-farband fun yor 1929-1930" [Explanations to the Draft of ORT Budget for the years 1929-1930]
ORT Branch in Moscow (1930)
"The Problem of Vocational Adaptation of the Refugees - Memorandum Submitted to the International Refugees' Conference […] by the Central Executive of the 'ORT'…" (1938)
"Zamlung fun regulaminen un farordnungen far di 'O.R.T.' fachszuln in der U.S. zone" (1947)
185bORT and Obshchestvo zdravookhraneniia evreev (OZE)
Program from the ORT Ball (1928)
Program from a benefit concert for ORT (1925)
Tekhnikum, Vilna - Pamphlet
ORT-OZE in Europe - Booklet (1936)
ORT activities - Brochures, press releases, and press clippings
186a 20/669 ORT
Report on the ORT Activities, August 1946-July 1947
ORT-Union Semi-Annual Report January-June 1953
187a 20/900ORT
ORT Work at the Beginning of the School Year 1953-1954 1954
ORT-Union in 1953 - Report
188a 20/1113 Board of Deputies of British Jews
American Jewish Congress (1915)
Agudas Yisrael (Vienna, Austria) (1920)
"Report of Law and Parliamentary and Palestine Committees" (1929)
News report of the JTA (1933)
"Memorandum for Discussion by World Conference to be Called by Board of Deputies of British Jews" (1933)
"Memorandum on the Economic Position for Joint Foreign Committee"
"Report on the Fourteenth Association of the League of Nations" - Norman Bentwich (1933)
Correspondence: B.A. Zaiman, Neville Laski, Lionel Cohen, Herbert Samuel
"Herbert Samuel and Lord Melchett on Jewish Emigration from Poland" - Ezra Sosnowitz
[Statement by Neville Laski] (1938)
"The Board of Deputies and the World Jewish Congress" (1943)
188bBoard of Deputies of British Jews
Memoranda regarding the World Jewish Congress (1950, 1953, 1954)
Correspondence of Joseph A. Someth (1945)
Report on the Nazi extermination of Jews - Reginald Naggiar (1945)
Minutes of meeting between representatives of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, Anglo-Jewish Association, and several London synagogues (1951)
The Council of Jewish Communities in Bohemia, Moravia, and Silesia (1954)
"Statement by the President on Yad Vashem" (1955)
"Board of Deputies of British Jews Activities - Foreign Affairs" (1955)
"The History of the Board of Deputies of British Jews. Preliminary Considerations"
"Note on the Archives of the Board of Deputies of British Jews" (1953)
"Crisis in the History of British Jewry" – Pamphlet 1945-1955
189 21/1 Other organizations
American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee - Correspondence of Julius Goldman (1920)
"Rapport sur l'activite du Jewish Emigrant Office a Constantinople"
Joint Reconstruction Foundation (1932)
National Union for Jewish Rights (1916)
"Jews in Russia" - W.A. Appleton on the Workers' League for Jewish Emancipation
League of British Jews
Anglo-Jewish Association
"Memorandum on the Peace Treaties Submitted by the Anglo-Jewish Association" (1946)
"Note to Professor Brodetsky on the Vaad Haaratsot Plan" (1947)
190 21/95Other organizations
"Coordinating Board of Jewish Organizations - Report to Meeting in New York, January (1957)"
"Central Jewish Lecture Committee - Annual Survey of Activities" (1956)
"Board Deputies of British Jews - Annual Report (1941)
Report of the East London Industrial School (1890)
New Zionist Organization of America - Bulletin (1945)
ORT – Flyer and ORT Chronicle - In Memoriam of Dr. A. Syngalowski (1956)
YIVO Institute for Jewish Research – pamphlets (1929)
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Series IX: Papers of David Mowshowitch, 1901, 1915-1955

The series is inRussian, English, French,German, and Yiddish.
1.6 linear feet

This series is arranged in no particular order.

Scope and Content:

The ninth series comprises the papers of David Mowshowitch and reflects both his activities as a staff member of the Joint Foreign Committee and his other professional and personal interests. There are examples of David Mowshowitch's writings on such topics as Jewish diplomacy and the political situation of Jews, the work of the Joint Foreign Committee, and Jewish history. Also included are documents regarding Yiddish language and literature, among them David Mowshowitch's translations into Yiddish; and source materials on Anglo-Jewish history, including the genealogies of prominent families. The series consists of diaries, correspondence, notes, manuscripts, typescripts, and a published Yiddish translation of portions of the Bible and manuscript of David Mowshowitch's book on the Yiddish language with several versions of introduction.

The newspaper clippings from this series were removed to the series X into folders 240-242.

191a 21/177Personal documents of David Mowshowitch
1919 Mar. 6- 1919 May 19
191bDiary entries1921 July 5-1921 October 15
191cDiary entries1924 Jan. 9-1925 Apr. 30
191dDiary entries1934 Jan. 2, 1934 Jan. 12, 1934 Aug. 12
191eLetters of reference and passes1916-1950
191gNotes on situation of Jews in Europe1936 Jan. 9-1936 Sept. 22
192a 21/472 Correspondence B-H
Beekley, H. (1940-1945)
Bernstein, Herman (1918)
Blank, Reuben [Rubin Markovich] (1917)
Blank, I. (1917)
Board of Deputies of British Jews (1934)
Borochov, Luba (to L. Chazanovitch) (1920)
[Braudo?] Aleksander Isaevich (1917)
Burtsev, Vladimir [Lvovich?] (1937-1938)
Comité des delegations juives (1925)
Epstein, M. (1940-1944)
Ehrenpreis, Markus (1921)
L'Emancipation juive (1916)
Foreign Office (1939)
Fromer, Jakob (1927)
Gaster, M. ?, 1924-29.
Gruzenberg, Oskar Osipovich (1921-1926)
192bCorrespondence I-S
Jewish Chronicle (1941)
Jewish Historical Society of England (1932)
Jewish National and University Library (1949)
Jugov, A. (1929)
Kohler, Max J. (1932)
Krepliak, Jacob (1936-1940)
Kichevskii, Boris (1916)
Lestschinsky, Jacob (1932-1945)

Merezhkovsky, Dmitry Sergeyevich (1926)
Miagkova, V.P.
Minkoff, N.B. (1954)
Motzkin, Leo (1915-1921)
Pares, Bernard ( 1926-1928)
Poliakoff, Solomon ( 1915)
Poliakoff, Vladimir (1932)
Also includes correspondence to "Osmond"
Razum [Reason] (1916)
Rosen, A. (Ben-Adir) (1932)
Roth, Cecil (1933-39)
Also includes correspondence to Neville Laski
Royal Institute of International Affairs (1944)
Savinkova, E. (n.d.)
Sereni, Angelo (1916)
Shtif, Nakhum (1922)

Simonsen, D. (1916-1921)
Sliosberg, Henri (1922-1925)
Spector, Sherman David (1956)
Stein, L. (1951)
Syngalowski, A. (1954)
192c Correspondence T-Z
Tcherikower, Elias (1930-1938)
University of London, King's College (1935)
Vishniac, Prof. (1943)
Weinreich, Max (1948)
Weizmann, Chaim - Copies of letters to a school friend Ovsei and correspondence with the Foreign Office (1890-1892, 1944)
Wischnitzer, Mark (1955)
Wise, Stephen S. (1921)
Wolf , Lucien (1926-1927)
Unsigned (1917)
193a21/799Notes, manuscripts, and typescripts - Jewish political problems - Russia
Notes on various topics, including the following:
The Anglo-Jewish community The history of the Jews in Russia - Manuscripts "Jewish Foreign Affairs"
"The Passport Question"
"Remarks on the Morning Post Article"
"On the Coming International Conference"
"Materials on History"
"The Polish-Jewish Relations"
"On the Political Situation"
"On the Position in Russia"
Humorous verses
193b21/799 Notes, manuscripts, and typescripts - Jewish political problems - Russia
Bibliography of books on Jewish subjects
"The Jewish National Movement"
"Teritorializm - dokumentn un briv" [Territorialism - Documents and Letter]
193cNotes, manuscripts, and typescripts - Jewish political problems – Russia
"Facts and Opinions on Jews"
"The Jewish National Movement and Minority Rights"
"Di idnfrage af der kumendiker fridnkonferents" [The Jewish Question at the Future Peace Conference] (1940)
1915-1917, 1940
194a 21/1150 Notes, manuscripts, and typescripts - History of Jewish diplomacy and the situation of Jews in Romania
"Notes on the Diplomatic History of the Jewish Question, Vol. II, 1917 to 1950"
"Tradition and Theory of Minority Treaties" (1920)
"Racial and Religious Minorities in New and Old Romania"
"Survey of the Work of the Board of Deputies of British Jews: Foreign Affairs, 1939 to 1946"
"Romania's Record: The Jewish Question"
"The Present Situation of Minorities in New Romania"
"The Jewish National Movement and the Rights of Minorities" (1933)
194bNotes, manuscripts, and typescripts - History of Jewish diplomacy and the situation of Jews in Romania
"Idishe diplomatie bay internatsionale kongresn" [The Jewish Diplomacy at the International Congresses]
"Di diplomatie in der rumenisher idnfrage" [Diplomacy in the Romanian Jewish Question]
195a 22/1 Manuscripts, typescripts, and bibliographies of Joint Foreign Committee documents
List of documents related to the Paris Peace Conference (1918-1919)
"National Autonomy in Eastern Europe"
"The Jew in Diplomacy"
"Notes on the Diplomatic History of the Jewish Question, Vol. II, 1914-1944"
"Jews in Russia" - List of documents (1905-1925)
Outline for a work on Jewish diplomatic relations
"Joint Foreign Committee - Minutes and Reports, July 1933 to June 1938"
"List of Publications of the Joint Foreign Committee of the Jewish Board of Deputies and the Anglo-Jewish Association (1908-1926)"
"Constitution of the Joint Foreign Committee" (1917)
195bManuscripts, typescripts, and bibliographies of Joint Foreign Committee documents
Notebook with notes and excerpts from books in English, French, Russian, and German
"Notes on the Diplomatic History of the Jewish Question"
196a 22/264 Notes, manuscripts, and typescripts
"Material on the Early History of the ORT"
"Antisemitizm in england"
"Vos tuen un klern idn in england" [What Jews in England do and think]
"Russian Anti-Semitism" (1928)
"A Russian View of Anti-Semitism and Christianity" (1934)
196bNotes, manuscripts, and typescripts
"Erets-yisroel diplomatie un di idn" (2 copies)
"Shtrikhn un opklangen fun altn idishn lebn in palestine"
"Palestine about a Hundred Years Ago"
"A Pilgrimage to Palestine Half a Century Ago"
Humorous verses
J. Ramsay MacDonald - Article from The Morning Post, translated into Russian (1917)
"Our Sorrow and Our Consolation" - Article from the Volks-Stimme, translated into English (1956)
197a 22/449History of the Jews in England - Outlines, notes, excerptsn.d.
197bHistory of the Jews in England - Outlines, notes, excerptsn.d.
197cHistory of the Jews in England - Outlines, notes, excerptsn.d.
198a 22/837History of Jews in London - Excerpts from the press
"More Letters from London of the 1880'ies" - Article by David Mowshowitch
The American Hebrew - Excerpts
198bHistory of Jews in London - Excerpts from the press
The Jewish Standard (1888, 1890)
n.d., 1888, 1890
198cHistory of Jews in London - Excerpts from the press
The Jewish Exponent(1888-1890)
The Jewish World (1888): "Jewish Social Life" by Old Fogey
"More Letters from London of the 1880's"
Also newspaper clippings in folders 240 and 241
n.d., 1888-1890
199 22/1034Articles - Typescripts
"Mr. Bernard Semel as Jewish Communal Leader"
"Claude G. Montefiore" - David Mowshowitch
"Missionaries in Israel" - Golda Zimmerman (1954)
"Conversions in Israel" - William Zuckerman (1954)
"L'affaire Bramson" – Extract from Nache Viek [sic] (1917-1918)
"Jewish conversion - A Poetical Farce" - P.P. Pasquin
List of Jewish periodicals in the British museum
200a 22/1088The Yiddish Language - Manuscript1938, 1939
200bThe Yiddish Language - Grammar1938-1950
201 23/1Mowshowitch, David, "Yiddish Origins in Medieval German". The Jewish Chronicle, Supplement No. 181, (January 1938): pp. 1-3, 12
The Yiddish Language - Corrected copy
Newspaper clippings are in folder 242
202 23/8The Yiddish Language - Notes, excerpts, drafts of chapters
Newspaper clippings are in folder 242
203 23/250The Yiddish Language - Notes, excerpts, draftsn.d.
204 23/447The Yiddish Language - Notes, excerpts, draftsn.d.
205 23/637Russian poetry – Translations into Yiddish – David Mowshowitch
Also includes works by Krylov, N.A. Nekrasov, M. Lermontov
Zangwill, Israel: "The Persecuted Christian"
Aminado, D., "Velikie sovremenniki" [Great Contemporaries]; "Bela Imredi", "Die Sorgn vun a deitsch" [A German's Worries], "Der groisser dictator" [The Great Dictator], "Alz is meglich" [Everything is Possible]
n.d., 1939-1940
206a 23/815 Books of Amos and Isaiah - Translation of into Yiddish – David Mowshowitch
Correspondence with Isaac Luft, Edward R. Moon, Edwin W. Smith, C.H. Titterton, Samuel de Wolf
Book of Amos, chapters 1-9, in Yiddish
Book of Isaiah, chapters 1-5, in Yiddish transliterated into Latin characters
206bBook of Isaiah, in Yiddish, published by the British and Foreign Bible Society
Corrections and comments by Svenska Israelsmissionen and Samuel de Wolf
207 23/1207 Disraeli family - Genealogical and biographical materials
Andre Maurois's Life of Disraeli
Bibliography of Disraeli's works (1893)
Lucien Wolf on Disraeli's family, in particular Mrs. Brydges Willyams
Correspondence of Lucien Wolf with Lord Redesdale (1913)
Copy of Disraeli's last will and testament
208 24/1 D'Avigdor-Goldsmid family - Genealogical materials
Letter of B. Spero to O. E. d'Avigdor Goldsmid (1929))
Biographical sketch of Israel Conegliano)
"Memoir of Francis Henry Goldsmid")
Articles from The Jewish Chronicle on Isaac Samuel D'Avigdor and Henri D'Avigdor
209 24/19Henriques family - Genealogical materials
Press Clippings
Family trees
"Henry Straus Quixano Henriques, K.C."
210 24/45Rothschild family - Genealogical materials
Family trees
"The Rothschild Documents in Frankfurt"
Newspaper clippings regarding Lord Nathaniel Mayer Rothschild, Lord Lionel Walter Rothschild, Leopold de Rothschild, and Edmond de Rothschild
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Series X: Newspaper clippings, 1879-1957

The series is inEnglish, Yiddish, French,Russian, Polish, and Hungarian.
2.4 linear feet

Arranged by topic.

Scope and Content:

This series consists of newspaper clippings that originally constituted parts of the other series in the collection. They were later physically removed to form a separate series, but retained their numbering as portions of the other series. Whenever applicable, the folders from which they were removed and/or to which they relate are noted.

The clippings include a wide sampling of Lucien Wolf's writings, both his scholarship on Anglo-Jewish history and his journalistic work on contemporary diplomatic subjects. The latter is represented by his articles published under the name "Diplomaticus", a pen name that Lucien Wolf used between in 1896-1914, and his column "The Foreign Office Bag" that he wrote in 1907-1914. Many of the clippings pertain to the situation of Jews around the world and supplement the subject files of the Joint Foreign Committee in series VI and VII. A substantial portion of clippings originates the magazine The Jewish Chronicle. Besides the newspaper clippings, thew researcher can find also reports of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA).

The clippings from David Mowshowitch's papers include examples of his own writings, notably a series of articles on Jewish life in London during the 1880s as well as David Mowshowitch's work on the history of Yiddish language and culture.

Finally, there is a large group of political cartoons, mostly fromThe Manchester Guardian, but other British newspapers are also represented. These cartoons were not microfilmed.

1) Articles on and about Lucien Wolf, 

211 24/112Lucien Wolf - Receptions in honor of his 70th birthday
(originally in folder 2)
212 24/115Lucien Wolf - Obituaries
(originally in folder 3)

2) Lucien Wolf - Texts, 

213 24/1Life of the First Marquess of Ripon - Reviews and notices
(originally in folder 11)
214 24/292Jewish history and culture
"Notes on Modern Jews" (1882)
"The Late Marquess of Bute" (1900)
"A Cry for Help" (1906)
"Maids of Honor Row" (1910)
"Rothschild Romance" (1913)
"Lord Rothschild" (1915)
"The Jewish National Movement" (1917)
"The Formidable Sect" (1920)
"The Jew in Diplomacy" (1923)
"Jews in Elizabethan England" (1926)
"Anglo-Jewish Notables" (1885)
215 24/352 Sir Moses Montefiore - Reviews and other articles about Moses Montefiore1884-1885
216 24/367Lucien Wolf - Articles about Lucien Wolf1879-1929
217a 24/400The Fortnightly Review and The Quarterly Review1896-1899
217bThe Fortnightly Review and The Quarterly Review1900-1904
21824/976Political issues1900-05
219a 24/1077Political issues1906-1908
219bPolitical issues1909-1911
220a 25/1Political issues1911-12
220bPolitical issues1912-1914
221a 25/179Foreign Office Bag in The Graphic
Also includes articles in The Whitehall Review (1909)
221bForeign Office Bag in The Graphic 1909-1910
222Foreign Office Bag in The Graphic 1911-1912
223Foreign Office Bag in The Graphic 1913-1914
224a 25/518 Zangwill, Israel - Biographical articles and obituaries
Also including "The Grandchildren of the Ghetto" by Israel Zangwill (1899)
(originally in folder 17)
1899, 1926
224bZola, Emile - Articles (originally in folder 20)1893, 1899
224cDickens, Charles, "Legends of the Synagogue"
(originally in folder 20)

3) Political issues and country files

225a 25/554Manifesto of the Conjoint Foreign Committee
(originally in folder 79)
225bJewish minority at the Paris Peace Conference
(originally in folder 82)
225cLeague of Nations and Jewish Questions
The Jewish Chronicle
Ost und West
(originally in folder 83)
22625/600 Emigration
"Di yidishe emigratsie in england" [The Jewish Emigration to England] – David Mowshowitch
"Yedies un tsifern vegn fir hundert un fuftsik yor yidishe aynvanderung in kuba" - Leyzer Ran
"Dokumentn un materialn fun yidishn aynvanderung in kuba" - Leyzer Ran
227a 25/637Minority Treaties in Poland and Holocaust
(originally in folder 97)
227b Holocaust - The New Judæa
United Nations' Declaration on Jewish Massacres. Mr. Eden's Statement in parliament
The Massacre of the Jews. Plea for Urgent Action on Archbishop of Canterbury's Motion in House of Lords
(originally in folder 99)
1942, 1943
228 25/654Jews in Russia and the Soviet Union1917, 1942
22925/694Jews in Russia and the Soviet Union1917-1947
230 25/751Jews in the Soviet Union – Relief efforts1919-1941
231 25/813Poland
(originally in folders 132, 133, and 134)
232 25/943Poland
(originally in folders 135 and 136)
233 25/1014Poland – Warsaw ghetto
(originally in folder 139)
1937, 1943, 1944
234 25/1034Germany1932-1939
235 26/1Romania1902-1944
236a 26/87Austria
(originally in folder 158)
(originally in folder 160)
(originally in folder 163)
237 26/256Anti-Semitism - The Protocols of the Elders of Zion
(originally in folders 167 and 169)
238 26/379Britain
(originally in folder 170)
239a 26/495Jewish labor organizations
(originally in folder 173)
1916, 1937-1938, 1953
239bAmerican Jewish Congress
(originally in folder 179)
239cBoard of Deputies of British Jews and Anglo-Jewish Association
(originally in folders 188 and 189)
240 26/589 Anglo-Jewish history - The Jewish Chronicle Supplement
David Mowshowitch – Articles
"Letters from London of the 1880's" – David Mowshowitch
241 26/676David Mowshowitch – Articles
Obituary of Lucien Wolf
"More Letters from London of the 1880's" (1934)
24226/747Yiddish language
Examples of English words used in Yiddish in the American and British Yiddish press

4) Cartoons, 

243Political cartoons
The Daily Mail
The Daily Herald
The Daily Express
The Daily Mirror
The Manchester Guardian
The News Chronicle
The Daily Worker
The Daily Sketch
244Political cartoons - The Manchester GuardianJanuary-June 1953
245Political cartoons - The Manchester GuardianJuly-December 1953
246Political cartoons - The Manchester GuardianJanuary-June 1954
247Political cartoons - The Manchester GuardianJuly-December 1954
248Political cartoons
The Manchester Guardian (1955)
The Daily Express
The Daily Mirror
The Daily Worker
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